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MODULE 21 1. RHOMBIC ANTENNA: consist of nonresonant antenna 2. 100%: tip of the sync 3. 75%: blanking pulse 4. 67.

5%: black level 5. 12.5%: white level

17. 1.738 Mbps: rate of VT1.5?? * 18. Efficiency: signaling improves the _____ of packet switched. 19. Signaling: key element in ISDN access and Intelligent network access. 20. Dynamic Filter: uses comparison basedsystem. 21. 10 Mbps: FDDI

6. Constant bit rate: asynchronous data transfer that requires timing. 7. Available bit rate: asynchronous data transfer that supports file transfer. 8. Real time variable bit rate: asynchronous data transfer that can be recover in variable traffic rat small and small cell lose. 9. Unspecified bit rate: asynchronous data transfer that requires no service guaranteed. 10. 6 times: H0 channel is ____ greater than B channel. 11. H4: H channel that supports COMPLEX information. 12. A channel: ISDN channel intended for analog telephone service. 13. C channel: ISDN Channel intended for telemetry and packet switched data. 14. 64 Kbps: bit rate of B Channel. 15. 60-108: spectrum of B channel. 16. Reed Solomon code: a non BCH Code which symbols are blocked of bits.

22. H: midband CATV channel 23. 162MHz-168 MHz: H Band 24. 336 MHz-342 MHz: GG band. 25. Packet Filter: uses TCP/IP 26. Bearer Service: asynchronous digital service that supports data transfer without altering the information content. 27. Teleservices: act as layer 4-7 of OSI layer. 28. 100000 ft: range of symmetrical DSL. 29. 16: how many unique tones does a 4 column DTMF can produce. 30. 12: how many tones does a 7 key DTMF can produce. 31. 15735 Hz: scanning line per second in US TV. 32. 30: how many frame per second does a US TV has. 33. 262.5: how many field per frame does a US TV has.

34. 0.92 or (0.93???) MHz: the difference between chroma carrier and sound carrier. 35. 3.5 ms: response time of light detector in fiber optic receiver. 36. IEC: international standard that writes the fiber optic coupling. 37. ISO: international standard for STRUCTURE cabling. 38. ANSI: international standard for computer language., etc 39. AND gate: used to separate the received and transmit signal of TDM receiver. 40. UHF: band where trophospheric scatter is used. 41. 2.4 Kbps: asynchronous low speed transmission. 42. 1%: in a loose fiber optic tube design, fiber optic cable is _____greater than tube. 43. 256 color: the maximum number of color that a FIG can support. 44. IEEE 1394: firewire. 45. H.320: standard for video conferencing. 46. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP): used in email. 47. RSA algorithm: algorithm that PGP used. 48. First mile: electronic devices that connect the earth station and satellite transponder.

49. Last mile: electronic devices that connect the transponder and earth station. 50. -10 to 65 deg. Celsius: nominal operating temperature RANGE of Fiber optic cable. 51. 50 deg. Celsius: nominal operating temperature of fiber optic. 52. 70 mA: nominal operating current of LASER. 53. 50 Km: distance of microwave repeater. 54. Medium: in fiber optic cable, _____cable has an increase size of multiple 6 or 8. 55. 50%: power INCREASE if modulation index is increase from 0-1. 56. 66.67: power SAVINGS if modulation index is increase from 0-1. 57. Footlambert: illumination in terms of TV projection. 58. Class 4: laser that is hazardous to skin and can cause fire. 59. Class 2: laser that operates in 400-700 nm. 60. CEPT-E1: 2.048 MBps. 61. 28 Kbps: frame alignment signal (FAS) of E1. 62. 139.264 Mbps: data rate of E4. 63. Cyclic code: used in satellite transponder and can be obtained using SHIFT REGISTER.

64. Mechanical: filter used in SSB. 65. Microwave: PIN diode can be used as ____switch. 66. Horn Antenna: antenna that is fed in microwave/parabolic antennal. 67. Rectangular: for low attenuation, _____ wave guide can be used. 68. 3:2: a 35 mm frame of film that measures 36x24 mms has an aspect ratio of ____. 69. 63.56 micro sec: per line of US TV. 70. Greater than: the wavelength in waveguide is _____ than the wavelength in free space. 71. Log Periodic Antenna: antenna that is suitable is multiband reception. 72. Carbon: (about telephone eto.. ndi ko n maalala ang question.. basta looks fam to.. peace!!!). 73. 10 steps: Gray scale is how many steps?? 74. 4 times: as the antenna diameter of radar increase by a factor of 4 times, by how many factor does the maximum range increase? 75. 2 times: as the power transmitted of a radar is increased by a factor of 16, by how many factor does the maximum range?? 76. Twice: Baud rate is ____ the bandwidth of an ideal channel. 77. 60: pulse interval in US telephone.

78. 4.5 MHz: intercarrier frequency. 79. 6 MHz: Bandwidth of TV station in US. 80. 6 MHz: the space between the audio signal of two adjacent TV channel. 81. RAM and ROM : what does microprocessor requires to connect to PSTN? 82. Electron Bombardment induced Conductivity: what does EBICON stand for? 83. 474.83 MHz: chroma subcarrier of channel 14. 84. Anti-tinckle circuitry, tone generation, output amplifier: what functions are provided in multitone generator? 85. 25 KHz: the maximum frequency deviation of FM. 86. 170 mile and 155 miles (this must be in order): the maximum separation of cochannel VHF station is ____ while ____ for UHF co-channel station. 87. 100 ms: the ROUN TRIP delay of voice propagation that is considered noticeable. 88. 15 735: number of lines in US TV. 89. SDH (synchronous digital Hierarchy): the international standard for synchronous digital network. 90. Gallium arsenide: ELECTRON BULK RESISTANCE is present in _____. 91. Runt: shorter_____ * 92. 3 times: *