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COMPLETE SAP SD/SCM/LO Course Study ( SAP SD - Sales & Distribution Materials ) ( SAP SCM - Supply Chain Management Materials )

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Following Courses You will Learn@HOME: ( All Below Listed More Than 80+ Courses )

================================================= TASD40 Sales and Distribution - Part I, II ,III, IV TASD41 Sales and Distribution - Appendices TSCM60 Order Fulfillment TSCM62 Order Fulfillment - II TSCM50 - Procurement I TSCM52 - Procurement II TSCM54 - Case Study

SCM*** Series Materials : ( Buy Only SAP SCM*** Series Materials @ $125 USD )

SAPSCM - mySAP Supply Chain Management Overview (2006/Q2) SCM100 - R/3 Supply Chain Management Overview SCM100 - Business Processes in Planning (SAP ERP) (2006/Q2) SCM120 - Core Interface SCM130 - SAP R-3 Planning and Manufacturing Overview SCM200 - Business Processes in Planning (SCM) (2006/Q2) SCM210 - Core Interface APO (2006/Q2) SCM212 - SAP SCM Integrated Supply Chain Modeling SCM215 - mySAP Supply Chain Modeling SCM220 - Demand Planning (2005/2006/Q2) SCM225 - Advanced Demand Planning (2006/Q2) SCM230 - Supply Network Planning (SNP) (2005/2006/Q2) SCM240 - Production Planning (SAP R-3) SCM242 - Production Planning(APO-PP-DSWithSCM) SCM244 - Production Planning Part II (R/3 MRP) SCM250 - Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (SAP APO-PP-DS)(2008/Q1) SCM260 - Capacity Planning SCM270- Flexible Planning SCM300 - Production Overview SCM310 - Production Orders SCM320 - Repetitive Manufacturing

SCM340 - Process Orders SCM344 - Process Management SCM350 - Computer-Supported Kanban (Material Replenishment) SCM360 - Capacity Planning in ECC (2006/Q2) SCM500 - Processes in Procurement (2006/Q2) SCM510 - Inventory Management and Physical Inventory (2006/Q2) SCM515 - Invoice Verification SCM516 - Procurement Optimization (2006/Q2) SCM520 - Purchasing SCM521 - Pricing in Purchasing -(Show file) SCM525 - Consumption Based Planning & Forecasting SCM540 - Procurement of External Services SCM550 - Cross-Functional Customizing in MM (2006/Q2) SCM560 - External Procurement with APO SCM595 - Batch Management SCM600 - Sales and Distribution Processes (2006/Q2) SCM601 - Processes in Logistics Execution (2006/Q2)

SCM601 - Processes in Logistics Execution (2007/Q3)(NEW) SCM605 - Sales SCM610 - Delivery Processes(2006/Q2) SCM611 - Transportation (2008/Q1)(NEW) SCM612 - APO Transportation Planning / Vehicle Scheduling (TP/VS) SCM615 - Billing SCM620 - Pricing in Sales Order Management (2006/Q2) SCM630 - Warehouse Management SCM631 - Additional Topics in Warehouse Management

SCM635 - Task & Resource Management (2006/Q2)(NEW)

SCM640 - Foreign Trade (2005/Q2) SCM645 - Credits & Risk Management - (Show file) SCM650 - Cross Customizing in SD - (Show file) SCM660 - Handling Unit Management SCM670 - Global Available-to-Promise(Global ATP)(2003/Q4)

SCM670 - Global Available-to-Promise(Global ATP)(NEW 2006/Q2) SCM680 - Cross Application Processes MM & SD SCM920 - Customizing Production Orders SCM940 - Customizing Capacity Planning

LO*** Series Materials: ( Buy Only SAP LO***Series Materials @ $125 USD )

LO020 Processes in Procurement 631 Pgs LO050 Manufacturing Planning & Execution for Discrete & Repetitive 361 Pgs LO060 Process Manufacturing 563 Pgs LO090 Product Lifecycle Management 270 Pgs

