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(repost) 1) Any guy who cannot delay gratification but wants everything from you even bef ore marriage needs to be watched. He wants early sex, undivided attention and ad oration, he is all over you all the time and is extremely jealous, he disrespect s your values in life and you opinion does not really count; he wants you to dis connect from your friends and family members and focus only on him. 2) Any guy who finds it difficult to be open or transparent to you king about his past relationships, failures, financial challenges, blems and is very good at concealing negative things about himself d impression, must be re-assessed before you commit. Relationships ithout transparency. and avoid tal emotional pro to make a goo cannot grow w

3) Any man who cannot take responsibility for his life but blames everyone for h is challenges except himself is not worth your hand in marriage! He may also not take responsibility for his marriage! 4) A man who is a fault-finder and a perfectionist is difficult to please. In hi s world, there is no room for mistakes of any magnitude and if you make a mistak e, be ready for harsh criticism. On the other hand, if he is good at messing up everything around him, unfortunately he could mess up your life too! 5) Never consider getting married to a lazy man who does not have a realistic vi sion for his life! A man who is going nowhere will lead his wife nowhere! A man' s responsibility is to provide leadership and direction to his family! On the ot her hand, when a woman with vision marries a man without vision, she naturally b ecomes the leader of the home which will eventually lead to conflict or disorder ! Believe me; it does not work out well in marriage! 6) Never marry a man who does not have a relationship with God unless you too do not have one. A man who loves and respect the Lord will love and respect you in obedience to the Lord! 7) Be mindful of a man who is hot tempered, if he flares up because of things th at are not significant or at a slightest provocation, it might be dangerous gett ing married to him unless he changes. Any man with this trait could be aggressiv e, physically abusive and unpredictable in marriage. A man who cannot control his temper is a time-bomb waiting to happen! A guy, who lives beyond his means; borrows money and does not pay back, is a pot ential wrong guy. It is different when the debt he owes is a one-off thing and h e is making serious effort to pay back but when it is a habit, watch it. There a re some men out there who take loan from people or banks for business or investm ent but end up using it to buy flashy cars, and live in exotic apartments, wear expensive clothes and jewelleries, etc. Before you commit to him, research his c redit rating or else your wedding party will be glamorous but you would inherit so much debt when you are finally married to him. 9) Never get married to a man who does not respect constituted authority but del ights in breaking the law. His actions might land you and your kids in prison on e day. A guy who does not have respect for your parents or your relatives may ha rdly respect you 10) Be weary of a guy who see you as an alternative to his dream wife! Marry a m an who sees you as his number one and not a consolation for missing another lady out there. There are no perfect men anywhere but there are mature men who would surely scor e high in a relationship test.

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