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Greek vs Hebrew Education By Robin Sampson on Apr 05, 2010 in Christian Worldview, Classical, Hebrew d!

cation, H"W #eachin$ %ethods What we now consider &#he Ch!rch' is almost nothin$ li(e the arly )ew #estament Ch!rch* #hin( o+ an archeolo$ist di$$in$ thro!$h layers to +ind o!t what li+e was li(e in ancient times* Historians conc!r that the ,ree(s were destroyed by moral decay* -!rs!in$ (nowled$e witho!t ,od is a recipe +or disaster* We simply cannot s!rvive witho!t clear moral direction* .oo( at the di++erences in ed!cation $oals/ Ancient Greek Education Ancient Hebrew Education (as taught in Public Schools today) -repare individ!als to serve the -repare individ!als to serve ,od* state* 10 %emori1e the laws o+ .yc!r$!s, the Spartan law$iver* 20 %emori1e selections +rom Homer* 20 3evelop physical e4cellence thro!$h $ames, e4ercises, and the pentathlon 5r!nnin$, 6!mpin$, throwin$ the disc!s, castin$ the 6avelin, and wrestlin$0 10 #ransmit (nowled$e and s(ills +rom $eneration to $eneration* 20 7ncrease (nowled$e and s(ills* 20 Concreti1e c!lt!ral val!es into accepted behavior


#each st!dents to tr!st the state* #each children to tr!st ,od in everythin$* -repare +or the state* -repare +or eternity* How 4amine the world by .oo( at ,od9s world as a whole: Accomplished classi+yin$ whole thin$s into interconnectin$:revealin$ ,od in parts by removin$ them +rom the every area* #he heavens declare the Creator* Rede+ine (nowled$e/ $lory o+ ,od; and the +irmaments 8inal reality is impersonal matter sheweth his handywor( 5-salm or ener$y, shaped into its present 1</10* +orm by impersonal chance* 7mmerse st!dents in literat!re written by ancient ,ree( philosophers* 8oc!s on sel+=esteem, emotional ad6!stment, and e4ternal trainin$ o+ the body* 3evelop end!rance, reso!rce+!lness, and physical prowess* #each children to love learnin$ so they will become sel+=motivated, li+elon$ learners* 3iscover a child9s ,od=$iven $i+ts and talents, and develop them to their +!llest potential* 8oc!s on spirit!al trainin$*


Sel+=centered/ &%y will be done*' >iolence, corr!ption, porno$raphy, racial tension, promisc!ity, abortion, in+anticide, etc* H!manism vol!tion Social St!dies

,od=centered/ &#hy will be done*' A!thority with responsibility* .iteracy, stron$ +amily ties, love o+ learnin$, sec!rity, independent thin(in$, hi$h morals and val!es* Bible Creation Science &His Story' 5tr!e history0 Character Sel+=$overnment 5internal obedience to ,od0 #he three main orders o+ st!dy in ancient 7srael consisted o+/ 1* Reli$io!s ed!cation 2* "cc!pational s(ills 2* %ilitary trainin$ with the basis o+ all (nowled$e bein$ the +ear o+ the .ord 5-salm 111/10; -roverbs 1/?0* ,od9s Word* "rthodo4 schools did not st!dy s!b6ects derived +rom Classical tradition* Abraham, 7saac, Aacob, Aosh!a and 3avid 5"ld #estament0 .aw+!lness/ .ove one another* #he last shall be +irst* 3eny thysel+* "bey ,od9s Commandments* Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lords sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well 51 -eter 2/12B1C0*

urriculum Sub!ects

urriculum ontent

#rivi!m, the three sta$es/ 1* ,rammar 2* .o$ic 53ialectic0 2* Rhetoric

urriculum "e#t Heroes

Boo(s by Homer, Aristotle, >ir$il, -liny, Cicero* Homer, -lato, Socrates, Aristotle, pic!r!s, @eno .awlessness/ #o each his own* .oo( o!t +or )!mber "ne* #here are no absol!tes* That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord 57saiah 20/<0*


#o !nderstand the arly Ch!rch we m!st di$ thro!$h layers o+ a mo!ntain o+ man9s in+l!ences shovelin$ o++ and discardin$ man9s traditions, theories, interpretations, and philosophies +rom ,ree( and Roman civili1ations, Aristotle, Constantine, %arcion, etc*, to be able to e4amine the arly Ch!rch*

3!rin$ the Re+ormation, men s!ch as Wycli++e and Calvin were di$$in$ in the ri$ht spot* #hey d!$ !p and discarded many theolo$ical errors and +o!nd a view o+ ,od9s plan o+ salvation by $race, b!t anti=Semitic layers remain and now there are new layers o+ tradition, interpretations, western tho!$ht 5a ret!rn to the ,ree( and Roman philosophy0 and conditionin$ that need removal* "nly then can we have a clear view o+ the arly Ch!rch* ,ree( philosophy between Aristotle and A!$!stine is the +o!ndation o+ Western tho!$ht 5Aristotle tried to mer$e the Bible and -lato D Hellenistic -hilosophy0* #his is the reason +or so m!ch ,ree( philosophy in the ch!rch* 4plore the di++erences between astern and Western thin(in$ and how it a++ects each c!lt!re with this 7nteractive data +ile at 8ollowtheRabbi*com B Aes!s, o!r Rabbi and Savior*