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Life is a game.
Oneness UniverCity, India

It is in playing intensely, the totality of its

experience is possible.”
‘What is the right action?’, a statements quite often? Yes,
fundamental question that has from selecting a pen to a life
lead to the birth of numerous partner the question is – what
value systems, rules and codes do I do?
& conducts for living, down
history. But still, is life devoid While decision-making and
of conflict? execution is one thing, being
free of conflict after acting on
‘Do I give freedom or do I the decision is another thing.
restrict my children?’ ‘Do I
wait lying low or do I become The Maha Deeksha is a 7-step
aggressive’ ‘Do I permit my
daughter to marry the boy of
her choice or do I refuse?’ ‘Do
process that progressively
awakens you to a state of
intelligence, from which
‘Existing to Living’
I let go or do I fight for my emerge superior decisions
rights?’ – Have you heard leading to conflict-free action. -Sri Bhagavan
yourself making these
What happens in the
Maha Deeksha...
Being a Warrior
‘The journey begins from ‘where you are’ and
not from ‘where you want to be’, say Sri Amma
Bhagavan. Become cognizant of where you are
and learn the art of confronting any challenge
and emerge victorious in the face of every crisis.

Being a Lover
Relationships determine the inner experience of
life and hence control your external reality.
Experience greater love and connectedness in
relationships through healing of past ‘charges’.

Being a Magician
An enemy in hiding is more dangerous than the
one who faces you. Witness the automatic
resolution of your stifling problems by
uncovering hidden truths, through the power of

Being a Leader
Beliefs, attitudes, conditionings, perceptions and
views dictate your action and hence your
personal and organizational destinies.
Experience a shift into positive beliefs &
conditioning, higher perceptions & views,
through the unraveling and release of birth
traumas & defective childhood decisions.

Being Yourself
Breakdown emotions like anger, frustration, etc.,
perpetuate themselves due to non-acceptance,
and hence cause thought noise, lack of vision
and strained relationships. Experience a long
lasting BreakThru state by discovering love and
acceptance for yourself.

Being a Discoverer
Most problems that we are trying to tackle do
not exist. Discover the ‘real’ problems in your
personal and professional lives and arrive at
empowering solutions.

Being a Decision Maker

Successful people are most often intelligent than
intellectual, the difference being - the
intelligence functions from the heart, the intellect
from the mind. Take the heart into the head and
awaken your potential of superior judgment and
decision-making leading to conflict free action.
The Maha Deeksha is a combination of In the Maha Deeksha...
Teachings Higher insights into life from
Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Contemplation Personal time for

assimilation & experiencing.

Counseling Interaction with guides for

guidance on personal issues.

Meditation Breathing Techniques and

Kundalini meditations .

Bodywork Yoga and BreakThru


Deeksha A direct impact on your

consciousness through special The question that bugged me often was – why
deekshas. do I detest when people touch me or come close
to me? In the Maha Deeksha when we were
taken through our childhood, I saw an
ri en ce th e po w er of Deeksha in e a incident where my father beat me black and
Expe com
ess Beings & be
presence of Onen yourself!
blue for failing in my exams and blamed my
Deeksha Giver close friendship with my cousin for it. I was
surprised to see that this unresolved hurt with
my father was unconsciously controlling my
attitude and responses to people and dictating
everyone of my relationships. I am free now!
- Tilak, Hyderabad

Success always came only after much waiting,

when I would have lost all hopes for it. In the
process, I was shocked to realize that I
unconsciously feared success! Since my busy
parents were never available to me as a child,
I had perceived their success as the culprit that
kept them away from me, in ambition for more.
This fear that success would take me away from
my loved ones, was causing obstacles in my
career. During one of the Deekshas I was
liberated from this pattern and now I see a lot
of positive changes at work!
- Raju Shah, Pune
Oneness UniverCity,
Oneness City 2 (GC 2),
Chitlapakkam Village, Chilamattur Post,
VENUE Chittor District, Andra Pradesh. My marriage was in doldrums. I was
contemplating divorce when I came for the
Click here for route map
Mahadeeksha Process. During the process, I
clearly saw how I was holding my husband
Rs. 5,500 ( Inclusive of food & A/C
accommodation) responsible for all suffering in my life and that
DD in 3 parts - 3100, 900, 1500 in the name most suffering was self-created. My perceptions
‘Golden Shelters Pvt Ltd’ about life and relationships underwent a
(Payable at Chennai) Himalayan shift…I should say it was a re-
birth. I walked out the University brimming
Transport from Chennai Railway St/ with love for myself and for everyone, especially
Airport to Oneness City - 2
TRANSPORT my husband whom I thought I could never
Ananda Travels - 09382737373
forgive in my life!
Madura Travels - 09344040470
- Priyadarshini, Mysore

Oneness UniverCity, India

Location Food & Accommodation

The Mahadeeksha would be hosted in the specially The participants would be accommodated in specially
designed Oneness UniverCity Campus - Oneness City designed residential blocks with spacious and
2 (GC-2), near the World Oneness Centre. The comfortable air-conditioned rooms, each capable of
Oneness UniverCity, India is situated in the state of accommodating 8-13 people. Air conditioned
Andhra Pradesh, approximately 80 km north of the meditation halls provide the necessary comfort to the
metropolis of Chennai, off the Grand trunk freeway. participants during the process, while the natural
freshness of green lawns, trees and birds all over the
Settled majestically at the foothills of the Vellikonda campus set the tone for contemplation and reflection.
range (also known as the Eastern Ghats), is the
Oneness UniverCity. Well protected from the
damaging effects of modern civilization, these forests The participants would be served healthy vegetarian
and mountains, considered to be the abode of many food in spacious, clean dining halls.
mystics and sages, enhance the serenity and sanctity of
the campus with their natural beauty. Process duration

The process would run for 4&1/2 days. Participants

are expected to arrive at the campus on the previous
day evening after 6 pm and could leave by 2 pm on the
last day of the process.
Download the application form here. Fill in and submit with course fee in the following centers.
Bangalore Bhuvaneswar Chennai & Ernakulam Hyderabad Mumbai & Pune
Coimbatore Delhi

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REGISTER ONLINE @ www.onenessindia.org (OR) CALL +91 9000991042 for reg.

For more details, visit www.onenessindia.org or email to mahadeeksha@onenessindia.org.