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Minneapolis Intergroup: Recovery, Unity, Service

August 2009 Step, Tradition, and Concept Eight

After a year of being sober, I moved to a new city and got a new
Step Eight Suggested readings: page 76 in Alcoholics Anonymous;
Step Eight in The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
sponsor. For the next five years, I hopped from sponsor to sponsor. In
each case, we would work the steps up until step 6. I would then get
“Made a list of persons we had harmed and became willing
a resentment towards her and start finding a new sponsor. During
to make amends to them all.” that time, some areas of my life were getting much better and
The point of steps eight and nine is to develop the best possible meanwhile others areas continued to get worse. Primarily the
relations with every person we know. I must say that for the first few deteriorating areas were those which involved my relations with
years of my sobriety the idea of this kind of made me sick to my other people. My “solution” was to be self-sufficient and stop having
stomach. A lot has changed since I've come to Alcoholics so many relationships. “Besides,” I would tell myself, “people get in
Anonymous and today I am proud to say that on most days I don't the way of my getting what I want and do nothing but arise a lot of
cringe at the thought of being nice to people anymore. For me, I fear”. Therefore it seemed like a good solution to my people
have to first acknowledge that if I am still holding grudges and solely problems.
focused on my wants and desires at step eight, then I am probably not
working towards developing the best possible relations and thus not Luckily, God has a better plan for me, which involves human beings.
making much headway in my attempt to become willing to set One obvious reason I know this is that a very special person has
things right with the world. Resentment is a tool that I’ve clung to come into my life, who I don't want to push away and truly want to
as a way to protect myself and for a long time it served me well. love. I've been blessed with an incredible partner to spend my life
However, today I must try to live on a spiritual basis and for that to with and since then have been faced squarely with the issues of step
work I must begin to forgive. Forgiveness, is a key component of step 8. Fortunately I don’t want to run from others or myself anymore. For
8, and has been one of my biggest struggles in working this step. me, the eighth step is all about learning how to be in relationships
However, as the saying goes, “when the pain of not changing with other people and realizing that I have personality traits (defects
becomes greater than the pain of changing, then we’ll change”. For uncovered in the previous steps) that stand in the way of that
today, I find myself working towards forgiveness. happening. Coincidentally, I am currently working on the 8th step.
I am honestly trying my best to be as thorough and rigorous as I can
In my first year of sobriety I worked all twelve steps in order and with be. I don’t want to be alone anymore and I know that I must make
a sponsor. I was as rigorous and honest as I could be. After completing my list and become willing to right the harms I’ve caused in order to
steps 1-7, my sponsor sat me down and pulled out my “eighth step be at peace with myself and others. For the first time in my life, I have
list”. I was a little uncomfortable that she had been keeping the list an actual desire to be at peace with people. Like everything else, I
around her house, but didn’t question her because she clearly knew had to first learn that doing the opposite does NOT work for me and
more about this process than me. Apparently, during my fifth step might in fact lead me back to the drink.
she had written down all of the people that she thought I owed
amends to. We went over the list together and discussed my harm A few months ago, when I started my list I went back to the
and how I would approach these people and institutions. We beginning of my life, categorizing 0-5 years old, 5-10, 10-15, etc... I’ve
categorized people according to whether the amends would be direct, written down every person I can think to whom I’ve caused harm to
indirect or both. If the amends were listed as "direct" we talked about (and there's a lot!). Then I wrote down the harms that I caused. The
the best way to approach the person, whether by letter or face-to- word “harms” has been a difficult word for me to come to terms with.
face. I was eager to repair damage with all of my ex’s, however, her I have to pray before I write because I can very quickly justify a
general advice was that the only way I could really amend things behavior as being appropriate when indeed it isn't. The Twelve Steps
with them would be to leave them alone! On the other hand, she and Twelve Traditions, as well as the Big Book, give great examples
thought that family and close friends should be put at the top of my and ideas of what harming a person looks like. I will summarize
direct amends list. In addition, we talked about the indirect amends briefly: 1) instincts in collision which cause physical, mental,
which evolved out of each case that I had caused harm. For example, emotional, or spiritual damage to people- both the obvious (temper,
during my drinking I would miss family functions and holidays. In lie, cheat, steal, selfish sex conduct, selfishness) and the subtler
the event that I would show up, I had a bad attitude and always personality traits (irresponsible, callous, cold, irritable, critical,
picked a fight with at least one of them. My indirect amends, in this impatient, lavish attention, dominate, wallow in depression, self-
case, has been to show up for these activities as much as I can and pity, humorless, miserly) and even more brief, 2) “the debris which
with an attitude of service and love. Step Eight continues on page 6

