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Redeemer Pacific College

Langley, British Columbia, Canada


In the 2007 Newman Guide we were pleased
offer Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy as
a faithful Canadian alternative to Catholic
higher education in the United States. This
year we are delighted to also recommend a
western Canadian institution, Redeemer Pa-
cific College—a one-of-a-kind Catholic col-
lege embedded within an evangelical Chris-
tian university.
Located outside of the small city of
Langley, British Columbia, Redeemer Pacific quick facts
is an “approved teaching center” within Trin- Founded: 1999
ity Western University. RPC is one of several Type of institution: Very small college within
constituent parts of the 47-year-old Christian a small university
university, the others of which are typical fac- Setting: Suburban
ulties or colleges such as business and educa- Undergraduate enrollment: 60 (2008–09
tion. academic year)
Trinity Western offers undergraduate de- Undergraduate cost: C$26,250 (tuition, room
grees in 40 majors and post-graduate work in and board for 2009–10)
Undergraduate majors: Three certificates
16 fields. This private institution draws about
and coursework toward degree at their
21 percent of its 2,700 undergraduate students
affiliate university
from the United States, whose border is less
than a half-hour south. It is located within the Five Key Points
Vancouver, British Columbia, metropolitan
area and is about 45 minutes from that major 1. Small Catholic college components
city. within the framework of a larger
TWU is a member of the well-respected Protestant university.
U.S.-based Council for Christian Colleges & 2. Eight-course core curriculum that is
Universities. The mission of the CCCU, ac- faithful to the Magisterium.
cording to its website, is: “To advance the 3. Canadian college convenienty close to
cause of Christ-centered higher education the western United States.
and to help our institutions transform lives 4. Oriented to strengthening ecumenical
by faithfully relating scholarship and service relationships.
to biblical truth.” Aside from theological dif- 5. Associated with Franciscan University.
ferences, Catholic families will be pleased

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Redeemer Pacific University

with the emphasis of CCCU institutions on

authentic Christian identity and attention to From the
students’ moral development.
Financial Aid Office
Redeemer Pacific College, founded in
1999, provides a program of Catholic studies
“At Redeemer Pacific College, we under-
within Trinity Western University. The col-
stand the value of Christian higher edu-
lege offers more than 25 courses for students
cation. That’s why we have put together
dually enrolled at the college and university.
a financial awards program designed to
The college is housed in one building, which
better enable you to gain a solid founda-
includes a classroom, faculty offices, student
tion in Catholic thought and teaching.
lounge, supplemental library and a chapel.
Ranging from $250 per course to $12,500
“The mission of Redeemer Pacific Col-
over four years, our awards provide
lege,” as explained on its website, “is to devel-
you with significant financial assistance
op dynamic Catholic leaders through higher
throughout your education at TWU and
education. Men and women committed to
lifelong Christian growth and intellectual
formation who strive to bring to all whom “As a student at RPC and TWU, you are
their lives touch into vital relationship with able to receive financial assistance from
the Lord and his Church.” both institutions, as well as access out-
Among its core values are a commit- side funding such as government student
ment to Jesus Christ, support for scriptural loans. We encourage you to explore how
authority and developing Catholic and evan- RPC can help you achieve your goal of
gelical ties. Perhaps it is not surprising that obtaining Christian higher education by
Redeemer Pacific academic coordinator Dr. contacting us directly, or by visiting our
Robert Stackpole has written, “Paradoxically, website: www.rpcollege.bc.ca
we can actually become better Catholics by
humbly learning from devout, grace-filled “How to apply: simply go to our web-
Protestants!” site, click on Financial Aid, and then Ap-
Entering its 10th year, Redeemer Pacific ply Online. You will be guided through
president Tom Hamel says the college “is still a step-by-step process that is quick and
small and personal!” The 2008-2009 enroll- simple. All award amounts and descrip-
ment was 60 students, and there were five fac- tions are also accessible on our website.
ulty members. About one-fifth of the students
“For more information, please email us at
are from the United States, mostly from the
awards@rpcollege.bc.ca or call us toll free
West Coast.
at 877-477-7212.”
In addition to its affiliation with TWU,
Redeemer Pacific also has an “associate col-
ity Western. Also, the college offers three
lege” partnership with Franciscan University
certificates—liberal arts, theology and educa-
of Steubenville. This is as a result of its par-
tion—and its courses can be used to satisfy a
ticipation in Franciscan’s Christus Magister
new minor in Catholic studies in TWU’s re-
Foundation for start-up colleges. Two Francis-
ligious studies department. We understand
can faculty members serve on the RPC board
that the student retention rate is about 80-85
of governors.
RPC does not offer its own degree, but
In addition, Redeemer Pacific provides
courses can be applied to a degree from Trin-
coursework for a Catholic Teacher Education

