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Dear Parent, In our endeavour to instill self - confidence and help the children overcome stage fear at an early age, we intend to conduct a FANCY DRESS TIME for the Kindergarten students. In this, regard please make a note of the following grades and dates on which it will be conducted: Sl. No. 1 2 3 4 DATE 18.06.2012 19.06.2012 20.06.2012 21.06.2012 GRADE KG 1A, KG 1B, KG 1C, KG 1D, KG 1E KG 1F, KG 1G, KG 1H, KG 1I, KG 1J KG 2A, KG 2B, KG 2C, KG 2D, KG 2E KG 2F, KG 2G, KG 2H, KG 2I

Theme for KG 1 Characters from Nursery Rhymes The children need to introduce themselves Theme for KG 2 Wonders of Nature for example children can dress up as flowers, trees, favourite animal, planets, etc. The children of KG 2 must introduce themselves and speak 3 to 4 lines about their costume.

The day will be as follows: The children should dress up from home and come to school by 7.45 a.m. The children should be dropped off in their respective classes The competition starts sharp at 8.15 a.m. The children need to bring in their snack bags An extra set of clothes could be sent, in case of any emergency The buses will depart at 12.00 noon as usual

Please note that the judgement will be made on the following criteria: KG 1 Creativity and originality of the costume

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Overall presentation Confidence Relevance to the given theme KG 2 Creativity and originality of the costume Clarity and delivery of speech Overall presentation Confidence Relevance to the given theme

We, at JSSIS, extend a warm welcome to all our parents to watch their little ones on stage, on that day. We look forward to your presence and co operation. PLEASE NOTE THAT ON THE DAYS WHEN A PARTICULAR CLASS IS HAVING THE FANCY DRESS COMPETITION, IT WILL BE A REGULAR WORKING DAY FOR ALL THE OTHER CLASSES WHICH ARE NOT SCHEDULED ON THAT DAY. Kindly fill in the acknowledgement slips and send it to the teachers in the written or printed form on or before the 10th of June, 2012. You could also send in a copy of the lines that the child will be speaking, so that teachers too can help them with it, as an additional help.

Yours for the Cause of Education,

Mr. G. C. Rao PRINCIPAL ______________________________________________________________________________ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Received Principals circular dated 27.05.2012, regarding Fancy Dress Name of the child: _______________________________________ Grade: ______ Sec: _______ My child will come dressed as: _____________________________________________________ Name of the parent: ____________________________ Signature: ________________________

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