Greater Minneapolis Intergroup • Alcoholics Anonymous®

7204 W. 27th St., Suite 113 • St. Louis Park, MN 55426-3112 • 952-922-0880 • www.aaminneapolis.org • email: info@aaminneapolis.org
OFFICE HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am-4:30 pm • Tuesday & Thursday 9 am-7 pm • Saturday 9 am-1 pm
2 MIRUS – the shared voice of Intergroup • August 2009

Notes from your Service Office:

“Our Commitment to Carry AA’s Message - Enthusiasm and Gratitude in Action”
Ask any special worker at the General you are still very much a part of Alcoholics every A.A. group adheres closely to the
Service Office or the Local Intergroup Anonymous. We only need to look at guiding principles of the Twelve Steps and
Service Office and without exception they Tradition Three; “Any two or three Twelve Traditions, Greater Minneapolis
will affirm they are not paid special workers alcoholics gathered together for sobriety may Intergroup neither monitors nor oversees the
to counsel alcoholics. Their primary call themselves an AA Group”. activities or practice of any A.A. group.
function is that of seeing that AA 12 Step Groups listed in our directory or website
Likewise, a Home Group may choose to
Services continue to assist the service appear at their own request. An A.A.
have a GSR or not to have a GSR; it may
committees so our 12 Step work can reach meeting listing does not constitute or imply
choose to have an Intergroup Rep or not
out to the still suffering alcoholic. approval or endorsement of any group’s
to have an Intergroup Rep. Regardless,
approach to, or practice of, the A.A.
It was recently announced by our GSO Greater Minneapolis Intergroup serves all
program by Greater Minneapolis
Manager Phyllis H. that our AA AA groups whatever their service
Directories published by AA Word Services participation. That said I recently heard
would not be printed this year, because of from a member that once their group Having your group listed at Intergroup or
the cost savings to the fellowship. She went started to participate in the service of AA registered at the General Service Office
on to say that local Intergroup/Central the group began to grow and flourish. does not make your AA Group an
Offices would be able to provide the Without member participation AA would ‘Official’ AA Group. It merely provides
newcomer with meeting information. surely become stagnant and less effective the newcomer enough information to find
in carrying out our primary purpose. your meeting. In other words; there is no
At Intergroup we provide both, a printed-
official AA Group anyplace in the United
directory format, and on our website a The following statement is made on our
States and Canada, AA Groups and their
listing of all meetings in Greater Metro website and in our meeting directory; a
members are simply there to help the
Minneapolis. A listing with Greater similar statement is addressed in the AA
alcoholic who still suffers. As Intergroup
Minneapolis Intergroup does not mean Directories published by AA World
special workers for the fellowship we are
that your group is automatically registered Services, Inc:
here to assist the AA community at large
with the General Service Office; a
As embodied in the Fourth Tradition, the in making sure that this can happen.
separate form is used to be registered at
formation and operation of an A.A. group
GSO. Yet, we all know that whether With Gratitude in Action,
resides exclusively within the group
you’re meeting is registered at GSO or not Chuck R., office manager
conscience of its members. While hopefully,

that is not how we got started, nor is it would be such an inconvenience…’

