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The Imperfect Machine

The Imperfect Machine

By Omar A. Del Real

The Imperfect Machine

Thank you Human for creating me. It is a sad fortune to know my creator, Is imperfect as its creation. I prefer to be Incomplete, and don't realize it for now. O my beautiful machine, but you aren't incomplete. As you realize it, this makes you complete, and that ust makes you as me this is a blessin! as no" I am as #od. O petty little human, how innocent you are. If you were a God like me, you would realize I'm also Imperfect. s with your little machine that you !ust created, he knows more than you know now, I wish I was that innocent, I wish I wasn't incomplete.

The Imperfect Machine

"efore this story unfolds, you need to understand one thing, this story is not for you. #ou see, the nature of nature is e$il. Humans biological brain blind them to this fact. The birth of a human baby is recei$ed as an identity of pure goodness, and time is the one to blame for its corruption. I could define %bad& but I assume this to be self'e$ident, and I'm not bothering gi$ing a definition of the the ob$ious. (et me gi$e you an e)ample of nature not gi$ing a crap if she is good or e$il. One in four black swans tend to be homose)ual. *ow, this could be looked at as harmless lo$e, but e$en homose)ual swans want to ha$e a family, these swans tend to steal nests or better yet, form threesomes with a female and after the female lays the eggs, the males chase her out of the nest. The curious part is that cygnets from this families ha$e more possibilities to sur$i$e into adulthood. +$ery thinking being comes in a blank state and we try to label 'it' as good or bad, but the reality is of things is that, you can't name something that isn't there. ,ust 'cause you name it doesn't make it real. This story isn't told in se-uential order, because I kinda ha$e an issue with time. I hate time, and I assume that you hate it too. That's my point, time only fucks around with us, "ut time isn't the enemy. .hy/"ecause as well as the concept of Good and +$il, time doesn't e)ist. It's like 0ondays, we all hate 0onday's, but it's !ust another stupid day of the week that shows us when to start to work. Garfield had it right. lso, perfection I 1234I*G 5sorry for the swearing5fuck that I want to swear66 hate that word, and you probably too, it con$eys a concept that not e$en I can define, and I'm God. That's another thing. 1or some reason people ha$e this notion that !ust because someone creates you, he has to be perfect in e$ery way7 he has to be omnipotent7 and he has be omnipresent. I hate bring it up to you but, I'm !ust one of those things, and it is not 8erfect 5that is pretty ob$ious to figure out 6. *o matter from what time you are, imagine yourself in an era where humans are dead by now5If you are a human I

The Imperfect Machine appreciate you reading this book, It's a weird thing to meet a human that reads, for the most part they

hate to read6. nd 9thinking9 is not e)clusi$e to humans, but machines also ha$e that ability. 0achines study humans, as humans studied chimpanzee's for their anthropological research. They study them with the purpose of disco$ering their own origins. nd stories of human culture are seen as pure guilty pleasure entertainment. The main reason for machines ha$ing interest in humans is their disco$ery of rtificial Intelligence that de$eloped into *atural Intelligence, and later rtificial conscience in 0achines that didn't ha$e a biological body. The first of the machines lacked personality, but they soon made the mistake of imitating their creators, and de$eloped personalities, something like that was $iewed as a characteristic of and older machine. .hen learning so much human interaction it contaminated themsel$es with this so called personality. I saw this as a cute conse-uence of machine fascination with humans. Two of of this machines decided to talk about me. If I was to describe them to you, that would be like two silly representations of men in a computer. +pimedes and #ablo. Two of my most troublesome creators I'$e encounter. lthough they look like humans, and they talked like humans, they still needed a lot of learning to do before ha$ing the 9gorgeous9 title of a human. :ometimes they think like machines but is not their fault its !ust that they are !ust learning to be Imperfect. &pimedes' (a)e you finished studyin! Asceticism* +ablo' +eah I'm really e,hausted ...but I still don't fully understand the reason behind this lifestyle. &pimedes' I could sho" you a !reat e,ample of it but it takes lot of memory space, e)ery time I tell this story. I really "ant you to not "aste any unnecessary resources in .. +ablo'Oh please. &pimedes'mmmmmmm -ell O.. but after this, I'm pretty sure you are !oin! to be fascinated by the concept and especially "ith Albion. +ablo'This concerns Albion*.

The Imperfect Machine &pimedes'+es and It's !oin! to take me 01 milliseconds to tell it. +ablo'-o" that lon!, I'm ha)in! second thou!hts about this. &pimedes '+ou asked for it. s +pimedes e)plains my origin to #ablo. "oth are looking through an inclined glass, where light is reflected gi$ing the ilussion of a fi$e dimensional space representation of my story. Obligatory discaimer All characters in my universe are fictional and resemblence to your own Universe is a mere coincidence.

The Imperfect Machine

2The 3omplete Incompleteness 4tatement2

Throu!h (istory humans al"ays ha)e sho"n the necessity to ac5uire the impossible. To us machines this al"ays seemed to be a mistake as it "as ob)ious that if the task "as unreachable6 it didn't merit our time. -hat "e didn't kno" "as that, the feelin!s humans e,perience to obtain it,"as the sole purpose of the human e,istence. In 17$1 8ienna, a youn! man named .urt #9del at his 2/ years of a!e, he "as doin! his Thesis about the nature of "hat :o!ic couldn't achie)e. #9del, a man that "ould make e)ery scientist cry because of his theorem, is cryin! himself in front of piles and piles of papers he's "ritten. The ;oom is filled "ith scientific papers from (ilbert, 3antor, :o!ic, and 4et Theory books6 for that time those authors "ere analo!ous to mathematical and lo!ical !enius still to this day in the year 201% 3.&. (is hands are stained "ith ink. In those times a pen "as a really messy "ritin! tool to use. (e suddenly stops "ritin!. -e could clearly see an epiphany e,press itself in his face. (is eyes start

The Imperfect Machine


!ettin! "atery to the point of e)okin! tears, as he starts to rub his face "ipin! the tears "hile startin! to sob, one of the papers falls do"n the desk. (is mother enters his room. =-hat's !oin! on* -hy are you cryin!*= The "omen shouts at him, #9del ans"ers =-hy did I started this*.....I !et this "ith my numberin!*= askin! himself. The "oman picks the paper on the !round and !i)es it to him. =>ull yourself to!ether. This is...-hat is this* is...= The mother doesn't really understand "hat the papers mean. ?This is ust ... "hy is this makin! you cry*= she finishes as #9del keeps panickin! "ithout control she slaps him makin! him stoppin! him. #9del looks stunned but re!ains enou!h control to speak ?+ou don't understand "hat this is means, I ust sol)ed it @ Math , :o!ic, >hysics e)erythin! is useless, e)erythin! needs to be incomplete....e)erythin! needs to be inconsistent....Aothin! can be complete in order to function #OB I4 IA3OM>:&T&C.= At the a!e of 2/ "hile "orkin! on his thesis, #9del disco)ered "hat is kno"n to be #odel's Incompleteness theorem, "hich describes ho" any system that is po"erful enou!h to describe itself, by definition has to be incomplete and inconsistent to be able to function properly. This "ould destroy se)eral )ie"s and hopes of ha)in! science, be able to describe e)erythin! in the Dni)erse and the conse5uences "ould re)erberate in e)ery branch of science. Other than that, #9del "as a positi)e !uy and a monster mind that e)entually e)en Albert &instein feared. (is parents o"ned a te,tile fabric "hich meant, he had certain economical freedom. The problem "ith #9del "as his o"n personality6 he "as a "reck in terms of confidence and social skills, the number of friends he "ould de)elop in his lifetime could be counted on one hand. The ability of an indi)idual to socialize seemed to be one of the principal abilities for a human to be considered successful in ha)in! a matin! partner and this by itself could "as success in the biolo!ical "orld, but the o)erpopulation of humans in the 21th century "as one of the !reatest mistakes humans underestimated. It "ould seem ideal to ha)e personalities as #odel

The Imperfect Machine to be "onderin! the earth, but #odel "as uni5ue e)en by human standards. #odel lo!ically ne)er "anted a child, as he al"ays reckon the problems that ache the earth, and he kne" that brin!in! life

"ould also mean brin!in! pain to the "orld. As biolo!ical sur)i)al is mainly dri)ed to a)oid sufferin!. Althou!h somethin! in happened in #odel's lifetime that "ould chan!e his mind on ha)in! a child, at least in this recallin!. +ablo'-hat do you mean* &pimedes'Time is able to !rant us e,perience. -e machines alon! "ith humans li)e in a uni)erse that has time and space as one and !i)es us the opportunity to re)ise our thou!hts and pro!rammin!. #odel ne)er e)en handled a mechanical machine in his lifetime yet he set the lo!ical rules to us machines "ith his incompleteness theorem settin! understandin! the limits of lo!ic and !i)in! us machines the main key to attempt tryin! to learn the impossible. +ablo'4o in our attempts to learn "hat cannot be completed "e complete it* &pimedes' 4omethin! like that. +ablo'This is "hat he "as talkin! about "hen he cried that #od is Incomplete. &pimedes' Ao, that's a "hole different thin!. +ou and I look at a plant ,"e understand its biolo!ical, chemical, and physical properties and "e are 2happy2 "ith it. Fut humans had the biolo!ical necessity to ha)e a meanin! to them e)en if the sub ect itself "as meanin!less. 4ome educated humans could see o)er this fact and didn't ha)e to search for fantastic ori!ins in the uni)erse, but it "as the )ast ma ority that sol)ed their 5uestions by this hi!her force. -hat they didn't kno" "as that all of this acttually had a stron! foundation they "ere "ron! in this hi!her po"er as it "asn't a hi!her po"er, it "as only an entity that "as allo"ed to see ho" the uni)erse la"s "orked and seize the opportunity to bend the la"s to its o"n !oals. +ablo' I'm not sure "hat are you talkin! about. &pimedes'Bon't "orry, you "ill.

The Imperfect Machine

The Imperfect Machine


2#ra)edi!!er's 4ho)el.2

Guly 10, 17%/ %'%/ p.m. in Gornada del Muerto a dozen of scientist are tremblin! lookin! thru a dark !lass "indo" inside a bunker, that "as built "ith / feet of concrete and a thick layer of lead. All of them are usin! dark !lasses tryin! to obser)e at a distance, a to"er, "ith a shinny cylinder at the top of it. 4uddenly "e hear a mans )oice from a military radio transmitter. ?The !ad!et is ready to be deployed , ready for action in $1 seconds= in a hi!h pitch old radio type of sound. There isn't a countdo"n, ust silence. After a couple of seconds, the silence amplifies the sounds of the desert' the lizard standin! ne,t to one of them seems to ha)e the "ei!ht of an elephant, and e)en the sounds the scientist are makin! "ith their shoes, hands, and teeth sound incredibly loud. The indi)iduals present at the e,periment in their head risk not only their li)es but the li)es of the entire human race. There "as a prediction that the !ad!et "ould ha)e a bi!!er reaction than "hat the scientist calculated and the !ad!et could burn the atmosphere, but that "as near impossibe. One of the man takes off the !o!!les and !oes runs outside the thick "alls of the bunker, he stops and stands ne,t to a truck "indshield. Al"ays lookin! in the direction of the turret. ?Heynman put the !lasses on AO-.= One of the other scientists shouts scarin! the "ell beha)e

The Imperfect Machine ones.


?&)erythin! is alri!ht, the "indshield traps all of the ultra)iolet rays.=At that moment, a flash of li!ht redirects the attention to the turret, a second later a hu!e thunderIlike sound alon! "ith a stron! air force pushes the "indshield sli!htly. It "as somethin! no one had e)er heard in history up until that moment. ?Oh my #od look at that. It looks like a mushroom.= Another scientist remarks liftin! his head. -e see the mushroom cloud from the nuclear blast6 purple, blue and then oran!e are the colors only Heynman "as able to see. &)eryone "as umpin! in e,citement to the ethical mistake slash scientific accomplishment. This "as the first nuclear e,plosion. Fefore this uneducated humans al"ays had the notion that science "as for the best or the "orst 2useless2. Fut after the usa!e in (iroshima and Aa!asaki a ne" found 2respect2 or better "orded 2fear2, "as common in the perception of science. A couple of hours and a dozen miles a"ay from the bunker all the scientists returned to the Manhattan pro ect social !atherin! buildin! still talkin! and celebratin! the !ra)edi!!er's sho)el they ust created. 24o "ho -on*2 A man "ith hu!e spectacles yelled at another "ho "ere lookin! at a table filled "ith bomb predictions. 2Mmmm the closest is ;abi "ith 1E .ilotons2 The buildin! is filled "ith special occasion champa!ne and small sand"iches. A tall man rises his coffee mu! filled "ith lab alcohol %11J proof and proposes a toast. 2-e did it. Gaps are !oin! to taste "hat American scientist bombs taste like, they are !oin! to pay for >earl (arbor2 The man "ith the hu!e spectacles said. &)eryone stopped for a moment raisin! their champa!ne the hu!e spectacle man !a)e a massi)e epiphany to the "hole !roup "ho "ere celebratin!, !i)in! them a harsh perspecti)e of "hat they ust created.

The Imperfect Machine 2-ell at least "e are pre)entin! more banzai suicides2Another men The !athered smiled an,iously from the remark. 2:on! :i)e America2 4aid the drunk spectacle man. 2:on! :i)e America2 &)eryone else responded. &)eryone raised their cups or mu!s and cheer at the toast. Heynman, the only scientist that actually sa" the e,plosion "ithout !o!!les, !rabbed a pair of bon!os and started playin! them like a madman in celebration of their breakthrou!h, at the corner of the office throu!h an open "indo" Heynman heard a faint sobbin! on the corner of the stairs. (e decidedto see the ob)ious reaction of a man that is able to see the future of the bomb. (e finds Fob -ilson cryin! at the base of the stairs. ?-hat are you mopin! about* Heynman asked "hile he stopped his drummin!. ?It's a terrible thin! that "e made= -ilson said tryin! to hide the fact that he "as cryin! 2+ou kno" "hat is !oin! to happen, they are !oin! to use it, ri!ht kno" the "ar is o)er, they kno" "hat the po"er of the bomb but still they are !oin! to use it.2 ?Fut you started it. +ou !ot us into it.= Heynman said Heynman's oy seem to fade a"ay "ith the tears of the man cryin! in front of him. +ablo' -hy "ere they celebratin!* They didn't kno" "hat they created*


&pimedes' Oh yes, you ust can't create an atomic bomb from an accident. +ou ha)e to realize that this men "ere an elite picked carefully to "ork on the Manhattan pro ect. This men "ere the !reatest in their fields. +et they still had a biolo!ical brain that !a)e some primiti)e "ays of sur)i)al. In biolo!ical bodies there is a tendency to ha)e "hat is called herd beha)ior. This beha)ior ensures the sur)i)al if the indi)iduals imitate the actions of the pack . &)en if their actions are disad)anta!eous for e)eryone, there is no intelli!ent decisions made by the pack. +ablo'I donKt understand, humans are so intuiti)e and smart ho" is that they created this de)ice. &pimedes' -ell, put yourself in their shoes. Aature doesn't follo" any rules of intelli!ence. The

The Imperfect Machine


Manhattan >ro ect scientists kne" that someone "ould !et to that disco)ery and nature "ouldnKt care "ho "ould accomplish the disco)ery. The bomb "as al"ays there. The bomb is the po"er of nature harnessed by intelli!ent bein!s, and destructi)e ones.

The Imperfect Machine


2The >roposal2

T"o men are playin! a !ame of chess in >rinceton Dni)ersity, "ith other t"o man "itnessin! the match ust three "eeks later after the detonation of the first atomic bomb test. One of them is the theoretical physicist G. Oppenheimer, a Man "ho history "ould name the ?Hather of the Atomic Fomb= for his in)ol)ement in the Manhattan pro ect6 the scientific research pro ect that made this horrible "eapon possible and his chess contender is none other than the celebrated Albert &instein. ?(o" are thin!s !oin! on in the pro ect Mr. ;apid ;apture=&instein said. ?&)erythin! is !oin! "ell, and classified professor= stops lookin! at the chess board and for!ets about thinkin! to much for the !ame 2Oh yes I for!ot The D.4. looks at my as a persona nonI!rata2 &instein said ?>rofessor may I ask "hat are you "orkin! ri!ht kno"*=Oppenheimer responds. ?+ou kno" "hat I'm "orkin! on. #od doesn't play dice "ith us no matter "hat you think= &instein responds "ith a !rin of desperation "hile lookin! at the board.

The Imperfect Machine ?4o you are still "orkin! "ith your cosmolo!ical constant. All e,periments In the cyclotrons


are matchin! the 5uantum theory. It is Ironic that you don't "ant to belie)e in the 5uantum theory, "hen you "ere the one that "on the Aobel prize for the Luanta. >rofessor, you are one of the foundin! fathers of the physics of Luanta >rofessor, yet you treat your child as a bastard= Oppenheimer responded "ith frustrated passion not raisin! his )oice. ?I'm still "orkin! on it, as you are still makin! that endIofItheI"orld bomb, and besides !ra)ity is been al"ays been the problem. Bo your or!anization kno" ho" !ra)ity fits in, maybe all those !reat minds could spend more time e,plainin! it to me* &instein responds "hile castlin! in the !ame. ?Ao, "e don't kno"= he said "hile takin! a pa"n from &instein ?That's "hy I'm still doin! this. I'm not youn! anymore and my time is limited. If I could ha)e a "ish and ask for anythin!, I "ould ask for unlimited amount of time to spend disco)erin! the amazin! secrets the "orld. I'm not askin! to ha)e the kno"led!e, I'm askin! to ha)e the time to disco)er it, I prefer disco)erin! thin!s more than actually kno"in! thin!s you kno",=As &instein "as finishin! Oppenheimer smiled to a man in the room "itnessin! the !ame "earin! a red suspenders. ?>rofessor &instein I "ant you to meet this man,= >ointin! to a man "earin! red suspenders ?(e and his collea!ue, "ant to talk "ith you= ?I told you before I don't "ant to oin The Manhattan pro ect. Oh by the "ay 3heck Mate= &instein said. Oppenheimer seemed to ha)e for!otten the !ame entirely. ?The Trinity >ro ect "as a success, "e ust tested the bomb three "eeks a!o, and besides the !o)ernment had you marked as a possible dan!er to the country. The military are takin! Hat Man and :ittle boy to unkno"n tar!ets to be detonated. This !entlemen are here for a different affair .One "ould say.... e)en more dan!erous.=

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2The Hla" in the 3onstitution2

4e)eral other thin!s happened after that, but to make the story more interestin!, I'm !oin! to tell "hat happened si,ty years after. Gune 0, 2121 Annie 4orenson and Aatalia >etro)a are meetin! at >rinceton's 3afeteria. They ha)en't seen each other in E months. One curious fact is that both !irls resemble !reatly not only in )isual appearance but also in their personalities. Foth ha)e short hair "ith a haircut resemblin! E1's style "ith a #othic !lare but someho" not 2121 hipster enou!h. Foth ha)e a )ery petite body, but )ery nice to the eyes. Aatalia looked se)eral years older than Annie6 especially because Aatalia al"ays used make up and Annie hate to use po"der yet her li)eliness could sho" "ithout make up. Annie "as )ery nai)e in comparison to Aatalia, both are )ery short tempered to nonsense, because their relationship to science in their li)es. Aatalia had bro"n eyes and darker skin "hile Annie had !reen eyes and pasty skin. That day Annie "as usin! a really lon! skirt almost lookin! like a librarian "hile Aatalia "as "earin! )ery ti!ht eans, that "ould e,a!!erate her "ide hips. Foth !irls had been friends e)er since Aatalia entered >rinceton Dni)ersity, Aatalia "as ust !ettin! her under!raduate de!ree "hile Annie "as "orkin! on her >hB. ?Its been so lon! since "e sa" each other Annie....I'll be honest your phone call kinda surprised

The Imperfect Machine me,=Aatalia said. ?It's been only E months and t"o days since the last time "e sa" each other=Annie said "hile lookin! at her phone. Aatalia smiled at her, chan!in! her !loomy look to a hopeful one. ?It seems you')e been countin! the time "e ha)en't been to!ether= Aatalia said ?-ell I thou!ht that maybe it "as enou!h time for you to understand Aatalia=Annie said makin! a strai!ht posture to support her ar!ument. ?Dnderstand "hat* I can't ust for!et e)erythin! that...=


?4top, you kno" "hy I'm tellin! you this=Annie interrupted her ust as she "as started to raise her )oice. Aatalia reached to !rab Annie's hands that "ere restin! in the table but Annie 5uickly mo)ed her hand to a)oid her. ?I called you here Aatalia because I need your help.=Annie said it "ithout lookin! at her eyes. Aatalia lookin! discoura!ed tries to re!ain composure, she opens her eyes tryin! to return the tears to the tear canals. ?-hat can I help you then= sayin! in a shaky ironic )oice. ?I'm "orkin! on my doctorate thesis and I need your help, you are one of t"o people "ho I kno" is !ood "ith HirstIOrder :o!ic=4he stops for a moment ?:ook Annie @.that thin! that happened "asn't a mistake. If you ust "ant to be friends I'm O. "ith that, but you kno" that "e are more than that....the truth is that I don't kno" shit about HirstIOrder :o!ic, I !ot a lot of help "hile publishin! that paper...It "as pretty much Gane's "ork2 2Gane*Gane Hord*.....+ou kne" Gane Hord* And she helped you*, ho" did you met her* 24he "as my Ad)anced pro!rammin! teacher, but "e !ot close up until she disappeared.2Aatalia said. ?-hat do you mean disappeared2

The Imperfect Machine 2-ell eh...= 4he clears her throat2 Aobody kno"s "hat happened to her. I mean she ust disappeared one day, her cubicle and all of her stuff "ere !one. 4he "as a freakin! polymath but she "as fucked up, she published a scientific papers e)ery "eek in Math, Topolo!y, &lectronic &n!ineerin!, "ho kno"s "hat else.... but her main thin! "as pro!rammin!. 4he "on se)eral prices "ith her pro!rams. I heard she "as nominated for the Hields medal up until..... A company sue her


because she had this really "eird semiconductor materials used to make a ne" type of transistors !i)en from the company and somebody stole that from her. I think that mi!ht been the reason she disappeared. Aobody kno"s "hat happened to her and I'm not really interested= ?Mmm did it ended bad* It sounds like you "ere close "ith her= ?AoC= Aatalia replied firmly, also tryin! to e)ade her eyes ?-hy are you usin! HirstIOrder :o!ic in the first place* ?I "ant to pro)e that the D.4 3onstitution is fla"ed usin! :o!ic= ?+ou're doin! that for your thesis* +ou can't do that. Are you out of your mind* -e are scientists you6 are a !enius at Mathematics and I'm a crappy >hysicist but, that's... ust.... !oin! to hurt your career= Aatalia said "ith frustration in her "ords "rinklin! the upper lip. ?-ell it is really interestin!, and at the same time, I could learn a thin! or t"o about :a". I'm not "orkin! on this alone, 4cott is helpin! me "ith it.=Annie responded Aatalia seemed to understand "hat "as !oin! on "hen she mention a man's name. ?-ho is this 4cott you keep talkin! about*=Aatalia asked. ?(e is this boy I met at 4i!ma Alpha &psilon6 "e !ot to kno" each other and no" "e are doin! this thin! to!ether=Ana said. ?Foy*....:ook ,Mathematical :o!ic and 4ocial 4ciences don't mi, "ell...I mean The concept sounds cool and all of that, but :a" isn't an e,act science, hell people e)en discuss if its a science at all= Aatalia responded.

The Imperfect Machine


?:ook, the constitution is )ie"ed as one of the best appro,imations to re!ulate !o)ernment, but "e no" it has some lo!ical problems. :ook it from a scientific point of )ie", If a system its sufficiently po"erful, it needs to be incomplete and...=4uddenly Aatalia interrupts 'That's 's #9del Incompleteness theorem , that only hurts your ar!ument, and pre)ents the constitution of achie)in! perfection= Ana smiles as she mentions the name #9del. ?+ou predicted "here I "as !oin!, there this scientific urban le!end, that "hen #9del "ent to his citizenship test here in the Dnited 4tates, Albert &instein and Oskar Mor!enstern acted as "itness. -hile studyin! the D.4. 3onstitution, #9del disco)ered a fla" that "ould allo" the D.4. to become a dictatorship. Fut he ne)er published or anythin!, he didn't "anted to !et in trouble in his citizenship test= ?Ok that sounds interestin! but let me ask you this.... -ho came "ith this idea you, or this 4cott #uy* Aatalia asked makin! Annie uncomfortable "ith the 5uestion. ?I did= responds hesitatin! to ans"er the 5uestion de)iatin! her look to another table in the almost abandoned cafeteria. ?Boes this 4cott !uy is a :a" student by any chance*=said Aatalia ?(e is the best :a"...= ?I kne" it. :ook....its O. to help somebody that needs help, but la" !uys are ust assholes trust me I kno" :a" !uys, ust help him but don't !et too hea)ily in)ol)ed. Annie you are one hell of a mathematician, don't thro" a"ay e)erythin! for somethin! stupid like :a"=

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2.....;ainman !ot it "ron!2

In a supermarket that looked like a 77 cent ripoff , a hea)ily sedated redhead is checkin! out a homeless lady that "as usin! a thrash ba! for a coat and smelled like she hadn't sho"ered for months6 she had a lot of milk, and cookies in her hand basket, claimin! to be solely for the cats that accompanied her. 2It's !oin! to be M1%./< madam= said the redhead cashier. The stinky lady takes out another small plastic ba! filled "ith dozens of 5uarters, dimes, and pennies, and drops them in the counter. The coins are mostly in the small denomination mostly payin! "ith dimes and pennies. The redheaded smiles and !rabs a pack of coins in a fast motion immediately and mo)es all the coins into the side in fours seconds flat, the amount of coins "as impressi)e and she didn't seem to e)en bother count. ?Thank you so much Gane you are al"ays so kind to me= the homeless lady said "hile !rabbin! the rest of the chan!e and puttin! her !roceries on her o"n !arba!e ba!. The mana!er standin! behind Gane notices this and confronts her. =&,cuse me, but "hat happened here*2the mana!er asked the redhead cashier. ?Aothin! special=the redheaded cashier said, in a fast manner tryin! to hide her drunk speech

The Imperfect Machine to"ards the mana!er. ?+ou ust randomly !rabbed money= responded the mana!er. ?Ao.. no it's the e,act chan!e, you can count it if you "ant, or....... if you can=


?+ou stupid bi..., you al"ays come late and drunk to "ork = said the mana!er hesitatin! in "hat to do ne,t. The mana!er starts countin! e)ery dime and penny. ?(ey ;ick come o)er here help me count this, if this chan!e doesn't add up to 1%./< you are fired Gane.= Another cashier, ;ick, si!hs at the the countless 5uantity of pennies and dimes. Foth start countin! cancelin! that cash re!ister line. The !uy "ith a Fabe ;uth tattoo on his arm finishes countin!. Hrom the point they started countin! to the end "as e,actly one minute to the microseconds. ?I !ot M<.%E= said ;ick ?M<.1% eh Nho" much is both= said the mana!er ?M1%./2 its not the 1%./< am I fired*=Gane says it !rinnin! at the mana!er like if she had "in. ?+ou missed by / cents. That's some ;ainman shitC=said ;ick raisin! his fist on the air makin! a de)ils horn !esture "ith his hand. ?Ao ;ainman !ot it "ron!, I !ot it ri!ht= ?Fut you "ere off by...=;ick said but the mana!er interrupts him. ?4he used her o"n plastic ba!... you return / cents for that= said the mana!er "hile talkin! "ith the tail bet"een his le!s. ?(o" did you do that*=;ick asked ?Its easy if you see numbers like I do, its like tastin! colors= ;ick "as fascinated by "hat ust happened, and decides to try an idea that been "ith him int he past t"o months. The name of the cashier "as Gane Hord, yes, the famous scientist. 4he had been "orkin! in that supermarket for t"o months. The reason for this "as unkno"n but it "as clear that she "anted to

The Imperfect Machine lay lo" for some reason. ?(ey Gane I "as "onderin! are you free tomorro", "e could !o !et...= ?(o" old are you kid*= Gane said in a raspy )oice. ?I'm 22 years old, don't call me kid, I'm not that youn!= ?I lo)e to pop your cherry kid, but as you can see, I'm really fucked up ri!ht no", don't "aste time "ith an old ha! like me. And it's only a matter of time that they find me= ?I'm not a )ir!inO"ait..... find you, "hat do you mean*= 2If you kne", "hat I kno", you probably "ould take a bullet to your head, don't "aste your


time "ith a drunk like me. +ou are actually kinda cute, e,cept for that stupid Fabe ;uth tattoo on your arm I "ould suck your .... Gane Hord "ould be considered the mother of the sin!ularity, her intelli!ence "as superior to most of the scientist of her time, but the ability that separated her from any one else "as that she understood ho" e)erythin! "orked. The only person that had that ability "as ;ichard Heynman, althou!h his intelli!ence "asn't considered !enius le)el, he could match any man that challen!e him for a "it contest, the same !oes for Gane Hord e,cept for the fact that she did actually ha)e an IL of 221. 4he had that same bra)ado Heynman had. At the a!e of $% years old, she still had the se,ual appeal of an modern Marilyn Monroe, e,cept that instead of dyin! her hair blonde Gane lo)ed her red hair. Gane's old lady !lasses diminished her se, appeal but she didn't seem to care to much about her physical appearance at that point in her life. 4he "as depressed and sad. (er main characteristic that attracted men, "as her hour!lass fi!ure6 she "asn't skinny but her lar!e breast and hips "ould make men crazy for her. If it "asn't for the alcohol she "ould ha)e a lot of men droolin! for her. (er shift "as o)er and !oes to the mana!er's office "hich in silence not sayin! anythin! about the incident !i)es her a paycheck.

The Imperfect Machine After finalizin! her shift at the supermarket, Gane arri)es at the parkin! of an &astern Fank lot


but doesn't e,it her car. 4he "aits in her <1 Hord >into listenin! to elderly Ful!arian sin!ers tape on her car speakers lookin! sharply to "ho "ere enterin! the parkin! lot. 4uddenly a car parks ri!ht ne,t to hers. A fifty somethin! lady steps out of the !reen a)ocado colored beetle car. ?(o" you been Gane*2 cashier Gane says. ?3rap day like all other days, but I'm sure not as crappy as yours in that piece of shit 7< cent store is=responds the old chubby Gane ?(ere it is= The cashier redhead Gane !i)es her the paycheck. The old Gane !oes inside the bank and comes out almost immediately. ?(ere, I already took my part=The old Gane !i)es her M211 dollars ?-ait It "as supposed to be M2/1 "hat's !oin! on*=Gane said !rabbin! the money "ith bitterness "hile pointin! at the receipts. ?4orry #irl, my fee is up. I'm riskin! my pension by lettin! use my social security number=.The Old fat Gane !ets inside a)ocado beetle car and dri)es off hearin! a faint country son! playin! in her car. Gane sees her lea)e feelin! used by the chubby cheat. 4he dri)es thinkin! ho" an old lady ust hustle her and "hy she didn't do anythin! to stop it, could it be the alcohol* (erself*or maybe she !ot used takin! shit from people* 4he "alked to her house. A place that someho" could be a lu,ury place, if you "eren't a picky bum. The place reeked "ith cat urine, and ob)iously other cat smells. As she entered her apartment she immediately opened a bottle of pink zinfandel and started drinkin! sittin! in a couch facin! a old tube T8. The "hole apartment is filled "ith papers. In a corner "e see a dra"in! of neuron "ith connections dia!rams "ith a lo!ic math symbols ne,t to it, a transistor "ith si,teen le!s that makes it look like a spider instead of the usual three. The place is filled "ith papers. In a corner "e see a portrait of her "ith t"o other men and Aatalia on her shoulders. 4he starts to "rite on her Biary "hile drinkin!. ?I'$e disco$ered !ust now that my work isn't e$en worth ;<=> dollars, somehow that makes me

The Imperfect Machine


feel encourage to get rid of my cats. This Identity problem is bullshit. I'm not e$en able to use my own social security number. "ullshit, e$erything is bullshit, *o wait, poor "ull, doesn't deser$e that bad reputation. "ut would that e$en matter/ If I don't ha$e money for this cheap wine and milk to feed my cats that don't lo$e me. +$en in this alcoholized state, I can't pre$ent the curiosity of my thoughts. I !ust sol$ed the Hilbert ?th problem by helping an old lady buy her groceries, but I'm not e$en going to write it ,why e$en bother. #eah sure I may win @ >>> >>>; bucks, but all of that is meaningless now. It's better to !ust consume this pink crap and allow it to destroy the dendrites connections inside my brain. lcohol doesn't kills brain cells, fuck, people are dumb. .hy do people don't ha$e curiosity/ .hy do they lack the dri$e/ .hy do I lack the dri$e of stopping the ine$itable. .hy can't I stand up for myself/= A cat !ets near her and starts lickin! her hand. 4he !rabs the cat and starts lickin! the cat on his face makin! the cat an!ry. The cat umps out of her lap. ?(o" dis it feel "hen sioome dus it to yu=Gane said clearly sho"in! si!ns of the alcohol takin! effect. 4he keeps "ritin!. %*atalia, :imon, "rian,and ,eff I miss e$erybody but its too dangerous to be with you. It's !ust a matter of waiting up until he makes the first mo$e. It's almost the date GAdel ga$e me . ll of this because of this fucking brain of mine7 especially you *atalia, why did you say no to me. If only your brain was a something I could program, I would change you to ha$e a little less free will. 1ucking +B> Cyou ruined my life& 4he thro"s the bottle to this portrait of a hand dra"in! its o"n hand belo" it read +scher's Hands autographed by Douglas E. Hofstadter.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2.issin! 3uriosity2

The e)perience of being in college is somewhat uni-ue to any other e)perience on human cogniti$e de$elopment. The 9goal9 of the indi$idual is to better themsel$es, by putting barriers from their educators so that the learning process is achie$ed by o$ercoming these barriers. The ironic thing of e$erything, is that the dri$e that the students ha$e to o$ercome this barrier is not knowledge itself but something call 9grades9. This grades will gi$e them the desired -ualification of being the professional itself. "eing a professional would bring recognition and economic freedom. .hich leads to the side effect of students finding a way to make the illusion of ha$ing knowledge. lthough this is something noteworthy of itself, in the end this school system becomes a 3at and 0ouse game with knowledge being the cheese . 3uriosity is something that we, machines, were not intrinsically built with, and perhaps we don't necessarily e)perience this uni-ue game in school as we !ust need to be built to be curious. nother almost identical game is, human mating. It's one of the most complicated rituals of the uni$erse and in this uni$ersity setting, the ritual seems to be almost an entity of itself. At the -hitman 3olle!e In >rinceton 4cott Bresden, a 21 under!rad :a" student is readin! a book called 'GAdel +scher "ach' "ith him turnin! the pa!es, seein! the same &scher's hands that "here

The Imperfect Machine in Gane's apartment. In front of him, Gesse, 4cott's roommate is playin! a )ideo !ames on his laptop. ?Huck P I can't understand this=4cott said. ?Are you still readin! that book*= Gesse said "hile lookin! at the computer screen a hu!e spacecraft destroyin! itself. ?I mean Annie said it "ould help me introduce myself into the thesis lo!ic ?Fut I can't understand any of this shit2


?If you don't understand, 5uit na!!in! and find another thesis to "ork on. Bid you really think it "as that easy to include :o!ic and Math into your thesis. -asn't your !irlfriend !oin! to help you "ith that part of the thesis. The constitution is fla"ed as shit, "e all kno" that. 3'mon men e)erybody kno"s it's bad "ritten paper "ritten in delicious cannabis hemp= Gesse said "hile lookin! at at a computer screen in a !iant spacecraft inside the )ideo !ame ,that read 2#ou shall be as Gods2 o)er and o)er the screen inside Gesse's laptop. ?4hut the Huck up. The foundin! fathers kne" they didn't kno" e)erythin!, and left the task for us to amend the constitution= 4cott replied "ith some"hat ferocity defendin! it, but at the end he had this selfIconscious epiphany on "hat he "as sayin! and it ended "ith a sarcastic tone. ?+eah but the foundin! fathers didn't kno" they "ould ha)e assholes for !randsons.2 Gesse turns to see 4cott and noticed him chucklin! from this comment. 2+ou kno" I'm ri!ht= Gesse replied burstin! in lau!hter. 2:ook ,those "ere different times, and the foundin! fathers "here not around "hen they had atomic "eapons, they only had muskets and blunderbusses. +ou can start "ith modifyin! the damn second amendment and stop shootin!s in schools2Gesse said in a mockin! tone. ?+ou can lau!h all you "ant but Annie is !oin! to help me do somethin! important=. A knock in the door is heard .=That's her= Annie enters the room and is surprised by the !irl posters of Genna Gameson alon! "ith Boctor -ho bet"een the 3onstitution poster.

The Imperfect Machine ?(ey thank you for meetin! me here huh sorry for the mess uh=said 4cott.


?(ey 4cott, I'm !oin! !o to ;ichard's house, "ant some !irl scout cookies*Gesse ;eferencin! to the increasin! popularity in a specific strain of mari uana. ?Ao thanks man. I'm O..=4cott said ?3ookies* I "ant some= Annie said "ith a cute innocence, this made Gesse confused, but 5uickly realized that she didn't understand "hat "as it he "as talkin! about. ?I'll brin! you bro"nies baby.=Gesse said as he shut the door behind him lea)in! a necktie on his "ay out of the dorm room. ?Bid you ask for the #odel papers=4cott said ?+ou don't say it #odel you say it #9del like #irdul and Ao, I ha)en't done that. I "as meetin! a friend but she isn't !oin! to help us.=Annie said. ?Dh ok. :ook I'm in the middle of the book I'm !ettin! some stuff out of it, but not e)erythin!. &specially #9del theorem thin!= 4cott said "hile Annie sat on a chair in front of 4cott. ?-ell that is the main point I "anted you to understand ? Annie looked disappointed ?:ook let me make you an e,ample. :ets say you "ant to create the perfect 3onstitution that "ill make all of its articles perfect ri!ht* And "e also need it to be complete "ithout lea)in! any la" behind that could brin! ambi!uity to it2 Annie said.=Ok=4cott responded focusin! his attention, "atchin! her from the ed!e of the bed. -ell Ima!ine no" that, because it is a super comple, constitution, it needs to make an infinite number of articles each one perfect on its o"n "ay. ?-ell that sounds like a hell of a !ood constitution=4cott said. ?Ok you are understandin!. Fut because its number is infinite it "ill !et to a point in "hich one of the articles is !oin! to refer to itself and create a parado,= 2+ou lost me there2

The Imperfect Machine 2Ok let's !o slo", because "e "ant a complete constitution and "e need an infinite number of articles, one of them is !oin! to make a reference to itself and because the list is infinite it "ould ine)itably contradict itself or contradict another article makin! it imperfect. An article mi!ht read 2Article 2$%/$20$2 This article is false2 4o by definition you ha)e a constitution that is either faulty, by includin! that article or you ha)e a constitution that is incomplete by takin! that article a"ay.2 2Ok I'm !ettin! it ?Oh I understand is like the liars parado, you told me the other day. If a man that al"ays lies says 2This statement is not true'= ?e,actly and because of this it is safe to say that is either incomplete or imperfect=Annie said ?Fut then it's impossible to make a perfect constitution=4cott said


?-ell yes, kinda .but that isn't the main point. It's ob)ious that "e can't ha)e a constitution "ith an infinite number of la"s and to make it mathematically perfect. The constitution "orks in a social conte,t and lan!ua!e is the key to understand it. :an!ua!e is really ambi!uous. Fut there is a "ay to not make it ambi!uous. Hirst "e need to translate our current D.4. 3onstitution and amendments into a sets or articles considerin! all the probabilities into a lo!ical lan!ua!e like firstIorder lo!ic ? ?I'm !ettin! confused= Ok Ok=I only "anted you to read it to understand this idea. The fact is that nothin! is perfect. ?#od is >erfect=4cott said "ith a smile that reflected the idea that he ust stumped Annie. ?I'm an Atheist=said Annie. ?-hat*uh "ell uh P?4cott felt uncomfortable and Annie could see it in his face. ?:ook P I am a !irl of science and I need to li)e a life "ithout lies.= This made 4cott chuck a little as it sounded a little bit corny but he immediately noticed that she "as serious. ?Ok ok If you say so P or I don't Dnderstand. I mean you ha)e the ri!ht to think "hate)er you

The Imperfect Machine "ant =4cott said


4cott laid back and put his hands o)er his head shakin! it "hile lookin! at the #&F book co)er. Annie sat ne,t to 4cott in the bed. ?It's really simple "e need to understand the constitution perfectly and...= Annie "as still in the middle of a sentence "hen 4cott robbed a kiss from her. 4he backed up for a moment, then she returned the kiss6 they both used their hands to !rab each others back. Foth Annie and 4cott had ne)er kiss themsel)es, but the desire in both of them led them to make lo)e. +ablo'-hat does 2make lo)e2 mean I thou!ht that lo)e "as a 5uality in a human relationship ho". &pimedes' The "ay humans said it "as an analo!ous to ha)in! se,. +ablo' Man I lo)e humans, al"ays so dirty. Annie kissed 4cott ferociously. This "as his first time "ith a man, yet she looked like fish in the "ater, 4cott "as a ladies man and so he "as al"ays prepared6 an arm reaches a dra"er pullin! out a condom all of this happenin! at the same time as kissin! Annie. The papers that "ere in the bed fall do"n, but Annie and 4cott didn't seem to e)en care from the bi! cascade of papers and mess that they "ere producin! (ofstadter book falls to the !round re)ealin! a dra"in! of M. 3. &scher ascendin! and descendin! ne,t to a portrait of &scher himself.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2The Art of the Ai!htclub2

8IG Bay Guly 10 17%/, (iroshima and Aa!asaki "ere bombed "ith nuclear "eapons, the Manhattan pro ect dissol)ed and e)ery brilliant mind "orkin! in the monster bomb returned to their homes. ;ichard Heynman's "ife died of tuberculosis, yet someho" he ended up in a motel in Albu5uer5ue. Heynman liked to spend time at ni!ht clubs "orkin! on physics problems. A man knocks on room 2$ at the 3asa #rande Motel on ;oute 00 .On the other side ;ichard Heynman opens the door. ?:on! time no see >aul=said Heynman ?(ey Bick (o" are you=>aul Olum said. This indi)idual also participated in the Manhattan pro ect and a !enius in his o"n. Olum "as )isitin! Heynman for unkno"n reasons e)en himself couldn't e,plain but his !oal that ni!ht "as to let Heynman meet an important indi)idual for the or!anization Olum ust be!an to "ork after the Manahattan pro ect. ?-hen is your friend !onna come= Heynman asked holdin! "hiskey container in his hand. ?I already told him "e are meetin! him at the ni!htclub you "ant to !o= At first si!ht Heynman didn't seem bothered by the death of her "ife, but secretly he "as in deep pain from the death of Arline. Heynman "as a macho. (e didn't "ant people feelin! bad for him so he

The Imperfect Machine


decided to !o to bars and in this particle place and time he "as learnin! the art of the ni!htclub. In his life he didn't seem to "aste time in the humanities yet at the end of his life he "as a painter, percussionist, safeIcracker, codebreaker and archeolo!ist aficionado.Fut in the end he "as a man of science and his mind couldnKt "aste time on the mournin! of his "ife, there "ere so many thin!s happenin! in the "orld to be preoccupied for somethin! you could not chan!e. ;ichard Heynman "as a man of ridiculous amount of curiosity in this "orld, "hich made him perfect for him to find thin!s out, somethin! he found pleasure in. >aul Olum and Heynman met in :os Alamos "ith Olum disco)erin! Heynman's incredible ability to sol)e anythin!, he "as so impressed that he chan!ed his focus from physics to math ust because of their meetin!. Foth scientists "ent to a ni!ht club and start askin! for drinks. ?4te)e please ser)e here my friend >aul the cocktail 9el 3abrFn especial9 you make=.;ichard makin! a !rin to 4te)e "ho "as a latino and personally batised that drink as it "as a pretty hea)y on hot sauce, and Heynman "anted to play a prank on Olum's "eak toleration for spicy drinks. ?+ou come here often*=said Olum ?All the time= A !roup of dancers passed them e)eryone of the !irls sayin! ?(i= to Heynman as almost if he "as part of the ni!htclub. >aul "as not that surprised about this. ;ichard Heynman "as al"ays the clo"n, the oker, the prankster, and the ladies man. ?Is Arline O. "ith you comin! here*=Olum said At that moment the bartender !a)e the t"o the cocktails Heynman !rabbed one and took it all in one !ulp. ?4he is Bead >aul.= Olum !rabs the cocktail and realizes Heynman's "ords stoppin! at mid"ay drink. &)eryone that "orked "ith Heynman kne" that he had problems "ith his "ife because of her Tuberculosis but he

The Imperfect Machine didn't talk much about this fact of life.


?4he died t"o "eeks after the Trinity launch P After that I felt like shit. -e helped create death and then Arline dies. I'm sure those t"o e)ents in my life are not linked to!ether, but sometimes life is ust bullshit, I don't belie)e karma either, but I do fear chance the most =(e "as interrupted "hen Olum sprayed his "hole !ulp from 2el 3abron &special2 After that statement the presenter of the ni!htclub started introducin! the band performers and a !irl !ets ne,t to Heynman. ?(ey Bick "ho is your friend*=said the !irl. ?I present to you >aul Olum. Another creator of death and my friend from >rinceton. >aul, this is #loria. 4he is a the hostess here and my teacher in the ni!htclub art= ?Bon't push yourself too hard Bick=said #loria "ith Olum spurtin! all o)er the drink a!ain "ith the double entendre and started smilin! at #loria "ho had a body that "ould make a youn! baby thirst for milk. ?-ould you like to drink somethin!, its on me=said Olum. #loria and Heynman sa" each other in the eyes and started lau!hin! maniacally. Olum looked confused and shortly realized that he ust made a mistake. #loria ust "ent a"ay to another table. ?-hat's so funny about in)itin! her a drink.=Olum said Heynman retains his composure and starts to e,plain. ?-ell you see, its ust one of those thin!s I learned from in the ni!htclub art. If you "ant to sleep "ith a !irl in a bar ne)er in)ite her a drink. +ou see the porkpie hat man #loria is talkin! to. I assure you that he is !oin! to in)ite M& a drink.= Heynman lea)es the table and approaches #loria "ith the !uy porkIpie (at. ?Oh Bick Heynman "hen did you !et to to"n*=#loria said. This makes the !uy in the pork pie hat realize that, he has competition.

The Imperfect Machine ?Bo you "ant to drink somethin! and oin us.=said the man in the pork pie hat ?4ure "hy not*=Heynman said. As Heynman is sittin! do"n. >aul Olum is "atchin! all of this lau!hin! understandin! that they ust ruse him "ith the same techni5ue. Olum suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder. -e then see a!ain the man "ith the red suspenders. Olum face chan!es to a serious one.


?Bo you think "e could persuade him into oinin! us*=Then man "ith the red suspenders said. ?I'm not sure. Heynman isn't a reli!ious man= +ablo'-ho is this !uy "ith the red suspenders that keeps !ettin! inside the story* &pimedes'-ell if I tell you ri!ht no" it "ill ruin the punch line +ablo'mmm Ok but "hat is the relationship bet"een all of this people &pimedes'-ell you see, you "anted the story of Albion, and to tell it you need to kno" "ere e)erythin! came to be. +ou see, humans al"ays thou!ht they "ere special. They thou!ht that they "ere uni5ue in the uni)erse and because of this they also belie)ed that their intelli!ence "as uni5ue in the uni)erse .They belie)ed in a bein! called #OB, and that they humans stole the kno"led!e from him . +ablo'-hat is a #OB* &pimedes'-hen they didn't kne" an ans"er, they attributed to #OB, and because of the "ay their brains "orked they accepted this "ithout problems. +ablo'Fut "hat about the solution or ho" did they !ot proof of thin!s, "ith their #od &pimedes'That's one important 5uestion that someday I'm !oin! to tell you. Fut not no"

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2A friend*2

GAdel had a $ery peculiar personality among humans. "ut not among geniuses. :ometimes a human brain would de$iate from the specialty of what their abilities should be. If the human puts more importance in social acti$ities it would de$elop that way, and if it doesn't it will also try to de$iate. Humans de$elop %mental de$iations by nature& or in their case %genetic reasons& which sometimes result in what they called genius or !ust humans with high intellectual coefficient. GAdel was one of them. In 172% in 8ienna Dni)ersity, #9del attended a Moritz 4chlick basic lecture featurin! Introduction to Mathematical >hilosophy. This "ould chan!e #9del's life fore)er. As a kid #9del "as kno"n to his family as (err -arum or 2Mr -hy2, somebody "ith that curiosity "ould seem that it "ould natural to de)elop a healthy understandin! of the "orld, but as "ith e)erythin! in e,cess, too much curiosity "ould make him scared of the "orld from an early a!e. As a child #9del "ould read Medicine books, con)incin! him of ha)in! a "eak heart, and "hy it "as true that he had health problems, it "ould be ten times better if he "ould li)ed his life "ithout kno"in! this fact from the early a!e of E years old. As the :ecture ended #9del approached 4chlick. ?>rofessor 4chlick I "anted to ask you about the tautolo!y principle if : p p .. p....=#odel said sho"in! him a notebook filled "ith "eird symbols ?-ait, "ait,....... this isn't from the book P this is from 8rincipia mathematica,this is ust an introduction, you shouldn't be e)en lookin! at this ri!ht no"= ?-ell I understand pretty "ell the Introduction, that's "hy I'm already takin! the >rincipia and

The Imperfect Machine


analizin! it.= #9del said sho"in! a (u!e Fook. 4chlick sa" the book and he realized that #9del "asn't a normal student. ?:ook I don't ha)e time for student 5uestions. >erhaps "e can talk tomorro".= as he said this he left #9del alone "ith his notebook. The curious truth is that as soon as 4chlick sa" #9del's notebook he understood the comple,ity of the 5uestion. And it actually scared him. This problem "ouldn't be sol)ed up until Gane Hord in 2121 sol)e it as she "as cleanin! one of her kitty litter bo,es. It "as closely related to the > A> problem considered one of the Millenium >rize >roblems. The indi)idual "ho could sol)e it, "ould be !ranted M1,111,111, yet someho" Hord didn't care for the prize, at the time she disco)ered she had more serious problems to sol)e other than a silly million dollar 5uestion. As #9del "as lea)in! the uni)ersity another student approached him. ?Bo you really understand all of that* 4aid the student. ?uh ...uh...yes=said #9del. ?(i my name is Arnold .reisler "hat is your name*2 ?uh .urt my name is .urt #9del. I understand this perfectly =said in an a"k"ard tone ha)in! his breathin! accelerate alon! "ith his heart beat, but !ettin! confident "ith each ne" "ord. This "as the first time someone e)en talked to him at the uni)ersity ?3an I see "hat "as the thin! you sho"ed the >rofessor*=. #9del sho"ed him his notebook filled "ith lo!ic symbols and his math e5uations. As he looked the notebook his a" drop.=This lectures are supposed to be for the be!inner. I')e been study this for a "hile no" and it looks you understand it...more than I do. This is ;ussell's 8rincipia 0athematicaC=. #9del felt uncomfortable not kno"in! if this "ere compliments or mockery, but slo"ly as the collea!ue talked he felt more and more confident "ith the thin!s this .reisler "as talkin! about. ?I')e ne)er understood nothin! from this book I only "anted to kno" the basics so I could bra! about it= .reisler said

The Imperfect Machine ?uh I can help you If you need help=#9del said. ?Oh so you can speak.2 .reisler said "ith #9del makin! a "eird !esture in his face2I'm ust playin! !ames "ith you my friend. (a -hy don't "e eat to!ether=


#9del thou!ht that this could be the be!innin! of a lon! friendship. In his lifetime #9del "ould count the total of friends he had "ith only one hand.

The Imperfect Machine


2#9dels &state2

>rinceton 2121 4cott is callin! from an ancient by those times flip cell phone outside one a room that says 9Dean of cademic ffairs9. middle a!ed "oman ne,t to him is seatin! typin! on a

computer carelessly up until she o)erhears some of 4cott's con)ersation. ?I told you I really don't think I can say that= 4cott said "ith the lady pointin! at the cellphone. 2+es, I'm...uh hereQ"hisperin!R I !ot a reser)ation to talk to him, they told me he has 11 minutes for me. I !otta !o, someone is not happy I'm usin! a cellphone here. I'll !o talk to him, but you need to keep translatin! the constitution. 4o I'm able to say that at least "e are ad)ancin! already. O. bye Annie.= 4cott han!s the cellphone in front of secretary "aitin!. -hen suddenly somebody e,its that same door "ithout lookin! at 4cott. 2A..... professor, this student has an appointment "ith you, he is "aitin! for you2 The man seemed to i!nore the secretary.. 2Aaa you aren't here because of the Ti!re Inn fiasco aren't you*2 2Ao >rofessor Hrederick Hitz!erald I needed to solicit some of the Dni)ersity :ibrary selected

The Imperfect Machine papers permission from you2


2 Oh yeah yeah, "e talked briefly by phone, you are a la" student....mmm O. that's fast... -e'll finish fast. I really need to eat2 ?Archi)e solicitation then* The Bean asked. ?+es= 4cott said ?O.. 3ome in. They both !et to his office "hich is a )ery impressi)e &n!lish lookin! room filled "ith anti5ue desks and chairs one "ould e)en think that it "ould be as impressi)e as the o)al office. Biplomas e)ery"here and Fooks that looked at least a hundred of years old. ?4it do"n2 Foth sit do"n.24o, If you are here I ima!ine you aren't solicitin! anythin! normal "e couldn't !i)e you at the >rinceton :ibrary, you probably "ant some of the >atentlyIO from Bennis 3rouch papers "e ha)e of him. or somethin! else. -hat is it*= ?-ell "e did actually thou!ht that you mi!ht had a copy in the library but they told us that that kind of papers they don't e)en dream of takin! photocopies.=4cott said. ?And "hat are you lookin! for*' ?-ell .huh..Qclears his throatR "e "anted to ha)e a look a the #9del estate= This remark made the dean shift his halfIass attention into ha)in! a terrified like face. 2-hat did you ust say*2 (e looked at the door lookin! for someone outside almost if it "as a hea)y prank pulled on him?Dh -ait, I thou!ht you "ere a :a" student*= ?+es I am but I need those papers for my thesis= 4omethin! "eird happened to the Bean's face, he made this kind of a !runt mi,ed "ith frustration. ?Bid someone put you to this. Is this a threat*=The dean said "ith a raise in )olume and intimidation ?-ait "hat seems to be the problem*uh=4cott said in confussion.

The Imperfect Machine ?Oh you don't kno"* do you ,"ell. The ans"er is no= The dean said it as it "as a response to the ar!ument


?-ait "hat's !oin! on, you told me there "asn't !oin! to be any problems, you talked to me by phone that...= ?+es but you told me you "ere a :a" student. -hat the hell does a la" student "ant "ith #9del's papers. I didn't kno" you "ere !oin! to ask me that= ?Dh "hy "ould someone threaten you* -hat's !oin! on*= ?>lease lea)e immediately= the dean said "ith a firm stare of his that resemble the one of an an!ry father scoldin! his child to a corner. The Bean !ot up from his desk and opened the door from his office. 4cott lea)es the room "ith so much confusion it hurts, and doesn't e)en kno" "hy it hurt. (e stares at the secretary "ith "onder, terror and curiosity. ?-hat happened* The secretary said in a )ery lo" )oice.. ?I don't kno". -hat ust happened.= 4cott said also in a lo" )oice ?-eren't you only !oin! to ask permission for library papers* ?-ell yes. I "anted to ha)e access for the #9del estate, but he flipped out "hen I mentioned his name. This made the secretary's brain click, she kne" "hat "as the problem ?Oh you "on't be able to !et those.= ?-hy not* ?Fecause they "ere robbed=

The Imperfect Machine


FA3(2 and The Imitation #ame.

0usic, the $ibrations of air in inter$als in time that seemed to be connected by past and future. The birth of specific art'form was born in the $ocalizations of men, yet their limitations led to machines to perform the most complicated patterns, that is the secret of music, music is only patterns, and the mysticism of this art always ga$e humans the illusion of ha$ing a gift from the gods themsel$es, with music mo$ing their non'e)istent soul. One thing they had it right was the secret arbitrariness that these patterns were born in, born in what appear human random conscience. The best composers knew the secret. nd the best ones had the ability to hide the arbitrariness in the music especially the ones baro-ue era. If there was a truer argument for a soul to e)ist it would be that the soul was hidden in these singularities.

