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05 to 10 October

Semester 1 AY 2009/2010

eLearning Week 2009

Get ready for eLearning Week
Preparation Guide

Introduction almost 3,000 faculty staff to create

A campus-wide eLearning Week online lectures for nearly 30,000
NOTE will take place in NUS from 5 to 10 students are immense. Nevertheless, we
October 2009, Week 8 of Semester 1 will face these challenges and
This guide gives an overview of
AY 2009/2010. overcome them.
eLearning Week and the tools
This will involve all lectures Seminar-style lectures and tutorials
which can be used. You must still
throughout NUS, with the exception of have been omitted from the current
refer to the individual tool’s user
the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical eLearning Week as they require a
guides on the respective web
School. Seminars, tutorials, laboratory larger effort from all involved. Faculty
pages for detailed instructions.
and other interactive sessions will go staff and students will have to not only
on as per normal. learn but be proficient in a web
CONTENTS Computer Centre, the Centre for conference or virtual classroom
Instructional Technology (CIT), and environment. Even so, seminar-style
the Faculty IT/AV/Multimedia Units, lectures and tutorials will eventually
2 General Tips will be managing the preparations and become part of eLearning Week so
3 Summary of Tools conduct of eLearning Week. that the University has the option of
4 Presentation + Lecture carrying out teaching and learning
Why eLearning Week? without students and staff coming to
Notes The threat of a pandemic situation
campus, if the situation warrants this.
4 Presentation + Audio leading to campus zoning or home
CIT hopes that you take this
quarantine is real. Other emergencies
Recording exercise as an opportunity to pick up
may also necessitate temporary
new skills and to prepare yourself for
5 Previously recorded measures that require students and
emergency situations.
Webcast staff to stay at home.
5 Pre-recorded Webcast During these times, eLearning can University's
6 Breeze
be instituted so that the University can Objectives
continue a certain level of teaching • Stress test the University's ability to
7 Screen Recording and learning. carry on teaching during major
8 Other Tools In as much as technology is put disruptions without seriously affecting
forward as the solution, there are many students’ study plans.
unknowns. eLearning Week has been • Discover and rectify any technical and
instituted so that everyone knows what human gaps which may impede
eLearning Week Enquiries
to expect. It will also enable the campus-wide eLearning.
Mr Kenneth PINTO University administration to determine
kennethpinto@nus.edu.sg what changes need to be made to Outcomes
Through eLearning Week, CIT hopes
6516 1531 create a smooth and seamless
that faculty staff:
eLearning experience for faculty staff
• Learn about the options available to
Website and students.
them for eLearning.
cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week As this is the first eLearning Week,
• Lear n at least one method of
the University will focus on lecture
delivering a lecture online.
delivery. This is a prudent start as it
has never been carried out on such a
scale in NUS. The technical and
human challenges that will enable

cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week/ 1
eLearning Week 05 to 10 October 2009

The basic requirement for eLearning Week is a presence
on IVLE. This will be the conduit through which you
communicate with your students and transmit your
online lecture.

• Keep your module syllabus updated so that students

will know what to expect for eLearning Week.

• Upload your lecture notes to the Workbin as a backup.

• Maintain a Discussion Forum for the eLearning Week

lecture. This gives students a space to clarify doubts
and for you to clear up misunderstood points.

