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Creative Brief

Souter Consulting

Project info Identity programme that will form the basis of the brand across all communication material.

Company background Souter Consulting is the business name of Justin Souter, a business IT consultant who’s
main activity is to create ‘digital nervous systems’—collaboration tools that improve flow of
information through his client’s organisation, internally as well as externally to their customers.

_To help organisations use these technologies and understand them from a business
_To maximise their return on IT investment
_To provide innovative and bespoke solutions to problems or to simply improve the use of an
organisation’s information systems even when the client hasn’t identified the a
problem themselves.
_Change management: to help client’s achieve a smooth transition when integrating new

His project management skills accumulated from previous experience at Fujitsu are key to
achieving these objectives.

Technologies to help achieve these aims include:

_Electronic filing cabinets and document and record management systems such as Sharepoint
_Social media such as Twitter and blogs
_Cloud systems and online applications

Client base
His client base ranges from small, owner managed businesses and SMEs through to large public
sector bodies. However, Justin feels his services are best suited to medium sized organisations.
He also collaborates with marketing and PR companies, web companies and technology

These include the marketing and PR companies, web companies and technology integrators
with which he might also collaborate, as well as in-house teams. DEDICATED SOCIAL MEDIA
Business values The evangelical zeal he has for his subject is tangible, as is his insight and confidence in the
future. Justin wants sell this passion.

He wishes to open his client’s minds to the potential of new technology—that it is liberating
and empowering. However at the core of his business is the important notion that innovative
ideas are only of use to his clients if they yield a return.

While honesty should be a given in business, it sometimes isn’t and there is often a shortfall
in terms of what a technology promises and what it actually delivers. Justin commits himself
to projects and will go to the nth degree to ensure that he fulfils his objectives.

He also wants to demystify the technology and ensure that his solutions are practical, make
sense to the client and can be handed over, essentially “weening” them so that they can use
it independently.

These are all values that should be communicated throughout the brand identity.

Other creative The brand identity should infer the leading edge nature of the business yet retain an
considerations approachability and accessibility in order to avoid alienating potential clients of a more
traditional / conservative nature in both public and private sector: innovation with a small ‘i’.

In terms of working process, this should be a collaborative effort—Justin has a knowledge of

design beyond most laymen and would like to see ideas and work in progress rather than a
single, finished approach.