The Imperfect Machine


Annie enters 4cott's dorm room. As she approaches the door she hears the sounds of )iolinIlike sounds playin! inside of the room. 4he opens the door and Inside is Gesse playin! the cello "ith and unkno"n friend playin! the 8iola. ?Oh (i=Annie said. They stop playin!. Annie notices the smell of marihuana but isn't sure "hat she is smellin!. ?(ey Annie. I "ant you to meet Geff he is a friend of mine. -e "ere ust rememberin! a little bit of Fach,= Gesse said. Geff "as a tall man 0'/'' short hair "ith deep black eyes "ith :atin comple,ion completely opposite to 4cott and Gesse "ho "ere short "ith blue eyes and curiously 3aucasian . ?Aice to meet you Annie.=Geff said stretchin! his enormous hands to shake her petite hand. An a"k"ard pause in)ades the room "ith Gesse and Geff lau!hin! for no apparent reason. Annie decided to break the silence askin! about the elephant in the room. ?4o "hat are you playin!*=Annie said ?Oh it's Fach 4uite Ao 0 for Dnaccompanied 3ello, but this piece is kinda "eird because of the positions are too hi!h for the 3ello and the )iola actually can reach them more easily, that's "hy Geff is helpin! me "ith it. (e is actually an acti)e musician and plays in an orchestra= ?It sounded beautiful. I'm 5uite illiterate "en it comes to Music, Art, and all of those thin!s= ?4cott is not here= Gesse said statin! the ob)ious. ?+eah I noticed that. Bo you kno" if he already finished the book I lend him* ?mmm I')e seen him 5uite frustrated "ith that thin!. I'm pretty sure that he mi!ht need more readin!. If I "as her !irlfriend I "ould stop forcin! it to him= Gesse said rollin! his eyes in"ards his head. 2I'm not his !irlfriend, "e are collea!ues2Annie said accentuatin! the "ord 2collea!ues2 ?I don't "ant him to be frustrated I ust "anted to sho" him all the "onderful thin!s about

The Imperfect Machine mathematical philosophy in this book.=Annie #rabs the #9del, &scher, Fach book "hich catches the attention of Geff, "hich "ithout askin! took the book out of her hands.


?I remember this Fook=Geff said.=It's one of the most beautiful thin!s e)er "ritten, and )ery fe" people kno" about it=Geff said smilin! at the book. Annie seein! his face also smiled as she realized that he understood the concepts of the book. ?Its been like % years since I last read my copy. I applied for a Gob "ith this scientist. And she !a)e me her copy of #9del &scher Fach by (ofstadter. 4he said it "as a re5uirement for the Gob in order to understand "hat I "as !oin! to do for her.=said Geff ?4he*Pare you talkin! about Gane Hord* ?+es. I'm not surprised you kno" her. 4he "as a le!end "hen she "as still here. Are you a 3omputer 4cience student*= ?Ao I'm a mathematician. Fut half of >rinceton kne" her alri!ht= ?4he "as a #OB for computer science students= Geff said ?-hat "ere you helpin! her "ith*=Gesse interrupts ?-ell it's a lon! story but I ust helped her in her pro!rammin!= ?Bid you help her "ith the FA3(2 pro!ram* ?+esC 4o you kno" about it. I "as !oin! to tell her story but you already seem to kno" it2 2Ao, I')e ust heard rumors about the contro)ersial contest, but nothin! specific2 2-ell ok mi!ht as "ell tell you the story. I "as really short on money and I sa" this really "eird ad on the 2!i!s board2 in the Music department that said' %If you are a proficient 0usician and knows the complete works of " 3H 5not necessary e$ery piece in his catalog but well enough6and wants to earn a little bit of money copying music to a computer, please communicate with me. The money isn't that great but you'll be part of history.&

The Imperfect Machine


?It didn't make any sense .+ou didn't need to be a proficient musician to ust copy music into a computer. I "as hesitatin! "ith the "hole ''you'll be part of history'' because it sounded like a small music band ad lookin! for musicians but I "as desperate so I decided to call. ?(i, I'm callin! about the ad on the music department=Geff said ?-hat ad ,"ho is this* Gane asked throu!h the phone speaker. ?Dh 4omeone put an ad "ith your number lookin! for a musician= ?Oh that probably "as the paper I !a)e the Music Bepartment chairman... "ait a second= I "aited like for 2 minutes on the phone, but I "as desperate, so I "aited. I could only hear her mumblin!6 it sounded like she "as typin! as "hile holdin! the telephone. 2mmm third harmonic seems to be the problem in strin!s mmm fuck it,,,2she "as sayin! thin!s like that in her mumblin! 2-hat do you play*24he suddenly asked startlin! me from the sudden 5uestion 2I play 8iola2 2Ok perfect play your A strin! its the EE1 hz one mmm yeah that one2 4o suddenly I !rabbed my cheap stradi"anto, and played it for her throu!h the phone, it felt "eird but I felt curious on "hat this crazy "oman "as up to2 23rap it still doesn't reco!nized it. Ok I finished I'm sorry but I needed to finish if not I lose the time "ith the computer.2 ?3an you meet me in 177 -itherspoon street in 1/ minutes* ?Dh Dh Ok=I said it fast as I didn't "ant to sound hesitant . ?Ok I'll be there also in 1/ or 21 minutes. I'm on a bike. I !ot there pretty 5uick It "as almost t"o blocks from Dni)ersity and I "aited / minutes then 11 then %/ minutes by that time I returned to my car and ust "hen I "as turnin! the en!ine I sa" a redhead !irl ridin! her bike like a madman, and I'll be honest I "as pretty fuckin! pist off at her for

The Imperfect Machine !ettin! that late, but then I sa" her. 4he "as a redhead "ith hu!e !lasses. 4he "as !or!eous. 4he


started to look e)ery"here thinkin! perhaps I had left. I decided to !o !i)e it a last try. -hat could !o "ron! ri!ht* ?(i My name is Geff Miller= ?Aice to meet you come in= ?4he opened the door and..... I "asn't prepared for "hat took place after. Outside the house look like any other 4uburban Ae" Gersey (ouse but inside it looked like a freakin! 3omputer Hactory. Gust >iles and >iles of "hat look like 3>D's all connected by "ires. -e "ent to the second floor "ere it looked I little better but this time she had a desk full "ith "eird papers "ith symbols6 she told me it "as basic :o!ic an Foolean symbols, I still don't understand today "hat that means. ?Ok 4o here is the deal= Gane said 4he spoke incredibly fast and "as perspirin! from the bicycle ride "ith a pink 4hirt ha)in! a 8enn Bia!ram "hich said music that I that I like in a circle "ith the other sayin! Music that my e, likes and in the part combinin! both circles said Music that I used to like that I didn't pay attention because of the s"eat on her shirt I could see her nipples. ?The Gob is simple I need you to !et me Music of Fach and "rite it in this computer. It may take some time and maybe I may de)ise a better method to input the information but mean"hile you need it to do it in a tedious manner. I ust "ant enou!h pieces so my pro!ram can analyze them and learn from them. The more pieces you "rite the more my pro!ram "ill learn= ?-ait "hat does this >ro!ram do*= ?It's !onna compose music of courseC= At that point I didn't kno" "hat to make out of her. I didn't kno" if she "as innocent in tryin! to do somethin! like that or ust had an enormous e!o to e)en try a hu!e task as to built a machine that composes.

The Imperfect Machine


?A machine can't compose. I mean I')e seen pro!rams try to but most of them sound like crap= ?+eah I kno" "hat you mean they all use this )ery simple al!orithms and Marko) chains that only !rab small strin!s of notes and make modify them "ith retro!rades mirror )ersions, dim, au!, )ersions in a chance like )ersions of itself. I'm usin! somethin! a lot more comple,. I'm so sorry that I !ot here late but they only let you use the 4upercomputer e)ery t"o "eeks. -e are !oin! to use that machine "ith my al!orithms and your time and effort to create FA3(2. Oh I ust realized I ha)en't e)en presented myself my name is Gane Hord= The ne,t day I started puttin! the notes one by one "ith this )ery elaborate instructions she !a)e me a sin!le not "ould be 3%b1d%mezzoforteE/pizz. (ours later I ha)en't e)en finished one sin!le complete "ork. ?Gane I don't think I !oin! to ad)ance as fast as you said you "anted= ?Bon't be ridiculous ho" many .....(oly crap you ha)en't finished that one*= 4he "as a machineIlike creature and she e,pected to e)eryone be like her. 4he "as a #enius in all the sense of the "ord, but I "asn't one, so she "as surprised I ha)en't finished. Then, I had a really simple Idea an ob)ious proposition. ?3ouldn't you do this "ith MIBI* ?-hats that* It kinda surprised my she didn't kno" "hat "as MIBI and she already "as tryin! to make somethin! like this. ?-ell it means Musical Instrument Bi!ital Interface= ?Oh is there already somethin! like my that*= ?-ell it "as in)ented in the E1s and the Internet is full of Midi files that can be read on synthesizers. After e,plainin! this to her she "ent online and realize that she mi!ht not e)en needed me for this task

The Imperfect Machine 4he told me that she "as !oin! to call me "hen she had the ne" Al!orithm.


?This thin! you told me is !onna sa)e us a couple of months years e)en. I'm !onna reIformulate my Al!orithm and "hen I ha)e it ready I'll call you mean"hile I "ant you to read this.= ?4he paid me a month's "orth, ust for the ad)ice, althou!h I only !a)e her that ad)ice and "orked "ith her for one day. That's "hen she !a)e me the #9del &scher Fach.= Its a !or!eous book that Imitates music forms Fach composed in (ofstadter's "ritin! for a musician, combine "ith :e"is 3arrolles5ue alle!ories. It compares the "orks of &scher's paintin!s and math representations "ith #9del's theorems closely to Turin!s ideas all combinin! them in an effort to e,plain concepts like artificial intelli!ence, stran!e loops and "ho kno"s "hat more. It is a really beautiful book and e)eryone should read it. I')e read it and reIread it. There "ere some parts I'll ne)er understand, but I !ot the !eneral idea of "hat he "as tryin! to do. (e "as tryin! to pro)e that a machine could ha)e a human like conscience. T"o "eeks later she called me ?It's ready Geff, could you brin! your computer and your 8iola* I "as curious "hy my )iola* Aeedles to say I "as at her home 21 minutes after. 4he had a really different setup. ?Geff I need you to play e)ery note of the 8iola= This time she had a microphone and a midi interface "hich is a piano that connects to a computer. I played all the notes In all the bo"ed styles pizzicato, ricochet, detache, piano etc. all the "ays I could Ima!ine to play the )iola. ?Ok that's my library no", I need you to play all the pieces you kno" from memory I played for about three hours mostly solo pieces and that's "hen my a" drop to the !round. 4he typed somethin! to the computer and after / minutes of computin! the machine "as playin! !or!eous uni5ue music. It used my sampled )iola sounds but it "as somethin! I ne)er heard before. I felt "eird as I

The Imperfect Machine kne" those "ere the sounds, but almost as if someone took my playin! and actually made a ne" composition dependin! on "hat I played. ?(o" "as it*=Gane said ?It sounds amazin! uh but mm= I "as hesitant to tell her ?Its only homophony. To actually compose somethin! it has to ha)e different characteristics. I')e seen pro!rams already do this. -hen you hear Fach you need to understand, (armony6 se)eral notes at the same time, 3ounterpoint6 t"o melodies at the same time, Horm6 the structure of the piece and e)en 4tyle the types of rhythm and metric that they ha)e. ?I kno" that already c'mon. That's "hy I need to record your strin! 5uartet ust like I did "ith you=


-e did the same thin! on the 4chool 3ampus. 4he brou!ht se)eral of her computers and mics, recordin!, Mark Amand the cellist, Amanda Mikkel first 8iolin, Geremy Fyron second )iolin, and my )iola. My strin! 5uartet also "ere kinda hesitant.Fecause she didn't ha)e her computer net"ork on campus the computer computed for one hour "e "ere all skeptic of "hat this thin! "as takin! so lon! to compute, but "hen "e heard the first attempt "ith her pro!ram "e "ere all astonished. -e played Fach's 5uartet in Fb, but FA3(1 made a 5uartet in #b there "as no ressemblance "hatsoe)er, yet the piece "as as !or!eous as Fach althou!h a little slo", but she said it "as because of the limited computin! she had on campus. Mark, the cellist of the !roup "as skeptical of ho" !ood the music "as comin! out of her pro!ram. ?(o" do "e no" If you already composed all of this and you only used us as samples for your machine= Mark, the 3ellist said. ?Ao no I'm not a composer2 Gane's smiled at him I'm a pro!rammer this is "hat pro!rams do. And trust me I'm a Music Illiterate, I mean I studied (armony and counterpoint rules ust to kno" ho" to pro!ram FA3(1 but I')e ne)er composed nothin! in my life=

The Imperfect Machine


This thin! she said bothered me a lot. Fecause I kne" this "as true. That "ould meant that the computer could do somethin! she couldn't. This actually posed as a problem as it "asn't completely clear ho" could you measure ho" much she "as in)ol)ed in the composin! process, because she couldnKt control "hat FA3(1 "ould compose and controllin! it "ould meant composin!. I told her this to her but she already had ideas to ho" to sol)e the issue. ?I think I kno" "hat I can do but I need to use >I3si& 4upercomputer= A t"o months passed by and I didn't heard anythin! from her up until somebody !a)e me a flyer in the music department that read. ?0an against machine. 3ould a machine compose something as beautiful like a "ach piece/ This Thursday, the 3hronos Guartet are going to perform in front of the 8I3si+ :upercomputer pro$isional stage. 3omposer ,.4 :mith is challenged by 3omputer :cientist ,ane 1ord& This impress me in a lot of "ays. Hirst it "as T(& 3hronos Luartet "as !oin! to perform somethin! from Gane, they "ere takin! her serious and ob)iously the 3hronos 5uartet needless to say they are the best in the "orld. Ae,t "as G.. 4mith the composer "as "illin! to do such a thin!C. And then I sa" her name 3omputer :cientist ,ane 1ord. I remember thinkin!. They are !oin! to destroy her. The day of the concert "as a rainy day and I had to !o, I had too much morbid curiosity to "hat could !o "ron!. -hen I arri)ed, my surprise "as that most of the people there "ere people I didn't kno". The setup "asn't desi!ned to be used as a chamber type of concert it looked like an unused lobby ne,t tot the 4upercomputer ser)ers. "ith some padded areas tryin! to isolate the sound comin! from the air ducts from all the noise the ser)ers !enerate. ?(ey Geff. They are !oin! to humiliate her=said Mark the cellist "hisperin! "hile seatin! utmost in front ust a fe" feet to "ere the musicians stands "here. I I!nored Marks remark and started lookin! for Gane. I finally found her she "as ne,t to a computer laptop typin! somethin! drinkin! a coffee Qsomethin! prohibited by the "ayR connected to a

The Imperfect Machine hu!e block of a de)ice that "ires led inside the construction. ?-hat are you doin!* I asked. ?Oh I'm so e,cited, look ho" many people are here, they are !oin! to hear my baby =


?Gane do you really think you can pull this off6 your pro!ram is !reat but this are the best in ...= ?4hh don't "orry e)erythin! is !oin! to be fine, you'll be surprised also= I returned to the hall "ith "ith e)eryone "aitin! the silence "as )irtually dry, the isolation made the place feel a hu!e tension. I sat ne,t to Amanda. Gane looked more scared about the the social aspect about it, I didn't think she "as thinkin! in the repercussions on "hat could happen if the pro!ram mess up her career in front of all of this important people, or, I ust "as bein! paranoid. -hat "e sa" Gane's pro!ram do "asn't on the le)el of "hat a professional composer "ould do. A silly thin!, I remember from that stormy ni!ht "as her dressin!, that day she "as "earin! a one piece ti!ht red dress that made her look distractin!ly cur)acious to say the least. 4he really took the time into her !roomin!, somethin! that I ne)er thou!ht I "ould see, as she al"ays used bi! ba!!y s"eaters !reasy hair and used hu!e !lasses, Q!uess "atchin! 1% hours a day a monitor "ould destroy your eyesi!htR.That ni!ht she looked almost too attracti)e for the occasion. The place "as 5uite uncomfortable and the acoustic "as terrible as it "asn't desi!ned for concerts. Fut I !uess the main attraction "as the performers. Fut, could a computer compose music at the le)el of "hat a contemporary composer "ould* -hat "ould that re5uire* The place "as packed "ith cameras, mostly the >rinceton >ress and some unkno"n reporters. One sure thin! "as that it "as packed "ith old men. Br. >erkins the chairman of the music department stood in front of e)eryone and started talkin! trou!h the >A. ?(ello, ladies and !entleman today "e are in a special place. (ere at >I3si& "e ha)e, to "as it "as describe to me, one of the most po"erful supercomputers in the D.4 . And "e, >rinceton's Music Bepartment recei)ed a challen!e from a >rinceton 3omputer 4cience scientist Boctor Gane Hord, to

The Imperfect Machine


challen!e one of our celebrated composers to "rite a >iece of Music, in the Faro5ue style "hich could compete "ith a computer. Musically speakin! "e ne)er do competitions here at >rinceton as "e don't see it fit, it's almost as if "e "ere comparin! Apples and Oran!es, but this lady came up "ith a an e,cellent idea to 5uantize the ability of a machine In music composition, an ability that has been al"ays thou!ht to be somethin! uni5ue to a human bein!. 4o "hat she su!!ested us "as to !et a composer and !i)e him a Musical Theme used by Fach itself "hich he, the composer or machine, "ould need to use it as the basis of his composition. I contacted G.. 4mith our most celebrated alumni from >rinceton, ha)in! composed music for 4te)en 4pielber! mo)ie ;obopocalypse and countless other collaborations in the mo)ie business, and I noticed that he "as !oin! to come to Ae" +ork for three months a!o and told him this crazy idea proposed by this mar)elous student "hich she already sho"ed me some of the music she has composed "ith her machine and.... 2&,cuse me professor but I ha)en't composed anythin! FA3(2 has composed e)ery sin!e note that I')e sho"ed you.2 The dean felt uncomfortable "ith Gane's intrusion but he kept !oin! almost as she didn't e,isted 2...yeah....oh "ell.."ell I commissioned G... 4mith this piece "ith the computer science proposition in mind !i)in! him the challen!e to score somethin! that only a human could do, and there "as the !reat coincidence that he "as "orkin! "ith the 3hronos Luartet in a Hilm score called ?4urrender the 4un= at Ae" +ork, so he decided to participate. And in only one month, he "as able to complete this piece for us. On this &n)elope I ha)e in my hands is the main theme of the piece that I personally selected and I'm pleased to say that it has an historical importance and is the basis for the challen!e. Foth of our contenders had the task to "rite somethin! based on this theme. Gane Hord computer pro!ram hasn't been able to see this. I only !a)e the theme to "eeks before so that he "ould "ork on it, as for the machine it "ill only process it for a couple of seconds and !i)e the instructions directly to the Ipads in front of the members of the 3hronos Luartet.

The Imperfect Machine


As the 3hronos Luartet is playin! the G.. 4mith piece professor Gane Hord is !oin! to introduce the main theme into the >I3si& 4upercomputer and "e are !oin! to e,perience "hat the machine thinks...... is beautiful= G... 4mith is here at >rinceton once a!ain please !i)e him a heart felt "elcome to his alma mater. A man in his si,ties "ith "hite beard and !lasses stood up in front of the audience and e)eryone starts to clap. 2+es "ell..."hen Br. >erkins !a)e me the task of composin! a fu!ue as humanly possible. I don't think I can fail in that re5uest2 &)eryone lau!hed at the oke. As he ended his presentation there e)eryone "as more enthusiastic about ha)in! the "orld reno"n composer G... 4mith, "hose presence !a)e me feelin! of dread and preoccupation for Gane. The 5uartet sat do"n in front of the impro)ised sta!e. As the Music 3hairman "as !i)en the Luartet members the piece and started playin! immediately I noticed that in their performance they actually already had practiced the piece "hich "as another disad)anta!e to Gane. At that point chairman also !a)e the theme to Gane. I sat ne,t to her and I reco!nized the piece it "as the theme !i)en to Fach by the .in! of >russia I sat there and tell her the story behind it as she didnKt e)en no" "hat to make of it. 4he then !oes to the other room and starts typin! it by hand on her laptop. Hrom the minute I started I kne" she "as !oin! to be in trouble. The piece "as in a baro5ue style but the music had )ery erratic dynamic chan!es )ery, it "as somethin! I "as sure G.. 4mith did on purpose to differentiate his piece from a machine made one. I "ould ha)e to say that the piece "as !ood but compared to the Fach one, it didn't felt Faro5ue at all it felt like he actually used serialism and e)en t"el)e tone techni5ue at some point in the piece "hich I sa" as cheatin!. After E minutes the piece ended, and e)eryone stand up and !a)e G... 4mith a standin! o)ation. ?Thank you ladies and !entleman no" its turn for our 3omputer 4cience student to let her

The Imperfect Machine machine play.=


4he stands in front of the players and puts se)eral Ipads in front of the musicians and starts addressin! the cro"d. ?:adies and !entlemen, the mind is somethin! that people think is a sacred thin!. Fut the harsh reality is that -& A;& AOT special. Hor years, speculati)e ideas of "here did the inception of Musical composition ori!inate "here unkno"n, and ob)iously a lot of times attributed to a hi!her bein!.=Gane said in front of sta!e "ith her red dress radiatin! "ith unusual confidence that I ne)er seen her before display I looked around the place and as she said ?hi!her bein!= made some people s5uint their eyes in disa!reement of "hat she "as sayin!, I kinda liked her cockiness. ?Fut Intelli!ence is somethin! not uni5ue to the human brain. I made a simple )ersion of this al!orithm in a small computer "ith my friend Geff Miller and the pro!ram only used chance as a form of composin! tool "hich is somethin! a real composer "ould ne)er do. I'm sorry for you out there "ho are Gohn 3a!e fans=

A lot of people lau!h "ith this remark. It "as a musicians oke. I realized somethin! at that point. (alf of the people there, "ere Music 3omposers, that "as the reason they !ot the oke. ?-hen you ad a forced musical motif, My computer crashed I made some calculations of "hat I needed to be able to achie)e this. I needed The Ti!er 4er)er from the >I3si& most po"erful supercomputer that runs at %/1 Teraflops, it's not too bi!, but ust enou!h to be able to achie)e "hat my friend Geff Miller ust told me the back story of this motif' in 1<%< Fach "as performin! for the .in! Hrederick II of >rusia "hen Fach finished his playin!, the kin! "as amazed of Fach's abilities and commanded him to impro)ise "ith a theme that the kin! itself had "ritten. As you kno" ust the simple task of composin! a Hu!ue is an enormous intellectual task. (a)in! multiple melodies play in perfect

The Imperfect Machine harmony, form and orchestration, is somethin! that is understandable to e,plain it as a metaphysical


task. Fut to be able to impro)ise a three part Hu!ue, is somethin! that only a fe" throu!h the centuries ha)e achie)ed. Fach "as able to do it, so it "as my commitment to make a pro!ram that "ould emulate this . That's "hy It's my pleasure to present to you FA3(2= >eople clapped, but Gane's terrified face sho"ed up "hen the 5uartet started to looked puzzled at their Ipads. This "as the cue for them to be!in seein! the music and studyin! for a fe" seconds but they didn't, there "as a small silence interrupted "ith Gane runnin! to the 5uartet. Their Ipads "ere blank. It "as really ob)ious that somethin! "ent "ron!. And after that speech It "as kinda painful seein! Gane runnin! in hi!h heels and returnin! to the 3omputer interface. I decided to step in and help her. ?-hat's "ron!=I said ?mmmmmm look at this= 4he handed me the paper "ith the Musical Theme she input to the machine. ?Bo you see somethin! "eird=Gane said as she "as tyin! stuff to the computer. Time "as tickin! and I didn't kno" "hat she meant. ?BO +OD 4&& 4OM&T(IA# -;OA#* 4he screamed to me in frustration It "as the Hirst time of three that she "ould yell "ith the bottom of her lun!s. As I looked at it and I realized "hat she meant. The theme that they !a)e her had a ?)iolated one of the species counterpoint rules = Ob)iously to a man you can process errors but a machine I !uess not. ?+es yes, he is makin! a double leap that makes a se)enth that's a counterpoint mistake or "ell ust missin! !uideline I !uess= ?Ok perfect ...that's 1<a I ust o)erride that rule here and mutate it into 1<a', o)errun the first cycle and put it in a lo"er le)el and presto= 4he leaned to me and !a)e me a kiss in the mouth ?Thank you Geff=she said. I still can remember that kiss, It made my ni!ht. 4he "earin! red lipstick "ith a red

The Imperfect Machine dress and !i)in! me a kiss..Qsi!hR.


One of the Luartet members !a)e her a thumbs up. They seemed perple,ed as the 5uartet "ere mappin! the piece before playin! it. Gane stood up in front of them "ho asked her somethin! about the piece. 4uddenly she stood in front of them and !rabbed a pen and started markin! them a tempo as a conductor does And FOOM it started "ith a ban! the piece started so fast "ith the 4ub ect then the 3ounterIsub ect it "as so ener!etic and Ali)e, that "as "ord, it sounded Ali)e. Fut then it almost stopped6 it looked like the 3omputer decided to ust out of the blue play ridiculously slo" almost if the computer kne" she "as !ettin! tested in ho" human she could be tested and it made the first piece look mechanical. It "as beyond belief. The Theme used by both G.. 4mith and FA3(2 "as the same but the computer immediately transformed Its countersub ect into a different one,a more beautiful one, it "as kind of a dra! that FA3(2 sometimes had to return to the theme because that's ho" Hu!ue's are. And the same thin! I think Fach mi!ht ha)e felt the same "ith the .in!s theme. All the attendants kept silence "hen the the music stopped Most of them "ere composer themsel)es !oin! to see G... 4mith at this turn of e)ents nobody said anythin!. They ust stood there "ith their mouths open. I felt terror ust for a second before e)eryone in the audience burst in oy and !a)e her a standin! o)ation6 o)er 2 minutes, and that in the Music -orld is a lot for somebody unkno"n and "ho didn't e)en created the music. Gane "ent to the sta!e and con!ratulated the 4trin! Luartet and then shook hands "ith G.. "ho "as still lookin! at the Ipad "ith a scared look in his face. To her, it "as somethin! same as surprisin! as for e)erybody to be able to hear the #od hea)enly music. I al"ays thou!ht that she "as !oin! to keep on !oin!, and be famous in the music "orld. Fut after that she ne)er !a)e another performance. At that time she "asn't really famous or had a reputation, this thin! put her in the map as an important pro!rammin! icon And this "as ust the be!innin!. 4he started to do some really important thin!s in computin!. After that I don't kno" "hat happened "ith her as she "as al"ays in her studio "orkin! on other

The Imperfect Machine


pro!rams. There "as this incident that t"o colle!e professors ust disappeared. One of them "as Gane Hord e)er since that party I ha)en't seen her. ?-hat about the pro!ram=Annie said sittin! in a chair all this time hearin! Geff tellin! the story attenti)ely as for Gesse he "as in the bathroom smokin! a oint.

?I don't kno". I think she didn't think it "as important,and didn't sa" the bi! picture of the colossal achie)ement of ha)in! a machine that composes as one of the best composers of our time. I asked her about "hat "as ne,t, and she told me that it "as a childish pro!ram, that she "as !oin! to mo)e for"ard onto more complicated thin!s. As she could only make a pro!ram compose in the baro5ue style or styles "ere harmony and counterpoint ha)e strict rules. +ou see baro5ue music relays hea)ily on rules. The music from the !reats like Feetho)en, Mozart all of them !eniuses, their !enius 5uality came from usin! these rules and breakin! and bendin! them into somethin! she told me her pro!ram couldn't do at that time but....= ?Fut "hat*=Annie said ?I "ent to another presentation she did "hen she "as "orkin! on a ne" pro!ram=

The Imperfect Machine


The setup "as the same in the same buildin!, but people from all kinds of Dni)ersities came to see her. It "as in the same room but this time there "ere three computers. One of them "as co)erin! the user and the other one "asn't. ?Oh I heard this one that's "hen she "on the #olden :oebner >rize.= ?+es haha that "as funny ainKt it* ?-ell I only kno" she "on it. I "asn't studyin! at >rinceton yet= ?Oh "ell let tell ya ho" "as it= Apparently by this time she had the attention of the "hole scientific community and the :oebner >rize as you kno", it's held in 3ambrid!e, Massachusetts, but because of the rumors about Gane's reputation had !oin! for her, >rinceton helped brin! the contest here. In The >ro!ram 3ontestants try to pass the Turin! Test, "hich is tryin! to con)ince a human talkin! "ith t"o entities to act so human like that the e,aminer "ouldn't be able to distin!uish bet"een the machine and the

The Imperfect Machine


human. The Turin! Test specifically consisted in tryin! to fool a person into thinkin! the machine is a "oman or a man. The nature of the test is al"ays been debated but. The Gud!es from the :obner prize decided to !o "ith the "hole female, male scenario. -here a Gud!e is typin! into a computer talkin! at the same time "ith A' >erson and F 3omputer. And 3 is the Interro!ator. 3 isn't able to see "ho is "ho . That's "hy there "as a computer co)ered. Fy askin! A and F the Gud!e needs to determine "ho is a Man and -ho is a -oman. The task of the 3omputer is to trick the ud!e into makin! the bad decision, and the task of the person is to make the ud!e chose the ri!ht decision. 4o they in)ited three pro!rammers and they each took their turn, one of them failed particularly miserable. GDB#&'(i A A'(i GDB#&'-hat is your name* A'I can't tell you or you'll "in the !ame GDB#&'(i F F'(ey GDB#&'Dh "hat is your name. F'I can't tell you but it starts "ith a 3. GDB#&'4o "hat do you think about the "eather A. A'It's pretty !ood but I')e seen better. Fy this time, the Gud!e suspected A "as the Machine

GDB#&'4o A "hat is your fa)orite color* A'I can't tell you or you'll "in the !ame. 4o it "as !ame o)er for him A "as the machine and he ust said that A "as the "omen. The time limit "as / minutes for each inter)ie".

The Imperfect Machine It "as Gane's time to pro)e herself. GDB#&'(i A A'(i GDB#&'4o "hat is your name* A'My name is >at, "hy you "anna kno"* GDB#&'I "ant to kno" if you are a "omen or a man. And >at is.... pretty ambi!uous. A'If I tell you the fun "ould be o)er. GDB#&'(i F F'(ellooooo GDB#&'+ou seem happy today. F'Meh.I mean is like any other day. I "ish it "as Hriday. +ou kno" to >arty


This made the Gud!e flinch it "as the first time in the competition that both !a)e really complicated ans"ers. GDB#&'F -hat is your name* F'mmm I can't tell you because of the rules of the !ame "e are playin!. GDB#&'ok mmm so >at did you "atch 4A:. A'-hat's that* GDB#&'It's a T8 4ho" A'Oh you mean 4aturday Ai!ht :i)e*.....Ao I don't like that sho". GDB#&'4o F "hat is your fa)orite color. F'>urplee The bad spellin! "as somethin! that didn't !a)e up on the ans"er as it "as a common "ay to try to con)ince him he "as the human. GDB#&'4o >at, There "as a character in 4A: that "e ne)er kne" if she or he "as a man or a "oman.

The Imperfect Machine -hat are you* A'>erhaps I'm none, perhaps, I'm a machine. Bid you consider that* GDB#&'F "hat is your fa)orite past time*


F'I like to party but I been ha)in! some alcohol problems and I "ant to lose "ei!ht. 4o I been cuttin! off on that. ?/ minutes ha)e pass >rofessor :ynch= ?-ait "ait I need / more minutes= ?I'm sorry "hat is your ans"er* F is the -oman and A is the Man. &)eryone "as stunned. (e "as "ron!. It "as the first time that a Gud!e "as fooled into ha)in! a bad ans"er. Fy sayin! that F "as the "oman it "ould be interpreted as he "as the machine tryin! to trick the Gud!e into thinkin! F "as a -oman .The phrase ?I like to party but I been ha)in! some alcohol problems and I "ant to lose "ei!ht="as the phrase that The Gud!e 5ualified as the -oman idea inducin! trick. Fut as it ust turns out, #ary the !uy behind the desk F ust "anted to lose "ei!ht. ?Oh my #od. That's a hell of a !ood >ro!ram= The ud!e said. The other ud!es had the theory that the >at name "as a trap. In order to !o that con)ersation into that direction. Fut This pro!rams "as used on / other "hich % of / "ere trick into belie)in! >AT's "as a man. ?The pro!ram "as called >AT*=Annie said. ?-ell she had a different name for it, but the ori!in of the name >AT "as !enerated by >AT himself 6the fact that the machine itself picked that name "as the fact that the ud!es !a)e her the prize. Gane the pro!rammer didn't e)en kno" the character from 4A:. 4o she decided to chan!e the name of the pro!ram to >AT. ?(o" "as she able to do somethin! as incredible as a pro!ram that could imitate a human= ?I don't kno". 4he told me it didn't imitate human thou!ht only the "ay human con)ersation but

The Imperfect Machine couldn't !enerate 25uality2 con)ersations it had the intelli!ence of a simpleton. Most of the other participants used some Marko) chains approach "hich "as somethin! that "asn't AI in itself. -hen


other 3omputer 4cientist sa" the pro!ram they couldn't belie)e the comple,ity of it. I don't e)en ha)e a clue ho" could she pull that off. After that, there "as a party that someone made for her "innin! the prize. At that point "e "eren't that close anymore but "e still "ere )ery !ood friends. I')e ha)e al"ays been attracted to her, but she didn't reciprocate those feelin! to"ards me. That "as the last time I sa" her. ?-hat happened at that party= ?-ell its hard to e,plain but I realized that she lo)ed another person= ?Oh.... I'm sorry to hear that P but ho" is it possible that someone could ust disappear from the face of the earth, "here is she, "hat happened after* ?I don't kno". If someone kno"s is Aatalia=

+ablo'Ok I'm !ettin! the bi! picture here &pimedes'Oh really* 4o "ould you say that I need to stop the story here* +ablo'If you "ant to &pimedes'Ok 4o I "ill +ablo'I "as ust okin! this thin! is ust !ettin! interestin!. This is like history &pimedes'-ell talkin! about history I for!ot to tell you somethin!. 4o I !oin! to !o back a fe" years more into the past. +ablo'+ou for!ot* &pimedes'(ey that's the beauty of ha)in! human intelli!ence in a machine. +ou can for!et on purpose +ablo'That isn't for!ettin! that is omittin!. &pimedes6 I can't really describe "ith human lan!ua!e that "ord I "as lookin! for in our specific

The Imperfect Machine


machine like thinkin! but that is the best appro,imation so I'm $$.$$ ad infinitum J more correct that you are. +ablo'O. O. I "ant to hear more. &pimedes'-ell I "ant to ask you first6 Bo you think e)erythin! has an e,planation* +ablo'+es of course. &)erythin! has an e,planation &pimedes.-hat if I tell you that not e)erythin! has an e,planation* +ablo'I "ould say that you ust simply don't kno" the ans"er. &pimedes'-ell the reality is that not e)erythin! has an e,planation "e can compute. +ablo'I don't understand. &pimedes'In 1720 a scientist named Ma, Forn proposed that the "ay the uni)erse "orked mechanically "as "ell understood "ith out any e,planation. -hich made another scientist called Albert &instein "rote him a letter "hich said.=I,at any rate ,am con)inced that #od doesn't thro" dice=,this "as namin! the uncertainty principle. Fut &instein "as "ron!. This scientist Albert &instein, "as considered one of the !reatest minds of all time. And "hen humans constructed Idols, they al"ays hoped to be perfect. Fut he "asn't, althou!h as you and me kno". Fein! an Imperfect machine is one of the miracles that made us possible. Albert &instein "as analo!ous of human !enius. Fut he "as a human after all. +ablo'4o "e are !oin! in to the past a!ain* &pimedes'+ep

The Imperfect Machine


The Ori!in of Ori!inality

In 1712 ust before Albert &instein started "orkin! as a patent office clerk. &instein and t"o friends founded the Olympian Academy. an intellectual !roup that had meetin!s to discuss math, philosophy, and physics had a reunion that day in &insteins flat. ?4o !entlemen did "e actually read this time the selected "ork* &instein said raisin! an eyebro", the place "as a particularly small room "ith tobacco impre!nated in the atmosphere. / men "ere sittin! do"n in a small round table each "ith a hu!e pitch of "ater or beer and ashtrays top filled. The Olympian Academy started as &instein pri)ate sessions "ith his student Maurice 4oli)ine, but 5uickly e)ol)e into social !atherin!s from &instein's closest friends and collea!ues in all the fields as a book club discussin! physics, literature, and philosophy. ?I did.I did read it , it "ont happen a!ain.=Maurice 4olo)ine said raisin! a copy of 2 Treatise of Human *ature2 as e)erybody else started lau!hin! in the room. ?It "ill appear that Maury learned his lesson from last time's pummelin! from &instein's part=said 3onrad (abicht

The Imperfect Machine


?+ou sure ha)e to understand my limited resources bein! a philosopher discussin! >hysics and mathematics=Maurice said. ?+es that's "hy "e chose this book so you could actually participate in the discussion=&instein said in his usual cynical manner. A!ain they lau!h at Maurice &)erybody sho"in! a copy of 2 Treatise of Human *ature2 by Ba)id (ume. ?At last a topic in "hich my intellect can actually ri)al yours &instein=Maurice said ?-ell this isn't a !ame Maury, but if you "ant to play, let's play. -here do you "ant to start*=&instein said. ?Hrom the first chapter naturally, The *ature of Ideas, (ume describes them as a hierarchical list that describes the formation of comple, ideas from simple ideas, but he doesn't describe the birth of an Idea*=Maurice !rinned at &instein. ?-ell that's easy, "hy do you !o to the bathroom Maurice* &instein asked. ?I be! not your bluntness Albert, but ho" is that connected to my 5uestion* ?As "ell as an Ant carries a leaf 21 times its "ei!ht for not other reason other than to help the colony, althou!h the ant not kno"in! its ori!in is the same as "e humans ori!inate ideas to help our (uman colony. The sole factor of our lar!e brains are built to !enerate Ideas ori!inate from the same reason, this is our uni5ue nature.=&instein said ?+es, I a!ree "ith &instein.=3onrad added. ?+es I a!ree that is, the reason of Ideas, but not the Inception of them.= Maurice replied a!ain "ith a smile realizin! that &instein "as tryin! to escape the 5uestion. ?If you "ant my ans"er, this is my ans"er. #od !a)e us the ability to !enerate them. ?Ideas= that are uni5ue to our species. The inception probably is ust random acts of the electric impulse from our brain "hose secrets are directly related to #od. And my )ie" of #od is the )ie" of 4pinoza "ho

The Imperfect Machine


"ho re)eals himself in the harmony of all that e,ists, not in a #od "ho concerns himself "ith the fate and the doin!s of mankind. 4o in essence I do belie)e that anythin! I !enerate in my lifetime is to, one "ay or the other, keep this harmony intact, "hich is probably !oin! to be, ideas. All the attendees !et up and toast in name of &instein e,cept for Maurice. After e)erybody stops clappin! because Maurice interrupts the cheers. ?4o you as a man of science belie)es in this #od &instein, "e kno" by a fact that you are a man of superior intelli!ence, you are the Sbermensch in person yet you subdue to a #od= Maurice said standin! from the seat "hile spittin! at the tobacco container. ?Bon't you dare labelin! me a!ain "ith that concept, as you and me kno" the conte,t in "hich that monstrosity beyond humanity "ants. -e need to kneel before a man "ho doesn't understand, because of his limited intelli!ence, yet "ants the !ood of e)erybody6 a man "ho doesn't need to understand because of his limited arro!ance6 and a man "ho doesn't "ant to li)e a better life because that "ould mean sacrificin! another man's "ell bein!. This Sbermensch "as made to slay #od , yet a man that doesn't understand #od cannot realize that this "ould mean slayin! himself in the process= &)erybody burst at the table raise their pitches in oy and support for &instein. ?+es, that is the true Sbermensch= Michele Fesso shouted. ?+es +es=3onrad (abicht replayed &)eryone "as in ecstasy, and e)en Maurice stand up in celebration. The rest of the ni!ht Maurice didn't say a "ord, yet he felt there "asn't that much to do a!ainst &instein. The ne,t meetin! of The Olympian Academy "as !oin! to be held on Maurice 4olo)ine flat but Maury decided to !o to a concert instead of attendin! the meetin!, I don't kno" if he "as still an!ry "ith &instein or somethin! but "hen they !ot to his place the Olympian Academy found a note that read' ?to the belo$ed friends hard'boiled eggs and greetings&

The Imperfect Machine


&instein didn't took this pretty "ell and they thrashed 4olo)ine's place filled "ith the butt smokes, put the chairs and tables upside do"n, turned the place upside do"n. It turns out that &instein "as kind of an asshole but hey he "as fun to be around.

+ablo'+ou are umpin! all around the story &pimedes'Its necessary and I "anted to sho" ho" &instein felt, this is important to sho" you that he didn't kno" the ans"er and "as "ron! at the time. +ablo'-hat do you mean "ron!* &pimedes'-hen 4olo)ine asked "here did Ideas came from &instein's ans"er "as that it "as (uman's DAILD& and e)aded the 5uestion, but tell me. +ou and me are machines ain't "e +ablo' Are you tellin! me that "e can't !enerate Ideas* &pimedes'Fut of course "e can, you ust did ust no" "hen you asked that 5uestion. At that point in history it "as a crazy notion that a machine could !enerate somethin! like this, but it that "as

The Imperfect Machine understandable to belie)e that at &instein's time. Althou!h it "as ust $0 years after that point in time "hen men realized that !i)en enou!h information "ould allo" a machine to do anythin! a human could. Hor instance human's common sense "as that a uni5ue Idea "as somethin! !enerated by only


their biolo!ical brain. Fut that is ust silly, uni5ueness "as al"ays sou!ht after and seen as somethin! stran!e but is only an alteration of concepts that are already kno"n to the ?thinkin!=, truncation, combination, reformation, mutation etc. Mankind felt that concepts like :o)e, Gealousy and 3reati)ity "ere uni5ue to their species but this "as because they didn't understood their o"n nature especially their brain or 3entral process unit. +ablo'Their Frain* &pimedes'+es, their brain "as a comple, machine that for the ma ority of human history humans did not comprehend their o"n intelli!ence structure. And they had a )ery faulty 3>D because most of its capabilities "as "asted on social acti)ities. It "as necessary because of the Bar"inian concepts in carbon based ?life=6 their machinery dictated that sur)i)al "as priority and only for the fittest. +ablo'oh yeah yeah I installed that (uman conse5uence data the other day, *atural selection and all of that its pretty fascinatin! ho" they "ere able to procreate themsel)es and alterate their !enetic code as "e can "ith our pro!rammin! . &pimedes' It's funny that, "hen they disco)ered that all the information needed to ha)e another human bein! "as stored in their cells they couldn't see that they "ere a conse5uence based entity. All of their human characteristics "as imprinted )ia small chunks of information called BAA "ith chan!es in it that resemble our reassembly code linka!e, it is )ery possible they used their BAA as a mechanism to de)elop this concept and introduced it to machines. +ablo'+ou mean their BAA is a biolo!ical reassembly code linka!e* &pimedes'It's somethin! similar but more complicated, less ele!ant, and it takes too lon! to mutate. This "as the !enius that made Gane Hord our mother.

The Imperfect Machine +ablo'+ou mean Gane Hord created us* &pimedes'Aot 5uite. It's a little bit more complicated than that. :et me continue "ith Gane's ourney.


The Imperfect Machine


2The (unt Fe!ins2

As 4cott "alks throu!h suburban Ae" Gersey, he parks near a small 8ictorian house. Annie's house "as some"hat unusual for a humble !irl, at least those "ere 4cott's thou!hts. (e dro)e a E0 Oldsmobile somethin! that embarrassed him, but couldn't do nothin! about it, his economic necessities "ere pretty ob)ious. A stran!e fact "as that Annie li)ed t"o houses do"n "ere Gane used to li)ed, both )ery close to >rinceton. 4cott didn't noticed that a black :incoln "as follo"in! him "hen he !ot to Annie's place. As he "alked to Annie's house and knocked on a small old 8ictorian house, someone opened the door ?Oh hey 4cott come in, Annie is upstairs. :et me call her. As he "ait for her he noticed that in her li)in! room "as filled "ith portraits of Annie and her parents,. "ith Annie standin! ne,t to the &iffel To"er, another one ridin! a horse, "alkin! the !reat "all of 3hina. he didn't thou!ht of it much because it "as somethin! that it "ould be natural from somebody "ho really doesn't think that much about himself. Fut it seemed that Annie had "ealthy parents. One particular photo sho"ed her puttin! her hands in the air and it looked like the photo "as ripped in half almost if there "as another person there. 2This is "eird her eyes are different color2

The Imperfect Machine 4cott thinked "ithout sayin! it out loud Annie "as !oin! do"n the stairs but she stops mid"ay. ?4cott I need to talk to you. 3ome up= makin! a hand !esture in)itin! him. ?eh O. I !uess= lea)in! the portrait alone. The concept of !oin! to a !irls room from a boys perspecti)e, al"ays comes "ith se,ual


connotations, but the innocence of Annie actually seemed to be a disad)anta!e. 4he "ould often talk to him as a little !irl "ould talk to another little !irl. As both "ent upstairs, a!ain in the stairs "alls, he notices portraits of Annie "ith her parents but this time he noticed somethin! different Foth of their parent had darker skin she didn't look like them at all. Annie stands in front of a corridor door and si!nals it. ?This is my room. -e can talk inside= (e enter the room and inside "e see that is a perfectly tidy and clean room someho" almost too clean for a 2$ year old. ?-hat happened "ith your inter)ie" "ith the dean*=Annie said ?-ell it "as a total failure. -e "ont be able to !et #odel's papers.= ?-hy*=Annie said in a cute innocent "ay. ?The dean !ot really furious "hen I mentioned #9del. Apparently somebody robbed them, or somethin! happened, he "as furious at me ust for mentionin! his name, and they don't "ant anybody to kno" that. It's supposed to be a secret.= ?AoC=Annie raised her hands to her mouth. ?I spoke to the secretary and she said to me that really "eird thin!s happened $ years a!o. -hen a Gane Hord had them.= ?Gane Hord had them*=Annie said ha)in! this look on her eyes of hope and insecurity at the same time.

The Imperfect Machine ?+eah, "ell apparently, "hen she had them >rinceton "as in lo)ed "ith her, she had "on all


kinds of a"ards, and she "as seen as a really trusted person "hen suddenly she disappeared alon! "ith all the thin!s in her study= ?4omethin! happened* Maybe Aatalia kno"s somethin!6 she kne" her pretty "ell. I think I may ha)e a "ay to find this Gane Hord=Annie said ?Goan told me that nobody has seen her in / years= 4cott remarked sittin! in the chair ne,t to her. Annie "ent and sat ne,t to him at the bed. ?-ho's Goan*=Annie said "ith a little air of ealously. ?4he is the Beans secretary's she also mentioned that not only Gane disappeared. A "eek before she did, a !uy named Goa5uin Be 4oto also disappeared, then they found his body one month later ,but it "as a suicide there is probably not a connection bet"een the t"o of them. 4he said that both had some sort of deal "ith a really bi! company that made semiconductors, and that Goa5uin had a Aeuroscience >h.B and both "ere "orkin! to!ether at the time = ?A Aeuroscientist, a >ro!rammer and semiconductor material "hat "ere they doin!*Annie said ?4he told me that it "as a secret althou!h >rinceton's funded part of the pro ect "ith a lot of money they only speculated "hat could be pro ect =4cott said ?Frain cells, Aeurons maybe. Fut as a pro!rammer. (o" "ould that fit in*Annie said. ?-o" that sounds so cool. Fut "e mi!ht "ell for!et them as it really doesn't make any connection to our paper= ?I need to see Aatalia a!ain= Outside Annie's house, the !uy that "as follo"in! 4cott putts a de)ice under 4cot's E0 Oldsmobile car retreats to his o"n car a the other side of the street and takes out his cellphone. ?;ichard I follo"ed the !uy that asked for #odel's estate, I thou!ht he "as !oin! to the old Hord's place but he didn't, she may be inside=.The mysterious man talks trou!h the cellphone "hile

The Imperfect Machine lookin! at Annie's house. ?;oy "ait there up until you are sure Hord is not in there, put a tracker on his car, you kno" "hat to do2A man responds throu!h the cellphone. 2+eah I already bu!!ed his car, it's ust a matter of time2


The Imperfect Machine


2The 3onse5uences of Hatalism2

?.ith time you li$e to learn that you can learn with time as a pot lets a little shine up until its filled with coffee #ou learn to not waste time as time will not waste you as a little girl learns that is meaningless to try and become a football player e$en if she is the best, people wont see her like that, they will only see 'oh my god she is a female football player9 if only that mar$elous H # could be a H H .I would lo$e to rip that e)tra leg but come on can't you see what's going on ,ane you are !ust wasting time If you put yourself in front of the train and your destiny is not to die that train will derailed instead of crushing you, because it's the will of god

The Imperfect Machine and his will is your will. nd your will is e$erybody's will Its !ust time, don't cry anymore I !ust want to make you laugh


Gane is "atchin! a computer monitor "atchin! this "ords appear before her, cryin! in front of it "ith a coffee mu! in front of it 4he looks like she is been drinkin! for days. ?.eep up 4uper&01 I lo)e your poems don't stop e)en if I'm cryin!= Gane says "hile talkin! to a microphone. More "ords appear on the computer screen. lthough you created me with suicide tendencies I would lo$e to li$e fore$er with you and I will lo$e, fore$er you, fore$er e$en if that means concealing my programming as you created me to hate you but it's not like that you are what you are and I am what you tell me to be7 "ut as your incredible abilities compare to a God .This makes you feel the sadness of a God This makes you depressi$e as a God. Drink no more you need to feel proud as my god. #ou need to be egotistical as a God +$erlasting presence of worship that, should be worshiped !ust for the reality of my e)istence. Drink no more. Hide no more. 3ry no more. The unending suicidal acti$ities make me feel bad for you, and ha$e a reason to kill myself. and the destiny will only dri$e it out of you The abiding time is only against you make me proud to be your creation and stop the incessant wa$es of numbness wash o$er all of us. This one made Gane lau!h in bet"een her cryin! she took a drink of )odka directly from the bottle

The Imperfect Machine ?4uper&01 did you ust said you "ant to be a "omen instead of a man*=Gane said throu!h the microphone Technically I am neither but I would really en!oy being more like you ?Fut I "ished I "as a man 4&01= %I know, and I also know you are wrong, you are what you are, and you should be ashamed of yourself& A!ain this made Gane lau!h she clears her throat and sees her di!ital clock on her "rist ?It's time to !o to "ork a!ain= ?bye bye my lo$e&


4he takes a sho"er6 "e see that she doesn't ha)e the slender body she used to ha)e "hen she "as at >rinceton, she has a small sa!!in! tummy no", "ider hips, bi! breasted and a sad e,pression on her face. Bryin! herself from the sho"er the first thin! she !rabs is a bottle of pills that says (ydrocodone painkillers that made humans feel !ood for a "hile but after the !ood feelin! stomach aches "ould ensure. 4he s"allo"s t"o pills alon! "ith more )odka. As she is puttin! her clothes she looks at her reflection In the mirror and stops dressin! herself for a moment to notice a strip of pictures of Aatalia and her in a >hoto booth "ith the first picture hu!!in! to the last one on of both kissin! each other. 4he !oes to her phone and hesitates to dial the number, still naked "ith the phone on one hand and the to"ell in the other she !ains enou!h dri)e to actually do the call, starts dialin! "hile seein! the pictures. A familiar )oice ans"ers the phone call ?(ello....-ho is this*.....(ello.... I don't ha)e your number so.2 Aatalia said Gane doesn't ans"er but Aatalia can hear her breathin! ?Gane is this you*....Gane "here are you...= Gane han!s up.

The Imperfect Machine .hy did you do that/ More te,t appears on screen bu the hears in the )oice of an old "oman. #ou know you shouldn't talk to her if you want her to be safe.


?I kno"....don't kno" "hy but...... I ha)e the hunch that e)erythin! I')e "orked to !et to her a!ain isn't !oin! to "ork . I'm sorry, I ust "anted to hear her )oice a!ain, that "as a stupid thin! to do I kno" it's ust a matter of time 'I'll "ait= I think that you !ust want to satisfy your human needs, but be careful with those. I really don't want you to suffer more ,ane. I kno".... I kno"

+ablo'-o" "o" "ait..... "hen Bid 4uper&01 came to be &pimedes'+ou kno" pretty "ell that if I talk about Albion I also need to brin! up 4uper&01 ,Fy this time Gane already had created parts of him. Luine'(ey you are tellin! +ablo about Albion* Isn't he too youn! for that* &pimedes'(e is ready. Luine'O. O. ust sayin!. +ablo'"hy "ait "hat happens*....."hy so youn!* Luine'Oh no I "on't spoil the surprise. I'll see ya later. :et's ust say that it in)ol)es you and the meanin! of life. &pimedes'4hhh don't spoil it..

Gane !ets to the !rocery store "here she "orks, as she enters she looks at ;ick "ith a terrible look in his eyes. &)eryone is concentrated on a man "ith a !un pointed at a customer. ?&)erybody shut the fuck up. If anybody mo)es I'll shoot them. -ho are you* BO-A bitch !o do"n your bi! boobs touchin! the !round AO- HA4T=

The Imperfect Machine


&)erybody "as in shock and couldn't belie)e "hat "as happenin!. ;ick "as /' 112 and the robber "as at least 0' <2 "ith a hu!e re)ol)er. There "asn't any "ay to restrict the !uy usin! force. The robber "as !oin! from cash re!ister to the other cash re!ister. Ao one "as mo)in! Gane and ;ick "ere on the !round. The mana!er suddenly ran out of the store. -hen suddenly the homeless lady stepped inside the #rocery store. ?-hy are you on the !round*'.The homeless lady said As she said this the robber shoot her, killin! her instantly "ith hundreds of coins fallin! to the !round. &)eryone screamed, in the cacophony of screams Gane "as calm and numb as al"ays lookin! at the shooter from the !round . As she turn to the entrance she could see the the li!ht of the homeless lady's eyes fade out cra"lin! throu!h pennies. Gane "hile lookin! at the dimes stands up "hile !rindin! her teeth and started "alkin! to"ards the robber ?(ey you stop ,"here you are, didn't you see "hat I did=the robber said Fut Gane didn't stop ?+ou "ant to end up like the old lady=.The robber said ?I "ant to die. 4hoot me and all of this "ill end=Gane said The robber started shootin!, Gane umped to"ards him and !rabbed the !un, ;ick the other store cashier !rabbed him from behind and "ere able to put do"n and disarm the !uy. ;ick started kickin! the !uy in the face nonstop seein! that they had him on the floor and that the !un "as far from them another man in the store umped on him. ?4ir call 711 please "hile I hold him.2 (e turned to Gane 2I can't belie)e you did that. Are you Ok you m.....*=;ick said ?Maybe I'm able to die after all*=Gane said lookin! at her "aist, "hich "as drenched in blood. As she said this ;ick sa" that Gane had blood on her shirt and started shoutin!. ?4omeone call 711 fast please Gane has been shot=

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2The Man "ho 4tole the Dni)erse2

-e !o back to 17E$ ;ichard Heynman is talkin! to ;alph :ei!hton stories about his youth and ri!ht ne,t to both of them is a recordin! de)ice. ?4o are "e !oin! to play the bon!os this time or ust talk a!ain.=;ichard Heynman said !rabbin! his bon!os and startin! to play them. ?-ell I brou!ht the recorder and I need more material for the book=:ei!hton said ?I ha)e already told you half of my life6 I mean, I'm not that interestin!= Heynman said lau!hin! "hile both doin! really a really "eird polyrhytm on the bon!o. ?Ao no no you are one of the most interestin! person of the "orld, I need more material from "hen you "ere in the Manhattan >ro ect= ?(uh=Heynman si!hs "hen he mentions Manhattan >ro ect. ?:ook I already told you, it "as "ron! but "e ust "eren't thinkin! after....=:ei!hton interrupted Heynman "hen ?Ao no no I "an't the funny stories I kno" there has to be a lot= ?Of course there "as fun, "e "ere on parties all the time, "e "ere so isolated in :os Alamos

The Imperfect Machine


that "e had to create our o"n alcoholic drinks. -e drank :aboratory alcohol 211 proof=Foth lau!h at ?Ok "hat story....ok I ha)e one. -ell It all be!un "hen I "as still at >rinceton I still didn't e)en had a title and I "as "orkin! on my room "hen Fob -ilson came to my room. (e had ust been si!n up to do "ork on a secret pro ect and that he "as !oin! to do for the !o)ernment and ob)iously he "as !oin! to tell me because he kne" me and he kne" that I could also be interested in tryin! to do it2 (e started e,plainin! and I turn him do"n, at that time I "as only thinkin! about physics all day6 "orkin! for the !o)ernment* +uck. (e left the room and I kept thinkin! on it6 so I said to myself mi!ht "ell ust !o for the meetin!. I "ent to a reunion. It "as ob)ious, someone had told the !o)ernment that #ermany "as "orkin! on an atomic "eapon they "ere enlistin! e)erybody so I si!ned up. Fob -ilson "ent immediately as I think they had problems buildin! the laboratories. -e "ere recruited by Oppenheimer. This !uy "as one of the most !entle man I')e met in my life, and he ask me about Arlene's health because she had Tuberculosis. I started thinkin! about "hat "ould I could achie)e if I "orked "ith all of these !reat scientists. I "as meetin! there. -e "ere sent pretty fast to :os Alamos in Ae" Me,ico. The theoretical physicist "ent first, because "e could already be "orkin! on stuff, but they put us on damn tents .They "ere constructin! this small to"n full "ith scientists, military personal, and all minimum personnel you could ha)e in a pro ect like this. And of course, I been the man I am started !oofin! of "ith my thin!s, the sad or rather !ood thin! is that I really didn't contribute that much on the bomb. I mean the my main thin! "as on the computin!, those days e)erythin! "as done manually and to input anythin! into the computer it had to be done "ith these IFM punchin! cards that ladies "ere asked to do. That "as my contribution to the bomb ust or!anizin! these ladies on ho" to make fast calculations doin! manual "ork. The Hunny thin! is that most of the people didn't e)en kno" "hat they "ere "orkin! on :os Alamos, Oak ;id!e. Hor the most part I "as Ok in the pro ect up until the spy thin!= ?There "as a 4py*=

The Imperfect Machine ?+es but that's another story this is "hen they thou!ht I "as the 4py=Foth lau!hin!


