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Animation/drawing software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux
http://www.pencil animation.org/

made #" $at%ana &'o(de'a for &rundt'ig pro%ect )Sogundas Lenguas " *ue'as $ecnologias+ ,c- ./0.

!er" #asic tutorial

Table of Contents
Introduction Layers Layers Image visibility How to Zoom Screen and Resize Image Bitma Layer "ector Layer How to use Bitma and "ector Layers &nimating Sound Layer (amera Layer )i s and )ric*s+ How to ma*e ,rame Borders visibleSaving ./ orting Resource List 3 4 5 7 ! # $% $$ $' $3 $4 $5 $0 $7

3 What is PENCIL ?
1encil is an animation/drawing software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. 2t lets "ou create traditional hand drawn animation ,cartoon- using #oth #itmap and 'ector graphics. 1encil is FREE and open source. 3 14*52L o6cial we#site is: http://www.pencil animation.org/

14*52L interface is similar li7e an" animation/drawing software interface.
31encil+ interface ha'e: Tools O tions !is la" Colors Time Line #creen

$ La"ers
La"ers are on Time Line%

$here are 8 t"pes of La"ers: 9itma La"er &ector La"er #o'nd La"er Camera La"er

To add and delete La"ers( use the ))+ or )*+ #uttons.

To change the la"er name( clic7 twice on the La"er, opens a pop up window, where "ou can t"pe a new name.

+ La"ers Image ,isi-ilit"

La"er location determine I./0E ,isi-ilit"
La"er 2mage 'isi#ilit" order is from the -ottom to ' : $he -ottom La"er image on the Screen will #e located on to . 9" mo'ing La"ers up and down "ou can change image 'isi#ilit". To mo,e la"er( %ust clic7 on La"er and drag it up or down.

La"ers can #e acti,e, inacti,e or in,isi-le. La"er condition indicates the circles on the left from La"er icon%
1lac2 circle: La"er is acti,e3 "ou can draw on it. 0re" circle: La"er is inacti,e3 "ou can not draw on it. An inacti'e image la"er is hidden from the Screen 'iew. Em t" circle: La"er is in,isi-le ,on $ime Line "ou don3t see the frames-

To change La"er acti,it", clic7 on the La"er name or on the circle% All La"ers can #e controlled sim'ltaneo'sl" with a circle a#o'e the La"er row.

4 La"ers Image ,isi-ilit" e5am

One La"er is acti,e3 the others are inacti,e(
$he acti'e la"er image will #e displa"ed in f'll, inacti'e la"er image will #e ale.


/ll La"ers are acti,e(

All La"ers images are completel" f'll ,isi-le.

One La"er acti,e3 the others are inacti,e(

Onl" acti'e La"er image is 'isi#le.

Im ortant( on the 6nished 6lm IN&I#I1LE La"er content will NOT 1E #EEN7 /CTI&E and IN/CTI&E La"er content will 1E &I#I1LE%

8 9ow to :oom and .o,e #creen

To ;oom #creen: ha'e the :and $ool selected, hold the 5ommand ;e" ,Mac-, or the Alt or 5trl ;e" ,Windowsand: clic7 and drag to (oom. To mo,e #creen( use the :and $ool, or drag with the right #utton of "our mouse. To ret'rn to the original ;oom settings( dou#le clic7 with mouse in Screen.

9ow to Resi;e and .o,e Image

To resize Image:
using Select Tool, draw rectangular around an image. Use the Arrow (select / move object tool) you can move and resize image. To move image: click on the image, hold down the mouse button and drag ... To resize image: click on the select area corner point, hold down the mouse button and drag ...

< 1itma La"er

Bitmap Layer is used for raster graphics

On the Bitmap Layer you can work with photos (.jpg or .gif format)

NOTE7 9itmap image, if red'ced, it loses ='alit"7 2mage #ecomes #loc7" and #lurred.

To im ort hotos on 1itma La"er 4dit < 2mport image NOTE= $o import an image in certain location and si;e: with the tool >select> draw a rectangle on the screen to the desired si(e. $he imported image will ?t into a rectangular range and proportions.

> &ector La"er

&ector La"er is 'sed for ,ector gra hics

9" increasing or decreasing, !ector graphics @ualit" don3t change. Loo7 on the image on the left: #" scaling character )A+, line @ualit" don3t change.

