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Summer 2009



Computer Science BS Degree Requirements (May 2009)

Computer Science Core Courses (15 credits)

I] CSCI C211 Introduction to Computer Science 4
I] CSCI C212 Introduction to Software Systems (P:CSCI-C21l) 4
IJ CSCI C241 Discrete Structures for Computer Science (P: CSCI-C211, MATH-M21l) 3
IJ CSCI C343 Data Structures (P: CSCI-C212; Pre- or Co-Requisite: CSCI-C241) 4

Specialization (Choose One - 13 to 16 credits) --t: ~.

Artificial Intelligence
I] CSCI B351 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Simulation (P: CSCI-C211) 3
I] One of: CSCI-B355, INFO-I441, LING-L445, INFO-I400 (approved topics), INFO-I485, or INFO-I486 3
o One of: CSCI-B403 Algorithm Design and Analysis or CSCI-P415 Introduction to Verification 3
DOne CSCI "p" course (may be P415) 3-4
o INFO 1427 Search Informatics 3
Data and Search
o INFO 1211 Information Infrastructure II (P: INFO-1210 or CSCI-C21l) 4
I] CSCI B403 Algorithm Design and Analysis (P: CSCI-C241, CSCI-C343, MATH-M216 or 212) 3
I] CSCI B461 Database Concepts (P: CSCI-C241, and C343) 3
I] One of: CSCI-B434 Distributed Systems or INFO-I427 Search Informatics: Google Under the Hood 3
I] May take one additional course from: CSCI-B351, CSCI-B434, INFO-I453, or INFO-I427 3
I] CSCI B401 Fundamentals of Computing Theory (P: CSCI-C241; Pre- or Co-Requisite: CSCI-C212) 3
I] CSCI B403 Algorithm Design and Analysis (P: CSCI-C241, CSCI-C343, MATH-M216 or 212) 3
o One of: CSCI-P415 Introduction to Verification or CSCI-B461 Database Concepts 3
I] Two of (in addition to BS Math requirement): CSCI-C311, CSCI-P423, MATH-M453, MATH-M455, 6
MATH-M301 or M303, MATH-M360, MATH-M471, and MATH-M584
Programming Languages
o CSCI C311 Programming Languages (P: CSCI-C212; Pre- or Co-Requisite: CSCI-C241) 4
o Two of: CSCI-C335, CSCI-P423 (Recommended), CSCI-P436, CSCI-B441, CSCI-B443, CSCI-B490 6-8
o One of: CSCI-B401, CSCI-B403, CSCI-P415 3
o CSCI C335 Computer Structures (P: CSCI-C212; Pre- or Co-Requisite: CSCI-C24l) 4
o One of the following combinations: 8
o CSCI-P436 Operating Systems, CSCI-P438 Networks
o CSCI-P436 Operating Systems, CSCI-B441 Digital Design
o CSCI-B441 Digital Design, CSCI-B442 Advanced Digital Design
o CSCI-B441 Digital Design, CSCI-B545 Real Time Systems
o One of: CSCI-B401, CSCI-B403, CSCI-P415 3

**Every BS major must complete 45 hours including the Core and Specialization courses, with the remaining
courses drawn from the following list. At least 26 of the 45 hours must be above the 200 level.
o Any CSCI P, H, or B courses 200 or above 0 INFO-IlOl
o CSCI.Y390, Y39l, Y399, Y499 (at most 6 hours) 0 INFO-Y39S Career Development (at most 1 hour)
o CSCI·H498 Honors Seminar (at most 1 hour) 0 INFO-I494/l49S Capstone Project
Summer 2009
Mathematics Requirements (10-12 credits)
o MATH M211 Calculus I 4
Two courses from the following list:
MATH: M212, M213, M30l, M303, M311, M312, M343, M348, X384, M365, M371, M391, M405, M409
or PHIL: P251, P350, P352
*Note: Courses cross-listed as MATH and CSCI and taken to fulfill a CS requirement will not count here

General Education Requirements

o INFO-YlOO (lcr. 8-week class) is an encouraged elective for anyone interested in exploring INFO/CS fields.

English Composition and Intensive Writing (6 credits)

D ENG W131 Elementary Composition I 3
I¥I III I 111 P 5 . , J!i • • g 01 '11 3
*Can also be fulfilled by a COLL intensive writing class

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (15 credits)

Students must take a total of five Arts and Humanities/Social and Historical Studies courses, with at least two courses in each
area. Students can take 2 A&H and 3 S&H or 3A&H and 2 S&H courses.

Natural Sciences (12 credits)

A total of twelve credits to be chosen from Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, or COGS-Q270

International Dimension
1. Two courses from an approved list that involve either the study of a culture other than the student's own culture or the study
of the global context of informatics, or
2. Three semesters in the same foreign language, or equivalent proficiency, or
3. An approved international experience

./' You must receive a grade of C- or better in all major and minor requirements.
./' Your GPA must be at least 2.0, both in your major and overall.
./' Please note that many courses have prerequisite requirements. It is the student's responsibility to
fulfill these requirements.