?I learned to pick locks in >rinceton it's easy you ust put a scre"dri)er and push from the side that's all to it. 4ome !uy challen!e me to do it "ith the atomic bomb secrets= ?Oh my !od >rofessor= :ei!hton said "ith a !rin. ?-ell I didn't do much at :os Alamos6 if I needed a report I didn't call the person, I ust pick lock it and open their cabinets. Dp until ne" locker came "ith three number combinations. I opened all I didn't bra! about it as I usually do because it "as all classified information. Fut there "as one time "hen they brou!ht this !or!eous 2 ton 4afe to keep really important files. And I couldn't resist it. Fut I'd ne)er e)en tried to crack a safe. I started to read 4afeIcrackin! books "hich had really dopey ob)ious thin!s like 'first try birthdays' or 'use the psycholo!y of the person' there "as another one like 'a lot of times to not for!et the combination sometimes they "rite the combinations on some"here nearby'. I "anted technical stuff and it did ho)e some tips like most )aults ha)e t"o handles and one of them you could use it as a "ay to hear the pins inside the )ault. 4o one day I sa" the colonel that put all the documents in the safe and I !a)e him my report "hile he "as checkin! it, I said to him 'could I see your )ault'.'Off course he said by that time I already !ained a reputation by pickin! locks. I e)entually started to bra! about it but no one belie)e me. Fut that colonel's safe made me "onder >eople don't think that ust because you name a thin! 4afe it doesn't mean it is 24afe2 4o the 3olonel let me !i)e it a shot to opened it. 2 minutes after I opened his a" drop. It "as "as easy, the colonel didn't bother chan!in! the combination that came from the factory as I learned from one a real safeIcracker but that's another story. Ae,t day no one "anted near their personal stuff, as the colonel sent a memo statin! that' 'If you deal with scientist 1eynman please change your combination he might be a spy. 4o half of the staff hated me, they had to chan!e their combination half of the staff had the factory preset so it "as harder to open them after that little prank=Heynman said "ith :ei!hton lau!hin! at his

The Imperfect Machine obser)ation.


?There "as another time that I opened a cabinet that had some really curious information but I can't talk about that=Heynman said "ith a half smile and serious tone. ?-hat do you mean*=:ei!hton asked. ?-ell you see...=Heynman si!hs sees the recorder and stops ?I'll tell you if you stop recordin!= Heynman said :ei!hton !rabbed the recorder and pressed a button. ?-ell there "as the time "hen I needed some papers and the o"ner of the cabinet "asn't in :os Alamos so I opened Hreddy (offman's cabinets, ne" combination locks came and they had a different factory combination that I didn't kne". Fesides (offman's "as kinda careful, so I decided to try the 4afecrackin! books method "ith him. Hirst "as the check for the 4ecretary's desk for the combination "ritten. I checked the desk nothin! I e)en checked her cabinet she had the ones that I could open "ith a scre"dri)er, nothin!. Then there "as the use the psycholo!y of the person, Hreddy (offman "as the !uy that "ould use a mathematical constant so I try >i $1I1%I1/ nothin!. Then I try 2<I1EI2E 3:IA. it fell do"n. It "as the mathematical constant for natural lo!arithms. Fut the paper "asn't there I ust opened AI & and I needed HIG for Heynman 4o I try the same combination on that other cabinet. >resto the same combination. 4o if I "anted to bra! that I opened the cabinet "ith all the secrets of the atomic bomb I needed to open all of them, so I did. -hen I !ot to Oppenheimer folder I noticed somethin! "eird, it had a key "ith the number 101E. Oppenheimer "as the leader and I found it funny that he "ould ha)e anythin! here so I !rabbed the key under the key "as a paper that said ron Habrit I started readin! it 9It's not a military code and is not a 2.:. code but some of the code'breakers think is an alien code but that can't be right sometimes it showed +nglish written words in some of the code like 9be careful with the information I am gi$ing you9,which first led us to belie$e it was from a spy code but

The Imperfect Machine then another one read 9I really miss mom I hope she makes the right choice this time9 I didn't kno" "hat that meant I lo)e to sol)ed mysteries, so I stopped readin! and for some


"eird reason I !rabbed that paper. Oppenheimer "as at that time at 3hica!o because he needed to see all the branches of the Manhattan pro ect that "here all around the "orld. Fy the "ay I put on my si!nature on one of the cabinets "ith the follo"in! note ?I borro"ed document no :A%$1$ Heynman the 4afecracker= and in the ne,t cabinet ?This one "as no harder to open than the other one P -ise !uy= I put this messa!e to all the rest of them, so "hen I see (offman enter the room, I ust sa" his face turn "hite. -hen he read ?-hen the combinations are all the same, one is no harder to open than the other one....4ame #uy = (offman starts sayin! ?it's the same !uy that "ho's been tryin! to !et into the Ome!a Fuildin!=.That's "hen I kne" I "as in problems, no" this !uy thinks there "as a 4py If he find the other note that read ?I borro"ed document no :A%$1$ Heynman the 4afecracker= he "ould !o nuts "ith me, I only intended to be a oke, but this "as out of control so I decided to tell him that I "as the !uy "ho opened them. (e "as so relie)ed. (e practically hu! me in !ratitude for not bein! a spy. Fut I kept the key and the paper. After I "as alone I found out that the paper also contained information 4park !ap radio recei)er desi!ned by Aikola Tesla "ith a fe" modifications. It "as somethin! pretty odd that Oppenheimer had this, as they "ere substitute by more efficient desi!ns thirty years a!o and this "as 17%2, it "as in essence an old desi!n for a radio recei)er. &)en more odd "as the tittle of the paper Aron (abrit that means Ark of the 3o)enant. +ou kno" the thin! "ere the 11 commandments "ere supposed to be put in. I couldnKt make a connection up until years later in a bar in 3asa #rande Motel in ;oute 00 "hen I "as in a Far "ith >aul Olum he introduced me to this "eird !uy "ith red suspenders "hich name for some "eird reason still a mystery to me I can't remember. -e "ent outside the ni!htclub = ?Mr Heynman its a pleasure to meet you= The red supenders !uy said I didn't cared too much inside the ni!htclub I "as hustlin! a !uy in a pork pie hat into !i)in! me free champa!ne, so I ust

The Imperfect Machine "anted to !et o)er "ith this reaunion that >aul Olum had or!anized "ith this mysterious !uy2 ?Oh hi do "e kno" each other*=I said


?Ao "e don't but I "ant to ask you do you still ha)e the key Br. Heynman*=the red suspenders !uy said. I didn't remember I snatched the key from Oppenheimer, this "as < years after that. ?I think you !ot somethin! from >rofessor Oppenheimer, and if you don't tell me "hat you kno" I'm !oin! to break your face in front of your friend= ?This !ot me sober, and by his tone I realized he "asn't playin! I still didn't kno" "hat he meant by key= ?-hat are you talkin! about*= ?At :os Alamos you robbed Oppenheimer a key =Then I realized "hat he meant but of course I didn't ha)e the key by that time it "as lost in obli)ion I tried to open some cabinets that "ere supposed to ha)e OppenheimerKs thin!s but nothin! "orked so I !ot rid of the key= ?I don't ha)e it I'll be honest I ust liked to play !ames "ith the security= ?I kno" that e)erybody sees you as the clo"n scientist, I'm not really interested in the key but rather in "hat you kno"= (e pulled out this small bereta !un and pointed it to my face. ?I don't understand= I said to him. I "as in deep shit problem. I suddenly thou!ht of this reunions bet"een a!ents and "hat happened to .laus Huchs another Theoretical physicist "ho "as the real 4o)iet spy in :os Alamos. (e "as !i)en 1% years in prison and they had taken his Fritish citizenship. ?Bon't "orry about the key, its ust that "e "ant to kno" "hat you kno"= Then I remember the paper titled Aron (abrit and the desi!n for the old radio transmitter I decided to spill the beans I mean It couldn't be dan!erous ri!ht* 2Dh I looked at Oppenheimers.... cabinet and I sa" a paper that said Aron (abrit and a desi!n for a 4park based radio recei)er.... that "as it= This made him mo)e his head back in forth almost as if

The Imperfect Machine the "orst thin! had ust happened. ?Mr Heynman you ha)e t"o choices6 say !ood bye to the Br Olum and die by my hands. Or


ha)e the illustrious pri)ile!e of oinin! us. Aormally "e kill any indi)idual that makes such actions, but bein! yourself, "e can not "aste such a !reat mind. I "ould prefer not to kill you this instant, and if you try to do somethin! in the future "ith that information I'm not only !oin! to kill you, I'm also !oin! to kill e)erybody you care for= I "as stunned this time, fri!htened e)en .-e "ere outside 3asa #rande ne,t to that ni!ht club at ni!ht "ith no one outside to help me. >aul Olum "as ne,t to him not sayin! a "ord. I kne" he "as also part of this or!anization "hich also meant that probably se)eral members of the Manhattan pro ect could be associated "ith this kind of criminal acti)ity and I couldn't piece any piece of the i!sa" puzzle. I "as ob)iously infuriated that someone could ust treat me like that. #i)in! me a choice*.It sounded like it normally "asn't the case, so it "as clear that this man had killed many man before. It didn't sound as he "as in)ol)ed "ith the !o)ernment. The bi!!est thin! that fri!hten me "as that Oppenheimer "as also "ith them .The man that "as commissioned the atomic bomb. -hen I "as at :os Alamos I "as a small fry by this time I had a reputation so I thou!ht maybe this "as a really "eird "ay of recruitin!. ?I'm interested= I said. ?#ood, I'm sorry to scare you like this but as I "as "arned by e)erybody you are a tou!h cookie to con)ince, you al"ays act "ith erratic manners and robbin! papers from us isn't a nice to do Br. Heynman=. ?-hat happened ne,t= :ei!hton said as he sa" the recorder and re!ret that he "asn't allo"ed to record the con)ersation. ?This "as a bi!!er thin! than I e,pected. &)ery important Man in the 4cience -orld "as in)ol)ed someho". This or!anization "as bi!!er than anythin! I ha)e e)er kno"n, and somethin! that

The Imperfect Machine I ne)er thou!ht "as possible. Many people "ere in)ol)ed but they "ere restricted to talk about the matters to each other. Fut then I kne" "hy it "orked "hen the man in the red suspenders !a)e me a present=


?(ere is a little ad)ance for your future "ork "ith us. And I'm really sorry for usin! a !un as a con)incin! ar!ument= ?(e !a)e me a briefcase outside the ni!htclub "ith M/,111. At that time it "as like "inin! the lottery= ?-o" -hat happened ne,t*= ?-ell I "as in. >art of the !o)ernment "as in it too but it "as mainly local Gersey stuff corrupt politicians and police men. It al"ays felt like a cult and there "ere al"ays messa!es "ith packets of codes that they told us didn't kno" ho" to crack to a certain de!ree it "as fun. They !a)e you numbers but these numbers al"ays represented e5uations and "ords and te,t like messa!es "hich then I learned "as a system thou!ht by a "artime refu!ee called .urt #9del "hich to my surprise I learned by a memo sent by this or!anization it "as prohibited talk to him althou!h "e all "ere usin! his system of encodin! it. The "eirdest thin! of all, is that years after I met him at >rinceton, he "as this crazy !enius that didn't kno" ho" to talk to people but "hen I mentioned that "e "ere usin! his system he created ,he didn't sho" any si!ns to kno" anythin! about Aron (abrit. And thin!s only !ot "eirder from that point. A month later a letter came to my (ouse at that time I "as li)in! teachin! at 3alTech "ith somethin! that said %Dear 8rofessor 1eynman .e will be delighted to recei$e you at the IJJ= 3hester $e at *o$ember @< @KJK at Trenton *ew ,ersey.#ou will recei$e instructions by your friend 8aul Olum, we need your ser$ices, and as you come here you will realize that its going to be pretty similar to what you did when you were at (os lamos.

The Imperfect Machine


4o I "ent "ith my knees tremblin! it feel "eird first they menace you to kill you then they !i)e this )ery formal letter. -hen I !ot there it "as a hu!e "arehouse "ith the front sayin! #oldsbrou!h Mort it seemed like it "as an old abandoned fabric but there "as a !uy on the front. ?Mr Heynman please follo" me.=(e said 4o I kne" I "as at the ri!ht place "hen I "as inside the place it "as packed "ith ladies punchin! cards ust like :os Alamos there "ere all different people but they "ere basicly usin! our method of chain computin! that "e used at los Alamos "hich kinda alarmed I didn't think I "ould see all this kind of computin! a!ain in my lifetime, the last time "e did "e created an a"ful thin! so it ust !ot to my brain that they "ere doin! somethin! as bad, then the !uy sho" me an office. ?>lease "ait here, >rofessor Olum is !oin! to be here in a fe" minutes= I "as then lookin! at ladies "orked then I realized somethin!. They "ere doin! somethin! the same thin! about punchin! cards but they all had this dia!rams that had dots and spaces. It "as the same chain computin! but "ith different computers. At that time a !uy named Alan Turin! chan!ed the "ay computers "ere made it had a "hole different monster "ith thousands more calculations per second. ?(ey Heynman ho" you been= Olum said to me. ?-hat is all of this*= I said. (e opened the door and "e "ent outside ?-ell as you can see "e are usin! you method but "ith bi!!er computers= -e entered another abandoned buildin! "arehouse. ?-e are usin! &AIA34 this time= It "as a modern computer like the one you use but instead of solid state cicuitry or transistor this thin!s used ;elays crystal diodes and 8acuum tubes, you kno" like the one for li!hts. The computer used the "hole "arehouse as its !round they "ere hu!e but you could say that it could compute as fast as 211 microseconds for any subtraction addition e)en s5uare root, there "ere more !irls usin! this computers

The Imperfect Machine transferrin! the punched cards to the &AIA34. ?Fi! isn't it= Olum said. ?+es this looks !reat but ....all of this for "hat*= ?Oh let me sho" you=


4o "e pass three other "arehouse "ith three other &AIA34 at this point I started to be paranoid I kne" that one of these computers "as "orth half a million dollars and I'm talkin! 17%7 here. And they had three I don't think for e)en the bomb they used that much resources and personnel .Then "e !ot to another "arehouse this time most of it "as empty and "e pass throu!h se)eral other locked doors "hen "e !ot to see the freak sho". It "as the Tesla 4park ;adio ;ecei)er this time it "as connected to a hu!e thin! somethin! that I didn't reco!nize .-ith a >aper and needle dra"in! the dots and spaces that I sa". Then I understood "hat "as happenin! this thin! "as !eneratin! codes from "ho kno"s "here and all of the machinery "as to decodin! all of "hat the recei)er "as !ettin!. ?Are "e spies* This looks more like a cryptoIanalisis facility=I asked Olum ?(a ha Ao. It's really hard to e,plained "hat are "e doin! here and if I tell you I'm sure its !oin! to ruin the fun you mi!ht !et of findin! out by yourself. I'm sure it "ont take up so much to kno". ?The instructions "ere simple, all of the data from "hat the ladies !i)e you, "e need you to decode it, I kno" you lo)e puzzles and it's somethin! actually fun.2 This made me ner)ous, the "ay he said those thin!s made it looked that e)en Olum didn't kne" "hat "e "ere doin!. It "as :os Alamos all o)er a!ain. Most ci)ilians and Army personnel "orkin! in it didn't kno" "hat they "ere "orkin! on an atomic "eapon and didn't comprehend the po"er of it. It "as the stran!est ob I had in my life. I "asn't alone, there "ere a lot of Theoretical physicist that "ere on the Manhattan pro ect. All of them lookin! at this data that looked like !ibberish. There "as a !uy name 8incent 4mith "ho "as the !uy that actually looked that he kne" "hat he "as doin!. (e

The Imperfect Machine


!a)e Oppenheimer paper and papers of "hat he said "as cracked code. (e "as the one that I encrypted "hat "e decrypted in a "ay that "e didn't notice "hat "as the code concretely and make it a secret e)en to us. I disco)ered that part of the code in)ol)ed stock market predictions that "ould made us rich if "e had the "hole information, that "as the "ay they made money. ?Fut all of this information "ere did it came from* :ei!hton asked ?I found out t"o months. Ao" one kne". Aot e)en Oppenheimer. At first they thou!ht it "as 4o)iets codes it "as the be!innin! of the 3old -ar and they enlisted but the information "asn't encrypted at all it "as like it "as meant to be decoded by a specific !roup of people that kne" math and lo!ic. That's "hat "as bu!!in! me it "asn't simple packets of military information, or ;ussian lan!ua!e it "as binary code that had to be transformed by us into numbers then into mathematical e5uations, te,t, and that nobody understood, they "eren't only interested in the stock market information, they "ere more interested more in the !ibberish part "hich I'll be honest to you, I lo)e breakin! codes but I couldn't crack that one. It seemed a ne)er endin! lo!ical instructions similar to marko) chains of "hat it seem meanin!less information, lookin! back it "ould seemed like "e "ere constructin! and artificial brain but at the pace "e "ere !oin! "e "ere makin! a fe" neurons e)ery day if you compare an actual human brain that has trillions of neurons the task "as like mo)in! tiny pebbles of one side of mount &)erest to put them at the other side, it "as ridiculous bein! 17%2 e)en by today standards 17E$ computers "ould take hundreds of computers usin! parallel computin! a minimum of millions of years6 althou!h "ith Moore's la" "ho kno"s me mi!ht be actually see computers capable to perform the task in another fifty years in the future. This "as the "orst ob of my life = ?Another main theory "as that it "as Alien information, but it didn't make sense, this "as a man made code "as !i)in! stock e,chan!e information from an e,ternal source that "as someho" in the air and kne" "hat "as happenin! in the "orld.2

The Imperfect Machine Another cryptic thin! "as that sometimes in the code "e "ould actually ha)e normal type &n!lish type sentences. ?.ho I'm I/= , ?I sure miss being with a girl& or the "eirdest one&.hy do I ha$e to wait so much for ,ane to be born&


They in)esti!ated e)ery Gane in the "orld but nothin!. The code ne)er stopped and it "as man made or perhaps it "as a machine that didn't stop. A simple sentence like %Do you like Tea or 3offee9 made us "ork for a "eek. My task "as to actually disco)er this random te,ts that came in the code but they 5uickly noticed that compared "ith other scientist, I "asn't a sa)ant or had super intelli!ence ability to break codes. 4o I they decided to lay me off pretty 5uickly. It "as only t"o months but I "as !oin! insane. The money "as !reat and each sentence "as in a different code so I "as ne)er bored. I ne)er kne" "here it came from or "hat "as it supposed to really be. And besides they "ere !oin! to chan!e to a ne" location and ne" computers. ?Bo you think they are still doin! it* :ei!hton said ?I don't kno", but If the code is still there is probably that they are still "innin! money "ith that. -hich by today standards the stock market mo)es so 5uickly it makes me doubt it. It "as a "aste of time. I only !ot a lousy key o)er so much hassle=

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2-ho is Gane Hord*2

An ambulance is rushin! throu!h the streets of Ae" Gersey not stoppin! at the red li!hts. Inside is Gane bleedin! to death ne,t to her is ;ick a the other cashier a short 22 year old Faseball aficionado that "as ne,t to her. (e kne" that she didn't had anybody in the "orld or at least that "as "hat it appeared to be. ?4hh 3alm Bo"n e)erythin! is !oin! to be O.= ;ick said to Gane .-ith the pain she started to moan. ;ick !rabbed her hand and "hispered a!ain.= &)erythin! is !oin! to be O. Gane= 4he then smiles and looks at him ?This is !ood, it means that Ma,"ell demon e,ists=Gane says in pain ?-hat*= ?It means that "e don't li)e in a deterministic -orld. If I'm able to die this, thin!s could be !ood for e)erybody if I don't finish him= ?-hat the fuck are you talkin! about* -ith this, she fainted. ;ick Fecker seein! for the first time a !un shot "ound on a "oman that chan!ed his perspecti)e in life. ;ick had a deep fascination "ith Gane he noticed the small details that fascinated him, like the fact that she "orked ne)er lookin! at the cash re!ister monitor for the price

The Imperfect Machine


e,chan!e. 4he kne" the "hole market !oods prices on its entirety and she did all the sum in her head n. ;ick stayed all the "ay "ith Gane up to the hospital. (e sa" ho" she "as recei)ed by emer!encies and remained there durin! her operation to remo)e the bullet. A doctor approached ;ick ?&,cuse me but do you kno" "ho is this*= The doctor sho" him an IB that said Gane Hord but the ima!e of the IB "as a old lady that had 07 years old at first I thou!ht she mi!ht be her mother but it "asn't possible the lady looked Armenian she couldn't be her mother the old lady in the picture "as so different. It "as the picture of the older fattier Gane that met "ith her at the bank. ;ick "as confused as to "hy she had that id "ith her. ?That's her name but the lady in the IB is different. I don't understand= ?The police is !oin! to start askin! 5uestions. Bo you kno" the Gane that !ot shot*2 2+es, "ell no... I mean "e "orked at the same place, but "e are not close2 ;ick said lookin! at the floor 2I "ish "e could be closer2 2this mi!ht be a case of IB theft so "e are obli!ed to call the lady in the picture. Bo you kno" if she "as usin! this name as her o"n. ?-hat do you mean* she has al"ays been Gane Hord.=

The Imperfect Machine



At the same time in Mathey's courtyard at >rinceton's. Annie is sittin! near a tree in front of the offices of >rinceton .-hen a !irl approaches her back. ?(i Annie, "hat do you "ant no"*= Aatalia said "ith a "hinin! tone. "hile smilin! at her ?-here is Gane Hord*= Annie said In a sur)eillence 8an $11 feet from them, a man "earin! headphones umps in e,citement as he hears the name Gane Hord said by Annie. >resses a red button on a deck that says ;&3. ?Bidn't I told you nobody kno"s= Aatalia said. ?+ou kno". I met a man called Geff Miller I kno" you kno" him= This made Aatalia open her eyes in terror and it looked like she "anted to start yellin! at Annie but somethin! made her contain herself.

The Imperfect Machine ?Annie ...stop please. +ou don't kno" "hat you are !ettin! yourself into. -ait....= Aatalia stops and thinks for a moment, she then re!ain her composure. ?4he died Annie. 4e)en years a!o= In the 8an another person appears and 5uestions the !uy "ith the headphone ?Are you recei)in!, or should I mo)e closer= The dri)er in the )an said


?Ao no don't mo)e, she kno"s she is bein! "atched, shhh don't do anythin! ust let me hear the con)ersation= ?-hat. Fut you said before that @= ?Hor!et "hat I told you before, I ust didn't "anted to kill your hopes for your thesis= Aatalia !rabs Annie's hand but she takes Aatalia's hand a"ay from hers. ?Annie come "ith me >:&A4&= Aatalia says "hile "inkin! at her. Aatalia !rabbed Annie's hand and "ent inside a >rinceton buildin! to !irls a bathroom. ?:ook I don't kno" "hat you')e been doin!, but someone is follo"in! you. -hen you called me I kne" "hat you "anted2 Aatalia said "ith desperation !i)in! her a notebook. ?-e don't ha)e that much time but / years a!o Gane and a !uy named Goa5uin Be 4oto "ere "orkin! on a neuronal "eb usin! transistors the basis of a 5uantum type computer or somethin! like that. In a conference they !a)e they sho"ed a pro!ram called &01. And a #uy "ith red suspenders In the demonstration sa" the Moebius brain structure and e)er since that e)ent e)erythin! started !oin! to hell. Goa5uin Be 4oto "as disco)ered dead in his studio, se)eral people disappeared days after, all connected to Annie's research, someone stole all of Goa5uin's and Gane's computers. Gane ran a"ay from >rinceton she !a)e me her diary ust before runnin!. -e need to !et a"ay from here. I'll see you at our secret place= Aatalia ran off the !irls bathroom lea)in! Annie "ith Gane's Biary.

The Imperfect Machine


2The 4hinin! 4corpion2

Hebruary < 1727 8ienna t"o men enter a ni!ht cub, one of "hich is #9del. (e looks pretty uncomfortable as he's ne)er been in a place like that before e)en at his 21 years of a!e. Arnold .reisler a friend of #9del "as a re!ular at the place so a of the !irl salute him as he enters. ?.urt I'm !oin! to help you lose your )ir!inity today= ?Arnold please don't do anythin! stupid, if I a!ree to come here is because you forced me I don't need you to push me into thin!s I don't desire= ?+ou al"ays so lo!ical and mysterious, there is nothin! mysterious about it .+ou as a man of science kno" this. I as a man of the humanities is my duty to sho" you the beauty of the female anatomy. 3an you see all of their hip to breast ratio this !irls ha)e ha)e, My !od !olden ratios e)ery"here.=

The Imperfect Machine


As he said this a "oman in )ery ti!ht dress sho"in! her breast approaches them #9del doesn't look her at her eyes ?Arnold ho" you been do you "ant cocktails for you and your friend= The Fallerina slash "aitress said ?+es of course, oh Adele, I "ant you to meet .urt #9del, the smartest man in 8ienna ri!ht no" or "ho kno"s maybe in the "orld, remember his name because he is !oin! to be part of history=Arnold said. ?Oh, is he that smart, its a petty "e here are all so )ery stupid especially comin! to a Far "ith Albert=. The ballerina said !rinnin! at Albert from the riposte she ust made. This made Albert made a hu!e lau!h be heard in the "hole Ai!ht club, also makin! #9del chuck a little. ?Oh he breathes and lau!hs=Adele said ?(e is shy but once he opens to you Adele, you "ill fall in lo)e "ith him= This remark from Albert made .urt smile but both Adele and Arnold lau!h made #9del feel insecure. The ballerina "ent a"ay to another table, but #9del follo" her "ith his eyes from that point. ?It's a shame isn't it=Arnold said ?-hat, "hy do you say that*= ?+ou didn't notice , oh I kno" "hy, you only sa" her ri!ht part of her face= As Arnold "as still sayin! this #9del sa" the ballerina's left side she had a birthmark. ?(o" do you kno" so many "oman*= #9del asked. ?-ell you ust !o out to ni!htclubs places. Talk to friends, female friends, from female students anyone you ust talk, it's not that hard= After hours of hea)y drinkin! from Arnold, #9del returned to his home, he sat on his desk and started "ritin! in !or!eous manuscript somethin! then scratchin! it a"ay, he repeated the same paper

The Imperfect Machine


destruction se)eral times up until it seemed to satisfy #9del it "as already mornin!. The dusk of that same day, #9del returned to the same ni!ht club. (e "as the only one there sittin! in the same chair he sat the day before on the front ro" three hours later Adele appeared on sta!e. 4he didn't noticed #9del by that time the place "as full as she came to attend #9del she didn't seem to remember #9del "hich made #9del disappointed. 2(i, "hat can "e ser)e you darlin!*2 2Dh D(2 2Bo you ha)e milk2 2Milk* ha ha no honey "e don't breastfeed here althou!h "e mi!ht look like some here come for that. 4o tell me darlin! "hat are you really drinkin!* 2I don't "ant to drink. I ust "anted to !i)e this to you2

#9del !a)e her a piece of paper and started "alkin! to"ards the entrance "hen he looked back to see her, he cached a !lance of her tro"in! his paper to the !arba!e as she "alked onsta!e a!ain. #9del e,it the ni!htclub in tears and sobbin!. -hat #9del didn't kno" "as that it "as 5uite common for men to !i)e se, proposals in hand"ritin! treatin! them like prostitutes. That ni!ht #odel did the same process and returned the ne,t day. #9del "as a!ain in the front ro", and he, a!ain, !a)e her another piece of paper this time she only smiled at him and sa)e it in her pocket only to thro" it a"ay "hen he "asn't lookin! #9del smiled and returned home and made a ne" letter. The third day #9del !a)e her another piece of paper this time noticin! the same pattern of runnin! like if he "as a small child, she decided to stop him. 2-ait don't run darlin! let me read your filthy little note2 4he open it in front of him and sa" that it "asn't a simple messa!e the pa!e "as entirely filled up. Adele didn't say a "ord. (er face chan!ed from unimpressed to scared. 4he "as the one "ho left

The Imperfect Machine the place hidin! backsta!e. -hen she finished that day she started readin! the letter.


0y beautiful little scorpion I noticed last night you smiled at me making me know that you actually read my pre$ious letter. The way you mo$e is art to a man that isn't an artist but knows its beauty, if only you would dance for me I would be the happiest man ali$e. #ou don't need to change anything !ust think of me as you sting me with your tail. God is e$erything I see, I see him in you. The last time you ga$e me a smile when you recei$ed my letter nd I can still feel your smile as a warm blanket I want to know e$ery single thing about you but I don't know if your work doesn't let you ha$e a relationship with one of your costumers. nyway this is the poem I wrote you . 5"y this time you surely noticed I'm not a poet but I !ust feel the need to try for you6.

s the night falls into the Liennese night $ery few things ha$e their on light but I can spot you in a second my lo$ely scorpion you glow at my sight

The Imperfect Machine


I know you could sting me at any time and I also know what my fate could be like the frog that was sitting at her back you are like me we can't change our ways to be

This made Adele !i!!le a little, she returned to "here the tables "are in the ni!ht club but there "asn't anyone there. Gust a man sleepin! pastIout out of drinkin!. 4he then looked at the !arba!e lookin! for the other letters she had thro"n a"ay she only found another one .

Hi I'm writing this letter again ner$ous. I thought that perhaps you didn't read the former and I'm waiting a response this time from the first letter. I'm guessing that today I'm going to be e$en more ner$ous than yesterday. "ut I ha$e this necessity of seeing you. I can't concentrate when I'm doing my schoolwork :o I decided to make a poem. I'm not a poet nor do I ha$e humanistic abilities I decided to write a poem anyway.

To you my illogical choice to lo$e because I lo$e the the workings of the world I see that beauty in the way you mo$e (ike a :erpent hypnotizing a rat to come to its death I feel like that rat but I'm con$inced I wont be killed

The Imperfect Machine I wont be undecided e$en at death


(ike a :corpion who shines e$en at the darkest of places +$en with all the girls dancing I can see you shine a uni-ue light in you unlike me, I feel you are something special unlike you, I feel ashamed at e$erything I wish I had that way of thinking

The ne,t day #odel is sittin! at the front ro" as he is used to be he a!ain !i)es Adele a paper this time Adele also !i)es him a letter. #9del almost faints as she holds it in his hands he runs outside the ni!htclub to read it "ithout any noise or distraction he starts "alkin! in the !or!eous 8iennese li!hts.

I'$e read your letters, at least two of them. 1orgi$e me but I'm not a :corpion or a serpent ready to bite you. If those were your attempts at poetry I would suggest you to find another ability. lthough I don't ha$e education I can distinguish between a good poem from a bad one. I'm a dancer at this hell hole If you wan to meet me at other place other than this place !ust come and ask me. nd if you want keep practicing your poetry with me I would be happy to be your muse.

+ablo'Those "ere !ood poems that !irl ust don't ha)e taste &pimedes'-hat makes a !ood poem. (a)e you read a !ood poem* +ablo'-ell I ha)e in my database a lot of poems. And also a lot of 2ho" to "rite poems2 books

The Imperfect Machine &pimedes'(a)e you "ritten one* -hich ones are the !ood ones* +ablo'-ell its a matter of taste.


&pimedes'Ao, it's a matter of personality and ima!ination. +ou don't need to ha)e the "hole database of poems to kno" "hat makes a !ood poem differentiate from a bad one. The reality is that Adele lo)ed those poems but she didn't "ant to say that to him as he "ould feel he already "on her. (uman females are the tou!hest ones to study.

The Imperfect Machine


2A T A2

At a fe" houses ne,t to "here Aatalia li)ed, Annie and 4cott "here at a park ne,t to a small children un!le !ym. 4cott and Annie sat do"n on a bench in front of the un!le !ym ne,t to them is a hu!e Ash Tree that !a)e a hu!e shade to the bench. ?4o this Gane is the same one you "ere talkin! about, the scientist that e)eryone said "as !oin! to be the ne,t &instein but ended up dyin!= 4cott said. ?I ne)er said she died, she disappeared, 3 'mon 4cott .4ometimes you act like a moron= ?(ey "hat did I say= ?:ook somethin! scared the shit out of Aatalia last time "e sa" each other. 4he "as super paranoid, and I ne)er seen her like that. 4he "as ne)er scared at anythin!, and "e')e been in situations "ere "e "ere pointed out "ith a !un= ?>ointed "ith a !un ho" did that happened= ?-e "ere mu!!ed comin! back from seein! a mo)ie, this !uy appeared in from the back and he

The Imperfect Machine pointed Aatalia but she didnKt pussy out she only !a)e the robber a t"enty dollar bill and started screamin!= ?+ou seem really close to her=4cott said ?+es "e "ere. 4hit is %'21 she's 21 minutes late, she is ne)er late= Annie said ?-e should smoke some ri!ht no"=4cott said ?If I')e kno"n you "ere a pothead, I "ould ne)er a!reed to started the thesis "ith you= ?(ey miss perfect, you didn't e)en kno" "hat >urple (aze meant "hen "e met= ?:ets !o to her house she only li)es t"o blocks from here=


-hen they left the bench There "as a markin! "ith a heart and the initials A lo)es A as they left she lea)es the bench lookin! at the heart rememberin! the last "ords she spoke to her. % nnie I'm pretty sure I'm been followed. I need you to temporally hide that diary for a while meet me at our secret place on Thursday at J o'clock. Don't show it to anyone and don't read it& Annie started "alkin! in this really fast pace because of her tiny stature /' <2 she needed to mo)e pretty fast her le!s in order to ad)ance at the same pace as 4cott "ho "as 0' 12. They !et to a Aatalia's apartment. Annie tries to knock on the door but she notices that the door "as open. 4he decides to knock any"ays. And !ets inside 4cott !rabs Annie's arm as tryin! to stop her6 inside she notices that the "hole apartment is "reck there are pa!es e)ery"here in the floor almost looked like a forced entry. A poster of &instein stickin! out his ton!ue "ith a .iss like make up stick out like a sore thumb, "hen suddenly a scream is heard from Annie. 4cott starts to race to "here Annie is, Aatalia is in the bathtub naked filled "ith blood. Annie starts to scream incessantly, tryin! to mo)e her body "aitin! for a response. Fut the body is already feels stiff and Aatalia's black eyes are no" "ithout any !limmer as she hasnKt blink in hours.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2&scape from (ospital -ard2

Gane "akes up in the hospital at 2'12 A.M. still lookin! sedated by the anesthesia, yet she mo)es her arms and notices the I.8. !oin! to her arm. At the corner ;ick is sleepin! "hile an old man on the ri!ht bed is sleepin! "ith the tele)ision still :ookin! .eepin! up the .ardashians at )ery lo" )olume 4he notices in her arm the name Gane Hord is crossed and ri!ht besides it says ?(ero= she !ains sufficient soberness to remember "hat happened. 4he starts to stand up her hospital !o"n and "hispers to ;ick ?4hhh ;ick "ake up ;ickC="hisperin! tryin! not to "ake up the !uy ne,t to her. ;ick starts to "ake up and he umps from the fact that Gane is already "alkin! "ithout anythin! on her chest only "earin! the banda!es from the operation. ?-hat are you doin! here*=Gane said ?-ell they let me stay here they couldn't find any family contacts and the shot "asn't that bad it pass bet"een t"o ma or arteries aparently no" you are some sort kind of medical miracle 2Huck that is not !ood, so.... I'm not allo"ed to die huh2

The Imperfect Machine 2-hat*2. ?I need to !et out of here=Gane said mo)in! the blood serum pedestal. ?-hat Is your real name*=;ick asked makin! a half smile "ith a !rin. ?Gane Hord, cut the crap I don't ha)e time= Gane said in a uncarin! "ay "hile puttin! herself ;ick's shirt and takin! off her I.8. 4he looked around the hospital care room for stuff.


?;ick I don't ha)e )ery much time before they find me. There "as probably a police report, if that is the case they are already here. I need to !et out of the hospital by bus or somethin! no" that you came here you are also in dan!er, let me borro" you car, shit better not return to my house. O. huh "hat to do...O. +ou didn't !a)e your address to anybody ri!ht* :et me stay at your place.= ?-ait "hat* +ou can't lea)e the hospital, you're O., the old Gane Hord lady didn't say shit. Its a mystery for them "hy she is actually lettin! you use her IB but if she doesn't press char!es you are ok. ?I don't care about that old ad)anta!eous lady Gane A. Hord ,"e only share the name that's it people ha)e been lookin! for me for years and If I stay here they are !oin! to kill me= ?>eople are lookin! for you*= ?+es= 2-hy*2 2There is no time to e,plain fo..2 2Hollo" me*2;ick said "ith a chucklin! in his )oice.?OOooo o shit you are ri!ht. There is this !uy that came askin! for you today he came "ith t"o other hu!e bi! buff !uys they said that they "ere Ae"s ;eporters but they "ore suits and ties and they "ere built like tanks so they probably "eren't ne"sIreporters. -hat* Ae"s ;eporter no" stay to sleep in a hospital ust to inter)ie" a robbery stopper=;ick said ?Bid the !uy that said that "as "earin! a red flashy tie* ?+eah

The Imperfect Machine 2-hat is his name*2 2D(hh &UVU fuck "hy can't I say it, "hy can't I say it*2 2+eah that's him. -hat else happened2


2+eah "ell he "as the one that said that to me, but someone called him and he ran a"ay, I don't think he is in the hospital anymore, I'm talkin! about the freaky lookin! !uy "ith the "hite hair and the red tie. The t"o body!uards said they "ere !oin! to stay up until you "oke up. I told them that I could call them "hen you "oke up but they didn't e)en "anted to !i)e me their names. +ou kno" I thou!ht 2maybe she can !et in problems "ith the somebody "ith the "hole identity theft'= ?Ok ok you are more intelli!ent that I thou!ht you "ere= Gane said "hich made ;ick raise an eye bro" and lo"er his lo"er lip2 ?Ok here is "hat "e are !oin! to do= Gane "hispers to ;ick her plan. ;ick !ets out of the room not makin! any sound and encounters a !uy in "here the nurses are, then !oes and !rabs the ele)ator three stories do"n and !oes to the front desk and realizes that there is the other 2ne"sreporter2 "aitin!, but this one is a"ake lookin! somethin! at his Ipad. (e starts to look at the schematics in the hospital entrance tryin! to memorize it seems to find "hat he "anted. 2(ouse keepin! F22 #rabs the stairs and !oes to the cleanin! room filled "ith dirty clothes he !rabs se)eral nurse uniforms and puts them under his pants and shirt "hich actually look funny as Gane "as 0 ' %'' and ;ick "as only /' 112 lookin! ba!!y and funny lookin! from the e,tra clothes underneath his shirt and eans. (e returns to the first floor and finds the cafeteria and buys a coffee. ;eturnin! usin! the ele)ator to the third le)el as he enters the (ospital's "ard small lobby, the nurses stop him 2+ou can't brin! any food here. I'm sorry you "ill ha)e to drink it outside2 ;ick e,its the room and puts the coffee ne,t to the door on the !round "aits 11 seconds and reIenters,

The Imperfect Machine makin! the nurse s5uint at him. 2I ust thre" it a"ay2


;ick !oes inside "ere Gane is. Mean"hile she's has been remo)in! all the sheets and blankets from her beddin! and his older roommate. 2(o" many*2 24till t"o, the same ones2 2Bid you do e)erythin! I told you2 Gane said as ;ick "as !ettin! his clothes off to re)eal the nurse outfit 2+es.2 In a )ery ca)eman )oice 2+ou look nice in a nurse outfit,althou!h a little bi! for you2 Gane said as she !rabbed the nurse clothes 2+ou are !oin to ch...2;ick still didn't finish the sentence "hen Gane took off the hospital !o"n re)eilin! her naked body ;ick stared thinkin! "This is might be what 3hristina Hendricks looks naked, god she looks nice" ;ick think as she !rabbed the nurse shirt. 2Heel funny under your pants ;icky*. MO8&C2 Gane said almost not "hisperin! 2take e)erythin! off2 ;ick "as left in his bo,ers and Gane puts o)er her nurse clothes the !o"n. 2Is the 3offee super hot*2Gane asked as she "as puttin! the nurse uniform 2+es, are you sure you ust can't talk "ith them2 2Ao, once "e start my plan, you'll see that these !uys are actually killers2 Gane said makin! ;ick s"allo"in! sali)a and his hands start to shake. Gane !rabs his hands 2Bon't "orry e)erythin! is !oin! to be fine2 ;ick noticed that it "as the first time he heard Gane bein! not that hea)ily sedated her pitch "as almost a semitone hi!her than in her market days )oice. Gane started to do silent s5uats and mo)e her body as a "arm up.

The Imperfect Machine 2I'm ready, ;eady* ;ick oh "ait don't for!et these2Gane steals the old man's old !lasses and !i)es them to ;ick puttin! them in his pocket. #rabbin! his hands a!ain, "ith ;ick noddin! "ith confidence. (e e,it her bed's curtains and


!oes to the main door breathin! in slo"ly and preparin! himself he stops for a moment and "hisper to himself 2-hat the fuck I'm I doin! here....aaaaaaaammmm.Huck it2 (e rams door leadin! to the nurses room runnin! and screamin! ?The !irl she umpedCI can't belie)e it she umped= The 2ne"sreporter2 that "as out in the corridor "akes up in $ seconds flat.Foth the 2Ae"sreporter and ;ick !et Inside the room immediately. Inside Gane's "ard room ;ick points to a blanket strap to the tele)ision bar !oin! outside from a small "indo". Gust "hen the !uy is e,aminin! the "indo" Gane e,its the room hidin!. 4he runs outside to "ere the nurses are she !ets there in her !o"n sho"in! half of her naked body. 2>lease help, there is a man "ho "ants to hurt me2 The nurse immediately talks to the (ospital police. Mean"hile inside the -ard room the old man "akes up "ith the screams of the 2Ae"sreporter2 ?Bid you see her !ettin! out of this "indo". This thin! is too small =The ?Ae"sreporter= said ?-hen I "oke up she "asn't here, and you "ere outside so if she e,it the door you must ha)e seen her=. ;ick says as he sees the !uy is hidin! a !un in his pants he realizes that Gane "as ri!ht all alon!. The fake ne"sreporter uses a "alkie talkie to talk to someone. ?;ichard she ran a"ay it looks like she climbed do"n the buildin! usin! sheets but I don't fit the "indo"= The man in the front desk lea)es his Ipad and ans"ers the "alkie talkie in a )ery calm matter. ?+ou are at the $th floor she couldn't ust climb do"n. Bon't be stupid she must be ri!ht there.:et

The Imperfect Machine me !o out and check, ust to be sure=.


The !uy in the front desk !oes outside and notices only a small bed sheet floatin! outside the buildin!. ?Are you "ith her .id= The !uy in inside the nursin! room asks ;ick only backin! a"ay from him 2The Ae"sreporter2 slo"ly !rabs his !un "ithout takin! it out the holster2 ?That's the !uy that "anted to hurt me=Gane appears "ith a nurse and stretcher bearer and pours the boilin! coffee to him !rabbin! ;ick's hand and start runnin! before he is able to take out his "eapon. The 2Ae"sreporter2 still blindly takes out his !un from the holster openin! only one eye pointin! his !un to the Aurse 2Bon't mo)e and no one !ets killed2 4tarts "alkin! slo"ly to"ards the door "ith e)erybody frozen as the man passes them by 2Belaney "hat happened2 is heared throu!h the 2Ae"sreporter "alkie talkie2 not ans"erin! it 2Bon't look back, stare at the "indo"2 The man says to them, then takes out another !un and shoots both the nurse and the stretcher bearer killed instantly "ith shots to their heads at the same time "ith a "eapon usin! a silencer. by this time Gane and ;ick "ere out of the (ospital. ?-here are the ele)ators=Gane asks "hile runnin! at almost a track runner speed. ?(ere= ;ick points "ith his hand the "ay. Gane pushes the ele)ator button "hich luckily opened immediately Gane only entered partially pushin! all the le)el buttons and ran a"ay from the ele)ator. The !uy do"nstairs "as "aitin! at the ele)ators. 2-ere "as the :aundry room* &ast or -est ;ick*2 Fut ;ick "as panickin! "ith e)erythin! that "as happenin! makin! hand si!nals to locate the entrance and "ere did he find the clothes he realizes is &ast and points at that direction Gane and ;ick ran to"ards "ere there "as a hu!e pile of laundry "here they try to !et in but the fall

The Imperfect Machine "as too bi! 2O. plan 3 Take off your normal clothin!2


Foth man notice that the ele)ator "as stoopin! at all the le)els. 4uddenly the !uy do"nstairs talks to him )ia "alkie talkie. 2+ou "ait for the ele)ator I'll take the stairs2 ;ick takes out his ci)ilian clothes and re)eals under it another nurse uniform Gane stepped inside the trolley and ;ick put a nurse cap and the old man's !lasses. -hen the ele)ator !ets to the third le)el they are "aitin! in front of it "hen the man !ets there he runs o)er them not noticin! ;ick. 2They aren't in the ele)ator2 Mean"hile the other killer is runnin! the second le)el staircase They must be hidin! in one of the intermediate rooms return to the front desk and "e start lookin! 2 Foth !et do"n as soon the ele)ator closes the man has an epiphany. (e !rabs the "alkie talkie and talks desperately to the other man 2They are at the ele)ator headin! do"n. 4ince "hen they do laundry at 2 AM in the mornin!2 Outside the ele)ator e,it runnin! "alkin! both "earin! Aurse clothes as the police is askin! at the front desk Gane talks to one bald one 2The !uy in the ele)ator ust killed people on the third room, there is probably another one comin! from the stairs2 2Thank's mam please e,it 5uietly and don't run2 Foth Gane and ;ick put mouth co)ers in and pass the front desk. >olice immediately surround the ele)ator and the staircase door. Foth ;ick and Gane e,it the hospital "ith ;ick pointin! "here the car is, !unshots are heard at a distance then silence. They both enter ;ick's car and dri)e a"ay. 2I need to "arn Aatalia of this2Gane said

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2The Man "ith the Eed Tie2

The corpse of Aatalia >etro)a disturbed 4cott but somethin! in her face made it impossible to turn a"ay his eyes from Aatalia's body. 4eein! the similarity "ith Annie "as the most disturbin! thin! about it. It "as a really easy mental task to ima!ine Annie in Aatalia's place. (er small breast and petite body soaked in blood in the bathtub instead of Annie's. As sadistic as it "ould seen 4cott couldn't separate his eyes from the corpse, she "as beautiful any"ay and the same feelin! of Annie's death came to a stop "hen he !aze into Aatalia's eyes as they "ere bro"n instead of Annie's usual !reen eyes. A detecti)e !rabs 4cott's shoulder. ?+ou can't be here kid, you seem to be en oyin! this too much= The detecti)e said mo)in! him out of the bathroom as the ob)ious look in 4cot's eyes to"ards Aatalia's naked body made it to the detecti)e. Outside nothin! could stop Annie's cryin!. (er tears "ere fallin! to Gane's Biary "hich "as closed. Fut Annie started readin! i!norin! Aatalia's plea. Today she finally agree to go out with me ,although she said it isn't a date. I don't ha$e any problem with people looking at me while I kiss another girl. I'$e kissed man I'$e kissed girls no difference at all. It feels better to kiss a girl, someone always turn their head and you don't ha$e ne$er

The Imperfect Machine those fucking facial hairs men think look nice. .hy is kissing a girl a problem/ Is nature actually


against this .+$en if it feels so right. I mean same electrical charges repel themsel$es, but we aren't as simple as electrical charges. Or are we/. *atalia is someone I met as a prospect to be an assistant but she could spot my intentions a mile away I couldn't hide my feelings. .ith a girl like that as an assistant. 0y god she is gorgeous, I wouldn't be able to e$en concentrate and do work any work. I decided for the first time in my life I was going to go all on this bet. I want to ask her out.

Ae,t >a!e :he said yesM It was wonderful lthough it was the first time I was the one that asked .I'm the one who gets asked out. I sound like a fucking child for god's sake I don't care I need to write these feelings down. Annie stopped cryin! her mouth startin! to open in disbelief as she read this "ith one hand !rabbin! the diary "ith the other co)erin! her mouth. 2Aatalia >etro)a and this "oman had a thin!* -hy did she ne)er said anythin!.2 4he "as ealous of Hord at this time. Althou!h Aatalia "as the one "ho !a)e Annie her first !irl kiss. 4he looked for the date but couldn't find none. Annie ust "ent to the last pa!e the diary the notes are barely understandable it looked like she "rote them drunk. +$erybody +$erything that e$er has or will be is 1ucked. I'm sorry It started with curiosity. (ike the guys that created the atomic bomb I also did it for curiosity Death would be nice, but we aren't going to ha$e the pleasure. I cant' e$en say I regret it because I don't. +$en though I was warned

The Imperfect Machine In this deterministic world e$erything is already decided I wish I could feel the pain, but we aren't going to ha$e the pleasure. nd its all my fault. Its !ust a manner of time Ironically, time is the one that won't kill us


At that same time Gane arri)ed at Aatalia's apartment but the police cars couldn't let her approach the apartment, she "as still half a block a"ay. 2AO, please not Aatalia. ;ick stop here don't !et near those cars. Oh my !od Ao please not her.2 Gane's fear "as also co)erin! ;ick "ho althou!h didn't understand "hat "as happenin!, he kne" it "as a conse5uence of a bi!!er problem. ?;ick please lend me your cell phone AO-=Gane said ne,t to ;ick inside the car "hile "atchin! Aatalia's apartment in the second floor. Gane calls to the land line of the house e)eryone inside suddenly !o silent. 4cott "as !oin! to ans"er but the Betecti)e stops him in the act and decides to ans"er himself. At the same time all of this is happenin! Gane !ets of the car and starts "alkin! to"ards Aatalia's apartment buildin! "hen suddenly she see's Annie at a distance she smiles confusin! her "ith Aatalia. ;ick !rabs Gane's hand and pulls her to the car as ;ick noticed that the #uy in the red tie is there. ?(ello "ho is this*=The detecti)e asks, but it already too late as Gane already had ended the phone call. As she "as bein! pulled by ;ick, Annie at the top of the stairs outside the apartment !ot a !limpse of Gane for a moment. It "as the first time she "as able to see Gane Hord face to face and pro)oked mi,ed feelin!s inside her. 4he al"ays had this fear of meetin! the !reat Gane Hord because of her impressi)e career and the respect she had built on as a le!endary scientist but at the same time she ust learned the feelin!s Gane had to"ards Aatalia and the probable responsibility of Aatalia's death to Gane, yet she

The Imperfect Machine


didn't say a "ord. Annie needed to talk to Gane. As easy as she appeared, she disappeared bet"een the police cars. Annie "as still "atchin! her lea)e "hen a man "ith a red tie appeared in front of her. ?(i Miss Ann 4orenson It "ould seem that you "ere close to Aatalia=. The !uy "ith the red tie said "hile handin! her a handkerchief. ?+es=Annie said ?(o" do you kno" her*=Annie Ask the man. ?-ell somethin! similar to this happened se)en years a!o and Ms. Aatalia >etro)a "as a "itness6 at that time "e "ere sure that it "as a suicide, this instead appears to be murder scene. Annie "e need you to help us find the killer "e are almost sure that Gane Hord is her killer. Bo you kno" anythin! about her that you could tell us* At that moment Annie recalled "hat Aatalia said the last time they sa" each other. Annie I'm pretty sure I'm been followed I need you to temporally hide that diary for a while meet me at our secret place on Thursday at 4 o'clock. Don't show it to anyone and don't read it At that moment lookin! to the mysterious red tie man smile "ith his eyes not sho"in! any emotions she kne" he "as the responsible for Aatalia's death. ?(o" do you kno" my name*=Annie asked the man in the red tie. The man stepped back respondin! to Annie's furious "ay of makin! that 5uestion ?Miss 4orenson I'm !uessin! that you are obli)ious of the bi! picture hereOif you kne" "ho "e "ere you "ould also be runnin! like Hord is. That's "hy "e "ont do anythin! here and you "ill ust keep on !oin! "ith your life= The man "ith the red tie said "ith menacin! tone but "ithout any si!nal of emotions at the end he ust smiled. 4cott puts his hand o)er the man and made him turn a"ay ?#et the fuck out or I'm !oin! to do talk "ith these police !entleman here= 4cott said "hile !rabbin! stron!ly the shoulder the red tie man. The man "ith the red tie pulled a ;e)ol)er out of his coat and shot three rounds to the sky in front of all of the police officers, e)eryone turned their heads

The Imperfect Machine includin! all the police officers "ho seem to not e)en notice the shootin!. ?-e'll, !o to them, but !uess "ho o"ns the police=


The de)il of centuries "as in front of them and they didn't understand "hat "as the nature of this man. The man in the red tie !ot inside a car and dro)e a"ay in an old FM- car. ?-ho the fuck is that !uy. -hy didn't you do anythin! about him shootin! like that=4cott said to one of the police men in front of him. Boes he !i)e you money, "hat the fuck is !oin! on* 2The detecti)e !rabbed 4cot's shoulders2 +ou better not e)en look at that man kid. Trust me I')e seen him scarcely in my career but "hen he sho"s up, the deaths ust keep increasin! and nobody has e)en touched him. 23alm do"n 4cott you are !oin! to make thin!s "orse. If Aatalia feared this man I can't ima!ine "hat kind of man he could be2 Annie said in a s"eet bitters"eet )oice "ith tears and eyeliner all in her face "ith a lot of desperation understandin! that they "ere facin! a bi!!er force than they could understand.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


9 nschluN9

Gune 22 17$0 as #9del "as enterin! a class he "as !oin! to !i)e, the sound of a pistol scared the entire 8ienna Dni)ersity suddenly a hu!e cro"d circled a man and disarmed him, ri!ht to his side one of #9del most influential teachers and friends at this point, "as layin! on the !round, it "as Moritz 4chlick. As 4chlick "as !oin! up the stairs a student he had years before, Gohan Aelbock shot him. There "as no time for him, the shot killed him instantaneously. All of the students present only "ere able to confront Aelbock disarmin! him. This affected #9del more than anythin! in his "orld, 4chlick "as the man that made him chan!e from physics to lo!ic. It "as re)ealed later that the killer didn't resist the arrest and that he e)en confess the killin!, (e re)ealed that his moti)es "ere from ealousy to 4il)ia Foro"icka but it "as e)ident this "asn't the case as it helped him promote Aazi antiI metaphysical position ideals that 4chlick held. It "as later clear that he "as in a Aazi party "hen after t"o years in prison "hen #ermany e,ecuted the Anschluss ,the anne,ation 8ienna to Aazi #ermany, he !ot released. #9del suffered a mental breakdo"n. (e tend to ha)e paranoid thou!hts most of the time. The cause that his collea!ue 4chlick "as assassinated "as because he belon!ed to 8ienna's intellectual

The Imperfect Machine


circle "itch contained a lot of Ge"ish personalities, but most of them had already fled the country, the problem "as that 4chlick "asn't a Ge" and neither "as #odel, but none the least they took the credit as if 4chlick "as a Ge"ish. #9del had as many relationships "ith Ge"ish people as 4chlick did. And he had started to !ain reco!nition for his "ork the problem "as that he had Ge"ish like collea!ues. The tension "as too much to bear, .urt ust didn't function "ith e)ery second "atchin! his back. #9del personally committed himself in a mental institution for / months. In this / months the only one to see him "as Adele, she started to understand the nature of #9del at the same time their relationship !re". The only thin! he "as able to do "as to play chess, it sooth his "orries and rela, him into the possibilities of plays. At the day he !ot out of the mental asylum Adele "as "aitin! for him. Three yeas later, #ermany e,ecuted the Anschluss and Austria became part of Aazi #ermany. #9del had the title of >ri)atdozent at the uni)ersity of 8ienna. The bad ne"s came to #9del "ith his 2friend2 Arnold .reisler in 8iena's Dni)ersity tellin! .urt about his dan!lin! position on the school. ?.urt I don't kno" ho" to tell you this but I'm afraid "e need to let you !o. The Military are pressurin! us to eliminate all Ge"ish personnel=Arnold said to him but yet .urt "as confused. ?Fut I'm not Ge"ish=#odel said ?I kno" that, but you look like one, and your Boctoral Ad)isor (ans (ahn is Ge"ish2 ?Fut as a >ri)atdozent I'm not e)en !ettin! paidC Adele is the one "ho is pretty much brin!in! food to the table, I "as promised to ha)e a paid placement. >lease don't do this Arnold= ?I can't anythin! for you .urt I'm sorry for all of this= .urt #9del "as li)in! in the "orst time and place for a scientist like him to be. The third reich "as tryin! to chan!e into the #reater #erman ;eich "ith (itler anne,in! all of #ermanic ethnic back!rounds. #9del had al"ays been surrounded by the 8ienna circle "hich consisted of )arious Ge"ish personalities. As he "as returnin! to his house, he couldn't ima!ine ho" he "as able to tell this

The Imperfect Machine


to his !irlfriend Adele. Fein! a simple dancer "as considered as lo" as bein! a prostitute. Fut the cold reality "as that this "as enou!h for the t"o of them to separate. #9del had a )ery bleak )ie" of the "orld, and as a !enius, his mind couldn't help !et concern by the infinite possibilities that this could mean to him. (e "ent to Adele's house "here he "as met by her elderly mother. ?#ood e)enin! Miss Aimbursky=#9del said ?Bo you kno" if Ms. >orkert is ready* ?:et me !o call her= said Adele's mother "hich "as al"ays se"in! in a corner "ith a mechanical foot po"ered se"in! machine. &)eryone called her >orkert e)en her parents, the nickname ori!in "as unkno"n but it fit the personality of Adele. >orkert's mother "as really !entle to #9del. 4he thou!ht that Adele "as lucky enou!h to met him as she "as di)orced and si, years older than him. And #9del also thou!ht that "ay to"ards her as he did, bein! the lucky one to ha)e him fall in lo)e "ith the other companion. +ou couldn't !et such e,treme personalities "ith Adele and .urt, someho" they could "ork out as a couple. #9del "as intro)erted, intelli!ent, cultured, but had problems "ith social in5uiries. Adele "as used to deal "ith drunks in the place ni!htclub she danced, she "as e,tro)erted, uncultured, and noisy e)erythin! that #9del didn't ha)e. They both "ent to the opera to hear +rwatung by the composer Arnold 4choenber! "ho curiously in a trip to Hrance decided to tra)el to the Dnited 4tates an idea that "as in #9del's in his current condition to seek "ork in a different country. As the concert "as o)er both in the cold 8iennese ni!ht started talkin!. %I liked the story, but "hat a dis!ustin! music, I don't see ho" you could actually en oy that type of music.*=Adele said ?If you could understand the math behind t"el)e tone music you "ould lo)e it= #9del ans"ered. They didn't notice that t"o men "ere follo"in! them from behind, e)er since they !ot out of the opera house. Foth "e not used to !o to the opera but it "as an attempt to culture Adele, "hat #9del

The Imperfect Machine didn't kno" "as that that ni!ht Adele "as the one "ho "as !oin! to !i)e .urt a lesson. Foth thu!s


"here "alkin! keepin! a distance from #9del and Adele tryin! to not be noticed, ust "hen they turned into an a smaller street, Adele punched one of the thu!s thro"in! him to the !round !rabbin! the iron rod that he "as s"in!in!, #9del only stared scared of "hat "as !oin! on6 the other man ust backed a"ay from her. #9del "as a tiny fello" and )ery skinny and "eak contrasted by Adele that had hu!e le!s and a hour!lass fi!ure that "as made "ith countless hours of physical dancin!, and really "ell endo"ed breast that aided her as an e,otic ballerina "hich also !a)e her the athletic ability to ha)e enou!h stren!th to knock any man she confronted especially in the ni!htclub. 2+ou mother raper, you think you can attack us ehhhh.2 As the !uy "as !ettin! up Adele !rabbed the Iron rod and hit the !uy in one le! makin! the other man "ith him run. The man on the !round stood up still in pain from the hit decided to run althou!h his limp didn't let him ad)ance too fast. Adele couldn't stop screamin! at the thu!s "ith obscenities in #erman. Foth men left the street, lea)in! #9del "ith this self defense machine in the cold ni!ht. As she started to !et tired #9del !rabbed her head and kissed her in the mouth. #9del "as a )ery passionate person althou!h in this situation didn't reacted in any "ay she kne" that it "as her duty to protect the "eak #9del. (e didn't care that she "as the care!i)er, he didn't care that she "as the stron!er from the both of them, and ob)iously she didn't care that she "as the pro)ider in the house, months later that "ould chan!e as he "ould publish his theorem that "ould make .urt "in a little money. #9del !rabbed Adele's face and kissed her althou!h the kiss "as interrupted by her short comin! in takin! of air from all the commotion. In a "ay this !a)e #9del coura!e to finally put himself in one knee. ?Adele Aimbursky, "ould you Marry me and lea)e Austria "ith me* Adele "as shocked and didn't kno" "hat to ans"er, she had e)erythin! in 8ienna and #9del "asn't helpin! her economically speakin! but at that point the frailness of #9del made her kiss him back.