• Use the Multimedia tool to deliver audio recordings,

webcasts, screencasts (screen recording) and Breeze

General Tips Recording Tips

Consider writing your lecture script
Preparation Tips It is natural that you will want record your lecture as you
Early preparation normally deliver lecturers: without a script. While this allows
Like a student preparing well for examinations, early for spontaneity, you may find that you end up re-recording
preparation is vital. It is no different with creating online many times so that no one hears your fumbles, “ums” and
learning materials. You will need time to figure out which tool “ahs”. In order to save time, you may consider writing your
you want to use. After which, you will need time to learn how lecture script first. This may not sound as natural, but it will
to use the chosen tool and become conversant enough to use it save a lot of time during recording.
effectively. Finally, you may run into unforeseen circumstances
Record in a quiet place
when creating or publishing your online lecture. You may have
The audio quality of a microphone connected to PCs will
to create online lectures for more than one module, so schedule
not be of studio standard. However, this is more than enough
enough time for each lecture.
to create a decent recording. What matters more is background
Choose a tool which fits you noise. You can minimise background noise by recording in a
There are many options available to you, so which one do quiet room. You may want to put a notice on the door to
you choose? You will have to try out a few options and find indicate that you are recording, lest you get interrupted by
what works best for you. While you may want to be someone knocking on the door.
adventurous, the reality is that the simpler options may be most
Headset with microphone
feasible ones, especially in a real situation when you do not
For audio recording on a computer, you may want to
have time to create an optimal online lecture. Of course, if you
purchase a headset with a microphone. This will help prevent
are tech-savvy, you may wish to explore and exploit the various
feedback during recording. It will also come in handy for online
technologies to their fullest. You may even want to try different
tutorials in the future.
tools for different modules. Just remember to leave enough time
to do it! Points to note
Use the forum to gauge understanding Online lectures may be shorter than usual
Make full use of the discussion forum in IVLE during If you record your own lecture, you may find that it runs
eLearning Week. Let your students know that they can ask much faster than a face-to-face lecture. This is entirely normal
questions about the lecture in the forum. You can reply when as you will not start late or pause for interruptions. You will also
you are able to, and you might even find that other students in not be able to react to the students, leading to a condensed
your module may jump into to help answer the questions in the lecture. Do note that this may be a good thing. The average

2 cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week/
eLearning Week 05 to 10 October 2009

s t u d e n t m i g h t n o t b e a bl e t o With repeated practice, you can learn

concentrate for extended periods sitting how to create effective online lectures
in front of an online lecture. fast. Do keep in mind the context in
which eLearning takes place: it is
The lecture may not be as effective
meant to be a temporary measure
as a face-to-face lecture
while students and staff are required to
It takes a fair amount of skill to be
stay at home during emergencies.
as effective online as you are offline.

Summary of Tools
Group Tool Mode Output Format Requirements

Presentation + Slides & notes uploaded Presentation slides &

Lecture Notes to IVLE lecture notes
Presentation slides &
Presentation + Slides & audio recording
Self-service audio recorder,
Audio Recording (mp3) uploaded to IVLE
PC microphone

Previously Video of lecturer + Webcast from

Recorded for you
recorded Webcast coordinated lecture slides previous semester
Pre-recorded Video of lecturer +
Recorded for you None
Webcast coordinated lecture slides

Windows computer,
PC microphone,
Breeze Self-service PowerPoint,
web page
Breeze account,
Adobe Presenter plugin
Win/Mac computer,
Video of screen PC microphone,
Screen Recording Self-service
recording Camtasia Relay account,
Camtasia Relay recorder

Group Tool Advantage(s) Disadvantage(s) Ideal for

Presentation + No additional skills Lecture notes must be Faculty staff who are
Lecture Notes required comprehensive pressed for time
Situations where
Presentation + Most simple eLearning
- presentation is only text
Audio Recording lecture solution
+ images

Only need to inform CIT Lecture content may have

Previously Faculty staff who have
about which lecture to changed from previous
recorded Webcast used webcasts
replay semester
Webcast Time has to be scheduled Faculty staff who have
Pre-recorded Normal lecture to do this, might not be not used webcasts but
Webcast preparation viable in actual want video + slides
emergency format

Breeze authoring is Faculty staff who only use

Works from within
Breeze PowerPoint on Windows PowerPoint in
only presentations
Advanced Faculty staff who display
Windows or Mac Planning necessary as
slides, websites &
Screen Recording authoring, displays Camtasia Relay records in
software demos
anything shown on screen one continuous take.
during lectures

cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week/ 3
eLearning Week 05 to 10 October 2009