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Redeemer Pacific University

Program, in conjunction with Trinity West- cism, prolific Catholic writer and Franciscan
ern. The program was described by Arch- University professor, serves as a special advi-
bishop J. Michael Miller, C.S.B., Archbishop sor.
of Vancouver and former secretary of the Vat- Tom Hamel, 59, is the founding and only
ican Congregation for Catholic Education, as president of the college. A former recording
“a wonderful opportunity to prepare teachers artist and businessman, Mr. Hamel received
for our Catholic school system… in an en- his undergraduate degree from Trinity West-
vironment which is Christian and within a ern and did graduate work in theology at
context of a Catholic Franciscan Uni-
understanding of the versity. He and his
philosophy of educa- wife Diane have
tion.” four children.
President Hamel The chief aca-
proudly states that demic officer is Dr.
his institution is “the Robert Stackpole.
only Catholic college Appropriate to the
that is an affiliate of college’s unique
an evangelical uni- circumstances, Dr.
versity anywhere Stackpole is a for-
in the world.” And mer Anglican pas-
by all evidence, this tor who converted
seems to be a good to Catholicism in
and mutually sup- 1994, then earned
portive relationship. a doctorate in the-
There’s an added advantage for Ameri- ology from the Pontifical University of St.
cans: given a favorable exchange rate with Thomas Aquinas in Rome. As president of the
Canada, Redeemer Pacific offers an attractive John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy based
price. Total tuition, room and board in 2009- in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, he is a lead-
10 was C$26,250, or $24,124 in American dol- ing authority on the Divine Mercy message
lars as of August 2009. and devotion initiated by St. Maria Faustina
Public Identity
The college’s 10-member board of governors
includes Monsignor Dennis Luterbach, a The college notes that it “adheres to the au-
Vancouver archdiocesan official and former thority of the Catholic Church in matters of
vocations director. The two Franciscan Uni- faith and morals in accordance with Canon
versity members are Dr. Stephen Milectic and Law and the ‘General Norms’ of the Vatican
Dr. Andrew Minto, both professors of sacred document of 1990 Ex corde Ecclesiae.” Staff and
scripture. Another board member directs faculty uphold the Magisterium and profess
faith formation for a parish in Mercer Island, an oath of loyalty, and professors of theology
Washington. have received the mandatum.
There also is a five-member advisory Former Archbishop Adam Exner of Van-
board, including a Trinity Western Universi- couver was a pivotal supporter of the college
ty dean. Dr. Scott Hahn, a convert to Catholi- in its formative stages. One of his successors,

The Newman Guide 301

Redeemer Pacific University

Archbishop Miller, said at a June 2008 dinner ecumenical journal, Fideles, focused on scrip-
for the college, “It’s really a great blessing for ture, metaphysics and theology. Fideles also
us to have RPC in our midst as a Catholic col- sponsors an annual symposium. The third
lege which is doing the Lord’s work. I pray symposium, held in March 2009 and entitled
that it will continue in the years ahead to ma- “The Roots of Western Culture,” brought
ture, to grow in stature, to grow in wisdom, scholars from throughout North America.
to grow like our Lord in grace. My God bless The keynote speaker was Dr. David Walsh
its every endeavor.” of The Catholic University of America, who
Among other recent speakers are Dr. Pe- spoke on “Socrates Meets Kierkegaard.”
ter Kreeft, the noted philosopher and popular
writer from Boston College; Catholic evan-
gelist Mark Shea; and Father Raymond De
Redeemer Pacific College classes are held in
Redeemer Pacific publishes a scholarly
one building adjacent to the Trinity Western

Message from the President

Dear Parents and Prospective Students:

In 1995 Pope John Paul II’s encyclical, Ut Unum Sint (on Commitment
to Ecumenism), called for Catholics to be open to cooperation in education
with other Christians (para. 74). Four years later, in the fall of 1999, Redeem-
er Pacific College, an Associate College of the Franciscan University of Steu-
benville, Ohio, opened as a dynamic, orthodox Catholic college affiliated
with Trinity Western University, one of our continent’s most academically-excellent Evangelical
universities—a three-time recipient of the Globe and Mail’s “A+” in Quality of Education.

Redeemer Pacific College offers a one-of-a-kind, international, cross-cultural educational

experience that is faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Catholic students work side
by side with Evangelicals from North America and around the world, taking courses in Catholic
theology, philosophy, sacred art, history and other subjects from RPC while pursuing a proven
Trinity Western major that combines courses from both RPC and TWU. Our students don’t sim-
ply “receive” an education—they are part of an exciting work of Christian cooperation that will
surely help the world believe that God our Father sent His Son Jesus to redeem mankind (cf. John

Is Our Lord calling you to be a part of this great adventure?