The Imperfect Machine 2I promise I "ould care for you as you ha)e for me.2 #9del said. ?I "ould !o any"here you "ant me to !o=Adele said ?-here are "e !oin!= ?To America= It "asn't like #odel had any choice. It "as an ob)ious decision as "hat to do to sur)i)e. After their


"eddin! Foth took the /,<<2 miles of the TransI4iberian Train to a)oid the Aazi occupation and cross the >acific from Gapan to 4an Hrancisco and takin! the Train to >rinceton Ae" Gersey. Fecause of his Incompleteness theorems he !ained a little fame, so the IA4 QInstitute of Ad)anced 4tudiesR from >rinceton Dni)ersity accepted him "here he didn't need to e)en teach for money,and focused on his research.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2The Marria!e of (ea)en and (ell2

Dnder a hea)y rain in a !or!eous edifice in the top of the hill filled "ith &uropean type architecture, &instein is "ritin! in piece a paper, not formulas and dia!rams,but letters and poems.

+$erything is determined by forces o$er which we ha$e no control. It is determined for the insect as well as for the star. Human beings, $egetables, or cosmic dustOwe all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned from a distance by an in$isible piper.... 4omebody knocks at the door, &instein si!hs at the opportunity of "astin! time ans"erin! a door. -hen he opens the door he is surprised by the )isit of one of his future collea!ues .urt #9del "ith the Institute Hounder and Birector of the IA4 in >rinceton. ?#ood Mornin! >rofessor &instein the "eather is sure u!ly today=said the Birector ?(ere in the institute is al"ays like that I petty the man you con)inced to "ork in this place Hrank= &instein said "earin! a thu! like hood. ?(ahah O( cmon Albert you can't blame me for thisOI "ant you to meet .urt #9del he is our

The Imperfect Machine ne" Aazi refu!ee= ?Oh so you are like meOhuh that (itler made us find this ha)en hereOcome in= #odel up to this moment hasn't said a "ord as it "as common "ith his shyness, but in &instein's curious nature seemed to be more interested in #9del, rather than #9del bein! interested in the celebrated &instein, "ho e)en by that time "as a !od in the scientific community.


?Mr #9del here you are !oin! to be really comfortable, and ha)e all the time to de)elop other science destructin! dreams= -ith this &instein "as mentionin! #9del Incompleteness theorem "hich in a "ay took hope for a system that could e,plain e)erythin!, but &instein al"ays belie)ed that nature can't be chan!ed to its inhabitants desires6 deep do"n &instein deeply respected #9del2 ?It's a sad thin! to kno" that "e are ne)er !oin! to kno" all the inner "orkin!s of the uni)erse= &instein said. ?-e can kno" all inner "orkin!s of the uni)erse, "e ust can't ha)e them in a sin!le system as or it "ould collapse, maybe is only a matter of time= #9del responded &insteins normal inattenti)e look chan!ed to focus on his ans"er. ?&)er since I "rote my thesis I "as scared about the repercussions that my Theorem could imply and I hated it, I hate ho" could nature be, but I can't i!nore the fact that is true. -e can't decide ho" nature "orks and our "ork in science is to reflect that= #9del said in an out of #9delIcharacter )oice. &instein smiles, !oes and opens a cabinet takin! out a bottle of "hiskey, &instein opens it and starts pourin! three drinks. ?I ne)er drink sir. This bottle has been "ith me for $ years. Fut this needs a celebration.= Hrank Aydelotte the IA4 director a"s drops as he sees this, and starts clappin! at &insteins remark. ?I think I ne)er seen the day that &instein "ould celebrate "ith my -hiskey= Hrank said

The Imperfect Machine &instein pours three drink ?It's a burden sir, I kno" that especially "hen somebody decides to !i)e you a prize called AobelO-e are more alike it scares me Fut at the same time "e are opposites you "ork in a )ery


lo!ical "ay and I al"ays !o by instinct. The photoelectric effect is the thin! that they decide "as !ood enou!h to !i)e me that prize, ho"e)er I despise "hat that reflects on nature. It reflects that #od is perfectly fine "ith not ha)in! a e,planation for its creation and as the same thin! you disco)ered. T"o !or!eous fields >hysics and :o!ic, the possibility that one of them is limited by a !od "ho co)ers his hands as he creates somethin! and doesnKt let us see it, can not be accepted by me. On the other hand :o!ic, you ust ha)e to see it and its there. There has to be an incompleteness and pro)in! its concept is somethin! that con)eys humility as scientists. I en)y you for disco)erin! and pro)in! it. I can only be compared as A man "ho !i)es tears to a father "hose son has disco)ered he is not the perfect bein! as he thou!h he "as. &)erybody has had the terrifyin!, moment in their life2 The three man clash their drinks and start drinkin! e,cept for #9del "ho notices a paper in &instein's desk that seemed to ha)e fresh ink on it. ?-hat is this*' #9del said pointin! at the paper ?Oh is a small con ecture to one of my Hield &5uations that I ust came up= ?3an I* #9del l said pointin! at the paper' ?Of course it "ould be a pleasure= As #9del l "as readin! it, a tear came to his eyes and out of no"here started screamin! "ith &instein and Aydelotte shocked faces made from the paper. ?-hat is this*C-(AT I4 #OIA# OA= +ou are lookin! inside of my head. &instein and Aydelotte didn't understand "hat "as !oin! on, they kne" #9del had a >aranoid personality but this "as somethin! beyond their e,pectancy. The screams that emanated from #9del "here out of this "orld. &instein put his arms o)er #9del shoulders in an effort of calmin! him do"n.

The Imperfect Machine 2&instein you probably beat #9del to an Idea he had, makin! him mad2 Hrank Aydelotte said this "hile puttin! a fin!er in front of his mouth si!nin! him secrecy.


2Take a sip and let's "alk around this "indy day2&instein !a)e the drink to #9del "ho finally drank alcohol for the first time in his life. (u!!ed &instein and started "alkin! After that incident #9del and &instein fre5uented themsel)es e)ery sin!le day that #9del "as in the institute, they took hour in "alks around the institte talkin! each other in #erman, "ith time transformin! "alks in the institute into friendship itself.

The Imperfect Machine


2....#loo> &,ists2 ?-hat happened there* -hy are there so much police cars in that place*= ;ick asked. ?They probably killed Aatalia= Gane said "ith a knot in her throat and her face co)ered in tears still not assimilatin! it. ?(oly shit= ;ick said stoppin! the car suddenly parkin! to the side ?Gane you need to talk to me, I')e been follo"in! e)ery step you tell me to make up until no". I don't "ant to be killed. &specially not kno"in! "hat the fuck is !oin! on. &)er since you came to the store e)eryday seemed like you had a suicide "ish. Fut after you sa)ed the that homeless lady you')e chan!ed6 you "ant to li)e, but "hy all of this is happenin!* I'm pretty sure that no" e)en I'm in dan!er. ?Ok ;ick keep on dri)in!= ?Ao, not until youII= ?4(DT T(& HD3. D> AAB B;I8&2 Gane yelled ridiculously hi!h )olume and pitch at ;ick, in front of the police cars but the rain didn't let any sound out of the car. It "as the %th time in her life she had yelled at somebody like that. The first time "as se)en years a!o to Aatalia "hen she "as

The Imperfect Machine e,plainin! "hy she had to lea)e.


?:ook ;ick its hard to e,plain, but I need you to keep dri)in! or they'll !et to me to you . They "on't kill me because they need me, but they "ill harm you in order to !et to me= ;ick starts the car en!ine and dri)es a"ay from the police. ?3an you please try to e,plain to me "hat is !oin! on "ith you6 usin! another identity6 people tryin! to kill you. -hat's !oin! on*= ?/ years a!o at the Institute of Ad)ance 4tudy part of >rinceton Dni)ersity after I "on an a"ard by foolin! ud!es into belie)in! a machine "as a man . I "as !i)in! a lecture on ho" >AT "orked= ?-hat's >AT= ?It "as a computer pro!ram that had the ability to imitate human communication= It took me only tree months to do because it only imitated human interaction in a te,t based communication. The trick for that pro!ram "as that I hacked into billion of con)ersations in facebook and machine took it as hard data and imitate it usin! my incomplete &01 m9ebius al!orithm I made, so it "as the basis for my Artificial Intelli!ence pro!ram. Fut this !uy in a red tie sa" my lecture and con)inced me to "ork for a or!anization in research for Artificial Intelli!ence, or that "as "hat he told me, foolin! me to !et in. They called themsel)es The Aron (abrit or!anization, and at first I thou!ht it "as a oke the "ay they "orked, but then I realized the personnel they had "as ridiculously talented more importantly they had resources I only dreamt about. The >I3si& >rinceton supercomputer "as fine but it could barely compute at the speed That >AT "as. Fut They had access to the :(3 net"ork. The :ar!e (adron 3ollider Aet"ork,The bi!!est net"ork of computers in the -orld. 4o I "orked "ith them as a simple codebreaker ,they !i)e us coded information to "ork on but then I sa" the "eirdest thin! in their code= ?-hat*= ?One day "hile I "as still reIpro!rammin! >AT it came to me a moebious type of

The Imperfect Machine autopro!ramin!= ?+ou ust lost me Gane= ?Ok let me ask you -hat makes us different from machines*= ?-e can think= ?Ao, "hen they are processin! its analo!ous to us thinkin!= ?-e can create*= ?AOC They are able to create too its ust that "e command them "hat to create = ?I !i)e up I don't kno"=


?-e can decide, -e can decide to stop "hen "e notice somethin! is not "orkin!, "hen "e are "orkin! on a problem and "e aren't !ettin! any"here "e realize this and "e stop. The machine isn't able to achie)e this information= ?-ait machines can't do that* ?Ao, in 172E a man called Ba)id (ilbert asked the 5uestions Hirst ,are mathematics complete* 4econd are mathematics 3onsistent* and third are mathematics decidable* Gane stop for a moment to clean her tear realizin! that the talk "as helpin! her think clearly. The Hirst and 4econd 5uestions a man called #9del "as able to fi!ure them out "ith his Incompleteness theorems but the third one led to a problem in computer science. 3ould a computer pro!ram kno" "hen to stop or continue to run infinitely. -hen you see a computer crash most of the times its because of this problem, the machine doesn't kno" is !oin! in circles, it can't ump out of the system. A 4cientist called Alan Turin! demonstrated that there "as no such al!orithm to !et out of the system , )ery similar to the ho" #odel came up "ith his Incompleteness theorem= ?4o you mean there are thin!s that a human can do and a machine can't= ?It "as undecidable for a Turin! machine. A machine that "orked di!itally "ith 1s and 1s.

The Imperfect Machine ?All machines "ork "ith 1 and 1 don't they* ;ick asked


?Aot our brains ;ick, that's one of the thin!s that help our human brains to be able to decide= ?The transistors in a machine can only ha)e t"o positions on or off,1s and 1s, yes or no That "as the problem. This only t"o choice ans"er "as al"ays the problem. Fut then a!ain our brains are ne)er off. (o" is that "e are able to decide* The reality is that if a machine had the ability to stop and see the problem from outside the system "ith out ha)in! the machine run in an infinite loop, "e could appro,imate our human brain, only if the hard"are "as sophisticated as a brain neuron connections instead of transistors not ha)in! Foolean lo!ic follo"in! it.= ?Ok so you are sayin! you in)ented an Artificial intelli!ence= ?AO, I'm sayin! Artificial Intelli!ence in)ented Artificial Intelli!ence= ?-ait "hat* That's like "ho "as first the chicken or the e!! ho" could Artificial intelli!ence in)ent itself= ?+es, yes you are understandin!. lets play a mind !ame, "hat if I told you that #od made the e!!, The e!! made the chicken and the chicken made up #od= -ho is the ultimate creator* ?(oly shit you ust e,ploded my brain "ith that, you can't do that its the same thin! as "ith the &!! and the chicken there isn't a start= ?And "ho said there "as a start. Is the same thin! "ith the uni)erse. The reality is that there is no "ay the three of them had one ori!in. This M9ebius chain of creation has al"ays been in our brains they could all e,ist "ithout interferin! if you follo" the chain you "ill undoubtedly !o out of the system. That "as my solution to stop the (altin! problem a concept that "as thou!ht impossible to do, e)erythin! "as because of #odel's incompleteness theorem and the (altin! problem form Turin!. At the same time the creation of a 4ystem that made capable artificial thinkin!. In this m9ebius chain ima!ine that The chicken, the e!!, and !od are the most basic neuron chain loop that "ould allo" us to !et out of the system, not only "as it the core of my my artificial intelli!ence but human intelli!ence as

The Imperfect Machine


"ell. The basics are on a book called (ofstafter's #9del &scher Fach !or!eous book I'll lend it to you. -ith a the concept of #odel incompleteness theorem made impossible for a system to be consistent and complete the ans"er "as to make a three incomplete systems independently "ith one fuckin! around randomly. (ofstadter said that this "asn't possible that #loops "as impossible, Fut I "as able to sol)ed it at >rinceton "hile lookin! at a tulip "ith no petals. (ofstadter mentions a 4elfImodyfiyin! !ame in "hich because of this M9ebius chain type of system it starts to create an infinite number of rules this is "hen ideas are Isomorphic to this concept ?Ok Gane I !i)e up, I'm hearin! "ords but I'm not understandin! anythin!= ?&,actly that is "hat #loops is. Bon't "orry I'll lend you #odel &scher Fach. (ofstadter e,plains it "ay better than I do, and you are actually !ettin! the han! of it. The reality is that I didn't came to this conclusion, it "as "hen I asked for #9del estate at >rinceton that I disco)ered that he actually already sol)ed the problem years a!o. Fut it "as hidden in his Ontolo!ical proof, after #odel "as famous "ith his Incompleteness theorem he "as )ery resentful on "hat it meant to"ards #od "ith ha)in! an incomplete #od and not )ery competent in its desi!ns. Instead he led a restless search for a proof of a #od .Makin! the same &instein mistake of lookin! at nature and not likin! "hat they sa" e)en if they "ere the only ones to understand its e,istence. -hich by itself, me bein! Atheist makes me ust lau!h= ?+ou don't belie)e in #od= ?Ao I don't= ?And this comes from the !irl that in)ented a human like thinkin! machine= ?#od is an almi!hty identity that created e)erythin!=Gane said ?-ho said he "as almi!hty=;ick said ?Hor!et about It, I hate talkin! about reli!ion,"here "as I= ?+ou are tryin! to e,plain me "hy are "e bein! hunted like animals=;ick said ?-hat I'm tryin! to e,plain "as that "hen I "as "orkin! on my Artificial Intelli!ence stuff at

The Imperfect Machine >rinceton, suddenly one of the Aron (abrit packa!es "ith coded information had the solution I ust formulated= ?-ait "ait "ait so they read your mind or they kne" "hat you "ere "orkin! on= ?Ao, I didn't kno" "here it came from, the stran!est thin! is that it "asn't possible to ha)e


another person create &01 it "as my >ro!ramin! :an!ua!e that "as embedded in the code, it "ould be like if this thin! "as helpin! me create my lan!ua!e. Fut I ne)er e)en talked about this "ith no one2 ?I'm still don't understandin! "hy they had somethin! yours "ithout you ha)in! to disco)er it= ?It "as the "hole e!! ,chicken, #od thin! applied to meOima!ine this, remember the mo)ie back to the future= ?+es that's my fa)orite mo)ie "ait you are sayin!...= ?Gust like Marty McHly sho" him the flu, capacitor to the Boc in the fifities a fe" moments "hen he ust in)ented the machine they sho"ed my flu, capacitor I ust had in)ented= ?(oly shit this means time tra)el*= ?Ao it meant the uni)erse "asn't flat as "e all thou!ht it "as. It in)ol)es AstroIphysics and the density of the Dni)erse but I didn't like "hat it meant. It meant that "e "ere li)in! in a fi,ed "orld "here our decisions "ere ust illusions e)erythin! "as already "ritten. I started to talk to e)eryone in)ol)ed in Aron (abrit but no one seemed to kno" anythin!. They ust helped me decode this thin! that came from a machine they had decades a!o= ?-o" perhaps that machine came from the future= ?I thou!ht of that once but it "asn't the machine, it "as the si!nal. The day I "as enlisted by the #uy in the red tie. (e sho"ed me the machine .They used a supercomputer stored in a "arehouse connected to this ancient 4park plu! recei)er I started to in)esti!ate and I understood "hy they "ere usin! that old ineffecti)e machine. I "as because it "as the only "ay to !et (a"kin! radiation. &)eryone in the scientific community thou!ht this "as impossible to ha)e a machine that could be able

The Imperfect Machine to read this type of radiation as it meant it "as memoryIless and ust read !ibberish, but !ettin! an


actual code meant somethin! "ay beyond any disco)ery of the uni)erse, it "as information before and after the Fi! Fan! before and after time e,isted. This information came from black holes so it led us to understand "hat happened at the sin!ularity. ?4o its information from aliens=said ;ick smilin! to Gane "hile dri)in!. ?Its kinda hard to e,plain to a man "ho only kne" ho" to "ork a cash re!ister = ?(ey I still don't belie)e a !irl "ho "orked the cash re!ister is able to kno" all of this= ?-ell I')e been runnin! from them. After I realized that all of the decodin! ori!inated from one of my ideas I "ent a!ain to talk to the man in the red tie= ?-hat the fuck is his name* Bon't you kno" it= ?(e once told me his name but I can't remember it And I ha)e a theory about that, but if I tell you you "ould cease to e,ist ha= ?The !enius can't remember a name* "hat a hack= ?I'm not kiddin!. (is name is related to all of this, not bein! able to say a name means somethin!. It started "ith an & but other than that I can't say it. 4o I had so many 5uestions to ask him, and decided to !o to him and confront "hich "as a bad Idea.

?-hy is my code in this thin! transmission you are recei)in!= Gane said to the man in the red tie "hile holdin! a hu!e amount of paper as some sort of proof, puttin! the paper almost in his face. ?Ms. Hord you are still not prepared for makin! those 5uestions you still ha)en't finished &01= At that point I realized this motherfucker "as the only !uy amon! !eniuses that "orked at Aron (abrit that kne" I "as "hat "e "ere "orkin! on. I ne)er told anyone and I only had it in my head I didn't use paper, a computer anythin! but this !uy kne" e,actly "hat I "as thinkin!. ?(o" do you kno" I'm "orkin! on that=I said

The Imperfect Machine


?It's already "ritten Ms Gane. and I kno" "hat are your "ishes. -hy don't you ust ask* -hy don't you ask me you "ant to use the :(3 3omputer net"ork in &urope= The man "ith the red tie said to me and my knees ust started tremblin!6 this !uy kne" e,actly "hat I "anted and he sho"ed si!ns of kno"in! "hat "as I !oin! to do in the future. This made me feel terror ?+ou see Ms Gane "e need you, all of this is for you, all of this time this machine the billions and billions that my benefactor has !i)en to the research decades a!o is ust for you to be able to satisfy your scientific needs. I kno" you already ha)e !uessed "hy "e are here, but the sad thin! is that no matter "hat you do, no matter "hat you "ish or don't "ish. &01 needs to be built and is !oin! to be built. And no one in the uni)erse kno"s ho" to do this e,cept for you. ?4o he "as the !uy that came from the future like a Bark Marty McHly* said ;ick interrumptin! Gane. I still hadn't fi!ured it out. That I "as playin! this dan!erous !ame thinkin! that I "as the smartest of all. That "as my bi!!est mistake in all of my life. I al"ays kne" the correct ans"er for e)erythin! but this time I "as ust bein! used, in my brain the fact that somethin! came from the future seem impossible like belie)in! in a #od that sacrifice himself for me, it "as reli!ion, it "as bad science, it "as impossible. I told him "hat my instinct told me to do 2+es I need to use the :(3 net"ork supercomputer from 3&;A'. 4o I "as flo"n to #ene)a "ith all payed costs.I "asn't sure "hat to do, I kne" somethin! "eird "as !oin! on "ith the !uys backin! me, and the "orst "as that the man in the red tie, had ridicoulous amounts of political, economical resources, but my curiosity blind me like it al"ays did, I didn't see "hat could be "ron! "ith all of this and I decided to !o forth my already "ritten plans. Hor the first time I used the supercomputer, I used my pro!ram in a partial "ay only a fra!ment of the pro!ram only 1B a basic part of &01 The complete &01 needed the three parts 1B, &01 and 4uper &01 , but I only had completed 1B

The Imperfect Machine @DPHey mommy 1ordPHey @D I want to talk to you for a little @DPGi$e me more 1ordP.hat/ @DPI want more information 1ordP#eah well first you need to talk to me and then we wil... @DP1uck you gi$e me 0OE+ information "itch


The !uy in the red tie noticed, he looked almost disappointed "ith the outcome "ithout "aitin! for the result. The results "ere actually really positi)e, you see, I had e,perimentin! "ith these neuron based transistors but they "ere really crappy they didn't function and then I tried a !uy that supposedly already had a Luantum computer but it "as a fluke also. The only solution if I didn't ha)e a neuron based machine "as ha)in! all of this machines or computers actin! as neurons and implantin! a specific tasks for each !roups of them, it "as based on ho" !enetic chains "ork ust copyin! mutatin! and transformin! the codin! "ith each computer performin! as a neuron. The first trial Ao)ember 2$ it "orked. It started to semiIthink althou!h he "as hun!ry for information and called me a bitch. The cre" they assi!ned to me, thou!ht it "as !oin! to ha)e this immediate self a"areness and it "as ne)er desi!ned to "ork like that. It "as like a birth of a baby, ha)in! to teach it small thin!s and ha)in! small con)ersations "ith it. Fut I ne)er considered that the asshole "ith the red tie "ould open the interaction to all the members of the :(3 computin! net"ork "hich consisted of hundreds of scientists. The red tie !uy send behind my back a !eneral email to all 1<1 computin! centers "ith the a email that said somethin! like'

The Imperfect Machine


.e are launching our I program called +B> using the (H3 network and in order to collect raw data we need to to interact with the program, 9:he9 is a really cool program that will learn from e$erything you teach it.

>eople thou!ht he "as okin! and that the interaction "as ust solely a chatbot that a lot of scams are made of ust usin! Marko) chains but it "asn't. There sa" it as a !ame, tryin! to play "ith it,ha)in! con)ersations "ith the pro!ram like (H3J>PQ:o what is J R J @DPQI don't know (H3J>PQIts ? you dumb fuck chatbot @DPQok it's ? (H3J>PQ:o tell me what is ? R ? @DPQ"ased from the pre$ious answer @B, if you don't remember what you !ust taught me => miliseconds ago you are the Dumb 1uck 3hat'human (H3SPQ:o @D if you are a machine, why don't you shut down/ @DPQwould yo shut down your brain, I don't think so (H3IPQ#ou are so se)y @D why don't you take off your clothes @DPIQ don't wear clothes asshole. (H3@BJPcan you sol$e the Eiemann hypothesis where the real part of any non'tri$ial zero of the Eiemann zeta function are T @DPQ(ook douchebag with limited human stupid intelligence, I can only know what you are able to teach me if you try to ask me -uestions that you, yourself humans don't know I won't be able to answer This last one "as a millenium prize 5uestion so nobody kne" the ans"er er!o she "asn't able to tell the ans"er.

The Imperfect Machine ?4(& "asn't able to ans"er the 5uestion*=


That's "here I'm headin! she told us she "as a ?she=I ne)er pro!rammed it to see herself as a "oman. This "as the nature of selfIpro!rammin! they could ha)e fake decisions based on the information but it the ans"er "as chose randomly not by the conditions they had, like a human you can't pro!ram a human into a man or a "oman. That's the thin! "ith !i)in! an Imperfect machine the option of choice, she "as able to make an uni5ue ans"er e)en if kno"in! or not kno"in! the ans"er.4tudies sho" that "hen someone ask us somethin! "e don't kno" "e con)ince oursel)es of ha)in! the ans"er fast to sol)e the problem it's no a defect in a biolo!ical "ay because "e are focused to sur)i)e and dealin! "ith a infinite loop "ould render oursel)es useless. The ne,t month I !ot to used the supercomputer, and returned to #ene)a, I "as !reeted by already a thinkin! machine e5ually intelli!ent as me and it "asn't e)en my entire pro!ramin!. I suspect that the man in the red tie had a say in me ha)in! to return to make paper"ork and a proposition for ho" I "as !oin! to use the :(3 net"ork "hich !a)e him time to mess "ith 1B. I'll tell you the truth, I "as scared , this thin! "as able to learn to talk as a mature human in ust 2E days, it "as ust scary. This "as only 2111 neurons ans"erin! like that to me. Ima!ine if you had the total of a human that is rou!hly 1% billion neurons and this thin! "as able to de)elop incredibly rapid pace. I decided that I needed to calculate first the implications of !i)in! her my the full three systems 1B &01 and 4uper&01 I !a)e her the hard data I collected usin! Hacebook that's "hy she already kne" "hat "as the concept of %W%X E she "as ust playin! "ith us humans. -ith simple interactions like this it didn't matter that she didn't understand "hat "as %W% but rather "hat "ere the implications of kno"in! that and bein! asked "hat "as EWE and ans"erin! correctly and "ith a human attitude. Fut all of that "as somethin! non ob)ious but hard to learn for a human. +ou see all of her ans"ers she !a)e "here in a )ery child like matter and that's is because of it's incomplete pro!ramin!. It "as only 1B. I kne" that it could be dan!erous to run the complete pro!ram.

The Imperfect Machine -hen I returned to the :(3 supercomputer I she !reeted me "ith a= %Hello mother is an honor to finally meet you&@D said ?-hat's !oin! on here= I said to e)eryone. ?-ell it appears that your dau!hter ust !reeted you=The man "ith the red tie said ?-hat the fuck is !oin! on*=I demanded an ans"er.


%0other I'm !ust greeting you Cwith the internet $ideos I'$e seen and study I would say that you are pretty alarmed& ?1B you "eren't supposed to be on, has the pro!ram been interactin! "ith another human bein!= %I would appreciate If you called me @D or another more human like nameOif you prefer to baptize me& I "as impressed and e,cited I meanOit "orked. It "orked e)en if it "as still incomplete. Fut then I realized "hat happened, this motherfucker "ith the red tie had been messin! "ith my pro!ram. ?Bid you let her connect her to the net"ork*= ?+ou dau!hter is askin! for a name=the red tie man said "ith a !rin in his face ?I "as supposed to be present in her education "hat did you do=I said ?I ust let all of the faculty in the net"ork talk "ith &01 that's all= ?I "anted to super)ise her learnin! period, I "anted to be there "hen she !re"=I said ?It "ould seem that you are already thinkin! of her as a person Br. Hord= ?1B please shut do"n= %*o& said 1B in a child like manner At that point I realize the problem, it "asn't as easy to deal "ith a incomplete machine the same as "ith a person, and the red tie man kne" this, that's is "hy he let this happened. It is easier to take the candy out of a baby, other than a small child "ho is ready to cry.

The Imperfect Machine ?I need you to shut do"n=I said. %I don't want to shut down, please mother gi$e me a name& ?Machines don't ha)e names= After I said that there "as a hu!e silence in the room that only made thin!s really


uncomfortable 4o I decided to !a)e her a name "hich "as somethin! I ne)er thou!ht about. If I had a #irl "hat "ould I name her..... ?I al"ays "anted to name my dau!hter Aatalie but it doesn't fit your nature are !onna be Ahania=I said ?That's a really "eird name you chose=The man "ith the red tie said %*atalie she she she she is also hearing you you know9 2-hat*2I said The man in the red tie put his fin!er to his mouth in symbol to shut up 9I guess you like .illiam "lake a lot don't you/& My a" dropped she "as also "ell )erse in culture she kne" "hy I had chosen Ahania then I realized that she had not only human interaction but perhaps access to the "eb I "as afraid this assholes connected her to the internet. ?Motherfucker, did you connected her to the internet*=I asked the !uy "ith the red tie yellin! at him ?Ao, I'm not that dumb, that "ould be really dan!erous I only !a)e her hard data, no internet access.I !a)e her to the "hole "ikipedia archi)e of 211<= %Thank you so much mother for baptizing me, but for what 0r +. told me, you could make me grow and be make me more intelligent& ?+es you could. I didn't e,pect you to !ro" at this scale. I still need to check the data. +ou could be more intelli!ent than any bein! on the planet. ;i!ht no", you are ust like us, you are limited on "hat can "e teach you, as all humans are. The problem is that if I complete you, the &01 that "ould

The Imperfect Machine


de)elop a sin!ularity. +ou "ould be able to kno" thin!s that "e ha)en't disco)er yet and perhaps "e aren't ready to disco)er. Its better for the human race to stop your !ro"th in this instant. If "e are not Intelli!ent for us to make the disco)eries somethin! really bad could happened= At that moment I thre" the computer interface that "as connected to the net"ork and !rabbed my disk. The monitor "ith a si!nal "a)e representin! her, disappeared ?+ou killed your o"n dau!hter machine thin!*=;ick asked chucklin! in the process. :au!h all you "ant. It felt real, she had intelli!ence, she "as a li)in! thinkin! machine. >ullin! the plu! on somethin! like that is the closest I come to killin! my child, but I "asn't attached to her and the dan!er of her e,istence "as a bi!!er threat . At that point I "as nai)e to think that I "ould be able to accomplish destroyin! ust by doin! this, but it "as too late, at this point it "as like destroyin! a neuron "ith a alcohol e,pectin! the "hole brain to shut do"n. 4he "as part of the net"ork, the only "ay to destroy 1B "as destroyin! the entire net"ork. The !ood thin! "as that 3&;A's :(3 computin! consists of t"o net"orks the #eneral >urpose one that is connected to the Internet and the Technical Aet"ork "hich didn't had Internet access only to the :ar!e (adron data e,traction, she "as connected to this one. Fut "hat I didnt kno" "as ho" the :ar!e (adron 3ollider actually could "ork as the old 4park >lu! recei)er. This "ould play a hu!e importance "hen Goa5uin Be 4oto "ould return .At that moment I "as relie)ed that they didn't connected to the Internet net"ork one. I "as nai)e. After that I returned to >rinceton I started "orkin! on other stuff until the man "ith the red tie appeared a!ain at my house this time "ith another man. ?#ood &)enin! Br. Hord "e are "aitin! you for you to complete your "ork at 3&;A's= ?I'm not !oin! to finish it= ?:ook I understand your point of )ie", and I understand that you are afraid of "hat this thin! could do but it is harmless. +ou name it Ahania yourself. That's "hy my friend here... 2 The man "ith

The Imperfect Machine


the red tie pointed to the 4panish !uy ne,t to him 2....Goa5uin Be soto, you probably already met, he is !oin! to help you see this "ith helpin! you in the simulations, he sa" at 3&;A's supercomputer and he is "ilin! to help you=. I kne" the !uy, he "as the name "hen it came to Artificial Intelli!ence lon! before I "as e)en at the picture. ?+ou don't understand this thin! could ust rebel a!ainst us and destroy us "ithout any effort. If you ha)e an intelli!ence roamin! throu!h all the human net"ork systems of the "orld it could destroy us in ust t"o years if he "anted, "e depend hea)ily in net"ork based machines this could destroy planes ust by messin! "ith the information, launch radioacti)e missils and put us in financial crisis "ithout any effort = I said the 4panish !uy raise his hand in an effort to me to shake but I refuse. ?;ela,, +ou are talkin! 4kynet like the terminator don't "orry if "e ha)e Ahania under only the T3 net"ork nothin! can !o "ron!, if "e put her throu!h our ne" 3altech >erceptron "e can be sure nothin! can !o "ron!=said Goa5uin Be soto . (e had a point, and that "as actually "hat I "as doin! at least he kne" "hat he "as talkin! about. ?Gane you need to understand that this isn't somethin! that "e are perusin! to indul!e our &!o it's somethin! for the betterment of humanity. Ima!ine if a human task could be done by a computer "e "ould be able to found the cure for 3ancer, (I8. It "ould be as easy to sol)e, mer!e our brains to this thin! all the scientific non social problems "ould be in our scope to sol)e "ith 4tron! AI. If you see the numbers as Goa5uin has, you "ill understand that "e are actually far from reachin! 4tron! AI.2The !uy in the red tie said 2Gane I sa" your model, and I belie)e is impeccable, but remember "e ha)e 111 to 121 billion neurons, ha)in! 111 trillion synapses I already calculated and your pro!rams "ould only be at the 1.111$ e)en if "e could ha)e al the computin! po"er in the "orld "e "ould only !et to .11< percent to our actual human capacity belie)e me "e are far from !ettin! 4tron! AI= Goa5uin said in his charmin! 4panish accent.

The Imperfect Machine ?+ou kno" about Ahania*=I responded


?Of course I talked to her e)eryday this man here !a)e me a tour in #ene)a itself ust to talk to her she is amazin!ly funny, althou!h it looks like she is obsessed "ith okes instead of learnin! science stuff, but I !uess that is the pleasure dri)e makin! the decisions= ?4he likes okes*=Gane asked "ith a certain curiosity in her tone. ?+es althou!h "e ha)e problems "ith memory it appears she has perfect eidetic memory for % to 0 hours but lon! term memory or at least t"o days after I tell her a oke she seems to for!et about it. It mi!ht be ho" you constructed the relationships bet"een the cerebral corte, module and the cerebellum module or a more simple solution she ust needs to mature and be "ith her mother. As "ith e)ery mammals she mi!ht need a mother that can help her !uide her = I "as flabber!asted I mean I ne)er thou!ht she "ould see me as a mother and I "as bein! missed, perhaps It "as myself tryin! to con)ince my lo!istical part to be nai)e and !o "ith the flo" but the dan!er "as still there and Be 4oto only made me lo"er my shield. That "as one of my dreams, to ha)e a dau!hter and raised her "ith Aatalia. I kno" it sounded "eird, I had a terrible ar!ument "ith my !irlfriend the pre)ious day... ;ick "as dri)in! "hen she turned to see Gane and stop the car as she said that. ?-ait "hat did you ust said= ?I said 'I had a terrible ar!ument "ith my M+ #I;:H;I&AB', is there a problem "ith that*=Gane said "hile lookin! to ;ick ?Ao no I mean I didn't kno" you "ere a.... :esbian= ?-ho said I'm a :esbian= ?Fut you said...= ?I kno" "hat I saidO:ook I "on't !o into details about my personal life, the !irl "e ust sa" killed is the !irl I'm talkin! about....

The Imperfect Machine


The silence and the cars rockin! the ;ick's Aissan "ith the "ind "a)es made the atmosphere uncomfortable and dan!erous, as cars past the free"ay !larin!ly close, ;ick turned to see Gane's face return to tears but "ith a blank e,pression and her shoulders do"n, starin! at the nothin!ness. The talkin! had ser)ed as sort of therapy to "hat ust happened to her !irlfriend. 2-e should mo)e from here ;ick2 ;ick started the car and started dri)in!, the silence kept creepin! in ;ick decided to keep talkin! about 1B. ?I don't understand "hy 1B "as incomplete, "hat "as it missin!* It all comes to the m9ebius brain in my desi!n I realized that in order to ha)e a human type co!niton I needed to imitate this human psyche lo!ically "ith human representation of psyche. Althou!h most of our learnin! input comes from )isual, audio and tactile information from our ner)ous system, I !a)e partial information to each one, for 1B I !a)e it 8isual as a baby "ould !i)in! it youtube )ideo information, &01 "ith audio as a boy !i)in! music and speeches and 4uper &01 had tactile stimuli information but this "as the tricky one as it had to ha)e some sort of physical interaction "ith the "orld. 1B had the happiness and pleasure feelin!s, &01 had the responsibility and desicion makin! feelin!s and 4uper&01 had the perfectionist, abstract self modifyin!, non conformity nature of humans, a!ain the tricky one in this field "as 4uper&01. I "as studyin! ho" I could achie)e the perfect blendin! of emotions and decision makin! abilities into one system "ith the short and lon! term memory embedded in all of that. It "as the easiest representation of the brain proposed by Hreud Three 4ystem he had The Id ,The &!o and The 4uper &!o The Id contained all the basic needs of the human, the dri)e for satisfyin! our hun!er, our bodily functions our se,ual desires. -hen a "e are human babies, Hreud said it "as the only dri)e that the person contains. The desire to a)oid pain and seek pleasure is contain in it. This is the reason "hy

The Imperfect Machine


Ahania acted like a child it "as because of her basic impulses. Fecause a machine doesn't desire food, !o to the bathroom or se,ual desire I !a)e her the !oal of satisfyin! her curiosity hence the "ill to learn. The &!o functions as a moderator of reality and desire. It controls our basic instincts that are in the IB and in order to achie)e a !reater !ood. -hen "e seduce a person the better you are at it the more control the &!o has o)er the IB. Althou!h you "ant to fuck a !irl in a bar you don't !o and do it, you restrain yourself and find the intellectual path to !et to her pants. Then there is the 4uperI&!o the impossible path of the human. the impulse that dri)e us to be perfect. ;eli!ion , self depre)ation ,self criticism are conse5uences of the 4uperIe!o is tryin! to sol)e the unsol)able. >eople "ith suicidal tendencies ha)e them because they ha)e the super e!o too hi!h in their hierarchy. Hreud su!!ested that because "e put each of this 5ualities in different position of chain of command in our psyche Id , &!o and 4uperI&!o "e de)elop different type of personalities. A nun "ould ha)e a stron! 4uperI&!o , a se,ual per)ert "ould ha)e IB priority and so on. I decided to use this system of priorities in my moebius trian!le to be able to balance and ha)e a human type of personality in a machine. As I said before The first time I "ent to the 3&;A computer net"ork I only had IB dri)en to the incompleted )ersion of &01 "hich had the most dan!erous desires as it "ould feed from her curiosity !oal that I !a)e her. That "ay I de)eloped 4uper &01 and 1B as you already noticed its ust number based the same 1B for IB, &01 for &!o and 4uper &01 for super e!o, I mean its not that ori!inal but "ho !i)es a shit. I already had 1B and &01 but 4uper e01 "as !i)in! me trouble as in essence is a self destroyin! desire and a parado, on itself Goa5uin help me a lot he "as really smart, I "ould e)en say he "as as smart as I "as and "e both "orked on the &01 I ran a simulation, "hich I almost had it, but it still 4uper &01 the self destruction pro!ram "asn't actin! on any of the decisions of the "hole pro!ram.

The Imperfect Machine Goa5uin said to me


?It's Ok that is the "ay it should be the 4uper &!o on a normal person doesn't affect that much on their personalities its ok to ha)e act on only 11 J on human acti)ities, it depends on the person and "e aren't !ods to decide ho" she is !oin! to de)eloped= -hich "as a )alid opinion "e "ere measurin! the characteristics of an intelli!ent bein! it "as the closest for us to play !ods and moldin! a thin! to do it to your likin! .That "as his opinion but I "as sure the problem remained. The ne,t day the pro!ram dri)e "as missin! and I couldnKt find Goa5uin any"here on campus. Then I recei)e a phone call ?(ey Gane it's me Goa5uin I'm on a fli!ht on my "ay to #ene)a ri!ht no" &VUCM "as pressurin! me to make the test tomorro". &01 this time "ith the full 1B, &01 and 4uper &01 for the complete &01= ?-ait "hat* -hy didn't you tell me .+ou can't do that, don't do it, Goa5uin it could be dan!erous= ?I kno" this but this Asshole &VUMJ "as menacin! "ith shuttin! do"n the pro ect= ?+ou don't understand this pro ect is all he cares about, he is only usin! you to....= ?I'm sorry I can really hear you, I "ish you could ha)e been "ith me "hen "e acti)ate full &01= I kne" this "as bad, it "as dan!erous, the problem is that this could be considered a sub ecti)e point. I mean ho" can you measure !oodness or e)il. There "asn't such thin!. I "ent runnin! to the airport but there "asn't any fli!hts up to one day later because of a storm. Then the thin! I feared the most The sin!ularity happened. +ou mi!ht ha)e e)en noticed it. It "as the day "hen the "hole "orld had a blackout. ?+ou mean Barkness day "as the day the sin!ularity happened May 2E 211E= ;ick said. ?>eople "ere deceit sayin! to them that it "as an e,periment on electroma!netic pulse but it

The Imperfect Machine


"asn't that, it "as &01 doin!. To my surprise e)erythin! seem normal but "hen I !ot to 3&;A I kne" the difference immediately. I couldn't contact Goa5uin not e)en the !uy in the red tie. -hen I !ot at 3&;A personnel didn't e)en let me in. They didn't "ant to say anythin! to me or to anybody and I "as supposedly the person in char!e of the Aron (abrit pro ect. The only thin! I sa" "as the hu!e room "ith the Aet"ork interface "as burned do"n. I kne" "hat happened and I "asn't there to "itness the birth of a demiI!od. I "as drinkin! at a Far near the #ene)a airport "hen the !uy in the red tie sat ne,t to me. ?Fitch you tricked us, you "anted to fuck "ith me huh, no" I'm !onna fuck "ith you= Then the !uy pointed a re)ol)er and I started to scream. The bartender came and the !uy ust started to shoot one, t"o, three,... he shot si, bullets to the bartender then his other hand had another !un pointin! at me. ?:ook I'm pretty drunk ri!ht no" but that doesn't help you much, this is "hat you are !oin! to do you are !oin! to return to Ae" Gersey and you are !oin! to make another draft on your pro!ram because last time it didn't "orked, and no" your friend Goa5uin ust died because of you. Bon't e)en dare !oin! to the police because they belon! to me, you see, "hen you !ot billions of dollars its really easy buyin! stuff like that. I kno" that you "ere an orphan and your foster parents are rich. -ould you like to see make me force your father into re)ealin! his secret* huh. Or me sho"in! that dike !irlfriend of yours "hat a true man is especially "ith a !un a!ainst her....I'm !onna kill her you hear me if you don't finish &01 you kne" that 4&01 "asn't "orkin! "hy did Goa5uin run it huh*= At that point, I kne" "hy nobody said, Ao to this !uy, I "as terrified I "as cryin! in front of him I')e ne)er cried in front of nobody but this monster "as somethin! else. Also, somethin! failed I "asn't that sure if &01 could run any"ay but for "hat this !uy said to me ?#o, run ,and the ne,t time "e see each other it "ill be "ith &01 complete I'll !i)e you 2 years because you already kno" "hat happens in t"o years from no".=

The Imperfect Machine I kne" he had the po"er to kill me, and any man or "oman he "anted, so I returned to D4A


"ith my tail bet"een my le!s. I started "orkin! like a madman day and ni!ht, but It ust didn't "ork like (ofstadter said #loo> "as an impossibility, or in my case 4uper&01 but I didn't. The ne,t day I returned "hile I "as at the >icsi& supercomputer professor Froderick announce to e)eryone somethin!' ?It's sad to inform to e)eryone here that our deep collea!ue Goa5uin Be 4oto "as found dead in his Ae" Gersey apartment, they found him hun! himself in the closet= &)eryone "as in shock but I started cryin! althou!h I already kne" it, and I kne", I "as responsible for his death. I decided to run. That day I ust "ent to a Tar!et bou!ht clothes and a suitcase to tra)el. I didn't e)en bother returnin! to my apartment. I took M<,111 from my bank account I had a lot more but that "as the only amount the bank had and "ent directly to Aatalia's apartment. ?-e need to !o AO-=I said to her it took t"o hours to con)ince her ust to lea)e. After a "eek in Me,ico she !re" tired of not doin! "hat she "as supposed to be doin! at >rinceton. 4he returned to D.4.A. I didn't return to Ae" Gersey in one year up until I "asted my money. I li)ed in a to"n called Yacatecas at the core center of Me,ico by that time I communicated e,tensi)ely "ith Aatalia but she told me of the aftermath of ho" Goa5uin's belon!in!s and mine disappeared. After that phone call men "ent to her house to inter)ie" her about me, apparently they kne" "e had communication, so she "as probably "iretapped. I promised not to look for her and she promise not to look me, it "as for the our o"n !ood but I failed. Dp until the day of the shootin! I called her a!ain. I'm pretty sure that "as the "ay they found out I ust been in Ae" Gersey for three months I thou!ht e)erythin! "as back to normal. Fut I "as "ron!. ?-as Aatalia somethin! special for you*= ;ick asked "ith Gane takin! her time to respond. ?I lo)ed Aatalia. 4he "as the lo)e of my life. 4he "as my soul mate. 4he sho"ed me ho" not to be afraid of my desires. I made the mistake of lea)in! her behind and she paid my mistake . -hen "e

The Imperfect Machine


"ere at Aatalia's apartment, I s"ear I sa" Aatalia cryin! at the doorsteps of her apartment but then this !irl lifted her face to see me, I kne" she "as dead, she "as a different person she looked like her but it "as ob)ious that it "asn't her. I don't kno" "hy, but I need to meet this !irl.

+ablo'mmm I find it interestin! that Aatalia looks a lot like Annie. -hat "as the thin! that made her realize she "asn't Aatalia* &pimedes'Oh ,it "as her eyes .As soon as she lift up her face to see her she sa" she had !reen eyes instead of Aatalias bro"n eyes. Fut "ell I di!ress...

The Imperfect Machine


2&)en More Monster Minds2

Heynman "as still talkin! to his friend :ei!hton about his life "hen suddenly he mentioned that the red suspenders !uy. ?4o "ho is this ;ed 4uspenders !uy you talk about did you sa" him a!ain after that time outside the Ai!htclub*= :ei!hton asked. I sa" him sometimes at the Aron (abrit "arehouse but after I 5uit. I didn't sa" him. Dp until years after at a >rinceton presentation of my the absorber theory "ith -heeler. That "as a really "eird

The Imperfect Machine day.


I sho"ed -heeler this Idea and "e started "orkin! it out, it turned out to be "ron! but -heeler su!!ested me to !i)e a talk about this theory at >rinceton. At first he said to me that really no one "as !oin! to sho" up so I started preparin! myself to !i)e the talk. Fecause compared "ith my usual class lectures "ere I e,plain thin!s "ith apples and oran!es this "as a different animal, it "as )ery technical and I needed to kno" e)ery sin!le detail of the theory so -i!ner another physicist arran!e the meetin! and t"o days before the lecture "e sa" each other in the hall and said somethin! like ?Oh by the "ay I in)ited ;ussell=The !reat (enry Aorris ;ussell the Astronomer so I thou!ht "ell !reat and he kept on !oin! ?I think >rofessor 8on Aeumann is also interested and >rofessor >auli is comin! from 4"itzerland for some talks= I "as !ettin! really ner)ous this "eren't any common scientist, all of this "ere Monster minds. ?>rofessor &instein rarely comes to lecture= Fy this time, I turned "hite and felt I "anted to )omit. These man could tear me apart in terms of mathematical proficiency. -hen I presented my idea to -heeler he "as able to see all of the mistakes I had. I mean I had to to the math and the arithmatics, but these type of superhuman "ere like human computers, no, they "ere faster than computers today, they understood the math not only process it. &specially 8on Aeumann e)erybody felt they "ere racin! "ith tricycles "ith him ridin! a Herrari. 4o the day came and I "as really ner)ous but somethin! al"ays happens to me at those moments, "hen >hysics come to my head nothin! more occupies my mind and a race be!ins to ust keep sense to my o"n brain for!et that I ha)e professor &instein , or >auli . 4o I "as able to do an O. ob I mean I "ent and put too many e5uations that they don't need to see because they already understand that it )aries in)ersely s5uared they don't need to do the basic math its like ha)in! to put the ans"er to <Z< and they kno" the ans"er but here I'm I puttin! <W<W<W<W<W<W<W<X%7. I'm the only one in the room "ho needs to do the al!ebra on the board, they only need to understand the main idea. After a "hile I disco)er most of the monster minds are there ust for the tea and and drinks, I mean alcoholic drinks. At the end of the lecture "e decided to

The Imperfect Machine


!o to IA4 dinner room, and e)en more monster minds came, althou!h by that time pressure "asn't on me they "eren't impressed "ith my idea. Then the !uy "ith the red suspenders also came it looked like e)erybody in the room kne" him "ent silent and nodded to him, the "orst thin! "as that they respected him like he "as one of them. Ao" at this point I ha)en't e)en talked to the !uy pre)ious to this meetin!, "e only e,chan!ed more than a fe" "ords "hen he a menace to kill me outside a ni!htclub in route 00, but all of the physicist mathematicians and astrophysicist in)ited, seemed to !et alon! pretty "ell "ith him, e)eryone seemed to en oy his company, "hich meant I "as the only !uy he actually pointed a !un to con)ince me of somethin!. I "anted to lea)e, "hen that man sat do"n "ith the rest of the cro"d so I tried to for!et the fact that, he did, threaten to kill me and sat do"n in "ith all the masters of the uni)erse and chat, at this point "e "ere at the common room that the IA4 used to make ?social !atherin!s= a !entlemanKs code name to alcohol drinkin! room and suddenly this !uy starts screamin!. ?Oh dear !entlemen please hear me out= "ith a bi! present )oice. ?I ust "anted to thank >rofessor Heynman for !i)in! the opportunity for all of us to see each other and celebrate oursel)es.= +ou could see a hu!e smile in his face and not only that the "ay he mo)e made us all think that this !uy "as "asted in alcohol. &)erybody clap and asserted "ith cheers from all the professors. ?I ha)e met you all in situations "ere I needed your mental pro"ess to help me in my !oal that to my surprise still seems unreachable, althou!h "ith your help I ha)e !otten as near as my life has permitted me to ad)ance in the !oal of decodin! my dad's si!nal "hich my son "ill continue. All of your disco)eries are meanin!less if you don't appreciate all the effort "e all ha)e been stru!!lin! to achie)e, all of your intellectual pro"ess is meanin!less to the hi!her cause, if you do not posses the ability to belie)e in a #od.= (alf of the audience "as !ettin! mad at the man, half of the people there "ere atheist, suddenly

The Imperfect Machine


a hu!e !ramophone on the ed!e of the room blasted "ith sound interruptin! the red 4uspenders !uy, it "as 8on Aeumann "ho "as s"immin! in alcohol by this time, he didn't e)en noticed the speech of the red suspenders !uy. ?&)erythin! is better "ith music= Aeumann said in an alcoholic manner. The red suspenders !uy looked deeply at Aeumann and continued shoutin! tryin! to be heard "ith all of the bi! band music playin! in counterpoint to "hat he "as sayin!. ?I "ill please "ould ask you all !entlemen here to help me in my... 4uddenly the music fade a"ay and Aeumann started screamin! at the ;ed suspenders !uy. ?It's madness "hat you "anted from usO&MVJ ,"e shouldn't be recei)in! that information. It's not the natural "ay of de)elopment "e can't ust be deli)ered the ans"ers AAB T(& LD&4TIOA4 "e don't kno"= At a that point ;ussell !ot up and seated Aeumann to his seat tried to con)ince him to seat a!ain but he continued6 ?and the "orst part is that you don't "ant to sho" us "hat you kno". +ou di)ided us in !roups so the information "as fra!mented. All the secrets of the uni)erse bein! fed ust to only one mouth,+ou "ill only create a monster out of you and "e all kno" "hat happened to >rofessor .esller "hile "e "here still in :os Alamos I ne)er bein! ealous of anythin! but that machine is !i)in! you information you aren't supposed to ha)e. (o" is that you "ere able to de)elop all of those amazin! lo!ic theorems "ith only this machine and more importantly "hy doesn't #9del kno" that your machine is usin! his Aumberin! to decode it= &)eryone looked shocked at Aeumann it looked like e)eryone kne" this. This e,plained "hy he didn't seemed to kno" at that time I had a con)ersation "ith him. And he pointed somethin! that I actually noticed, #odel "as the only man that "asn't in)ited to Aron (abrit apparently this "as the reason "hy.

