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The 7 major Chakras

Chakra means wheel because the chakras spin around. The chakra is pointing to all directions not only to the front of the body. The engergycenters are in a cone shape – like a horn. They are open to the front (receptor) and small to spine (root).

Traditionally there are 7 main chakras, some talk about 8 or 9, but we will go through the 7 Chakras which are situated along the spine. This system of 7 main chakras is related to the Kundalini Energy, since they sit along the spine. There are much more chakras in our body, in our palms, feet, knees ....

Chakras are conjunctions for many nadis that is why they are energy centers. The three main nadis – Ida, Pingala and Shusumna – travel along the spine as well. When Ida and Pingala meet there is a chakra placed. The nadis are tubes where the energy flows through in the energy body – not the physical body. Nadis are equal to the Meridians. There are more than 72.000 nadis in our body.

We have 4 different bodies:


physical body


mental body


energy body


emotional body

They are all conected in the navel area. When we die this connection ends and the bodies disconnect and each goes his way. The physical body returns into his elements; the other 3 bodies - depend on what our believes are.

Each chakra is spinning fast when our body is healthy, clean, strong – the spinning is what spreads the energy in our bodies. Toxins, stress and our lifestyle cluters the body with toxins and so the spinning of the chakras is slowing down. Then we will lack energy. Today most chakras are spinning slowly, so we are unbalanced in terms of energy.

When we talk about chakras we have to remind ourselfs that everything we talk about is on the energy level. Colour, direction of spinning, shape of chakras – we do not know exactly – nobody does – it may vary from person to person. It is to understand the principle but do not hold onto details, you need to have your own experience.

In our lifestyles today everything in life is about pain, suffering, sadness, heavyness in art, religion, pop songs,

movies, everywhere



starting yoga you will realise life is about joy, loving every moment, lightness.

Most people think only when you feel pain, when you suffer, you exist.

In the west a lot of people do not were colours – only black, dark blue – the colours we wear is a reflection of how we see life. In India everybody wears colours, they are not afraid of wearing colours – it is a statement of lightness. The colours we wear are also affecting our chakras. Light colours are lifting the energy.

The Theory of the chakras revoles around 2 major physical systems


Nervous System


Endocrine System

Nervous System The central nervous system is based along the spine. All functions are comming from our nervous system.

Endocrine System All the glands are located along side the spine. Glands are balancing through hormons all organs and all functions in the body. Hormons are sent through the organs and those hormons tell a organ on how to behave. For example: hormons travel to the Eierstöcke and tell teh egg to release onc ea month, so you have your period. If the glands are falling asleep and they do not sent hormons you won´t get pregnant or you do not

have a 28 day cycle. So your body does not function well. Our hormons controll our moods, digestion, sleep – hormons are messengers. If a wrong message is transportated your body disfunctions. Hormons are very powerfull they need to be in balance. The chakras are directly manipulating the glands.

Life is a flow – the aim is to flow energy through your body via the chakras and the nadis. Every bit of anger, frustration, fear, worries, jealousness, greadyness will cut of the flow of energy or create blockages. If you do not let go – also of posessions, like house, husband/wife, bad memories, money – you cut of your energy. Learn to let go!

Our energy moves like a feather very light. But even if you hold on to lightness or to spiritualness you will cut

of the energy. You are a yoga teacher – but only in one moment when you teach yoga, not when we walk on the street, not

when we eat lunch



is then the yoga teacher? Do not hold on. If you move through the world and hold

on to who we are there is not much space for other things to come. Do not hold on to titels – in each moment

you are what you are. Learn to move from moment to moment. Knowing you are nobody going nowhere. Then you are free, to be in each moment what you want to be – you will experience real freedom!

Like you are a wife/ a partner of s.b., but when she or he is not there –what are you then? You are a housewife when you are home, a yoga teacher when you teach, a partner when you are with your loved one – but when your partner comes home from work and wants dinner – will you stay in the kitchen and say I am a yoga teacher?? Let go, learn to be anything at anytime – then you are a free person.

The Chakras

The Chakras Muladhara Svadhisthana Manipura Anahata Visudda Anja Sahasrara 1 2 3 4 5 6 7





















Ether, space







Dark blue



or purpel









base of

sex organs



throat area

third eye

above the







cat, spinal







lift – pelvis



rabbit, child



Colours – what does it mean? Our energy has no colour – the aura is in the light colour – when we talk colour it is reflexion of the mind on energy – colours are conceptiuall, energy is beyond concept – but we do effect the energy with our mind. Wear colours - if you feel to wear a speciall colour e.g. red it comes from the first chakra.

Muladhara Chakra

The first Chakra – Muladhara – is a bliss cener for physical body – touching, feeling, sensations. Symtoms for unbalanced first chakra are hemoriods, constipation, dirrhera, colon cancer, digestive problems. Unbalanced could be too weak or too strong. The first chakra connects in our physical body with the nose (smell) and the excretory and reproductive organs. When you learn to see energy then you will see where people are stuck energetically. E.b. if your pants always stuck in the bum, that means your first chakra is blocked.

Survival needs are all belonging to the first chakra – the will of surving, safty needs, desire for material, goods, choice of profession. An unbalanced chakra could also be that you identify of who you are with a house, a car. Making a living is the first chakra. Example of unbalanced first chakra:

Many yoga centers are competing instead of working together.The fear that my yoga center is not going to survife. Teaching yoga is a survival professon, but there is so much fearof not surviving, that we start to compete with each other instead of working with each other.

