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Questions 1 4 Choose the best word to complete the sentence. 1 A pair of ______________ is a wooden footwear.

. A clogs B boots C shoes D slippers Amirul uses a ___________ to hit the nail in. A screwdriver B scrapper C hammer D knife We need a shuttlecock and a ______________ to play badminton. A bat B ball C glove D racquet The group of students waited at the jetty for the ______________ to the island. A bus B train C ferry D plane

Questions 5 7 ead the te!t and choose the best phrase for each of the pictures given..

There is


in the jungle.

They are carrying


each. They are




working together to build a campfire. "

A B C # A B C A B C #

a school of scouts an army of scouts a troop of scouts a team of scouts some wood some planks some bamboos busy as a bee happy as a lark cunning as a fo! loud as lightning

Questions 8 10 Choose the best answer for each of the pictures given.


The boy is hiding behind the door. The boy is standing at the door. $e is kicking with the door. $e is knocking at the door.

A The cat is playing with its kittens. B The kittens are big and furry. C The cat has four kittens.


A The old man is reading a brochure. B The old man is reading a newspaper. C The old man is writing a maga&ine article. D The old man is busy looking for an old friend in the paper.

Questions 11 15 Choose the best answer to fit the situation shown in the pictures. 11 , will mmmmm ummmum umummu _________ _____ A B C D What happened to your hand' (our arm must be very painful. (ou must be more careful in the future. )lease ask your mother to come and see me*


$ello. $ow do you do'


+y father was hurt in an accident and , was so worried. We haven-t seen each other for a long time. $ow do you do' Thank you




Why do you need your umbrella' , think you don-t need it now. ,-m sorry , haven-t. /o0 it-s not raining.



There has been an accident . Can you send an ambulance'

1orry wrong number. Why do you call me' ,s this an emergency call' This is 2ikas $ospital. Can , help you'

15 _________ ___ A B C D ,s that your dog' That dog is very fat* 2ook* A stray dog. What did you do to this dog'

(es0 it looks hungry.

Questions 16 20 Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. 16 $ow many colours ________________ a rainbow have ' A do B did C does


$akim and his family went to The /ational )ark _________ the weekend. A in B at C on D during 1halin is the girl __________ you were talking about. A who B whom C whose D which The drain is blocked ________ it is full of rubbish. A because B and C but D so +y mother spoke so __________ that my sister and , could not hear her. A nicely B softly C slowly D carefully




Question 21 Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the underlined word. 21 )uan +ary0 my class teacher0 is a c ee!"u# person. A grumpy B clever C happy D strict

Questions 22 $ 23 Choose the answer with the correct spe##ing% 22 4very weekend we have our dinner at the _____________ A restoran B restauran C restorant D restaurant The tall and pretty girl is 4ncik amlan-s _______________ A niece B neice C niese D neise 5


Questions 24 $ 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation% 24 A B C D A B C D That-s brilliant * in this way0 6ampong will be able to join us. that-s brilliant 0 in this way 6ampong will be able to join us. thats brilliant * ,n this way0 6ampong will be able to join us. That-s brilliant * ,n this way0 6ampong will be able to join us. When are you going to /egeri 1embilan' when are you going to negeri 1embilan' When are you going to /egeri sembilan' When are you going to /egeri 1embilan.


Questions 26 30 7ased on the picture0 choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.

This is #r. ashid-s family. $e is reading the newspaper &26'___________ the garden. $is children are all in the garden. $is eldest daughter0 /ina is &27'____________ the plants while her younger sister0 6asmin is happily riding &28' _______________ bicycle around the compound. $is son is playing football &29' ______________ the garden. There is a tree near the &30' __________. 26 A B C D 8n under in for 29 A B C D a an the 9


A B C #

watering fertili&ing seeding plucking


A B C D :

divider fence wall partition



her his she hers

Questions 31 $ 35 2ook at the map below carefully. Then answer the questions that follow.

(A)*+*, -. /+0+-.)01 *. /23+C420 .* -32 +04A*D 5226 -32 +04A*D C42A* 1 31 This island can only be reached by;;;.. A bus B boat C bicycle D aeroplane 32 The phrase <*o 7e ic#es on t e is#an89 means that visitors who come to this island will have to ;;;;;;;.. A learn how to fish. B feed the dugongs. C stay in the fishing village. D walk from one place to another. The people who live on this island work as A tourist guides. B ta!i drivers. C fishermen. D farmers. Which of the following statements is t!ue' A +any natural attractions are found around the island. B +odern tourist facilities are available on the island. C =isitors have to sleep in tents on the beach. >



D 35

There are hotels on the island.

There are many sea animals around the island because it is A clean B famous C beautiful D interesting

Questions 36 40 ead the letter below carefully. Then answer the questions that follow. 2ot %.06alan +uhibbah Taman 7ersatu0 ???@> Aota Ainabalu. 1abah. "? +ay %@@B #ear emy0 $ow are you' , hope that you are in the best of health. We are fine over here. +y father got a promotion last week. $e is now the proud manager of the book company. $e says that he is going to raise my monthly allowance* (ippee* Anyway0 ,-m really sorry to hear that a bus ran over your cat. )lease don-t feel sad. )erhaps if you get another kitten0 it might help you feel better. Cuess what' , shall be going to Auala 2umpur ne!t month so this means ,-ll be able to see you* , shall also be visiting +alacca and /egeri 1embilan too. ,-m not sure of the date yet but , would love it if you could accompany me. $owever0 ,-ll let you know as soon as possible when ,-ll be coming down. , have to stop now as m: e:es a!e 8!ooping. , hope to hear from you soon. )lease give my regards to your family. 7ye. (ours sincerely0



Where does emy live' A 1abah B +alacca C Auala 2umpur D /egeri 1embilan Andy is very happy because A his mother is now a manager. B he will be visiting the east coast soon. C he is going to get more pocket money. Drom the letter0 we know that A emy received a weekly allowance from his mother. B emy will be visited Auala 2umpur ne!t week. C emy-s father was promoted last month. D emy-s cat was killed in an accident. ,n the second paragraph of the letter0 Andy is giving emy A an e!cuse. B a greeting. C some advice. D a little information. The phrase e:es a!e 8!ooping tells you that the writer is getting A sad B la&y C sleepy D moody





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