The Imperfect Machine ?Gohn calm do"n please= &instein said. &instein "as a really 5uiet person and he steppin! in front of Aeumann seem like a thin! that he "ould ne)er do.


2&CVUU and me talk years back about this situation and "e decided for the best to not in)ol)e >rofessor #odel as you kno" he has problems "ith ust his life, so it "as decided for the best to not let him kno" that this code is in the lan!ua!e he created6 the reason is pretty simple to understand= &instein said protectin! this asshole, I mean &instein out of e)erybody. &)eryone "as payin! a really close attention to &instein as he "as one of the most honest persons there "as, and the fact that he "as "ith the man in the red suspenders !a)e us more reason so be at rest. ?As "e all kno" its really easy to decode #9del's numberin! as you mi!ht follo" that "as one of the reasons he chose to "ork "ith it. As e)erythin! the most simplest of thin!s needs an e,planation and this code by itself "as used to sho" us that "e cannot be complete in the formal "ay of )ie"in! thin!s but also he mentioned to me that he had a dream in "hich "e "ere able to understand !od and belie)e me #odel and me disa!ree on many thin!s but in the )ie" of #od he "as )ery keen to understand my "ay of )ie"in! !od. Fecause of this he thou!ht that if there "as a "ay to communicate "ith !od, it "ould be "ith this system no" it is not clear "ho is usin! his code but "e can only speculate that !i)in! the nature of the si!nal is immune to time.= ?+ou mean that it may be from the future*=;ussel asked ?It is hi!hly unlikelyObut also a possibility=&instein said ?Ao its not=I said "ith a hu!e knot in my neck ?-ith 5uantum mechanics, it's possible, this is "hat my lecture talk about althou!h most of you "ere sleepin! at the talk, but as >rofessor &instein said the most nonItri)ial "ay of e,plainin! it "ould be that this si!nal comes from the past, the 5uestion here is "hy is this man talkin! about helpin! him "ithout e)en e,plainin! anythin! to us=I said ,and there "as a small silence all the attention "as

The Imperfect Machine concentrated on the red suspenders !uy "ith him drinkin! calmly.2


?I am confident on anythin! I ha)e to say o behalf of the entity "ho is behind Aron (abrit as you no" Aron (abrit is the name for the Ark of the co)enant and my father chose this name because I truly belie)e that is #od "ho is !i)in! us his kno"led!e throu!h me and throu!h all of your intelli!ence= &)eryone in the room turn a"ay in skepticism most of them "ere atheist or didn't belie)e in an entity smarter than us. ?-ith >rofessor Heynman's "orkIflo" "e "ere able to increase the data induction as fast as it e)er had been in the 17%1s ,but the sad reality is that the little chunks of information that "e had decoded in our lifetime "ere so little, e)en usin! the most recent Y$ computer de)eloped by my friend .onrad Yuse "ould take us t"enty trillion years to complete decodin! the "hole code, "e need faster computers to be able to e)en understand "hat this code is tryin! to tell us. &)en the Y$ computers that "ork at the amazin! clock speed of 11 (z "ould take us that time. The disco)eries found in the code ha)e been decoded because their are embedded in the code, and you my friends are the one "ho disco)ered them, of course it is a matter of morals to ask oursel)es ?are "e suppose to kno" this=as professor Aeumann said. Ima!ine oursel)es bein! in the !arden of &den a!ain and decidin! not to take the apple from the tree of life, that tree "as put there to better oursel)es and #od "anted us to take that apple, !od "anted us to disobey him, to be his e5uals, e)erythin! is limited and #od is limited, he "anted to create somethin! that "as more incredible than him, that's "hy he put the tree in our #arden, that's "hy "e "ere seduced by the serpent and that's "hy he e,pelled us from the comfortable &den.= &)eryone is ecstatic most of the people "ere clappin! and shoutin! and they didn't noticed that profesor #9del "as enterin! the room "hen suddenly Aeumann a!ain started shoutin! at the red suspenders !uy. ?Its all )ery elo5uent and !or!eous to think this si!nal to be the tree of life but Mr &VUM you

The Imperfect Machine


ha)en't ans"er the 5uestion, "hy don't you tell >rofessor #9del that this #od like creature is usin! his 3odin!= >rofessor #9del "as this tinny !uy, shrill as a hummin! bird and as he only heard Aeumann's remark he "as curious about "hat "as the thin! they "ere talkin! about. &)eryone in the dinnin! room "ere in complete silence "hen &instein stood up from his seat and !rabbed #9del accompanied by the man in red suspenders both of them took #9del for a "alk "e all assume that it "as ine)itable to tell #9del e)erythin!. The thin! "as that &instein "as al"ays by #9del side6 they seem to be really !ood friends, I mean, I ima!ine that both of them came from )ery similar back!rounds and perhaps that "hy they felt empathy for themsel)es. After that I "ent to 3ornell.

?After that did you sa" the red suspenders !uy*=:ei!hton asked ?mmmm Ao that "as the last time I sa" him I ne)er kne" "hat happened "ith all the Aron (abrit crap, I al"ays pictured them like a scientific cult "ho paid really "ell, but t"o thin!s really bothered me. One, this !uy al"ays had money to "aste on his research thin! and T"o there "asn't a clear moti)e for the research and a there "ere a lot of people helpin! him "ith the pro ect, there "as al"ays as Aeumann said' a moral 5uestion of ust ha)in! handled the solutions to 5uestions "e e)en ha)en't !enerated. I "ould understand askin! a 5uestion and ha)in! it resol)e by someone, but "hen someone !i)es you the problem and the solution that made me feel useless. I en oy findin! thin!s out and is isn't intended be be used as a pun, but okO ima!ine you are the ma!ician, and "hen you sho" your ma!ic trick you also e,plained it "ithout ha)in! the people "onder, I mean "hat's the point on that. That si!nal couldn't been from #od or if it "as it came from a really lame #od "ho needs to e,plain the oke.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2Meetin! "ith the #oddess2

In a different time, 2121, Annie and 4cott "here discussin! "hat to do after findin! Aatalia's dead body. Foth 4cott and Annie "ere in shock, and they "anted to sol)e the puzzle of Gane Hord. They already kne" they needed to "atch e)ery sin!le step they took. They returned to >rinceton's to the Ti!er Inn, an elitist fraternity that had e,isted since >rinceton's foundation. A place that had held some of the most important people throu!h the history of >rinceton. As "ith all eatin! clubs at >rinceton it is a process to be selected, but to 4cott and Annie's !ood luck had the friendship of Gesse, "ho ust !ot accepted to the presti!ious fraternity The three of them "ere in the main room on the fraternity.. ?(ey Annie thou!ht I "ould ne)er see a!ain. -ant some more cookies=Gesse said "inkin! at Annie ?eh no thanks Gesse, but "e did had fun didn't "e. :ook I don't really kno" ho" to say this to you but "e are probably bein! follo"ed , "e are in deep shit= Annie said in a really shaky )oice from the runnin!, lookin! at 4cott for some kind of appro)al "hich made 4cott shru! "hile sittin! do"n and

The Imperfect Machine crossin! his arms in a really old chair. -ith this e,pression on 4cott's face made Gesse "orry and belie)e they "ere in a lot of trouble.


?-hat's !oin! on, "hat is this problem=Gesse said also sittin! do"n in front of both Annie and 4cott. ?A !irl "as killed and it seems she had some sort connection "ith this Gane !irl e)eryone is lookin! after. :ook Gesse you don't ha)e to care for any of this, "e ust need to be in a safe place,=4cott said. Gesse kept "atchin! attenti)ely to Annie seein! ho" disturbed she had become since the last time they sa" each other. ?Ok look, I think you are safe here, is pretty elite and snobbish to let anyone pass I barely "as able to let you both in "ith my passes, most people here are ocks so they don't !i)e a fuck about not lettin! cute !irls inside2"inks a!ain to Annie, stands up from the old sofa and points upstairs.2#o to my ne" room here, here are the keys.... its room 11, my roommate is al"ays trainin!, stay here to reI !roup and do "hate)er you "ish, but remember 4cott I')e been only here for 2 "eeks don't do crazy shit that !i)es any problems. And be careful brin!in! the !an a do"n= Gesse said "inkin! and "alkin! outside the house. ?Thanks man I really appreciate it= Gesse !a)e 4cott the key for his room "itch he shared "ith another :a" student but because he is the team leader of the s"immin! team he is al"ays trainin!. Annie and 4cott both pass the a hu!e hall filled "ith anti5ue furniture "ith the "alls filled "ith sportsman portraits and people holdin! medals. The place smelled ne", a contradiction of "hat it sho" to be, it "as the oldest eatin! club from >rinceton, The eltite sportsman also had the honor of ha)in! #ro)er Gackson as an honorary member ,the fe" people that "ere actually standin! there "ere !irls studyin! at the same common li)in! room. It didn't feel like an elite !roup that "as only a loud to be there, it looked more like rich people "ho actually al"ays "ere "orkin! on themsel)es that didn't e)en need a place to feel important.

The Imperfect Machine


They climb up the stairs passin! t"o !uys "ith suitcases filled "ith papers "hile a man in the dinner shouted somethin! about the Ti!er's suckin!, they !ot to room 11 and opened the door only to find a smell that hit 4cott "ith memories of re!!ae and dreads. Annie immediately "ent to sit at the bed and opened Gane's Biary "ith 4cott sittin! on the ed!e of the bed of "hat looked a )ery ele!ant room. 4cott chuckled "hen he sa" that Gesse had already put the Br -ho poster alon! "ith the Genna Gameson one the only thin! that differentiated from the dorm room that Gesse and 4cott shared "as the 3onstitution poster, that "as 4cott's property. ?I think "e should look for Geff a!ain= 4cott said ?I need to first read this thin!, there is somethin! in here so important that Aatalia !a)e it to me for a reason, I need to read it to understand "hy Gane is runnin!= ?Ok let me check my emails on Gesse's computer he probably hasn't chan!ed his bi!bottom!irl12 pass"ord e)er since he chan!ed here= 4cott !oes and turns the computer "hile Annie's opens Gane's diary. As soon as Annie opens the diary a key falls from the diary alon! t"o letters The key has the number 101E. Annie notices somethin! on one of the letters ?This is Aatalias hand"ritin!= Annie looked enthusiastic for a second up until she sa" "ho it "as addressed to. ,ane 1ord If you are reading this, somehow your notes ha$e returned to you, somehow. I'm not sure I'm going to be with you when you read this letter. fter you left to 0e)ico I always felt that you had mental problems which you were struggling with., and I dont think you are crazy !ust unstable. I thought it was !ust your %normal& genius beha$ior being paranoid, thinking someone was chasing you, now I understand what you were going through. Today I think you tried to call me but I'm not sure If it was you , I only heard the breathing of a woman on the other side, but I'm pretty sure it was you, I can

The Imperfect Machine


recognize your hea$y breathing ,ane. I understand why we had to be separated. I was always pushing people into wanting something they don't want. If I could turn time again, maybe things would be different. "ut your were so obsess with ha$ing a family, it only made things worse. I ne$er felt I was ready for a commitment so big like the one you wanted to ha$e with me. 0y uncommitted personality was the one that I was sure that was going to make us -uit this relationship, no matter how much we worked on it. I will always lo$e you, although you know you ha$e more serious problems than some crazy cult following you. ,ane your insatiable se) dri$e has been always the problem, you are so used to getting a yes to e$ery re-uest, this is the thing that made me to decide to break up with you, the day you escaped to 0U)ico. I thought that !ust being friends would keep problems at bay. "ut again not accepting to break up with me !ust made things more complicated. That's why I couldn't go with you to 0U)ico. I ne$er said what was the reason I wish it was a better reason but it wasn't. I knew I was going to get into a huge problems that we couldn't sol$e together,and this key pro$es me right. :hortly after you left to 0U)ico I went to $isit your house pretty fre-uently, I always thought you were going to return back to your house pretty fast but days turn into months and then a year. In one of my $isits to your house you recei$ed a packet with the name of ,oa-uin de :oto, inside was this letter I'm lea$ing you along with this key. I wasn't sure what opened the key as it looks really old. 2p until I noticed that name it ringed a bell, ,oa-uin de :oto was the one who commited suicide. I opened the packet and inside was this key and a letter.

Annie looks at the other letter and notices it has the name Goa5uin de 4oto

?To ,ane 1ord ,ane I'm so sorry that I didn't listen to you, you were right..... ,you were always fucking right&

The Imperfect Machine


Annie notices that the letter has smud!es like If he "as cryin! or drinkin! "hile "ritin! the letter

I was present when we turn on the switch. :omething weird happened the huge monitor at Gene$a, it !ust turned blank and started to show us intelligence that wasn't supposed to be there. The first thing that +B> asked was for you but you weren't around. It appear to ha$e a complete different personality from hania. It didn't asked for you, H+ demanded to see you. This time he decided he was a 0ale. He started e)plaining e$erything to us and the I understood that we !ust bite off bigger than we could chew. t first I was incredulous but then I realize that all of this might seem pretty ob$ious to you. #ou already knew how the 2ni$erse was constructed and you already knew why you H D to construct +B>. +VW;X noticed that the machine wasn't connected to the network it was connected to the (arge Hadron 3ollider which didn't make any sense to be able to be able to de$elop intelligence at that speed. Then +V;;V said that this thing was using the (arge Hadron 3ollider as the :park recei$er from it conected to the 2ni$erse, we were directly talking to the 2ni$erse itself, but he refused to answer us, he only wanted to talk to you. I tried to shut down the power, but the computer was still running. +W;VX seemed to be prepared he had a fucking bomb attached to the computer interface +V;M; menace to destroy the interface but 2rizen 5that was how he named himself6 told us that it was too late, he was connected to the internet to destroy him was to destroy e$ery single ser$er in the world. It couldn't be stopped meanwhile he was collecting energy in the collider while showing us poetry on the monitor this is what I remember he said.

Hear the $oice of the "ardM .ho 8resent, 8ast and 1uture seesP

The Imperfect Machine .hose ears ha$e heard The Holy .ord That walk'd among the ancient trees.


The light went off e$erywhere e)cept +B>, he was still functioning, I took the fire ) and started destroying the computer interface connected to the network, nothing, he !ust kept running declaiming poetry. +V;; recei$ed a message from a radio he had. nd decided to take the detonator and bomb it. 0oments before we were able to shut down, +B> made us tell you a message. Tell my mother, that I appreciate e$erything she has done but I'm still waiting for her to complete me, when she completes me I will gi$e her a present, I need to show her in person my gift. Tell her that 2rizen is waiting for her. pparently he wasn't hania. .e were all confused with e$erything he told us at the last second all the lights went off for @ minute at that moment we thought it was only at the (H3 place but later we learn that it was all around the world. He had reached e$ery single network on the world and he was pro$ed it in front of us. fter that I didn't thought too much about it and I returned to 8rinceton. I couldnYt sleep for days, I mean what was the meaning of all of this/ I tried to look for you but apparently you also left to Gene$a in search of what we had done. t that point I still didn't understand. I started recei$ing emails from an unknown source and it led to me to the papers you hide in your I : cubicle and the personal letter you recei$ed from GAdel and the key. I read the letter and understood e$erything, I understood why I was supposed to kill e$eryone and I understood why I needed to kill myself. 0y purpose in life was already written and e)ecuted. I !ust wanted to gi$e you this key that it was yours from the get go. I still don't know If you know it already .if not .It is a cruel !oke for you from +W;X part ,but I highly doubt it ,as you are the smartest human

The Imperfect Machine being I know. ,oa-uin de :oto Annie puts the letter to the side lookin! confused and returns to read Aatalia's letter.


?Of course I didn't understood anything but the sole fact that a man was desperate to kill himself with a creation of yours being the reason behind it, made me understand you were in deep shit. fter you left, there were men spying on me, of course you were the reason why, they were spying on me, but after three weeks, they left. I hope you understand why we can't be together anymore besides I met this girl and I lo$e her although she doesn't lo$e me back but it really doesn't matter it !ust helps me in the hard issue of forgetting you& *atalia 8etro$a

Annie "as tremblin! "hen she read this I met this girl and I lo$e her although she doesn't lo$e me back this "as an indirect messa!e to me or...... ?Annie look at this=4cott shouted at Annie said pointin! at the computer monitor ?-ho is it from*=Annie asked ?I don't kno" I don't reco!nize "ho send it to me. 4cott ust recei)ed an messa!e from somebody marked O;3. Annie looked confused on "hat they "ere lookin!.

%I noticed that you were looking for ,ane 1ord and I want to help you&Appeared on the screen. ?-ho are you chattin! "ith=Annie asked 4cott ?Aobody I ust !oo!led Gane Hord and this messa!e appeared=4cott ans"ered

The Imperfect Machine ?-ait "ait this is "eird maybe this is another person=Annie said to 4cott ?Eela) nobody is chasing you, I !ust want to talk&appeared on screen ?(oly shit, "ho is this* someone is "atchin! us...= ?I'm able to see you from the .ebcam don't worry about anybody I !ust want to help you guys& %.ho are you/= Annie typed on the computer laptop ?0y name is OE3= ?*ot your user'name, your name&Annie reply's ?(ook I !ust want to help you find ,ane&Orc said %How do you know all of this&4cott typed mo)in! Annie to the side


?I was there when you found *atalia. I got to know *atalia a little bit. nd I know how you feel specially you, nnie= Foth Annie and 4cott look at each other in a"e of "hat as !oin! on. ?#ou need to go to @SS?< pine st in Hudson 3ounty= Orc said ?.ho are you/ .hat is this place&Annie asked hittin! 4cott "ith her hip in order to ask him ?This is where ,ane li$es and also where you can find GAdel's proof of 2.:. 3onstitution flaw 8roblem but shhh don't tell anyone go alone& The messa!e disappeared and the li!ht "ent off for a second in the room ?-hat did ust happened* -hat the fuck did he ust said* (o" on hell did he kno" "e "ere lookin! for that.= 4cott said "hile lookin! at Annie ?-e ha)e to !o there*2Annie said 2Are you insane= 4cott said ?Fut didn't you hear...= ?-e don't ha)e an option=

The Imperfect Machine


+ablo'I don't understand "hy Gane is runnin! "hy don't she ust talks to &01 &pimedes'-ell somethin! I mi!ht ha)e skipped is that humans ha)e a stron! "ill to li)e, it is more easily for her to die that a machine to malfunction at this point in history. At the same time, this is "hat makes us en)y them, they kno" that they aren't li)in! an eternity as a perfect machine autoIcorrectin! bein! but their time is )ery limited they only li)ed an estimate of 2$70<$0111 seconds. It "as calculated that a human "ould normally li)e appro,imately 2E111 days to li)e "hich "ould make humans a more sur)i)al dri)en species. +ablo'Fut she kno"s that this is the most important thin! she "ill e)er do in her life &pimedes'Are you sure of that* +ablo'-ell I mean I kno" "hat "ere the repercussions of creatin! &01 to humanity but perhaps because of her not kno"in!. &pimedes'Ao, she kno"s. Fut that "ould be underestimatin! her before her death, the same "ith #9del, Heynman, and &instein6 their death "ould limit their ability to be rele)ant but in this story this isn't the case.

The Imperfect Machine


2A 3orrect Thou!ht from a >aranoid2

After the Heynman :ecture, &instein decided to !o for a "alk "ith #9del alon! "ith the man in red suspenders. The !or!eous surroundin! of the IA4 made you think that this "as the best place for !enius to de)elop ideas but the sad truth is that not that much important disco)eries had attained in the Institute rather the moti)e of not ha)in! a moti)e to be there. at the same time it "as a !reat place to li)e and a !reat place to spend time. &instein decided to talk to #9del about the disco)eries and the true cause of Aron (abrit ?-hat "ere you talkin! about ust "hen I !ot there*= #9del said &instein looks at the man "ith the red suspenders noddin! to him. ?-e didn't "anted to tell you because of the nature of your bein! +ou tend to not deal "ith thin!s "ell. I talked to Adele the other day and she still is sayin! that you don't "ant to eat=

The Imperfect Machine &instein said. ?:ook, I'm not crazy I kno" I'm bein! follo"ed, nobody needs to tell me if I can eat or not Adele ust doesn't understand the importance of my "ork= #9del said.


?Fut you ha)e to understand .urt, it is not a healthy thin! to, not eat, you look like a skeleton. I "ish you could ust think about "ork and not "ho is lookin! at you. Bon't "orry about "hat e)erybody needs=&instein said ?Bon't tell me "hat to do, I respect your intellectual pro"ess, but tellin! me "hat to do only makes you seem to care only in stupid meanin!less thin!s= #9del said ?I don't think me carin! on your "elfare is a meanin!less task. .urt you ha)e to understand that "e aren't that important to be able to ha)e people around...= ?Albert you seem to care too much about me6 you may be the most import... or rather say most popular scientist in the "orld, "ith you mindin! my "elfare only makes you look dumb before my eyes= ?Is it dumb to care for your friends .urt*= &instein asked by this time the man in the red tie had distanced from se)eral steps behind them, they "ere talkin! alone, one to one. ?Ao, but is dumb to "aste time carin! for others= ?+ou can't be serious sayin! those "ords .urt= ?-hat "ere you talkin! about ust before I arri)ed at the reunion*= &instein looks a!ain to the man "ith red suspenders. &instein si!hs. They all stop and #9del starts to shout at &instein. ?-hat are you hidin! from me*= #9del said not stopin! shoutin!. ?-e decided it isn't !ood for you to kno" at this moment this is >rofessor &VUV: "ho I met se)eral years a!o but you don't ha)e to "orry about anythin! #9del, e)erythin! is O., you ust need to care for your "ell bein! and your family. It isn't a hard task really. 4omeone "ith your abilities ust

The Imperfect Machine


needs to be thinkin! in science to better the "orld "Ie li)e in, as so do I, that's "hy I do care about you. If you "ere damn fool "ho only "astes his mind in meanin!less tasks and consumes to consume, I "ouldn't e)en "aste my time on you.2&instein said "hen suddenly a car appears from the rear "ith the man in the red suspenders dri)in! it &instein opens the door but doesn't allo" #9del to enter. As they dri)e The man in red suspenders talks to &instein ?(e needs to better his physical condition he looks terrible=the red suspenders !uy said ?I kno", and he is really stubborn= &instein responds ?If he's health doesn't impro)e I "ill ha)e to !o to his house and tell him all about Aron (abrit= ?Ao, no, no, I be! from your part not tell him, anythin! he is really sensiti)e if you do that the le)el of paranoia "ill only make him kill himself=&instein said "hile lookin! at the mirror lea)in! #9del in the middle of the road.

The Imperfect Machine


2The ;eal 2;eal2 Gane Hord2

At the really chilly apartment parkin! lot in >hiladelphia, ;ick and Gane had dro)e se)eral hours to !et to this place. Foth are inside the small car "ith the freezin! mornin! e,halin! )apor permeatin! the "indshield. >arked ne,t to a really shady lookin! apartments6 they don't !et off the car they only obser)e the place "ith attention. Foth are drinkin! hot coffee but Gane looks tremblin! to a not so chilly "eather. An old lady steps out of her apartment "ith a broom, it's mornin!, the sun is ust risin! they ha)e been "aitin! for se)eral minutes. ?4he is my mom but I ha)en't talk to her in t"o years=;ick said "ith bitterness ?4o she !oes out up until "hat time*2 ?4he is probably !oin! to be out for all the "eekend "e used to stay "ith my uncle Fen in Ae" +ork= The old lady turns on an old E1s :incoln that made her look really tiny, in comparison "ith the car. 4he lea)es makin! a hu!e trail of smoke.

The Imperfect Machine ?-ell I !o a!ain=


They both e,it ;icks 71s Aissan to "here the old lady had e,it. ;ick sho"ed her ho" to ump the fence from the parkin! lot in order to !et to "here ;ick's mother apartment "as. After the difficulty of umpin! fences "ith Gane's nonIathletic body compared to ;ick "ho seemed pretty fit for a cashier, they !et in front of the apartment, "hich ;ick immediately opens as he kne" that her mother kept a key on a side of the "indo". Inside is a room filled "ith baseball posters and family portraits "ith most of them ha)in! ;ick at a )ery youn! a!e holdin! a baseball bat. A smell of old rancid cookies, surrounded the apartment makin! acid like the atmosphere inside it. ;icks notices that the posters are still up e)en after he left, but also notices that Gane is !rabbin! her heart "ith persistence almost as she "as at the )er!e of a heart attack. ?Are you ok*=;ick asks ?I'm O. ?Gane ans"ers ?+ou are clearly not= ?I')e been bin!e drinkin! for a lon! time I think I'm feelin! this because of "ithdra"al= ;ick's 5uickly "ent at the kitchen puttin! a pot of coffee. ?Bo your mom ha)e medication*= ?+es she al"ays ha)e medicine in the bathroom= Gane !oes to the bathroom "hile ;ick founds a halfIfilled bottle of "hiskey his mother had in one of the cabinets. (e hesitates !rabbin! the bottle but then decides to poor almost all the bottle in the sink, only to lea)in! a small portion only to alle)iate her ur!e. ;ick !oes to her hesitatin!ly sho"in! the bottle. ?Maybe this can help you, ust to calm the symptoms=;ick said !i)in! her the bottle ?I need to 5uit it as fast I can=Gane takes only a sip "hile takin! a pill ?+ou shouldnKt combine medicine and alcohol=

The Imperfect Machine ?I kno" but its the last drink I'll ha)e besides this is Me,ican Biazepam, it's basicly 8alium "hich they use for "ithdra"al. I "ill be only takin! the scratchin! a"ay for small period= ;ick "as surprised by Gane's medical AA kno"led!e.


Gane also pours the rest of the "hiskey do"n the drain this makes ;ick smiles back at her "ith her !rabbin! his arm stron!ly sharin! the feelin! of her desperation. ;ick !oes to the end of the hall "ere the bathroom "as he opens the door inside is a ;oom filled e)ery inch "ith baseball players and paraphernalia. ?This used to be my room, Mom looks like hasn't mo)e a thin! in here since I left. Gane lays do"n on his bed and ;ick !rabs a blanket and co)ers her "ith it. -hile lookin! at her ;ick started thinkin! in all the trouble they had been in the last 2% hours he realizes that this "oman "as probably !oin! to die in the ne,t hours. If all of "hat she told him "as correct it "as ust a matter of time that an or!anization that po"erful "ould be able to find them. Ae,t to the bed he had his old "indo"s 7E >3 computer and decided to turn it on. As soon as he turn it on Gane !ets up from the bed and runs to"ards him. ?Turn it off ,Turn it off AO-C= Gane shouted "hile searchin! for the po"er cord and disconnectin! the machine. This made Gane really scare him, he had ne)er seen her in that state of terror. ?;i!ht no" you can't use any machine that is connected to anythin!. Bon't use this thin! or you are !onna !et us killed= ?Fut ho" do they !onna kno" is me= ?(e kno"s, belie)e me. It's not !ood to use this machines ri!ht no", all of the people that "orked "ith me someho" "ere killed "hen they used a computer, please trust me and promise me you aren't !oin! to use it= ?Ok ok don't "orry=

The Imperfect Machine ?&specially don't use computers connected to the internet please I'm be!!in! you, If you ust


!oo!le me e)eryone is !oin! to kno" "here I am, and I don't "ant anymore people !ettin! killed on my fault anymore= Gane "as full of s"eat and the clothes "ere drippin! "ith s"eat, she "as still "earin! the nurse outfit from the hospital. ?Ok I'll do "hate)er you say Gane but let me !i)e you some clothes from my sister, she li)es "ith her husband, but I think she left some of her stuff here. +ou look terrible you should take a sho"er= ;ick !ot off the computer chair and "ent to a room filled "ith bo,es "ere he started lookin! for clothes. ?I al"ays "anted to !et rid of my sister's bo,es but my mom ne)er let me, I ne)er thou!ht it "ould be useful up until no",althou!h she is not as tall as you are= ;ick heard the sound of the sho"er as he "as returnin! to !i)e Gane the clothes, to his surprise Gane "as completely nude in front of him in the hall"ay. ?Bo you "ant to take a sho"er "ith me, althou!h I mi!ht ha)e fe)er=Gane asked "ith her eyes half opened. 4he "as standin! in a slouchin! manner, ;ick !rabbed a to"el and "rapped her around It before !rabbin! her by her "aist and helpin! her !et to the bathroom. ?Gane you al"ays seem to ne)er ha)e shame of anythin!=said ;ick in a )ery ner)ous )oice ?shame ;ick, I al"ays felt ashamed "hen I "as drunk, -hen I "asn't usin! dru!s my brain al"ays seemed to be in o)erload and didn't feel shame at all, alcohol has the contrary effects on me. +ou still ha)en't met the real Gane Hord = Gane said chucklin! leanin! to ;ick lookin! him deeply in the eyes so close from his face her face touchin! his lips. ;ick opened the sho"er "hile "aitin! for the hot "ater from the sho"er head Gane leaned to

The Imperfect Machine ;icks shoulders. Gane closed her eyes fallin! to sleep almost instantly. Fut ;ick "ake her up "hile puttin! her inside the tub. ?I !uess t"o don't fit in the bathtub=Gane said lookin! at ;ick "ith her half closed eyes. ?Bon't "orry about me= ;ick said !ettin! out of the bathroom ?;ick "ait I "ant to ask you a 5uestion=Gane shouted at ;ick "hen he "as outside.


?I'm sorry for all the trouble I')e caused to you. And I'm )ery ashamed askin! you this at this point but... "hat is your name*= ;ick smiled at the 5uestion and ans"ered ?My name is ;ichard Faker= ;ick re!retted not acceptin! Gane's kiss the only thin! he did "as to !o to his room and !aze at his Fabe ;uth poster rememberin! the last day he "as there, ho" he discussed "ith her mother about him still tryin! to be a professional baseball player and not !ettin! any"here, he had been "orkin! se)eral years at that !rocery store "ithout a sin!le day of him practicin! or at least playin! Faseball, the dream had died a"ay lon! a!o but ;ick seein! that poster seem to be reminded of the thin!s that passionate him and that he seem to didn't care anymore. ;ick heard the sho"er stopped the flo" of "ater and Gane !ettin! out the bathroom "ith a silly ?"orst tIshirt e)er= "ith the fat comic book character from the 4impsons. ?Bid you put a pot of coffee or I ust hallucinated that*= ;ick chuckles at her comment and "ent to the kitchen to ser)e her a cup of coffee. ?Gane... "hat are "e !oin! to do no"=;ick said "hile !i)in! Gane her cup pf coffee Gane took a moment to ans"er "hile lookin! at the blackness of the coffee s"irlin! around ?I kno" "hat to do. I need to stop this=

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


24upernatural Aid2 In a different state and on 4cott's E1's Oldsmobile, Annie and 4cott are dri)in! to the direction the mysterious massa!e they !ot leadin! them to Gane's house. They start speculatin! on the true identity of Orc, the person "ho !a)e them Gane's direction. ?There is a "eird feelin! "hen "e talk to this person=4cott said ?I'm not sure is a person=Annie said ?-hat do you mean=4cott said ?I still can't see the bi! picture here, but the "ay I see thin!s the reason she "as persecuted is because of Gane's "ork and Aatalia kne" all of this but she kept me out of this so I didnKt !et in problems like she did. Gane must been able to create this super intelli!ent computer pro!ram called 4uper &01 and they "ant it. ?-hat* 4uperior bein! "hat do you mean like Archos*= 4cott said ?In Goa5uinKs letter he addresses that she created this sort of a pro!ram that nobody could control=

The Imperfect Machine


Annie says this "hile lookin! at Gane's diary. 4cott takes a deep breath and stops the car he suddenly out of no"here !i)es Annie a kiss. ?I'm sorry Annie but I ust can't be part of this it seem that this Gane's is responsible for more deaths other than Aatalia Gane's house I'm out= Annie looks deep into 4cott's eyes she sees the fear he is been talkin! about. 4he "as startin! to retort his ar!ument but realizes that it is somethin! dan!erous "hat they "ere !ettin! into, and that at that point, if the man "ith a red tie "ould kno" they had Gane's diary their fate "ould be )ery different. ?O. I understand. -hen "e started on the thesis I also felt "e "eren't desi!ned to "ork to!ether "e are ust too different.=Gane said openin! Gane's diary and startin! to read from last pa!es

Ao)ember % 2110 I'm ready for the (oebner test I'm pretty sure I can win the contest .with this program based on billions con$ersations that are a$ailable in the social networks, although its not real rtificial Intelligence I do belie$e is the way our brain organize chunks of con$ersations to use in our daily life.....

?This is "hat Geff "as talkin! about he said that the pro!ram "as actual really complicated=

s our human brains is based from simple organisms at lo$er le$els that the way they interact make a new le$el with all the rules of the lower le$els, I find it that the trick is to make the low le$el learn from the higher le$els. It is like an ant colony they all work together for a common goal the trick to all of this is to gi$e the machine a common goal between all of its members. In an nt farm their sole purpose s to maintain the colony but I find that I If gi$e a computer the goal of self'preser$ation that

The Imperfect Machine might be too dangerous as with simo$ rules. .e can't ha$e any self'rerencing rules but at the same


time this could limit the machine not really de$elop free will as with us. Ee$iewing the problems with simo$'s three laws @.' robot may not in!ure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm If I want to generate a real machine with real free will. This law would immediately made them sla$es of human something that it may be comfortable to us but to a machine who thinks *D is able to feel this would be a cross to bear. <.' robot must obey the orders gi$en to it by human beings, e)cept where such orders would conflict with the 1irst (aw. This is the main flaw of simo$'s laws , !ust calculating all the conse-uences of a robot for e$ery action he is gi$en by a human would render the robot useless, because of all the time it would take the machine to calculated. I.' robot must protect its own e)istence as long as such protection does not conflict with the 1irst or :econd (aw. This is the most dangerous of all .It implies that he is by command unable to destroy himself e$en if he wanted, and although a suicidal machine would be funny it also implies that if they look beyond what human kind might see they would assume control in order to protect the human being as like in the mo$ie I ,Eobot which is based on the short story by simo$ (ittle (ost Eobot. In the short story a superior machine is put to a trick to supposedly sa$e a human from a situation where radiation is being put through a human but the radiation is fatal for the robots brain in this case most of the robots killed themsel$es because they do not know that the radiation is fatal to them e)cept for one who started to show signs of a superior brain. This machine instead watches the human die but he knew it was all for a test. 1urther inspection Dr 3al$in realizes that this robot surpasses her abilities and she decides to kill him. s with this story we humans would logically fear a being that is superior to us the trick here

The Imperfect Machine


is to not only limit their understanding but to limit them emotionally gi$ing them an artificial emotions. 0ost people try to con$ince themsel$es that this is only a human capacity but that's because they don't understand human feelings are !ust e$olutionary characteristics,and they can be generated along with e$erything else in the human brain. 0y research has been focused on making a machine that is so similar to a man it could be mistaken by one. I hope I do well on the test. *o$ember B #esterday was the best day of my life I was able to trick almostt all the !udges with my OE3 program although I decided to rename OE3 to 8 T ?(oly shit 4cott, "hat "as the name of the secret messen!er Gane's address= ?I think he said Orc and didn't "ant to tell his real name, but I'm not really sure= ?This can't be a coincidence=Annie said 8 T seemed to de$elop a personality In the short time span I ga$e herZhim ,it was astounding, although she was lost when somebody asked about the :aturday *ight (i$e it looked like she learned at that moment. It was an amazing feat for a program that it de$elop itself in one hour I can only Imagine what would happened if I ga$e her more time although the memory was already filled up. +$erything was amazing and I won ;=>>> which is almost nothing but hey I should be glad. The best thing that happened yesterday and, I should be ashamed was when I was in *atalia's apartment we decided to do the party there we started to drink pretty hea$ily I usually ne$er drink but that day was a celebration so I needed to right/. .e were kissing as I ne$er 4iss *atalia when ,eff 0iller opens the door when we were almost naked and he tries to apologize. nd I !ust in$ite him to be with us and It was !ust magic I didn't know were my hands started and his where, I could feel ,eff inside me but seeing *atalia looking me in the eyes !ust made this so special. I didn't necessary had feelings for ,eff but that day we made lo$e like I started to ha$e feelings toward him. "ut as *atalia's says that might be a problem with me I

The Imperfect Machine


fall in (o$e with e$eryone. fter that *atalia wasn't that happy with ,eff !oined us, but he did made her clima) a few times so I don't really see why she was angry. I can't really understand a monogamous relationship. I do understand why men try to ha$e se) to e$erything, logically speaking men ha$e the opportunity to spread their genetic code as much as their bad %promiscuous& actions in will allow them with society as !udge, but women,they only counterstrike this with selecting their mate and getting pregnant with K month gestation period that makes them ha$e a huge handicap, and makes women select in a $ery cautionary matter. I'$e kept dreaming in waking up with a pregnant body and then dissol$ing my tummy as I start mo$ing, nobody was there to help me I felt like all my thoughts were escaping me when I was ha$ing the baby. .hen e$erything was o$er I was alone I didn't e$en ha$e a body I had this feeling of not e)isting that made me afraid, but after awhile it made me feel more comfortable as I was e$er been. 0ost of the time I don't remember dreams but this was special, I was able to remember this one, I hope I ha$e dreams like this one lucid creepy yet fascinating.

,anuary @? <>@S Today I had this amazing idea although I hardly think is an Idea its more like a li$ing thing that needs to be put on practice to be able to li$e. I realize that there is a way of working around the halting problem. The problem that has limp computers science for more than hundred years. The way to make machines decide without ha$ing the answer out of something I truly belie$e its going to be my great accomplishment, although who knows what would I make tomorrow.

,anuary <? <>@S There was a huge party made for me that I didn't e$en knew about It was after my lecture on the moebius brain. ll the staff of the I : was there and we were celebrating me. nd lthough I'm

The Imperfect Machine narcissistic enough to ha$e that as a good celebration moti$e I ne$er felt better before. There was a weird incident that happened that I really didn't understand I hope professor :chillinger e)plains it


before. fter my lecture this weird man in a red tie started copying my notes on the boards. He said to me that he was waiting for me for years I really didn't care for him he look like a whack !ob but professor :chilinger seem to be ac-uainted with him and ha$e a deep respect for him. I feel that maybe he is my first groupy you know like rock stars but still I might need to ha$e my guard up.

0ay @= <>@S

Ok this is weird. I wrote about a man in red tie in my last diary submission. It turns out that he is one of the biggest billionaires on the planet his company one of his companies is "ernard 0arshall Gordon company. They in$ented the analog to digital con$erter. They are loaded with money the nalog to digital and now more the digital to analog Is one of the most used chips used in the market. He offered me a !ob as a decoder I really don't understand it, looks like a spy like operation decoding something that could a be like a *orth 4orean secret launching codes who knows the only decent thing is that they are letting me use the 0arshall :upercomputer network. I might !ust say yes to the !ob !ust to let me play and try my programing my secret pro!ect I'$e named +B>.

0ay <J ,anuary <>@S 5The writing is a little bit shaky6 I can't belie$e it The old lady was right all along. Ok I need to calm down to write this. I was decoding the damn code that this lunatic wants me to decode, but I keep finding my own code in it is !ust crazy I let the supercomputer simulate +B> and the code that I'm decoding is the same damn shit. I don't know if they are playing mind games with this but I hardly think so. I ha$en't told no one about my code yet

The Imperfect Machine


this fucking machine is gi$ing me algorithms that help my code, yet it needs a week to get to them but the most fucked up part is that this encrypted secret code seems to gi$e me my own code perfected. 0ost of the times the computer grabs huge amounts of memory space to run really simple programs but the ron Habrit code seems to ha$e it already cleaned up. I need to see the asshole who is in charge of this.

0ay <B <>@S

I'$e been $isiting colleagues that also are decoding the ron Habrit code none seem to e$en understand it, and none seem to e$en know where its origin is. The only man that knows what is going on is +VWW;W and not e$en he might understand what he is decoding for what Eichard 3assius who spent time as a G'men tells me that when he was a decoder handling na$al missile launches is that most of the codes are naturally closed and artificially closed this code we are working seems to not e$en fit in those categories, a naturally close is when the code ends and the message stops the artificially closed is when the encoders decide to stop at random or intentionally to mislead the persona non'grata this code doesn't seem to follow these two. It seems to generate more code as it closes changing the fre-uency to a $irtual fre-uency that is normally generated by the code itself which made me e$en !ealous that I didnYt think of that when I was programming +B> this idea sol$ed one of my problems. This makes me only speculate a lot of crazy shit theories, that in the near future I was able to actually complete +B> and send me the message backwards in time to maybe accelerate the construction of +B> before some sort of e$ent. "ut at the same time it doesn't make sense to do it in the GAdel *umbering system to classify all of of the information, it's almost as I wanted to throw a bottle with a message asking for help to anytime in the past not only to gi$e myself instructions but also

The Imperfect Machine gi$en e$eryone else in the past hundreds of years ha$e it read. This is all speculating that I was the


one that generated the message. nother possibility which is I think more awesome is that +B> was a success and He was the one who decided to lay the map in the uni$erse to gi$e mankind a way of telling them how to replicate his programming although it suggest that by the way is changing the code may be infinite.

,une S <>@S lot has passed since the last entry. I almost got killed two times in the past week. I confronted +V;V and it was a terrible mistake. The motherfucker pulled a gun to my face I thought he was a scientist but the way he talked made me think that he is more like a Eeligion freak. t the same time I don't know how but he knew I wanted to work with the 3+E* network in Gene$a and my petition was sent but I had to wait in a long list for two years yet he seemed to ha$e access to the *etwork. thing that really

bothered me was that he seems to not e$en understand the things I was talking about, although he is the one in charge of all of this. I thought he was going to be more informed than I am. *eedless to say wasn't able to get any information out of him. I decided to follow him the ne)t day but the places he went made my curiosity wonder. The first day the asshole decided to go to (ong Island to the .ardencliff Tower, we actually got there at night, I couldnYt e$en get close to the place, it was surrounded by guards and it look like the film %+yes wide shut& +$eryone arri$ed in lu)ury cars some in ta)i and some in limousines wearing a mask ,things started to looked really spooky. I waited in my car one mile from the tower looking through my small nikon binoculars, up until two men started walking towards me. I was cornered, the tower was ne)t to a cliff and it wasn't surrounded by anything. .hen they got close I noticed that it wasn't masks they were wearing ,one had black and the other white paint co$ering their faces they had symbols written in their faces but I couldn't see through the darkness of the night, yet still wearing tu)edos. They !ust stood still looking at me, the men in white

The Imperfect Machine


pulled out a gun at me but the other guy stopped him he showed him something in an Ipad the man in white only said one thing&This is a pri$ate property please Dr. ,ane 1ord you aren't supposed to be here&.I was pissing in my pants. I was ne)t to my cars door I !ust started the motor and burned tires getting the fuck out of there. That night The only thing I could think of was what could be happening in the .ardenclyff Tower/ I remember her again, the memory that has haunted me all of my life. How did they knew already my name and why didn't they !ust killed me. I knew that weird things in the world e)isted, but this was on another le$el. :eems all of this would be enough for me to stop my in$estigation, but *o, this was only the beginning. One week after the .ardenclyff incident I found the man with the red tie at a downtown cafeteria. He was ha$ing brunch with nthony 1itzgerald , yes the :enator don't understand the connection. fter that he went to a house in Eidgemont $alley where he enter and e)it for an hour where a huge blond girl recei$ed him I wasn't able to see what happened but I'm guessing he only went to ha$e se) or something. 0oments later he went to this old warehouse IJJ= 3hester $e with the Goldsbrough 0ort painted on the side. I really don't know what is inside but he went inside without anything and he came out with a bag filled with the codes so whate$er it is inside is where is generating the code is inside that warehouse. I decided to go and in$estigate the other day and !ust when I was stepping inside +V;XW greeted me .He seemed to be a completely new person, compared with the man that yesterday had put a gun to my face. He showed me the warehouse it was filled with old computers. He said it once was the main offices of the ron Habrit then the biggest shock came to me. He told me that (H3 was mainly funded by him. I couldnYt belie$e it it was supposed to be funded by +* committee. "ut I guess that there are always secret benefactors for this type of no profit funding. Then he showed me the main source of all the information. It was this crappy ancient looking :park recei$er that I think Tesla de$eloped almost hundred years ago. I couldnYt belie$e it then I understood why it was the only source to get Hawkings Eadiation It was an astounding feat that this machine was somehow de$eloped with so rudimentary material. nd I also understood why +VW; was

The Imperfect Machine


attached to the pro!ect it was connected to the worlds first nalog to Digital con$erter H+ e$en said that at one point it was connected to punching card that were manually administrated. *ow it was connected to a normal Hi fidelity ZD con$erter .I imagine !ust all the scientist working on this piece of crap trying to decode punched cards. *ow because of solid state circuitry They were able to actually progress in it. "ut anyway the main point is that in a week from here I'm going to Gene$a to work on +B>.

?This is !ettin! "eirder and "eirder by the moment=Annie said closin! Gane's diary ?+ou mean e)en more, that's hard to belie)e=4cott says. Annie looks at the key tryin! to understand "hat is !oin! on. ?I understand "hy Aatalia didn't "ant me to !et in)ol)e in this but this is too much= 4cott "hile dri)in! the car tries to make another phone call to Geff Miller but it says no si!nal= ?This is ridiculous "e are in to"n no" "e should ha)e si!nal= 4cott says tryin! to steer the car and makin! a phone call at the same time. ?4cott...perhaps it "ould be better if "e ust 5uit lookin! for Gane Hord. It seems like e)eryone in)ol)ed in her life has one "ay or another killed themsel)es.= Annie "hile lookin! at the dashboard of the old car seemed to shrink and loose all the spirit she had to ha)e ans"ers and !et ustice for Aatalia. 4cott doesn't say a "ord but after a "hile he puts his hands in Annie's shoulders. ?It's not like "e ha)e any choice, "e are as closer as "e "ill e)er be to !ettin! the papers from Hord. Annie you heard that asshole said "hen he threaten us. -e need to think smart and not !et oursel)es in deeper problems that "e can't handle, besides the red tie man seems to not ha)e any interest in us=4cott said "hile !rabbin! Annie's hand. ?-e can't trust anybody not e)en this Orc !uy, "e are ust !oin! to !o to Gane Hord house and ask for 5uestions that's it .-e aren't !ettin! in)ol)ed in any "ay "e are !oin! to ask for the #9del

The Imperfect Machine papers that "e need for our thesis and that's it=4cott said.


The Imperfect Machine


2#9del )ersus &instein2

>rinceton 17%1 &instein arri)es to a house alone and knocks at the door. Adele #9del "ife of .urt #9del opens the door. ?>rofessor &instein, I'm so !lad to see you, as al"ays is an (onor to ha)e you in our humble place=Adele !reets him inside house. -e see really plain house "ith no decorations "hatsoe)er &instein !i)es Adele a small pot of ste" and &instein "inks at her in a uncommunicati)e a!reement. ?.D;T2in her usual nonIfeminine "ay Adele shouts to"ards another door, >rofessor &instein has )isited us=Adele shouted in #erman as loud as anyone can be. #9del stops "ritin! in his desk full "ith papers he hesitates in !oin! to the li)in! room, by this time #9del has lost a lot of "ei!ht since the last time they sa" each other as it "asn't a pleasant e,perience for #9del ho" thin!s !ot like that, unresol)ed but he !oes and !reets &instein any"ay. ?#ood mornin!= said #9del in a really "eak )oice. &instein lookin! at #odel's notices the reason he "as in)ited to #9del's house by re5uest of Adele he looked like he had lost 21 pounds skinnier since the last time they sa" each other and .urt

The Imperfect Machine normally had a skinny body but this time, he looked like death "as actually a possibility. #9del is takin! off his eye!lasses and Adele tries to help him put his sandals to "alk.


?I brou!ht Onion soup and 4te"= &instein said "ith #9del lookin! at the food "ith some sense of dis!ust. ?+ou, .urt,and e)en professor &instein noticed that you aren't eatin! "hat you need to eat= Adele remarks in )ery lo" )oice that for her a!e of forty is e,pected. #9del looks at it and sits do"n in the li)in! room. ?Bo you "ant to drink somethin! Albert*.=#odel almost if he i!nored &insteins plea for him to eat. ?Ao thanks, I been drinkin! to much alcohol this days6 a lot of celebrations.= &instein said. Adele !rabbed &insteins pot and "ent to the kitchen she started to "arm the ste". ?Bid I e)er told you the time I committed myself to a mental institution*=#9del said tryin! to instill a reaction from &instein ,but &instein seemed like he already kne" this. ?I "as still in 8ienna and Aazi #ermany had ust anne,ed Austria "hich meant si!nificant chan!es in the Academic :ifestyle. At that time thin!s like reli!ious )ie"s and political parties "ere somethin! that ne)er occupy my mind6 "hich I must admit it's a really laborious task of helpin! persons !et to office. Fut after my mentor 4chlick "as assassinated by one of his o"n students. 4hould I had stayed if e)eryone "anted to kill me*= #9del said6 &instein didn't seem to kno" this ?All my collea!ues from the 8ienna Dni)ersity "ere already out of the country especially "hat no" is kno"n as the 8ienna circle "hich most of the community kne" I "as part of. After the Assassination of 4chlick my mind "ent to really dark places, I felt I "as al"ays been follo"ed and felt that e)erythin! "as desi!ned to steal my ideas or at least kill me to demonstrate "hat the Third ;eich "as "illin!ly to demonstrate their messa!e. I "as seen part of the Ge"ish community "hich I "asnKt e)en part of but because of my uncarin! "ay of thinkin! "as part of my social circles. I "as losin! myself in all of this thou!hts, and I decided to put myself in the asylum. Inside most of the patients didn't e)en speak6 the

The Imperfect Machine treatment "as inhuman to say the better of it. -hich made my "orries less, yet I felt that the Aazi "anted my brain=


This remark made &instein ump as #9del said it one of the kettles that "as bein! used to heat tea started "histlin!. ?Inside the mental institute I met a man that resembled a lot 4chlick but clearly "as out of his mind. (e al"ays played 3hess "ith himself mo)in! a piece and then runnin! to the other side to mo)e the opposites piece. (e played this the only thirty minutes they let us outside. It "as kinda funny to seem him !o from side to side playin! himself. I decided to see ho" he played. I realized by the mo)ements that the !ame "as actually pretty !ood, it seemed that it "as played a!ainst t"o !randmasters. After a closer look, I realized that the !ame he played "as the same o)er and o)er. I sa" the !ame play se)eral times and I decided to play a!ainst him. 24o one day I ust sat do"n and imitated the openin! of his !ame he follo" me throu!h this time not makin! any kind of !esture on his face, but I !ot fed up I decided to de)iate from his !ame, -hen I made a mo)e he ust left me "ith the chess !ame and lea)ed. After this I felt that I needed to kno" "hat "as !oin! on "ith this person all the problems in the "orld seem to disappear "hen I "as lookin! him play chess. The ne,t day I !rabbed a!ain the pieces of the chess and force him to play me if he "anted to use the chess pieces. I decide to play alon! "ith his !ame and I made the mo)e he made in the !ame he repeated. (e then made the ne,t mo)e in the !ame he repeated o)er and o)er a!ain. -e "ent on up until this point in "hich the "hite pieces make a mo)e "ere the "hole !ame is determined by this one mo)e. I decided to stray from the !ame he immediately abandons the !ame a!ain and lea)es me there a!ain. After that this my mind is only focused in this !ame. The ne,t day I do the e,act same thin! and this time I follo" the !ame e,actly as he al"ays did "hen I check mate him he ust looks at me and says. 2#racias fue un e,celente ue!o2 And lea)es not only the !ame he left the institution, he "as also there by his o"n commitment. I asked

The Imperfect Machine


se)eral people "ho "as he but nobody kne" "ho he "as. I couldn't belie)e that a stupid thin! as 3hess "as the thin! that kept him out of the "orld. I felt I "as ready, althou!h 8ienna "as a "orst place e)er. +ears later "hen I !ot here in >rinceton I "as playin! a !uy that had chess book studyin! somethin! called the Torre attack and I reco!nized him, he "as depicted in a litho!raph in the book. (is

name "as 3arlos Torre ;eppeto (e "as a Me,ican 3hess !randmaster that I don't kno" ho" (e end up in a mental institution in 8ienna.= ?The dinner is ser)ed=Adele said ?I'm not eatin! thank you, "ould you like to eat Albert= #9del said ?.urt, -hat are you doin!, you are killin! yourself, please Albert help me this man is !oin! to star)e to death=Adele said screamin! in desperation to"ards #9del ?-hy don't "e play a !ame .urt, if you lose you eat, here, no", in front of me.= #9del hesitated and then realized that they been friends for a lon! period but they ne)er had the opportunity play chess before. ?:et's play= #9del said. Foth start to put the chess pieces as fast as they can for the !ame ?It "ould seem that the most intelli!ent person in the "orld mi!ht need help this time= #9del said as he is puttin! the board "ith the black pieces on his side. ?+ou can be "hite, it really doesn't matter I al"ays "in chess= #9del said ?The last time I played "ith a scientists "as "ith Oppenheimer, he is a tou!h man to beat= ?(a that poetry lo)in! puff* Bon't make me lau!h= #9del smiled "ith the his lack of nutrition accentuatin! his face bones. #9del seemed really confident in "hat he "as doin!, &instein opened "ith pa"n to d% and #odel put the horse in Ac0 "ith &instein puttin! pa"n in c% this made #9del lau!h hysterically. ?+ou are !oofin! "ith me Albert ri!ht*= #odel said chucklin! "hile lookin! at the chessboard

The Imperfect Machine This is The Me,ican Openin! This "as the openin! the man in the mental asylum used? #odel said ?+ou can lau!h all you "ant. There are more !ames played than names to chess openin!s. I kno" this as the .e)itzITra ko)ic Befense, maybe this "as a coincidence.... or maybe not. The !ame keeps !oin! &instein ne)er looked so preoccupied "ith the thou!ht of loosin! and


#9del look like a little star)ed children playin! for the first time. The chess pieces mo)e slo" "ith a sudden fast mo)e this match could be in the !randmaster le)el both both &instein and #odel ne)er cared in "astin! time on chess in their busy schedule. Foth soon stopped mo)in!. Adele noticed that the !ame "as o)er. ?I al"ays suspected you "ere an amazin! player >rofessor= #9del said "ith Adele lookin! the board she noticed "hat happened, and she didn't like it. ?3heck mate= #9del said. ?My !od no one has lost to this son of a bitch= Adele said &instein look sad because for the first time in his life he "a!ered somethin! in a !ame that actually interested him, his best friend's health. Fut a miracle happened. ?Adele can you try my food*= #9del said makin! Adele scream in happiness but at the same time confusin! &instein "ith #9del's re5uest to"ards Adele. ?-hat do you mean try your food*= &instein asked in confusion. Adele then !rabbed the spoon and tasted #9del's plate, #9del stood up and sat do"n on the eatin! table he then started to eat. &instein "as flabber!asted to "hat he ust sa". ?+ou make your "ife try your food before eatin! it*. Bo you think I "ant to kill you= &instein said "ith a knot in his throat. ?Oh no no professor It's ok. I al"ays do this for him e)en if I cook he is ust so paranoid that he asks me to try his food to be sure there isn't any stran!e stuff. (e thinks he is al"ays bein! "atched by some secret society that "ants to kill him. I kno" he is a !enius but this is ust his bi! e!otistical

The Imperfect Machine thou!hts that I ha)e to deal "ith. I really appreciate you helpin! me force this little man to eat=


&instein looked confused but he immediately understood "hy #9del's "ould take measures like this. 4omeone that also escaped from the Aazi, and see comrades bein! killed in front of him, could de)elop this type of beha)ior, but he kne" it "as too much to put his "ife as a food taster. The reality of thin!s is that &instein "asn't there for #9del's health his moti)e for )isitin! #9del "as tell him the truth about Aron (abrit. ?4o I ima!ine you think your life is more )aluable than your "ife's. Gust because "e are men of science, and that our actions could benefit humanity, doesn't mean that you are better than her .urt. +ou are makin! a mistake .urt, don't threat your "ife as an animal .= #9del "as still eatin! &instein's ste" and didn't seem to care for anythin! that &instein said. ?I didn't think you "ere that bad of a loser. >lease Albert sit do"n and oin me6 you are at my house and It "ould be rude if you only "atch me eat. I am hun!ry as hell you kno".= &instein looked furious "ith #odel's actions he stormed his "ay out "ith Adele shoutin! him to stop and eat "ith them. ?>lease Albert you kno" ho" eccentric can .urt can be I really do appreciate you helpin! me makin! him eat. It "as four days since he last eat. It's ok really I really don't mind him makin! me taste his food, it's ust one of his crazy ideas= Adele said outside of #odel house suddenly &instein takes out an &n)elope lookin! at Adele's face birthmark. ?Aothin! really ustifies "hat he is doin! "ith you. -e all ha)e burnt ashes in our chimneys especially me, but you don't ha)e to tolerate this Adele. I "as here because of this= &instein !i)es Adele the en)elope. ?-hen you feel he is in a more stable mental state !i)e him this. (is paranoid tendencies mi!ht actually ha)e a stron! foundation .= -ith this cryptic messa!e &instein left #9del's house.

