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Spiritual &Political Ideologue Defender of Human Rights WORLDWIDE ATTENTION: Apostle Stephen Kwame NtowAmoani CHAIRMAN, CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH (CAC) WORLDWIDE London, UK RE: The Unrighteous King Albert, the Proud (who should be ex-communicated if he refuses to do what is right, as he is NO Christian, indeed) December 22, 2013 Dearest Apostle, It was wonderful meeting and fellowshipping with you today and thank you for your fervent prayers, and God richly bless you for the exceptional work you are doing, benefitting the Kingdom of God. Myself, I am an Evangelist and Missionary, Defender of Human Rights & Peacemaker worldwide, and former nun in the Serbian Orthodox Church (13 years), that has done charity work here in Ghana as Ambassador of the Dream Child Foundation (3 years) and International Co-Ordinator for the Pamela Bridgewater Project (2 years), a foundation, dedicated to helping the kayayei.That is, though, charity, where I give of my skill sets and time freely, without compensation a full lifetime now, but business is business and that is what I wanted to talk to you about. I have also spoken to you about my serious work against the illuminati, and exposing them to protect Gods people and bring them en masse to salvation, the death threat I received from their UN intelligence agent, his threat to get me deported and get me a criminal record (where he failed in all of the above, no matter what he tried), as they have been trying to recruit me a long time now, telling me I must serve (meaning satan), but I surreptitiously tell them I ONLY SERVE GOD, and so the war continues. MY VICTORY, though, in CHRIST is CERTAIN! This agent also admitted they have been blocking my finances, so I know I have been hit hard by the occultic powers at the highest level of the illuminati. They have offered me Swiss citizenship twice (I never asked for it, and they dont offer it to you even if you live there 6-7 decades as a foreigner)! The first time I was offered it was from the top and richest banker in Switzerland, whom everyone knows. I am not interested in that and I am not interested in working for them; I am interested only in saving my soul and sanctifying myself, being a Living Example unto My People, who await my return, which has been seriously delayed from all their efforts. Nonetheless, I know, I shall Prevail, by the Grace of God, and will keep you posted on all. We shall speak more when you have time, my dear Brother in Christ.

So, as for business, I was hired by a member of your church, namely, Kingsley Albert Owusu, who is a member of Prophet Kwabenas parish by Aladji/Israel in Accra, who seems to be the prime sponsor of this church. I attended an all night vigil Friday night (a couple weeks ago) at the Prophets church, which was truly an incredible experience! Verily, verily, he has a great gift from God, and I told him we must film this as honestly I have never experienced anyone with this powerful gift of prophecy and healing, and believe me, I visit many churches and monasteries worldwide! The Prophet was also called in by Albert to come to his company headquarters, Meguin Ghana, Ltd off Spintex Road, (a distributor of quality lubricant oils from Germany) to pray for his company which is in serious distress. He came with another 3 pastors. The 4 pastors came in Friday morning for prayers and also Saturday at noon (2 days in a row). What does this tell you? It says the company is in serious distress, which it is! Why? Because the CEO is clueless about how to run a business, and has made very foolish and purposeful mistakes! He desperately needs help in executive management, crisis management, political management and public relations, sales and marketing and management consulting.. in short, he desperately needs the help of an international project manager, such as myself, but this, he hid from me, pretending to be in a position to hire me as an International Sales Executive and even there, he cheated me on the title, terming me mere Sales Executive, even though it should have been Director, but that is the least of my problems with him. IF his company was NOT in distress, he would have NO NEED to invite 4 pastors 2 days in a row for power prayers to save his flailing company! Albert fired EVERYONE from his company, and the office was totally empty! I was the ONLY ONE working for him, but there was someone else, also, doing some freelance marketing for him. There were 2 individuals who stole money from him. in fact, Albert gave them 37,000 Euros, and did not receive anything for that. So he was hell-bent on using me to get me to work for free for him so he could recoup some of this money, which was wholly unrighteous and underhanded! He hired me as Sales Executive and wanted that to be wholly commission-based, yet he commissioned me to do much more than that as his company had