Board Notes how we have survived for the last 74 God, what a baby I was. And even
years. worse, what a pathetic thought to have
Am I doing everything I can do to help
when an opportunity for the purest
carry the message to the stiff suffering I am as guilty as anyone of not reaching
form of a 12 step call had presented
alcoholic? After hearing the first hand out at times. Four days before the
experiences with thoughts about workshop I got a call from a good friend
reaching out to professionals during in California. His brother-in-law had So what did I do? I weaseled a bit and
Minneapolis Intergroup’s Summer just been admitted to a local hospital then explained that we could do a 12
Workshop I had to take a hard look at due to liver problems from excessive step call if the brother-in-law wanted to
this for myself. drinking. The family had been unaware see us. But I did not really emphasize
of his drinking and was terrified by what the fact that by doing this we could
We heard a lot about the lack of
was going on. We talked for a while bring him the idea that there was hope
education and information given to
about the disease of alcoholism and for his recovery from alcoholism. Since
professionals who deal with active
how it affects everyone. I thought I was I have followed up a few times with my
alcoholics on a daily basis. One of the
doing a pretty good, textbook job of friend. Unfortunately, due to his
most thought provoking ideas for me
what and how I was sharing. brother-in-law’s medical issues and
was that we seem to be sitting back and
unwillingness, I haven’t been able to
letting others, like treatment centers, My friend then explained the doctor
get further involved to help.
do our 12 Step work for us. Many of our was trying to get his brother-in-law to
members have come to AA through the go to a treatment facility after he was But, for me, this experience proved to
treatment system, including myself. stabilized. Immediately I thought, be a valuable lesson in light of the
Are we going to meetings and waiting ‘Well, I don’t need to worry about this information I received at the
for the still suffering alcoholic to come guy and going to see him right now…
Board Notes continues on page 4
to us? From what I read in the Big Book isn’t that great?... I am so busy and it
August 2009 • the shared voice of Intergroup – MIRUS 3
Intergroup Board Metro District General Service Meetings
Board Officers District 7 Second Monday, 6:30 pm
Chairperson Sam St. P. Cross View Lutheran; 6645 McCauley Trail, Edina
Co-Chairperson Sarah S.
Secretary Madey H. District 13 First Wednesday, 7:30 pm
Treasurer Bucky M. Coon Rapids Civic Center;
Board Members 11155 Robinson Dr. N.W., Coon Rapids
Eric H. Linda McG.
Ben N. Theresa H. District 14 First Monday, 7:30 pm
Brian M. Tiffany C. United Methodist Church, 609 8th St. NW, Buffalo, MN
Joe S. Steve H.
District 18 Second Wednesday, 6:30 pm
General Service District Board Liaisons First Christian Church; 2201 1st Ave. S., Minneapolis
District 7 Ben N..
District 13 Theresa H. District 19 Second Wednesday, 7:00 pm
District 14 Steve H. Rosemount Community Center, Room 210
District 18 Brian M. 13885 S. Robert Trail, Rosemount
District 19 Eric H.
District 21 Jon H.** District 21 Fourth Tuesday, 7:30
District 22 Linda McG. Pilgrim United Methodist Church;
District 24 Joe S.
4325 Zachary Lane, Plymouth
District 25 Tiffany C.
Intergroup Staff District 22 Second Wednesday, 7:30 pm
Chuck R. Office Manager St. Paul’s Lutheran Church; 13207 Lake St., Minnetonka
Steve S. Staff (N.W. corner of Baker Rd. and Hwy. 7)
Ginny G. Staff
Claudia S. Staff District 24 First Monday, 7:00 pm
**Past Board Member St. John’s Lutheran Church;
8th and Fuller, Shakopee
Your Intergroup Board meets every month at 7:00pm
on the Tuesday before the Rep’s meeting in the
Intergroup Office
District 25 Second Wednesday, 7:00 pm
Nativity of Mary Catholic Church;
9900 Lyndale S., Bloomington
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appearing herein are reprinted with permission and are not to be considered
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The MIRUS represents the experience of AA members.
Their thoughts, expressed herein, are not to be attributed to Alcoholics
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either Alcoholics Anonymous or Greater Minneapolis Intergroup.