LO100 Plant Maintenance 387 Pgs LO110 Customer Services 374 Pgs LO140 Processes in Logistics Executions 260 Pgs LO150 Processes in Sales & Distribution 386 Pgs LO170 Quality Management 341 Pgs LO205 Basic Data Descrete Production 1 221 Pgs LO206 Basic Data 2 203 Pgs LO210 Production Planning 340 Pgs LO215 Production Orders 367 Pgs LO225 Repetitive Manufacturing & Takt Based Manufacturing 315 Pgs LO230 Capacity Planning 276 Pgs LO235 KANBAN 194 Pgs LO275 Technical Aspects in LIS with Special Focus on Production 169 Pgs LO305 Basic Data for Process Manufacturing 400 Pgs LO310 -- Detail Functions in Process Manufacturing LO315 Process Management 324 Pgs LO510 Inventory Management 196 Pgs LO511 Physical Inventory 57 Pgs LO515 Invoice Verification 578 Pgs LO520 Purchasing Details & Optimization 218 Pgs LO521 Pricing in Purchasing 164 Pgs LO525 Consumption Based Planning & Forecasting 160 Pgs LO530 Warehouse Management 349 Pgs LO531 Special Topics in Warehouse Management 214 Pgs LO540 Procurement of External Services 196 Pgs LO550 Cross Functional Customizing in Material Management 505 Pgs LO555 Technical Aspects in LIS with Special Focus on PURCHIS/INVCO 190 Pgs LO605 Sales 417 Pgs LO610 Delivery Processes 216 Pgs LO611 Transportation 314 Pgs LO615 Billing 203 Pgs LO620 Pricing in SD 269 Pgs LO630 - Technical Aspects in LIS with Special Focus on SIS 197 Pgs LO645 Credit & Risk Management For Receivables 207 Pgs LO650 Cross Functional Customizing in SD 202 Pgs LO705 Quality Inspections 329 Pgs LO710 Problem Processing with quality Notifications 297 Pgs LO715 Quality Management in Procurement 209 Pgs LO720 QM in Discrete & Repetitive Manufacturing 183 Pgs LO721 QM in the process industry 330 Pgs LO725 QM in Sales & Distribution / Certificates 199 Pgs LO750 Quality Management Configuration & Organization 194 Pgs LO805 Structuring & Manufacturing Technical Objects 283 Pgs LO810 Preventive Maintenance and Service 245 Pgs LO815 Maintenance Processing : Operational Functions 185 Pgs LO816 Plant Maintenance : Controlling Functions 231 Pgs

LO820 -- Work Clearance Management 204 Pgs LO830 Service Contracts 226 Pgs LO835 Service Process 288 Pgs LO836 Service Processing : Controlling Functions 163 Pgs LO925 Cross Applications Business Processes in SD and MM 239 Pgs LO930 Logistics Information : System (LIS) Reporting 290 Pgs LO935 Flexible Planning 217 Pgs LO940 Advanced LIS Configuration 142 Pgs LO955 Batch Management 338 Pgs LO975 Document Management 257 Pgs LO980 Engineering Change Management 262 Pgs LO985 Classification 229 Pgs LO990 Variant Configuration Part 1 414 Pgs LO991 Variant Configuration Part 2 332 Pgs

SAP SD - Exam Practices:

SD Exam Week 1 No 1 Sales - General overview of structure and SD processes SD Exam Week 1 No 2 Sales - Master data SD Exam Week 1 No 3 Sales - Sales Process 1 SD Exam Week 2 No 1 Sales - Sales Process 2 SD Exam Week 3 No 1 Shipping SD Exam Week 3 No 2 Pricing SD Exam Week 4 No 1 Billing SD Exam Week 4 No 2 Cross Functional SD Exam Week 4 No 3 Solution manager TSCM60 - Questions SAP SD Questions & Answers SAP SD Sample Questions


People Who Has Purchased Above Courses, Has Also Purchased

People Who Has Purchased Above Courses, Has Also Purchased

SAP SD - Video Tutorial (.sim) 35 Topics

Contains files on :







SD-Make-To-StockWithProductionVersionsAndKanban SD-SalesOrderProcessingWithDummyCustomer SD-SalesSupportWithDynamicProductProposal-Merchandise-DrivenMasterData SD-SalesSupportWithDynamicProductProposal-SalesSupport








SD-ServiceProcessingReturnProcessing SD-OrderToCashProcessing




SD-ProjectResourceAndFinancialManagementWithOrderControlling SD-BatchRecall SD-CreateOutputControlRecordsConditionRecordsBilling SD-CreateOutputControlRecordsConditionRecordsSales SD-CreateOutputControlRecordsConditionRecordsShipping













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