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A mdirl angolul 1.Napilapok jellege, rovataik What is the layout of a daily paper like in Hungary?

What kind of articles are there on the first page? What is a leading article and what is a editorial (vezrcikk)? What kind of news occupies the inside pages and the back page? Daily papers are almost the same as one another in appearance and layout !hey all have a political section containing world and domestic news !he main news are usually placed on the first page right under the heading !his is the so"called leading article# or leader and is written by the editor of the paper $urrent events or topicalities (aktu%lis h&rek) may also be reported and commented on by the editor in the editorial on the front page# usually with big headlines !he arts review and the science pages are usually in the middle of the paper followed by the fashion# gossip and travel columns while sports news is generally on one of the last pages if not on the back page 'part from news what other features does a newspaper contain? 'part from news# newspapers also contain many other features like advertisements# announcements of births# marriages and death# crossword puzzles# horoscopes# letters from readers# obituaries of famous people who have died# !( and radio programmes# weather forecasts and classified (titkos) advertisements# which may be personal or may advertise )obs# houses or cars for sale or ob)ects wanted 2.Szenzci s hrkzls What are the disadvantages of mass media? *ome commercial !v and radio channels and tabloid paper (szenz%ci+ha)h%sz+ napilap) even fabricate stories to keep the reader or the viewer occupied (elfoglalt) !heir stories are around scandals (botr%ny) and sensations# since this is what most people interested in ,oreover a lot of untalented people will be famous because of mass media ,ass media in Hungary- .ad pointsto deceive (becsap) the public# !o bias (befoly%sol) public opinion# !o lack basic organisation principles (elv)# !o fabricate stories# !o be centred around scandals# !o be sensational# !o be full of commercials (rekl%m)# /ood pointsto be democratic# 0o censorship# !o cover a wide range of events# !o report about important political# events1scientific discoveries# to be versatile (sokoldal2)# to keep abreast (egym%s mellett) of time# to keep the public informed What kind of news does the sensational paper cover? !he circulation of tabloid papers is especially large when reporters or correspondents (tud+s&t+) are capable (kpes) of writing scoops (szenz%ci+) 3n these cases the naive reader who is always hungry for sensations won4t omit (elmulaszt) to buy the paper 3.M ia s k!lt"rakzvetts What kind of news does a 5uality paper cover? 6uality papers are mainly for highbrow (intellektu%lis) readersn and for those who are interested in more serious matters 7very political party has one or two papers whose news coverage is nearest to their tastes