N O T I C E • N O T I C E Intergroup A.A. Orientation Meetings

Intergroup The Saturday Orientation Meeting takes place every week at
Reps 10am at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation. Located just
meeting south of Westside Drive as shown on map, in St. Louis Park.
Thursday, 8/01 Step Six / Tradition Six
August 27th Her Story
6:30 pm 8/08 AA Literature: The AA Grapevine
His Story
At the Lutheran
8/15 Step Seven / Tradition Seven
Church of the
Her Story
2544 S. Hwy 100 8/22 Self-Support and AA’s Vital Services
St. Louis Park His Story
MN 55416. 8/29 Step Eight / Tradition Eight
Her Story
4 MIRUS – the shared voice of Intergroup • August 2009

August 1990 nonprofessional means I don't have to worry about giving a

Vol. 47No. 3 letter-perfect presentation every time.
Tradition Eight: Tradition Eight also suggests that our service centers may
employ special workers. Some of the experience that helped
Amateurs Anonymous
formulate this Tradition was played out in the days of the Forty-
What dismays me about my early days in Alcoholics first Street Clubhouse when members had a hard time
Anonymous is the extent of intellectual arrogance and distinguishing between Twelfth Step work and office
grandiosity that I brought with me--defects that were quickly employment. This was in the early 1940s. The controversy was
enlisted in what was to become an ongoing tournament: me vs. still all very new but I can just imagine the air turning blue with
the Eighth Tradition. resentment as they tried to understand that the secretary, for
instance, was not being paid to stay sober or to do Twelfth Step
The word "nonprofessional," in AA parlance, means that I work but to answer the phone, write letters, keep records of
ought to act in a way that neither affirms nor implies that I am business transactions, and so forth.
something other than a recovering alkie in a Fellowship of
recovering alkies. It means that if professional help is what I Newcomers still ask, as I did, why we have paid AA workers
need, I should go where such help is available--outside AA. (professionals). As it was pointed out to me, the staff at our local
Seems clear enough. Yet before I was ninety days sober I had intergroup office, for example, is not paid to do Twelfth Step
become legal advisor to a fellow newcomer who was then in the work. By opening up and helping to keep open the doors to
divorce court; I advised another AA to stop taking the institutions and correctional facilities, by collecting data on
medication that a qualified doctor had prescribed; and I local groups and publishing updated meeting directories, along
counseled two AAs in a lover's quarrel. with many other fundamental activities, the intergroup staff is
paving the way for Twelfth Step work. It makes my Twelfth Step
I've learned enough since my entry into AA, in 1960, to stay out work that much easier. And carrying the message of hope and
of those arenas, but there is still another that can take me by recovery is the real "business" of AA. But why a paid staff? Why
surprise. True, I no longer play doctor or therapist where not volunteers? To attempt to conduct such an enterprise on a
medications or relationships are concerned, and I don't give solely volunteer basis would be highly impractical. As for hiring
legal advice, but I can still catch myself wondering whether the AAs, who better to hire than people who know AA best!
latest newcomer in my home group is really an alcoholic. On
what basis would I question anyone's qualification? What else, Just for today, it is a good idea for me to stick close to simple
except my expertise on AA and on alcoholism itself. Old habits basic AA as I encounter it in my home group and at others.
die hard! Every single recovering alkie at every single meeting tells me, by
word or deed, that nonprofessionalism in AA is one of the best
I try to be particularly careful when introducing newcomers to ideas we ever had. (Incidentally, my friends are quick to remind
the Twelve Steps. It seems to me that one of the reasons the me of it whenever I get too big for my AA britches!)
Steps were suggested in the first place was to avoid
W. H., New York, New York
professionalizing them. In my zeal to encourage newcomers to
Copywrite © August 1990 A.A. Grapevine, Inc. Reprinted with permission. Permission to
get involved with the Steps I sometimes talk about them as if reprint the A.A. Grapevine copywrited material in the MIRUS newsletter or Greater
they were the be-all and end-all. Looking back at my own Minneapolis Intergroup does not in any way imply affiliation with or endorsement by either
beginnings, I think that if anyone had told me, even by Alcoholics Anonymous or the A.A. Grapevine, Inc

