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1 Explain how this practical program has enable to assist in your personal growth And development in preparing yourself to meet the challenges of the employment market in the real world.


Issues and challenges that you faced while taking part in the practical training or while performing the tasks that were given and how you address these issues from the management perspective. For practicum students who are new to the working environment will inevitably

encounter some difficulty , either in the environment myself. Before doing this practical session , I have a problem where I have to choose a suitable place which matched with field practicum that I learned. During the selection practicum place , I chose the suitable place with the field practicum that I learned while the location I choose to do a practical place to be a bonus for me because it was close to my home . During my practicum sessions at the Agropole Sdn Bhd , my problem is on the customer initially making the insurance where I need to think positive when facing a problematic client . Troubled customers usually late in paying debts and sexual harassment . For customers who prefer sexual harassment , I take precautions when dealing with the customer involved with the group serving customers . Other than that , I also have a problem to do promotional products company to the public as a result of a short -time practicum . However, the company has chosen my idea to do a promotional products company to the public. The other problem that I face is concerned with the relatively late time of return than normal as a result of the closure daily after 5pm . In addition, the time off is not

consistent cause I do not have enough time to rest and eat . If the customer is at the maximum amount , we are not allowed to rest before completing insurance customers . Forcing customers and employees who disregard the busy putting pressure on me especially at critical times in which they often request that completed their road tax immediately. After a few weeks of doing this practical session , I was able to adapt to a situation like this . Some of my way to do is to explain to customers that their road tax can not be done immediately on a number of factors that can not be avoided . In addition, I also give customers the option of either doing or the road tax of my own doing. If customers choose to do their vehicle road tax with our company , I would give the time at least pm the next day to complete. For customers using the vehicle MMIP insurance for vehicles, I have to explain to the customer to take their road tax grants and after 4 working days. The other problem I face is the result of the conversion of the new system by which clients make RTD insurance and road tax had on hold because the system can not penetrate . At that time, many customers are not satisfied with the service rendered by me as a result of the RTD problem , the impact many customers are angry and some are cursing me as a result of delays in the insurance and road tax . JPJ system that was problematic was the third week of the month of Ramadan where many busy customers renew their insurance and road tax . When this problem occurs , it requires me to be at the very thought of the balance between positive emotions and work to be done . I can solve the problem well with the support of managers and other colleagues. For customers who want to tax their vehicles were sent to the home or to the place of work, it requires me to face any eventuality as misguided or even greater risk. I face some problems when sending my customers vehicle taxes such as not find customer address where I need to spend time to find their home and face a variety of risks as a woman. In addition, another problem I face during this practicum sessions run is about to take the money and I have to put into the company account . I face the risk of theft or

robbery as great as the amount of money that I bring a lot. Any risk of loss of money which will be borne by the carrier money where it caused me to be a very alert , especially to the suspect. I can solve the problem on the cooperation of colleagues and managers are very understanding of my situation . Manager, Mrs. Zainura Binti Abd . Baharim will ensure 2 employees to go put money as a precaution despite the close location to the company's bank as a first step to avoid bad things happen . I was able to overcome the problems that have occurred over the practicum sessions occur until the report is generating with the cooperation of all employees of the company . Experienced management made me more confident and comfortable to be in this company as one of the practicum students . Moreover, the nature of helping to make every job easier and faster.


New suggestions or proposals which Alpha College of Technology can introduce in this programme to enhance it further.



The company's management is currently very proud to be able to survive and compete with non-natives who does have stiff competition . However, the management company is currently only able to survive at least 5 years from now because of stiff competition from representatives of other insurance . Among the ideas that prevail covers several aspects , among which are : 5.2.1 MARKETING In terms of marketing , management companies should take the initiative to take some chances on the assumption that there is an opportunity in the future . Starting from a

wider distribution of pamphlets , it attracts more customers especially on their newly made and are still choosing the right vehicle insurance for their vehicles . In addition, companies also need to make some architecture and advertisement placed by the roadside to provide clarity to the public about insurance that fits their vehicle . However , the selection of a strategic place to put billboards and building should be placed in a convenient place in view. The company also has to do some promotion , especially in certain parts of the promotional do insurance in government departments and also in the course of industrial workers employed in the sector have time constraints to renew insurance and road tax their vehicles . For customers who want to redeem their insurance as a result of accidents , the company should take the initiative to do the redemption insurance customers quickly and provide a number of advantages to customers when doing insurance with the company . Among the advantages of the company should consider is borrowing a vehicle for customers who are facing with an accident and do delivery service to customers in order to facilitate repair of customer vehicles in their movement . 5.2.2 uniformity In moving towards a high caliber company , the company should formulate internal restructure the company to make a formal dress for the company as well as laying out the company's internal tables such as the exact time of rest and return the exact time . Apart from this the company also needs to create a system where they can track time and attendance and home workers . States also need to do a move that could improve the company's internal structure to standardize conditions in the office in terms of decor and interior decoration company . Furnishings are unforgettable and peaceful emotions play an important role in customer or the employees themselves .

5.2.3 CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT SERVICES In the management of the customer service , the company should provide some emotional injection can increase the level of emotional equilibrium workers have to deal with the vagaries of various customers .

Emotional injection to be given by an employee is to send them to the registered counselor and send them to the briefing identity and mental endurance . So that , the employee will be more emotionally stable in the face of troubled customers and requires workers have a high mental endurance . In addition, employees also need to have a high degree of confidence in the face with customers to explain them about the insurance they need to take .

IDEAS FOR IMPROVING COMPANY MANAGEMENT Agropole company has moves a step to obtain the award of the best representatives of the insurance agent recently . The award is obtaining as a result of the collaboration of the company's employees who worked hard to make this company to be the best . In addition, systematic management to make the company become stronger and more developed . Several proposals have been in please re improve our performance , especially in terms of interior . Among the suggestions is to create the break please re more consistent and systematic . This is to ensure the welfare of their workers, especially time off to be more consistent and consistent time and enough rest can help employees be more fresh in addition to a more balanced mental endurance . In effect, employees become more efficient and mentally strong while doing the work . In addition, the company needs to maintain good communication by all employees and reduce the gap between senior staff and other employees. Furthermore, to strengthen the bond between the company's employees work in the company , the system will become more smooth and orderly . Good communication can also make the work environment more cheerful while increasing employee performance and company performance . Another recommendation is to do more promotions such as making more flyers to be provide to the public, especially in government departments . This is because civil servants have limited time to spend some time to make insurance and road tax . Therefore, the company needs to take this opportunity as a challenge that result . The management should think critically modular type to take advantage of this as opening a few kiosks near government departments to calculate their vehicle

insurance for free . They do travel tax and insurance without the high shipping charges if they commit insurance groups.

In addition, the company also should capitalize on opportunities wisely to hold some promotion not only for the government but also to non-governmental organizations to open kiosks in supermarkets or insurance in the insurance industry to do the calculations for free road tax and shipping services as well as insurance the low charge by mile from the office to the customer's home . The company will also have to create a few steps to attract customers to the insurance companies , which include giving gifts or souvenirs to customers who commit insurance according to the amount and type of insurance coverage carried by the customer . The customer service center plays an important role to further improve the performance of the company, namely to take the initiative to warn customers about their insurance is almost over at least employees should remind customers a month earlier than the date of expiry of insurance to provide for their customers came time to renew their insurance.