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NURS 1566 Clinical Medication Worksheet

Generic Name Trade Name Classification Dose Route Time/frequency

Benzocaine Benzocaine Local 1 lozenge PO PRN
w/menthol anesthetic
Peak Onset Duration Normal Dosage Range
Allow 1 lozenge (10-15 mg) to dissolve slowly in mouth; may
Unknown Unknown Unknown repeat every 2 hours as needed

Why is your patient getting this medication: For IV meds, compatibility with IV drips and /or
May be used for dry, irritated throat. solutions

Mechanism of action and indications: Nursing Implications (what to focus on)

Ester local anesthetic blocks both the initiation and Contraindications/warnings/interactions
conduction of nerve impulses by decreasing the neuronal
membrane's permeability to sodium ions, which results in Common side effects:
inhibition of depolarization with resultant blockade of Hypersensitivity

Interactions with other patient drugs, OTC or Lab value alterations caused by medicine:
herbal medicines (ask patient specifically): Hematologic : Methemoglobinemia

None known Be sure to teach the patient the following about this
Use as directed; do not overuse. Use least amount possible to
obtain desired effect. Do not eat or drink for 1 hour following
oral application. Discontinue use and report if swelling of
mouth, lips, tongue, or throat occurs;. Report cyanosis,
weakness, problems breathing, or rapid heartbeat immediately.

Nursing Process- Assessment Assessment Evaluation

(Pre-administration) Why would you hold or not give this Check after giving
VS, monitor for dyspnea, weakness, med?
tachycardia. S/S of hypersensitivity Improvement of throat