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Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

- what happened in 2013?

Just in case you don't really fell like reading, here are advantages and disadvantages of solar in just 1m16s youtube clip: http://www youtube com/watch!v"#6y$g%c&'() *k, here it is: what happened in 2013 was solar photo-voltaic (pv) reached grid parity on several markets in the world+ &nd it changed everything ,verything+ -ere's why


Before 2013
.olar pv systems were available on the market since the /0s probably 1ut they were not thought of as a viable energy generating source 2hinking about advantages, solar pv was always considered environmental friendly *ne of many 3 those weird renewable energy4 technologies no one really needs 2hey were only mentioned when people started talking about the global warming, $*5 emissions, malting ice capes 6ormal people had good old coal, nat gas, and nukes to generate electricity+ .olar was a green hippie thing that people install for the polar bears more than for anyone else 2here were also very specific applications of the pv technology 7t generated energy in some places where it was impossible to do it otherwise %ike in space, or in the middle of a desert or a jungle, where there was no electric grid and no other energy source available 2hat was another advantage 2he biggest disadvantage was obvious: it was too e8pensive

7nterestingly, because solar cells are semiconductors, they happen to follow 9oor's law :ith solar pv it's the efficiency that constantly increases, not the number of transistors 2he result is the same though: the cost of solar cells is constantly going down :ith rising costs of energy and dropping costs of solar pv systems there has to be a point in time when conventional energy delivered by the electric grid costs more or the same as solar energy 7t's called 'grid parity' and it happened in 501( in several places in the world, where the


electricity prices are high and there is a lot of sunshine available 2his changes everything, because now solar is the first choice technology there 6ot because of the polar bears or because of the government incentives 1ecause it makes sense money wise+ &s soon as people reali;e how much money they can save installing solar pv, it spreads like wildfire &nd with dropping prices of pv systems only more places in the world will reach grid parity in the future 6ow, when the cost of solar of solar energy is it's biggest advantage the game has changed .olar is considered a mass market opportunity by companies and financiers, making the solar adoption process even easier

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