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Edition 8, 26 August 2009

Edition 8, 26 August 2009

4 >> Racist Rhodents

The Oppidan Press responds to the VC’s racism call
5 >> The Naked Truth
An Intervaristy streaker bares his soul

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Effective leadership or dismal failure?

President Vice President External
Kholosa Loni’s presidency has been culture of Rhodes University, which Thapelo Tselapedi may have been youth political imbizos although
known for her bubbly and approach- Loni calls a “white drinking culture”. new to the SRC but as former his strong ties with SASCO have
able personality. She’s been the type of Nor has it addressed the alarmingly Deputy President of SASCO, he made some students question
president that most students can iden- high failure rate in the June exams. is no stranger to student politics. where his allegiance truly lies.
tify with. She received so many votes Loni’s manifesto promised more open Tselapedi has a similar job to the Tselapedi also expressed concern
in fact, that she ditched her position interaction and communication with SRC President, but his focus is about the SRC’s failure to change
as Vice-President Internal to take up students, but we are all still waiting for on strengthening SRC relations the institutional culture of the
the presidential reins. Unfortunately, the updated SRC website and a copy with external sources. He has to University.
however, the 2009 SRC has not done of the Purple Press. travel extensively to student and
much to change the institutional RATING *****
RATING *****
Vice President Internal Oppidan Councillor
Pumeza Mdangayi ran for President matters of the SRC is no easy task, but Oppidans now have a wider able SRC member who attended
but had to settle for Vice-President this year a new disciplinary structure lunch selection and the option to the often-neglected needs of
Internal. She is, however, quite ex- was put in place, which revokes SRC of having supper in the Oppi Oppidan students. Mitchley is
perienced in her title by now, as last privileges of councillors found to be dining hall, as well as a second one of a few councillors who
year she was internally elected to the incompetent. She does admit that the Oppi bus - all thanks to Op- have actually delivered on their
same position after the resignation of SRC has burned a few bridges and pidan Representative, Jacyn promises. Thanks to her efforts,
former SRC president Ricardo Pillay that the next SRC may have to do Mitchley. In her second year Oppidans are finally represent-
and Bianca Sampson, former Vice- some damage control. in the position, Mitchley was ed on the SRC.
President External. Handling internal RATING ***** another bubbly and approach- RATING *****
Community Engagement Media Councillor
Giuliana Colarossi’s efforts as Com- had on the community. Overspending One would assume that com- between the SRC and students.
munity Engagement Representative on her budget by R3 000, Colarossi munication is key to the Media The SRC website is still outdated
have been one of the most noticeable explained that serving the community Representative’s success, but and The Purple Press did not
on campus. The Community Engage- doesn’t come cheap, and suggests that many students complain that come out this year. The only
ment Week in March was a success next year’s Community Engagement they haven’t seen the SRC since consistent plan of communica-
and the Bring a Learner to Rhodes Representative finds outside funding. O-Week, indicating that Aslam tion he implemented was a
initiative was very popular. It is, how- Seedat has completely failed regular half-page SRC advert in
ever, difficult to know how much of to improve communication The Oppidan Press.
an impact these projects have actually
RATING ***** RATING *****
Treasurer Societies Councillor
As SRC Treasurer, Mabocha Moko- good communication skills is clearly Garth Elzerman ran a tight ship communicate with. Elzerman
bane is in charge of monitoring the not a prerequisite for becoming SRC as SRC Societies Representa- admits that the SRC society’s
budget and keeping check of how each Treasurer, as discovered by one of our tive, adopting a strict approach extravaganza at the Great field
profile spends their allotted funding. reporters who asked to see the budget. towards society budgets this was a failure. He is now run-
She also advises the different portfo- Transparency was obviously not a year. He also created a SRC ning for president as he believes
lios on how to spend money appro- priority for this year’s SRC. RUconnected link for societies he can provide solutions to the
priately. Although she has kept a hold and is one of few SRC members problems he encountered.
on the purse strings, she has not done RATING ***** that has been easy to find and RATING *****
much more than that. And having
See page 2 for more.
2 The Oppidan Press 26.08.09 The Oppidan Press 26.08.09 3

Got news? Send your news story ideas to us and we will consider Extra admin. SHARC is lobbying for the University to appoint an HIV/Aids officer. Do you
them for publication. news@theoppidanpress.com. think this is necessary? Let us know. letters@theoppidnapress.com

Seriously Rather Crap (but don't forget our O-Week success!) Is Rhodes ready for change?
President runs out of time SRC piggy bank is empty
the opportunity to show their support Nomampondomise Sihlobo felt that
Gcobani Qambela
for the cause. the drive was a huge success. “We do
Students were given the opportu- parallel testing, whereby we get two
“No more apathy: Rhodes step up to nity to test their HIV/Aids status for results at the same time, so as to ensure
budget is used by the president and the But she did say that the SRC budget HIV!” free at the NEWSTART tents at Eden the accuracy of the results. The response
office, and have represented the students
Robyn McCormick Rochelle van der Merwe two vice-presidents for transportation is available for anyone to look at. “The “We want an officer. We demand an Grove throughout the week. First year from students has been overwhelming.
in the University.”
to conferences, food expenses and ac- budget will be published at the end of officer.” This was the chant of students journalism student, Ziyanda Ntantiso We have had to close a little earlier on
Loni has been involved in the
The previous SRC left the current commodation. The president’s account the year anyway,” said Mokobane. who marched to the main admin build- who tested at the NEWSTART/SHARC some days because the counsellors were
“If you have purple blood, you must resurrection of the SRC website, where

Pic: Sam Classen

one with R52 877.90, which was then is used to fund those students who go Mokobane said she wished she had ing during the ‘{Red}y For Change’ testing drive had nothing but praise for just too tired from the large number of
show it,” says Kholosa Loni, outgoing documents and information will be
added to this years budget, eventually on conferences, and is currently fund- done more to sort out student fees for march, held last Wednesday during the facility. students who came to test.”
President of the SRC. One of Loni’s more accessible to students, but it is still
totalling R877 000. SRC Treasurer, ing a post-graduate student’s travel to a this year: “I could have done better. I SHARC’s HIV/Aids Awareness Week. “It was really great. They counsel you SHARC President, Beth Vale said
aims in her role as SRC President was to not fully functional and communication
Mobocha Mokobane allocated some science expo in Europe. think that we shouldn’t be expected to Students are demanding that the Uni- before the test and also after the test. it’s disgraceful that we are in 2009
look at the University’s culture, which remains a problem. “It is the entire SRC’s DILDO DELIGHT
of this money to projects such as the Honours student, Dale van der pay half our fees by the end of January.” versity employ an HIV/Aids Officer. Before telling you the results, they tell and the University still does not have
she says is “perceived to be a white fault. We have to make sure we are not The safe sex-po certainly shocked some students with its display of condoms,
community engagement conference Lingen requested sponsorship from the She also wishes she could have spent The main theme for this year’s you what to do if you are infected and a meaningful HIV/Aids policy. “The
drinking culture”. The presidency has only doing our job, but looking left and dildos and flavoured lubricants. The SHARC HIV/Aids Awareness Week focused
at the University of the Free State, and SRC to attend a conference and was more time on her academics, although SHARC HIV/Aids Awareness Week how to keep yourself safe if you are not. policy looks good on paper, but there is
worked to remedy this, conducting a right; we need to hold the whole team
to contribute to the more general aim told that the SRC had no money to give she acknowledged that, “my greatest last week was ‘{Red}y For Change!’ and The test did not even take that long. I no substance. SHARC is still doing the on educating students about safe sex and providing the opportunity for HIV
survey around issues of race and class accountable.”
of creating awareness on important him. When van der Lingen questioned achievement was the advice I gave to various activities which ran during the am glad I went and tested.” work the University is supposed to be testing at Eden Grove throughout the week. For more on the safe sex-po turn
in connection with the Union Bar, and An individual issue which Loni has
issues, like the LGBTI pride week. this, he was rebuffed. "She told me that all the different councillors”. week offered Rhodes students and staff NEWSTART testing sister, 'Ponds' doing," she said. to Page 8.
working towards implementing a policy struggled with is time management.
to eradicate unfair discrimination, which “Personally, I’ve lost the balance with There has been some speculation it's none of my business how the SRC She hopes the next treasurer will be
will be implemented on 1 September. academics, so one needs to know how to about SRC President, Kholoso Loni’s manages its funds," he said. Mokobane “vigorous in the budget committee”.

NEHAWU strike discussed

Loni counts O-Week as one of her juggle the two well.” Juggling an entire travel budget and account. The travel denies this.
success stories. “It was a big eye-opener team has been equally tough. “We are
for me. People came here and they
didn’t even know whether they had
been accepted or not. I got these people
a very diverse group, and you need to
take into account that people perhaps
aren’t as outgoing as you may be, or as
Societies' boot camp SRC money matters
President of Toastmasters Interna- Elzerman acknowledged challenges to the strike. Corinne Knowles, from of the strike was that “the people that
somewhere to stay.” introverted as you, and you need to find Vimbai Chikukwa Gcobani Qambela They also spent R184 600 on the
tional Society, Precious Garayi com- he faced during his tenure. His goal of the Rhodes Extended Studies Unit, were disadvantaged in the past, are still
Loni has also raised the issue of that balance,” she says. Robin McCormick recent Intervarsity, and over R11 000
mended Elzerman for his creation of creating more cohesion amongst societ- criticised the University for representing oppressed” by institutional inequalities
financial aid, trying to make it more “I don’t think I’ve found that, but as on community engagement.
Best known for his authoritarian looks society workshops. “The workshops held ies has been as unfruitful as the SRC NEHAWU was prevented from engag- the strikers as irrational and reckless hu- inherent at Rhodes.
accessible to students. “There’s been an the year has worn on, we take cognisance Where has the SRC’s money gone? The Quite a few expenditures have been
and military style, Garth Elzerman rem- for societies this year were helpful and societies extravaganza at the Great Field ing in the ‘strike back’ open discussion man beings. “We know that racism and Young Communist League member,
increased number of students not know- of each others’ strengths and weaknesses Oppidan Press got hold of the council's made on the general running of the
bers his early days as daunting because he kept people willing to work with him at the beginning of the year. on the recent strike last Wednesday by a classism exists [at Rhodes] and it is time Luzuko Buku expressed his anger at the
ing where to go, how to get financial aid. and work together. Not like a well-oiled budget to find out. SRC and its offices, but some of them
the role of Societies Councillor needed on point,” she said Speaking of the SRC as a whole, Elz- University interdict received 30 minutes that we all questioned our contribution low pay workers receive at the Universi-
We have strong ties with the financial machine, but we make it work.” Many societies and individual stu- seem a little unnecessary.
some revitalising. Elzerman adopted a strict approach erman felt that, “this SRC has collectively before the meeting. to it,” she said. ty. “After [the University] commissioned
During his term, Elzerman created towards society budgets this year. “When failed at communication”. He is now run- Rhodes took this action because of Sociology Professor, Jìmí O Adé- a company to do the market remunera- dents have benefited from the budget, The ‘General Account’ of the SRC

Broken SRC telephone an SRC RUconnected link for societies a society is in deficit, I tend to watch ning for president to provide solutions to its concern regarding unresolved issues sínà said he had been a hall warden tion comparison, they found that the with a total of R25 168 in sponsorship has spent R3 000 on tea and biscuits
where they could access information them closely,” said Elzerman. “Two so- the problems he encountered. surrounding the settlement agreement at Rhodes for four and half years and workers would actually be getting more grants to the student body. R4 000 went for council meetings, and R 7 258 on
they needed. He has encouraged societ- cieties have been red flagged and I have between the University and NEHAWU. was shocked that the University treated than other workers in their grades at to the Masincedane community feed- ‘gifts and flowers’. The SRC leadership
ies to be more responsible and account- had their accounts frozen because of bad The students and staff in attendance “some of the most remarkable human other universities like UCT and Wits. ing project, and R3 000 to the Rhodes weekend cost R 13 522.64.
student apathy,” said Seedat. “It is also expressed disappointment with the way beings” in such a degrading manner But this is like comparing one sweat Debating Eastern Cape Schools project.

Ayushi Chhabra able for their funds. leadership.
hard to juggle responsibilities of being a the University handled and responded during the strike. He said the paradox shop to another.”

Aslam Seedat, Media Representative of

the SRC admits his failure to reconfig-
media rep and at the same time being an
executive member of the SRC.”
The media portfolio was allocated
Oppies on top
ure the SRC website and to produce the R10 000 by the University. Most of this Oppies themselves. “I have found that
Purple Press in his term of office. money goes into publicity for SRC and Gcobani Qambela
student apathy is a huge challenge. Lots
The SRC website and the Purple Press University initiated campaigns. of students don’t know or care who
are platforms aiming to ensure optimal However, there is a general consensus “I think the biggest highlight has their representatives are, so they find
publication of the SRC’s plans of action, among students that they were often been my teamwork with [the] Op- it easier to complain to other students
and are also mediums of communication unaware of the SRC’s plans of action. “I Robyn McCormick
pidan Committee, specifically Brenda than to report the problems to the
between the SRC and the student body. don’t even know what the SRC has done Magwizi, which resulted in a second relevant people, thus these issues take
In the SRC manifesto, Seedat men- this year. Their existence doesn’t seem Oppi bus being attained,” says Jacyn longer to resolve,” she says. “Obviously, it goes without saying that
tions that the key to the success of the to make a difference,” said a second year Mitchley, Oppidan SRC Representa- But Mitchley says some students the higher you are, the more work you
SRC as a representative body depends on journalism student. Another second year tive for the past two years. She also got have noticed what she has achieved have to do,” says Pumeza Mdangayi, SRC
keeping channels of regular conversation student said: “I didn't really feel them Residential Operations to extend the in her role as Oppi Representative. Vice President Internal, as a warning to
and thought open. However, this goal as much as I did last year, last year they Oppidan dining hall lunch menu op- “Some students who I don’t know and future Executive SRC members. “Me,
was not achieved as he failed to maintain were very much out there.” tions to provide suppers to Oppidans. haven’t seen before knew exactly who I Kholosa, Thapelo and Mr Charlie (the
the mediums at his disposal. Mitchley points out that there is a was and what I had done this year and SRC liaison) arrive at 08:00 and leave at
“One of the biggest challenges I have large amount of work done behind the came to say hi at the Intervarsity party, 20:00. At Intervarsity we left at 01:00,
faced as Media Councillor has been scenes in her portfolio. She represents it really made me smile,” she says. and at the Street party, we left at 03:00.
issues raised at Oppidan Committee Her advice for the incoming SRC’s If a student is stranded at O-Week, we
need to be accountable.”
Community rep worked to the bone
meetings at the University Board meet- Oppidan representative: “Being the
ings. “I have also dealt with several SRC Oppidan Representative is not a One of the problems Mdangayi has
individuals’ personal issues whether it glory position, but if you are passion- faced as VPI is the difficulty of disciplin-
be landlord problems, mental health ate about Oppidan issues and serious ing members. “The problem with the
the school version of an SRC. RCL mem- SRC councillors is that they never make
Jade Smith issues, or whatever may arise,” she says. about serving your fellow students,
bers were mentored by Colarossi and other a formal complaint, it’s just hearsay.
members of the committee, who helped The biggest challenge Mitchley then it can be incredibly rewarding.”
Until I have it in writing, there’s nothing
“Community engagement is not about them to solve any problems they had. faced was communicating with the
I can do,” she says.
giving a poor person a bread roll, a pat on However, these projects don’t come However, there have been changes.

Rhodes culture has not changed

the back and leaving,” says SRC Commu- cheap. The Community Engagement fund “There is now a new disciplinary
nity Engagement Representative, Giuliana is almost R3 000 in deficit of a R9 000 structure being brought into place. Ac-
Colarossi. “This is a person’s life you’re budget. “I did overspend on my budget,” tions can be taken against the offender,
touching. You should build personal rela- Colarossi says, “but hopefully this will urge especially political events that were held depending on the nature of the crime.
tionships with the people you work with.” the incoming community representative to Khanyisa Titus on campus,” he said. But the SRC did not They will have their SRC privileges,
Colarossi’s aim for the year was to get find sponsorship. Nobody has money for reach some of its specific goals, such as like the use of the office, invitations to
students more involved in community transport and resources like art supplies”. Outgoing SRC Vice President External, making the Union Bar more culturally events, and their stipend removed,” says
engagement. While there are numerous projects in Thaphelo Tselapedi found the decision- inclusive. Mdangayi.
“I’m only one person,” she says, “so I try to the community portfolio, some students making process within the SRC rather “My heart pains more at the institu- She first joined the SRC as Oppidan
encourage residences and Oppies to start have not seen evidence of them. “I’ve been challenging. Team work was needed to tional culture of the University,” said Councillor as she was dissatisfied with
projects too.” kept in the dark,” says first year student make events such as O-week and Inter- Tsepaledi. “In my opinion, Rhodes has the service that Oppies were receiving,
She implemented this strategy by orga- Phathiswa Galeni. Another first year, Mbali varsity a success. not begun to be a home for all. We are and is now sad to leave. “I do not regret
nising Community Engagement Week in Sebaeng agrees. “I haven’t seen much of the “We pushed hard. Not everyone losing black students and whether there one minute of it. Of course there are
March, which brought students into con- SRC since they introduced themselves in participated but those that did stayed will ever be a real transformation, only some things we could have done better,
tact with children involved in the Rhodes O-Week.” committed,” he said. The SRC now has time will tell.” some decisions we should have done dif-
Student Volunteer Project. Popular events “It’s disappointing when you work to deal with the repercussions of these “I’m tired of the SRC and anyone ferently. But all in all, it was fantastic.”
included the human chain, Bring a Learner yourself to the bone and students don’t events, such as the racism issue that oc- would be two months after O-Week,” he “Good luck to next year’s SRC. I’m
to Rhodes, and the fun day where children even know,” said Colarossi. “It’s really up to curred during Intervarsity. said. not going to lie, we’ve burned some
could play games with students. you to read the SRC posters and open the Tselapedi stated that overall, the Overall, Tselapedi has carried out bridges this year and amends are going
Colarossi also started a programme newspapers with SRC notices – the com- SRC has performed well. “We have to all that he wanted to during his term of to have to be made. Just remember that
where local schools elected a Representa- munity rep can’t run up to every student make decisions on a policy level and we office. “I know that people either love me the SRC is accountable to students, and
tive Council of Learners (RCL) which is and introduce herself.” have played a major role in this regard, or hate me,” he said. no one else.”
4 The Oppidan Press 26.08.09 The Oppidan Press 26.08.09

Opinion Feel like ranting and raving? Let us know what you think.
Racism. Have you been a victim of any form of racial abuse at Rhodes?
Let us know. opinion@theoppidanpress.com Opinion
The naked truth
Editorial cartoon >>
Municipal strikes over the last
month have caused chaos and

Racist Rhodents disruption all over the country.

