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Manufactur Royal Thai Air Force er Designed by Aeronautical Workshops ieutenant !olonel uang "e#ayanrangsrit $%unee %ahasantana& First flight '( June )*'+ Introduced )*'+ Primary use ,irectorate of Air Force, r Royal Thai Army

The Boriphat or Bomber Type 2 -as a t-o.seater bomber aircraft of the )*'/s designed and built by the Royal Thai Air Force0s Aeronautical Workshops1 A small number -ere built for the Thai Air Force, -ith the type being the first Thai.designed aircraft1


) ,esign and development ' 4perational use ( 5urvivors

6 5pecifications $)st prototype . Jupiter engine& 7 5ee also 8 9otes and references

[edit Design and de!elopment

The standard bomber aircraft of the Royal 5iamese Air 5ervice in the )*'/s -as the Breguet )6, -hich -as license.built by the Air 5ervice0s Aeronautical Workshops as the Bomber Type ) at ,on %uang, po-ered by surplus (// hp $''6 kW& Renault engines purchased from France1 :n )*'+, the price of Renault engines -as raised by the supplier, and it -as decided to investigate fitting the Breguets -ith alternative engines1 :n order to investigate the characteristics of possible engines, it -as decided to build a test bed aircraft, -hich might also act as a replacement for the Breguet12)3 ,esign of the ne- aircraft, designated Bomber Type ', -as assigned to %a#or uang "etchayantarangsarit, the assistant director of the Aeronautical Workshops, and later commander of the Royal 5iamese Air Force12)3 The Bomber Type T-o -as a conventional single.bay biplane of mi;ed construction, -ith a steel.tube fuselage structure1 The for-ard fuselage -as covered by metal panels and the rear fuselage fabric covering, -hile the -ings had a fabric covered -ooden structure $using local -ood&1 The construction of the first prototype, po-ered by a 67/ hp $((8 kW& Bristol Jupiter radial engine, began on April 7, )*'+, -ith it making its maiden flight on June '(, )*'+12)3 5hortly after the first flight, the aircraft -as named Boripatra $pronounced Boripat& by <ing =ra#adhipok after his half brother, the first !ommander.in.chief of the Air Force and also the head of the Aviation Factory, designed and headed the production of the Boripatra -hich -as named after his half brother, =rince Boripatra 5ukumpant, the then %inister of ,efence12'3 A second Boripatra fle- later that year, -ith the Jupiter replaced by a 88/ hp $6*' kW& B%W ": ")' engine1 Boripatras -ere also flo-n -ith !urtiss ,.)' engines and possibly a =ratt > Whitney Wasp1 While the Boripatra had superior performance to the Breguet )6, it did not replace the older aircraft, as the price of Renault engines dropped to its earlier level, allo-ing the Breguets to continue to be supported12(3 ess than t-elve Boripatras -ere built1263

[edit "perational use

:n ,ecember )*'*, three Boripatras set off on a good-ill visit to :ndia1 4ne crashed fatally shortly after setting off, but the other t-o reached Rangoon on '6 ,ecember that year and !alcutta on '? ,ecember1 A second aircraft crashed -hen flying to Allahabad, but the third completed the planned #ournet to ,elhi1273 A more successful visit -as made to @anoi, French :ndochina by t-o Boripatras during )*(/.()1263 The Boripatra -as replaced by the "ought !orsair in the )*(/s, -ith at least one remaining in e;istence in )*(?1283

[edit #ur!i!ors
T-o replica Boripatras are displayed at the Royal Thai Air Force %useum in Bangkok12+3

[edit #pecifications $%st prototype & 'upiter engine(

Data from A 5iamese A;perimental2(3

)eneral characteristics

Cre*+ ' ,ength+ ?1+8 m $'? ft * in& -ingspan+ )(16) m $66 ft / in& .eight+ (1)? m $)/ ft 7 in& 2?3 )ross *eight+ ),?68 kg $6,/+/ lb& Po*erplant+ ) B Bristol Jupiter ": radial engine, (6/ kW $67/ hp&


Ma/imum speed+ '7( kmCh $)7+ mphD )(+ kn&

[edit #ee also


[edit 0otes and references


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