Sound LAM Chanting is pranajama. Visualise the sound coming form your first chakra and feel the energy vibrating in this

chakra. Inhale and chant LAM, LAM, LAM often on your exhale, inhale and again LAM; LAM; LAM


do so

for a couple of minutes. You will feel energy in the front and the back. When we chant the energy can travel


Astangha Yoga They contract the Mulhada Bandha througout the class (1.5hrs) – in the traditionally yoga bandhas you would only use while doing pranajama. Contracting a bandha for 1.5 hrs – such a long time – it will become unbalanced. Many Asthangis are obsessed with their practise (physicall practise) – there is no softness in their practise. They are manipulating the first chakra. They do only physical practise there is no stillness in their

practise – always moving, contracting, jumping, sweating, comparing postures

– if they contract their bum

... that means they have fear of loosing their energy. So contracting Mulhada Bandha already is cutting of your energy because you are afraid of loosing energy.

Sitting in Lotus will push energy up, not down.

Nobody can tell you what and how to do your practise, but easily we get obsessed with sth. Asana, meditation, kriya – it is always easier to life live in an extreme way rather than the middle way. Find your middle way, everybody has their own middly way. We are all individuals. Your middle way changes from moment to moment – simple be free in each moment to choose what you want to be. If you identify with your car, house, when you see materials as extention to your body - you will suffer big time. Today everybody is looking for safty outside of themselfs. They think if I buy a house, have money in the bank, I feel safe. People accumulate materials and feel established in life. And then if fire, water destroyes the house, car, and everything inside the house is destroyed. People standing on ashes that used to be what they are, with shock on their eyes, they think everything that I am is destroyed, all my life I worked to get so far, who am I now? Big pain, people are terrified because suddenly they understand that no external safty exist – if you want to feel safe you have to create internal safty which does not reflect in materials. Of course enjoy your materials, enjoy money, if you have it enjoy it, but do not identify with it. You may have it now, but the next moment you have nothing. Today we do create an illusion of safty through material we own, so - are you still free?

Svadhisthana Chakra

All chakras are linked to each other – there is no starting or ending of one chakra. This chakra controlls our sexuality. Unbalanced would be imptence, frigidty, obession with sex also infertility. Physically we associate it with hips, sacrum, lower back, genitals, womb, bladder, kidney. Involvement with sensuality, sexuality, emotions, intimacy, desire. You could even analyse different cultures on earth to see where the energy is. Today in the west the advertisment is all about sex, our lifestyle is all about sex, the secound chakra is controlling our society today.

Manipura Chakra

Each person has their own aura – and their own colour of aura. Everybody can see auras – right now you

might not see it because you told yourself what you can do and what you can not do. Can you handle honesty? What environment are you creating that people lie to you? Taking responsibility even for that.

Feeling energy

Your own energy: rub your plams, spread fingers apart, close eyes, play with your energy

Aura of others: stand behind a sitting person give some space for the energy, rub your palms, take

them away from the person and very slowly bring your hands closer and feel the aura of that person Practise on a plant/ tree – gaze at a leaf

Start seeing auras on top of the crown – be aware of auras when touching people

The manipura chakra is the center of the body, it is the largest energy center in our body, it influences the digestion process, assimilaton of food and prana. It governs the sense of accomplishment, your will, your ego, vital energies, seed of personality, self esteem, confidence or insecurity, personal power, being yourself.

Anahata Chakra

As we get higher and higher, the chakras get less and less physical. The Anahata Chakra controlls physicaly to trachea, lungs and the heart. It has to do with unconditional love (not only the romantic love), compassion. You will connect with compassion when you move beyond, then you look around and you see yourself in everything and everything is you. You will feel for the dophins in the ocean. It also governs the lungs, our breath, our prana. If you are compassion, you never judge other people, never be violent. Unconditional love means loving without an motive, love with no comparison. Path of realization: love without the fear of loosing your partner this is unconditional love. Normaly we would only love people as long as it serves us (friends, family, partner)

Visudda Chakra

This is about communication, express yourself. Linked to the thyriod gland which controlls the metabolism which converts food into energy. Unbalanced 5 chakra would be a sore throat. What kind of people often have sore throats? Kids – very common – because they can not fell you what they want. Also if people always swallow anger, keep stuff to themselfs, they do not express what they want. Unbalanced chakra might be speechless, often have a cough or they do not stop talking, stottern, or they always say „äh“ while talking.

Ajna Chakra – The Third Eye

This is the gateway to liberation. Your intuition, imagination, seeing reality beyond the mind and ego, illusions. It is connected to the third eye. Esoterically regarded to be the center of psychic potential. The pinal gland is locatd in the center of the brain, size quater of an inch, weights about 1/10 of a gram.

Tasks of the pinal gland:

Chief of brain and nervours system

Normalization of immunsystem

Suppressing tumors

Protection against stress

Anit aging effect

Gland secrets melatonin vital for a proper sleep

Sahasrara Chakra

Any definition will limit it.

The aim of yoga is realization. All chakras need to be balanced. There is no one chakra more important than the other. You need all chakras to be equal balanced – otherwise you can not make a living or you can not communicate with people. A lot of yogis have powerfull energy in the higher chakras, but they are not grounded, they can not deal with normal daily life.

Only you know your balance e.g. first chakra, making a living, some people are happy with less money others like to make a lot, but ask yourself what is your motive?

Relationsship, fears, motive, action, way of love, way you eat – every moment in each day is indication for your yoga practise.