to be totally revamped! He needed help to organize a seminar in only 1 weeks time, where members from corporate headquarters in Germany would come down to train clients on the companys products, and he needed potential clients to come to the seminar, as he had no clients, no organizational skillsets, no people skills, and no clue what to do! Furthermore, he needed to make the office functional, as it was totally a sterile, empty office, with no internet connection, no generator (but electricity was known to go off), and he wanted to host the seminar there, which would have been a fiasco if the lights went out. He needed a proposal for liquidation of all his product in the warehouse, which was getting stale, as he had no clients and no clue where to begin to get them, as he was too busy, running around like a chicken with his head cut off, doing extraneous things, without any prioritization! He is chronically late for meetings, and could run 4-5 hours late for meetings or days late, that is how bad it is! He needed a blueprint and agenda, so he had a plan of action, but this, he always failed to fulfill when I would create it and we would agree on it, as his sickness in being late was way out of control. Thus, he got egg on my face in front of my clients to a great degree, and I still need to clean that all up! His price was overpriced, so he priced himself out of the market, so I called my clearing officer to help work on getting us excise tax exemptions to help his profit margin and still reduce the price so that we could steal some market share for this new company! Also, he needed help in dealing with corporate headquarters as he was clueless how to handle the situation, concerning the export managers sending him stale product to sell, which Albert did not even demand a refund on! He should have flew to Germany, if need be, demanding to see the CEO, showing him his purchase order vs the bill of lading, and demanding a refund, which they were fully obliged to give him, but Albert is not a smart businessman, and has no business skill sets I have witnessed. My conclusion is that he just got an inheritance from his father (or something like that) as he only spent big money and time wildly, and in a totally undisciplined fashion! But where he was OBLIGED to spend it, he skimped and scrounged, cheated and circumvented! A sordid persona, by the name of Chief from South London (known to be very rough), a wild boy, who is known to be a low-life, taking advantage of woman sexually, drinking all day, lazy as can be, greedy and foolish, unrighteous and

ungodly (incidentally, Chief thinks all pastors are crooks, who only want money; he says King James had syphilis, and he thinks the Bible is full of errors, and thus, should not be read). Why do I give a little synopsis on Chief? Because that is who Albert calls his partner, and it is WHO he consults with, and actually LISTENS TO! Chief was supposed to put together my employment agreement, but of course, he was too busy doing nothing. Albert needed help to sell his product, and invited me to church, feigning he was a righteous man of God, and could be trusted so I began to get to work right away, trusting all would be sorted out perfectly within a few days. Only thing is: I had to ascertain myself that the company was in severe distress, in the red, not functioning, there were no clients, and he needed a whole lot more help than sales as frankly, he was not ready to sell with his product price far above where it should be that it made no sense for clients to switch from their products to Meguin! The price had to be worked on, which meant there was serious work to be done! I immediately went to work on that to produce a brilliant proposal that was very feasible and workable, and starting calling my contacts to book meetings, which Albert was extremely late on or missed completely! The work I had to do in order to get the company ready for the seminar, and the product for sale could not possibly be compensated under sales commissions as it had nothing whatsoever to do with sales! Albert, though, just pretended this all came under the banner of Sales, playing me for a fool, considering if he covered my taxi to come to the office or he paid for my lunch (which I never asked him to do), I should be satisfied with that and consider that as compensation, as he knew I was in dire financial straits, so he very craftily thought to take advantage of that! He always had Chief to back him up on that, so he was going to stick close to this low-life for his pathetic advice as a way to maneuver out of paying me for my valuable time, serious efforts and definite expertise. I told him I needed to talk to him after ten days of working for him, with serious work, plans and results, after seeing that he was not addressing this issue that was bothering me, so I thought best to discuss compensation since it became very apparent to me that he needed