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Friday morning: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Thing what else I want to transfer to hard disk Movies Choose the best books to start with Find the one for the mechanics ETABS modelling

Q marga:

Q: 1. See the difference if the will be more pin connections at a frame. I want to see the distribution of the forces. Example is the floor system of 131256. 2. Gsdl 3. See HOW THE RELEASES work in a 2d model. In a frame were I should put and what kind releases

Check an vazume sta portal frame doko apo panw

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Structural Drawings: Z:\JOBS 11\111382 - 100 Moorhouse Ave (Paul Kelly)\PDF\05 Sept 2012\111382_100 Moorhouse Ave_Central_andrewp.pdf Z:\JOBS 12\121356 - 6 Pope Street\PDF\121356_6 Pope St_rev2_22 May 2013.pdf Z:\JOBS 12\121231 - 111 Riccarton Rd\PDF\121231_111 Riccarton rd_rev6_06 Mar 2013.pdf Z:\JOBS 13\131206 - Don and Deveron St - Invercargill\PDF\Structural BC Issue\131206 Structural set - BC - 14-11-13.pdf

Structural Calculations: Z:\JOBS 11\111382 - 100 Moorhouse Ave (Paul Kelly)\BC APPLICATION\111382 Paul Kelly Properties Calculations rev 2 27JUL12.pdf Z:\JOBS 13\131206 - Don and Deveron St - Invercargill\BC_Application\Structural, Civil, Fire - Kirk Roberts\131206 Structural Calculations - Don and Deveron Invercargill.pdf

Photos: C:\Users\nikolasp\Documents\Nikolas\Roof\Photos\Panel with one portal frame next to it

Etabs modelling: Z:\JOBS 13\131206 - Don and Deveron St - Invercargill\ENG\Seismic System - Etabs and lateral ETABS 121231 model

Where my ETABS model stopped I did:

Grid The reference lines So I draw the wall I did the analysis

Doing the analysis I found the shear forces for each wall. There are only forces applied to the first floor because there are no loads at the second floor. I am not sure about that Then I tried to design a panel but I did not the spread sheets and the factors and general the way I had to do it. So, Istarted to read the BRANZ and I have read until one point Also, the mass of the second floor is added to the first because there is not any rigid diaphragm there. And the one force which is the added first and second floor to the centre of mass. 3 .

Design and behaviour of reinforced concrete structural members Dr. Stefano Pampanin Seismic Design Procedures for Steel Structure, HERA Report R4-76