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Certificate Awarding Body: IOSH Managing Safely, UK Overview The IOSH MS course is at the very core of successful health and safety involving those who are responsible for others. It is designed to aid managers in handling health and safety in their teams. This course enables manager and supervisors to apply sound management principles to Health and Safety issues as part of total management strategy of their organisation. Benefits to you and your company This course will provide you with knowledge and tools to tackle the health and safety issues you are responsible for. You will realize the essence of health and safety as an importance part of your job. Organisations will benefit from the recognised and respected certificated training for their managers and supervisors and will enjoy peace of mind offered by training thats designed and quality-controlled by authorised safety professionals. Their managers and supervisors will get up to speed with the practical solutions needed to handle health and safety within their teams, and will understand the health, safety and environmental management systems and their business benefits. Who should attend? This course is primarily designed for all managers and supervisors, in any sector, and any organisation, who are responsible for people and processes. It is equally relevant for managers and supervisors at all levels who require basic knowledge on the current health and safety requirements and principles. Learning outcomes On completion of the course, you will be able to: Apply basic management principles to safety and health issues Recognise safety and health hazards in the workplace Identify and outline the training and supervision needs of staff Identify what actions should be taken when incidents involving injury or occur Communicate effectively on safety and health issues Course content Managing safely covers Introducing Managing safely Assessing risks Controlling risks Understanding your responsibilities Identifying hazards Investigating accidents and incidents Measuring performance Protecting our environment

Course Duration and Assessment Course duration is of 3 days plus one day for examination. Delegates understanding of Health and Safety basics is evaluated using multi-format questions and a workplace-based written assignment. On successful completion of the assessments the delegates will receive an IOSH accredited certificate in Managing Safely. Delivery style: The programme delivery will be highly interactive. Case studies, group discussions, role-plays, videos, PPTs, quizzes and games will encourage participants involvement.