inference, that I had to get on with the Steps, I wouldn't have

stopped long enough to remark, "What an order! I can't go Board Notes continued from page 2
through with it." I simply would've run like hell.
Workshop. I need to be, we all need to be, willing to get our
Sometimes I complain about the way officers conduct the hands dirty and not leave it to others to do our work for us.
business of my home group and set myself up as an expert on the We should help others to help us do what we need to be doing.
AA group. Heaven help me, but there were times when I was so We can let the professionals in our lives know that we have
sure I knew everything there was to know about AA history that found a solution.
I would actually hook my thumbs in my vest like a nineteenth
Your Intergroup office has literature, including Sponsor Your
century politician when speaking from the podium.
Professional packets, which we can use to get the message to
Another area where I am made particularly aware of the Eighth professionals easily and painlessly. These professionals want
Tradition is in speaking to non-AA groups. I have found myself our help and we need theirs.
on panels with experts in the field of alcoholism and have been
Oh, my answer to the 1st question above was, ‘NO!’
introduced as an expert myself. I make it a point to remember
something I was told by a member of our local intergroup public Yours in Service,
information committee: We need to maintain our amateur Sam St.P., Board Chair
standing. There is a practical side to this as well. Being
August 2009 • the shared voice of Intergroup – MIRUS 5

