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Frequently Asked Questions

Located here are answers to questions previously asked of Dr. Grammar that may provide help with your writing ills. If after reading Dr. Grammar's response, you still want to learn more, go to this excellent resource at Purdue University and follow the prompts to your question for additional explanations and examples.

A lot or Alot? A or An? Accept or Except? Acronyms and Initialisms? Active or Passive Verbs? Affect or Effect? All Ready or Already? Allusion or Illusion? Among or Amongst? Among or Between? Amount or Number? And or But to begin a sentence? Annotated Bibliograp y? Apostrop es? As per!!!? Assume or Presume? Bad or Badly?

In regard*s+ to? Independent vs ,ependent $lauses? Intensifiers? really- really toug ? Into or In to? Irony- 'arcasm- or .acetiousness? It is I or It is me? It/s er or It/s s e? Its or It/s? 0ie or 0ay ? 0i#e or 'uc as? 0in#ing Verbs? 0ittler and 0ittlest? %a1ority is or are? %ay or %ig t? %e- %yself- or I? %id2 or 1ust %id? %rs!3%s!3%iss?

Between you and I or Between you and None is or None are? me? Numbers4 5 en to spell out and 5 en to write as Bring and "a#e? numbers? $an I or %ay I? $annot or $an Not? $apitali&ation? $apitali&ation in "itles? $apitali&ation of "itles of Persons? $ite or 'ite? $olon (se? $ommas and Periods Inside )uotation %ar#s? $ommas? $omplements? 67 or 6#ay? 6n or (pon?3 In or Into? Parallelism? Parent etical ,ocumentation? Plurals of Abbreviations- 0etters- and Numbers? Plurals of Proper Names? Possessive wit a 8erund? Preposition at end? Proportional or Proportionate? Punctuation of ,ates?

$omprise? $ontinually or $ontinuously? $oordinate or $umulative Ad1ectives? ,ata or ,atum? ,ifferent .rom or ,ifferent " an? ,isinterested or (ninterested? ,ocumenting 6nline 'ources? ,one or .inis ed? ,ran# or ,run#? ,ue to or 6wing to? Eac is or Eac are? eart or Eart ? Etymology *5ord 6rigin+? Everybody and Everyone? Everyone3Everybody is3are appy? .art er or .urt er? .ewer or 0ess? 8ood or 5ell? 9ave got or 9ave gotten? 9opefully? 9yp enation? :I: before :E: except after :$:? *I!e!+ or *E!g!+? Idiom? If or 5 et er? Imply or Infer?

)uotation %ar#s and 6t er Punctuation Reason is because? Regular and Irregular Verbs? 'emicolon use? 'et or 'it? ' all or 5ill? 'ic? 'ingle ;uotation mar#s? 'pacing after concluding mar#s of punctuation? 'plit infinitives? " an I3" an me? " at or 5 ic or 5 o? " e faculty is or " e faculty are? " en or " an? " ru or " roug ? "o- "oo- or "wo? "oward*s+- .orward*s+- Bac#ward*s+? "ransitive verb or Intransitive verb? "ry and or "ry to? (ni;ue or %ore uni;ue? 5 o or 5 om?