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H O U S E N O . E - 0 4 , PA K A R A B C O L O N Y, K H A N E W A L R O A D , M U LTA N - PA K I S TA N .

PHONE: +92-61-4032208, CELL: +92-333-7638494 ; E-MAIL:

H A M Z A _ N O M A N @ YA H O O . C O M

DOB: 26-05-1983
PA S S P O R T N O : A D 9 2 0 0 2 8 2


A seasoned professional Mechanical Engineer with 7+ years of rich experience in Plant

Maintenance. Currently associated with Pakarab Fertilizers Limited.
Hands on experience of Area Maintenance such as Fabrication, Welding, Valve Testing,
PSV testing & calibration, dynamic Balancing of Rotors.
Proven skills in spare part management using Oracle R12 (ERP) & Oracle (CMMS) for
raising WR, making Work Order, Resource Charging / Material Reservations & Inventory
Have worked on curbing the cost / expenses of the unit through various techniques.
Good knowledge of Du Ponts STOP safety program & its implementation.
Well conversant with the applied international standards of material specifications and
codes such as ASME, API, ASTM, ANSI & TEMA etc.
Resourcefully formulated & implemented various sanction schemes for improving Workshop efficiency and maximum utilization of available resources.
An effective communicator & team leader.
Recognized as an excellent technical trainer throughout my career
Good Team Player; can work independently and / or as a team;


Successfully planned and executed the Annual Turnaround jobs for year 2009, 2010,
2011 and 2012 in my area of responsibility.
Maintained inventory of more than 2500 items for plant reliability from 04 years with NO
stocked out condition.
Direct cost saving of 1.4 Million & saving of at least 10 Days Shut down by Deep Hole
Drilling job on 105-D Ammonia converter cap in 2011.
Cost saving of 10~15 Million per year by local development of spare parts in PFL machine shop.
Successful overhauling / refurbishment of Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve (RV-103J)
of Syn. Gas Line of Ammonia Plant.
Tube bundle replacement and damaged shell rectification of Waste heat boiler 101-C at
Ammonia plant.
Rectified the chronic problem of overheating of Boiler Water Circulation pump by reviving the cooling water path & local manufacturing of spares saving at least 4.2 million direct costs in 2011 only.
Procurement, Installation and Operation of Schenck Horizontal Balancing Machine, Pinacho Lathe machines, 200 ton Roll-Bed Hydraulic Press, Pressure Testing Pump.
Effectively introduced Oracle based inventory and Enterprise Assets Management.
Successful centralized inventory management of Rolling Bearings of whole Pakarab
Complex for 3 continuous years with no stock out condition.
Slashed the bearing consumption by 55% in Pakarab Fertilizer by improvement in handling, storage and mounting techniques of Bearings saving of at least 17.5 Million.
Designed a truss bridge (Above road) for Pipes of Reverse Osmosis Plant in Masood

Textile Mills Limited, Faisalabad in 2006.

Developed Instructions in Urdu for various mechanical items including V-Belts, Bearings,
Pulleys, Gears, Steam Traps, and Pipes etc.


[May-09 to PRESENT] as Maintenance Engineer at main workshop of Pakarab Fertilizers

Limited, Multan

Repair and overhaul of mechanical equipment, such as Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Multi-Stage pumps, gear boxes, Bucket Elevators, Heat Exchangers, Blowers, Agitators,
Screw Conveyors, control valves, relief valves, isolation valves, etc of whole complex
Welding & Fabrication Projects including repair, retubing & rehabilitation of heat exchangers, repair of pressure vessels of NH3 Plant, Fabrication / Manufacturing of Miscellaneous equipments / spares locally to save high OEM cost (Over 19 Million saved so far
since 2010).
Development & Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures, Machine Operators
Work Instructions & Preventive Maintenance Checklist of Equipments.
Root Cause Analysis of failure of mechanical equipments and removal of bottlenecks in
maintenance procedures.
Overhauling of machines as per manufacturers recommendations resulting in enhancement of Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).
Pressure testing and calibration of PSVs, heat exchanger repair & retubing, manufacturing & miscellaneous welding & fabrication jobs
Dynamic Balancing of heavy high speed rotors of critical equipments on most modern
state-of-the-art Schenck Balancing Machine.
Identifying and raising of Purchase Requisitions (PR) in CMMS for material procurement
Technical Evaluation of Quotations / Bids according to the required specifications.
Follow up with material department for timely arrival of the material.
Inspection / Clearance of materials upon their arrival.