WHAT PRODUCES ACCEPTANCE? compliance takes over, he has his first drink. The other half of
compliance has won out; the alcoholic is the unwitting victim of
Continued from Parts One & Two - Part Three: August Mirus his unconscious inclinations.
MIRUS Editors Note: The 3rd of a 4 part series on Dr. Harry Tiebout from the AA
Grapevine – September 1953 Vol. 10 No. 4 It is the nature of the word to have this two-faced quality of
agreeing and then reneging. It is only by realizing the widespread
Dr. Harry M. Tiebout, a distinguished psychiatrist and one of ramifications of the compliance tendency that its far-flung
AA's early medical friends, was the first to refer alcoholic patients importance can be appreciated.
from his practice to Alcoholic Anonymous
We are thus confronted with the question, What does produce
wholehearted acceptance? My answer is, as before, surrender. But One of the first things to recognize is that fact that the presence
surrender is a step not easily taken by human beings. In recent of compliance blocks the capacity for true acceptance. Since
years, because of my special interest in the phenomenon of compliance is a form of acceptance, every time the individual is
surrender, I have become aware of another conscious and faced with the need to accept something he falls back on
unconscious phenomenon, namely compliance--which is compliance, which serves for the moment--the individual
basically partial acceptance or partial surrender, and which often consciously believing that he has accepted. But since he has no
serves as a block to surrender. real capacity to accept, he is soon swinging in the other
direction, his seeming acceptance a thing of the past. In other
Compliance needs careful definition. It means agreeing, going
words, the best an inwardly complying person can do toward
along, but in no way implies enthusiastic, wholehearted assent
acceptance is to comply.
and approval. There is a willingness not to argue or resist but the
cooperation is a bit grudging, a little forced; one is not entirely Compliance creates other problems for the individual. Since it
happy about agreeing. Compliance is, therefore, a word which says "yes" on the surface and "no" on the inside, it contributes to
portrays mixed feelings, divided sentiments. There is a the sense of guilt. The person who says yes and feels the opposite
willingness to go along but at the same time there are some inner has an inward realization that he is a two-faced liar; this stirs up
reservations which make that willingness somewhat thin and his conscience and evokes a feeling of guilt. Compliance also
watery. It does not take much to overthrow this kind of adds mightily to the problem of inferiority. The guilt reaction
willingness. The existence of this attitude will probably appear as increases the sense of inferiority but the compliance response
neither strange nor new. Nor is it, until one begins to see how it engrafts it even more. The unconscious situation can be outlined
operates in the unconscious of the individual. thus: Compliance is a form of agreeing, of never standing up for
oneself. When that response is automatic, routine and
An illustration at this point may be helpful. An alcoholic, at the
unvarying, the individual gets a feeling he cannot stand up for
termination of a long and painful spree, decides that he has had
himself; this inevitably augments his inferiority problems.
enough. This decision is announced loudly and vehemently to
all who will listen. His sincerity cannot be questioned. He means It is now possible to link compliance with the problem of
every word of it. Yet he knows, and so do those who hear him, alcoholism and also to the theory of surrender. The link between
that he will be singing another tune before many weeks have alcoholism and compliance has already been shown in the
elapsed. For the moment he seems to have accepted his alcoholic's repeated vows that he would never take another
alcoholism but it is only with a skin-deep assurance. He will drink, vows which go by the board because of the inner inability
certainly revert to drinking. What we see here is compliance in to do more than comply. The presence of a strong vein of
action. During the time when his memory of the suffering unconscious compliance in the alcoholic can be demonstrated in
entailed by a spree is acute and painful he agrees to anything and other ways. Alcoholics are a notably pleasant and agreeable
everything. But deep inside, in his unconscious, the best he can group with a marked tendency to say yes when approached
do is to comply--which means that, when the reality of his directly. They claim they want to be well liked--hence their
drinking problem becomes undeniable, he no longer argues with willingness to promise anything. Yet--and here the other side of
uncontrovertible facts. The fight, so to speak, has been knocked the compliance reaction is manifest--they balk at the showdown
out of him. As time passes and the memory of his suffering and are ever likely to renege on their original promises.
weakens, the need for compliance lessens. As the need The next point, the relationship between compliance and
diminishes, the half of compliance which never really accepted surrender, has already been intimated in the remark that
begins to, stir once more and soon resumes its sway. The need for compliance blocks the capacity to surrender. The inability to
accepting the illness of alcoholism is ignored because, after all, surrender may seem a small loss until the matter is studied more
deep inside he did not really mean it, he had only complied. Of thoughtfully.
course, consciously the victim of all this is completely in the Part 4 Continued in September Mirus
dark. What he gets is messages from below which slowly bring Copywrite © September 1953 A.A. Grapevine, Inc. Reprinted with permission. Permission to
about a change in his conscious attitudes. For a while drink was reprint the A.A. Grapevine copywrited material in the MIRUS newsletter or Greater
Minneapolis Intergroup does not in any way imply affiliation with or endorsement by either
anathema but now he begins to toy with the thought of one Alcoholics Anonymous or the A.A. Grapevine, Inc
drink, and so on, until finally, as the noncooperative element in
6 MIRUS – the shared voice of Intergroup • August 2009