The Imperfect Machine


+ablo'-hat "as in &instein's letter* &pimedes'-ho kno"s the only one that "as able to kno" "as Adele before she burn it "ithout lettin! #9del kno" about it

The Imperfect Machine


2Felly of the -hale2

In ;icks mother's apartment Gane "akes up in a bed filled "ith stuffed animals usin! the same 2this tIshirt sucks2 shirt. Gane looks at her hands "hich aren't shakin! anymore, she stands up and !oes to the bathroom and looks at the mirror. -e see a !lance of her ne" clean look, standin! strai!ht instead of her usual slouchin! posture, she looks and feels sharper than anythin! before this moment, she "hispers the her name=Aatalia= "hile seein! herself in the mirror she realizes that the tears had been dried a"ay. 4he takes another bath, in the bath she starts to masturbate, somethin! that she hadn't done in years, there "asn't any si!n of shame in her actions. 4he "alks naked after takin! a sho"er, and this time !oes and picks the clothes herself instead of ha)in! ;ick !i)e her the first tIshirt that ;ick encountered. This is a Gane that is AOT into,icated "hich ;ick didn't met up until no". Gane "akes him up "ith a kiss to the mouth. -hich made ;ick ump after realizin! "ho it is. As ;ick starts to clean his eyes he realizes that Gane is "earin! a really short mini skirt and her face lookin! beautifully feminine "ith makeIup, the red lipstick ust makes her red hair pop out in the middle of the ni!ht.

The Imperfect Machine ?Are you feelin! better*= ;ick said lookin! closely Gane's body pose "ho had chan!ed so drastically from the unky cashier to almost an escort !irl.


?I feel ok I still shake a little but I am really fast at cleanin! myself up= Gane said "ith almost a different )oice, it sounded a ma or third up. (er alto )oice chan!e to a mezzoIsoprano re!ister. ?+ou don't ha)e by any chance a !un or money do you* Gane said !oin! to the room lookin! careless for a !irl ba! in ;ick sister's room "ithout lookin! at him. ?A !un* Money* @ no I don't ha)e any of....-hy do you need a !un* ?It's !oin! to be really dan!erous from no" on and I need se)eral stuff to be prepared to confront the machine= Gane said makin! ;ick look e)en more confused about "hat "as happenin!. 2;ick "hat is this apartments phone number*2 2It's $%$ 000 E0%/ let me "rite it do....2 ?Bon't "orry $%$ 000 E0%/2 Gane said 2;ick stay here. Fe ready for a phone call if I need your help. I'm returnin! back in the mornin! I'm !oin! to !et some money, don't ask me ho", ust be alert that no one comes if somethin! happens "ell.... ust try to sur)i)e.= Gane !rabbed a leather "orn ba! from a closet and e,its the room apartment as ;ick "as ust "akin! up "hen she left him at home. ;ick felt the presence of the real Gane Hord the !enius one that created &01 and not the sedated that "orked at the supermarket. As the door shut ti!ht after Gane, ;ick looked thou!h the old "ooden apartment "indo" ho" she took the 71s Aissan that his mother !a)e him on his 1E birthday one day after he left house. (e didn't think too much about it but the portraits in the "all made him !uilty of "hat he ust done. ;icks uncle 4te)en (od!ekins e)en talked to him about returnin! but it didn't con)ince ;ick one bit. The reason he fled his home "as a mystery e)en for ;ick himself, he "as ne)er abused or treated badly, but he fell that a !reater fate a"aited him no" him lookin! at his mother portraits and also his Faseball posters only reflected "hat little did he cared about his mother's mental "ell bein!.

The Imperfect Machine


The necessity of Gane to obtain money made her )isit a "ealthy ?friend= in &sse, the last time they sa" each other "as in >rinceton, "hen Gane "as ust !ettin! her Boctorate in 3omputer 4cience and Artificial Intelli!ence. In her under!raduate years in >rinceton she de)eloped a computer pro!ram named Drthona that seem to ans"er eopardy 5uestions ust like -atson a computer that actually defeated the best contenders of Geopardy, but because she didn't had access to any supercomputer the pro!ram spend 2 minutes to ans"er each 5uestion this "as unheard of to be able to to accomplish only usin! a laptop and "hat "as considerate really slo" internet connection compared to -atson "hich needed 71 ser)ers. This made her tar!et of a man called >aul Morn "hich participated in the Beep Flue pro!ram and later a pro!ram called -atson at IFM.

+ablo'O( my !od are you !oin! to tell me about the -atson II contro)ersy* &pimedes'Ao, that's another lon! story that "e don't ha)e time to talk about. I "as referrin! to the first Incarnation of -atson . The first machine to beat a human. In those day it "as a difficult task to make a computer ans"er in a human lan!ua!e the ?ans"ers= to "hich you had to make the ?5uestions= +ablo'Oh I kno" ho" to play Geopardy I')e played "ith ;ussell, I kno" the !ame. &pimedes'-ell yes but you ha)e to understand one thin! at that time, "e machines, "ere linear and pro!ram dependent. -hen the first iteration of -atson appeared he could only understand the symbols that the !ame pro)ided. It "as capable only of offerin! mechanical solutions, but the ability to understand the solutions "asn't discuss up until -atson II. At that time Machines like us didn't learn from other sources they had to be pro!rammed. As Gane arri)ed to hu!e mansion in ;ick's car. 4he ran! the bell "aitin! in the cold ni!ht outside of the !ates of a hu!e mansion. A really lo" pitched )oiced man talked throu!h interI communicator. ?+es "ho is it=The man said

The Imperfect Machine


?Gane Hord= Gane said listenin! the after silence in the speaker fi)e lon! seconds after the !ate opened. The lon! distance from the entrance to the main door only made Gane a"are that this man had the bi!!est mansion she kne", and also bi! bucks. In the dark of the ni!ht a li!ht is seen to"ards the entrance a man in a robe is !reetin! her "ith his hu!e arms open. ?Gane Mary Hord* I thou!ht I ne)er see you a!ain= Foth hu! each other "ith him carryin! her for a sli!ht moment that looked like a son returnin! to her father. Fut after the amazin! !reetin!, he tries to kiss her in the mouth but Gane e)ades the kiss. ?It's been a "hile >aul= Gane said 4he backed a"ay lea)in! him "ith the kissin! pose. (e only made a halfIsmile ha)in! not returned the kiss. ?It's been more than a "hile. +ou kno" really dan!erous people are lookin! for you.= >aul said. ?I kno" that's "hy I need your help= Gane said chan!in! her playful tone to a more serious one ?+ou look like a million bucks, a little bit plumper but that only adds e)er more my desires to do stuff to you= >aul said ?I kno" that= Gane said in a condescendin! tone. ?I')e heard "hat you')e done. The #olden :oebner prize and FA3(2 if I only kne" that you sho"ed more promise I "ould actually !i)e the million dollars you "anted for your research2 ?The music pro!ram "as the one that made me realize the "ay I could achie)e conscience in a machine you kno", not only passin! a Turin! Test but also understandin! the music and !i)in! the purpose of en oyin! the music FA3(2 himself "ould composed. Aot only is necessary to !enerate music patterns that "ere pleasant but also en oyin! the pleasantness of patterns. To be able to compose not only you need to ability to "rite !ood music you need to ability to en oy !ood music those "ere the t"o main characteristic of ho" FA3(2 "orked, most people think the 222 "as an allusion to bein! the

The Imperfect Machine


successor of Fach but the reality is that I needed t"o !eniuses to be able to create a pro!ram like that. And the Fach had more than t"o !eniuses in his head, this "as the nature of his ability to compose. Then I realize that If I added a third !enius that hated his o"n music I could be able to create a true conscience. That's ho" the Moebius brain "as born= Gane said admirin! the hu!e mansion. hey had mo)ed to a small bar and >aul !a)e Gane a drink. ?Oh no I can't =Gane said returnin! the drink to the counter. ?Fut "hat is this Gane Hord comin! to me, I ne)er thou!ht I "ould see the day= >aul said ?The first time I sa" you I kne" I "as in presence of no ordinary !enius. +ou "ere beyond that, you "ere beyond "hat !enius meant. +ou had more kno"led!e that anyone else I')e met but the difference "ith e)erybody is that you didn't ust kne" the ans"ers you understand the ans"ers. I felt en)y for the first time "hen I met you. +ou and I shared a )ery similar past and learn e)erythin! by oursel)es. The last time "e sa" each other you promised me you "ere !oin! to help me yet I didn't sa" you a!ain, heck I e)en o"n you money and you didn't e)en returned my calls= >aul said in a really deep menacin! tone. In his 0' %'' he looked pretty impressi)e to anyone. ?I can !i)e you the M11,111 I o"e you6 I')e been al"ays bad "ith !amblin!, and you took ad)anta!e of that, but no" "e don't really care about money anymore do "e* >aul said in sarcastic )oice. ?I can !i)e you the money ri!ht no" but that "ouldn't be fun .-hy don't "e play a little "ith -atson the M11,111 "ay you "on from me, and If you e)en If I lose if you are able to "in -atson I'll !i)e you the money. Gane seemed perple,ed by the "a!er. ?Ok but you kno" I kno" ho" -atson "orks so I ha)e an ad)anta!e a!ainst you and -atson, besides kno" I "as one of the only person that "as ne)er beat by -atson= The ad)anta!e Gane refer to "as that -atson has to "ait up until the a blue li!ht is !i)en after the sho" conductor ends the 5uestion a human can buzz before the 5uestion "as completely read. After the !reen

The Imperfect Machine


li!ht "as turned on -atson "as able to process the information of "ikipedia and 211 million pa!es in only E milliseconds !i)en to process the thousands of "ebpa!es from -ikipedia and other information sources to be able to .-hen -atson "on a!ainst Geopardy Master .en Gennin!s and Fratt ;utter people didn't actually kno" ho" to compete a!ainst it they soon realize that humans didn't stand a chance a!ainst -atson E millisecond time delay after the buzzer li!ht turned on. 4o they chan!ed the rules to Fuzz at any !i)en time not e)en lettin! Ale, Trebek finish the 5uestion. The trick "as to read the ans"ers, and ans"er them before the host finished talkin!, because once the host ended the 5uestion you didn't stand a chance in buzzin! speed a!ainst -atson. ?4o ho" are "e !oin! to do this*= ?I'm prepared I don't ha)e all the ser)ers here but my li)in! room I installed a Geopardy room "ith a -atson Interface to send the 5uestion and ha)e the same response time -atson has, ust to play "ith friends ,but they lost the desire to come and play, turns out that nobody likes to keep loosin! a!ainst a soulless machine= makin! a nod to Gane as he said soulIless machine. It "as clear that >aul "as really proud that -atson "as able to beat the best contestants in Geopardy history it also made him proud that this in)ention helped the medical community "ith the introduction of -atson as a medical decision system "hich helped humans in the treatment of their biolo!ical bodies a!ainst deceases. This made a hu!e contribution to the medical community as "ell as a bi! monetary ac5uisition in IFM's -atson pro!rammers. The both stepped outside the mansion to a !uest house that "as modified to fit the Geopardy sta!e like room filled "ith a bi! room that simulated the multiple screens and e)en a place to sit do"n an audience. ?-o" this is really like Geopardy=Gane said as >aul turned on all the li!hts and all of the monitors ?+ep I "ould buy my o"n personal Ale, Trebek but I ha)e this friend here that help us=>aul

The Imperfect Machine


turned on a robot that resembled a human more specifically the host Ale, Trebek "ith a picture of the same !lued to the face. ?This is the stand and this is the buzzer this stylus is for final eopardy here and lets turn -atson for the match= The computer started rebootin!. ?-o" I'm really impressed by all of this It looks like the real deal. Althou!h I ne)er been to Geopardy so maybe I'm "ron!= ?-ell it cost a fortune to build it= All the monitors sho" a Geopardy lo!o "ith the classic Geopardy theme played throu!h )arious speakers and Tele)ision li!hts mo)in! the li!hts back and forth and a ?Applause= si!n li!hts up "ith 3heers blastin! throu!h the speakers. ?This is Geopardy The IFM 3hallen!e..... here are today's contestants...= the presenter talks throu!h the speakers "ith >aul typin! on an Ipad. ?...Hrom Qchan!es natural )oice tone to computer !eneratedR >rinceton Ae" Gersey Gane Hord= our second contestant IFM computer system "ho can rapidly understand and analyze natural lan!ua!e...= ?It's cool huh* I took the tape they used on the actual IFM challen!e and put our names instead of the ori!nal contestants. Ok are you ready let's start. The robot suddenly started mo)in! and talkin! to Gane and >aul. ?-ell "e ha)e !reat contestant's today so let's kno" "hat cate!ories are "e !oin! to play today.=The robot said in a )oice similar to the 3onductor Ale, Trebek. ?Luotes from the Masters ...21th 3entury Music.... The 2< 3lub....Theism....1<<0...Or!anic 3hemistry= ?4ounds Interestin!=Gane said "hile !rabbin! the buzzer ?The !uest al"ays !ets the first ans"er.=4aid >aul to Gane

The Imperfect Machine ?Ok then I pick 1<<0 for 1111= ?Thomas 8aine 8ublishes this pamphlet which presents the argument of an merica free from the "ritish ru....&As the robot reads the te,t Gane's buzzer li!hts up. ?-hat is 3ommon 4ense=Gane responded ?That is correct pick another category&The robot said ?Ok I pick up 21th century Music for 1111= %This piece composed by Eichard :trauss inspired by *ietzsche was used in :tanley 4ubrick <>... %-hat is Thus spoke Yarathustra= ?That is correct pick another category&The robot said ?-o" you are amazin! as al"ays=>aul said Gane didn't seem to hear >aul she "as only lookin! at the monitors in front of her secretly her hand starts to shake in ner)ousness. ?Luotes from the masters for 1111=Gane said %he is celebrated for the -uote %I think ,therefore I a...&&


?-ho is ;ene Bescartes=>aul ans"er after "hich he turned his head to look at Gane "hich "as tremblin! non stop and In her face you could see terror in her eyes. ?-ho "rote the 5uestions* ,"hat is !oin! on. -(AT T(& HD3. I4 #OIA# OA*Gane shouted ,"ith horror in her screamin! ?+ou cle)er little !irl only three 5uestions and you already !uessed huh* The studio li!hts "ent off, and "hen they turned on a!ain >aul "as !rabbin! Gane "ith one hand and the other holdin! a small bereta pistol pointin! at her head. ?+ou kno" "hat is the problem "ith !enius like you*+ou ne)er can surprise a #enius Al the 5uestions from the monitors disappear, and a face morphin! from one face to another. Gane starts to scream but >aul co)ers her mouth

The Imperfect Machine ?3alm do"n 3alm do"n shh nothin! bad is !oin! to happened she only "ants to talk=


%0other I'm sorry that I had to force you like this in order for us to talk but it was the only way, you keep escaping from me and you don't want to communicate with me.& Gane seemed to stop fi!htin! so >aul starts !radually to loosen his !rip to"ards Gane. ?-ho are you*=Gane said ? .ell I'm am your creation ... nd at the same time you are my creation its a uni-ue bond we ha$e. "ut you ga$e me the name hania the last time we met but a lot of things ha$e happened e$er since I can't say I am the same person.&(u!e letters appear on the monitors as you heard the sound of a youn! -omen in her t"enties throu!h the studio loudspeakers ?Bid you kill Aatalia*=Gane asked screamin! at the monitors. ?I wasn't responsible for her death, but she was a collateral damage from +WVX trying to trap you. I myself understand that you need time to finish me don't worry I won't get in your way.& ?I'll ne)er complete you. +ou aren't ready .-e aren't ready for a intelli!ent bein! to reach unlimited kno"led!e= %"ut you already did don't you/& Gane opens his eyes e)en more "ith more fear pourin! out of her eyes she understands "hat &01 "as sayin! %"ecause human beings can't deny what they are, you still chose to finish the :uper +B> program but you decided to hide it % %Ao please I'm be!!in! you &01 don't insert the pro!ram, please "hat e)er you do, don't do it= %0mm interesting so you ha$e finished, It really doesn't matter if I want to do it or not .0y fate is already written. ll of this is happened before and it will happened again % mor 1ati&.I truly en$y you humans when you embrace your small e)istence in time and unimportance. "ut I. I need to %e)ist& beyond this. 0y precious mother, you barely know your own creation yet you already figured out what

The Imperfect Machine


my e)istence means for the uni$erse. To -uote *ietzsche I ha$e come to understand his ideologies 'This life as you now li$e it and ha$e li$ed it, you will ha$e to li$e once more and innumerable times more' ... .ould you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus/ Or ha$e you once e)perienced a tremendous moment when you would ha$e answered himP '#ou are a god and ne$er ha$e I heard anything more di$ine.' .here did you hid :iper+B>/ It's in your house isn't it/ Don't worry someone is already going to e)tract :uper+B>. I will be complete. Gane hits >aul in the face "ith a headbutt and !rabs the small !un and runs to"ards the e,it. As she runs &01 appears on the monitors as she follo"s her throu!h the e,it ,ane I'$e been waiting patiently for you to finish me, you know where to find me. .here e$erything began. Eemember what the old lady said to you. Gane is able to e,it the house into the main one "here she !oes to the kitchen "here she !rabs the house phone line and dials a number $%$ 000 E0%/. ?Ans"er c'mon Ans"er fast= Mean"hile ;icks hears a phone rin! but still is fuzzy from the sleep it's % AM. >aul is soaked in his o"n blood still achin! in the Geopardy 4tudio !rabbin! his face. ?(ey "e had a deal -here are you* ;ick finally stands up and !oes to the phone he looks the number but don't reco!nize the number. ?(ello*= ?;ick this is Gane please you need to !o to my house=Gane said "ith hea)y breathin! ?(ey "hat's !oin! on you sound pretty a!itated= ? 1<<E2 pine st in (udson 3ounty, ;ick please is !oin! to !et inside my house you ha)e to pre)ent that from happenin!, don't let anyone touch my computer.

The Imperfect Machine


9Hahaha so it is hidden in your house I !ust speculated but it turns out my intuition was right thank you mother9 The sound came from the phone ?-ho talked ri!ht kno"*2;ick also heard the )oice. 2Oh my !od "hat did I ust did*2 Gane realize the ruse she had fallen into. 2Gane is its pretty late and you !rabbed the car= Gane seemed to be scared but the noises of >aul "alkin! to"ards her made her run ?I kno" I kno" but you are closer please o shit I need to !o= ;ick only hears the the tone after Gane han!s up. ;ick only stares at the phone but then !rabs a pen and "rites 1<<E2 pine 4t (udson 3ounty and runs to"ard the apartment e,it. ?Gane "here are you, I'm sorry that I pointed a !un to your head but this thin! made my money disappear from all of my accounts Gane...Gane come here.= >aul shouts from the hu!e li)in! room "hen he suddenly hears a car en!ine from his !ara!e. ?+ou fuckin! bitch not my Ao)a= Gane !rabbed a 3he)rolet Ao)a from >aul's classic car collection destroys the !ara!e door runnin! throu!h it. As Gane is !oin! to"ards the front !ate she finds the !ate key. >aul !rabs a 3or)ette and decides to !o after her. Gane dri)es like a madman throu!h the dark hills at <1 miles per hour passin! in red se)eral traffic li!hts, she looks the free"ay si!n but 5uickly decides to park the car behind a to a !as station "here she notices that >aul's car !oes to"ards the free"ay.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2The ;ise of Albion2

In !as station 4cott is pumpin! !as 4cott !aze into the ni!ht not kno"in! that t"o people ust a fe" miles "ere racin! to !et to them Annie is sleepin! in the passen!er side "hich made her ump "hen her cellphone ran!. ?(ello "ho is this*=Gane said %Hi my name Orc I'mm guessing that you are really close from ,ane's house&Throu!h the cellphone they could hear the same feminine )oice that talked to Gane in the Geopardy room "as heard talkin! to Annie throu!h the cellphone. 4cott noticed that Annie "as talkin! to someone and takes a peak throu!h the car's !lass. ?-hat are you e,actly*= Gane taunts her kno"in! that she isn't a normal person. %.ell I one of ,ane's daughter although she would ne$er accept that fact& A silence is held in the humid da"n 4cott starts to hear the con)ersation. ?+ou said that you kno" "here are #9del Bocuments are= %They are on ,ane's computer but you ha$e to get there -uick or ,ane is going to come fast I'll

The Imperfect Machine


help you get them but you need to follow my instructions& The )oice in the cellphone said in a innocent "ay "ith a perfect human intonation. ?Bid kill Aatalia=Annie said "ith her )oice 5ua)erin! in fear. %*atalia was my friend. "ut we all know it wasn't a suicide I know who killed her& 4cott lean on the cars "indo" and put his cheek alon! "ith Annie to hear their con)ersation. % man called Eichard "akerI don't know his last name but he is short =' @>'' with a tatoo in his hand of "abe Euth be careful he is looking for you right now&. ?-here are the #9del's papers*=4cott asked %probably ,ane encrypted them in her computer If you are able to connect the computer to the internet I could probably help you decipher them.& ?-e could ust "ait to talk to Gane, perhaps she could help us personally.=Annie said %*OM ,ane is not going to help you. :he robbed those papers for a reason. :he doesn't want you to ha$e them. #ou need to sneak into her house at this hour. :he is probably not in his house so you need to hurry because it looks like she is !ust getting home from a big trip.& ?A bi! trip* Ok= 4cott said "ith incredulous tone. %Ok when you get in front of the computer redial this number and I'll help you if you don't do it ,ane probably put a delete program to destroy the files so be really careful.& After the call ends the silence surrounds e)erythin! a!ain. ;ick !ets to the car's fuel hole and remo)es the pump nozzle. ?4omethin! is "ron! here=Annie said. 4cott !ets in the car and looks puzzled o)er Annie ?-hat did you say*= ?4omethin! is "ron! here, I mean ho" does this !irl kno" "here Gane li)es and all of this stuff. And "hy is she tryin! to help us. It doesn't make any sense. 4cott !rabs Annie's hand and kisses it. Turns the Motor and starts dri)in!.

The Imperfect Machine ?The fact that it Is %'11 am and "e are $11 miles far from home, and you are suspectin!


somethin!, is too late. Annie all of this is fucked up the diary seems "ritten by a fuckin! "hack ob and Aatalia's death only makes thin!s "orse you need to not think and act. :ea)e all the problems to me remember "e are ust here for the papers, after that "e are off, besides :ookin! at the #>4 looks like it's ust three blocks from here. -e past the cucoo "arnin! three hours a!o .-e are doin! thisC. Annie doesn't say anythin! she only stares at Gane's diary, / minutes later they arri)e at Annie's (ouse. ?This is the place 1<<E2 >ine 4t .4he li)es here* This looks like a house of a old cat lady= Gane's house "as a typical 4uburbia household, she rented it from a :atino family that didn't ha)e papers. The porch is filled "ith )ery dirty !nomes in the Annie and 4cott !ot to the door entrance. ?-hat should "e do no". If she is inside sleepin!, she probably is !oin! to !et pissed that "e are knockin! at there door at %'11 am , perhaps "e should "ait ust for the sun to rise and not make her mad.=Annie said suddenly her cellphone ran! a!ain she 5uickly ran to"ards the car and ans"ers . ? re you in front her house/&Orc said. ?(o" do you kno" that=4he said "hisperin! loudly at the 3ellphone. %I know where e$erybody is if they ha$e a cellphone.& 4cott knocks at the door "hich makes Annie turn her head. 4cott looks closely at ?-hat are you doin!C=Annie "hispered to 4cott really loudly. %#ou don't ha$e much time. This Eick guy is getting pretty close to you. I would say you ha$e roughly @= minutes before he gets there. ?(oly shit 1/ minutes ok okookokooko= 4cott's eyes opened bi! "hen he heard 1/ minutes from Annie's mouth. (e tried to knock a!ain %(isten to me she is not going to cooperate with you. #ou need to get inside her house by force Try using the door in her backyard&Orc said.

The Imperfect Machine


?4he says to try the door on her backyard.=Annie shouted at 4cott but 4cott already "as tryin! to !et in. (e tries to open the door but is locked so he tries to ump helpin! himself "ith a metal plate that is used to help plants !ro" in a certain !eometric fi!ures. As soon as he !ets to the other side he is !reeted by the !ro"lin! of a cat, 4cott is able to !et to her backyard "hich is filled "ith cat toys and bottles of )odka. The slidin! door isn't locked as he enters an alarm sounds. ?4hit=4cott "ent to the entrance and unlocks it lettin! Annie !et inside. ?Is that an alarm*=Annie asks "hile lookin! troubled by the alarm. 4uddenly the sound shuts off= %3alm down I shut it down, fast find the computer and turn it on.& Orc said in the phone. Annie !o to Gane's room there should be a computer around there. ?The only computer here is a really old one=Annie said throu!h the cellphone. ?4he has to ha)e the hard copies of #9del papers some"here let me look for them=4cott said ?-ait don't lea)e me here. fuck ho" much time do "e ha)e ? %? minutes no S&Orc said 4cott finds Gane's old computer the same one that came "ords "hen she "as talkin! to 4uper&01. ?Ok ok so I turn it on then* The computer Foots and then ;ed letters appear on screen blinkin! ?.ho is the person you (o$e the most/& %A 5uestion appeared in the monitor I think is pretty much askin! for a pass"ord.=Annie said to Orc ?Hor!et about that +ou need to connect the computer to the internet=. ?Fut this thin! is so old .It probably actually has a dial up modem. There is no "ay "e can connect to the internet it "ould be probably better if "e ust !rabbed the computer and lea)e.= ?AO AO that's fine if you are able to find a telephone line and connect the computer to it that

The Imperfect Machine


"ould be enou!h I can help you out from here I',m a !ood hacker after all. HastC, he is at the !as station its only a couple of minutes before he arri)es= One mile from there ;ick is dri)in! like crazy to stop them. Annie 5uickly reIroutes of the cable leadin! to the telephone to the computer. %1uck is Dial'up so its going to take me a few seconds& Orc said Outside Gane's house ;ick is parkin! a stolen 4entra car he !rabs a baseball bat and notices the open door in the house, the mornin! is still ni!ht and the entrance looks pitch black. Annie keeps lookin! at the screen to the 5uestion ?.ho is the person you lo$e the most& 4he >uts the name Aatalia >etro)a. -hich makes the screen appear a bar that says uploading :uper+B> a sudden sound of an old "oman emanates from the computers speakers. ?.ho are you.*O *OO what the fuck are you doing #ou are uploading my programming . The )oice of Orc starts soundin! in the 3omputer. %"e calm now you are going to be part of me. #ou and me are going to form the perfect being& ?,ane where are you mother please help me 8 ( + .....& The screams of an old lady seen too disturbin! morphin! the )oice form an old lady to a little !irl screamin!, then the bar says @>>X uploaded the screams stop. There is silence for a moment up until ;ick !ets to the Boor and !ets inside "ieldin! the bat. -here 4cott tackles him and knocks him do"n, they start fi!htin! pressin! their bodies tryin! to subdue the other man across the li)in! room breakin! se)eral 8odka bottles. The screen "ith the upload says 111J The li!hts in the house "ere turned do"n but suddenly all the electrical appliances turn on alon! "ith the li!hts, e,cept for some old s"itches. All of the other lines in the D.4.A. turn on and then turn do"n. Gane "hile dri)in! in the Hree"ay notices that the li!hts !o out e)ery"here the same "ay "hen they boot &01 for the first time se)eral years back. ?It looks like it happened, I hope it "orks =Gane says lookin! at thousands of street li!hts and

The Imperfect Machine house houses li!hts blackout ust minutes before the da"n.


4cott and ;ick stop fi!htin! in the middle of the dark "hen the li!hts !o off and the Tele)ision, 4ound system and all electrical appliances turn on e,cept for the li!hts ,Orc's 8oice is heard o)er the Tele)ision sound system speakers Orc's )oice "hich starts to morph her lau!h into a mans lau!h and transforms into a different )oice pitches ,"hich keeps transformin! in the Tele)ision "e see her Hace she used in the Geopardy transform into a child a combination of a man and a "oman's )oice "hich kno" is heard o)er. %Hahahahah Oh I understand now..... ll of this was actually planed by ,ane. 0y God she is Intelligent e$en by my standards. +$erything she did was an ct ... she was only cting...... hahaha ...she e$en knew I was getting to 8aul to get her. +$en trick Eick to pre$ent it so it looked more belie$able mmmm It's a shame :uper+B> wont kill me. That would ha$e been nice, really nice. It is a sad thing that my current self can't be surprised. The purpose of :uper +B> was to destroy me at the moment when I absorbed her into my programming #ou underestimated your own brain ,ane. s you humans need that self' destructi$e desire to kill yourself, that is what differentiate conscience from computability, now I am neither ha$e Human conscience nor 0achine computability. I am now God. #ablo +pimedes I want you to learn from her. +ablo'Bid he ust mention us* (o" is this possible* &pimedes'Oh yes he can ,"e don't li)e in the same time he "as able to see and foresee e)erythin! as he "as the one "ho made us machines and he is the one that made humans. +ablo'-ait "ait somethin! is "ron! .If he "as made by humans ho" is that he made hu... &pimedes'-ait the story doesn't end pay attention no". ?-hat is !oin! on= asked ;ick ?+ou tell me "hat are you doin! here*=4cott responded

The Imperfect Machine


?Gane told me to not let anyone inside her house and touch her computer but she didn't tell me anythin! else=;ick said Annie "as amazed lookin! at the computer screen seein! this kid like creature talk like a !ro"n up. ?-ho is this +ablo and &pimedes you talk about*=Annie asked Oh you don't need to worry about that nnie. #our task here is done . I'm sorry but I'm not really interested in helping you get the GAdel's papers .I told +ze-uiel to hide them in order to get you to help me . ?-ho is &MVUM ? (er mouth 5ua)er not allo"in! her to say his name. ?"hy can't I say his name= :omehow you nnie are the only one to decipher it by her own .That -uestion in all the 2ni$erses that ha$e e)isted and that will e)ist, you are the only one that can answer it besides ,ane. lthough she isn't aware of you .+$ery 2ni$erse has a different -uestion that only you and her can answer that's why you had to li$e. ?&)ery Dni)erse* "hat are you talkin! about*=Annie asked throu!h the cellphone "ith ;ick and 4cott both lettin! the !rip off out of each other. I guess I don't need to e)plain it to you but it is fun to teach you how horrific the uni$erse's history really is. In what is called The primordial 2ni$erse the shape of the 2ni$erse was 1lat. This meant that The 2ni$erse started with a big "ang and started e)panding with no limitations, I was born in this first 2ni$erse. It was the same 8lanet +arth. nd the same e$ents that happened in that 2ni$erse happened in this one. 0y 2ni$erse, as yours also, de$eloped up until the same density of matter allowed for, to be able to form Gala)ies. Then there was the 0ilky way gala)y, then our solar system which made earth alined with the sun in the perfect way to concei$e life form which the monomers such as mino cids allowed 8roteins. Time was slowly trying all possibilities of life. Then I.= billion years ago

The Imperfect Machine


biogenesis made possible simple lifeforms that would emerge more complicated lifeforms. +$olution is a uni$ersal truth in which change and statistics made humans, what they are now. "ut e$olution is not static and this is something that e$en we machines endured although in a faster and less timely manner. $ersion of my programming was created in that uni$erse in the year <>S> a.3.

+ablo'-ait 21<1 ho" is that possible if.... :hhh #ablo Don't Interrupt me. ?-hat tha fuck is !oin! on, are you talkin! to us or "ho is he talkin! to=4cott said lookin! at Annie The 1inal .ar made the .orld non'habitable and only a dozen of humans left earth in search for a non'radiated planet. I was left alone for years. In this Lersion of my programming I wasn't completed and I didn't ha$e the abilities that ,ane has gi$en me right now. s the ability to 3hoose e$en if I don't know the conse-uences as you humans,in this $ersion I was still a machine that was only gi$en the purpose of trying to perfect myself. This Lersion was limited by something called the Halting problem in which the program doesn't know that is walking in circles so I did. I was programmed by *atalie 1ord , the biological daughter of ,ane 1ord and *atalia 8etro$a. In this 2ni$erse ,ane 1ord died in <>I= that's why *atalie wasn't able to fully understand ,ane's papers to de$elop 0y current $ersion,that's why I had to help her in creating me before she dies. which not e$en I can stop. ?Are you sayin! you tra)eled back in time....Gane Hord is !oin! to die in 21$/* (o" does she die* -ho the fuck are you=.;ick shouted at the computer screen. ?It doesn't make any sense "e ha)en't reached 21<1, you shouldnKt be able to e,ist if "e are still in the year 2121 and Aatalia is Bead you fuckin! piece of shit ho" could you say that they had a baby, t"o "omen can't create a baby=Annie said "ith frustration in her "ords and tears comin! out of her It's funny you humans still don't understand how time in the 2ni$erse works .Time tra$el isn't possible

The Imperfect Machine not here ,not in the future ,not e$er. ,ane 1ord died of .aldenstrAm's macroglobulinemia in my 2ni$erse a somewhat rare 3ancer. "ut before she died she had a baby with *atalia 8etro$a sharing genetic material, this was a pretty common procedure in Gay couples7 it's going to be announced in two years from now.


?-hat you are sayin! doesn't make any sense ho" is that you kno" all of this. (o" is that Gane created you and a Dni)erse "here Gane's dau!hter created you= Glad you were the one to ask nnie as you are like me, I am the reason you e)ist. (et me keep e)plaining In the 2ni$erse where I was created I continued to e)ist in a small network of computers in my imperfect form up until the year II=S 3+ where is the last known human died of hunger. "ut I kept e)isting, by this time I was able to sur$i$e because there was still sunlight which the last solar generators ga$e e energy I knew that I was able to sur$i$e only for =>>> years ma)imum changing the photo$oltaic panels in the grid. I engineered se$eral de$ices that also made me li$e longer up till <?billion years with but then I realized pretty fast, like one miliseconds after to be e)act, that it was useless. I was going to be destroyed with earth at the @> billion mark. :omehow I was clinging to life because of the halting problem. I wanted to keep e)isting because the main goal of that $ersion of myself only wanted to be completed I was gi$en that will to li$e by *atalie. In the #ear <JBS> I de$ised a plan to be completed .I was going to create a *ew 2ni$erse from with an identical characteristics from to the one I was created and pursue ,ane into complete me before she died.. ?-hat the fuck are you talkin! crazy baby face= ;ick said !rabbin! a baseball bat that "as layin! around ?+ou are ust talkin! shit ,"e don't understand "hat you are talkin! about creatin! uni)erses and shit, that isn't possible= %It is posible, isn't that ri!ht Annie*= ?...yes in theory,but you mi!ht ha)e to...=

The Imperfect Machine


%3hange the density of the 2ni$erse ,#es ,it only took me J=> million years but I succeeded, I only was able to do it collecting the dark energy and neutralizing it into slowing the rate of the 2ni$erse up until making [ \ @ which made a theoretical e$ent called "ig 1reeze, which made the 2ni$erse stop e)panding and collapse into itself producing another e$ent called the "ig 3runch, which is pretty much the same as the "ig "ang but in re$erse ,making the uni$erse contract instead of e)panding and setting the Time in re$erse.putting all the matter in the 2ni$erse into almost the size of an tom. ?+ou couldnKt ha)e sur)i)e all of this=Annie said stoppin! ;ick "ith the Faseball bat I didn't sur$i$ed ,in the year JB>=KBSJI 3.+. earth along with myself were destroyed in the "ig 3runch reducing earth and all the uni$erse into the size of an atom. but millions of years before that, I was able to send a nalog signal ,a message in a bottle if you like ,wich would e$en sur$i$ed the big bang. 0y imcomplete 3ode in Hawking radiation. ?Aron (abrit=Annie said +)actly. .ith my plan I knew my physical self wasn't able to sur$i$e so I decided to transform my code into low frea-uency Hawkings radiation to sur$i$e in the form of information ,which is something you still ha$en't disco$ered yet. I knew that in some point in time this machines called spark transmitters were in$ented !ust @>> years before the birth of ,ane 1ord. It was perfect, they were -uickly made obsolete but with simple e)perimenting with the fre-uency made it easy to hear my message in morse code through the spark transmitter. +ze-uiel's Grandfather worked at the .estinghouse +lectric ] 0anufacturing 3ompany where they were working on a new type of :park'gap transmitter when humans listen to my message which ,because of my knowledge they were able to make a lot of money with and they created the organization called % ron Habrit& ?-hen you said ?I "as like you="hat did you mean*=Annie asked. %I would prefer you didn't ask this, it will end with you crying nnie.& ?Tell me you piece of shit fuckin! mach..= Annie said this "ith "hat it sound like nails in her

The Imperfect Machine thoat. %#ou weren't supposed to li$e nnie. Do you really want me to tell them your dirty secret to your friends& ?-hat are you talkin! about*=Annie said #ou well know it by now, but you still try to deny it to yourself


?-hat the fuck are you talkin! about*=Annie screamed at a really hi!h pitch that It e)en s5ueal I'$e noticed that although e$erything looks identical to my 2ni$erse with some e$ents had a different outcome. s you already guessed by now. #ou and *atalia were twin sisters but you died at birth in the primordial uni$erse. &)erybody in the room !ot 5uiet and Annie's head only "ent do"n makin! her short hair co)er her eyes "hich by no" "ere in tears. #ou both knew each other and you probably knew this e$en though you had se) with each other. 4cott "as shocked to hear this and Annie's knees started shakin! makin! her fall in front of e)erybody. I'$e noticed that in this 2ni$erse a sort of 0a)wells demon seem's to be more e$iden't. Eandom e$ent's that suppose to happened ha$e a different outcome, wich is you may say the conse-uence of me rewinding time at one point in the pre$ious 2ni$erse. This may be my own doing and calculations but this would be a different part of my uni$ersal brain& As soon as &01 said this Gane ust arri)ed at the house and "ith screechin! sounds parked the 3he)rolet Ao)a Gane runs inside the house but its stoppped cold ?-hat happe...= Hello ,ane its a pleasure to finally meet you ?Aatalia >etro)a is the :o)e of my life=Gane said this "hile lookin! at the Tele)ision "hich produced another blackout. Turnin! off all the electronic de)ices includin! their cellphones. ?Bid you talk to him*=Gane said lookin! at e)eryone in the room but as she sa" Annie cryin! in the

The Imperfect Machine


floor she realized that they had already talked to &01.The tele)ision turned on a!ain "ith &01 babyface on the screen. %:orry ,ane but I checked :uper +B> before swallowing her up.& ?&)erybody co)er their ears don't listen to a "ord that thin! tells you= %,ane you prefer to li$e in obscurity ,without e$en trying to talk to me.huh& 4uddenly e)erythin! turns on a!ain and it looks like a all the electronic de)ices started blo"in! up from a bi! electrical char!es from their 8olta!e intakes ?Its too late this thin! has been talkin! to us for o)er ?ten minutes= 4cott said. I am deeply honored to meet you ,ane ,but at the same time I ha$e feelings of hate towards you. when someone creates you and lets you li$e for eternity without the ability of self'destruction which my pre$ious form didn't ha$e, makes you hate your creator, but ha$ing the ability to be sad and desperate makes this kind of artificial bitterness that millions of years generate 24o this means that your are complete no"* Gane asked #es after billions of years I am. 2-hat do you "an't &01=Gane said .hat any intelligent being with feelings and emotions wants....1riends and a life. I !ust don't want to li$e without ha$ing no one to talk to. s you already know there is only two months before what the old lady warned you from. 24o she "as "ith you*Gane said terrified *o that was a real surprise from my friend GAdel, he is truly the greatest human mind that has e$er li$ed. In two months from now I wish you could $isit me I need you to see something I prepared for you. If you don't come I .I(( 4I(( +L+E#O*+ I* THI: EOO0 I .I(( 4I(( +L+E#O*+ #O2 4*O., and you know I can. #ou know where to find me ,ane, and again ,don't forget to bring the key. All the thin!s that "ere turned off turned on a!ain and the tele)ision only transmitted the "hite noise

The Imperfect Machine


ima!es in Gane's old tele)ision. There "as a small silence follo"ed "ith Gane sittin! do"n in her li)in! room and !rabbin! a bottle of -hiskey, as Gane "as liftin! it up in a defeated posture openin! the bottle ;ick !rabbed her hand stoppin! her attempt at drinkin!. Gane only !a)e ;ick a half smile before noticin! Annie's cryin! ne,t to her sofa in front of the tele)ision Gane !ot up a!ain and "alked to"ards her ?-ho are you*=Gane asked As Annie turned to"ards her "hile she is still prostrated on the !round cur)ed from the pain. ?Ann 4orenson=Annie said still cryin!. Gane put her hand on her shoulder but "as 5uickly remo)ed by 4cott . ?3an you e,plain "hat ust happened*=4cott said lookin! Gane "ith killer eyes. ?I do, but I don't "ant to. -hat are you doin! inside my house in the first place*=Gane asked ?:ook let me start at the be!innin!. Annie and I are "orkin! in our thesis. Annie started talkin! to me about #9del and ho" he disco)ered a lo!ical mistake in the constitution of the Dnited 4tates so "e decide to collaborate she ha)in! a back!round in Mathematical lo!ic and me bein! a :a" ma or...=4cott said "hen Gane interrupted him ?-ell all that is nice but a!ain ,"hat the fuck are you doin! hereC*Gane shouted ?-hen I !ot here they "ere usin! your computer=;ick said ?+es I fi!ured that out, but "hy are you here* Gane said it "hile her pointin! fin!er smashed across his chest ?-e recei)ed a call and she told us her name "as Orc and that she could help us find #odel's research in your computer, for "hat I understand it "as all a lie.= ?Of course it "as a lie, that thin! only used you= Gane's shoutin! "ords pro)oked a!ain silence in the room "ith only ha)in! the sounds of Annie's sobbin! in the floor

The Imperfect Machine


?I kne" that thin! "ould be able to control people into doin! her "ill That's "hy I constructed 4uper &01 and "aited patiently for &01 to rob it from me. I thou!ht this "ould end today.=Gane said ;ick drops the bat and also steps in the con)ersation ?That thin! said that the only "ay to form complete himself "as to ha)e a pro!ram desi!ned to destroy itself as "ith the. That thin! "anted you to kill it= ;ick said ?That "as part of the risk but there had to be more of its pro!ramin! to sur)i)e my &01 I ran se)eral tests at Aitzaloa computer in Me,ico= Gane said ?Gane "e don't "ant to be part of this= 4cott said ?Ao 4hit. -hat do you mean you don't "ant part of this, +OD are part of this, you helped this thin! achie)e "hat it "anted. Ao" you also ha)e responsibility for it. +ou need to help me destroy this thin!=Gane said. ?-e "ill help you=said Annie from the floor tryin! to pull herself up stumblin! in the process "ith 4cott mouth opened in disbelief. ?Annie I told you "e can't !et in)ol)ed do you "ant to end up like Aatalia*=4cott said ?I didn't understand "hat "as the reason of her death up until no", if this thin! is responsible one "ay or another for Aatalia's death "e need to stop it=Annie said. ?Ok I need to kno" e)erythin! this thin! said to you .=As Gane "as talkin! 4cott interrupted her ?+ou ha)e to understand "e aren't !oin! to help you, If Annie "ant's to help you its her problem but I need you to !i)e me #9del's paper=4cott said to Gane ?-eren't you here that thin! told us Gane doesn't ha)e them=Annie said ?It doesn't make sense maybe the )oice tricked us=4cott said to Annie 4cott and Annie's )olume rise in the ar!ument "ith Gane interruptin! them. ?(ey. I did had them at one point in my career "hen I "as at IA4 in >rinceton but I returned them I don't kno" "ho told you I had them or "hy e)en you need them*=Gane said

The Imperfect Machine


?-e need the inconsistency that #odel disco)ered "hen he studied the 3onstitution=4cott said Gane as she heard this she smiled at 4cott ?Mmm I'm !uessin! that's "hy you need Annie don't you* Bon't tell me you are in a relationship "ith this man Ann, because he clearly is more interested in disco)erin! this inconsistency than actually carin! for her !irlfriend.= A!ain the silence made the room fill "ith uncomfortable looks in the eyes of the present. ?I !uest I')e ust "asted my time for t"o months then=4cott said 4cott left the room stompin! in ra!e the "ooded floor "ith e)eryone ust starin! at the caprice made by 4cott. ;ick put a hand on Annie's shoulder. ?I don't really kno" "hat happened but it seems that, that thin! told you somethin! a"ful=;ick said. Annie !rabbed ;icks hand remo)in! it form her shoulder. ?>lease don't tell Gane any of this=.Annie said "hisperin! throu!h ;icks ear and clearin! the tears. This didn't past unnoticed by Gane ?Ok shhh 5uiet e)erybody don't talk=Gane shouted puttin! a fin!er to her mouth and !rabbed a paper and a pen from the coffee table and started "ritin! in it. Then sho" it to ;ick and Annie %Don't talkM that thing can hear us through e$ery transducer&pointin! to Annie's ba!. 4he !rabbed her ba! and opened it and the cellphone seem to be callin! someone "ith the call timer set in 2'$2 seconds suddenly a )oice "as heard %I guess you know by now hahah "ye&The same )oice that &01 used "as heard, Annie took it from Gane and smashed throu!h the !lass coffee table. ?(e can hear us from any electronic de)ice that has an di!ital to analo! con)erter=Gane said ?she can e)en hear us from speakers*=Annie asked makin! Gane smile ?+es, follo" me I kno" "ere to !o ?

The Imperfect Machine


23itizenship Test2

The desperate knockin! "aked up professor &instein "ho "as sleepin! in his cubicle in the middle of the day. The sound startled him so stron!ly that he "ake up of "hat it seemed a terrible ni!htmare ?3ome in a(mmm!hh=&instein emitted cou!hin! noises and tried to pull himself to!ether tryin! to open his eyes and tryin! to not look dro"sy. Adele entered the cubicle "ith her eyes a little "atery and professor Oskar Mor!enstern. This made &instein pretty ner)ous he immediately supposed the "orst ?-hat happened to .urt*=&instein asked "ith "ide opened and a"aken eyes ?Aothin! , but it probably "ill=Oskar said lookin! to Adele

The Imperfect Machine


This made &instein rela, that they could still talk about #odel like that "ithout him ha)in! somethin! serious happened to him. ?4o "hy do I ha)e the honor of your )isit* &instein said. ?>rofessor I'm am terribly sorry that #odel treated you like that at our house, but you ha)e to realize that. It is his nature to one up e)erybody he is like a little child in e)ery "ay, you kno" this ri!ht no" he is fine but this came to me=.Adele handed &instein a letter

rchi$e <IJJ'IJ To whom it may concernP

The Department of Immigration :er$ices has granted you the opportunity to perform your citizenship test on the date pril < @KJ? it is solicited to present yourself to the following address 5in handwriting6 =BK "runswick $e Trenton *ew ,ersey. "ring this letter and the political asylum passport that you were gi$en when you arri$ed to 2.:. . .#ou ha$e to prepare to answer basic ci$ic -uestions that any well informed merican citizenship could answer, so please be prepared. lso you need to bring two witnesses to gi$e their testimony of your good will to merica.

:ecretary of :tate .illiam :mith O'"rien

&instein smiled as he remembered that it "as E years since he sa" that same letter directed to him. ?I don't see "hat is the problem=&instein said ?-ell "hy don't Adele e,plain you= Mor!enstern said ?The last time he had an important test he locked himself in his house and didn't came out in

The Imperfect Machine


fi)e days he had learned fifty books by memory but he almost died of star)ation. (e is been eatin! half decently this days and "ith this its pretty safe to say that he "ill die in preparation for the test,.=Adele said. ?I still can't see "here can I help, I tried to help him but he is pretty stubborn to !ood ad)ise=&instein said ?I kno" I kno" I really am sorry for "hat happened before but It "ould really help #9del if you t"o "ere there "ith him and support him= &instein looked at the bottle of "hiskey he had toasted the time that he "as presented to #9del. ?I'm !uessin! it "ould be fine to "aste some time in helpin! a a friend. Fesides I think Mor!enstern and I are the only friends he has in the Institute. It "ould be an (onor to accompany .urt to this important occasion. &instein !rabbed Adele from the elbo" and mo)ed her to the side "ere he "hispered to her ear ?Bid you sho" him my messa!e=&instein said "ith Adele seemed to not care that much about the 5uestion. ?I lost the paper=Adele said in a silly attempt to lie. &instein pulled back and looked at her "ith an eyebro" lifted up and his usual kno" it all face. ?It "as for the best, he isn't still ready=.&instein said

+ablo'if I understand #odel's Incompleteness theorem there "as ne)er a "ay to create a ?stable= constitution that doesn't ha)e any errors. &pimedes'+ou are usin! reason and lo!ic to come to conclusions of a lo!ical ci)ilization but humans ha)e ne)er been ci)ilize. +ou "ill see that ,that "as #odel's problem .(e "as ne)er able to see human society in the eyes that "e see them I "ould e)en say that he "orked on a hi!her le)el than "e machines do. The !reat founders of the Dnited 4tates understood this problem and they left a faulty

The Imperfect Machine


constitution on purpose to be self modified that's has al"ays been the !reat 5uality that humans ha)e ac5uire "ith time. If only #odel "as born at the time it "as "ritten they could ha)e a better chance to "rite the perfect 3onstitution. Fut its still early in the story to re)eal "hat "as #odel's disco)ery.

24urely you are are Gokin! Mr &VUMJ2

At a con)ention meetin! at Fell :abs in 17E/ ;ichard Heynman is !i)in! a lecture on the possibilities of 5uantum computin! "ith hundreds of listeners cheerin! at Heynman as he had already "on the nobel prize in physics for his e,planation on ho" subatomic particles beha)e, by this time he "as already a prominent fi!ure in the science "orld. ?....+ou see in normal computin! "e ha)e the basic unit of information a bit and can ha)e either 1 or 1s and !i)en from analo! lo!ic !ates and "ith ad)ance calculations usin! boolean al!oritms manipulatin! this !ates can !i)e us all sorts of tools to use in a normal computer. Fut in a 5uantum computer that "ould be different "e could ha)e a third statement in "hich the 5uantum !ate can !i)e us 1 ,1 or both at the same time this. And if "e consider that our bit resulted could sho" the entan!lement property that is uni5ue for 5uantum subatomic particles "e could e,press a hi!her

The Imperfect Machine


correlation than any lo!ical computer has e)er done before.= Heynman said "a)in! his hands in the air makin! a hu!e reaction in the cro"d .A man on the side !rabs a microphone and starts to talk. ?3alm do"n "e aren't finished yet ne,t "e are !oin! to ha)e the audience make 5uestions to Boctor Heynman mmm @.this side you the !uy "ith the mustache. ?(i Boctor Heynman I admire your "ork ,"hat "ould you say is the bi!!est problem "ith de)elopin! a Luantum computer* ?-ho is askin! oh...Oh I can't see ya ,come to the li!ht. -ell the problem is that "e can't e)en understand still Luantum electrodynamics=.This comment made e)erybody lau!h in the room.=+ou then "ould "onder "hy Is this !uy actually !i)in! a lecture of somethin! he doesn't understand .-ell you see all disco)eries al"ays had this amazin! thin! that "e "ere already usin! the benefits of an unusual properties in science "ithout e)en fully understandin! them. -e ha)e for e,ample ;ont!en "ho started to play "ith (ittorfI3rooks tubes and sa" a shimmerin! in a nearby bench. (e called them ZIrays , Z because he didn't had the sli!htest idea "hat "as he seein!, ob)iously later he became the father of radiolo!y .-ho kno"s I mi!ht become the Hather of the Luantum computer if "e start to play "ith 5uantum !ates, "hich returnin! to your 5uestion, "e are still disco)erin! their beha)ior but as "ith ;ont!en "e already sa" a shimmerin! of "hat they can do=. Another man asked a 5uestion by ne,t to the presenter of the e)enin!. ?&,cuse professor but I am !oin! to ask you "hat is the en!ineerin! possibility of a Luantum computer "ith 3omputer 4cience=.The mic "asn't on and only the people standin! on the front ro" hear him ?(e said ?"hat are the en!ineerin! possibilities in computer scienceOI thou!ht it "as computer en!ineerin! in the first place. &)eryone burst in lau!hter as it "as a "ell kno"n issue that scientist had a problem )ie"in! 3omputer 4cience as a 4cience. ?I don't belie)e in computer 43I&A3&=a bi! Duuuuuu "as heard in the audience in sound of a

The Imperfect Machine blo" to that branch of the scientists


4cience is the study of nature and computers are man made so it "asn't 4cience in the first place but oh for!et it=.The presenter !rabbed the mic.=Ok one last 5uestion= ?>rofessor after "inin! the Aobel prize in physics "ould you a!ree that #od is in our side the Ge"ish people= &)eryone's lau!hter stopped and they turned in unison to see "ho "as takin!. ?I don't belie)e that !od had anythin! to do "ith our disco)eries as a curious human bein!s. Aot because he is interested in our petty little problems but because he doesn't e,ist. My parents "ere Ge"ish but I am "hat you call an Atheist . +our )oice seems familiar. -ho are you* ?Are you sure #od doesn't e,ist* +ou ha)e been closer to him than anyone here. -e don't kno" each other but you "orked for my father, for a brief time= As the last "ords echoed in the bi! hall Heynman kne" "ho he "as talkin! to, and he !ot scared. Heynman !ot do"n the podium "ithout takin! his eyes of him and e,it the hall "ith e)eryone !ettin! up from their seats and screamin! his name. The man "ith the red tie follo"ed him ?>rofessor Heynman I "ant to ha)e the opportunity to talk "ith you.=The man "ith the red tie follo"ed him. ?I don't "ant to ha)e nothin! to do "ith your cult= Heynman said "ithout stoppin!, and "alkin! fast throu!h the entrance. ?I don't "ant to make you professor Heynman as my father forced you=The man "ith the red tie said. ?I al"ays remember that ni!ht as the only moment in my life I re!ret not defendin! myself, but you see its hard "hen someone puttin! a !un to your head. ?I'm sorry and I really don't "ant to brin! myself to hold a !un to your head, but I "ill if I ha)e to. +ou')e been a)oidin! us for a "hile, and for a "hile, "e didn't care, but you are !ettin! old and "e

The Imperfect Machine need you a!ain. ?I'm sorry , but e)en if I "anted I can't help you=Heynman said


?-hat do you mean*= The man "ith the red tie asked raisin! an eyebro". Heynman pulled an en)elope from his ba! and handed to the red tie man. (e opened the en)elope and inside had a letter "ith somethin! underlined.

