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Wojtek Matusialc yee) pT tat tog Supermarine SPITF RE Mk V Supermarine Spitfire V Wojtek Matusiak Artwork: Robert Grudzien Published in Poland in 2004 by STRATUS Artur Juszezak, Po. Box 123, 27-600 Sandomierz 1, Poland e-mail: arturj@mmpbooks.biz for Mushroom Model Publi 36 Ver Road, Redbourn, AL3 7PE, UK, e-mail: rogerw@waitrose.com ns, © 2004 Mushroom Model Publications. http://www.mmpbooks.biz, All rights reserved. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, c cism or review, as permitted under the Copy- right, Design and Patents Act, 1988, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, electrical, chemical, mechanical, optical, photocopying, recording otherwise, without prior written permission. enquiries should be addressed to the publis! ISBN 83-917178-3-6 Editor in chief Roger Wallsgrove Editors Bartlomiej Belcarz Robert Peezkowski Artur Juszezak Edited by Robert Peczkowski Page design by Artur Juszezak Robert Peczkowski Cover Layout Artur Juszezak DIP Robert Gretzyngier Proofreading Roger Wallsgrove James Kightly Colour Drawings Robert Grudzien Scale Plans Robert Grudziest Printed by: Drukarnia Diecesjalna, Acknowledgements am grateful to Bey Laing, Peter Amold, Steve Atkin, James Kightly, and Roger Wallsgrove for proofreading the book, which improved it in many respects. T would also like to thank a number of friends who assisted me in my research of Spitfire history, thus indirectly contributing to this book. Apart from Peter Arnold, men- tioned above, my thanks go to Dave Birch, Dr Alfred Price and Simon Watson (Britain), Robert Bracken (Canada), Krzysztof Chotoniewski, Franciszek X. Grabowski and Robert Grudzieri (Poland), Malcolm Laird (New Zealand), Helmut Terbeck (Germany), Olivier Tyrbas de Chamberet (France), and Harry van der Meer (Holland). I also thank all those who provided photographs used in this book, too numerous to list here, but credited appropriately Finally, | am much obliged to Piott Mrozowski and Robert Gretzyngier for their unselfish assistance in digitally restoring all those small, faded, scratched photos, to reveal their true content, Wojtek Matusiak Unless credited otherwise, all illustrations are via author Previous page: A glamourous photo of Spitfire R693 OLS of no. 92 ‘Sqn RAK, one of the earliest Mark Fives in service, a con verted Mk IB. This view displays to advantage the enlarged oil cooler under the port wing with circular air intake, introduced in the Mk V (the earlier varianis had shallower cooler with semi-circular intake), Despite claims otherwise, this was the only external difference berween the earliest Mk Vs and late Mk Ils. For practical reasons this meant that in combat conditions there was no way to tell a Mk V Jrom iis predecessors. ul. Zeromskiego 4, 27-600 Sandomierz tel. (15) 832 31 92; fax (15) 832 77 87 www.wds-pl marketing @wds.pl WYPRODUKOWANO W POLSCE. PRINTED, IN POLAND Development Mk VA & VB 6 Mk VC i Mk V Trop 13 LEV 4 Mk VLR 4 Mk V fighter-bombers, 15 FR.V 15 Navalised Mk V 16 Mk V floatplane 16 ‘One-off modiLications 0 High altitude interceptors 17 Two-seater 18 ‘The German DB605-powered Spitfire 18 Development variants 18 Production summary 19 Production listing 20 Supermarine 20 Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory 23 Westland na RAF (and FAA) use 28 Home based 28 ‘Mediterranean 37 Australia 2 South-East Asia 42 Other territories 2 RAF (and FAA) camouflage & markings 43 Home based B Mediterranean i Contents Epitomising legends and myths of the Spitfire V stoty iy this machine, AB: Australia South-East Asia Foreign use Australia Belgium Canada Czechoslovakia Egypt France Germany Greece India Italy Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal * South Africa Turkey USA USSR Yugoslavia ‘Technical description 1/72 scale drawings Specifications Selected bibliography Details in colour Colour profiles a ee wat 53 WX-C of no, 302 (Polish) Sqn, often ‘mis-captioned (even in this author's earliest publications...) as “the personal mount of WiCdr Witorzeric, command- ing the Ist Polish Wing” and purported to show “the special markings applied for the Operation ‘Jubilee’ (19 August 1942) As a matter of fact during mid-1942 WiCdr Witorzesé commanded the 2nd Polish Wing, headquartered at Kinonsin-Lindsey, while A853 and the entire no. 302 was based at Heston, reporting to the Ist Polish Wing at Northolt. What is more, the nose and tail hands were introduced by Fighter Command signal on 5 July 1942 and abandoned by FC signal of 17 July. No special markings were used during Operation ‘Jubilee’ (see p. 48). 4 Supermarine Spifive V DEVELOPMENT efore WW? began, four Spitfite variants were conceived. Mk I was B the original Spitfire that entered production, Mk II was the version