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Yudhajit Ganguly

AF-119, 1St Floor, New York, US,Kolkata - 7000101

Ph: 1234567890 email:a !" #$%a&l'!o%

Career Objective

To enhance technical capabilities this in turn will contribute to growth of the Organization and to achieve recognition in the allied field.
Work Experience Summary

Five Years and Two Months working experience as a Software Developer in IT Sector. Domain knowledge in Finance. Sound knowledge of SQL, Oracle PL/SQL. Thoroughly conversant in Developer 2 !For"s #.$, %eports 2.$&
Relevant Project
Project - I

Title Organization Duration (se )s*w + language*tool , .ro2ect Description

'() *Y+ corporation. rom !"#$an#!%&' to Till Date Oracle!-g ./*S0/1 ./*S0/ Developer.

7lient ;esponsibiliti es

'() is a 3#tier web#based suite of components that addresses the needs of a comprehensive insurance system covering underwriting1 claims1 accounts1 reports and 4ueries1 etc. 5ll the components can be used together as an integrated product or can be used individually to suit specific organizational needs. 567 allows the users to easily and rapidly define new insurance products1 make changes to existing products and establish rules that govern the products8 behavior. The greatest strength of the solution lies in its flexibility and scalability i. 9y 7ompany ii. :our 7ompany 5ctive Involvement in< 5nalysis of the 7lient8s specifications. Development using Oracle ./*S0/. .roduction support and maintenance.

Project - II


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Organization Duration (se )s*w + language*tool , .ro2ect Description

*Y+2 )orporation rom !-#$an#!%=- to !"#$an#!%&'. D=> ) orms &."1 ;eports=.", as ront#end and Oracle ?i + %i as backend on @indows A.*BT platform. 567=1 India8s first Integrated Operating Office Software1 is an insurance package developed in Oracle?i and Developer=---1 working under S7O (nix and*or @indows BT. It involves computerization of all operations right from underwriting of policies1 to claims processing along with the relevant accounts functions '()2 is an Insurance .ackage which caters to all the re4uirements of Operating Offices of companies doing Ceneral Insurance 6usiness. i.567/ 5ctive involved in< 5nalysis of the 7lient8s specifications. Development of backend ob2ects using Oracle ./*S0/ . 6uilding up different kinds of orms and ;eports using Oracle Developer =--- ) orms &."1 ;eports=.", as per 7lient8s re4uirement. .roduction support and maintenance.

7lient ;esponsibiliti es


ional "raining

ive months Training at OPQ%ST Ltd. ,ol-ata.

"echnical Environment
#anguage G$% &ataba e Operating Sy tem Other Exten ively 'orked on SQL, PL-SQL Developer 2000, Forms 6i, Oracle 10g Developer suit Forms a!" #eports$ %it& Oracle 'pplicatio! Server( Oracle 10g#2 )i!"o%s *+,-., #/D 0'. L1-23,S4O 2-13 Oracle 10g'S #elease 2 Forms a!" #eport services$, .O'D, PLSQL Developer Developer 2000 Forms 5(6, #eports2(6$ 7 PL,SQL

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Educational )uali!ication


ional (chievement

Per onal &etail

Per"anent 'ddress Phone Date of (irth Se. /ationalit0 Marital Stat1s Lan21a2es -nown Passport /o.

)Yuda Ganguly,

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