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a short simple illustration, that holds a great mystery.

If you found a round globe object that contained infinite power and life, where do you hide it? You dig deep in the ground and cover it up, then you place a mountain on top of it, you cover the mountain in thorns and weeds and snakes and wolves, you create a being who wields incredible power, make him invisible and set him over that mountain so that a wayfaring fool will never even stumble upon it. Then you tell the innocent and pure of heart of this master and who has made this globe of power. That it cost this master his life to hide it, so the wicked would never find it. A Way that whomsoever dares to walk the path, will only do so at the risk of their own lives and souls. The wicked can never have such love to "lay down their life for a friend". They are all about self and preserving themselves and this proves they are unworthy of such infinite power and life. But true love sacrifices it self for the good of others. They dare walk where angels fear to trod, they walk among the Mountain that burns with Fire, among the stones of fire, by a faith and a love and a guide so precise, it will consume the dark shield of their souls to place their hands into that place to obtain that which brings Life back forth from the Dead! Spirit must inherit Spirit! No Soul can lay hold on this eternal life. There are some who are for some time now, made their way and have walked this path facing untold horrors and fears and torments beyond words, to bring back those Thunders, that Life, that Pearl of Great Price, those Keys that unlock Death, Hell and The Grave for all humankind. Few there be that find this! Now are you beginning to catch a glimpse of what it means to "Take Up your Cross and follow me"? "There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is death". "You must Lose your Life". To resurrect your body from the dead, to have power to lay it down and bring it back from the dead. To manifest God! Change your own Body from Mortal to Immortal, To be clothed upon with Immortality! The Power of an Endless Life! PN

A dear friend of mine recently said to me something so powerful, deep and rich and it immediately revealed our connection that it was divinely inspired and ordained of God. Her Grandfather was a devout deep Christian Man who walked in some deep mysteries and understanding of God. He searched for what I recently posted below. This man said to his granddaughter some months before he passed, " I have found the secret to walking out of this world with my body", but he never got the chance to manifest this or share it with his granddaughter. These men are seekers of the eternal world where men like Enoch and Elijah and Moses and Jesus walked and discovered this same deep mysterious secret! Men like

William Branham and George Pike Sr. Discovered these truths and because of the time not ready they were not able to partake or manifest these secrets. They did leave a a trail that those who have The Faith and Strength to follow could come and in their day and time and generation will discover it as well and make it known and manifest eternal life in their mortal genes. I am a seeker also I have discovered this way, it took me 40 years. Others of my brethren they have discovered this secret also. We wait for the rest to arrive that were ordained of old to discover these and when they do and are already on their way, we will all come be in The Unity of This Faith, and then shall the End come. Are you a seeker? Hurry your time is short! When the last one steps in, the door will close, the path will be obscured, the way will be no more.