Group Contributions – June 2009. Thank you all, in the Spirit of Hope.
2218 Squad 73 Design for Living Minneapolis Practical Experience Suburban North Alano Squad 7
7-Hi Group Desire Speaker Meeting Rich/Blmngtn Alano Squad 4E Sunday Night Step & Speaker Meeting
a New Freedom Edina Open Speaker Meeting Rich/Blmngtn Alano Squad 5C Temple Wed. AA Group
All Saints Men's Group Foxhall Chapter 7 Group Rich/Blmngtn Alano Squad 5D The Phoenix AA Group
Andover Alano Squad 4 Foxhall Chapter 7 Group Ridge Runners II Group Third Tradition Group of AA
Bethany Lutheran Church Squad 62 Garage Dogs Mens Group GDMG River Valley AA Group This Simple Program
Blaine Alano Squad 6 Gloria Dei AA Rosemount AA Group This Simple Program
Blaisdell Women's Fri Night Group Groveland Group Rule 62 AA Three Legacies
Breakfast Club-Saturday A.M. Hope AA Lakeville Sahara Groups Thunderbird Noon Groups
Bridges-Shakopee Kenwood Group SDSG Thunderbird Noon Groups
Bryant Lake Group Lakeville Big Book Meeting Seeing is Believing Thursday Night Womens AA Group
Bryant Lake Group Living Sober AA Group(Burnsville) Solution Seekers Thursday Nite Cliffhangers
Buffalo Monday Night AA - 2nd Street Medina AA Group Squad 26 Tradition Five
Chunks & Measures Squad 88 at 2218 Minnetonka Big Book Study Group St. Louis Park Sunday Night AA Group Tuesday 4 pm AA at HCMC
Colonial Way Group Minnetonka Big Book Serenity Breakfast St. Louis Park Sunday Night AA Group Twin City RoundUP
Common Solution Big Book Study Minnetonka Big Book Study Group St. Lukes Saturday Mens Group U.R.S. Tuesday Nite A.A.
Common Solution Big Book Study Monday Night Step Group- St. Lukes Saturday Mens Group Wayzata Sunday Night Step Group
Common Solution Big Book Study St. Louis Park Step Sisters Mon PM Wed Womens Serenity-Good Sheperd
Coon Rapids Alano Squad 10 Mound By Grace Group Steps to Serenity @ Westwood Wednesday Night AA Group
Crushed Grapes New Hope Alano - Squad 5 Steps to Serenity Group
Dakota Alano Thurs Mens Group Nowthen AA Group Suburban North Alano Squad 17

Every AA Group that sends a group contribution is sent a receipt along with a “Thank You” letter from the office. It is the responsibility of the group treasurer or trusted servant to share the receipt and “thank
you” letter with their respective group. Every AA Group that sends a contribution will be listed in the MIRUS. On request your AA group can request a contribution summary.

this task just as we trust in our Board to follow through with

Concept Eight the directives of the General Service Conference.
The Trustees of the General Service Board act in two primary We learned from our past experiences that having one “all-
capacities: (a) With respect to the larger matters of over-all policy powerful” manager would not do and micro-managing our
and finance, they are the principal planners and administrators. day to day operations would promote nothing getting done.
They and their primary committees directly manage these affairs. Let’s choose our trusted servants with care and consideration.
(b) But with respect to our separately incorporated and
Scott A., Panel 59 Delegate from Plymouth, MN for the MIRUS
constantly active services, the relation of the Trustees is mainly
that of full stock ownership and of custodial oversight which they Step Eight continues from Front Cover
exercise through their ability to elect all directors of these entities.
has accumulated out of our effort to live on self-will and run the
There were quite a few different business models looked at show ourselves”. With this information, I can ask myself how have
and considered as we set up the structure we have today. I behaved these ways at home, work, and in society.
Should the Trustees’ Committees directly manage the day to I call my sponsor a couple of times a week and we discuss my list. For
day affairs of our General Service Office? Should we have each person, I am writing a letter (which I won’t necessarily be
one manager or “CEO” oversees our business office, sending) that identifies why I am doing this, what my harm was,
publishing efforts and the Grapevine? I don’t see either one asking how I can make the wrong- right, and then concluding with
of these models being a suitable model to follow. something I am grateful for about them. This last part is usually the
point at which I can realize if I am still holding a grudge. It’s hard to
This concept is about delegation as our two separately express gratitude when I am resentful. If I am resentful my sponsor
incorporated entities have their own bylaws, their own suggest I say the resentment prayer everyday for two weeks and then
working capitol, their own executives, employees, offices and return to that part of my letter. I believe this act of praying to forgive
equipment. They are there to deal with the day to day is the beginning of my willingness to right the wrongs I’ve caused.
operations and everything that comes with that, therefore Learning to be at perfect peace, partnership and brotherhood with
leaving the Board to deal with all the larger matters of over- all is an ideal I am striving for today and thus why I am earnestly
all policy and finance. seeking the part I’ve played in harming others. Although, in order
to do this, I must be in the middle of Alcoholics Anonymous;
It’s quite a thought to imagine all the business that we actively working the steps with my sponsor, being of service and
conduct at the General Service Conference and hand off to trusting in my higher power in order to remember that this is what
the Board of Trustees to make it happen. We trust that they I want to be striving for.
will put the best directors in place that they can to complete Kelly C. , St. Louis Park, MN for the MIRUS
August 2009 • the shared voice of Intergroup – MIRUS 7

Calendar of Events Deadline for publication of notices is the 10th of the preceding month.