A ministerial strategic team
has been established in an
Shea Karssing and
Rhett Quin
quickly as they can, fuelled mostly by
what is sure to be pure ethanol! I’ve been
careful to hold on to my overall and keep
attempt to help minimise strikes an eye out for guards. In my excitement
Everyone has sobered up and recovered He bared his body, and now he bares I can’t even hear the crowd so, to give
in the country. Co-operative
from the purple-fueled weekend of Inter- his soul. The Oppidan Press did some them something to cheer about, I run up
varsity. With the inclusion of Walter Sisulu Governance Minister Sicelo
Shiceka hopes that the team will uncovering of its own, asking one of the to the opposition fly half and show him a
University, I’m sure students had four infamous Intervaristy streakers how it Rhodes hakka like he has never seen.
times the fun. But the drunken misbehav- look at building a relationship
feels to shed your overalls in favour of Turning quickly, I see the authorities
iour of students has once again placed the between the employer and
your birthday suit. bearing down on me. I swiftly elude one
future of Intervarsity in jeopardy. the unions in all sectors of the Rhett Quin: guard and make for the fence on the far
We should feel very embarrassed to call economy. This is it. The moment I’ve planned for side. If I can just make it over the fence
ourselves Rhodians after the racist incident The team will look at the wage the last 20 minutes (Ok, I lie, probably and up the benches I’m away…I think.
that occurred during the weekend, involv- gap between the workers and the since first year). The threat of spiked I climb the fence and fly up the stand.
ing a lecturer, his family and some rowdy fences, CPU guards, and disciplinary Almost there, I jump to clear the last
unions, a problem which union
and racist Rhodes students. action requires meticulous planning. step, EFFFF!
It is shocking that students subjected members raised during recent
municipal strikes. Having left all but my trusty purple and The guard ankle-taps me just as I
one of our lecturers to racial prejudice and white overall with a Rhodent in the leap! I fall with a thud on the other side
abuse and the incident certainly taints the crowd, I stroll casually and inconspicu- of the stand as CPU and The Control
reputation of a fine institution. It’s probably ously down to the edge of the field. dive on me. But it’s over – I’ve done it! I
the most embarrassing incident to happen Nervous adrenalin, spurred on by lie there shouting, “I surrender!”, grin-
to a respected member of the Rhodes com- copious amounts of Dutch Courage, ning and laughing the whole time. As
munity and sadly, it is not an isolated case. courses through my veins. Taking careful they carry me off I cling tightly to my
We were all outraged by the racist note of the position of the authorities I overall, covering what is most important
video from the University of the Free State pick a gap in the spiked fence, and with to me.
that surfaced last year, and were no doubt one last swig of the cane and coke that They threw me out the grounds, but
relieved and proud to live in such an open I’ve cleverly managed to conceal from a happier man I couldn’t be! Streaking
and accepting university environment. Pic: Amy Attenborough
the ever-watchful eye of The Control, I in front of hundreds of people during
But unfortunately, as much as we might

Illustration: Abongile Faxi

BARE BUM jump the fence. the rugby at Intervarsity was the stuff
think we live in a purple bubble, we are not Before I’ve hit the ground my overall legends are made of.
separate from the rest of the country. Intervarsity streaker, Rhett Quin, momentarily escaped the eyes and clutches of The Control to sprint down the
is off and I’ve let it all hang out…well I feel privileged to have joined the
The fact is that racism never disap- rugby field, cheered on by hundreds of spectators. perhaps not “hang” as it was a lot colder many that have gone before me in this
peared from Rhodes. I know students than I thought. My feet are moving as timeless tradition.
on this campus who have been victims
of verbal abuse, and I have personally
Letters to the editor >>
We don't need no (FET) education
fallen victim to racism. The digs hunt is
difficult for every Oppidan, but imagine
how frustrating it is when door after door Response to 'Strike for strike'
is slammed (figuratively) in your face Dear editor, The SRC decided to facilitate the student
because of the colour of your skin. I didn’t protest (note: NOT strike; PROTEST) as well as the lack of past papers from counted for a third of our mark, taking My fellow ‘learners’ (the appalling new anything other than the instruction
think that this kind of thing still happened, I would like to comment on the ‘Strike to have it run smoothly (security, Benjamin Fogel which to study, had a serious impact the focus away from writing the essay description given to us by the educa- of bullsh** . From self-help books, to
especially not in Grahamstown. for strike’ article and respond to the contacting the Municipality, the police, on our education. and developing the argument so that tion department) and I were told by the making us explain our ethical leanings
Racism has become an everyday oc- question you posed on what students the Traffic Department etc under the During the last set of exams, Rhodes I attended Reddam House, a pri- all we had to do was write a good plan University of Cape Town that they would using a marking grid, the subject was
currence and many students don’t see the think of the strike. Public Gatherings Act) to ‘legalise’ the recorded some of the worst results vate school in Cape Town. Although and then fit in enough information to indeed award less points for Maths an utter waste of time. As was the
point reporting these incidents because we Well let me tell you what I think, protest. And mostly, to see to it that and highest failure rates in its history. the school had top facilities, and good get by. Small things like this were part Literacy, and that many departments endless stream of politically correct
don’t think it will make any difference. But as an SRC member, but above all, as a when the students arrived at the Admin Some of the blame for this can be teachers and resources, there was a of the overall problem – shifting the such as Economics would not accept material wheedling and whining its
isn’t this passive response to racism just student at this fine institution. Firstly Building, there was someone to meet attributed to the new school curricu- perpetual state of confusion regarding focus from developing skills to getting Maths Literacy students. Stellenbosch way into various other subjects.
allowing it go on? this needs to be stated: the problematic them and accept the memorandum. lum which the majority of first years my year’s subject matter and how it easy marks. and Rhodes told us otherwise, confirm- FET did not adequately prepare
The University Administration and the flaw with the conceptualisation of Now I will not waste my time passed through. should be taught. Another cause of confusion reared ing that subjects which require mathe- me for university – it taught me how
student body need to acknowledge that programmes and policies, with the SRC debating the merits and demerits of this I matriculated in 2008 as a guinea Many strange experiments were its untried head in the form of a new matical competence would accept Maths to bullsh** my way through exams
racism is a problem on this campus. At and its substructures, of University protest and why it was held etc but I will pig for the Further Education and attempted in my all-important Matric subject, Maths Literacy. None of us Literacy students. We are now seeing the and still get a good mark. Very little
least the recent incident has prompted Dr administration and others alike is say this: within three hours of students Training (FET) curriculum imposed year (perhaps because the education really knew if universities would rec- not-so-fruitful results of this decision. of what I learnt at school has helped
Badat to encourage everyone to “actively that we assume that there is one marching to the Admin Building, there by the education department. At first, department was making things up as it ognise it or not, but we feared that it The most irritating thing about me at university. High school did not
act against racism”. homogeneous student body, which will were cup-a-soups handed out at the being the government’s lab rat was went along). might be awarded less entry points. FET was the sheer mind-numbing teach me how to think critically and
The Oppidan Press would therefore like act, think, be one. Oppidan dinning hall to ‘top up’ meals. just an inconvenience and a mild For example, our English Literature As the Mathematics curriculum political correctness of it all – from I was not challenged to question the
to call on anyone, staff or student, who Although this may make our (SRC Cup-a-soup you may ask, is she serious? irritation. But the sudden changes to paper was divided into two essay sec- got harder, more people dropped to the horrific new label ‘learners’ to the world around me. Rather, I accepted
has been a victim of any form of racism at management’s) job easy, it is not so. Well at least it’s something. What did curriculums and previously never- tions – a short piece on our Shake- Maths Literacy and the issue was clari- painful classes of Life Orientation, everything I was ‘taught’ and learnt
Rhodes to speak out. In publishing your Our different and diverse cultures you do? been-taught work which popped up in speare set work, and a longer essay on fied when various universities made which was essentially brainwashing how to repeat it, so I could get an A.
letters in The Oppidan Press we will be tak- and backgrounds not only give this Within two days, Residential the classroom from Grade 11 onwards, another set work. Our short essay only presentations at our school. by people who could not succeed at
ing a stand against racism. Racial prejudice University a cosmopolitan environment Operations publicly apologised to
and abuse cannot be tolerated. We want to but it also dictates how we feel and students for the “inconvenience caused”
do our part in breaking the silence about interact with different challenges. Clear and introduced in the interim, some

Mobilise then criticise

racism. example: depending on which student hot meals. Again I ask: What did
At least then we can all walk on campus you approached, you would have heard you do? I can tell you what the SRC
conscious of the fact that we need to make different views on the consequences or did. If anything I have learnt one
a change. If we are not constantly aware even on the industrial action itself. Some thing in this SRC: in students’ non-
of a situation we will never feel the need would be pro-NEHAWU or working homogeneousness you cannot please
to change it. We need to put an end to class; others pro-Rhodes University everyone, because everyone is different
prejudice ourselves. Admin or fiscally-sound policies, most – but we sure as hell made a difference to
Send your accounts or messages to let- and patriarchy. unknown because you have not stepped
(which I found) ‘neutral’ (still have not some students’ lives. Nicolene McLean
ters@theoppidanpress.com and say no to Guys, it is not about you, anyway. out of your space, and are yet to look in
grasped that one, personally). Again I repeat: Besides complain on
racism at Rhodes. It’s about challenging social relations. on patriarchy.
So what might be a ‘food/comfort side corners about how ineffective the
On campus I stumbled upon a large no- If you’re not up to putting your energy If you want to address an individual,
issue’ to some is bread and butter to SRC is, what did you do? Think you can
tice reading only: ‘Hello Larissa, it’s the behind gender-based activism, perhaps make your statement upfront. Only cow-
others. With that said let me state that by do better? Voting for the new SRC is
guys’. Initially I was amused by the na- it’s because you feel uncomfortable ards make an unattributed public display
the third day of the industrial action by now open.
Tumelo Tladi ïveté of the message, and then greatly an- about what’s being said. Realise that your of it. Maybe you realise that Larissa is
NEHAWU, some students were fed up
072 589 7230 noyed by it. It seemed to imply that ‘the insecurity, defensiveness and wondering not responsible for your neglect. Hold
with the status quo and were threatening Ms P Mdangayi
editor@theoppidanpress.com guys’ felt left out, ignored by our Student about what’s being done for ‘the guys’ yourselves accountable: what are you do-
to take matters into their own hands. SRC 2008/9 Vice President Internal
Services Officer, Larissa Klazinga. is probably directly related to your fear ing about gender inequity, gender-based
Some may forget that there is a men’s of having to give up your positions of violence, rape, and hate crimes?
Letters organisation/campaign – Men as Part-
ners. Perhaps this is where guys should
You should be targeting the insti-
This response is not only addressed
to men, but to women, too. It is easy for
Editor: Tumelo Tladi Community Engagement: Hlengiwe Kweyama News Editor: Robyn McCormick place their energies. Do some research tution of patriarchy, rather than an men and women to criticise an individ-
Deputy Editor: Siphosethu Stuurman Community Engagement: Nicole Wilson News Editor: Vimbai Chikukwa
Letters to the Editor: and get involved. Activism doesn’t come individual. Question why it is necessary ual, an organisation or a movement – far
Managing Editor: Dagmar Kahn Designers: Andisa Ndlovu, Joy Niemack and Marshall Patsanza Opinion Editor: Shea Karssing to you, you go to it. Women (and men) to only focus on women’s issues. Perhaps easier than it is to criticise yourself for
Multimedia Editor: Lisa Bringham Chief Sub-Editor: Cath Boulle Pictures Editor: Amy Attenborough involved in 1in9 and the Gender Action it is because patriarchy is so institutiona- doing nothing. Acknowledge that you
Editorial complaints: r.brand@ru.ac.za Project (GAP) went to these organisa- lised that it is natural or invisible. Hence, are yet to contribute to making Rhodes
Multimedia Editor: Paul Harris Chief Sub-Editor: Laura Durham Pictures Editor: Jess Hall

Marketing Manager: Mohammed Shabangu Chief Sub-Editor: Cath Sackville-Scott Pictures Editor: Megan Lewis
Advertising details: tions and put their names on lists to do you are incapable of seeing the necessity University, Grahamstown, South Africa
advertising@theoppidanpress.com something. No one is going to help you for groups of people such as the 1in9 safer places and more equitable spaces.

Pic: Warwick Preddy

Advertising Manager: Sam Masilakhe Arts Editor: Lauren Minnie Politics Editor: Lonwabo Fayo
Distribution queries: out until you mobilise constructively. In campaign and GAP who pull together Stand beside the individuals working so
Financial Manager: Garth Alistoun Business Editor: Marcelino Nkuna Sci-Tech Editor: Zukiswa Kota
other words, instead of forming an anti- and make it visible. This goes back to hard at creating a fair society, and then,
Distribution Manager: Gugu Baduza Entertainment Editor: Melissa Radebe Sports Editor: Anesu Chingono distribution@theoppidanpress.com
feminist organisation, pull yourselves the issue of feeling defensive and under when you have contributed your energy
Assistant Distribution Manager: Qcobani Qambela Environment Editor: Nicole Venegas Ombudsman: Robert Brand together to challenge gender inequity attack for reasons unknown to you – it is in your own way, you may criticise.
Technical Manager: Andrew Lynch Features Editor: Sarah Cohen Printers: Dupli-Print
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Celebrity recipe. Have you tried any of our celebrity recipes? Let us know. entertain-
Budding with creative inspiration? Send us your recommendations on what to do
and see on the art scene. arts@theoppidanpress.com Arts
RJ Benjamin: Celebrity Recipe >>
Slikour from Skwatta Kamp's favourite

• 1 cup barbecue sauce,
Preheat oven to 150° C. Place ribs in a shallow
pan, cover with foil and bake 2 hours. Prepare
Intervarsity: your head is your canvas
South Africa's soul
Barbecued Baby Back Pork Ribs grill. Remove from oven and grill for 12 minutes,
Duncan Fleming, a second year BSc stu-
Prep: 10 min, Cook: 2:15 turning frequently and basting with barbecue Nthabiseng Moroane dent, has somewhat of a reputation for
• 1.8 kgs baby back ribs sauce. his past crazy Intervarsity hairstyle. This
It’s no surprise that, after this year’s year was no different. In preparation,

chaos, rumours of Rhodes being banned Fleming went bald and grew a beard that

RMR keeps raising the bar

from future Intervarsity events are fly- put Dumbledore to shame. The beard
ing. Rhodents go absolutely mad for was dyed purple just in time for the big
the duration of the tournament: bar a weekend.
sprinkling of black, blue and yellow from Another digs unleashed their wild
other universities, Grahamstown was sides with streaks of purple and blonde
completely purple as Rhodes students in their hair. Management Honours stu-
this year. “Personally this album Ettione Ferreira public. Mhlungu said it was the biggest try to counter SABC’s monopoly.
Andiswa Leve proudly displayed allegiance to their dent, Adam Seager whipped out a rather
served as a goodbye to note the period event ever hosted by RMR. RMR continued to cover the National
teams. 90’s look with a head full of blond and
after my father’s death and a five-year But let’s go way back to August 1, Arts Festival until June 1994 when their
Students take advantage of Inter- purple pigtails, while third year BA, Nick
RJ Benjamin, the 30 year old who burst relationship which ended in a very ugly Rhodes Music Radio (RMR) celebrated 1981 and take a look at the life and times application for a temporary broadcasting
varsity to express themselves creatively Luksich went for the popular blonde/
onto the music scene with his debut manner,” Benjamin said. “My writing its 28th birthday on 1 August, making of RMR. licence was rejected by the Independent
through their overalls and various purple not-quite-a-mullet look. DipAcc
‘Who I am’ and hasn’t looked back since, has always been a reflection of my life, it the oldest campus-based community The station began by narrowcasting Broadcasting Authority (IBA). The result
unique hairstyles. From purple cornrows student Mark Knox, however, seemed to
is deemed by many to be South Africa’s my own diary entry of that moment in radio station in South Africa. “This for the Rhodes University Cafeteria, was that, a year later, RMR applied to
to peroxided mohawks, Rhodents go all have dipped his head into whatever came
most soulful singer. my life.” year we want[ed] to celebrate that fact only expanding to residences on campus run as a community broadcaster. This
out, taking extreme measures with long- his way, and then whipped out some
“My parents weren't keen on me Benjamin’s dad raised him on soul by inviting alumni,” said RMR Station later. Six years after this humble begin- was successful and RMR was given
term repercussions. Even now, two weeks snazzy razor work on his stubble.
studying music after school,” Benjamin music legends like Lou Rawls and Bill Manager, Gugulethu Mhlungu. ning, RMR was narrowcasting to 16 licence to go on air for a year.
after the event, many a purple tinge can Consider these individuals in isola-
recalled. “I did body double and basic Withers, and on Jazz artists such as Al In 2008, RMR celebrated its incep- residences on Rhodes campus. 17 May 1995 was a big day for RMR
be spotted amongst the student popula- tion and they seem supremely odd. But
stunt work after school and after seeing Jareau. The songwriter also lists the late tion by holding three parties in one In 1990, five RMR presenters broke and the Grahamstown community, as
tion. in the context of Intervarsity weekend,
how cruel the film industry could be, I King of Pop, Michael Jackson among his night with different styles of music the record for the longest non-stop the station finally went live 24 hours a
Third year BCom student, Kudzai they fit in just perfectly.
convinced my parents to let me study musical influences: “Michael, like many at the three different venues. “This broadcast by a campus radio station, day as a community broadcaster. A few
Chanakira teamed up with a friend, Outsiders casting their eyes over the
the one thing I knew I had always been people, made me fall in love with music year we decided to split the events up with a monumental 336 hour show. The years later, RMR finally received their
ManAcc Honours student, Ronald Chin- rugby stands at the big game on Saturday
good at – music.” and the dream of being a musician one during August,” Mhlungu said. “The last few minutes of this groundbreak- four-year licence.
deka to create a crazy hairdo for their could be forgiven for thinking that
Benjamin is both a singer and song- day”. point is that it is a family affair. RMR is ing event were broadcast live on Capital Reflecting on RMR’s development
grand finale Intervarsity experience. Rhodes University is in fact a hairdress-
writer, but feels that he was definitely Benamin learned a lot, too, from lucky enough to have many good DJs, Radio. The event set off a revolution for and success over the years, Mhlungu
Both dyed their hair blonde, shaving ing academy…where first year practicals
born a songwriter, as writing his own listening to Prince and Stevie Won- and RMR was the platform for their campus radio. said: “The fact that the station is so
lines as well as the letters R and U on went really, really wrong. Some call it
music adds sincerity to his perfor- der. He enjoys listening to artists careers,” she noted. In June the following year, RMR was dynamic stands out. The kinds of people
opposite sides of their heads. lunacy, we call it art.
mance. He has written for, and with, such as Maxwell, to whom Benjamin Most of the events in celebration of granted permission to broadcast at the that come out of RMR are some of the
an array of well-known South African is often compared, and to D’Angelo, RMR’s birthday will involve ex-RMR Grahamstown National Arts Festival to country’s best broadcasters. For me it is
singers, including Tamara Dey, Lira and Eryka Badu, John Mayer and India Arie DJs or musicians. RMR’s second and Grahamstown listeners within a 15km inspiring. As a station manager, I have
Danny K, as well as idols contestants amongst others. biggest gig for the month was the highly radius, and received a temporary licence a big legacy to look after. People all over Hair mare:
Karen Kortje and Gift Gwe. Benjamin hopes to work with successful Intervarsity party on the as ‘Festival-FM’. This was another the world are tuning into RMR. The (From clockwise from top right) Nick Luksich, Adam Seager, Kudzai
His latest offering, entitled Swim- Proverb, Gloria Bosman and producer Great Field, which featured big-name groundbreaker for the station as it was audience is constantly growing. RMR is Chanakira and Mark Knox did not hold back in getting creative this
ming in the Soul of Music, was released 37MPH in the not too distant future. bands like Prime Circle and Flash Re- the first temporary licence in the coun- constantly growing.” Intervarsity.
Pics: Mary Hensman and Nthabiseng Moroane

Ribbons and rubbers on the runway

Veronica Malebye, the Anti-Fashion women strutted their stuff across the comfortable in your own body. I think her…We were different models and it
Yvonne Nhuta Show, which will now be an annual stage, donning placards with messages people are still ignorant and take the wasn’t only about what the body art
event, was the finale of SHARC’s HIV/ such as 'It’s sexier sealed', 'Embracing message in the wrong way. It’s not all was saying, but we also had to embody
Aids Awareness Week campaign. femininity' and 'Real men don’t rape'. about fashion. It’s about you.” the emotions being expressed in the
The SHARC Anti-Fashion Show held The show substituted the dramatic Some models showcased some ex- Audience members were impressed art.”
at the Great Hall last Friday night was conventions of a traditional fashion ex- traordinary clothing designed by third by the creative use of condoms in the “We wanted to challenge people to
more than a display of mainstream travaganza with features which helped year design student, Bonolo Diseko design of some garments. “It is a nice really think about HIV/Aids and to
fashion culture and did not conform to emphasise of the purpose of the event. from the University of Johannesburg. way you can relate to the issue, saying consider that abstaining is actually an
people’s expectations. “Typical models The absence of a ramp, the poetry But the main attraction was the body that the condom is there, it exists. Use option,” Mashabela said.
are tall and skinny. Our models were recited at intervals, and the appearance paint and the newly-coined, “Condom it,” Mhlakaza commented. The show was sponsored by Pick ‘n
different and they had a message,” said of Condoman reminded the audience Couture”. According Mpho Raborife, another Pay and included a raffle for a handy
one of the show co-ordinators, Ithuteng and participants of SHARC’s important One of the body-painted models, model in the show, “being half-naked ‘Safe Sex Hamper’. Proceeds from the
Mashabela. cause. Nomathamsanqa Mhlakaza said: “I did on stage was liberating. Promoting raffle and the show will go to various
Co-ordinated by Mashabela and Scantily-clad young men and it to show people that you should feel the strength that a woman has within charities such as the Raphael centre.

Young Directors' Season 2009 Spring Music Festival 30 Aug - 4 Sept

This year's Young Directors' Season will 20:30 on 26 and 19:00 on 28 August
Rhodes University is hosting a variety of local and international musicians at the Spring Music Festival.
take place from 26 to 29 August. Tickets
can be bought from the Theatre Café The Love of the Nightingale by Timber- Here is the concert schedule:
for R20. The following short 30-minute lake Wertenbaker directed by Roshnee
drama pieces will be showcased: Guptar
Roberto Bonati & Stent Ensemble Quartet Schumann Piano Quintet in E Music Department, Beethoven Room
The Love of the Nightingale is about
St Andrews, Drill Hall flat major Op 44 Wed 2 September
Revolutionary Road by Justin Haythe asking questions. It is about interrogat-
Sun 30 August Music Department, Beethoven Room 19:30
directed by Natasha Lech: ing the past to try and gain an under-
16:00 Tues 1 September R50 Adults, R30 Students/Pensioners
The pervading thematic concern of standing of the present. It is about sex,
R50 Adults, R30 Students/Pensioners 13:00
this text is the notion of trying to escape guilt, shame, vengeance, gender roles
Free! Robert Rollin, Juan Munoz & Mariel
the constant human state of being stuck; and how those roles influence how we
Odeion String Quarte Masterclass Ilusario in concert
the idea that once a career has been think as men, and as women.
Music Department, Beethoven Room Malcolm Nay - Masterclass Music Department, Beethoven Room
established, a marriage has been realised 19:00 on 27 and 20:30 on 29 August
Mon 31 August Music Department, Beethoven Room Thur 3 September
and children have been attained; one
15:00 Tues 1 September 13:00
ends up stuck in the empty routine of Withnail and I by Bruce Robinson
Free! 15:00 R50 Adults, R30 Students/Pensioners
day to day living. directed by Byron Davis
19:00 on 26 and 20:30 on 28 August London: 1969. Two down-on-their-
Robert Rollin Undergraduate Performance
luck actors (Withnail and Marwood) fed
Lecture Eden Grove Blue Han Jonkers - Masterclass Medelsohn Trio Arnold van
Closer by Patrick Marber directed by up with the damp and cold, the piles of
Mon 31 August Music Department, Beethoven Room Wyk 5 Elegies Dvorak Piano Quintet
Saint-Francis Tohlang washing up, mad drug dealers and psy-
19:00 Wed 2 September In A major Op 81
Closer is a text raw in emotion, action, chotic Irishmen – find solace in drinking
Free! 13:00 Music Department,
feeling and sound. It carefully dissects (and other narcotics). Seeking respite
Free! Beethoven Room
modern relationships and questions the from their uneventful lives they leave
Terence Marais -MMus Fri 4 September
collusion of lust, love, desire and inti- their squalid flat for an idyllic country-
Chamber Exam with Odeion String Robert Rollin & Han Jonkers Concert 19:30
macy in relationships. The core of Closer, side holiday.
just as of human nature, is sex. 20:30 on 27 and 19:00 on 29 August
8 The Oppidan Press 26.08.09 The Oppidan Press 26.08.09 9

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Your safe sex-po is on fire To Sweden and back again The world's big five of
Lara van Zyl

A few passed-out purple smurfs had to

Do it Yourself section.
Many Rhodes students are sexu-
ally active, so one of SHARC’s goals is
to make everyone aware of safer sex
tion is an important aspect of safe sex
practice as it lessens friction, which
helps prevent tearing and wearing out of
the condom.
dental dams and posters.
Some people may feel that oral sex is
not ‘real’ sex, but it is and you can still
get an STI, so why not use flavoured
SHARC used the toy display to educate
students about safety with regards to
sharing, cleaning and using condoms.
Whether you choose to abstain or
Nicole Venegas

Rhodes Honours student, Sheldon Goss

green cities
be moved aside before SHARC could options – condomise and be faith- There is no need to feel that safe sex condoms and dental dams to protect not, we all need to take safety precau- recently returned from Sweden – the planning and 30 years ago, a six-lane
begin to paint the campus red for HIV/ ful to one person whether you’re in a isn’t sexy. Why not try flavoured, ribbed, yourself– it’s sexy, it’s fun and let’s face it, tions, not only for ourselves but also land of Vikings, IKEA and Sony Erics- Tommie Gilbert highway was demolished and a water-
Aids Awareness Week last Monday. relationship or not. There seems to be a featherlite, or tingly condoms? Or spice it does taste better most of the time. for the people with whom we choose to son. The purpose of his visit was not front park built in its place.
The safe sex-po, held at the Kaif on stigma attached to safe sex – that it isn’t up your love life by using a femidom in- Masturbation may be taboo for some, share such an intimate act. only to soak up the Northern summer I recently received an email which Portland was the first American city
Monday and Tusday, aimed to educate sexy – but the sex-po proved that this stead? If a guy says he’s allergic to latex, but the Do it Yourself section of the safe Stop thinking that being safe will sun, but to learn from the Swedish green labeled Vancouver as one of the greenest to make a plan to reduce its greenhouse
students in a fun and interesting way, is definitely not the case, judging by the no problem: rubber condoms are also sex-po promoted it as a risk-free way of extinguish the sparkle in your sex life, mentality and work on his renewable cities in the world. Being Canadian my- gas emissions and it is constantly hover-
with the sex toys on display causing wide variety of condoms, femidoms, available. This may seem a little hetero- releasing sexual energy. Who better to and have some fun with different ways energy project. self, it immediately caught my interest ing around the top of greenest cities in
many a gasp from passersby. The sex-po dental dams, chocolate body paint and sexist, but it isn’t. The LGBTI communi- know what turns you on than yourself? to enhance sexy time that won’t compro- Goss is doing a joint Honours in Ge- and I decided to research the claim to the world lists (such as this one). By
was comprised of four sections: Absti- lubrication (in all its heat, tingly and ty’s safer sex options were also included Sex toys are becoming a prominent mise your health or that of your partner ography and Botany, a combination he see if it had any merit. Turns out it didn’t next year, Portland aims to supply 100
nence, Be Faithful, Condomise and the flavoured glory) on display. Lubrica- in the exhibition through things such as feature in many people’s sex lives, and – after all it takes two to tango. admits is very challenging. It is through come in at number one, but it did make percent of its energy from renewable
the Rhodes Geography Honours course the top five. sources, with creative ideas such as
and the Linnaeus Palme Swedish At number five is the southern solar-powered parking meters.
exchange programme that he and two Swedish city of Malmö, home to roughly At number two is Vancouver, not

Rhodes student makes beauty pageant history

other Rhodes students were able to do 280 000 people and a host of renew- only the world’s most livable city, but
the exchange. able technologies. Sweden is a leader in also the model for Canada’s aproach
Thinking back on his trip, Goss says green electricity technologies – most of to using renewable energy. 90 percent
it was “a fantastic opportunity to build the country runs on hydropower and of Vancouver’s 560 000 residents live
character”. He enjoys traveling and nuclear power. However, it is unclear on hydroelectric energy – the largest
relishes a challenge, so a trip to the little whether or not nuclear power is a re- number in the world. This is part of
Having secured her place in the finals pageant that I introduced a new dimen- fishing town of Fiskebäckskil was right
Farook Khan newable source of energy. Vancouver’s ambitious 100-year plan to
at the City Hall after winning the Miss sion into the talent pageant,” she said. up his alley. One neighbourhood, Western green the city and decrease greenhouse
India Gauteng Pageant, Chhabra was The organisers of the 19th Miss Goss focused his research project Harbour, runs entirely on solar, wind gas emissions by 20 percent of the figure
Rhodes journalism student, Ayushi among the competition’s favourites. India Worldwide Pageant, which will on renewable energy and why (Swed- and hydro power in addition to biofuels reported in 1990, when the Kyoto Proto-
Chhabra was first runner up at the Miss She was awarded first runner up, which take place on 27 March 2010 at the ish) people have chosen to adopt it. He made from organic waste. All buildings col was formed. The city hopes to invest
India South Africa Pageant held earlier means she will represent the country at International Convention Centre in looked at whether it is because they are made from sustainable materials in wind, solar, wave and tidal energy
this month at the Durban City Hall. Miss India Worldwide next year, if the Durban, are planning to include her as are concerned about climate change or and designed to be energy efficient. systems to reduce fossil fuel emissions.
Her pulsating dance routine current Miss India South Africa, Kajal one of the cultural performers. Pageant whether they choose to go the sustain- Other areas have botanical roof gardens, And with the Olympic Games around
SITTING PRETTY enthralled the audience and judges, Lutchminarain, cannot. spokeswoman, Roberta Reddy, said able route for financial reasons. The created to insulate buildings, such as the corner, many of the city’s stadiums
particularly as it was the first time a “I am delighted that the audience that Chhabra had won many friends latter reason might seem strange to
Second year journalism student, Augustenborg, which is also home to the have gone green to keep Vancouver’s
contestant chose Punjabi perform- responded so positively to my dance and that she now expected Punjabi South Africans as renewable energy is
Ayushi Chhabra is a beauty queen in world’s first emission-free street trains. carbon footprint as small as possible.
ing art for the pageant’s competition medley, more so that it was something dances to be very popular in South generally seen as the more expensive
her spare time, having been named In fourth place is the Danish capital Finally, drumroll please, at number
sequences. very different from what they normally Africa. option in our country.

Pic: Supplied
first runner up at the Miss India of Copenhagen, where water and one is Reykjavik, Iceland, home to 115
The art forms of Northern and are offered from the dance stage,” said “We are always looking for talent However, in an effort to reduce their
South Africa pageant earlier this windmills are used to power the city of 000 people – roughly a third of Iceland’s
Southern India tend to dominate the Chhabra. She said that while the record which we can use to bring all South carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020, roughly 1.7 million people. Winner of total population of 300 000. It may be
month. proceedings, so Chhabra’s medley of books would reflect her standing in the Africans together. The Indian dance the Swedish government subsidises indi- SWEDISH RHODENT the European Environmental Award small, but this city’s, and indeed this
dances drew a rapturous response from pageant, she was extremely proud to forms enjoy considerable popularity viduals if they decide to buy renewable Rhodes Honours student, Sheldon Goss returned from Sweden with greater in 2006, Copenhagen is most famous country’s, impact on the world has been
Pic: Supplied

the audience. She enhanced her perfor- have been the very first contestant to throughout the world,” said Reddy. energies. According to Goss, “the gov-
knowledge of renewable energy. He hopes to combine it with sustainable for its over 5 600 windmills. These wind- enormous. While Vancouver may get 90
mance by incorporating a traditional present a traditional Punjabi rendition For now, it’s back to class for ernment will give individuals 60 percent
development practices, which will be useful for creating energy policies for mills supply ten percent of Denmark’s percent of its energy from hydropower,
Punjabi musical instrument, the kaichi on stage. “I have been told that a special Chhabra who will have to put her tal- off the price of solar panels”. The Swedes
developing countries. electricity and in 2001 they built the Iceland gets all of its electricity from this
(a wooden concertina-like instrument). point will be made in the history of the ents aside, just for the time being. also use heat pumps, which require one world’s largest offshore windmill park, form of renewable energy. Iceland aims
third of the amount of electricity of a best option. He describes it as “energy dioxide and, according to Goss, they do generating electricity for 32 000 homes. to be totally independent of fossil fuels
normal heater. recycling”. Sweden uses wood from their not last very long. In addition, the Danish government has by 2050 and to become an economy

Behind the veil: a peak into the lives of Muslim women

Goss does note that Swedes are not abundant forests to power heating sys- Coming back to South Africa, Goss installed a water quality warning system based on hydrogen gas. Already three of
as green as they would like us to believe. tems, and though they might plant trees has renewed hope in the possibility of to monitor pollution levels. its city buses run on hydrogen.
Most of the popoulation have turned after them, the rate at which the trees change. Although his outlook on the Portland, in the Northwestern state Many cities and countries are get-
to renewable energy as it is cheaper for grow is not fast enough to completely continent may seem pessimestic – “Af- of Oregon in America, is the third ting a huge head-start in greening up
them, and not out of concern for our justify this source of energy. Windmills rica needs development and the govern- greenest city in the world. Its 500 000 their act. South Africa is slowly on its
August 1956 for a bunch of flowers. pus this year, rehashing the topic of valued in her husband’s eye than to be respected by everybody,” says planet. He also adds that renewable en- and solar panels are not ideal either, as ments are too useless” – he does believe residents have been a model for sustain- way too, with Cape Town’s Green Goal
Wilhelmina Maboja ergy does not necessarily amount to the their fabrication emits a lot of carbon that something can be done.
Some cultures still do not recognise women in Islam, after the usual burqa- anyone,” says Mufti Ismail Menk, who Sarhanna Hassim, a Muslim first year able living for some time now. Since Project which aims to green up the city
the role women play in society. Or bashing debates had subsided. Many held a talk on women in Islam during student. 1903, citizens have been encouraged to in time for and during the 2010 World
National Women’s Day is not just perhaps it is just that those looking at questions surround Muslim women’s the awareness week. “This is why “There is a lot of misconcep- integrate green spaces into their urban Cup.
an opportunity to redeem yourself these cultures do not understand, or clothing and their role behind Muslim they cover their hair with a hijab,” he tion that surrounds being a Muslim
after forgetting your significant lady’s
birthday. Helen Joseph, Lillian Ngoyi,
bother to understand what it means
to be a woman in that society, simply
men. Western media portrays Muslim
women as oppressed and subdued
But it inevitably returns to the
woman. Women’s Day brings into
focus all the different types of women
Eco Fact >>
Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams- because it is different. behind soft drapes of clothing, but do Muslim woman herself. “I believe that make up this world, and gives Sweden is one of the leading countries in recycling; it recycles over 95 percent
De Bruyn did not risk their lives by National Women’s Week followed these women feel oppressed? that wearing a burqa or hijab is a very insight into their different religions of glass, 85 percent of newspapers, 70 percent of metal and 65 percent of plas-
marching to the Union Buildings on 9 Muslim Awareness Week on cam- “A Muslim woman’s hair is more personal choice and as such should and cultures.”

