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Anomalous Property of Ruling Party Men

Properties anomalously turned into multiple times within five years. Amount of growth of some peoples property is incredible. Some of them have also provided surprising records in their own property details. It sounds incredible! But this happened in Bangladesh. And those fortunate men are obviously from ruling party of Bangladesh lead by Sheikh Hasina. These data were obtained from the affidavit of property records of some Member of Parliament (MP) candidates provided in the tenth parliament election. Many people had not such mentionable properties after being elected to parliament in 2009. That time many people did not specify the source of income. In the last five years they become plentiful treasures of wealth. Just after being elected as MPs and minister, their wealth has increased many times. Many people showed the amount of his wifes assets is more than him. They have hid the information of actual amount of property provided in the affidavit.

Chunnus income has increased 8 times

MP of Kishoregonj-3 and presidium member of Jatiyo Party (JP) Mojibul Haque Chunnus income have increased 8 times. His income was not mentioned in the affidavit of 2008 parliament election. A bus as the source of income and TK 1 lakh 4 thousand from Saving Certificate (Shonchoypatra) were showed in his yearly income information. His yearly income increased to TK 1 crore 8 lakh in 2013. He earned TK 96 lakh every year from his business. TK 8 lakh has been earned from his profession. But he did not mention his salary as MP in the affidavit. His chattel was TK 44 lakh in 2008. His wife possessed TK 19 lakh. He showed 5 KATHA land at Tongi in his wifes name as a fixed asset. The value of this property is TK 4 lakh 47 thousands. Possessed a portion of the ancestral home has mentioned. His chattel was increase to TK 1 crore 45 lakh in 2013. Among this TK 37 lakh is in cash. His wifes chattel was increased

4 times turned into Tk 79 lakh and fixed assets increased to TK 82 lakh. Non-agricultural land worth TK 4 lakh 47 thousands in the name of his wife showed in his property details.

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Properties of Kamal Mojumder increased TK 2 crore

Detail information of immovable property of MP Kamal Ahmed Mojumdar (Dhaka-15) has not been given in the 10th National Assembly elections affidavit in 2008 his fixed asset was TK 3 crore 94 lakh 25 thousand 476. His wife had TK 4 lakh 50 thousand. Besides, he mentioned about a tea garden, rubber plantation and fish farm. His annual income is TK 1 crore 21 lakh 94 thousand 830 in 2013. He didnt mention his honorarium which he got as a MP. In addition, TK 14 lakh has been shown as income from other sources. In 2008, his income was around TK 59 lakh 35 thousand. His family members income was TK 16 thousand 825. He and his wifes chattel was TK 1 crore 77 lakh 98 thousand 827. In 2013, his chattel stands in TK 5 crore 89 lakh 35 thousand 144 lakh. 22 different cases have found against him.

Wife has more property than Raju

bank respectively. Razu has jeep cars valued at TK 91 lakh 60 thousand. He and his wife has TK 60 thousand of gold. His electronic equipment value is TK 1.5 lakh. His own furniture value is TK 1 lakh 20 thousand and wife has TK 20 thousand. Raju has a shotgun and revolver. In Narshingdi, Raypur he has 3.5 bigha farmland as collective ownership. By the name of Raziuddin Ahmeds wife has multiple houses and land. Although one land in Dhanmondi has been mentiontioned in the affidavit and its price is TK 19 lakh 16 thousand 667. Besides, a six storeyed building (one-third) in Gulshan and another three storeyed building in Eliphant road has been shown in the name of his wife. Gulshan house prices have been mentioned TK 58 lakh 95 thousand. But truly the price of this land and buliding is much more. In the affidavit he also mentioned that he has a two storeyed building with collective ownership on 14 katha land in Banani. Though there is no information about price.

Former Labour and Employment Minister Raziuddin Ahmed Rajus wife has more property than him. According to the election commision affidavit in 2013, his annual income is TK 17 lakh 22 thousand 300 which he got as honorarium. Without it no income was shown in his affidavit. According to the affidavit, Raziuddin Ahmed has movable assets of TK 57 million 87 thousand 983 in cash oh himsef. His wife has TK 48 lakh 33 thousand 953 in cash. He and his wife has TK 50 thousand and TK 20 lakh savings in the

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Nahid wife property increased 8 times

worth was TK 21 lakh 58 thousands. Worth of his wifes properties was TK 6 lakh 19 thousands. His chattel has increased more than 4 times turned into TK 98 lakh 3 thousands. His wifes properties have increased about 8 times turned into TK 50 lakh 17 thousands. His annual income was TK 2 lakh 69 thousands in 2008. At present his yearly income is TK 17 lakh 72 thousands. According to the affidavit of 2008, his fixed asset worth was TK 5 lakh. Furthermore, he has 5 acre land as a collective ownership. At present he has a land worth TK 79 lakh 78 thousands in addition to the collective ownership.

Educational Minister of present government and MP of Sylhet -6 Nurul Islam Nahids wifes chattel have increased 8 times. According to the information provided in the affidavit of 2008 parliament election, Nurul Islam Nahids chattel

Prince Property increased two times

The value of immovable property of AL leader Golam Faruk Khandaker Prince MP (Pabna-5) is currently TK 84 lakh. There was no information of his immovable property in the affidavit of 2008. TK 9 lakh 6 thousand comes from business and TK 10 thousand 260 from share business. But he did not mention the amount of honorarium obtain as the Member of Parliament. The worth of his chattel was approximately TK 31 lakh in 2008. It has become doubled turned into TK 64 lakh in 2013.

