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IIM-A Alumni conference on Ethics and Business social responsibility

Learnings and proceedings

It’s a two day event conducted on 20-12-2013 and 21-12-2013

First day(20-12-2013)

Session 1(9:30am)

Inauguration(venue sivaji Auditorium)

During inauguration P.Madhusudan, prof K.RamaKrishana, chancellor, GITAM university , prof G.RaghuRam Dean ,Faculty IIM-A, prof. Anand Jaiswal, Chairperson FDP ,IIM-A gave there valuable words

Seesion2(after tea break)

Venue -KRC

It’s a panel meet and topic is challenges in managing Non-profit & social Enterprises

Pannel members :Ravi Rebbapragada and Rani sarma

Its quite informative session . In this meet they have disscussed both faces of NGO’s i.e both good and bad. We discussed how tourism damaging our culture here rani sarma discussed about thotla konda a budhist place how it damaged recently similarly about red sand dues . Ravi sir discussed about NGO with some real examples this made students to understand real faceof NGO’s(examples like ngowala street ,p.t.k service to chepripilli )

Paper presentations

Glorifying CSR BY vinay chaganti

Its quite interesting session. He told every company have a list of awards for there CSR activity . He mentioned how these awards are given . He mentioned what are the unethical things being done in this process. He discussed points like Who are giving these award ? What is process ? Application fee details etc. This made me realize that Awards or rewards or not cretia to know the comapany csr activity .

CSR and Entrepreneurship : Issues Dimensions and challenges by Rabi N. Subudhi He discussed about current Social Milieu ,Indain corporate story , Milton Friedman’s Stockholder Model (noble prize winner ), comparative advantage in csr .

Session 3(after lunch break ) started at 2:45

Why do information systems projects fail By prof V.Venkat Rao

This was quite interesting session , he started session with a joke in order to drag attention of audience as the session after lunch . Before going to topic he told a small story of Einsten and driver. Before going to theory sir started with practical examples about Foxmeyer drug company(ERP system), Webvan Failure(E-commerace), Harshey’s(choclate commpany), and NHSNP . In all aabove cases organisations experienced huge losses while trying to initiate information system projects . Why this happened ? as in all cases objectives are laudable but undeliverable. No planning ,scope( creep).

This is end of first day sessions. Later alumni meet was conducted in conference hall at GIM

Second day (21-12-2013)

First session (9:00 am)

Lecture on Social Business models by prof Anand Jaiswal

It is quite informative ,inspiring , interesting session. He discussed different business models by simple pictorial representation

Financial profit maximization

N/A Profit maximizin no recovery invested capital repayment of invested Non profit Social business
no recovery invested capital
repayment of invested
Non profit

social profit organization

He proposed Hybrid Business models(combination of economic and social ). He also mentioned limitations for Hybrid business models those limitations named as paradoxical tensions. He distinguished between CSR and social business . Hybird business model is quite interesting proposal although it has its own limitations. Sanofi aventis is example for hybrid business model. If we balanced between social and economic models then csr is not an issue.

10:15 am(panel discussion)

Companies Bill and scaling up CSR

Pannel discussion members : Sameer Kaiwar , Zahir molla , chair: Leben Johnson

Zahir molla had given brief presentation on What is CSR ? Details of recent bill passed by parilment i.e mandatory of csr. Now every organization have to spend 2% on csr . Is it welcoming situation ?Lebin sir mentioned as CSR is a huge topic ,he would like to put on four points mainly to carry on discussion those points whats is CSR ? why? Percentage of scaling ? good or bad? This was a quite controversial topic as CSR mandatory as two cases i) burden to industries ii) responsibility for industries as they are taking something from society they have to give something to society . In developing country like India where industrial growth is very slow can we now welcome the situation like mandatory of CSR?In spite of this government can create awarness about CSR or government can made mandatory when government gives compensation on taxes . By mandatory of CSR government is escapinf from GSR(government social responsbility)!!

Session 2(paper presentations)

Inclusive Diversity-Towrds Developing Diversity Mangement as a strategic HR tool by Praseeda & Kirshnakumari

In this presentation we have learned how diversity is related to CSR , Diversity management , various organisation csr activities.

Reward linked goal attainment and unethical behavior among employees with specific referance to the Indian financial sector by professor Uma Devi

In this paper we have got idea about how excessive rewards may lead to unethical behaviour . Background for choosing this paper are

Scams in the cooperate world

Scams are manifested of unethical organisation practices

Over emphasis of share holder

Gave an idea about unethical human behavior , moral disengagement(justifying one’s unethical

behaviour). This study behaviour .


focused on



rewarding of goal attainment and

Proposal of study

goals linked with career progression Unethic goals linked desire to intention to al gain with
goals linked
with career
goals linked
desire to
intention to
with award
goals linked

In this study we have learned that rewards and punishments leads to unethical behaiour but on other side if rewards are not given it there is no oher way to motivate employee. Finally dean of gim added a point there is no gurnante that if rewards are not given person will not behave unethically it totally depends up on the values of individual.

During this I recollected the paper presentation by vinay chagnti as he discussed how organizations are duing unethical things to get awards.

Session 3( paper presentations)

Corporate governance in regional rural banks : An Empirical study on amalgamation Effect by Jitendra Kumar Ram

In this presenter gave an idea and measures to improve efficiency through better governance. This research paper is totally based on Orissa rural banks and economic growth of Orissa

Transforming a CSR initiative into an enterprise by integrating tradition with livelihood : An ethnographic study by subhakaran and Shiv kumar

In this presenter discussed about OKHAI project(OKHAI production process ) . The study mainly concentrated on How rabari women respond to their traditional handicraft being integrated as a livelihood option by an external agency. In this paper they disussed how CSR activity became a social enterprise


Chief guest A.S.V Ramnan , GM , HR, HPCL

In valedictory session prof Shiva Rama Krishna , prof V.venkat Rao , A.S.V Ramnan gave there valuable words . For all presenters certificate distribution was done. Alumni photoshoot was last part of

program. Glad to see all the eminent and great personalities under one roof. Finally Nalini mam gave the vote of thanks . one thing I like in Gitam programs is that they end with our national anthem.

Conclusion :

First of all I am proud to be part of IIM-A alumni meet . It was great platform to learn many things. Panel discussions, guest lectures, paper presentations are much informative.

The topic most impacted on me was Why do information systems projects fail ?By prof V.Venkat Rao

Its was quite interesting one . He gave the picture of the object with examples . greedy objectives of organization is one of the reason for failure and most organizations failed in planning , controlling and to have clear cut scope. This session helped to learn about how objectives to set .