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Sinhalese Use of Rape as a Weapon of War or Pleasure

Outrage was mounting when Sri Lankan troops under United Nations peace-keeping mission was involved in sex-crime allegations, ranging from charges of rape and exploitation in aitian women and girls! "S#L$%& - 'f 'ndia had trained Sri Lankan armed forces to defeat the (amil (igers, it doesn)t speak ver* much of the 'ndian training! ow much the 'ndian training had +enefited the Sinhalese, none of us can ,udge, +ut the Sinhalese use of rape as a weapon of war, doesn)t speak ver* much of the 'ndian training! (he* have the highest rate of rape in international militar* records as *ou will see in the account +elow! 'f *ou click the related articles +elow this article *ou will get more info! Outrage was mounting when Sri Lankan troops under United Nations peacekeeping mission was involved in sex-crime allegations, ranging from charges of rape and exploitation in aitian women! %oreover, Sri Lankan soldiers were accused of s*stematicall* raping aitian women and girls, some as *oung as - *ears old! (he UN claims do.ens of its soldiers had +een punished for sexual a+uses in the countr* in recent *ears! /ut +ased on pu+licl* availa+le figures, critics sa* man* more have escaped ,ustice! 'f onl* a do.en UN peacekeepers were punished for sexual a+use and rape, then that means, for instance, most of the 001 Sri Lankan soldiers deported +ack to Sri Lanka from aiti in 233for sexual a+use and rape in aiti did not get punished, 4ant5wrote, citing other examples as well! umanitarian aid workers and UN peacekeepers accused of sexuall* a+using and sexual trafficking children in aiti should have their names and their countr*6s identities exposed so that this matter ma* +e cleaned up once and for all! 7isvanathan Freudian motive to Sri an!a"s notoriet# in rape 8(amilNet, 9ednesda*, 2: 4ecem+er 230;, 33<:1 =%(>

9hile one ma* expect that the word ?sex? ma* emerge as a heavil* searched word in =oogle, what is surprising is that Sri Lanka has created a world record for topping the list of the countries with the most num+er of searches for this ?word? viewed +* philosopher @reud as the most important in the d*namics of the ps*che of humankind! Sri Lanka has excelled in demonstrating this @reudian motive even while the Aa,apakse famil* had over two *ears ago +anned most such we+ sites a+out sex, preventing Sri Lankans in logging into those sites! (his singular achievement ma* also point to the inner workings of the perverted cultural mind of the Sri Lanka militar* which has +een +lamed, and en,o*s immunit* from criminalit*, for several gang rapes with +estial +rutalit* on (amil fighting women during the war, and (amil civilians after the end of the war in Sri Lanka! 'ndia had taken the second place closel* +ehind Sri Lanka in seeking the meaning of the word sex! # spokesperson for (amils #gainst =enocide "(#=-US& commenting on Sri Lanka)s position on this list, said< ?'t is ironic that while in /uddhist philosoph* and in the /uddhism-centric vision of Sinhala Sri Lanka, sexual promiscuit* is not tolerated and sex is a ta+oo topic in pu+lic discussions, we see that rape +* Sinhala soldiers have +ecome routine, and are protected +* the ruling governments! #nd with the =oogle list we see what)s foremost in the minds of Sri Lankans, and we cannot den* that Sri Lanka)s top position is a likel* pointer to the deterioration of traditionall* valued cultural norms!? Sri Lanka militar* has +een accused of rapes during the course of the civil war, and during the nearl* five *ears after the end of the war! 9ikileaks exposed that even the U!S! government was aware that prostitution rings were set up +* paramilitaries controlled +* a si+ling of Sri Lanka)s Bresident Aa,apakse! US Secretar* of State, ilar* Clinton, chairing the United Nations Securit* Council meeting in Octo+er 233D, on the last da* of US)s turn of the rotating presidenc* of the 0:-mem+er +od* in Septem+er, on violence against women in warfare, dropped a +om+shell on Sri Lanka +* including Sri Lanka in the compan* of Congo, Sudan, and %a*anmar, sa*ing Sri Lanka has used rape as a weapon of war 8against (amils>! /esides, extensive records maintained +* (amilNet stories "see list +elow& indicate that the incidents of rape +* Sri Lankan soldiers went una+ated during the period of war! 'mages of captured L(($ soldiers raped and killed, and +estial handling of dead +odies of (amil women +* Sinhala soldiers during war have deepl* wounded the ps*che of (amils and this has +ecome an insurmounta+le hurdle towards an* approach to reconciliation, (amil activists note! Sigmund @reud argued that sexual oppression was one of the roots of man* pro+lems in 9estern and other societies! @reud +elieved that people)s naturall* strong instincts toward sexualit* were repressed +* people in order to meet the constraints imposed on them +* civili.ed life! Berhaps in the vigor to seek outlets Sri Lanka +eat the others in similar predicament, Sri Lanka o+servers speculated! %ichel @oucault, in his The History of Sexuality, neither refutes nor confirms what he calls the ?repressive h*pothesis!? 'nstead, he sa*s sexualit* has +ecome an important topic to understand and manipulate for the purpose of nation +uilding! (hrough categori.ation of sexualit*, the idea of repression was +orn! #re Sri Lankans, as a collective species, seeking to +uild a +etter nation in +reaking the world record, if one thinks @oucault was serious with his words!

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