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Guidance for applicants


Fellowship guidance for applicants

I am delighted that you have decided to apply for RICS Fellowship. It is a mark of distinction: when you achieve Fellowship, you join a group of professionals who stand out in the eyes of their peers, of business and of the public. RICS qualications are recognised around the globe and RICS Fellowship is an international measure of excellence. I hope your application will be successful: I am sure that you will nd Fellowship both professionally and personally rewarding.

Sean Tompkins Chief Executive


Fellowship guidance for applicants

Thank you for deciding to apply for RICS Fellowship. Please read this guide carefully to help you prepare your application.

What is Fellowship?
RICS Fellowship is dened as An honoured class of membership awarded on the basis of individual achievement within the surveying profession. RICS membership is a prestigious qualication; Fellowship is a mark of distinction recognised by RICS members, other professionals and the public as denoting the highest standards of success, achievement and expertise.

Section 1 the essentials

Who is eligible?
Any RICS member (MRICS) may apply for Fellowship. To succeed, you will have to show how you are exceptional in your professional capacity.

Fellowship characteristics
RICS has identied a number of characteristics that show professional distinction. They relate to the following themes professional/technical achievement academic learning/achievement raising the profile of RICS corporate social responsibility. The full list of characteristics is in section 3.

How do I apply?
To apply, you select three characteristics from the list and demonstrate them to RICS by sending in conrmatory evidence. You also send your record of continuing professional development (CPD). An assessor will then consider your application and supporting evidence.


Fellowship guidance for applicants

Section 2 the application in detail

The application is made electronically. The application form explains what information you must provide. For example, if the characteristic is Appointed to a government or judicial appointment in a relevant capacity and you are providing a letter from a government department, you might simply write letter from [the government] conrming my appointment to..

Select the characteristics

Select three characteristics from the table in section 3 of this guide. You may have many of them but you must select no more than three. Pick the ones that, in your view, best illustrate your strengths and achievements.

Decide on your evidence

Identify the evidence you can provide for each of your three characteristics. Examples are provided in the table in section 3. They are, however, only suggestions. You can provide any other item of evidence you wish. All evidence must be brief. You provide only one item of evidence for each characteristic. It must be accessible and clearly relevant. For characteristics where RICS has the necessary information in your membership record, no evidence is needed. These are indicated in the table in section 3.

As an RICS member you are obliged to record your CPD. You must submit your CPD record for the last 12 months with your application. RICS will review your record your application can be approved only when it has been conrmed as satisfactory.

Do I need a proposer/seconder/sponsor?
No counter-signature is required. You are already an RICS member and are required to act in accordance with RICS rules of conduct. You are applying simply to transfer between two grades of membership: there is no need, therefore, for the assurances of probity required for an applicant coming into membership for the rst time.

Complete the form

Download the application form or request it from your local RICS ofce. Details can be found at www.rics.org/fellowship The application form has three sections for the Fellowship characteristics. In each of these sections enter the title of the characteristic  write a brief description no more than twenty words of each item of evidence and how it relates to the characteristic.

Check before you send to RICS

Use the checklist attached to check your application is complete before you send it. The application is submitted electronically. Email your application form and the necessary supporting documents to your RICS Fellowship administrator. Details of your local ofce can be found at www.rics.org/fellowship

The assessment fee is set out on the application form.


Fellowship guidance for applicants

Your application will be considered by an assessor assigned by RICS. Provided you  demonstrate three of the characteristics and your supporting evidence is satisfactory, and meet the CPD requirements you will achieve Fellowship.

Other criteria
If you have unresolved complaints or other conduct issues on your RICS record, your application for Fellowship cannot be considered.

Your application will be either approved or declined. If it is approved, you will be invited to Fellowship. Your name and the reasons for your Fellowship approval will be published on the RICS website. If it is declined, RICS will send you a report explaining the reasons.

You will receive the result within four weeks of RICS conrming receipt of your application. There may be a delay if your application is incomplete or if RICS needs to investigate any matters of concern; you will be informed if this is the case.


Fellowship guidance for applicants

Section 3 Fellowship characteristics

Five years or more at MRICS Achieved the equivalent of Fellowship in another relevant professional body, since becoming MRICS [must be awarded for achievement, and must be a body with similarly rigorous entry criteria to those of RICS] Membership of any RICS accreditation scheme [this refers to accreditation, not registration schemes required by law or RICS Regulation] RICS regional or national award for professional achievement, or other similar award from another professional surveying-related body (awarded individually rather than to the applicants rm) Undertaken technical authorship on relevant subjects for example RICS practice standards since becoming MRICS Achieved a senior management position since becoming MRICS, with signicant responsibility for leadership, managing people or managing resources Developed innovative surveying techniques/technologies/ business practices in a relevant eld since becoming MRICS Achieved a relevant higher academic qualication since becoming MRICS Taught for ve years or more on a relevant degree since becoming MRICS Published a relevant research paper in a refereed journal, or any commercial publication on a surveying-related subject, since becoming MRICS Appointed to a government or judicial appointment in a relevant capacity since becoming MRICS Achieved recognition as an RICS authority on relevant issues, through signicant exposure in the media Led a high prole project of national, regional or local signicance since becoming MRICS Involved, in a leadership role, in a relevant government initiative since becoming MRICS Undertaken relevant international work in developing countries or disaster relief since becoming MRICS Signicant work in a relevant capacity on sustainability, affordable housing, social housing, or natural resources since becoming MRICS Self-evidently of exceptional standing and experience as a property professional and/or a person whose promotion to Fellow would promote the objectives of RICS

Suggested evidence
None needed Certicate or diploma; Fellowship criteria for the body in question; letter, citation or similar showing reasons for award

None needed

Award certicate or other evidence that conrms you were given the award as an individual; criteria/reasons for the award

Details and title page of the publication or other evidence that conrms you as the author 300500 words on your experience of leadership, managing people or managing resources including an organisation chart showing your role in your department and your organisation A report/article by an independent third party or 300500 words on the impact of the innovation and your own involvement Certicate of qualication, including the date of qualication

Ofcial conrmation* from the learning institute(s) of your teaching role, including dates Details and title page of the publication or other evidence that conrms you as the author

Ofcial conrmation* of your appointment

Details of your media appearances, including ofcial conrmation* or conrmation from listings A report/article written by an independent third party or 300500 words on your role in and the impact of the project Ofcial conrmation* of your involvement

300500 words on your role and reasons for undertaking the work

300500 words on your role and your reasons for undertaking the work

300500 words on what makes you self-evidently exceptional and/ or how you would promote the objectives of RICS

* official confirmation could, for example, be an email or letter from a suitable third party or a report/article written by a third party that confirms your appointment/involvement


Fellowship guidance for applicants

Application checklist
Identify three characteristics on your application form Identify evidence for each characteristic Provide a brief description of the evidence for each characteristic on the application form Ensure all the evidence is relevant and its signicance is clear Complete your CPD record for the last 12 months, ensuring it meets RICS requirements If you have scanned documents to send electronically, ensure they are clearly legible Label the documents to ensure it is clear which characteristic each applies to Attach all the required documents to your application email application form evidence for each characteristic CPD record.



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