help in executive management where my skill sets were supreme, certified and very well founded. In fact, with the high end clients I had, I have no problem to sell virtually all of the product in his warehouse, but lo and behold, I received a bizarre look and response from him when I addressed the issue of compensation. He was adamant about NOT compensating me, pretending like there was absolutely no need, that I did absolutely nothing, and that I would only get paid commissions off of my sales! This was totally bogus as much work had to be done before one could even venture to address any clients, which was grossly unfair to me! He did not even have a right to hire me, knowing that was the case, but this one is very crafty, manipulative, unrighteous and untrustworthy, indeed. . . Let me put it in a simple way so it hits home. On Saturday, Albert was a full hour late for our prayer meeting. I and Prophet Kwabena and 3 other pastors waited in the hot sun (there was no shade there) for a full hour before Albert got to the office for prayers. I called him continually as the Prophet even wanted to leave, it was flagrantly disrespectful, and blew all the wind out of our sails, but the unrighteous Albert, who thinks he can do what he wants, when he wants, refused to pick up his phone each time I tried to call him. He picked it up only when he was 2 minutes away. The Prophet had already gotten in his car, turned it on, and was ready to leave, stating he had to leave! That is a fair reaction to this phenomenon, which I experienced each and every day with King Albert the Proud. Lets take it a step further. By the way, when Albert came, he did not even apologize to ANYONE fo r his serious tardiness. Instead, FIRST THING HE DID (which was bizarre) is to call Chief and put me on the phone with him. I refused to speak to the low-life Chief, out of respect for the pastors, who were waiting a very long time for him. Now, HOW would Prophet Kwabena feel after waiting so long and after praying so hard, if Albert did NOT pay him? HOW WOULD HE FEEL and WOULD HE EVER PUT FORTH EFFORTS AGAIN FOR HIM AND HIS COMPANY? Obviously NOT! But Albert called me, commanding me to come both days, as though he OWNED my time, and did not compensate it BOTH DAYS, neither did he ALL DAY FRIDAY when I worked in the office to produce the PROPOSAL needed for the LARGEST CLIENT who can BUY ALL THE DRUMS in his WAREHOUSE! Neither did he compensate me for hooking him up with my clearing agent to get us the necessary exemptions he needed to make the price work, neither for organizing the seminar (which

he blew right past, diss-ing all my work, taking Chiefs pathetic advice instead), neither did he compensate me for anything all which had not even the remotest thing to do with Sales! But King Albert felt he could just milk me dry to recoup the funds he so foolishly lost to others, which was a very tricky, thankless, heartless and crass manipulativeness on his part. He was always hurrying to get a taxi for me so I would just leave, thinking I would never even have the chance to address this issue with him, figuring by that time, the sales will kick in, and I will not be the wiser, but this character, I saw has NO business skillsets, and could not POSSIBLY HOPE to hire me as my skills far surpassed his! All he could have done was to bring me in as a partner with a mere 10% ownership, with the title of VP of Business Development, which was the actual work I was doing. But this unrighteous fiend wanted to take the credit himself, keep 100% ownership, trick me into doing free work for him, and pay me only commissions off of sales, when he was also obliged to pay me a salary and cover my work permit (which cost 1,000 GHC/$500 USD). This all, he tried to gloss over, not address, and just plow right over me, taking extreme advantage of the serious financial plight I was in, figuring I could never fight him back on that! Furthermore, he even went around me, circumventing me, going to Forewin, MY CLIENT I introduced him to, that owned 300 trucks and transports, seeking to close the deal without me, and not even pay me on COMMISSIONS, besides cheating me on my salary!!! I tried to give him a chance to correct his wrongs, by visiting Prophet Kwabena, who immediately tried to qualify the conversation, stating he would not discuss anything about Albert. That will not do as I made the long trip over to him via trotro to discuss that and only that! HOW could he POSSIBLY DARE to PRAY for the SUCCESS of his COMPANY and accept FAT DONATIONS and think that God will FULFILL THOSE PRAYERS when he is BLATANTLY and FLAGRANTLY CHEATING THE SOLE PERSON HELPING HIM, WHO IS QUALIFIED TO HELP HIM GET HIS COMPANY ON TRACK!!!? That is accepting, then, a BRIBE, and is NO DONATION AT ALL! God will ONLY BLESS US and our BUSINESS IF we act RIGHTEOUSLY and do the RIGHT THING, so the Pastor is OBLIGED to ENLIGHTEN HIM that he is to do the RIGHT THING