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NEWS RELEASE Concordia Publishing House 3558 South Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, Missouri 63118-3968 CONTACT: Gretchen M. Jameson, Corporate Communications Phone: 314.268.1298 email: gretchen jameson@cph.org For Immediate Release The Lutheran Study Bible Delivers on Its Promises and Delivers Early Hardback edition arrives early for more-than-on-time delivery ‘Twitter Pitch: ‘The Lutheran Study Bible hardback edition is in the House @concordiapub. httol/pitch.pel24595, ‘Summary: The Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia Publishing House is the first Bible in English to be developed from the ground-up with notes that are distinctively Lutheran. The hardback edition is ‘now available with the leather editions available soon. Saint Louis, MO—The much-anticipated release of The Lutheran Study Bible trom Concordia Publishing House (CPH) has arrived. Six and a half years of research, writing, editing, and design have culminated in a Bible that is the first in English to be developed from the ground-up with notes that are distinctively Lutheran, prepared by Lutheran contributors from over twenty Lutheran church bodies, ‘Scheduled to arrive for Reformation Day, October 31, 2009, The Lutheran Study Bible hardback dition is available now at cph.orallutheranbible or by calling 1.800.325.3040. The leather editions are due to arrive at the end of September, a month before the intended release date, Rev. Paul T. McCain, Publisher of CPH says, “Our Lord and Savior tells us, 'if you continue in my Word, you will be my disciples and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ (John 8:31). The Lutheran Study Bible is designed, from beginning to end, to provide Christians with the tools and resources they need to be, and remain, strongly in the Word of Christ.” The Lutheran Study Bible uses the English Standard Version® translation, one of the fastest- ‘growing translations worldwide and considered one of the most precise English translations available. It includes a wealth of features, including 26,500 study notes; maps, charts, and diagrams; 220 articles; and 90,000 cross references. “These features guide biblical students to a richer understanding of His Word and how we can apply it to our daily lives,” shares Dr. Kurt Senske, president and CEO of Lutheran Social Sarvices of the South. “The Lutheran Study Bible is certain to be a comfortable, constant companion on my personal spiritual journey. Like most study Bibles, The Lutheran Stud Bible offers interpretation of the Word and life pplication, but this Bible also offers a mission approach. General Editor of TLSB, Rev. Edward ‘A-Engelbrecht says, “I believe that a great resource like The Lutheran Study Bible must lead people to pray for and practice sound catechesis and mission work: the spread of the Gospel at home and abroad. We developed The Lutheran Study Bible not only to provide sound interpretation and personal application but also to motivate and encourage Gospel outreach. “The editors have placed a ‘Mission Icon’ next to sections and verses of Scripture which speak of the privilege and necessity of sharing the Good News of the Gospel," says Rev. Dr. Thomas Zehnder executive director of LCMS World Mission. “Thus the student of the Bible is given a Visual reminder that we are not only to read the Word but to share the Word, McCain shares, “The keen focus on the Scriptures being the story of our salvation and life in Christ is what makes this Bible unique and dramatically different from any other study Bible available in English today. It will be a faithful companion for every Christian who uses it. We pray for God's richest blessings on all who do!” ‘Complementary resources are also available. Life by His Word is a CD-ROM Bible study with more than 1,500 individual study lessons to guide readers through The Lutheran Study Bible. The Lutheran Study Bible Journalis available for men and women and provides a guided journey through the Word and encourages readers’ interaction with Scripture “Without a doubt The Lutheran Study Bible is the most significant Study Bible ever produced in the Lutheran tradition,” shares David W. Jones, professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. "Moreover, itis one of the most thorough study Bibles that has been published in any faith, and it will certainly benefit other like-minded individuals in the Protestant tradition. Resource Links: Social Media Release: http://pitch,pel24595 Concordia Publishing House: http:/www.cph.org CPH Media Room: htt //eph.mediaroom.cony ‘The Lutheran Study Bible: http://cph.org/lutheranbible Life by His Word CD-ROM Bible study: http:/bit.\y/271ZxD ‘The Lutheran Study Bible Journal — Men's Edition: htto:/bit.ly/Tv5k7 ‘The Lutheran Study Bible Journal — Women’s Edition: htto://bit.lyi4qJnwe Concordia Publishing House is a not-for-profit publishing company and the publisher of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. The company offers more than 8,000 products for use in Christian congregations, schools, and homes. Visit CPH on the Web at htto:ww.cph.ora, Media Resources: Youll wwww.youtube.com/ConcordiaP ublishing OScribd \View this or previous releases or download via Word or POF on Scribd ate News Facts: + Pre-publication pricing is available for The Lutheran Study Bible until October 31, 2009. Place pre-orders at cph orgllutheranbible. + The Lutheran Study Bible uses the ESV@ translation, the designated Bible translation of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Tags: Concordia+Publishing+House, study Bible, The Lutheran Study Bible, TLSB, Bible, God's Word, Holy Bible, Lutheran Bible