Yours in Christ,

Tom Hamel

302 The Newman Guide

Redeemer Pacific University

University campus. Through its “First Year mandatum. Among these are Dr. Stackpole
Core Curriculum Program,” students can and Christopher Morrissey, a specialist in Ar-
take four RPC courses each semester of the istotelian Thomism.
freshman year to meet the core requirements Catholic students are awarded several
for a TWU degree. These courses emphasize scholarships. These include the Christifideles
“the Catholic heritage of faith and culture.” Laici Award, Father Gordon McKinnon Edu-
To qualify for a minor in Catholic stud- cation Award, Christus Magister Award and
ies, students need to take 24 credits in reli- Dr. Gordon and Annette Cram Award. The
gious studies courses such as those on the Old Pier Giorgio Frassati Pro-Life Scholarship,
and New Testament, “Catholic Spirituality” which commemorates a 20th-century be-
and “Theology of the Body,” and philosophy atified Italian, is given for pro-life contribu-
courses, including those on St. Thomas Aqui- tions.
nas. The college consults with Franciscan
University on Catholic content in courses.
The Catholic Teacher Education Program
Spiritual Life
helps students study Catholic perspectives on
Redeemer Pacific has a 22-seat chapel where
the philosophy and practice of education, as
a Dominican chaplain offers several Masses
part of the Bachelor of Education program at
during the week, hears confessions and leads
monthly First Friday Adoration. Additional
Beyond the Catholic formation provided
Masses are available at two area parishes,
by Redeemer Pacific College, students com-
St. Nicholas in
plete their studies
Langley and St.
in TWU courses.
Joseph’s in Wal-
TWU offers a wide
nut Grove. Com-
range of majors in
bined, these two
schools of the hu-
parishes offer 12
manities and social
daily Masses, two
sciences, natural
Saturday vigils
and applied sci-
and six Sunday
ences, professional
studies and per-
Students also
forming arts, busi-
go via shuttle bus
ness, education and
to a Benedictine
human kinetics (fo-
abbey, the Abbey
cused on physical
of Saint Joseph of
fitness and coach-
Westminster, at
ing). TWU has a se-
the Seminary of
mester-long program at its Laurentian Lead-
Christ the King in Mission, British Columbia.
ership Centre in Ottawa for students studying
TWU also offers a chapel and active
Canadian government and a variety of study
Christian ministry, including a variety of
abroad programs.
guest speakers and musicians. Catholic fami-
All Redeemer Pacific professors make an
lies will want to prepare students to make
annual oath of loyalty to the Magisterium of
good judgments about what activities are con-
the Catholic Church. Three of the five faculty
sistent with Catholic teaching and practice,
members teach theology, and they have the
but many students will find these ecumenical

The Newman Guide 303

Redeemer Pacific University

encounters to be uplifting and a healthy addi- with men and women separated by floor or in
tion to the Catholic ministry. suites with separate bathrooms.
Policies are said to support Catholic
moral teachings. TWU requires all students
Student Activities to sign a statement, “Community Standards,”
“that excludes premarital sex, the use of al-
Social activities at Redeemer
cohol and other detriments
Pacific include recreation-
to academic and spiritual life
al events, such as informal
from their college experience,”
games nights, scavenger
according to Mr. Hamel.
hunts and cookouts. Students
and faculty mingle at the
sports activity called Bowlin’ The Community
with the Profs. Overall, there
is an attempt made to foster Langley, with a population of
a sense of community for the 115,000, is less than one hour
RPC students as a supplement from the city of Vancouver
to student activities at Trinity and about 20 minutes from the
Western. Pacific Ocean. Among sites of
Students, though, are local interest are the Canadian
able to participate in univer- Museum of Flight and Trans-
sity-wide activities, includ- portation, Fort Langley Na-
ing a variety of clubs that are tional Historical Site and the
mostly related to academic Langley Centennial Museum.
disciplines, student govern- Major roads connect
ment and campus media. The Langley with Vancouver. The
Spartans field men’s and women’s basketball, Vancouver International Airport is a large
soccer and volleyball teams. There are also and modern facility which served 18 million
the typical diversions such as those reflected passengers in 2008.
in Theatre at TWU, Jazz Night and intramural
The campus is set in the shadow of the
The Bottom Line
North Shore Mountains, offering opportuni-
Redeemer Pacific is guided by dedicated Cath-
ties for skiing and hiking. The 157-acre cam-
olics who seek to provide intellectual ballast
pus includes 60 acres of protected natural for-
to young men and women who want to live
est and a lake circled by hiking trails.
and share their faith in the world. It certainly
helps that they draw inspiration and advice
Residential Life from Franciscan University of Steubenville.
The personal attention students receive
Redeemer Pacific students live in Trinity is uncommon and refreshing among today’s
Western housing. Fewer than a third of TWU colleges and universities. For all these rea-
students (about 850) live on campus, although sons, Redeemer Pacific College is yet another
the university encourages it. One residence affordable alternative for Americans seeking
hall is set aside for first- and second-year fe- a solid Catholic education.
male students; the remaining halls are co-ed,

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