Presentation Presentation
+ Lecture Notes + Audio Recording
Contact Website
IVLE Team citivle@nus.edu.sg http://cit.nus.edu.sg/audio-recording/

What is it? Contact

The Presentation + Lecture Notes solution is the simplest Mr Kenneth PINTO citpkg@nus.edu.sg
way to deliver an online lecture. Students can download the
presentation slides and lecture notes. You will not need What is it?
The Presentation + Audio Recording solution is the simplest
anything other than presentation software, a word processor
way to create an enhanced lecture. Students can download the
and IVLE. This is suitable for faculty staff who are severely
presentation slides and audio file. They can listen to the audio
limited by time or are not able to use the more complex tools
recording while viewing the lecture slides on the computer.
Alternatively, they can print the lecture slides and listen to the
Technical Requirements audio file on their portable media devices. This is suitable for
1. Computer with: faculty staff who are limited by time or who want a simple
• Internet access method to record their lectures.
• Web browser for IVLE
2. Presentation software Technical Requirements
1. Computer with:
e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, OpenOffice
• Internet access
3. Word processor
• Microphone
e.g. Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, OpenOffice
• Web browser for IVLE
Workflow 2. Presentation software
e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, OpenOffice
3. Audio recording software
Create presentation slides e.g. Audacity

Write lecture notes Audio cues for change of slide
As you are recording the audio file for the lecture, you may
want to give your students audio indications about which slide
they should be viewing. It can be as simple as saying “Next
Upload both to IVLE Workbin slide”, if you are going in a linear fashion. If you need to jump
back and forth between slides, make sure that they slides are
numbered and refer to the slide numbers as you record the
audio file.


Create presentation slides

Download and install

Audio Recording software
• Using Audacity, shown above, you can record your
audio lecture and it as a mp3 file, playable on any
Record audio lecture
computer or portable media device.

Upload lecture slides and audio file to IVLE

4 cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week/
eLearning Week 05 to 10 October 2009

Previously recorded Pre-recorded

Webcasts Webcasts
Contact Contact
Mr LIM Sew Hoo citlimsh@nus.edu.sg Mr LIM Sew Hoo citlimsh@nus.edu.sg
Mr YONG Chee Ann cityca@nus.edu.sg Mr YONG Chee Ann cityca@nus.edu.sg

What is it? What is it?

If you have used Webcasts in previous semesters and the A pre-recorded Webcast is a webcast created in advance of
lecture content has not varied, you can choose to reload the the lecture date. CIT will record the video of you while you
respective Webcast for eLearning Week. Please contact CIT, click through your slides. It is just like a normal Webcast,
and we will arrange this for you. The Webcast will be made except that you will be recorded without the students in front of
available in IVLE.. you ahead of time. Contact CIT if you are interested in doing
this. We will arrange a time and date to record the webcast in
Technical Requirements advance of eLearning Week. The Webcast will be made
1. You have created Webcasts in previous semesters.
available in IVLE. Note that this method may not be feasible
Workflow during an actual emergency situation as there may be too little
time to cater to recording for a large number of faculty staff..

Email Webcast contact Technical Requirements

1. You must have your presentation slides ready for the

CIT republished Webcast in IVLE Workflow

Email Webcast contact

CIT arranges schedule
• Two examples of webcasts can be seen below. and records your lecture
Webcasts typically display your presentation slides
or computer desktop.

CIT publishes Webcast to IVLE

cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week/ 5
eLearning Week 05 to 10 October 2009

Breeze Workflow: Register for Breeze

http://cit.nus.edu.sg/breeze-diy-courseware/ | Example Visit
Mr NARAYANAN Shyam citns@nus.edu.sg
Mr LIM Han Leong citlhl@nus.edu.sg
Click Register and fill in form
What is it?
Breeze is PowerPoint with audio, packaged into a standalone
Flash-based website. This is powered by the Adobe Presenter
plugin, which works within PowerPoint itself. You can record Wait for confirmation email
your audio slide by slide, with the option of adding simple (by next working day)
quizzes and interactivity. After recording the audio for the
slides, you can upload it to the Breeze server which will
generate the standalone online presentation. The web link for Read attached instructions
the presentation can be placed in Multimedia on IVLE. in confirmation email

Technical Requirements
1. Windows XP or Vista computer with:
• Internet access Download and install
• Microphone Adobe Presenter plugin
2. Microsoft PowerPoint XP, 2003 or 2007
3. Adobe Presenter plugin for PowerPoint (download after
Open Microsoft PowerPoint
Start preparing early
You will need time to plan, record and upload the Configure Adobe Presenter preferences
presentation. Traffic jams happen online as they do in real life
during rush hour. As we anticipate high demand, many faculty
Workflow: Create Breeze
staff will be attempting to upload their presentations close to
eLearning Week. This may result in slow or failed uploads. You
can avoid these online traffic jams by preparing early.

Keep the PowerPoint file small

Load pre-existing presentation
or create new presentation
This will reduce the possibility of a failed upload. Also, you
can follow these tips for:
• PowerPoint 2003
http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/power point/ Record audio over presentation
• PowerPoint 2007
http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/power point/ Publish presentation to Breeze server

Resist the temptation to re-record

As Breeze allows you to record your audio per slide, you may Publish presentation URL
be tempted to re-record every slide until you get it perfect. This to IVLE Multimedia
can be very time consuming. In fact, a few imperfections may
help to make a scripted presentation seem more natural and

6 cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week/
eLearning Week 05 to 10 October 2009

Record your presentation in intervals of 20 to 30

Screen Recording minutes
Website Breaking up your presentation into smaller chunks reduces
http://cit.nus.edu.sg/screen-recording/ | Example the chances of failed uploads.

Contact Workflow: Register for Screen

Mr YONG Chee Ann cityca@nus.edu.sg Recording
Mr Nik Azizi BIN MAT ZIN citnamz@nus.edu.sg

What is it? Email Screen Recording contact

Screen Recording is a video recording of what happens on
your computer desktop while you are narrating. This is enabled
by Camtasia Relay. For example, you can start recording your
desktop and show the presentation in Acrobat Reader while Wait for confirmation email
recording the lecture. As the recording continues, you can (by next working day)
switch to your web browser to show the website that you want
to highlight while you talk about it. You can then switch back to
the presentation. After you upload, Camtasia Relay will Read attached instructions
generate a video file, available via a URL. The URL for this in confirmation email
video file can be placed in Multimedia on IVLE. Please note
that there is no video of the lecturer using Camtasia Relay.

Technical Requirements Log in to http://screencast.nus.edu.sg/

1. Windows or Macintosh computer with:
• 2 GB free hard disk space
• Internet access
Download Camtasia Relay Recorder
• Microphone for your operating system
2. Camtasia Relay Recorder software (download after

Tips Install Camtasia Relay Recorder

Start preparing early
You will need time to plan, record and upload the
Workflow: Create Screen
presentation. Traffic jams happen online as they do in real life
during rush hour. As we anticipate high demand, many faculty
staff will be attempting to upload their presentations close to
eLearning Week. This may result in slow or failed uploads. You Launch Camtasia Relay and log in
can avoid these online traffic jams by preparing early.

Plan your presentation

As Camtasia Relay records in one continuous take and in full Prepare computer, presentation software
screen, you have to plan your presentation in detail before you and other programs for recording
start. Even though you can pause during recording, you cannot
choose to re-record a previous section if you made a mistake.
(You will have to re-record everything from the start, up until
Record presentation
the point you left off.) You should:
• open all necessary programs you will show during the
recording e.g. presentation software, web browser and any
other program you intend to demonstrate Submit recording
• preload any websites if necessary
• close any programs which have pop-up notifications or
emit sounds
Wait for email notification
• choose a neutral wallpaper and clear your desktop of any
sensitive materials
• script your presentation, annotated with the actions you
need to take at each point Publish video link to IVLE Multimedia
• rehearse before recording

cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week/ 7
eLearning Week 05 to 10 October 2009

• Breeze produces a
standalone Flash website, as
shown on the left.

