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Health Benefits of Sesame

Sesame seeds (til in Hindi and Ellu in Tamil) are the oldest condiment known to man dating back to as early as 1600 BC. Sesame seeds are tiny, flat oval seeds which come in a host of different colors, depending upon the variety, including white, yellow, black and red. Sesame seeds are highly valued for their high content of sesame oil, Open sesame, the famous phrase from the Arabian Nights, reflects the distinguishing feature of the sesame seed pod, which bursts open when it reaches maturity. Sesame originated in India and was mentioned in early Hindu legends. From India, sesame seeds were introduced throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Sesame seeds as well as oil are widely used in different cuisines. Following are the health benefits of Sesame.

The rich Copper content in Sesame provides relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis Sesame has a number of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant enzyme systems.

It contains nutrients that provide structure, strength and elasticity in blood vessels, bones and joints.

The magnesium content in Sesame supports vascular and respiratory health

The calcium content in Sesame helps prevent colon cancer, osteoporosis, migraine and PMS

The zinc content in Sesame prevents osteoporisis and increases bone density.

Sesame seeds lower Cholesterol

Sesame prevents the airway spasm in asthma

It lowers high blood pressure, a contributing factor in heart attack, stroke, and diabetic heart disease

It prevents the trigeminal blood vessel spasm that triggers migraine attacks

It restores normal sleep patterns in women who are experiencing unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause

It protects colon cells from cancer-causing chemicals

It helps prevent the bone loss that can occur as a result of menopause or certain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis

It prevents migraine headaches in those who suffer from them

It reduce PMS symptoms during the luteal phase (the second half) of the menstrual cycle

Ellu or the Sesame seeds is the one of the most versatile seeds that have a place in every other cuisine in the world. They are known for the nutritional benefits and are exceptionally rich in Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, alcium and also have !itamin "# and !itamin E. There is also a general belief that Sesame seeds have the property to regulate the menstrual disorders in $omen. Although I do not recommend taking it without any Professional advice , I myself have experienced it working like magic.

The compounds present in sesame seeds help reduce rheumatic pains, prevent high blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol, protect the liver from oxidative damage, etc.

Sesame seeds have a nutty flavor. They come in a variety of colors ranging from cream-white to charcoal black. Oil extracted from this herb is known as sesame oil or ging

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"ear friends, #efore marriage $ used to have all kinds of pains % cramps &ust b' and during periods. (y mom used to wash and soak a tbsp of methi seeds overnight and add powdered sugar to the methi in water, the next morning. mix well and make me eat that first thing in the morning. $nitially $ used to hate eating methi but it definitely helped in reducing the pain. over a period of time, $ started en&oying the sour % sugary taste of soaked methi. )owadays, $*ve severe pain only the first day and $ take care the methi way and $*m alright. $ do agree with +oo&itha about reducing salt, caffeine intake. $ do follow these things during those , days. (aybe you could also try it.

Irregular periods
Commonly you would blend these herbs in with a green, white, or black tea, however some can be consumed by themselves too. It might take a few tries to get a blend more palatable, so the addition of lemon, honey, stevia or milk might help with taste. Culinary herbs that are quick and easy to toss into dishes include cilantro, coriander and ginger. You can easily use them in your everyday cooking, and fresh is best for the most potent herbs.

Juices, vegetables and fruits

Juices are best freshly squeezed or in frozen concentrate form to offer the best nutrition. egetable and fruit !uices have high amounts of vitamins and minerals the body needs to work properly. "eficiencies can quickly cause a woman#s cycle to become irregular and erratic, so getting proper nutrition is ideal. $resh fruit and fresh vegetables can give the same results, though it can be difficult to find some fresh produce when not in season.

Seeds and culinary herbs

%eeds make a wonderful snack or a great salad topper. %esame seeds are an e&cellent way to add more nutrition while helping to normalize your irregular periods, as are cumin seeds. 'oth can be served with warmed honey over toast, for a tasty treat.

$or some women, eating unripe green papaya can normalize irregular periods associated with menopause. It might even work for other types of irregular periods too.

Choosing to e&ercise less, or by choosing less strenuous e&ercises can help to regulate periods. (ry and aim for no more than )* minutes of strenuous activity per day, and no more than +* minutes total. You could also change your routine to include more low,impact total body e&ercises like yoga or swimming too. -emember that even though e&ercise is the backbone of a healthy lifestyle, like rich foods too much can be a bad thing, especially if you have a medical condition.

Final thoughts
%ometimes a good diet isn#t enough to cure irregular periods, or the side effects that come with them. .ftentimes supplements, teas, and other foods must be added to create the balance each body needs. -emember that no two bodies are alike, so while some remedies might work wonder for one woman, another woman might find her cure using a different natural remedy. (ake the time to listen to what your body needs, rela&, and en!oy life as you savor these yummy ways to reduce or possibly end your irregular periods.

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/void eating spicy and hot foods, fast foods, packaged foods and such other !unk foods as they lack nutrients. 'alanced and nutritious diets must be planned and eaten. $ruits, cereals, pulses, vegetables, meat and dairy products must be equally included in your meals. You must never follow any fad diet to lose weight quickly. $ollowing starvation diets or missing meals such as breakfast constantly can put the body on a survival mode. 0hen the body gets into such a mode then it will not have regular cycles. %o you must eat ) times every day. "ecoction of Coriander or $ennels seeds must be consumed every day to regularize the cycle. (hese ingredients can be soaked in water overnight. In the morning, the water must be strained and consumed. (he bark of 1eem tree 2Indian 3ilac4 can be soaked at night. (he ne&t morning, the water can be strained and this liquid, if consumed ) times a day, will regularize the menses. You can prepare !uice of 'itter gourd and have it. (o correct hormonal imbalance that are a cause of this condition, you must take herbs such as "ong 56I and Chase tree. (hese herbs help in re,establishing regular menstrual cycles. You can also cure yourself by preparing and drinking Carrot and 'eetroot !uice. "rinking these !uices regularly every day for ) months will help. You can prepare 3emon !uice and then add Cinnamon powder to it. (his !uice should be consumed regularly. 7ating one teaspoon of %esame powder 8 times in a day, will also be helpful. You can also eat salad in which 8 tablespoons of $enugreek sprouts are added. 9repare a cup of 'uttermilk and have it daily by mi&ing it with water and ground -adish. 5rape !uice is also found to be very effective in order to regularize the menses. (o overcome the delay in menses, you can have the !uice of /loe era or unripe 9apaya to which some sugar is added. Note (aking enough rest and avoiding getting stressed is also very important to treat irregular periods. 9roper consultation of your doctor is essential before trying out any of the above homemade treatments. emedies for !rregular Periods

... (ake a small cup of coriander decotion three times a day and this will be helpful in curing irregular periods. 0omen who are anemic suffer a lot during menstruation. %esame seeds offer relief from ...

Powerful Food Remedies: 1.

Cut a slice of Aloe Vera leaf. Peel off the green skin, and collect the white gel. Add one teaspoon good quality honey. Mix and eat this before breakfast. Doing this for three onths co pletely restores regular enstruation. Many patients who failed to get enstruation using hor onal pills responded well to this edication. !n "anskrit Aloe #era is called $Kumari$, which eans %young girl%. Aloe #era akes a wo en youthful by regulating her hor ones. &u ari'aasa(a ) Kumaryasava) is a (ery good rasyana a(ailable in Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala. !t helps regulate the onthly cycle and tones the fe ale organs. *f course, this preparation contains, besides Aloe #era, so e +, other ingredients. -he abo(e % edicine% in addition to the one gi(en below restores regular which is essential for fertility issues. enstruation,

.. Co bine a handful of organically grown black sesa e seeds with one teaspoon or tablespoon of Palm Sugar orJaggery in a blender. Powder it well. !t is delicious to eat. /ou can eat as a snack or at any ti e of the day. Make it fresh e(eryday. !t takes less than a inute to ake it. Do not buy ready ade sesa e'balls fro shops. -hey are heated and nutrients are lost. 0ating this e(eryday, except on enstrual days, will auto atically regulate the enstrual cycle. -his is for wo en who ha(e delayed enstruation. -his food co bination helps to bring forth enstrual bleeding. 1o en who had co plaints of delayed enstruation had their cycle regulated by this si ple food recipe. "esa e is also good for the uterus, hair and skin. !t pro(ides any nutrients especially (ita in 0.

$hat to do about irregular menstrual periods%

&# :ome Cure for Irregular ;enses (here are many effective and useful home cures for irregular menses. %ome of the most common cures are as follows< 9repare syrup using unripe papaya and aloe and consume it.

(his is beneficial for curing delayed periods. :ot infusion of margosa bark is a time tested cure for treating irregular menses and regulating the normal menstrual cycle. (ake the infusion at leats three times a day.'reathing e&ercises especially =apalabhati 9ranayam is one of the most effective and useful cures for delayed periods and irregular periods. Continue this e&ercise for about >?,8* minutes daily. 7ven after you get your normal menstrual cycle, doing =apalbhati can help in improving over all health both physically and mentally.9arsley contains apiol that is a vital...

Coriander: Prepare a decoction with coriander seeds or leaves and have it thrice a day. This is an efficient remedy to regularize the menstrual cycle.

Use Bitter Gourd To Get Regularity In Periods

Bitter gourd, though bitter, can be very effective in the treatment of irregular periods. You can consume bitter gourd juice, or decoction, as you please. The bitter gourd juice should be ta en twice a day and the decoction can be ta en once or twice daily, for some wee s, to get rid of irregular periods.

Fruits And Vegetable Juices

Juices grapes and carrots are very effective in regulating your monthly periods. These juices should be consumed daily, to get visible effects. !long with these, you can also ta e pulp of Aloe Vera plant or its juice, in case you are late for your periods, for immediate affect. Drinking a glass of sugarcane juice for one or two wee s, prior to the start of your periods, prevents chances of missing them and also helps in their regulation. You can also prepare lemon juice cinnamon mixture at home, by adding some cinnamon powder to the freshly prepared lemon juice and drin it daily.

Cumin And Sesame Seeds Along Wit !oney

This is also an e"tremely effective treatment for oligomenorrhea. You should ta e powdered cumin seeds and sesame seeds in e#ual #uantities, add honey to it, and then consume one tablespoon of this mi"ture daily. You can even consume one small spoon of the sesame powder twice, daily, to get relief from irregular menses.

Coriander "r Cilantro And Parsley

Consumption of parsley juice, daily, is a very effective home remedy, for women having irregular periods. Cilantro is also very effective and can be consumed as juice or decoction, at least thrice a day. The decoction can be prepared either with cilantro leaves or seeds, as both are equally effective.


apaya is probably the most effective home remedy for irregular periods. You can have one unripe papaya daily, to get rid of this problem.

Ginger And !oney

!ake some raw ginger and consume it with honey. $aily consumption would definitely provide relief from irregularity of your periods