and COMPENSATE me FAIRLY and SQUARELY! After all, it is written : Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteousness And his chambers by injustice, Who uses his neighbors service without wages And gives him nothing for his work(Jeremiah 22, 13) and Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord(Proverbs 11, 1); For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth(Romans 1, 18) and lastly, eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality; but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousnessindignation and wrath(Romans 2: 7-8). Ok, Apostle, I am late for church! I must go for my prayers! No time even to proofread this Will try and send you something more tonight if I get a chance! Otherwise, may this suffice! So, last thing: Albert owes me 2,400 GHC for my services and work. He needs to pay me tomorrow by 2 pm latest or I will take this to the Police and sue him in civil court. I cannot constantly have Ghanaian 419-ers cheating and scamming me, as continually happens. They just cannot be honest in business, I must say! He also needs to sign an NCNDA (Non-Circumvention Non- Disclosure Agreement) tomorrow or I will get him arrested for fraud and circumvention. He CANNOT approach MY clients, without COMPENSATING ME and paying me commissions. Lastly, he needs to sign a Fee Protection & Consulting Agreement with me, confirming he is paying me 5% commissions on all my personal sales. I have many clients interested and even last night another new client called me for product and

also an American miner, who committed to purchasing 5 drums of engine oil a month. I will not have him get egg on my face as all my clients are wondering WHERE I am and WHY I am not coming forth with the product and an invoice! Albert just needs to SWALLOW his pride as he CANNOT hire me as an EMPLOYEE, and LOST all MY RESPECT he had before on a silver platter! I SEE HOW VERY FOOLISH and UNRIGHTEOUS HE IS IN BUSINESS, and therefore, became ANGRY with him, and that is RIGHTEOUS anger, which is WHOLLY in its place. It is written: be angry but do not sin (Eph 4, 26 & Ps 4,4). I am angry, and gave Albert, the Fool, 3 chances now to save and redeem himself, but in each case, he commanded those key people (his pastor, wife and consultant, working on another proposal) not to deal with me, as his ego is sorely bruised. He NEEDS EXACTLY SOMEONE OF MY CAPACITY TO TELL HIM WHERE HIS FAULTS ARE and to WHIP HIM INTO SHAPE so as to SAVE HIS FLAILING COMPANY which is in SERIOUS DISTRESS! I am NOT HERE to SERVE HIS EGO, neither would I! God says PRIDE is to be OUSTED, and I know I dont need to QUOTE that PRIDE is DAMNABLE to YOU, as there are MANY QUOTES that speak of this, so LET HIM DEAL WITH HIS OWN PRIDE, but he will NOT CHEAT ME ON MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, GENEROSITY, SERIOUS EFFORTS, EXPERTISE and MOST VALUABLE TIME! Alright, Apostle, please speak to Kwabena to knock some sense in to Albert (for HIS sake) and get him to PAY ME TOMMORROW MORNING, as banks will be closed after that and I am totally STRAPPED FOR CASH and DID MY WORK PERFECTLY for him, which NEEDS to be COMPENSATED! After that and signing the AGREEMENT, I will bring forth my clients to CLOSE! NOT BEFORE! Incidentally, NO ONE ELSE in their RIGHT MIND would have even STARTED TO WORK without an employment contract FIRMLY in place and all compensation and outlining of duties properly, honestly and fairly discussed! I am just SO GENEROUS and EXTREMELY HELPFUL and TRUSTING, I began, believing he would bring forth the Contract, as he PROMISED yet RENEGED ON. He just doesnt know to VALUE REAL TALENT, REAL HONOUR, REAL SKILLSETS and REAL VALUE! Neither does he VALUE anyones TIME or MONEY! He is a HYPOCRITE as he VALUES ONLY HIS OWN! Tomorrow, I will be OBLIGED to contact the Police to INTERVENE as Prophet Isaac advised me to do, who confirmed Albert is UNTRUSTWORTHY, and that I needed to take this to the LAW. This is the LAST CHANCE I can give Albert, the Unrighteous - through YOU as Prophet Kwabena refuses to pick up my calls anymore or to call me back. I will NOT tolerate this CIRCUMVENTION and CHEATING ME after ALL MY GRACIOUS GENEROSITY, PERFECT WORK, EXTREME HELPFULNESS and SLEW OF HIGH END READY CLIENTS I brought to the table who are READY TO BUY! That is ALL I can do for him and is MY VERY LAST EFFORT on his behalf! If I do not hear from him in the morning and he does not pay me by NOON (as he is ALWAYS EXTREMELY LATE, so noon would mean he wouldl make it by 2 pm), then I will file a case against him. I work with the HEAD of CID and POLICE on STAMPING OUT these 419-ers so they know MY RIGHTEOUSNESS in this regard and will take this VERY SERIOUSLY. Most In Earnest, In Christ Almighty, +++ xo~A Angelina Lazar Certified International Project Manager Global Investment Banking Analyst Spiritual & Political Ideologue Global Trade & Human Rights Expert Writer, Producer & Economist.