• Since the output of screen
recording is a video, it is
difficult to show in a still
image. Watch this screen
recording demonstration.

Other Tools Prezi

You may consider other ways to deliver your lectures
Prezi is an online presentation tool which dispenses with
online. We encourage you to try these tools as alternative ways
the idea of slides. It is based on the concept of a big picture/
to create, host or disseminate presentations. While CIT does
small picture or as they call it “zooming sketches on a digital
not endorse nor provide official support for these following
products, we want to highlight that there are options besides
Google Docs & Zoho This site is known as the YouTube of presentations. You
http://docs.google.com/ &
can upload your presentations in various popular formats, and
it will generate a Flash-based presentation on its own page on
Google Docs and Zoho are both online office suites.
their site. You can embed this presentation on other websites or
Instead of installing software on your computer, these office
blogs. You can also add an audio track to create a self-
suites exists online, similar to webmail. Both Google Docs and
supporting online audio lecture with co-ordinated slides.
Zoho have a presentation tool which enables you to create
presentations online without any software. As long as you have
a connection to the internet, you will be able to create your Scribd
presentation. http://www.scribd.com/
Scribd goes ones step further than Slideshare, it will host
documents, as well as presentations. Documents and
presentations can then be embedded in websites or blogs and
shared with others.

8 cit.nus.edu.sg/elearning-week/
eLearning Week 05 to 10 October 2009

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure about which tool to use. Please contact Mr Kenneth PINTO at kennethpinto@nus.edu.sg for general
Who can I contact about this? enquiries.
If you are interested in a particular tool or are already using it and require
assistance, please contact the respective contact persons listed for the tool in this guide
or on the CIT website.

The workflows do not seem complete. This guide provides an overview of the tools which you can use for creating and
Where can I access more information? delivering your online lectures during eLearning Week. It is not meant to be a user
guide for any of these services. Detailed user guides are available on the individual
tool’s web page. You can also email the respective contacts for each tool.

Why lectures only? eLearning Week is starting with lectures only as we want to ensure that lecture
delivery can proceed smoothly. We will introduce two-way communication tools for
tutorials in stages in future eLearning Weeks.

Do I need a webcam? No, a webcam is not necessary for any of the online lecture options we offer. The
most important piece of hardware is a headset with microphone. We advise against
webcam use for Breeze as this will inflate file sizes unnecessarily, which in turn may
lead to problems with uploading.

What if I only decide what goes into It is best to prepare whatever you can first, then add in the other content when
the lecture the week before? you know what you need to add. This is because it will take some time to prepare your
online lecture, especially if you have not tried any of the self-service tools before.

I use software other than what has Yes, please do so as long as your students can access the final output. Do keep
been mentioned in this guide. Can I use CIT in the loop and send us any feedback you receive from students about the tool you
this software to create my online used during eLearning Week.

Can I host my online lecture content Yes, this is not an issue if you agree with the terms of service and privacy policy
using external/non-NUS services? of the third party services/web sites that you use.

I am also interested in conducting While the university is focused on online lectures during this eLearning Week, you
tutorials online with external services. can take the initiative to conduct other lessons online if you have the means to do so.
Can I do this? Please keep CIT informed of the tools you use so that we can provide support if

Photo Credits
Page 1: CITations using Wordle, reproduced under a Creative Commons BY 3.0 US license
Page 2: #271 eLearning by adesigna, reproduced under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 Generic license
Page 5: CM1101 Webcast by Associate Professor Ryan Phillip Anthony Bettens
Page 5: PH1101E/GEM1004 Webcast by Assistant Professor John Christian Holbo
Page 8: Work by Winston Avich, reproduced under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 Generic license

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