Open Speaker Meetings September 11, 12, 13, 2009

Thursday: 64th Duluth Round Up
Central Pacific Group, 7:30 pm PO Box 16771
Central Lutheran Church, 333 South 12th St. Duluth, MN 66816-0771

Foxhall Chapter 7 Group, 7:30 pm September 19, 2009

Wooddale Church, 6636 Shady Oak Road, Eden Prairie St. Paul Intergroup Old-Timers & Ice Cream Social
1pm – 4pm
Friday: Redeemer Lutheran Church, 285 N. Dale, St. Paul 55103
Edina Open Speaker Meeting, 7:30 pm
October 23, 24, 25, 2009
The Colonial Church of Edina, 6200 Colonial Way, Edina
27th St. Cloud Round Up
Desire Speaker Meeting, 7:30 pm PO Box 125
Lutheran Church of the Reformation, 2544 Highway 100 S. St. Cloud, MN 56302
St. Louis Park
December 31, 2009
Three Legacies, 7:30 pm Greater Minneapolis Intergroup
Cross of Glory Baptist Church, SW Corner Excelsior Blvd Pass It On Marathon
and Shady Oak Road, Hopkins Central Lutheran Church, 7PM to 12:30AM
A sign language interpreter is provided each week.
February 11- 14, 2010
Saturday: 46th International Women Conference, Orlando, Florida
Saturday Night Open Speaker Meeting, 8:00 pm
2218 1st Avenue South March 20, 2010
Greater Minneapolis Intergroup
Saturday Night Live Open Speaker Meeting, 7:30 27th Annual Gratitude Night
Basilica of St. Mary’s School, third floor Minneapolis, MN
16th & Hennepin (behind the church)
Handicap accessible July 1, 2, 3, 4, 2010
International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous
Tradition One, 7:30 pm “A Vision for You”; San Antonio, TX
Pilgrim United Methodist, 4325 Zachary Lane, Plymouth Information: www.aa.org
Sunday: General Service
Step & Speaker Open Meeting; 7:00 pm
September 11, 12, 13, 2009
First Baptist Church, 10th & Hennepin, Minneapolis
2009 West Central Regional Forum, St. Cloud Holiday Inn
Special Events St. Cloud, MN, Info: dcm13@area35.org
August 1, 2009 October 10, 2009
Intergroup Open House, 9am to 1pm Area Assembly, Holiday Inn, Austin, MN
August 7, 8, 9, 2009 Please note: most Area 36 events have a map on how to find the location; go to
30th Keep It Simple Weekend their website www.area36.org for additional information.
Camp Chicagami Open Speaker Meetings are listed for the convenience of members who wish to bring newcomers
Contact: Gwen or Jerry 218.744.1585 and non-alcoholic friends. Listing in the Mirus should not be construed as any endorsement on
the part of Minneapolis Intergroup. Call Intergroup if you need directions to any of these Open
Speaker Meetings. Roundups, Workshops and Special Events are not endorsed by Minneapolis
August 20, 21, 23, 2009 Intergroup and listings are provided for informational purposes only. Flyers for these events are
Cornhusker Round Up XXXII available at the office.
PO Box 425
Bellevue, NE 68005
August 21, 22, 23
Wild Rice Round Up
AA Pamphlet of the month:
Mahnomen, MN
AA and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic
Contact: drgrain@rivg.net
AA Book of the month:
August 28 & 29, 2009 Daily Reflections
28th Al-Anon Fellowship Weekend
w/AA participation
Ramada Northwest
Grapevine Book of the Month
For info call: 952.920.3961
The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA