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The Elite Cementing Unit

The Industrys Only Automatic Density-Controlled Mixing System with Twin HT-400 Pumps for a Combined 1,025 Trailer Horsepower

Halliburtons proven cement mixing and pumping systems

offer unmatched performance and dependability. This unique combination of innovative technology and customer-driven features includes:

Auxiliary horsepower is dedicated to mixing energy Mixing efficiency is not compromised by downhole rate and pressure changes The RCM IIIr cement mixer is designed to mix highdensity and high-viscosity slurries at high pump rates Increased mixing tub capacity enhances cement volume retention and reduces density fluctuations Multiple cement slurries can be programmed into the ADC computer

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Dual deck areas allow the customer to witness operations outside the mixing zone and allow the Elite operator ample room to work Improved dual stairways provide safe and easy access to the deck areas Quieter engines for operation in noise-sensitive areas Covered mixing tubs reduce dust on location Zero discharge manifold and displacement tanks Platform work area around the HT-400 pumps All engines are Tier II emission certified

Advanced Instrumentation and Control

All job information is displayed on a single graphic screen Pressure readings are recorded in 0.5-second increments User friendly touch-screen controller simplifies inputting changes All job parameters, including totalizing bulk cement, are recorded in real-time mode in a Windows based system Visual display of pressure kick-out settings Cement density optimization bar details pre-mix and downhole density. The bar displays in green for optimal density, yellow for acceptable and in red when set parameters are not being executed

Improved Mixing Capabilities

The Elite Automatic Density Control (ADC) system is the only cement mixing system that controls both mix water and bulk cement rate, resulting in superior mixed slurries which help in achieving better cement bonds



Pumps and Engines

Twin HT-400 pumps deliver increased pump rate and, in certain cases, eliminate the need for a second cement unit on location
Pressure psi
12,000 11,000 10,000 9,000 8,000 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 0 2

EliteTM Theoretical Pumping Performance

All engines are Tier II emission certified Constant pump rate capability allows jobs to be pumped as designed across a wider pressure range Twin HT-400 drivetrains are equipped with an overpressure kick-out system








Pump Rate BBL/Min

Please contact your Halliburton representative when designing actual jobs to verify pumping rates and pressures.

Find out more on how your next well can benefit from a quality cementing job pumped by the Halliburton Elite Cementing Unit. For more information, contact your local Halliburton representative or contact us at
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