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Dipu Monis property worth TK 5 lakh increased to TK 84 lakh

Of movable assets, TK 1 lakh 50 thousand cash under her own name and TK 4 lakh in the name of her husband. Five years ago this amount was TK 2 lakh 70 thousand in her own name and TK 8 lakh 75 thousand under her husband. Although in previous they did not have money, five years later now she has TK 15 lakh 97 thousand 288 in the Bank and financial institutions in her own name and according to the tax return record of 2012-2013 session her husband has TK 5 lakh 30 thousand. In the savings certificate, she has TK 22 lakh 54 thousand 863 in her own name and the furniture worth has become doubled turned into TK 1 lakh. Furthermore her husband has TK 8 lakh 75 thousand mentioned as miscellaneous. During the tenure of these five years tangible assets comprise of 10 KATHA non agricultural land worth TK 33 lakh has been added under her own name. Pervious non agricultural land worth TK 40 lakh 50 thousand has been cited as not applicable mentioning two flat of same price in replace.

Dr. Dipu Moni is the former foreign minister. She was foreign minister throughout the full 9th parliament term. Fortunate Dipu Moni possessed the foreign ministry after being elected as MP first time in her life. She has traveled to various countries around the world. Many people think that she has scored a world record for foreign trips. The property worth TK 5 lakh increased to TK 84 lakh 2 thousands and 151 within five years of this most widely discussed former minister. Her husbands assets increased TK 8 lakh 80 thousands in this period in association with a luxurious car, 10 KATHA land worth TK 30 lakh in her own name including gold worth TK 8 lakh and many others worth. She is again Awami League (AL) party candidate from Chadpur -2. Chadpur district all candidates including she enlisted to the unopposed 154 candidates in the Tenth National Assembly election. Although five years ago professional annual income of Dr. Dipu Moni was three lakh, this time she received yearly TK 17 lakh 20 thousands just as the payoff allowance from the ministry.

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Class eight passed Aslamul Haque is like a money machine owned Hundred crore

Class eight passed Dhaka-16 AL party MP Aslamul Haque has become the owner of hundred crore worth. Own name as well as his wife has owned assets worth hundreds of crore by doing the business of land developments, real-estates, chemicals import, consumer products and trading. According to the affidavit of 2008 parliament election, MP Aslams total taxable income was TK 2 lakh 83 thousand 500. Of those he paid tax TK 11 thousand 850. Mirpur MP Aslams present worth has multiplied several times. According to the sources of annual income, Aslams yearly income TK 2 lakh 83 thousand 500 and his wife earns TK 2 lakh 15 thousand 700 as an annual basis. But his wifes profession was not mentioned. Besides he has possessed plentiful of tangible wealth. In 2008, MP Aslam had only cash TK 15 thousand 700. Now he has cash TK 2 crores 13 lakh 19 thousands 039. In addition to this, his wife has cash TK 57 lakh 82 thousands 9. His Bank savings amount was about TK 8 lakh in 2008. At present, though he has TK 24 thousands 43 in Bank, his wifes Bank saving is TK 34 lakh 85 thousands 506. His chattel record shows that he has TK 85 lakh 27 thousands 500 in terms of Bond, Debenture

and Shares of stock exchange listed and unlisted companies. Moreover, his wife has shares worth TK 11 lakh 40 thousands. His fixed deposit amount is TK 12 lakh 61 thousands 500 invested in different type of saving certificate including postal savings certificate. Additionally his wife has TK 54 lakh 63 thousand 429 in the same investment sector. In the transport business, TK 87 lakh is on his own name and TK 14 lakh 50 thousands under his wifes name. Both of them possess totally 83 ounce gold whose worth was not mentioned. In addition, he earned TK 7 lakh 25 thousands 873 and his wife earned about TK 9 lakh from other miscellaneous sectors. He has become the owner of land worth of several crores in five years. In 2008, he has 2 BIGHA and his wife has 3 BIGHA land. Currently MP Aslam possesses 14 thousands 178 decimal land and his wife is the owner of 390 decimal lands. Furthermore, MP Aslam earns annually TK 1 crore 53 lakh form house rent. In this affidavit of property details, he did not point out about 52 BIGHA land at Gabtoli which was mentioned in 2008.

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Momotaz Land Cruiser worth half crore

thousand from agricultural sector. At present her income has increased several times. Her present car price is more than her annual income. She also uses Toyota Land Cruiser worth TK 65 lakh 6 thousand 250. In the same way, she earns TK 70 thousands from agricultural sector and TK 10 lakh 84 thousand 953 from the business. But she did not mention which type of business she has. Her Bank savings have also increased. At this time she has Bank saving TK 30 lakh whereas this value was about only TK 50 thousand in 2008 and now she has 35 ounce gold ornaments. She did not point out about agricultural land worth TK 23 lakh 46 thousand 735 which was mentioned in 2008. Presently she earns TK 3 lakh 30 thousand from her profession which was not mentioned in 2008. In addition to this, she received yearly TK 34 lakh 41 thousands 881 just as the MP payoff allowance.

Likewise singer Momtaz Begum is AL MP in the ninth parliament reserved seat for female. Class ten passed Mumtaz has built immense wealth. She uses Land Cruiser. Now she is going to be elected MP form Manaikganj-2. Mentioned singing as a profession. In the affidavit of 2008, she showed TK 26 lakh 85 thousand 43 earned from business and TK 40

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