Star of Eluxolweni Children's Shelter shines brightly

scoring a goal in the final match.
Look out for >>
Enathi Mqokeli Matina has also participated in the SOCCER STAR ON THE
President’s Awards Programme. In 2003, RISE • National Arbour Week dirty! Also look out for some of the trees and user-friendly. It has a few links under
Simphiwe Matina, being planted around campus. Many are Green Guide and Green Topics which
“A lot is troubling me but I will not he completed his bronze award, and was
National Arbour Week is an annual event being planted in honour of retiring profes- provide information on events, as well as
think about it,” said 17-year-old presented with a silver award by Prince from the Eluxolweni
SSS Take Aways
which takes place during the first week sors, such as Professor Paul Walters. tips and advice on how to take small but
Simphiwe Matina, who stays at the Edward in Port Elizabeth in 2008. As Children's Shelter tries For more information, visit the positive steps towards living a green life.
of September. This year it will be from
Eluxolweni centre. At the age of ten, part of the programme, Matina has to to balance his school Department of Water and Environmental
Tuesday 1 to Monday 7 September. The
Simphiwe moved into the Eluxolweni do some form of community service. He Affairs website at http://www.dwaf.gov.za/
work with soccer idea originated in the American state • The Digs Greening
Children's Shelter due to difficult family helps out at an old age home by wash- practice. He hopes to of Nebraska in 1872 when the editor of events/ArborWeek/default.asp
circumstances. Although happy to have ing windows and walls and he has also
make it big as a soccer the state’s newspaper, Sterling Morton, Open from 9am - 2am
a new home, he was nervous about the volunteered at the day clinic, working in encouraged his fellow townsmen to plant
star. trees. He wrote numerous articles on the
• Greenworks GRASS wants to help you green up your Tel. (046) 622 9121
challenges he would face in the different the garden.
benefits it would bring. This led to the digs. So if you are interested in partici-
environment. “I have dreams of becoming a If you are looking for useful tips and pating in this project or want to find out
Matina was introduced to soccer at well-known player on television,” said creation of the Arbour Day holiday. It
information on how to lead a more more, contact GRASS at: grass.info@
the Eluxolweni shelter and by the age of Matina. He continues to play the game,
was celebrated for the first time in South
Africa in 1983 and later, the South African environmentally friendly lifestyle it is gmail.com. • Best food & services in town
14, he was able to referee the game. He enthusiastically chasing this dream.
began teaching his skills to others, shar- “I encourage him to continue playing
government decided to make it a week- definitely worth your while to check out
the Greenworks website at http://www.
• A variety of food to choose from
long event, to promote the importance of • Farmers’ market
ing the thrill of being a soccer player. He soccer because I can see he likes it,” said planting trees. greenworks.co.za/ • Hamburgers
was part of the Eluxolweni soccer team Matina’s caregiver, Luvuyo Botha. Every year, two or three trees are high-
which competed in a soccer tournament At the moment Matina is focus- lighted. This year’s are the Acacia galpinii
Every Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00 there’s
• Chicken
• Mother City Living the farmers’ market at the Old Gaol,
at Dlephu Stadium in Joza in 2007. Out ing on his studies and playing for the (Monkey Thorn), Halleria lucida (Tree
Fuchsia), and Pterocarpus rotundifolius
where you can buy fresh and healthy lo- • Fish & Chips
of eight teams they managed to claim first rugby team at Nyaluza Secondary cally grown vegetables, crafts, and other
second prize and Matina and a team School. “I want to balance school and
(Round-leaved Teak). The Mother City Living, living green in
Cape Town website is also quite useful goodies. • All day Breakfast
Grab your shovels and get your hands
mate each received a gold medal for sports,” he said. Pic: Enathi Mqokeli
10 The Oppidan Press 26.08.09 The Oppidan Press 26.08.09 11

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meltdown? business@theoppidanpress.com
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Science & Technology
Get dressed for business success MATERIAL GIRL >>
Twinkle twinkle Swift-Tuttle comet
Mathilde Brassine
ing in size from grains of sand to huge a point called a ‘radiant’, which lies in cover and rain blocked the action.
Health and fitness >>

boulders) burn when they strike our the constellation of Perseus, hence the Pollution and light from the moon
chances of getting hired. for a more casual vibe. graduation.
Marcelino Nkuna atmosphere at speeds of up to 50 km name Perseid. I say ‘seem’ because the also interfered with viewing around
And, in the current economic Bryan Thomas, CEO of advertising Your potential employee will assume
If you happened to look into the sky per second, 97 to 193 km above the meteors do not actually have anything the world.
climate, whether we are employed or agency Thomas, Taber & Drazen that you will demand a large salary, so
on Wednesday night two weeks ago, Earth’s surface, creating a light shower to do with the constellation, they just A 48-hour Twitter marathon
First impressions are important. Fact. not, is a big deal. notes that suiting up for interviews for keep it simple. Suits should be classic
you may have seen a lot of streak- visible to the naked eye. The Swift- appear to come from it; they are in called Twitter Meteorwatch was set
People even knew this way back in the So dressing appropriately for a job advertising and writing positions may blue or black, and ladies shouldn’t wear
ing lights. Or maybe not. From the Tuttle comet, which was ‘discovered’ fact much closer to us than stars. up as part of the International Year
18th century when none other than interview is of the utmost importance. work against you. He suggests going for anything too revealing or extravagant.
late hours of Wednesday 12 August in 1862 by two American astrono- The Perseid meteor shower is also of Astronomy 2009 and allowed
Jane Austen considered naming her As human resources professionals will a hip look without being over the top. Like it or not, appearance is almost
through to the early hours of Thursday mers, Lewis Swift and Horace Tuttle, known as the Tears of St. Lawrence skywatchers around the world to
most famous novel, First Impressions. tell you, how you should dress depends For those of us who are keen to crack everything when going for an interview.
But today, nowhere is the truth of first on the nature of the job. Someone being the corporate world, there are a number Final year Oppidans should think
A golden solution 13 August, people around the world
settled down and readied themselves
orbits the sun every 130 years and last
passed near the sun in 1992.
as it often appeared around the saint’s
feast day, 10 August. This year the
live-tweet photos of the meteors and
other celestial objects. According to
impressions more true than in the interviewed by an accounting firm will of important tips to bear in mind. Do seriously about how to make a ‘suitable’
to enjoy the Perseid meteor shower. At the shower’s peak, up to 100 meteor shower was, unfortunately, a Newbury Astronomical Society The art of running
working world, where how we dress can
have a tremendous influence on our
suit up, whereas someone interested in a
creative job like advertising should opt
not show up in your Prada or Armani
suit wearing the Rolex you got for
first impression at interviews with
potential employers. for Zimbabwe A meteor shower takes place when
the Earth passes through a comet’s icy,
comets passed through the sky per
hour, a count known as the Zenithal
more visible in the Northern hemi-
sphere and in South Africa few, if any,
Twitter-monitoring programme, there
were an estimated 10 000 tweets by 11
Ines Schumacher dusty debris stream, in this case the Hourly Rate (ZHR). The meteors Perseids could be seen. Grahamstown August, beating the #WeLoveYouMi-

Get rich quick and poor even quicker

Zukiswa Kota
Swift-Tuttle comet. The debris (rang- all seem to originate, with their tails weather further prevented residents ley topic, about the Hannah Montana
In a move that may shock even the pointing in the same direction, from from appreciating the event as cloud star, off the top spot for 2 hours.
most cynical of men, a smidgen of At the end of our Friday morning 06:15
sense has come out of Zimbabwe run (a decidedly slow slog this time),
giant, Adcock Ingram. Mainly aimed recently. And – hold on to your my running partner and I stumbled

DNA unravelled
Marcelino Nkuna at wealthy South African families, the wigs – the topic is money. Life onto the topic of gym buddies and
scheme offered returns of 200 percent never ceases to baffle. running mates and what makes for a
When it comes to investment, if it per year to investors who put money That’s right, Zim has proposed perfect pair.
sounds too good to be true it usually into Tannenbaum’s pharmaceutical a way to lower their ridiculous Having similar goals and being of
is. In America, companies like Enron business. inflation that might just work. but let me simplify it so everyone well-matched fitness levels is really
The country’s central bank Ntsika Kota important, but what I’ve come to ap-
posted above average earnings and The Mail & Guardian reported last (including myself) understands. In
profits, and many people, enticed by week that Tannenbaum’s estate was governor, Gideon Gono recently humans, the inheritance of sex (stop preciate is that rising before dawn three
the encouraging numbers, invested sequestrated and that the National suggested the reintroduction of People often ask me, “Ntsika, how is giggling) is determined by one pair times a week to brave Grahamstown
their life savings into these businesses. Prosecuting Authority will proceed the Zimbabwean dollar, but this it that you’re so clever and irresistibly of chromosomes (threads of DNA) winter mornings calls for really good
They lost every cent. with their case against him. time it should be a gold-backed sexy?” Well…actually they don’t but of the normal 23 that humans have. company. I usually prefer solitary exer-
Bernard Madoff will go down in High profile businessmen, such as currency. if they did I’d say, “It’s in my genes”. I The pair is made up of an X and Y cise to partnered training but running
history as the man convicted for de- former Pick ‘n Pay CEO, Sean Summer In other words, Zimbabwe wants recognise the potential for denim- chromosome (sort of). is different.
frauding people for a total of nearly $50 and Former OK Bazaars CEO, Mervyn to introduce the gold standard. based phallic references but, don’t Depending on how these chromo- Besides the concessions one has
billion – the largest act of fraud ever Serebro, and other investors are said The gold standard is a system worry, I shall refrain and continue somes combine from the male and to make for personal safety, there is
committed by a single person. In South to have lost almost R10 billion in the in which a region’s medium of with the article. Today’s topic is in- female (delivered courtesy of their a certain strength that comes from
Africa, we had our own Ponzi scheme scheme. exchange is paper notes that are heritance —can you say Paris Hilton? respective sex cells), the resulting hearing someone else’s footfalls and
that took many people for a ride. Desti- This sort of careless behaviour and convertible into fixed quantities Actually the inheritance I speak spawn will either be male (XY) or breathing on a quiet trail. This is not to
nation: bankruptcy. greed can be linked to the recession of gold. The gold standard is not of is the genetic variety. Accord- female (XX). If you didn’t know, now be confused with people who breathe,
A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent in- we are currently experiencing. At what currently used by any government ing to my biology book, the talking you do. sniff and hock all the way or insist on
vestment operation which pays returns point in business transactions does and, if you paid enough attention supercomputer that I built myself, * The writer is a learner at Sifund- finishing off the pre-run conversation,
to separate investors, using investors’ ethics go by the wayside and greed take in history class, hasn’t been since inheritance is the transmission zani High School. The article is the wheezing and shouting. I’ve even had
own money or money paid by subse- over? The sub-prime mortgage crisis World War Two. of genetic information from one product of an exercise in science com- the pleasure of running with someone’s
quent investors, rather than any actual shows that when banks get greedy, This means Zimbabwe would generation to the next. This is an munication and writing that learners house keys jiggling in my pocket as she
profit earned. Ponzi schemes usually bonds are given to people who are keep the actual gold in its central altogether quite complex…thing, participated in* had no pockets of her own. It was the
offer benefits which other investments unable to pay them back and disaster bank. The value of paper money perfunctory end to our running rela-
cannot guarantee, such as short-term ensues. distributed to the public would be tionship. Running with my mum years
returns that are either abnormally high The collapse of a number of bank- physically linked to the amount ago was little more than a short-lived
of gold in the bank as well as the ego booster. Having been a ballroom