[May-07 to May-09] as Area Maintenance Engineer at Utilities East Plant at Pakarab

Fertilizers Limited, Multan
Routine Preventive Maintenance of 3 cooling towers, pumps & related auxiliary stationary
& rotary equipments
New projects like revamp of disposal stations, installation of new pumps & operation of
pumps not used since 15 years.
Rehabilitation & de-bottlenecking of Waste Water & Effluent Treatment plant to restore it to
original design.
Planning & successful execution of Annual Turnaround with manpower, proper materials,
spare parts & new equipments
[Dec-06 to Nov-07] as Graduate Trainee Engineer at Pakarab Fertilizers , Multan.

One month extensive class-room training at Training Center, familiarizing with the fertilizer
Participation in fire fighting drills and safety training programs.
Extensive on-the-job training of various plants located in the whole complex like Ammonia,
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, Utilities & Nitro phosphate Plant.
[Jul-06 to Dec-06] as Skills Development Engineer at Pak Electron Ltd (PEL), Lahore

Training of customer service staff to enhance their technical as well as customer handling
Preparing the Service Manuals for Service Men for troubleshooting of home appliances
(Refrigerators, Air Conditioners etc.)

To conduct new product awareness sessions for sale and service staff about new product
[Jan-06 to Jul-06] as Trainee Engineer at Masood Textile Mills, Faisalabad

Daily Checking of 28 Dyeing Machines

Preventive maintenance and occasional troubleshooting of Machines
Monthly calibration of analog Temperature and Pressure gauges
Collection of data for Bearing consumption analysis


Manufacturing Excellence Award awarded in 2011 for successful rehabilitation of 45

years old Horizontal Boring Machine in PFL Workshop.
Hifz-ul-Quran certificate from Wifaq-ul-Madaris with 100/100 marks for Hifz.
Student of the Year Award for top position in SSC Exam in Whole School
Quaid-e-Azam Scout awarded in 1999 for participation in Boys Scout Camp & Best
Disctrict Champion of under-15 badminton (school level) in 1999.
Won various prizes for Qiraat Competitions, Debates & other extra curricular activities
in High School (1996~1999)
Runners up prize in Mens Doubles Category of Table Tennis in Annual Sports Festival at
Pakarab Fertilizers in 2013.


Pakistan Engineering Council,

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Student Member
Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation
Youth Parliament Pakistan


Six days training program held in Darmstadt, Germany by M/s Schenck GmbH, Germany on Installation, Operation & Maintenance of Schenck Balancing Machine HM5U with CAB 920
Software for dynamic balancing upto 5500kg rotors.
2-days Training program on Introduction to Management arranged by FFCL training team at
Pakarab Fertilizers Limited, Multan.
2-days Training program on Super 5S Japanese Standard arranged by CWICE Govt. of Punjab, delivered by Hasan Haider, CEO of Asian Competitiveness Institute.
One-day training on Presentation & Communication Skills arranged by Technical Training
Center at Pakarab Fertilizers Limited, Multan
2-days training on Supervisory Skills delivered by Mr. Javed Ausaf from Ausaf International
arranged by Pakarab Fertilizers Limited.
2-days training program on Basic Managerial Skills delivered by Hasan Haider, CEO of
Asian Competitive Institute.
Participation in one-day training program on Bearing Installation & Removal by SKF at
Masood Textile Mills, Faisalabad
Training on Centrifugal Pumps Overhauling by the President of German Pump Manufacturing Company Paul Bungartz GmbH
Participation in one-day JICA seminar on Occupational Health & Safety in Pakistan as student member from UET at Avari, Lahore.
Complete Study & implementation of DuPonts STOP Safety Program in PFL Workshop
Introduction to Management (Management Styles, Time Management, Problem Solving and
Decision Making, Teamwork and Conflict Management modules) by Corporate Training Team
3 days training progam on Train the Technical Trainer by Wali Zahid of SkillCity at Pakarab

Fertilizers Training center in January 2013

l Skills And
Skills And

Good Team Player; can work independently and / or as a team; perform best
when in pressure
Leadership (currently responsible for a team of 32 people);

Dynamic Balancing of Heavy rotors on Shop Balancing Machine, Assessment

of damage to Mechanical equipments; Technical Evaluation of quotations; preparation of BOM's & BOQ's as per project's requirement

Oracle R12 based ERP and CMMS system, Windows Operating system,
Microsoft Office (v2003, 2007, 2010), AutoCAD,

Personal Information:
Fathers Name
Date of birth

Abdul Saboor Bhutta

English Fluent
Arabic Learning
Urdu Native

Will be furnished upon request.

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