?se the !is la" Tools for to:

B- show onl" outlinesC

B- don3t show in'isi#le linesC B- show in'isi#le lines.

*O$4= $he 1encil $ool create a dashed ath which do not a Dou can use them %ust for ?ll regions with color.

ear in 6nished mo,ie.

@A I!E/ * how to 'se 1itma and &ector La"ers

You can make a rotoscoping animation!

Rotoscoping is
animation technique, in which animators draw over film footage, or photo sequence - frame by frame ... Dou can import photos or photo se@uence in 9itmap La"er, than draw o'er in !ector la"er. Frame -" Frame 7

@@ /nimating
$o ma7e an animation, "ou must create ;4D images in an 2mage La"er ;4D EFAM4

is displa"ed as a rectangle on the $ime Line. 0re" color indicates that the 7e" frame is empt". Colored frame indicate that here is an image in frame. 1lac2 color indicates, that frame is selected G "ou can mo'e selected frame: clic7 on a frame and drag it to the desired location. ,$o mo'e multiple frames, hold down the Shift 7e"-

use for guide the drawing the current 7e" image, #" displa"ing pale pre'ious or next image. Ase the onion s7in #uttons to acti'ate or deacti'ate the pre'ious and next onion s7ins.

use for: PL/C or stop the mo'ieC LOOP or don3t loopC #O?N! G on or oHC F s G frames per second.

@D #o'nd La"er
9ow to add so'nd(
0- create a Sound La"erC .- 2mport a sound ?le from Menu #ar: 4dit I >2mport Sound>

When sound is added, on Sound La"er will appear a -lac2 triangle3 it indicates where the sound will start to pla". Dou can mo'e this triangle as an" other 7e"s on $ime Line.

NOTE% Windo,s support onl" WA! format. .ac support an" format that can #e read #" Juic7$ime.

@3 Camera La"er
5amera La"er de6ne a frame -orders%

Dou can set position for frame #orders for each 7e" on 5amera La"er G 'iew will #e linearl" interpolated #etween the 7e"s: mo'e the red scru# to the desired frame and, using the hand tool, ad%ust the 'iew inside the camera frame.

Co' can set resol'tion of the camera frame -" do'-le*clic2ing on the Camera La"er name%

@$ Ti s and Tric2s
How to make Frame Borders visible
$o ma7e an animated ?lm, here is a pro#lem on 1encil program G during drawing animation, "ou don3t see the frame #order. Co' can see frame -order3 when "o' clic2 on Camera La"er3 -'t3 for feel frame com osition3 it is 'nhand"3 all the time clic2ing Camera La"er% $he #OL?TION is: create their own -ac2gro'nd with frame -order 7 0- Ase an" graphics program to create the necessar" frame si(e picture.
For e5am le( 0- use Windows 1aint program or online 12XLF http://pixlr.com/editor .- #et ' 4$A5$<A i5 ict're frame and sa,e it as a PN0 6le E-ac2gro'nd% ngF

.- 5reate new 9itmap La"er and name it )9ac7ground+

K- Ase command( Edit *G im ort image im ort "o'r -ac2gro'ng% ng 6le ThatHs all %%% 9a " animating 7 (*F

NOTE% /n"wa" "o' create "o'r own 1ac2gro'nd La"er with Frame -order * to e5 ort the 6lm in re='ired si;e and ro ortions( Co' m'st create an ade='ate Camera La"er 7

@+ #a,ing
To #a,e
"our wor7 as Pencil roIect 6le3 choose: Eile I Sa'e ,or Sa'e As..-

Co'r wor2 will -e sa,ed along with a folder containing roIect data% *O$4: 7eep these ?le and folder together in the same director" = for to open up the ?lm properl" the next time=

To open "our wor7 again, 0- from Menu #ar choose: Eile I Open...

.- open "our 1encil program pro%ect ?le

@4 E5 orting
To E5 ort "our wor7, choose: Eile I 4xport Dou can export "our animation as: 0- X SheetC .- 2mage Se@uenceC K- as a Juic7$ime mo'ie ,Mac OS X onl"-. 8- as a Elash mo'ie ,swf-C

*O$4. $o export the ?lm in re@uired si(e and proportions G "ou must create an ade@uate 5amera La"er = 2f "ou don3t create 5amera La"er, program will export current Screen 'iew.

@8 Reso'rce List
PENCIL oJcial we-site(
htt (//www% encil*animation%org/

?ser man'al(

User manual Beta: