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gin Yakovlev YELLOW SERIES Yak-9U aP Robertgpanek Colourgillustrationsguy, KrzysztotaWwolowski| Yakovlev Yak-3U «P Table of contents Introduction .... Design development The Yak-9U prototype Yak-9U with VK-107 Yak-9UT..... Yak-9UW ... Yak-9PD . Yak-9P Description and technical data .. Yak-9P and P in service Yak-9U and P in action .. Detail photos General view Fuselage .. Wing Canopy... Cockpit Tail . Engine Undercarriage eee Colour profiles ... ‘Artur Juszezak James Kightly Translation Krzysztof Wolowski Acknowledgements: Colour Drawings The author would like to thank Robert Bock, Stefan Boshniakov, Marek Krzysztof Wolowski Cieliczko, Bernard Denes, Jan Hoffmann, Wactaw Holys, Dymitriy Karlenko, DIP Mariusz Konarski, Witold Liss, Wojciech Luczak, Robert Peczkowski, Robert Panek Krzysztof Wolowski, Jarostaw Wrobel, Robert Zaborski. Ieesla alent Special thanks for the firm Moskit for photos. Robert Panek pees Get in the picture! ‘ul. Zeromskiego 4, Do you have photographs of historical aireraft, airfields in action, or es original and unusual stories to tell? MMP would like to hear from you! We ei) 980 97 8 ‘welcome previously unpublished material that will help to make MMP books wwrw.wds.pl marketing@vdsipl the best of their kind, We will return original photos to you and provide full credit for your images. Contact us before sending us any valuable material: PRINTED IN POLAND rogerw@mmpbooks.biz