Private health care not so healthy

or unusually consistent. The perpetu- ing institutions and businesses attests
ation of these returns, which make a to the fact that dicey business practices current price of gold. dancer and tennis player, she assumed
Ponzi scheme so attractive, requires an have long-term effects, and unassum- Gold is a commodity that has running would be a ‘breeze’. Not so.
ever-increasing flow of money from an ing investors are almost always hardest become more like a currency Hello sport-specific fitness and training.
nowadays. With the recession, While we’ve been training for the
Pic: Supplied

ever-increasing list of investors. The hit.

scheme effectively runs itself. So if you feel the need to invest your stocks and hedges become risky half-marathon for a while, Faye and
The most recent South African hard earned money into a business, do investments so instead people have medical aid schemes (one national/ Castro? produced when seeing a doctor, and I realised the importance of perfor-
turned to cold, hard gold. Nokwanda Kota public and your current medical aid So what does this mean to you? Es- mance-geared training only recently.
Ponzi scheme was masterminded by your research. There are many tempting members will be allowed only three visits
EVERYONE'S MAD AT MADOFF scheme), private health care is a thing of sentially it means that: all tax-paying
Barry Tannenbaum, grandson of Har- get-rich-quick schemes out there, but The gold standard would limit to the doctor a year. If a member visits According to Eric Harr, world-class
White-collar criminal, Bernard Madoff conned big-time American the power of the government The nationalisation of South African the past. South Africans will contribute to the a private doctor or specialist without an triathlete, runners need to focus
old Tannenbaum – one of the found- you might do well to keep your money
investors out of billions of dollars. (always a good thing in Zim) to health care has been a topical issue of It’s called the National Health Insur- NHI (which will mean an increase in authorised referral form within the NHI more attention on strengthening their
ers of South African pharmaceutical in the bank where it’s safe. For now.
inflate prices through excessive late. The National Health Insurance ance (NHI) system and it’s the ANC’s personal taxes plus a mandatory payroll system, he will pay out of his own pocket hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. Not
issuance of paper currency. It document is not available in the public way of “cementing social solidarity in the levy); all South Africans will be reg- for the treatment. While everyone will surprisingly, all leg muscles. Building
may also encourage more foreign domain yet but you’ll be able to tell health system”, so that the rich subsidise istered members of the NHI plan and have equal access to health care services, total body strength is also important,
investment as the situation would when it is by the public eruption of mass the poor and the healthy subsidise the ill will be assigned to specific health care these services will preferably be public as is the need to build endurance and
no longer be so hideously volatile. hysteria. In effect, the document means and we all live happily and healthily ever facilities closest to them. Each citizen sector clinics and hospitals. strength as opposed to increasing
The only flaw in the plan is this: that unless you’re willing to pay for two after…sorry, did you say something Mr will have an NHI card which must be What are the implications of the muscle size.
the total amount of gold that has NHI plan for your current family doctor Harr’s numerous recommendations
ever been mined is estimated at sitting in his air-conditioned consulta- point to the fact that getting the best
around 142 000 tonnes. tion rooms with pictures of his family out of your running is something of an
Assuming a gold price of $1 on his desk? What of his polite but cold art. A strategy used by elite runners is
000 per ounce, the total value of receptionist with the pink nail polish and concentrating on the core; strengthen-
all the gold ever mined would complimentary mints in little glass bowls ing the abs. Carrie Tollefson, a 1 500
be around $4.5 trillion. That is between the breast cancer pamphlets? metre Olympic competitor advocates
less than the value of circulating The world is going to be a darker adding interesting challenges to a basic
money in the U.S alone. Adopting shade of grey for them. While the private plank and using the Swiss ball to bal-
the gold standard, therefore, is not sector will not be actively dismantled, ance on. Using moves that mimic the
a worldwide solution. the survival of private health care ser- running motion as part of your regular
Gono proposed the currency vices is not a priority. Private health care workout adds a fresh feel to old-school
didn’t have to be backed by gold, providers contracted by the NHI author- crunches.
but could instead be backed by ity will earn much less per patient than The ability to discuss goals and share
other locally available assets such they have with the medical aid scheme ideas related to our training regimen is
as diamonds or platinum, both of scale of benefits. This will, in all likeli- really important. My running partner
which Zimbabwe has resources in. hood, not only herald the further exodus is a qualified spinning instructor and
I think the only way Zimbabwe of doctors but of private hospital and overall fitness enthusiast (with rock-
can reduce their inflation is by pharmaceutical companies too (the state hard abs to match) so I can often garner
going back to basics. And hey, if plans to manufacture its own drugs). interesting training tips as we stretch. I
the gold standard worked after But all is not lost. While the NHI plan like to think that my experience as an
world wars to reduce inflation, is an ambitious one, it is not impossible. instructor adds to her bank of knowl-
why can’t it work for Zimbabwe? If all goes according to plan, the ANC edge too. Most importantly, there is
The affected countries were will succeed in addressing the downward nothing as sacred as the confidences
basically in the same situation – spiral that has occurred in the quality of shared between running partners on
starving people, a crazy dictator, health care in recent years, aggravated quiet Grahamstown streets and in the
violence, despair. Need I go on? by sub-Saharan Africa’s overwhelming solitude of Mountain Drive as the sun
burden of disease. rises.
The Death of Private
Health Care
Page 11

Pics: Amy Attenborough

Supporters, swimmers, sports spats and streakers. All in a day's play at Intervarsity. Triumph and
Moments of madness and mayhem Anesu Chingono

and threw them into the pool while although reports claim that none of fans come head to head, injuries are World football is undergoing a real
Taona Karidza revolution as Real Madrid captures the
the water polo was taking place, one these students was under the influence not probable; they are expected. These
of many instances where students of alcohol. can range from broken noses to, on attention of millions with their extrava-
Purple overalls, purple faces and purple took things too far in support of their Sporting disturbance is not particu- occasions, loss of life. Players often join gant transfer activity. The return of the
streakers decorated this year’s momen- respective teams. lar to Intervarsity, however, nor to Rho- in on the madness, like Manchester so-called galactico era has become a
tous Intervarsity held at Rhodes. Nelson Another notable act of stupidity des. In fact, streakers have been known United’s legendary Eric Cantona, who source of much excitement for football
Mandela Metropolitan University took place at the rugby, where confident to make appearances in all corners will forever be remembered for his lovers, and with the FIFA World Cup
(NMMU), Walter Sisulu University, and not-so-sober students decided that of the globe and in numerous sports, flying kick into a supporter during a only ten months away, football is on a
Fort Hare and Rhodes collided in a nudity was the best way to prove their ranging from tennis to the gentleman’s match against Crystal Palace. natural high.
sporting frenzy like none other. status as diehard fans. game – golf. In the football world, how- Bringing the madness back home The athletics world is also experi-
Yet, the highlight for most support- Four particularly keen supporters ever, disturbance is on a different level again, the misbehaviour of Intervarsity- encing a coup d’é tat of sorts: Usain
ers, unsurprisingly, was not the sport took the opportunity to don their birth- altogether. goers is generally regarded as being Bolt continues to claim the sport for
itself but rather the classic moments of day suits for players and spectators for Globally, soccer fans are infamously “all in good fun” by the student body. his own with eccentric yet brilliant
madness which followed the alcohol- the duration of Saturday’s games. And ranked as the most violent and passion- But that was before Vice-Chancellor sprinting performances. On the topic
induced excitement of the weekend. apparently the three female streakers ate supporters in the world, with actual Saleem Badat’s report of an incident of of sporting greats, it may be prudent
The over enthusiasm of supporters were part of our very own student body. brawls occurring between rival club racism. Now the mischievousness of to reflect on the deserved, or perhaps
started early on Friday 14 August at Once again, Rhodes proved itself at fans across Europe and South America. excited Rhodents has taken on far more not so deserved, winners of the fifth
water polo: students blew up condoms the forefront of general misconduct, When teams with such intensely loyal disturbing overtones. and deciding final test of cricket’s oldest
rivalry – The Ashes.
But away from the glory, screams
of fans, and sheer joy provided by our
favourite sportsmen and women, there
is also a far less pleasant side to be seen
of world sport.
Dani Jarque, the captain of FC Bar-
celona’s regional rivals Espanyol, died
from cardiac arrest in his hotel during
pre-season training. His death has
stunned the football world, and what’s
more, it comes only two years after the
tragedy of Sevilla’s Antonio Puerta who
collapsed during a league match and
•NEW CROCS IN EXCITING died of multiple organ failure three days
STYLES & COLOURS But football has not been the only
sport to suffer. Argentine rugby player,
Juan Cruz Migliore died recently, after
being hit on the head at the bottom of a
•Show student card for ruck. And who can forget the incident
that nearly cost Ferrari’s Filipe Massa
DISCOUNT not only his Formula 1 career but his
life? When a detached suspension on
the road flicked up and hit Massa on
•Top brands at the helmet, he was knocked uncon-
scious and drove straight into a barrier
awesome prices at full speed.
Us sports fanatics are no strangers
to the joy that sport brings: we gather
in thousands in large stadiums to cheer
on our heroes, we sit at home antici-
pating the various upcoming sporting
attractions, and we gather with friends
to make each game a social event. But it
should be remembered that not too far
Tel: 046 622 3146
Shop 21 Fax: 0466367828
off from the excitement that surrounds
the world of sport, tragedy often lurks.
Peppergrove Mall Cell: 0787261878
African Street albanysales@insightnet.co.za

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