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President Obama(usa) 1. Mr.

Dobbins, 70, a former assistant secretary of state for European affairs with a history of difficult assignments from Kosovo to Somalia 2. After Mr. Holbrookes death in December 2010, the job went to Marc Grossman, another career diplomat who devoted his tenure to efforts, ultimately fruitless, to negotiate a political settlement with the Taliban. Mr. Grossman deliberately cultivated a lower profile than Mr. Holbrooke, scaling back his staff and negotiating behind closed doors. 3. Mr. Dobbins, who is currently the director of the RAND International Security and Defense Policy Center, has plenty of experience with diplomatic troubleshooting, including in Afghanistan, where he watched the raising of the American flag over the reoccupied embassy in Kabul on Dec. 16, 2001. 4. Pakistani officials arrest Qari Abdul Hayee, senior militant accused of involvement in murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 5. United Nations human rights investigator Ben Emmerson says United States has violated Pakistan's sovereignty and disrupted life in country's tribal areas with drone strikes in its counterterrorism operations near border with Afghanistan 6. Concern over deteriorating law and order in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, continue to grow as politicians and newspapers pay tribute to Parween Rahman, celebrated social worker who was assassinated 16 march 7. Enraged Muslim crowd attacks a Christian neighborhood in Lahore, Pakistan, setting fire to more than 150 houses and 2 churches; crowd was reacting to report that a Christian sanitation worker had blasphemed the Prophet Muhammad; in Peshawar, a bomb explodes in a mosque, killing at least 4 people and wounding 28---------10 march 8. he man, Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, was accused of lying about a trip to Pakistan, telling agents with theFederal Bureau of Investigation that he was visiting a religious school when his purpose was to join theTaliban.-----------------25 march 9. The C.I.A. has carried out about 330 attacks in the tribal belt 10. Mohammad Ajmal Choudhry is arrested in Brooklyn and charged with communicating threats and filing false immigration documents for man his daughter Amina Ajmal says she was forced under death threats to marry in Pakistan; Choudhry told Ajmal, after she escaped Pakistan, if she did not return to Brooklyn, he would have her relatives in Pakistan killed; Pakistani police confirm some family members there have been fatally shot. 11. Pakistani police detain Malik Ishaq, leader of banned Sunni extremist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which has claimed responsibility for two sectarian bombings that killed nearly 200 people.

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Secretary Election Commission Ashtiaq Ahmad Balochistan Governer Zulfiqr Magsi resign on 6 june 2013 Abdul Malik balouch nominated as Chief Minister of Balochistan Jammat E Islami Chief syed munawar Hassan Turrkish prime minister tayyib erdogan Pkmap= paktunoon milli awami party Russian president= vuldimir putin