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Anthony Peake - Hour 1 - Philip K Dick - The Man Who Remembered the Future December 18, 2013 Anthony

Peake is an author, speaker and a member of the Institute of Noetic Scie nces, The Scientific & Medical Network and the Society for Psychic Research. He is known for his hypothesis that suggests that human consciousness survives the physical death of the body by falling out of time. He calls this process "Cheati ng The Ferryman" and also his hypothesis that all human beings consist of two ce nters of consciousness. Borrowing from Gnostic terminology he calls these "The D aemon" and "The Eidolon." He returns to discuss his latest book, A Life of Phili p K Dick - The Man Who Remembered the Future. Philip K. Dick was a hugely influe ntial writer who drew upon his own life to address the nature of drug abuse, par anoia, schizophrenia, and transcendental experiences of all kinds. In the first hour, we discuss the many films inspired by Dick's stories, such as Blade Runner , A Scanner Darkly, Total Recall, and Minority Report. We'll talk about Philip's strange life experiences such as his reported theophany and his visionary exper iences documented in the Exegesis of Philip K. Dick. Peake explains Philip's ort hogonal time idea and presents fascinating evidence that Dick may have been, as he termed the state in many of his novels and short stories, a "precog" - a pers on that can see the future. In the member's hour, we'll hear about Sibyl, a bein g that would come to Philip K. Dick. We'll talk about how Philip considered hims elf a starchild and abductee. Anthony also discusses Dick's unpublished novel th at he was writing during the time of his death called, The Owl in Daylight. Anthony Peake - Cheating the Ferryman, The Daemon, Quantum Weirdness & Precognit ion May 17, 2009 Anthony Peake is a British writer whose work focuses on near-death experience, d eja vu and the nature of reality. Peake has suggested a different explanation as to what happens to human consciousness at the point of death. This theory, whic h he terms Cheating the Ferryman was first published in the International Journa l of Near Death Studies in 2004. The theory involves Peake's unorthodox interpre tation of the latest theories of quantum mechanics, neurology and consciousness studies and concludes that at the point of death the dying person is presented w ith a literal minute-by-minute recreation of their life in 'real time' from thei r subjective viewpoint. This inwardly generated 'reality' is virtually indisting uishable from the real thing. Peake proposes that four seemingly conflicting the ories of quantum physics - the Implicate Order of David Bohm, the Many-Worlds In terpretation of Hugh Everett, the Copenhagen Interpretation of Niels Bohr and th e Anthropic Principle of Brandon Carter - can be seen as complementary. In this program, Anthony Peake talks about reality, quantum weirdness, precognition and how to cheat death. In our members section, Anthony elaborates on the construct of reality. He talks about synchronicity, the daemon, balancing our two brain ha lves, precognition in dreams and in real life. Anthony tells us about his near d eath experience. We'll also discuss Philip K Dick, William Blake, J.B. Priestley , John William Dunne and the weirdness of time and manipulation of reality.