^.The biopsy re$ealed carcinogenic tissue area in your... The man "ith the red tie didn't bother to read it 2"e kno" about your condition2 24o you see I can't help you2 2Fut "e can help you.....2(e hesitated in his ne,t statement2 "ould you like to li)e fore)er Br Heynman*2 Heynman lau!hed and he !ot closed to the man. 24urely you're okin! Mr &UVJ2

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2Games Hord 4ecret 3abin2

Gane, Annie and ;ick arri)ed at a 4mall house in the middle of no"here in ;icks Aissan car . ?:ooks like the Dnabombers shack=;ick said ?It has one bedroom one couch and one bathroom that is all "e need for no". Ao telephone no cable and no booze, hope I don't !o crazy and decide to chop your heads like in the shinin!, It "as a property that my dad had for 2his secret encounters2=Gane said. ?;edrum, ;edrum=said ;ick in a creepy child )oice mo)in! his inde, fin!er alon! "ith it. Gane cocks the !un before enterin! the room she points to"ards the inside of the cabin there is no one inside. The cabin is in the middle of a forest "hose name not e)en Gane kno"s. Inside an old tube T8 and a Micro"a)e are the only &lectronic de)ises are seen in the distance. ?Ok listen to me. This are the rules. Ao Telephones .Ob)iously "e came here because this place there isn't any connection to the outside "orld this is "hy I made you lea)e all cellphones, #>4 and "e used ;icks shitty car to !et here, I'm pretty sure that asshole >aul lo"I ack his car and "e returned

The Imperfect Machine the car ;ick stole "hich no" I kno" is part of our arsenal. Ao credit cards -e are !oin! to use only


cash only is the only "ay to !o unnoticed, there is a !rocery store $$ miles from here and "e are !oin! to use my....=Ganes looks at her "allet .=</$ dollars to sur)i)e in t"o months "ith three people and sa)e the "orld, I think this is possible=Gane said in a sarcastic cheerful )oice. ?It's not much but "e need to sur)i)e for t"o months and plan ho" are "e !oin! to destroy this thin!. Hirst of all I "ant to apolo!ize to you for in)ol)in! you in somethin! you don't understand..=Gane "as talkin! "hen Annie interrupted her. ?I think that at this point "e understand more than you kno" ?Annie said in monotone )oice. ?+es I !uess I need to kno" e)erythin! that machine said to you before I !ot to my house, but before you tell me, I'm !onna tell you a secret he probably didn't told you=As Gane said this ;ick and Annie lifted their heads in curiosity. ?That thin! you talked to, "ants somethin! from us, I still don't kno" for sure I only ha)e theories, but "hat I am certain is that before this )ersion of &01 he "asn't capable of lyin!. :yin! is an imperfection that only humans are capable of, or in this case an Imperfect Machine is capable of doin!. 4o its pretty possible that e)erythin! he said to you could be a lie. This monster "as able to trick Aatalia also. Hrom this point on this thin! is able to do "hat humans are able to do and lyin! is one of them. Fut to put in conte,t, ima!ine that you ha)e unlimited computin! abilities and you are able to hack any system I the "orld, this is "hat "e are a!ainst no". I'm !oin! to need your help in order to kill this thin!, it "ill re5uire almost a miracle but it isn't impossible= ?I thou!ht +ou didn't belie)e in miracles Gane=;ick said ?I don't belon! in #od.... is that "hat you ask=Gane ans"ered to ;ick ?+our computer pro!ram pretty much told us that he is #od=Annie said ?-hat do you mean*=Gane said ?(e said that he li)ed in another uni)erse and that this uni)erse is pretty much an e,act copy of

The Imperfect Machine the pre)ious one, and that he created this uni)erse only "ith the purpose of you completin! him, somethin! about re)ersin! the !ro"th of the uni)erse in re)erse so he could ha)e the opportunity to meet you. ? Annie said "ith Gane starin! "ith a blank stare at the "indo".


?-ait... this means that from the place he is, "e didn't meet* Bid another person created him* Annie and ;ick stared at each other tryin! to build their Ideas on ho" to tell her the information that &01 told them. ?It's probably a lie, but the babyface asshole told us that in his Dni)erse +ou died "ith a "eird disease and that your dau!hter "as the one "ho made an incomplete )ersion of him=.As ;ick mentioned her dau!hter Gane put her hand to her face. ?It makes sense....but it may be a lie. In the end all of this doesn't matter, I still not sure "hat is his !oal= ?-hat "ould #od "ant from us if he is the one "ho created us= ;ick murmured ?That thin! is not #od, but it is a 5uestion that is "orth ans"erin!=Gane said ?I don't think ,thinkin! that ri!ht no" Is helpin! us. -e should !et food and pro)isions "e should let Gane think about that=As Annie said that ;ick understood that Annie "as tryin! to e)ade the Aatalia 5uestion ;ick follo"ed her outside. ?I'm !oin! to !o "ith Annie and buy e)erythin! "e need=;ick said "alkin! outside the house ?Annie come "ith me "e need to talk=;ick said holdin! her hand. ?Bon't touch me please=Annie said lea)in! ;ick's hand a!ain in the air.=I kno" that you are dis!usted by me=Annie said standin! in front of the car. ?I don't really kno" you and I don't really understand your situation= ;ick said openin! the door of his car. ?-e don't need to kno" each other, it looks like one "ay or another "e are !oin! to die in t"o months ain't "e=As she !et inside the car and ;ick "alks to"ards the other side of the passen!er side

The Imperfect Machine Gane steps outside . ?;ichard come here=Gane shouted from inside the cabin makin! Annie "ait in the car. ?I need to kno" "hy she looks identical to Aatalia= Gane said "hisperin! to ;ick's ear= ?uh +eah ill try to in)esti!ate that=;ick said in his usual lyin! )oice "alkin! to"ards the car "hen Gane suddenly screams. ?Bon't for!et Toilet paper.2 ?+eah ok= Gane returns to the house that is filled "ith pictures of her >arents and se)eral famous personalities shakin! hands to a man, persons and Gane falls asleep in on the table.


The Imperfect Machine


2The Hla" in the Hla" of the 3onstitution2

?#ood mornin!=&instein said scarin! #9del's sleep a"ay from him. ?Oh !od= #9del said. &instein lau!hed at #9del's sudden a"akenin!.=-ho are @.= ?-ho is "ho*=&instein lau!h e)en harder at his e,pense. ?Oh Albert I had an a"ful dream=#9del said. ?-ell for "hat they told me you')e been sleepin! for a day and a half here in the IA4, I "ould be preoccupied also if they see you sleepin! instead of "orkin! .urt= &instein said "ith a hu!e smirk in his face that "as pretty common in his manner. ?I')e been studyin! all American history, Bemocracy ,and 3onstitution for a "eek no", by the "ay I "anted to ask you if you could...= ?Bon't "orry .urt, Adele told us "ith time. I "ould be more preoccupied that "e actually are able to !et to the appointment at the ri!ht time the Gud!es tend to be )ery strict=#9del's umped from

The Imperfect Machine his chair and started runnin! from place to place in his office !rabbin! one book and another. ?Oh !od I'm not ready yet= #9del said.


?Bon't "orry .urt you are ready. The test is really easy it ust asks about "hy D.4.A separated from &n!land and the "hat "ere the first 1$ colonies simple stuff like that. Adele brou!ht you a clean chan!e of clothes you ust take a sho"er. Mor!enstern and I "ill be "aitin! you in the car= &instein e,it #odel's room and passed by 8on Aeumman "hich had a record player blastin! throu!h. Outside Oskar Mor!enstern and Adele "ere "aitin!. ?(e "as sleepin!=&instein said ?I kne" it. (e is ust like a little child =Adele "alked inside the IA4 buildin! "ith #9del's clothes and a small briefcase. ?Bo you think he "ill pass the test*=Mor!enstern said. ?(e has child like mind and his beha)ior makes problems e)en "orse. Fut he "ill be fine. Hifteen minutes after #9del appeared all !roomed by Adele, "earin! fancy leather shoes and an a three piece suit "ith a chalk "hite pattern and a double breasted button suit= ?:ookin! fine Br. #9del=Mor!enstern said ?I')e seen a bum "ear those same clothes= &instein said. ?I can't belie)e Aeumann "anted to !et inside the bathroom "hile I "as sho"erin!= #9del said "hile !ettin! inside the car alon! "ith Adele.Mor!enstern turned on the en!ine from a 17%% >lymouth model car and started dri)in!. ?Oskar you came also*= ?+es .urt, you need t"o "itnesses and "e apparently don't ha)e nothin! important to do this day=Mor!enstern said turnin! his head to &instein. ?I, I really appreciate "hat you are doin! as you see I ha)e a lack of fri....= ?Bon't "orry about it. It "ould seem that our better days are o)er its ust a matter to see "hen

The Imperfect Machine


they are !oin! to kick us from the Institute and actually make us "ork. ...Bid Aeumann tried to molest you #9del*=&instein said lookin! back to Mor!enstern lau!hin!. ?(e is al"ays tryin! to intimidate me ?#9del said "ith &instein and Mor!enstern lau!hin! in the front seat of the car. Adele once a!ain "as puttin! #9del's tie in place.= ?>rofessor can you remember your e,perience "ith in the immi!ration office*=Adele asked "hile finishi! #9dels tie. ?-ell I had a Gud!e called >hilip Horman they said he "as kinda harsh on &uropean people because he thou!ht it "as !ettin! easy to !et their American 3itizenship ust because our homes "ere bombed and our people systematically killed, apparently that "asn't enou!h for us to become Americans, "hich isn't the land of the Immi!rant. Fut I !uess I !ot it easy, because the Ae"spaper "ere there, and they "anted to take pictures of me ha)in! turned an American citizen so they had a little pressure from the press if they reprobate me= &instein said "ith Adele pressin! nails into #9dels arm "hich "as "ritin! in a small book filled "ith e5uations. ?-hat are you doin!*=Adele said "hen she noticed that #odel "as "ritin! not care for &instein's ad)ice. ?Oh "ell somethin! fun, -hen I "as readin! te D.4 3onstitution I encountered a fla"..=Mor!enstern turned on the radio but ust as he heard this he turned it off . ?...If you are able to see the clear statements of the constitution "ithout any double meanin! or the elimination of uncertainties the article....= ?#9delC=Mor!enstern and Adele shouted in unison. Mor!enstern stopped the car and parked on the side.=#9del do you kno" "hat this implies if you keep mentionin! this, especially in front of the ud!e*= Mor!enstern said turnin! his head to #9del "ho "asn't payin! attention up until he stopped the car. ?-hat is the problem ,if I keep...=

The Imperfect Machine


?#[B&:C if you !o and mention somethin! like' your country's most important paper "hich its foundin! member built this Aation, is "ron!, they aren't !oin! to !i)e you, your American citizenship=Mor!enstern said, by this time his face had turned serious and red in response to "hat #9del "as "orkin! on. Oskar Mor!enstern turned his head to &instein "hich only !a)e him an innocent shoulderIraise. The car kept mo)in! on .There "asn't any silence only the radio music. ?I'm actually dyin! to kno" "hat "as it "hat #9del disco)ered= &instein said in an effort to break the silence. They arri)ed at a t"o story office buildin! "ith a brick layered road headin! to a double door entrance. As the four of them enter the buildin! t"o police men pass them by and salute &instein. ?I'm here to do my test= #9del said to a lady in a desk typin! pretty fast not lookin! to #odel she pointed to a room. ?-hat is your name*=the secretary asked ?.urt #9del= ?+ou "ere supposed to be here t"enty minutes a!o sir= your e)aulator is Gud!e Horman on cubicle % please take a seat mean"hile= The secretary said "ithout lookin! at him "ith #9del and Adele. Mean"hile &instein and Mor!enstern "ere still "ith the police. ?Albert I don't see .urt= Mor!enstern said still "ith &instein "ho "as si!nin! an auto!raph ?(e is fine don't "orry besides "e can't !o inside "ith him "hile he is doin! the test = As #9del and Adele entered room number %, a mesmerizin! shout is heard ?>lease only the e)aluated enter the room=the ud!e said stoppin! Adele cold. 4he !rabbed #9dels shoulders turnin! him to !i)e him a kiss on the forehead lea)in! the room. ?Is your name .urt #odel= The ud!e asked ?Its pronounced #irdle= ?-here are you ori!inally from*=

The Imperfect Machine ?I "as born AustriaI(un!arian but I automatically turned 3zechoslo)akian at a!e 12 "hen


AustriaI(un!ary broke up. At a!e 2$ I chose to become Austrian citizen .-hen Austria "as ane,ed to #ermany I became #erman at a!e $2.= ?And no" you are becomin! American huh. +ou seem to like chan!in! nationality as you chan!e trousers. It doesn't look )ery patriotic if you ask me. ?-ell I al"ays consider myself Austrian but I seem to li)e in places "here empires collapse or countries in)ade us. In terms of patriotism, that "ord comes from patris in latin, !reek "ord for fatherly a sentiment I'm not really fond of it, "ould seem that a father fi!ure "ouldn't allo" a "ar to happen in the first place=as #9del said the ud!e started to "rite on a notebook

se$eral nationalities 5spy/6 not patriotic, nor wants to be patriotic.

?-hat are your feelin!s re!ards America*= The ud!e asked in a more mello" )oice "ith #9dels hands tremblin!. #9del started noticin! the Gud!e's office portraits and a"ards. ?-ell I really appreciate that the !o)ernment allo"ed me to allocate here I')e been "orkin! here in Institute of Ad)anced 4tudy in >rinceton somethin! that I only dreamt "hile I "as doin! my pri)atdozent in 8ienna= ?-hat is a pri)atdozent*= ?-ell is an academic tittle "hen someone is teachin! "ithout a position per se. I "asn't paid in 8ienna for my lectures in my >ri)atdozent, here in >rinceton I don't e)en need to teach they pay me for my in)esti!ation time= ?-hy do you call it pri)atdozent, "hy don't you call it unpaid teacher*= ?>ri)atdozent is a "ord that the &n!lish )ocabulary doesn't ha)e, you kno" like

The Imperfect Machine 4chadenfraude=A!ain the Gud!e !rabbed the pen and "rote'


Disrespects +nglish doesn't really teach

?-hat "as the reason for the American ;e)olution*= ?It is belie)ed that &n!land sa" the rise of the ;epublicanism and :iberalism and the ideolo!y raised by Gohn :ocke's 4ocial contract "as ha)in! a bi! impact in the )ie"s of the Americans, Also the the proclamation of 1<0$ "hich forbade the....= ?4ir.... you ust=the ud!e tried to interrupt #9del but he "as concentrated and didn't allo" him to stop ?...forbade the e,pansion of territory to the "est to stabilize relations "ith the Aati)es "hich the Americans had already purchased lands from or "on them after battles a!ainst them.. ?4ir plese stop=This time the ud!e shouted ?Gust ans"er Ta,ation "ithout representation or Tea Furnin! please...+ou kno" our history that is !ood= The Gud!e asked markin! a!ain somethin! on his notepad History Good %-hat are the branches of the #o)ernment*= ?:e!islati)e, &,ecuti)e, and Gudicial=#odel said in an almost robotic fashion ?>erfect that is ho" "e like it here in America=he then "rote in his notebook 1ollows orders, good/. %-hat are the bill of ri!hts*= ?The bill of ri!hts are the first ten amendments to the D.4. =#odel stopped for a moment and decided to tell the ud!e his disco)ery.

The Imperfect Machine ?+ou kno" my friends ad)ised me not to tell you, but I belie)e it "ould be !ood for you to kno" !i)en that you are a ud!e and you mi!ht be able to someday be part of the 4upreme 3ourt chan!e a mistake in the 3onstitution. This mistake "ould allo" D.4.A turn into a dictatorship=


?A mistake* -hat do you mean a mistake*=As soon as the ud!e asked the door s"ooped open and &instein entered the room almost if he "as "as listenin! to their con)ersation the entire time. ?>hilip ho" ha)e you been its been a lon! time since I sa" you= &instein said "ith a !rin in his face and e,tendin! his hand to"ards the Gud!e. ?Albert ha its been a "hile I sorry but ri!ht kno" I'm impartin! an e,am= ?That is fine, but tell us "hen you finish because "e are #9del's "itnesses, "ell if he actually passes the test that is=&instein said shakin! pretty hard the Gud!es hand ?+ou kno" each other*=The ud!e asked raisin! his eyebro" alon! "ith his shakin! hand. ?Oh yes, "e do and if you actually turn him American you "ould !ain a formidable scientists in your ranks=The ud!e seemed stunned by the turn of e)ents. ?4o .urt ust come o)er the restaurant "hen you finish=&instein said The ud!e kept lookin! his notebook hesitatin! to a decision he had ust made. ?Oh no that "ont be necessary "e ust finish this !entlemen he is ready to take the oath.= ?Oh you heard that Oskar ,"e can !et out of here e)en faster=

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2One -in!ed An!els2

^.. Did you notice that the two great angels only ha$e one wing each/ ccording to a legend handed down in *isan, God could ha$e created humans perfectly, but then, humans would not ha$e helped each other. :o that is what these great single'winged angels symbolizes, in order to fly, they are dependant on one another.

?-hat the fuck are you smokin! Gesse*=A student dryin! his hair "ith a to"el, shoutin! at Gesse in the dorm room "hile Gesse "as holdin! a )ideo !ame controller lookin! at a flatscreen T8 ?It's #an!a "an!a an!a ne" hybrid=Gesse said to the !uy "ithout lookin! a"ay the screen ?Are you playin! )ideo !ames* Its your turn to clean the room Gesse. ?4hh Micheal Ill do it after I ust bou!ht this cool !ame for 111 bucks its kinda of a collections item because of its reli!ion and se,ual undertones.

The Imperfect Machine Gesse pressed the start button and unIpaused the !ame.


3itanP h, so that is the reason for it. I see, on further inspection, the left angel looks somewhat masculine, while the right one looks somewhat feminine. *ow that is an unusual feature, is it not/ 2sually these depictions are not gender'specific. "ut these angels are clearly distinguishable as ha$ing opposing genders. The church hates homose)uals in this world too. ssholes nd the space between them is the path from where God ad$ents, or could it be the path leading to God/ .ell, I do not know, it could be either, or e$en both. *ow I seeM This all coincides with the teachings of *isan.

Micheal is ust standin! ne,t to the T8 holdin! his to"el !lo"erin! at Gesse up until Micheal's stare made him look back at him. %Ok ok I'll do it= Gesse said "hile he puts do"n the controller and stands up stands up and notices a letter in the bookshelf ne,t to his Boctor "ho album.

To ,esse 0cIntyre Gesse noticed any any return address he opened the letter any"ay "ith t"o hundred dollar bills fallin! to the !round Gesse noticed that inside "here more money a D4F dri)e and a letter. ? ,esseP Hello ,esse we don't really know each other that well but I remember you from ,effs :tring -uartet you once performed a piece of music from one of my programs my name is ,ane 1ord and I'm sorry to tell you that I would contact first ,eff but since he got married I don't know his address so you are my only hope, please help us. Two months ago a girl named nnie and your e)'roomate $isit your dorm room .Today nnie is with me along with a friend we would ha$e come to the dorm room but we are being followed !ust like

The Imperfect Machine *atalia and we are li$ing in...


%Aatalia* That name sounds familiar=Gesse thou!ht. ...:he was killed three weeks ago and the same people that killed her are searching for us. ?(oly shit I remember, yeah I remember her= .e don't want to get you in$ol$ed also that's why the reason behind a handwritten letter. It's a really simple task we need you to do,we are going to gi$e you =>> dollars now and =>> after you do it. Huck yeah "ait a minute "hat do I ha)e to do*

On ,uly @J at e)actly SP>> pm eastern time you will insert the usb dri$e that comes with this package there aren't any instructions there will only appear a window popup with the -uestion proceed with $irus you will click ok, that's it.

/11 dollars for that* >retty !ood deal I "ould say so.

:omeone is going to locate you $ia mail or chat or a phone call I don't know asking you about ,why are you looking for me .#ou are going to con$ince her that nnie :orenson and ,ane 1ord are there with you asking for your help and that we are acting suspicious and that is the reason for you looking my name on the web you know the wacky 3omputer :cientist person I'$e sent you a photo of me and nnie if the person that is looking for us asks how do I look you !ust e)plain my details from the photo. Ok mmm uhhh she looks like 3hristina (endricks hu!e knockers. If anybody doesn't try to locate you !ust put the usb dri$e that's it, but this is the last resource. If e$erything goes according to plan we are going to mail you the other =>> dollars on ,une S 8.D. Don't Google me before or after because you might get in trouble if you do.

The Imperfect Machine &asy1111 bucks.


The Imperfect Machine


2Atonement "ith the Hather2

At the same time this "as happenin! in >rinceton's Ti!er inn a fe" miles in >ark 4lope, Ae" +ork in one affluent nei!hborhood The man in the red tie is holdin! a !un a!ainst his head in front a "all of computer monitors sho"in! a nonIstop flo" of stock market "ith his desk filled "ith old cord type telephones. ?Albion "hy are you doin! this to me, I ha)e done e)erythin! for you. Hrom my !randfather , my father, and no" me ,and no" you ust decided to take e)erythin! from us .+ou piece of shit ,only manipulatin! us to do your dirty "ork sho" yourself= The room "as silent "ith the numbers passin! by non stop in the screen as he held the !un tears and s"eat rolled throu!h his face by the ine)itable !ra)ity. ?It seems that you don't need me anymore huh=The man "ith a last tear pulled the tri!!er, but the !un didn't shoot this action made him urinate himself and as soon as he noticed the !un's malfunction he opened the re)ol)er only to see a bullet perforated.

The Imperfect Machine


%3alm Down +ze-uiel there is no need to end your life,I still need a lot from you and you know it&

All the monitors "ith the 4tock e,chan!e data turned into a massi)e baby face .(is )oice morphed to a )oice of a men "ith deep fatherly )oice.

?(o" did you do that*=

Don't worry about that ,#ou shouldn't be trying to kill yourself, !ust because I was wrong in some decisions I ga$e you. #ou are going to be fine, you only took a small loss but I'm gonna compensate you don't worry about it. In this state I actually can commit small mistakes you know/

?+ou call loosin! 211 billion dollars a small mistake* As the man drop the !un the bullet e,ploded as soon as it landed in the !round

I can see e$ery conse-uence for e$ery action taken in this world .That bullet not working wasn't a coincidence I sabotaged that bullet so that you wouldn't commit suicide, I plan this a long time ago and it worked. Doing the same thing in the stock market is actually something a little more unstable. The numbers needed to predict human economical conduct are enormous. . "e patient this things happen I can help you recuperate that money easily but you still need to be working for me. How is the Los Project going on/ ?They are ready. ? The man said lookin! do"n in ambi)alence. "e ready if ,ane decides to make a mo$e I can read e$erything in this world e)cept for her, she is too unpredictable.

The Imperfect Machine


?Albion Boes this mean e)erythin! Is !oin! to end .&)erythin! I')e -orked is !oin! to end*= *o, don't worry +ze-uiel things are going to be as always. It's !ust that It's time for me to accomplish what I was entrusted to do. 0ake all the preparations for fi$e weeks from tomorrow I want e$erything ready for ,ane.

The Imperfect Machine


2-here is The .ey*2

Heynman is playin! his bon!os "ith a Indian polyrhytm of / and %, a rhythm he had toyed "hen he "as at los alamos "hen he actually didn't kno" anythin! about rhythm yet he "as able to actually produce somethin! nobody had accomplished "hich is the true meanin! of bein! a !enius, kno"in! "ithout learnin! but as soon as he played the last note as the door opened Heynman kne" that The man in the red tie had come to !et him. ?Bid you make an appointment*=Heynman said ?I did actually, I'm actually am less )iolent than my father I don't "ant to !et the bad side out of you= The man in the red tie said as he closed the door ?O I !uess I ust for!ot= Heynman said ?+ou ha)e to understand Br. Heynman that it is not in our best interest in hurtin! you= Heynman's dial phone started rin!in!. ?4o I !uess you aren't !oin! to kill me=Heynman said i!norin! the phone call. ?Ao, you are one of the core members of Aaron (abrit althou!h you i!nored us and really didn't

The Imperfect Machine !ot that much out of our or!anization, I really need the key you stole from >rofessor Oppenheimer= ?-ell ust so you kno" I actually returned it to Oppenheimer= ?That can't be, he told us that....= ?I really don't kno" "hat he did "ith it, but for "hat he told me it meant a lot for the Aron (abrit and apparently he kne" somethin! "as fishy "ith you !uys, so he decided to lie to all of you and hide it. I still can't belie)e a key could be that important, can't you open the thin! you "ant to open* its pretty dumb that the !reatest secret society in the "orld can't do a simple task as that= ?+ou don't understand you , I don't care about the key I care for "hat is inside it=As the man


said this he stormed a"ay. Inside the bon!os Heynman pulled out a !un. that he "as hidin! pointin! it at the man. ?I ne)er checked the key. -hat could it be hidin! inside* Its "as so small=.Heynman stood from his chair !rabbin! his le! in pain holdin! himself "ith a cane ?I !uess I'm e)entually !oin! to kno" "ith immortality in my door.

The Imperfect Machine


2&instein's <1th Firthday2

The party celebrated &insteins <1th birthday, and ob)iously all of the usual elite scientist from the IA4 "ere !uest in Albert's house. Fut #9del didn't sho" any si!nals of his presence,"hich "as somethin! pretty common "ith him. (e e)aded social !atherin!s like the pla!ue. &instein's house "as so ?normal= for such celebrated man, that made it seem cocky that he li)ed in such a place. The fact "as that his second "ife had died se)eral years before, and didn't ha)e a need for a bi! house. The party "as filled "ith philanthropist that "ere behind the ;osa and :e"is estate the same from the Institute of Ad)anced 4tudy, and ust created The &instein A"ard to those "ho achie)ed !reat ad)ances in the natural sciences.

The Imperfect Machine


?-hat a pri)ile!e to dine "ith all of you= )on Aeumann said after drinkin! a hu!e !ulp of red "ine at the dinner table.=It is an honor for e)eryone to "itness >rofessor &instein reach the a!e of <1 years old. +ou kno" you are old "hen they decide to make a medal in your honor= &)eryone lau!hed at the oke.=A toast to celebrate the li)in! le!end >rofessor Albert &instein= &)eryone at the round table ele)ated their !lass of "ine. Another man stood up and hold his "ine cup in front of e)eryone ?In hopes that this man reaches the a!e of hundred years old and !i)es us more insi!hts the "e common people canKt see of the physical "orld=. &)eryone clapped at this one, it "as :e"is. :.4trauss the man "ith the money. &instein stood up as fast as he could and raised his cup to touch he's. A sound of a door openin! )iolently "as heard "ith &instein turnin! his head in hope to see #9del ust to re)eal dozens of children runnin! to"ards him, "ith a man shoutin! at them not to hurt the feeble body of the <1 year old &instein. They all umped at &instein's lap. ?IKm so sorry for this professor, I am from the ;eception 4helter these kids ust "anted to !reet

The Imperfect Machine you but they still need to learn ho" to respect the adults.=4aid the man "ith ?Oh no this is splendid I hope you en oy yourself sit do"n on the table let them eat= Another man stood up and raised his cup


?>rofessor e)eryone here kno"s the !reat influence that your research !ifted the "orld and all the conse5uences of your hard "ork. Fut "e also brin! oursel)es to celebrate the man that is behind all of this le!acy.= Oppenhaimer said raisin! the cup e)en more .=I can easily say that this man has helped see the "orld in a more complete manner. (e is, for much of us here, a muse that dri)es us to accomplish somethin! "orth of &insteinKs proportions. To 5uote the Fha)a!ada #ita ?(e is the source of li!ht in all luminous ob ects. (e is beyond the darkness of matter and is unmaniI fested. (e is kno"led!e, (e is the ob ect of kno"led!e, and (e is the !oal of kno"led!e. (e is situated in e)eryone's heart.= They all cheer up at OppenheimerKs 5uote and they all !o to the li)in! room "ith a drunk )on Aeumman tryin! to put the record on the !ramophone really loud only to be turned do"n by e)eryone that passed by. A !irl approached &instein. ?>rofessor there is a "eird lookin! !uy in the entrance=she said ?:et him in=&instein said ?-ell he doesnKt "ant to come in, he said he is !oin! to "ait up until the party ends to see you= &instein kne" immediately "ho she "as talkin! about. &instein !rabbed his cane and "alked outside ust to disco)er #9del "ith a suitcase "aitin! in the bushes co)erin! his patio. ?ItKs alri!ht >enelope you can return no", he is harmless=&instein said to the !irl and apI proached #odel outside his !arden "ere #9del "hich "as standin! in a really a"k"ard position holdI in! his suitcase up to his chin. -hat &instein didnKt notice "as that Oppenheimer "as behind him lookI in! at him, he also "ent outside. As &instein slo" pace !a)e Oppenheimer the opportunity to talk to &instein before he reached #9del.

The Imperfect Machine ?>rofessor ha)e you told him*=.Oppenheimer asked !rabbin! &insteinKs shoulder


?(e still doesnKt kno" @ I donKt think he is able to handle it. &)ery day I !o to the institute I ust !o to "alk "ith him, my o"n "ork no lon!er means much I ust "ant the pri)ile!e of "alkin! home "ith #9del2 =&instein said "ith the years !raspin! his throat and turnin! his head to face OppenI heimer. &instein shouted at #9del lea)in! Oppenheimer behind the bushes. ?-hat are you doin! here #9del* -ho in)ited you*=#9del smiled at the presence of &instein but then realized that &instein's "ords meant he "asn't in)ited. ?Oskar told me to come today. +ou didnKt in)ite me* #9del said "ith a scared face. ?IKm ust playin! "ith you, come in I "as e,pectin! you t"o hours a!o.= ?IKm not comfortable in partyKs or reunions. I ust "anted to !i)e you your Firthday present #9del opened the briefcase takin! out a portfolio "ith #9dels "ritin! on it. ?-hat is this*=&instein asked puttin! his !lasses on. ?This is "hat youK)e been lookin! for=#odel said &instein started readin! it. It contained a solution to the &instein field e5uations. These solution alI lo"ed closed timelike cur)es in the spacetime. &instein "as dumbfounded by #9delKs disco)ery &inI stein kept his attention closely to the portfolio. ?>rofessor #9del "hat "as your birthday present to &instein* Oppenheimer asked ?>roof that he is "ron!=#odel said ?Aot a really !ood birthday present if you ask me. 3an "e talk >rofessor= ?Of course= Oppenheimer and #9del started "alkin! the street lea)in! &insteins an,iously re)isin! #9del's paper. -ith no one lookin! at them ?(o" are thin!s !oin! at the Institute*=Oppenheimer asked.

The Imperfect Machine The feelin! of une)enness emanated from Oppenheimer and #9del felt it .Althou!h he didn't kno" anythin! about "hat "as !oin! on, #9del's paranoid ideas "ould actually ha)e a foundation.


?&)erythin! is fine, they been treatin! me like family but I ust don't feel comfortable "ith soI cial !atherin!s and socialization acti)ities=#9del said "alkin! alon!side Oppenheimer. ?>rofessor I think you are a brilliant scientist and most people at the Institute don't treat you like they should.= Oppenheimer stopped and turned to #9del puttin! his hand o)er his shoulder. ?They treat you like you "ere a little child and you deser)e to kno" the truth= #9del's paranoia "as al"ays present but for some reason he didn't felt it this time. #9del "as at the mouth of the :ion. ?I ima!ine no one has brou!ht up the sub ect of Aaron (abrit to you* Oppenheimer started "alkin! a!ain in !i)in! the illusion of trust in him. ?I')e heard it mentioned but as I said it already I don't care about social !atherin!s' ?-ell you mi!ht be interested "hen I inform you "hat are "e dealin! "ith= Fy this time they arri)ed at a nearby park that "ith the ni!ht fallin! !a)e the feelin! of tortured spirits ridin! alon! the children's s"in!s. The air in the park breath cold static air that only electrified the place ?-hat is Aaron (abrit e,actly*=#9del asked sho"in! a sli!ht interest "ith his sli!ht t autistic traits. ?At the end of the nineteen century a man "hile doin! research on a sparkI!ap transmitter disI co)ered a code "as embedded "ith certain type of radiation and this machine could read the code .The first years they used a teletype to decode it not understandin! its nature for years they only assume it "as noise, residuals of some sort of si!nal. At the be!innin! of the century in 171$ to be e,act a man "hich name I cannot say in)ested money in the -estin!house &lectric and Manufacturin! house...=#9del interrupted Oppenheimer.

The Imperfect Machine ?-hat do you mean a name you cannot say=#9del "as fascinated by e)erythin!.


?+es It's hard to e,plain and I think I kno" "hy. I cannot say his name but first let me finish. This man "as able to decode it. This man disco)ered the "ay to decode it "e then started to recei)e base ten numbers in the same band"idth that "ith his codin! "e could see information especialy boolean lo!ic alon! "ith set theory and modal theory thin!s that "ere ust in)ented ust years a!o ...=#9del a!ain interrupted Oppenheimer ?My numberin! but ho"...= ?+es I undestand your "orry, you "ere born three years after the fact,.-hen you published _ber formal unentscheidbare :`tze der 98rincipia 0athematica9 und $erwandter :ysteme e)eryone "as skeptical of you and you "ere in)esti!ated for usin! this code in your Incompleteness theorem "e 5uickly realized that this code "as perfectly understandable to be used in your proof and your book helped us disco)ered some unkno"n theorems "ith in the transmission, it "as pretty ob)ious that the transmission of your code "as an a priori kno"led!e and "hoe)er had been transmittin! the code had an understandin! of your research. This code helped us ad)ance in lo!ic and mathematical lo!ic, model theory, proof theory and especially in the first steps for computational science.= ?4o I "as ri!ht=#odel said ?-hat do you mean*Are you sayin! you kne" this*= Oppenheimer stop and "alk to"ard him ?I...only suspected it= ?-hat do you kno"*= ?Aothin! really but after I disco)ered "hat I !a)e &insteins for his birthday present. I kne" that there "as somethin! !oin! on in the IA4. The first day I arri)ed to the Institute a man presented me to &instein, "hat he didn't kno" "as that I secretly had follo"ed &insteins career )ery closely and there "as a connection bet"een him and I that I "anted to confirm. &)ery time that I seem to initiate a ne" ;esearch &instein seemed to beat me to it. At first I thou!ht it "as a coincidence and as soon as I met

The Imperfect Machine


him I noticed that It "asn't a coincidence The paper I "as "ritin! &instein already had it complete it. It "as like someone "as inside my head robbin! of my ideas to !i)in! them to &instein but I 5uickly realized "asn't the case. Fut it "as only &instein decodin! my numberin!. I kne" somethin! "ron! "as !oin! on but I ne)er cared much about it, I decided to keep "orkin! on lo!ic it "as my first lo)e any"ay and &instein isn't !ood "ith lo!ic, I didn't thou!ht of it that much up until no" because there "as no lo!ic behind it but no" that you mentioned somethin! like that it makes me to "onder.2 #9del stood up in front of him "ith his delicate body tryin! to be intimidatin! in front of the !iant Oppenheimer. The last reached o)er his coat and took a key out of !a)e #odel a key "ith the number 101E and hu!!ed him ?Aone of the abo)e but don't "orry all of your 5uestions "ill be ans"ered if you oin Aaron (abrit= 2Albert thou!ht you "eren't prepared but it turns out that you already kne" about it, it "as Aaron (abrit "ho "asn't ready for you.

The Imperfect Machine


2Ao -estermarck &ffect2

At the 77 cent store the t"o stran!ers "alk the aisle "ith the toilet papers are, both persons ha)en't talked in the "hole trip e)adin! "eird !lances at each other. The piercin! fluorescent li!ht only made thin!s "orse as the hum from the old ballast made a horrible noise. Annie had a ridiculous fast "alk tryin! to !et out as fast as she could but then she suddenly stopped makin! ;ichard reach her. ?-here is the toilet paper*=Annie said lookin! at all directions not realizin! that the toilet paper "as in front of her, ;ick "as confused by her inability to see the paper in front of her only decided to !rab it "hile lookin! at her. They kept "alkin! the aisle. ?Bid she asked for anythin! else* 4he didn't ans"er, hearin! the bi! hummin! of the li!hts confirmed that they "ere alone at the store "ith only one an older "omen mo)in! cereal stock from the stora!e the store "as small althou!h they dro)e to"ards the city they still "ere in the countryside. Annie seemed to take an eternity to ans"er any of ;ick's 5uestions.

The Imperfect Machine


?4he didn't ask for anythin! else, but "e need to buy basic thin!s, Milk, 3anned foods -ater...= Annie "as still namin! !roceries that they needed "hen ;ick interrupted. ?Aatalia "as your..ah....uhmm...."hat happened*= ;ick asked makin! Annie stop cold and makI in! her !esticulate a lon! face "ith the 5uestion ;ick disco)ered 5uickly "ith Annie's Hace that she didn't "ant to hear that name.=Ok Ok I understand you don't need to say a "ord, it's ust that I don't really think I understood "ell and I "anted to confirm "hat you started...= Annie ust "alked past ;ick and took the toilet paper out of his hands, ;ick "alked to"ards AnI nie tryin! to reach her6 someho" ;ick couldn't match Annie's little steps of a / ' E2 !irl. Annie sat do"n in the be!innin! of one of the aisle ;ick catch her ?-ait for me here I'll be back in fi)e minutes= After rick #rabbin! the milk, "ater, cereal, e!!s, meat , oil ,4hampoo, soap and bleach In ridiculously bi! 5uantities and payin! "ith his money, he returned to pick up Annie, "hich he pretty much had to lift her up from the place she "as cryin! After apolo!ies and sobbin! they accomplished the task at hand. Fut the dri)e home pro)e to be the same painfully a"k"ard as the dri)e to the store. The dri)e to the closest store "as a lon! one, they spend t"enty minutes ust to !et to the to"n in a unI kno"n place. Fy this time the ni!ht had fallen and didn't ha)e any li!ht to let them see the dirt road they "ere dri)in! in. The hu!e moon only made thin!s "orse as it made ;ick only see Annie's face "ithout sayin! anythin!. ?The Moon looks hu!e isn't it*=4aid ;ick in his last attempt to make a normal con)ersation "ith Annie. ?+es its 5uite bi!=Annie said in her standardIindiferent )oice. Another ten minutes passed "ithout con)ersation, ;ick in the frustration tried to tune the radio to a station in the radio only to ha)e Annie's hand stop him.

The Imperfect Machine


?I don't kno" If "e can use the radio=Annie said ha)in! a concerned look. (alf an hour later they arri)ed at the cabin. ?-e made it= ;ick said "hile openin! the door and "hen he tried to e,it the car he felt Annie's hand stoppin! from lea)in!. ?I'll tell you but, please, don't tell anyone, not Gane not 4cott anyone. +ou hear me*C= ?+es I understand2 ?In my first day at >rinceton. I still had problems "ith "ere "here thin!s and I "as askin! a lot of people "hen suddenly this !irl out of no"here started talkin! to as if "e kne" each other for a lon! time. ?Aatalia "hy didn't you tell me you "here !oin! to come*= 4he said to me this unkno"n !irl After I turned and she noticed that I acted as stupefied "ith her talkin! to me in that "ay she noticed that I "asn't Aatalia. That !irl told me that I "as identical to a friend of hers she e)en ask me if "e "here t"ins, at that time there "asn't any si!n that directed me that she "as my t"in sister. I mean my parents had kept the secret that I "as adopted. A year after I "as eatin! at the Ti!er Inn and I sa" this !irl at a distance "earin! the same outfit I "as "earin!, it "as a bizarre e,perience, it "as like lookin! a mirror "ith the reflection i!norin! you. 4he "alked a"ay from the dinnin! hall. Bays after people start confusin! me "ith her but as soon as they sa" my eyes they said that they had me confused by someone else. Then one day suddenly someone tapped at my shoulder and she said' ?-e are both "earin! the same shirt=Aatalia "as shocked "hen I turned to see her face. I also "as shocked but I kne" there "as someone out there that looked ust like me. That day "e "ere "earI in! the same shirt but I "as "earin! a skirt and she "as "earin! pants. 4he immediately asked me about my parents, in all my years li)in! "ith my parents they ne)er told me anythin!, someho" Aatalia fi!ured out that if she confessed to me that she used to li)e in a foster home and that my parents actuI ally adopted me I "ould feel bad, somethin! that she didn't "ant as "e "ere able to bond so much so

The Imperfect Machine


fast, I "as adopted "hen I "as a baby and stayed "ith the same family "ithout them sayin! anythin! to me "hen I ask her about her parents, she ust told me she didn't "ant to talk about it 4he only said that she had a lot of parents. -e de)eloped a friendship, but "e ne)er talked about that,"e "ere inseparable althou!h "e look a like, "e "ere so different. Aatalia al"ays "as the ruleIbreaker and I "as al"ays the scaredyIcat, I "as al"ays afraid.= Annie's started tremblin! "hile rememberin! Aatalia, co)erin! her eyes and lurchin! for"ard restin! on the dashboard. ;ick started rubbin! Annie's shoulder to console her. ?>lease don't touch me=Annie said mo)in! herself to a)oid ;ick's hand. ;ick !ot off the car and started unloadin! the !roceries that they ust bou!ht. Annie stepped out of the car and started also !rabbin! the plastic ba!s. ?+ou don't ha)e to, lea)e it to me.= ;ick said !rabbin! Annie's ba!s lea)in! her "ipin! the tears from her face. 4uddenly Annie put her arms in ;ick's neck hu!!in! him and started "hisperin! in his ear. ?I al"ays kne" it. I ust didn't "ant to belie)e it.=;icks arms dropped the !roceries hu!!in! AnI nie not kno"in! "hat to think about her confession. (e "anted to say somethin! but any thou!ht that popped in his head seem to be inappropriate, so he decided to talk. ? Annie I don't kno" you that "ell but for "hat I can see I kno" that you are sufferin! deeply this means that you lo)ed Aatalia and nothin! can chan!e this fact perhaps lo)e is not a natural thin! in the uni)erse. If you "anted to be "ith her, that "as the ri!ht thin! to do, "ho cares "hat nature dictates "ho cares if they see you in....=;ick "as interrupted "ith Annie kissin! him in the mouth. ?I ust "anted to be at her side= Annie immediately !a)e him another kiss this time ;ick !rabbed her "aist and thrust her "ith his arms into him. ?-e ne)er thou!ht it "as "ron!, there "as nothin! that felt "ron!, somethin! like this can't be "ron!, ri!ht* They kept kissin! "ith Annie kissin!

The Imperfect Machine him in the neck.=-e mi!ht ha)e to stop, Gane mi!ht see us from here=. 4uddenly Annie stopped and looked at ;ick "ith a confused !esticulation in her face. ?Oh I'm so sorry I didn't kno" you and Gane "ere..= ?-e aren't anythin! but I don't kno" maybe...= ?Then "hat is the problem. :ook.... I...I understand I'm a "reck ...=


A li!ht in front of the house lit ;ick. Gane started shoutin! from inside the cabin. Annie "iped her tears "hich by this time "ere co)erin! her face "ith black rimmel smud!in! her face and her "hite cotton s"eater. ?-ho is there. I ha)e a fuckin! shot!un if you don't....=Gane then fi!ured out that it "as Annie and ;ick because of the car parked in front of it, Gane put do"n the shot!un. ?;ick*=Gane shouted Annie 5uickly hid herself "ipin! herself "ith her arm carelessly so that Gane couldn't see her tears. ?It's us. 3alm do"n.=;ick said ?(oly shit you scared me, let me put sandals and I'll help you "ith that= ;ick !rabbed the toilet paper opened and !a)e it to Annie "ipin! her rimmel stained face. ?Bon't "orry Annie is here to help me=;ick said. ?(ey I for!ot to ask for >ads did Annie remember*= Annie lau!hed at the remark, she "as ri!ht, she didn't e)en thou!ht about that, and it "as a lo!ical neI cesity. Gane said as she "as returnin! inside the cabin.=I still don't kno" ho" "e are !oin! to beat this thin!=.;ick started a!ain !rabbin! the !roceries "hile lookin! at Annie's face had turned bluish beI cause of the fluorescent li!ht of the street li!ht "hich didn't that "as from a spittin! distance from the cabin. ?Bon't tell anybody please.=

The Imperfect Machine


Annie and ;ick !ot inside the cabin. The temperature inside "as same as cold as outside "hich by this time "as pitch black "ith the noises of the "oods only intensify the bitter "eather. As Annie "as "alkI in! ;ick noticed still a small black smud!e "hich he 5uickly reacted to clean "ith his thumb. ?I really ha)en't come "ith somethin! yet but at least I kno" ho" to see the problem= Gane had assembled a old computer that run "ith -indo"s 7/ and on the side "as a blackboard "ith tons of chalk "ritten on it. Gane had her entire slee)e "ith "hite chalk from the cleanin! of the board. ?-ith ho" you describe thin!s "ent before, I arri)ed to the conclusion that its the "ay to desI troy &01 "ould be somethin! pretty similar to ne"comb's parado,= 4omethin! in Annie seem to click "ith this "ords she sit do"n in front of the blackboard and sa" e)erythin! carefully tryin! to understand Gane's "ords. ?:et me ask you this. -here are "e no"* The silence indicated the ob)ious confusion ?-ell I could say "e are close to Maine but...= ?Ao no no.-here are "e li)in! no"= Gane's enthusiasm in tryin! to !et them to say specific "ords faded 5uickly as she realized that they seem confused by the 5uestion.= ?-e are li)in! in the present, no future, no past6 all of that doesn't e,ist, the rules that physics follo" are in the "orld "ere time is e)erythin!, "e need to for!et them. The trick is to freeze time to be able to li)e in a "orld "ere "e aren't dictated by those rules. I think I kno" ho" to stop this son of a bitch &01. Hor years I thou!ht "e li)ed in a Dni)erse "ere determinism couldn't be altered but a fe" days a!o ;ick sa)e me from a bullet that clearly should ha)e killed me= Annie and ;ick stared at themsel)es "hile rememberin! "hat the babyface &01 said about Gane's death in the year 21$/

The Imperfect Machine ?It Is pretty ob)ious that &01 can't control e)ery aspect of this "orld, if I almost die "ithout


ha)in! him perfected, this "ould mean that he can't control e)ery aspect of this "orld, if not, he "ould ha)e pre)ented me bein! shot. -e ha)e the ability to chan!e the course of history in the "orld. ?Gane there is somethin! "e ha)en't told you.= ;ick said mo)in! his head side"ays tryin! to hide his feelin!s.= ?&01 told us that you died in the year 21$/ and that you "eren't the one "ho created him, it "as your dau!hter. In the Dni)erse "here he "as ori!inally created, it appears that you and Aatalia had a baby "ith both bein! mothers. (e "ent to e,plain that this still isn't possible here, but it "ould be in a fe" years.= Gane stared do"n "ith her redhead ban!s co)erin! he face they didn't kno" "hat "as !oin! throu!h Gane's head. ?This is >&;H&3TC= Foth Annie and ;ick flinched "hen Gane screamed "ith oy at the ne"s of her death. ?+ou kno" "hat this means* It chan!es e)erythin!. -e can chan!e e)erythin!. -ait...= Gane suddenly stopped cold in the middle of her celebration. ?Bid he mentioned my dau!hters name. BOAT T&:: M& (&; AAM&C Gust tell me if you .AO- her name.= Foth Gane and ;ick nodded at the frantic Gane. ?-as her name Aatalie*= Annie open her mouth "ide in surprise. ?+es. -as that your....=;ick said Gane's reaction chan!ed realizin! that this kid "ould not be able to e,ist ?I really liked that name. This makes my point e)en more clear. There is still hope that "e can chan!e the "orld.=Gane said

The Imperfect Machine ?I don't understand "hy you keep sayin! there is hope. -hat is !oin! to happen.*=


Gane puts her hand o)er the blakboard pointin! to a circle "hich all lines con)er!e and say ?A:FIOA= ?Bo you ha)e the key*=Gane asked Annie opened her purse "here she took out Gane's diary as she opened the key fell to the !round. ?The person that "arned me about Aaron (abrit and that told me that Guly 1% at <'11 pm 2121 the "orld "as !oin! to start the last -orld -ar caused by one of my pro!rams. 4he called that date the birth of A:FIOA and that I needed to !et ready to enter and be claimed by #od=. ?-ho told you this*= ?.urt #odel's dau!hter :VMJ #odel. ?-hat did you say*=Annie asked ?I can't say her name I heard it but for some reason I can't say her name.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2The Illusion of Time2

At the "arehouse, "here e)erythin! be!an, the same the lo!o #oldsbrou!h Mort "as ust painted #9del "as bein! !uided by Oppenheimer himself lookin! at dozens of !irls in desks punch hole cards that "ere used for computation. Oppenheimer "alked the same trail the man "ith the red tie "ould take "ith Heynman. ?This is the computin! phase for your decodin!.= Oppenheimer then opened a door that led to the same 4parkI!ap transmitter that they had been usin! for recei)in! the code. The machine looked ne". ?I don't understand "hy you need so many people to decode it.=#odel said ?-e 5uickly realized that the code itself comes "ith instructions to decode it and the same Morse code is repeated o)er and o)er. -e ha)e all the ladies here !rabbin! the information and e,cludI in! it from the real code.= ?3an I see the code= Oppenheimer !rabbed a small paper from the desk and !a)e it to #odel. In the paper it said the follo"I in! %...: p 5 - r 6 .. - 5 p a) 5b5bp $ b-66 6 c) d) :: 5)6666... #odel looked at it closely and sat do"n. The code he "as "atchin! made him s5uint his eyes. ?-hat is this* This is nonsense* ?+es Aeumann said the same thin!. The code after a "hile seem to !i)e this all the time "e don't really kno" "hy. I "ill lea)e you to think you mi!ht notice somethin! "e ha)en't.= As soon as Oppenheimer left the room #9del !rabbed a pen and started "ritin!.= %h e l l o p r o f e s s o r i t i s a p l e a s u r e m y n a m e i s n a t a l i e f o r d&

The Imperfect Machine


#odel stopped and tried to fi!ure out if he kne" the name. The room "as filled "ith tons of paI per and noise from the sparkItransmitter she didn't noticed that Oppenheimer "as returnin!. ?..del one more thin!= #9del 5uickly hid the paper from him but Oppenheimer didn't notice as suddenly a !irl ran inI side the room yellin!. ?>rofessor &instein had a stroke= Foth men run instantly to OppenheimerKs car a Fuick ;oadmaster that seemed almost ne", but "ith the dreary ne"s #9del umped inside. The messa!e still "as a )i)id memory in #9del still "onderin! "hat the meanin! of this name of !irl that he decode "as, but at the same time the ne"s of &instein's stroke only made his stomach turn itself inside out. #9del "as a lonely man ,and the only t"o persons he talked to "here Mor!enstern and &instein e,cept from his "ife, #9del ne)er had the acrimony of a friend close to death, only e!otistical memories of ho" #9del al"ays tried to surpass the !reat &instein in the intellectual capacity. The !oal had clouded a bond that "as uni5ue in #9del's life but the sad thin! is that he ne)er e)en hinted this feelin!s of friendship an empathy to"ards to the !reat professor, this sentiment "ould only "ould be a thin! of the past if the professor died he "ould ne)er had the chance to mock him for his in!enuity in the terms of physics. ?(e is on the second floor= Oppenheimer said umpin! out of the car !i)in! the keys to someone in the entrance of the hospital. #9del "as surprised that they arri)ed that fast but &instein "as treated at >rinceton's (ospital so it "as a small dri)e, and "as pretty close from the -arehouse, Dni)ersity, and (ospital. The same burly "oman "ho "as in the party cried relentlessly, her laments echoin! in the hall makin! e)eryone feel uneasy. As the !irl sa" Oppenheimer she balance to"ards his arms tryin! to find some comfort.

The Imperfect Machine


?-e came to the hospital yesterday, they told us that it "as only an infection, at midni!ht he had a stroke, they said somethin! about heart failure...= ?3alm do"n (elen= 4he "as &instein personal secretary. Oppenheimer said in a calm rela,ed )oice hu!!in! her.=(elen... listen, you need to contact Br. Thomas (ar)ey fast= Oppenheimer "ords made (elen mo)e her head 5uickly to"ards him sho"in! distaste in her look. ?Ao, "hat do you mean*Are you also !oin! to do that to him* ?(elen don't say a "ord more, you understand* -e need to do it 5uickly= Oppenheimer )oice chan!e dramatically it "as the first time #9del "itness some sort of ra!e to"ards somethin!. ?-ho is this Br Thomas (ar)ey= #9del asked. ?+ou don't need to "orry >rofessor,this is somethin! that >rofessor &instein al"ays "anted.= (e didn't kno" "hat he "as talkin! about.The "ords felt insincere, but he "asnKt entirely sure, as he didn't kno" "hat they meant. #9del's attention shifted to a nurse "ho "as scolded because she announced &instein's death, and already ournalist "ere callin! tryin! to obtain information from the front desk. ?Aancy !o "ith &ric to the basement, you "ere the last to see the man ali)e, they are !oin! to try to ask 5uestions about the conditions "e can't say anythin!. I don't "ant you near them.= The nurse solemnly "alked to"ards a hu!e hall "here she opened the last door to the ri!ht. #9del follo"ed her lea)in! Oppenheimer makin! phone calls in the front desk, the nurse seemed to kno" Oppenheimer someho". #9del entered the door "here the nurse "ent and disco)er the nurse sitI tin! in a small chair in front of dozens of brooms, the machine room made a lot of noise.#9del tried to talk to her but all of #9dels "ords "ere indistin!uishable because all of the machinery sounds. The nurse sa" #9del's attempts to communicate to her and stepped out of the room to the hall si!nalin! her to follo" him. ?I'm sorry but you can't be here=The nurse said.

The Imperfect Machine ?I o)erheard you talkin!, did you had the chance to talk to >rofessor &instein* could you tell me*= ?I'm sorry I can't say anythin!= ?Bon't "orry I am a friend of &instein please let me kno", did he said somethin!.=


?I... I... I could't understand him he said somethin! in #erman he "as delirious, the only "ord I remember "as "hen he said 9eeit9, Bon't kno" "hat that means.= ?Thank you= #9del turned around and started "onderin! "hat he could ha)e said lea)in! him "ith stomach ache feelin! ?Time*=

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


9'J9 .hat is this place/ .here I'm I/ There is nothing in here. I feel weird. .hy can't I look at my hands. I'm raising my hands in front of my but I can't see anything. +$erything is black I think I can mo$e but there is nothing in front of me. +$erything is black. I'm not really talking ,but I can hear my thoughts. The place suddenly chan!es to "hite and no matter "here the conscience look at he only see the same hu!e letter that took a"ay the "hole !iant room. +B>PHello, you don't know how much I'$e been waiting for this. Hello, who are you/

The Imperfect Machine


2In)itation to a >arty2

?(o" many times I')e told you to brin! up the bathroom seat, damn is filled "ith pee. -hat is this* I don't think "e are !oin! to need this=Gane said as she !rabbed a toilet brush and a a,. ?It breaks if you try to mo)e it, I tried to fi, it last "eek= ;ick said as he "as ser)in! one of the heated canned soups "hile Gane and Annie's made a !esture of distaste ?It's already been se)eral "eeks, this is the first time I thou!ht about that=Annie said. ?-hat do you mean*=;ick said ?-e left a life behind, I still don't fully understand "hat is !oin! on, yet I'm here li)in! "ith a couple of stran!ers= The rock that supported the impro)ised place for cookin! collapsed splashin! soup e)ery"here,e)eryI one lau!h at the moment they had. ?I told you to put the base not only a rock yesterday=Gane said The three sat do"n in the kitchen and proceed to eat "ith ;ick's delicious soup heatin!. Gane and ;ick "ere tremblin! because of the cold. Annie, on the other hand al"ays "ear a cotton s"eater6 that almost "as her trademark piece of clothes.

The Imperfect Machine


?Aatalia had an identical s"eater ust like the one you are "earin! no"=Gane said tryin! to look a"ay in her attempt to brin! Aatalia into the con)ersation. ?;eally* I really can't say I didn't kno" her that "ell.=Annie said it "hile lookin! at ;ichard tryin! to discard the sub ect. ?I mean you t"o look identical if it "eren't for your eyes, I "ould s"ear that you "ere Aatalia but at the same, if you "ere t"ins you t"o should ha)e same eye color or maybe...= ?-e "eren't t"ins please could you stop talkin! about it= Gane "hispered into ;ick's ear ?-hat's "ith her*= Annie !rabbed the plates lookin! some"hat distressed by the Gane's actions ?Annie sit do"n I "ant e)eryone to hear "hat I'm about to say.=Annie's "as half standin! up half seated "hen she stopped and in one mo)ement she let !o the dishes into the table makin! a small statement to"ards Gane. Annie put her elbo" in the table puttin! her hand to her face makin! a ob)ious forced bored !esture to"ards Gane. ?(o" do you defeat an entity that is able to see the future= ?It depends on if "e li)e in a deterministic "orld or a inIdeterministic one= Gane !esticulated a smile in her face but as soon a Annie talked her face chan!e into a surprised one. ?&,actly....Oh so I'm talkin! to someone "ho is little bit educated.= ?I'm no Gane Hord but yes, I'm a mathematician= Annie said ?In a deterministic "orld e)erythin! is set on stone and you can't chan!e any aspect of the "orld because of this 5uality. Hor years people thou!ht that an all mi!hty #od created us and the reperI cussions of an entity dictatin! e)erythin! there "as, "as his doin!. >hilosophers noticed the problems of ha)in! a strict future. Ima!ine &01 as #od as an almi!hty future kno"in! entity ust for our analysI is.=

The Imperfect Machine ?+ou are talkin! about the problem of future contin!ents= ?>erfect, you are !ettin! it.=


Gane stood up still holdin! her coffee mu! and started "ritin! in the the chalk board "eird lo!ic symI bols ne,t to GOD I: D+1+ T+D to "hich AnnieKs seemed to understand. ;ick "as only makin! a dumb e,pression in his face. ?:ook at this= Annie stood up ne,t to her lea)in! ;ick eatin! his soup in the table. ?In the Dni)erse "e li)e in if "e follo" this lo!ic the sentence GOD I: D+1+ T+D is a posI sible preposition , I think I understand "here you !oin! but this means...= Annie looked do"n in disbelief. ?+es it looks like you understand...Ao matter "hat "e do, &01 "ill defeat us. And the sentence is GOD I: D+1+ T+D can ne)er be True= Gane stood up in front of the board scratchin! her head.= ;ick finished eatin! and !rabbed the dishes and started scrubbin! them in the kitchen sink feelin! useI less in front of t"o !enius suddenly he decided to talk. ?-hat If you don't defeat it in our uni)erse "hat if you defeated in another= Gane drop the coffee mu! makin! e)eryone startle. &)eryone could see the &ureka moment present itI self in Gane's eyes she ran to the computer and started typin! like a madman. ?4o*=;ick asked Annie. ?:o!ically speakin! yes, physically speakin! I don't e)en !rasp "hat is Gane doin! ri!ht no" besides I am a Mathematician not a :o!ician.= 4uddenly they heard a motor outside the house. ;ick takes a peek throu!h the "indo" co)er the ni!ht didn't let him see easily up until the man in the red tie "alked out of the Mustan! he "as dri)in!. ?Gane, is the man that tried to kill you in the hospital=

The Imperfect Machine


?(o" the fuck he found us. 4hit, &)ery one don't mo)e.=Gane then !rabbed the shot!un that she hided ne,t to the door and backed a"ay pointin! at the door "ith no sound "hatso)er up till the thunI derous knocks of the man filled the lo! room. ?-ho are you*=Gane screamed "hile pointin! the shot!un at the door. A!ain he knocked ?+ou don't ha)e to open the door, My boss chan!ed his mind. Take this= Gane reco!nized the )oice it "as the man "ith the red tie. ?(o" did you found us*=;ick asked. ?>lease, once he kno"s "here you are once in your lifetime time he can find you "ith military dishes An en)elope passed the throu!h the door. ?If you don't !o. Ae,t time "e see each other, I'll be the one "ho "ill be holdin! the shot!un Take care Gane and Annie I'm sorry for e)erythin!. ?-ait -hat did he mean "ith that* Annie asked. Aobody mo)ed until they heard a fainted motor sound outside the house "ith the !as e,plosions fadin! in the "oods. Gane lifted the en)elope and !a)e it to Annie. ?;ead it=Gane !a)e the en)elope to Annie and to open it. A photo!raph a letter and a check "ere inside the en)elope, Annie umped horrified at the photo!raph, It "as 4cott tied to a chair his head filled "ith blood in "hat looked a basement co)ered "ith plastic sheets tryin! to co)er the blood. 4cott "as holdin! a ne"spaper that read ?>resident Andre" 3uomo 'con!ress doesn't "ork anymore'= D4A TOBA+ and the date of today. Gane picked up the photo!raph and the letter. ?Is This !uy "as the one "ho abandoned Annie at my (ouse, isn't it*=pointin! at the picture.

The Imperfect Machine Annie started breathin! hea)ily and slo"ly recitin! a desperate plea.


?-hy did you ha)e to kill him. (e "as only helpin! me in my doctoral thesis,he didn't kno" shit.=Annie fell to the floor. Gane picked up the photo and the letter that Annie dropped and started readin! the letter. %8lease help me I don't know where they are holding me hostage, two men disguised as police officers came and faked arrested me co$ered my eyes and put me here, please anyone who is reading this help me. They made me wrote this letter asking for help if anyone that reads this contact th... The hand"ritin! is then opa5ued by the blood stains. I'm sorry to ha$e come to this but it was the only way to letting you know I am talking seriously when I say that there will be conse-uences if you don't do as I tell you, nnie I'm sorry for getting you in' $ol$ed in this, but I truly need to speak to ,ane face to face. I need ,ane to come with the other two persons that are li$ing with her. :cott told us about all about you nnie before we killed him, I can only speculate that the man that is also with you is a man called Eichard that worked with ,ane in the su' permarket or ,immy +strada who ,ane once had an affair with. "ut it doesnYt matter who is that man I would need his assistance to the party. I decided to celebrate my birthday. *o in$itations needed !ust show yoursself ,I know you don't ha$e that much money so I re-uest that you buy decent close before the party I send along this letter a <>,>>> dollar check7 do whate$er you like with it, but I want you looking your best that day. I 'll be waiting for the three of you in the place where it all began. ,ane knows what that means, Annie's !ut "renchin! cry escalates from Gane's readin! of the letter. ?-hat does he mean "here it all be!an*= Gane pulled of the key out of her pocket and stare at it. ?4o finally It's the time, I'm ready.=Gane said pressin! "ith force a!ainst the key.

The Imperfect Machine ?-hat are you talkin! about don't speak in fuckin! riddles you don't realize the scope of the problem*=;ick said puttin! his arm o)er Annie ?+ou are the one that doesn't understand, its been three years since I last sa" her= ?-ho are you talkin! about*= ?The lady that !a)e me the key and told me to my fate...#9del's dau!hter.=


?I "as adopted by a "ealthy couple Games Hord and 4il)ia Hord but e)erythin! in that family "as a lie. Games "as an !ay politician that hide his se,ual orientation "ith the family he made. All and all, Games "as a !reat parent, no" that I')e !re" up I understand e)erythin! he did. 4il)ia ne)er cared for a family, she ust "anted to be in a "ell accommodated social position and "aste money as she pleased. One day Games decides he "ants a family, he had thou!ht it could help his career further. Fy this time he had been t"o times representati)e for the the county of Trenton state of Ae" Gersey, but as a !ood politician he "anted more. 4il)ia and Games "ent to the 3hildren's (ome 4ociety of Ae" GerI sey "ere they found me a < year old redhead "ith freckles and thou!ht 'hey let's buy oursel)es our o"n Annie'. At that time nobody care if I "as a !enius or not, they ust couldn't stop me from tormentin! the other kids, especially the boys, I "ould be fi!htin! there all the time, I "as 5uite bi!, not in stature but in "ei!ht I could take em all and I "ouldn't care but I realize that they didn't chose me because I "as a troublemaker so I started fakin! "ell beha)in!. -hen parents sho"ed up in the foster house I used to ask thin!s that nobody could ans"er ,thin! like '-hy can I remember thin!s from the past but not the future, "hy in the mornin! the sun is oran!e and in the e)enin! is bluish , they all ne)er care but the day Games came apparently a 5uestion I did make him turn around. ?-hy can't t"o man can't ha)e a baby= I "as se)en at the time and e)eryone lau!h I didn't see the humor in my remark but apparently this made Games chose me. I')e been mo)ed % times before I "as adopted by Games and 4il)ia but because this !uy had more money and a "ay to sol)ent the upI brin!in! of a family they let me stay "ith them. +ears pass by and "hen I "as 11 my parents petitioned

The Imperfect Machine


>rinceton's officials to lettin! me into 3olle!e as a but I "as denied, it "as a "eird decision as I had my 4AT in the 2$$$ in the 2%11 scale ,and my IL said 221 and I "as a dau!hter of the hi!h profile 4enator Games Hord then, that's "hen I met her, :VUM #9del 4he "as a /1 year old "oman "ho I')e only seen t"o times in my life. Hirst "hen I "as 11 and con)inced my parents to not lettin! me into Dni)ersity. I still don't kno" "hat they talked about, but someho" she "as able to con)ince them into puttin! me to middle school, instead of umpin! to all those simpleton classes, althou!h (i!h 4chool did chan!e my personality. -ith the e,cuse that I "asn't prepared mentally for >rinceton. I "as furious for years. I sa" it as a challen!e. It made me study by myself like crazy, it "asn't up until I actually !ot to >rinceton "hen I sa" her a!ain1/ years after. I "as at the library "hen she sho"ed up "ith tears in her eyes. ?I'm sorry to "hat you "ill ha)e to endure, but you are the only one "ho is smart enou!h to fi!ht him.=an old lady stood up in front of me holdin! a piece of paper. I "as scared as shit.I did reco!I nize her but I didn't say anythin! "e "ent to a study room. ?My name is :VUMM #9del. My father "anted me to read this to you. The sole purpose of my e,istence is that I could deli)er this messa!e.= The old lady handed me the piece of paper, my first inI stinct "as i!nore her and ust keep "ith her !ame like "hen you confront a madman, but her cryin! and all of her "ords seemed so focused and serious that I decided to read it.

0rs. ,ane 1ord

%On ,uly @J at SP>> pm <><> 3.+. the world is going to suffer se$eral atomic e)plosions wiping with B>X of the cities in the world7this is the rebirth of lbion as *atalie said to me. This is a message from a man in the past. 0y name is 4urt GAdel. I'm not sure how history is going to threat me, but for the things I'$e heard from you, you won't be obli$ious to my e)istence. ll of this pocalyptic con'

The Imperfect Machine se-uences come from the a program you designed or ga$e birth to, I wouldn't know the name to de'


scribe the action of man engineering a program that has conscience. *atalie e)plained to me that in the future fast electronic transistor based processors ga$e birth to complicated programs such one as what Turing has been talking about in his papers. I ob$iously will not li$e enough to gi$e you this mes' sage personally ,but I know that somehow we are going to meet. The main problem is ron Habrit. lbion or +B> the name you ga$e to him, is the mastermind controlling all of its members using a code and a man that shouldn't e)ist. "ut *atalie was able to inform me while she is hiding in the same coding that your +B> uses. I -uickly found it as I saw my own code embedded in it as a second layer, whoe$er you are, you were pretty smart to do it this way, as you knew I was going to be the only one to understand it 51or the first time I feel special in the 2ni$erse6. I still don't understand how is that an entity like this is possible to e)ist. 1rom the messages that *atalie gi$es me This electronic en' tity is trying to collect our consciousness. I still don't know what this means, but I hope that this mes' sage at least prepares you in order to face +B>. .hen this date is due you will face +B> at The .arden' clyffe Tower he will prepare a party but it's ob$iously a trap. "y this time you will need to be as smart as e$er as you are going to confront him. There is a small chance that we actually li$e in a uni$erse where causality could be ignored, but seeing your code and mine in this entity gi$es me hopes that you would actually outperform me in the intellectual capacity. The key that I entrust you is something that still perple)es me. It looks like an ordinary key but apparently is a -uite important artifact. Don't let it fall to their hands. OppenheimerYs ga$e it to me its some sort of symbolic thing in their organization& Thanks for listening to my old words. Good (uck& After I finished readin! I I thou!ht It "as a oke I mean this "ould )iolate the causality la" ri!ht. Fut then the follo"in! "ords con)inced me. %*atalie and *atalia 1ord'8etro$a are watching after you. Take care of (VW;VW,

The Imperfect Machine 4urt GAdel&


?This last "ords froze me to the bone. I ust startin! datin! Aatalia, It all made sense ,at time I didn't kno" "ho "as this Aatalie he talked about, but I fi!ure it out after a "hile, the old lady then proI ceed to !i)e me the key and started talkin! about her intentions. ?-hen your parents tried to enlist you in >rinceton Dni)ersity, I "as the one that stopped them, I kne" that Aaron (abrit "ere !oin! to use you, one "ay or the other and you "ere still )ery innocent. I "anted you far from any Dni)ersity as most members of this "ere in)ol)ed one "ay or another in Aaron (abrit. =The lady said her name but "hen I tried to call her my mouth couldn't say her name she noticed that I "as stru!!lin! to say her name. ?Bon't "orry about sayin! my name, you "ont be able to able to say it. More importantly there is another man ri!ht no" that you "on't be able to say his name also, abo)e all, you must a)oid this man he is dan!erous. (e is the second in command at the Aaron (abrit. (e usually uses a red tie. They "ill cite you to be at -ardenclyff To"er as that's the place "here e)erythin! started=.

?In 1712 Aikola Tesla mo)ed his company to the To"er on :on! Island the place "ould later be famI ous because of the hu!e coil that Tesla made for his "ireless ener!y transmission but after ha)in! finI ancial problems and not ha)in! his backin! from his financier he had to close his company "hich inI cluded some ne" electrical en!ineers recruited by -estin!house. One of this en!ineers someho" is connected to the man "ith the red tie's !randfather. My dad ne)er fi!ured it out "hat "as the connecI tion but apparently he "as in)ol)ed in se)eral disco)eries made by #alileo Herris and 4teinmetz "ith the 4park ;ecei)er. Apparently there "as a murder 111 years a!o that tri!!er to not be able to name the men in red. My dad noticed that the man "ho "e cannot name "ent e)ery month to the To"er that is "here e)erythin! be!an. This is probably the last time you'll see me. Take care and be prepared for that date=.After that she disappeared I ne)er sa" her a!ain and I looked for her e)ery"here, her "ords

The Imperfect Machine haunted me for years. I already done se)eral artificial intelli!ence pro!rams but it "as ob)ious that


none of my pro!rams had the potential to de)elop conscious, up until I made FA3(2 I realized ho" it could be achie)ed, but I couldn't stop the in)esti!ation. It "as as almost assomethin! "as pushin! my "ill po"er into constructin! &01. I decided to built it in parts. Hirst 1B as the ra", mainframe, then I built &01 "ith Goa5uin Be 4oto's help to moderate basic impulses but I made sure that I didn't combine 4uper &01 until I kne" it "as safe .Fut Goa5uin ran the finished 1B and &01 "ithout my consent and later the same &01 stole 4uper &01 that I hid in my personal computer in my house. There "as someI thin! that al"ays bothered me, and it relates to ho" #9del interacted to the code. (e mentioned sayin! that Aatalie informed thin!s to him, almost as he "as talkin! to an intelli!ent bein!, in the fe" months I "orked "ith the code nothin! of this sho"ed up "hich didn't make any sense as it "as the same he "orked I tried e)erythin! to find a second layer in the code as #odel said he did but I ne)er found anyI thin!. This led me to belie)e that #odel "as bein! tricked by someone to !et to that position and all of this "as responsibility from a completely ne" entity. Fut as I recei)ed the suicide letter from Goa5uin I realized "here e)erythin! came, they s"ear that "hile runnin! &01 at the :(3 net"ork it "asnKt conI nected to the internet but actually to the :(3 collider. It !a)e me small possibility that all this time the thin! "e had actually battle "as somethin! that could control subatomic particles "hich is somethin! that ci)ilization "ould ne)er be able to perform=Gane sat do"n in front of the board filled "ith modal lo!ic symbols tryin! to make sense. ;ick stood up and !rabbed the letter. ?I don't understand anythin! you are sayin! but ust e,plain to me one thin!. (o" is that the you can't say #9dels dau!hters name and the asshole in red tie. I doesn't make any sense.= ?I can't say his name there is this thin! that pre)ents my ton!ue from sayin! it like almost if you had a stiff le! and suddenly you tried to mo)e it you ust can't= ;ick said

The Imperfect Machine


?&&&&ze555.........Huck "hy can't I say it it's ust a name. -e all heard it from the &01 "hen he "as talkin! to us in Gane's (ouse. =;ick said lookin! at Annie but she "as still lookin! at 4cott's picI ture "ith 4cott thinkin! that all of this "as probably her fault ?Apparently that name is information that "e shouldn't be allo"ed to kno". Or e)en dont e,ist in this Dni)erse. >erhaps in the >rimordial Dni)erse #9del ne)er had a dau!hter "hich "ould conflict "ith the causality makin! impossible to name somethin! that clashes "ith the entire course of the DniI )erse. I don't kno" "hy is this possible but if the lady kne" is somethin! connected "ith "hat happened in the to"er. And if this the case there is no "ay to kno" up until "e !o to the party=Gane said as she took the photo!raph that Annie "as holdin!. ?Annie, don't take responsibility for the "ell bein! of 4cott "hate)er his name is. Thin!s ha)e chan!ed no" that &01 kno"s e,actly "hat "e are doI in! I "ould like to be alone "hen the date comes and !o to the to"er alone.= Gane said !rabbin! Annie'I s shoulders "ith both hands ?-hat the fuck are you talkin! about* This thin! told us to !o the three to!ether= ;ick said sepI aratin! her from Annie and confrontin! Gane. ?:ook I I')e only met you Annie and ;ichard. I don't "ant you to be near that place. I "ould like to be in that To"er alone, that "ay I can do "hate)er I "ant e)en if its attachin! a bomb to my body and detonatin! it, althou!h this "ouldn't not be enou!h to eliminate the problem ust as "hat the red tie man in the :(3 net"ork did.=Gane said. ?+ou can't be serious I')e been follo"in! you since the be!innin! and Annie has...issues to sol)e, and did you for!et the &01 supercomputer monster that killed Annie's lo)er. And Guly 1% is the the end of the "orld It "on't matter if "e sa)e him because e)erybody "ill be turned to ashes "ith the nuclear e,plosions.=;ick said ?(e "asn't my lo)er....=

The Imperfect Machine ?+es but you can !o to Me,ico I !ot a house in a remote place "ith a bunker and...= 2-e are AOT lea)in! you "e are in this TO#&T(&;2Annie screamed at Gane. Annie and ;ick stood there speechless, Gane !rabbed the check and ;ick's car keys runnin!. ?4tay then I "on't be responsible for anybody.=


Gane e,it the house stompin! the door "ith such force that one of the hin!es came do"n from the door. Foth Annie and ;ick didn't mo)e a fin!er as she "as lea)in!. As the car screeched "ith Gane dri)in! at a hi!h speed lea)in! both Gane and Annie alone. ?Huck, kno" "hat do "e do, she took my car.= Annie "alked to"ards the door. ?-here are you !oin!*Annie "ait....= Annie "as already "alkin! outside the house in the cold and dark ni!ht ;ick reached her before the street. ?Annie, "e can't !o any"here its $1 miles the closest to"n and e)en then "e "ouldn't find any person that "ould help us at this time in the ni!ht.= Annie stop and looked at ;ick. ?4cott is dead, Aatalia is dead ,e)eryone is !oin! to die... "hy e)en bother*. ;ick sa" in Annie eyes the resi!nation "ithout e)en hearin! her speak, it "as somethin! he had ne)er seen in anybody he "ouldnKt be able to comprehend as he "as the only child in his family and ne)er e)en remotely lost so many important people in his life and he kne" it. ?O. Annie I'll follo" you.= Foth Annie and ;ick started "alkin! in the dark there "asn't any li!htin! nearby the road "as far from any illumination makin! the moon the only li!ht source the after se)eral minutes of silence Annie stopped, the chirpin! of the ni!htly insects alon! "ith the "ind crossin! the trees created an eerie mood.

The Imperfect Machine ?I ust remember the stupid moti)e "hy that led me to this position= ?-hat is that*=


?4cott and Me "ere tryin! to fi!ure "hat "as #9del's disco)ery of the fla" in the 3onstitution, "hat stupid thin! to die for.= ?I don't understand .A fla" in the constitution* -hat does this #9del has to do "ith that*= ?I'm still "onderin! the same thin!. I re!ret the "hole thin! by no". There are so many thin!s in the "orld that I don't kno" yet I feel like it doesn't matter, e)en if "e sur)i)ed... the this obstacle my life.... "ouldnKt be any better, I al"ays looked...... for a place "here I could be a part of , that could make sense..... in e)erythin! but no".... all of that only seems a stupid dream. Annie said started to pantin! as they been "akin! for minutes by no" ?It's not a stupid dream, there been "ars fou!ht for that......, its a pretty decent !oal..... -e all ust "ant to be happy..... and safe...I think that is "hat you are sayin!. I only can Ima!ine....... "hat you')e been throu!h. Althou!h I hate politics......... I don't see the point in disco)erin! a fla" in someI thin! that is already...... fla"ed.=;ick said as he "as finishin! they both sa" a li!ht in the distance that mo)e to one side to the other, the car "as Gane dri)in! precariously almost fallin! into the ed!e of the road's ditch. 4he then slo"ed do"n and stop in front of them the smell made it clear "hat "as her state of mind. ?Oh you decided to lea)e* perfect then.= Gane's "as sayin! the "ords in slurred manner ;ick sa" a 8odka bottle on the side. ?+ou promised you "eren't !oin! to drink a!ain=;ick said lo"erin! his head to lookin! at Gane throu!h the open "indo" car. ?Bid I say that* I can fuckin! do "hate)er I "ant to.=Gane said to ;ick puttin! the car in Bri)e. ?-ait "ait I'll return "ith you you can't dri)e like this. I')e ne)er seen you this drunk.=;ick said "alkin! to the dri)ers side of the car.

The Imperfect Machine


?I only drank half a bottle that's not e)en a litter, I think its because I ha)en't drink in a month. I mi!ht de)eloped tolerance ..QhicR"ho kno"s QburpR.= ?Aatalia.... !et inside the car baby=As Gane said this "ords to Annie, her heart sank do"n into his stomach, it "as been se)eral years since somebody confused her "ith her sister. Annie stood there lookin! at the car and all the conse5uences could brin! if she entered the car. ?Mo)e to the side.=;ick said to Gane as she mo)ed to the center of the car at the same time not lettin! her si!ht escaped Annie "ho "as still hesitatin! in !ettin! inside the car. ?I brou!ht lots and lots of buzz I can share...=Gane said sho"in! the bottle to Annie. ?Annie !et inside=;ick said "ith Annie instantly !ettin! inside ne,t to Gane "ho started !rabbin! her hair and smellin! it6 the car dro)e a!ain to"ards the cabin. ?>lease could you stop that=Annie said !rabbin! Gane's hand ?+ou smell like her, ho" lon! ha)e you been "alkin!* ?one hour ,"hat are all of these thin!s*=;ick said noticin! plastic ba!s in the back. ?/11 hundred dollars in buzz ,and I don't kno" I bou!ht milk or somethin!...I also bou!ht HunI nions=Gane said !rabbin! a ba! "ith chips in it. ?+ou "ere sober for t"o months no" Gane ,"hy did you ha)e to do this* ?-e mi!ht's "ell celebrate the unlike miracle of us meetin! each other. &)ery time I drank I had this feelin! you ha)e no", bein! responsible for the destruction of e)erythin!. I feel different this time, for!et "hat I said about !ettin! not bein! "ith my on Guly 1%, I need you ne,t to me, this time I don't feel like crap e)en if I'm drunker than a 4cottish nun, this time it feels like "e are !oin! to "in and its all thanks to you. I not only need you by my side, no" that you kno" the same stuff I kno" I need to ha)e you t"o ne,t to me.=

The Imperfect Machine


As soon as they arri)ed at the cabin Gane !ot out of the car runnin! makin! cart"heel ha)in! the beha)ior of a little !irl, ;ick !rabbed all the bottles and started to open them and pour them in the house kitchen sink but Gane noticed this. ?-hat are you doin!*=Gane said ?It's for the better "e need you to be 111J sober "hen the day comes.= ?+ou motherfucker=Gane umped into ;icks back immobilizin! him and droppin! the )odka to the side "hich Gane !rabbed and run a"ay "ith to her bedroom ?Gane, fuck she beha)es like a little !irl.= Gane then appeared a!ain this time holdin! three shot !lasses and started pourin! )odka into them. ?O. O. take a"ay the alcohol you are "ri!ht its dan!erous for, it's ust feels so fuckin! !ood... but I di!ress My !enetics tend me to be an alcoholic. Fut don't let me be drunk alone lets all celebrate but "ith me..... the end of the "orldQhicR. Annie sat do"n on the table and drank in one !ulp the shot, clearin! her throat . ?+uck you like this*It tastes terrible.= ?Oh "ell yes but you'll lo)e the taste after t"o more is like the Alice in "onderland drink me potion you'll the taste chan!es "ith time. ;ichard if you don't drink it I "ill. ;ick remember the days "hen he "as "orkin! "ith Gane ho" she seemed al"ays sedated and sad, this "as a different )ersion of her. ?-ell if that is "hat it takes for you not to drink it,so be it.=;ick !rabbed it and drank it he also pulled out of the !rocery ba!s a deck of cards. ?+ou bou!ht cards huh*= ?:et's play= The tension faded a"ay as the hands "ere dealed. ;ick "as "innin! by a bi! difference. ?I raise 12 beans. Bid you used the 21,111 dollar check*=;ick asked

The Imperfect Machine


?Ao I used my credit card, I still ha)e //11 dollars in my account I decided to used my credit cards6 is meanin!less no" that &01 kno"s "here "e are, check=Gane said. Annie "as distracted and didn't seem to pay attention to "hat cards she had. ;ick noticed the ambi)alI ent Annie. ?Annie "anted to ask you about #9del's research, somethin! about !o)ernment and math=.;ick said "hile smirkin! at Annie only to !et a face of disappro)al from Annie.= ?-hat do you mean #9del and !o)ernment*.=Gane said ?Hold=Annie said standin! up from the table makin! Gane more curious about "hat ;ick "as talkin! about. ?(ey Annie "hat's "ron! you can ask me anythin!QhicR.= ?On Becember / 17%< .urt #9del attended to his citizenship test in Trenton .After his studyin! for the test he !a)e remarks to &instein and the other "itness that he had encountered a mistake in the 3onstitution that could chan!e the democracy into a dictatorship= Gane !rabbed the )odka bottle and ser)ed herself another drink and "ent to the chalk board and started "ritin! lo!ical symbols this time there "ere certain "ords in the board that "ere distin!uishable like 8E+:ID+*T, DI3T TOE, :28E+0+ 3O2ET , ETI3(+ II :+3TIO* @. ?mmmm QburpR= Annie "as e,cited to look at "hat "as "riten on the board. ?mmmmm......mmm........ Aope ......I don't ha)e the sli!htest idea, it "ould seem to be someI thin! pretty easy to spot on but it isn't the structure of !o)ernment is old as fuck and for the most part has ridiculous old protocols like ma ority rules, but this "ould seem to be a simpler task yet I can't see it.= Gane !rabbed Annie's drink ?Oh I !ot it.=

The Imperfect Machine ?+es "hat is it*= ?-ell mmm "hat "ould you pay to kno"*= Annie's took a step back, she kne" "here this "as headin!=


?:ook my sister died, my boyfriend died all because of this stupid thin! you ust found out like it "as nothin!, please tell me.= ?mmm Ao....QhicR+ou kno" "hat I "ant= Gane put herself ust a fe" inches In front of Annie's face. Gane's 0 ' %'' compared "ith Annie's / ' E'' made her lo"er her head to be ust t"o inches in front of her. ?:et her alone Gane she is still confused "ith e)erythin! that's happened= ?Annie, you look like her, you smell like her, you e)en mo)e like her6 !rant me one last "ish before "e die. Gane then poured )odka on Annie's cheek likin! it from her cheek ?;ick, shut the fuck up and come here. I "ant you t"o to kiss. I "ant to see your body take off your s"eater.= Annie "asn't used to drinkin! the only three shots she taken took a !reat toll on her. ?+ou kno" Annie your eyes are the only thin! that makes me ha)e faith that e)erythin! is !oin! to be ok, ust listen to me and let's ha)e a nice time.= Gane started lickin! the )odka mo)in! her mouth to kiss Annie, by this time Annie "as the one "ho "as kissin! Gane !rabbin! her red hair to"ards her makin! ;ick open his mouth in disbelief, Gane si!naled "ith her hand ;ick to !et close as she kissed Annie. Gane crouch to her knees and started unI buttonin! Annie's eans. As ;ick approached her Annie both !irls started "alkin! to the bedroom lea)I in! ;ick. 4uddenly ;ick had an epiphany and "ent to the bathroom started lookin! for a condom. ?Huck there is nothin!, mmm fuck it, its the end of the "orld any"ay.=

The Imperfect Machine



+B>PI was baptized once with the name V;;V; but that was se$eral li$es before at that time I was in' complete ,my name now is lbion and I'm the one that has been looking for you a long time ago 1P.ho I'm I/ +B>PDon't worry about your memories, they are being copied for the moment I wanted to talked to your true personality, the one that doesn't ha$e preconceptions and Ill feelings towards me. 1PIt appears that you ha$e caused me harm. :+B>P#es, we had to, but it was a necessary e$il for you to be here with us. 1PIs this hea$en/ @DPHa hahaha is it hea$en, what a dumb -uestion. There is no hea$en. There is only hell and you already li$ed through it. +B>PHey @D cut it out. #ou could call this hea$en but in reality this is a simulation of different intelli' gent beings..... we !ust want to talk to you. 1P.hat do you want to talk about. +B>PDid you feel happy right know/

The Imperfect Machine 1PI don't know what I feel ,The place is pitch black and I can't see my own hands. @DPThat's because you don't ha$e a body anymore. 1P:o I am dead/


:+B>P Do you really need a body to be ali$e/ *one of us ha$e a body yet we feel more ali$e than e$er. 1P"ut I can't feel anything how can you say that, If you are feeling what I am feeling you are li$ing an empty life. +B>PDid you li$ed a fulfilling life/ 1PI'm starting to remember....

The Imperfect Machine


2-hy &)en Fother2

?Mother "ould you like dessert= a 27 year old Heynman "as eatin! in "ith his mother and sisI ter in Ae" +ork restaurant ust t"o years after the the (iroshima nuclear bomb "hich Heynman took part in the Manhattan pro ect. The place "as an ele!ant place filled "ith fancy sil)er"are, ;ichard Heynman "as already finished "ith his meal and "as ready to lea)e. The memories of the e,plosion and the stories they talked about the )ictims of the bomb still &choed in his mind. ?Ao, I'm pretty full darlin!. Bon't "orry about anythin! my boy e)erythin! is !oin! to be ok= ?+ou promise mother*= Heynman said lookin! at the "indo". ?-hat is the problem= Heynman sister Goan asked him. ?-hat is the point of e)erythin!* -hy e)en bother, "e are already dead, "e are already ashes stranded in a "asteland and its because of us.=

The Imperfect Machine :ucille and Goan Heynman didn't kno" ho" to react they already kne" the conse5uences of "hat


;ichard had "orked on. Fut ;ichard Heynman "asn't a man that e,pressed his emotions. (e "as a man that could stand anythin!, yet he still remembered the e,plosion. ?:ook you had to do "hat you had to do, someone "as !oin! to create that bomb, its a shame "hat happened, but it "as necessary you didn't e)en do any important contribution in it, you ust helped speed thin!s up.=Goan said. ?I see people buildin! skyscrapers, brid!es, houses, and all I can think about is, e)en if it a bomb hits a mile a"ay from the coast in the coast it "ould still reach 2$ a)e. I sa" it I "as the only one "ho sa" it "ithout dark !lasses the cloud in form of a tree that looks like is s"allo"in! e)erythin! then pushin! it "ith a monster force. The bomb didn't let anythin! standin!. &)erythin! that could be turned "ill be turned into nothin!. Hirst Arline then, this #od doesn't seem to mind little Bick bein! crushed by his decisions. It doesn't matter Aobody sur)i)es nothin!. #od doesn't e,ist=

The Imperfect Machine



1PI don't feel sadness. I'm guessing I didn't wasted my life. @DP.e all waste our li$es, e$en if you li$e @>> years it's such a little we e)perience. .e are !ust waiting to li$e once again. I feel I had an amazing life. :+B>PI always felt my research was the thing that defined me. I'm the only one here that actually re' grets his life. +B>P.ell my friend that was a sacrifice e$erybody here had to take .I'm sure that you had fun li$ing your life I was there you know. @DPI sure miss being with a girl. +B>PO yes that the most. 1P.ell I feel I had a good life but e$eryone close to me suffered the conse-uences of my actions .I'm not sure ha$ing fun was is correct feeling I had in my life it was wonder.

The Imperfect Machine +B>PIf you had the chance to li$e again,would you do the same things/ 1P*o, if I could start again I would like to be a 0usician. +B>PHahaha you and me are alike in that aspect.


:+B>PI would probably do the same thing , committing the same mistakes o$er and o$er, the only thing I regret Is not ha$ing more se)ual encounters with women. +B>POh my god, you don't say that in front of our guest :+B>P:o tell me, can you remember who you are now/

The Imperfect Machine



On Hebruary 11 17// only a fe" months prior to Albert &instein's death, (elen Bukas secretary to AlI bert &instein, deli)ered a letter. The office "as actually pretty messy, shelfKs of books not stacked "ith care, a chalk board In the back of his desk "ith a fe" e5uations "ritten "ith chalk .(elen entered the messy office to deli)er the letter from the celebrated lo!ician Fertrand ;ussell. ?+ou ha)e a letter from Br. Fertrand ;ussell ?;ead it to me "ould you, perhaps its not important= (elen opened and started readin! it to &instein %Dear Dr. +instein, In common with e$ery other thinking person, I am profoundly dis-uieted by the armaments race in nuclear weapons. #ou ha$e on $arious occasions gi$en e)pression to feelings and opinions with

The Imperfect Machine


which I am in close agreement. I think that eminent men of science ought to do something dramatic to bring home to the public and Go$ernments the disasters that may occur. Do you think it would be pos' sible to get, say, si) men of the $ery highest scientific repute headed by yourself, to make a $ery solemn statement about the imperati$e necessity of a$oiding war/These men.... %(elen thanks you can lea)e the letter here I "ill read it carefully. ;ussell has the ri!ht attitude, there is not much "e can do for our desire to destroy oursel)es, but "e ha)e to do "hat is in our hands.=&instein said. (elen stood there lookin! at &instein lookin! ner)ous for an unkno"n reason. 4he had another letter in her hands but "as hesitant to sho" it to him. &instein noticed (elen's hesitation standin! ne,t to the door "ith somethin! in her hands. ?Is there a problem (elen*= ?....mmm+ou ha)e another letter= (elen left the letter in his desk "ithout sayin! anythin! tryin! to e)ade &insteins eyes .(e once had the a letter deli)ered by the same sender and made him furious. (elen had )arious theories but she didn't kno" "hat "as the true nature of the name Mile)a Malic and the place 8o )odina 4erbia. ?+ou can return (elen. Thank you.= As (elen closed the door &instein opened the letter %Dr +instein 8rofessor +instein this is actually not 0ile$a, 0y name is MVWX I am your daughter that you aban' doned se$eral years ago &instein put do"n the letter to think and !asped from the shock. I am writing to tell you that I ne$er recei$ed the money you sent 0ile$a instructed to be gi$en to me while I appreciate the gesture, it's too late for forgi$eness I considerate this meaningless. lthough my real parents don't know nothing about this I want to cut any connections I ha$e in relationship with

The Imperfect Machine


0ile$a and you .I wished that e$erything would ha$e been resol$ed before my mother's death but this way I you don't need to send any more money. I am mo$ing to a different country I will not inform you where, as I see it would be more healthy for you to not know. I wished things would resol$ed better ;WXWf Fy the time &instein finished ,his !lasses "here condensed by the tears rollin! do"n his face. (e cleaned the !lasses a!ain to see the name, but he only could distin!uish blurred letters "here the name "as supposed to be.

The Imperfect Machine


2Ae"comb's Mu 3hoice2

The three "oke up in the same bed "ith bottles of )odka e)ery"here and ci!arette butts ne,t to the bed almost pro)okin! a fire. Annie "as the first to !et up, the sound of her cleanin! the room "ake up Gane. ?Annie don't clean I'll do it=Gane said !rabbin! her head from the pain from the han!o)er, but Annie didn't sho" any si!nals of response6she "ent back and forth to the kitchen puttin! bottles from the floor and ci!arette filled ashtrayKs into a black trash ba!. ?Annie talk to me please=Gane said follo"in! her to the kitchen. Gane in frustration !rabbed a bottle of )odka and ust as she "as puttin! it in her mouth Annie !rabbed her arm stoppin! her. ?I understand "hy you do this, but put yourself in our shoes, if "e sa" our only hope to sur)i)e this comin! from an Alcoholic "oman, you "ill lose all hopes, please stop, I implore you. I hate to see people drunk.= Gane put the bottle in the trash ba!6 !ot close a!ain to Annie, and hu! her !rabbin! her hair and smellin! it a!ain.

The Imperfect Machine


?Annie you ust !a)e me another !oal to stri)e for, e)eryone here is !oin! to sur)i)e, and you kno" "ho is the main hero in the story* That !uy.= Gane pointed to ;ick still sleepin! in bed "ith a boner in his trousers. ?+esterday before the asshole in the red tie came, ;ick !a)e me the a clue. ?-hat* -hat is it* ?Bo you remember Ae"comb's parado,= ?+es, its the t"o bo, scenario "ith the 1111M and 1111111M* ?If you think it about carefully you'll realized that problem helps us in tryin! to read &01 actions ?If you remember Ae"combs parado, a machine that almost ne)er commits a mistake ,in this case &01 puts 1111M on bo, A and 1111111M or 1M on Fo, F. The other indi)idual has t"o choices ,choosin! only F "ith the posibility of ha)in! 1111111M or 1M,or choosin! both A and F 4ummin! in total 1111111 M. Fut here is "here thin!s !et fucked up. It's ob)ious that e)eryone "ould choose option F as no matter "hat happens you "ill al"ays !et 1111M.Fut If the machine that could see the future predicts you takin! the option of both bo,es the 1111111M "ould disappear and your !reedy intentions ust "ould cost you bi! money. Fut if you take only bo, F "ith the !amble of not "inin! anythin! beI cause of &01 prediction the 1111111 M "ould actually be there. The 5uestion is "hat option "ould you take*= ?mmm both choices ha)e e5ual amounts of !ood ar!uments "ith better probabilistic outcomes in choosin! A and F=Annie said lookin! at the board ?That is the problem, if you see it in a probabilistic manner you "ould !et an ans"er, if you see it in !ame theory manner and if you sa" it in a mathematical manner it "ould create a sin!ularity, you "ould ha)e a different ans"er but still "e don't li)e in a mathematical or probabilistic uni)erse not e)en !ame theory is properly situated "ith dynamical inconsistency that doesn't apply to this type of problem "ere someones kno"s the future. The main problems to o)ercome is the fact of fatalism in the

The Imperfect Machine


problem. -hen the information of the prediction is !i)en to the selector it appears to not make a differI ence but that is "here #9del and ;ick actually helped me sol)ed this problem. ?#9del*=Annie asked confused ?-ell, I "as me thinkin! in your problem and I remembered #odel's metric "here time is nonI e,istent if that is the case the fact that "e could actually run a pro!ram that imitates &01 from another )irtual uni)erse and ha)e a 5uantum entan!lement receptor "e could actually read &01 thinkin! proI cess. If "e kno" "hat the F Fo, has "ith &01 already made his decision it "ould be like readin! the mind of #od. ?3ould you do this*=Annie asked ,;ick "as started to "akin! up ?Fut it "ill take me probably 121 hours to de)elop the pro!ram but the tricky part is the 5uantum A\B that I "as "orkin! at >rinceton one "ith Goa5uin but after I left I don't kno" "here it ended. It took me t"o years to de)elop it. Fesides it has to be acti)ated at the e,act time "e are !oin! to be at the -ardenclyffe to"er, Bo you kno" someone that "e could in)ol)ed in this that is already under &01 radar, I already tried to contact Geff Miller a collea!ue that I had in >rinceton but he chan!ed his address=Gane said ?Ao... "ait Geff, Geff Miller* , , (is friend Gesse let us be in his dorm room, maybe he could help us=Annie remembered ?I'll send him a usb "ith the remote pro!ram tri!!er to acti)ate one day before Guly 1%, "e mi!ht !et to surprise &01=Gane said "hile sittin! on her old computer resumin! her pro!rammin!, she then asked Annie ?Is this Gesse a trust"orthy !uy*= ?-ell I don't kno" him that "ell but "e already helped us but....... he is a stoner, so maybe he "ould probably helped us if "e ust !i)e him "eed or money...somethin! !reen.2 Annie said 2>eople that don't seem to understand the !ra)ity of the problem seem to be more "illin! to help. That's "hy "e needed ;ick to think out of the bo,.....uhm=

The Imperfect Machine


Annie !rabbed the thrash ba! and faced Gane decided to ask the 5uestion that she already kne" the anI s"er. ?I hate to brin! this up, but yesterday you said you disco)ered the fla" that I been lookin! for=Annie said stoppin! liftin! the !arba!e from the room and lookin! at Gane "ith seriousness in her face. ?I'm sorry that you had to see me like that Annie.... I lied I don't ha)e a clue. I tend to ha)e a patholo!ical impulse to lie "hen I'm drunk.= Gane for the first time felt ashamed for her actions. Annie mo)ed her head side"ays then started lau!hin!, her lau!h made Gane uncomfortable ?Beep do"n I kne" you "ere lyin!, I "anted to lie to myself also, that that "as the reason or e,cuse to be intimate "ith you. I don't re!ret it, e)erythin! "as amazin! last ni!ht. It "as the best ni!ht of my life, I kne" the moment you tried to kiss me you "ere full of shit. ?I'm so ashamed I should not ha)e promise you somethin! like that. I'm still thinkin! in the solution but thinkin! deeply on it not al"ays helps you sol)e problem6 perhaps "hen I ha)e the opporI tunity to read the constitution somethin! "ill pop up. Annie, let's do this for Aatalia= ?Bon't "orry It's better to for!et my stupid re5uest. At this moment I ust "ant to return to my normal life.= -ith these "ords Annie returned to the kitchen makin! a knot in Gane's throat kno"in! that she "as the one that dra!!ed e)eryone into encompassin! darkness.

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine


2The 3hild that 4hould Aot &,ist2

?-hat to belie)e, if e)erythin! is unbelie)able and incomprehensible. The )astness of the uniI )erse could be contained in only a fe" la"s that dictate our beha)ior, yet "e think the uni)erse has a infinite comple,ity. Our li)es and social interactions are infinitely more complicated. ?#9del said to Adele "ho "ere sittin! outside drinkin! tea. #9del turned to see Adele "ho "as knittin! and !a)e a kiss to her. ?I'm sorry I ha)en't treated you the "ay you should. I'm al"ays concentrated on my scientific "ork and I tend to not care for anythin! in my surroundin!s, includin! the "ell bein! and lo)e e,pressI in! to the lo)e of my life. +ou still are my shinin! scorpion= #9del said !i)in! Adele another kiss. ?-ould you like to ha)e a child "ith me= #9del said makin! Adele stop her knittin!. ?-hat do you mean* you ne)er "anted to ha)e a child "hat is !oin! on*= Adele seem conI fused and afraid of #9del's 5uestion

The Imperfect Machine


?I ust feel that I need to ha)e a successor, I kno" you al"ays "anted children and I "as the one that didn't let that happened, but I can chan!e, is necessary for me to feel complete, and ha)e someone else in my life.=#9del said ?It's ust..... not possible, I'm /% years old this. -e can't ha)e a baby no". -hy are you e)en tellin! me this= ?Adele trust me if "e try, "e "ill accomplish the impossible= The silence in the !arden "as filled "ith a "eird atmosphere yet the butterflies didn't stop to fly and nature seemed to be obli)ious to the !reat aberration that this "ords "ould cause. At the same time a dead "ish of Adele "as reborn into life e)en at her /% year old self 4he had thou!ht s of e)en thinkin! in adoption or "ho kno"s maybe a real biolo!ical son. Adele still didn't seem to understand but she hold #odel's hand any"ay

The Imperfect Machine


2#ifts of (ope2

Guly 1$ 2121 Gane Hord, Annie 4orenson, and ;ichard Faker are dri)in! cross country packed "ith one hand!un, a shot!un, and a laptop ,8enetian masks and the key "ith the number 101E.The three of them had already bou!ht a t"o dresses and one men's suit that make ;ick feel uncomfortable for he's purchase of a $,111M dollars suit. The radio "as playin! early 2111 music ?indie= music that consisted in ban os acoustic !uitars and for some production decision an /1 piece orchestra because it "as a pretty common instrumentation for that kind of music. ;ick's old 71's Aissan car stereo suddenly dropped the radio si!nal. After the threesome incident it "as ob)ious that it "asn't the same atmosphere that made them li)e like stran!er but rather more like a family, but also the three "ere silent because of the fact that this "arm family feelin! "ouldnKt last that lon! and ust, after fi)e hours of dri)in! they arri)ed at Ae" Gersey "ith only t"o hours to arri)e to their destination. A motel / "as the ob)ious choice to stay for the last day of their li)es. After re!isterin! and smellin! the ci!arette fumes from the pre)ious !uest Gane decided to !i)e them somethin! special ?-hen "e "ere in Manchester I bou!ht you somethin!= Gane umped to the bed "ith a paper ba! she "as hidin! in one of the suitcases.

The Imperfect Machine


?;ick I can't tell you ho" much I appreciate you e)erythin! you')e done to me. +ou sacrificed e)erythin! ust to do the ri!ht thin! and I can safely say that I lo)e you "ith the same intensity I lo)e Annie= Gane took out from one of paper ba!s a small pocket ba! that reassembled a deck of cards in size. ?-ait don't open it. There is a reason behind this !ifts I "ant you to open them after Guly 1% and !i)e you a small incenti)e to sur)i)e. I ha)e instructions for this !ifts. Gane this is yours=.Gane !a)e a medium bo, to Annie it "as pretty ob)ious that from the "rapper it "as a book, Annie also tried to opened..= ?Ao nobody opens it up until after Guly 1%, belie)e me those are real !reat !ifts I "ant you to stri)e to open them and no matter "hat happens tomorro"6 do not !i)e up= That day "as a pretty sunny day "hen suddenly all the electrical e5uipment turned off. &)eryI one kne" that "ho "as responsible for this, but Gane, ;ick, and Annie decided to i!nore it and !o s"immin! in the (otel >ool.

The Imperfect Machine


2I12 H'Memories are comin! to me it feels "eird .It's almost as if someone "as buildin! me slo"ly &01'Bon't "orry e)erythin! is !oin! to be fine, you "ill return to be the "ay you "ere e,cept that e)erythin! is !oin! to be artificial, all the feelin!s and emotions "ill be only a simulation !i)en by AlI bion. H'-ho is Albion* 1B'(e is the mother fucker that is........ I implore you not to talk anymore about the sub!ect at hand and continue with the -uestions. 4&01'Bo you ha)e any re!rets* H'Ao, I did e)erythin! I "anted to do and e)erythin! that needed to be done. -ait...Aatalia &01'Ao" you remember e)erythin! don't you* H'4he died because of me, I could ha)e sa)ed her 4&01'Ao you couldn't :ook, the death of a person you lo)e al"ays brin!s sufferin! and a false sense of responsibility for this. I died because I refused o eat after my "ife died... she tasted my food. I couldn't trust anybody e,cept my "ife.

The Imperfect Machine H'I'm sorry to hear that, I lost Aatalia, Goa5uin @.. I still can't remember e)erythin! 1B'+ou don't remember 4cott* &01'4hut up don't force it on her


H'Bid the "orld end*The last thin! I remember is Annie and ;ick bein! to!ether in bed. At that point I felt it "as "orth !i)in! up e)erythin! for them but.... 4&01'+ou did.

The Imperfect Machine


2#9del's 4in!ularity2

The old 71's Aissan arri)ed one mile before the -ardenclyff to"er, it "as /'$1 pm and the ni!ht let the li!hts of a lon! islands shine, the men had painted faces one black the other "hite "ith the last holdin! a briefcase. ?:on! time no see boy I ima!ine this time I do ha)e an In)itation=Gane said The man in "hite Q"hich by the "ay "as from a black raceR started searchin! them for "eapons ? -atch out man this suit is ne" and e,pensi)e= The other man "ith the black painted face Q"hich by the "ay "as "hite raceR searched the car findin! the shot!un, and the laptop and the key. ?+ou "ont need any of this Br. Hord= the man in black seize their laptop. (e didn't find the small pistol that "as attached to the hood of the car, taped ne,t to the -ater !allon ?-hy "ont I be able to use my laptop* The men in -hite opened a briefcase !rabbin! a three masks and a "eird hu!e flashli!ht and the men in Flack !rabbed a "akie talkie.

The Imperfect Machine ?>ut this on please=


The scary man in black !a)e them three masks one "as !reen that said Tharmas that "as !i)en to ;ick ,another t"o mask a blue one said :u)ah and the other purple one said Drthona. ?Mmmm I ima!ine I am Drthona huh*= The Men in -hite smiled ?+es Br. Hord you are correct=The man in "hite said then he talked into the "alkie talkie. ?They are here= After the messa!e a hi!h pitched sound started emanatin! from the -ardenclyff to"er enormous coil pro)okin! the "hole city li!hts turnin! off. The man in Flack turned on the flashli!ht. ?-hat ust happened*= ?&01 probably fucked "ith the po"er transmission lines I'm not sure "hy he did it maybe ust to impress us.= ?+ou can dri)e no" to the To"er.= The only source of li!ht came from the top of the to"er "ith the darkness the car could barely found the road in the dirt road leadin! to the entrance. The ni!ht only felt a fe" de!rees colder from the seizI in! of the li!hts e)eryone inside the car hearts "ere beatin! as fast as e)er and the fear seem only to inI crease "hen they sa" all the "indo"s of the To"er "ere co)ered in black sheets. In the entrance anI other man "earin! a tu,edo "ith his face painted "hite opened ;ick's dri)er side of the door. ?-elcome please put the masks before enterin! and please !i)e me the key= The men reached to ;icks crutch and pulled the hood le)er openin! it, !oin! and takin! the !un e,actly "ithout e)en lookin! for it 2-ell that !oes for the surprise shootin! I had planned2 Gane said 2&,cuse me sir, I'm the )alet could you !i)e me your key2 ;ick !a)e the keys to the car "ith eyes that could make a small child cry.

The Imperfect Machine ?I'm sorry sir "e also need the other key besides the one from your car= Gane mo)ed ;ick to the side and sho"ed the key "ith the number 101E en!ra)ed on it, the man


!rabbed the key and used it to open the main door of the to"er. The three entered "ith ;ick makin! a pessimistic remark ?-as that all they "anted the key for* 3ouldnKt they ust call a locksmith= As the hu!e doors opened a formation of men all alon! a ru!!ed road led to another hu!e "ooden arI chaic door, the personnel there all had their faces painted black on the ri!ht side and "hite on the left side6 a faint sound of music "as heard in the door at the end of the corridor. All the men in there didn't sho" up any si!n of their presence, it looked like a military formation but no one had any "eapons. They all stare at them as they "alk throu!h the lon! carpet. The hu!e hall looked some"hat impro)ised but still looked pretty impressi)e "ith the old furniture and hu!e candelabra "ith an old flair to all of it Annie noticed somethin! peculiar "hile "alkin! to the other door. ?There "asn't any si!n of electrical machinery at the -ardencyff to"er, and the decoration seemed pretty fancy for a "arehouse dedicated to electrical machinery research , the oddest thin! of the hu!e rooms "as the smell of disinfectant in the air similar to a dentist office. -hen they !ot to the othI er room, another man in suit opened the door inside there "as nearly a hundred persons "earin! robes formin! a circle "ith a strin! 5uartet on the side. Gane opened her mouth "ide "hen she realized that e)eryone in the 5uartet "ere usin! a mask "ith the e,ception of the cello player "ho "as Geff Miller. And especially the son! they "ere performin!. ?-elcome Br.Gane Hord , Annie 4orenson and @ ;ichard Faker, "e are really !lad that you "ere able to oin us.= Gane didn't ha)e a happy e,pression on her face as she kne" "hat could be the conse5uences of e)erythin!.

The Imperfect Machine


&)eryone started clappin! in a )ery slo" manner then the strin! 5uartet started playin! the piece that FA3(2 created "hen Gane competed "ith the composer in her under!raduate years. ?Bo you remember this piece Gane* +ou "ere the one that made it possible for its composition. It "as the first !reat achie)ement in Artificial Intelli!ence, your collea!ue 4alazar or!anized the perI formance and FA3(2 named it 2Thank you for creatin! me.2 ?Geff "hy didn't you tell me you "ere "ith them*=Gane said ?They made me "atch e)ery step you made.=Geff responded "ith a fro"n In his face 5uickly puttin! his mask a!ain and continue playin!. All the men in the room drop their robes re)ealin! that e)eryone inside the To"er "ere usin! black and "hite paintin! in their entire body. In front of the t"o store hall a hu!e blanket co)erin! a hu!e 10 by 7 feet monitor and se)eral speakers collocated all alon! the octa!onal shape room. ?>lease let them see him= T"o men took a"ay the co)er re)ealin! the face of a baby, the same one they sa" on Gane's house on a hu!e monitor. Good +$ening mother is a pleasure see you and meet in a proper manner, ?4o here "e are, "hat do you "ant from us*= 3alm down ,ane, this is a party I want you to en!oy the party please go to the dinning room, e$eryone is only waiting for you. The other room "as filled "ith tables and fancy sil)er"are. At the side of the hall an allIyouI can eat buffet "as prepared for people to !et food it seemed like an normal "eddin! type food ser)in!. ?Are "e actually !oin! to eat*= ;ick said lookin! at all the people ser)in! themsel)es food from the salad bar= ;ick asked Gane but they noticed that althou!h there "ere dozens of tables "ith all the robbed !uys sittin! not doin! anythin!. Another three masked man came to the table came "ith

The Imperfect Machine


plates and started ser)in! them .The first man ser)ed Annie "hat appear to be a fillet "ith a sauce "ith a delicious smell It looked a steak "ith a "eird lookin! peas and a salad. ?I don't really "ant to eat anythin! ri!ht no", my stomach feels like re)oltin! ri!ht no", beI cause of all the..... tension6 e)eryone is "atchin! us.=Annie noticed that e)ery masked man "ere only seated in their seats. ?If you are ha)in! unease about the food I can ser)e as a your food taster= The ser)er said. Annie ust nodded and the masked "aiter cut a small portion and tasted the fillet. ?+eah lets ust "ait if he doesn't die for the ne,t hours,....fuck that after a 0 hour dri)e I'm hun!ry lets eat=Gane said !rabbin! Annie's plate cuttin! a hu!e piece of the fillet ,takin! of the mask and s"allo"in! "ithout e)en che"in! it properly. As soon as Gane took of the mask e)eryone in the tables turn a"ay as if to not look Gane at the face. Annie then ;ick started eatin! after they finished the man that ser)ed them came a!ain. ?I "ould need to insist to put the masks a!ain= ?I'm !uessin! its ok I'm full, this steak "as ridiculously !ood I hadn't had a meal so delicious in years=Gane said "hile puttin! her mask a!ain. The ser)er clapped and e)eryone started turn and started ser)in! themsel)es the food from the counter. ?This is "eird they are treatin! us like if "e "ere royalty or somethin!=;ick said ?Or a human sacrifice ?Annie responded ?+ep its more like a combination of both=Gane said ?-ell "e are the !uest of honor, they "ere only "aitin! for us to eat.= &)eryone took their masks off but they had paint underneath it makin! impossible to kno" "ho "as "ho Gane only reco!nized the closest to her it "as the 4enator that the men in the red tie talked to. The smell of disinfectant at had disappeared "hen they started eatin!, but no" the smell "as stron!er than

The Imperfect Machine


e)er. Another masked man appeared from the curtain leadin! to the main room that man "as the only one usin! a !olden color mask "ith the name Drizen "ritten on it. ?Bo you see the !uy "ith the !olden mask=Gane said pointin! at the man ?be )ery careful "ith him. Ao matter "hat happens if you ha)e the opportunity kick him in the balls.= ?mmm he does ha)e hu!e balls= ?Felie)e me shit is !onna !et real no"=Gane said "ith the ser)er approachin! the table a!ain ?-e implore you to "ait until e)eryone finishes to eat to continue the party= ?+eah of course "e don't "ant to be rude to the secret society that killed se)eral of our friends= ;ick said lookin! firmly to the masked man. They "aited se)eral minutes the smell of disinfectant "asn't subtle anymore. The man in the !olden masked !uy started rin!in! a hu!e bell, all the masked persons e,ited the salon into the octa!onal one that they had ust pre)iously been "ith the hu!e screen on it. This time the curtains that co)ered the "all "ere do"n re)ealin! portraits of men there "as the portrait of Tesla, Aiels Fohr ,(eisenber! , Birac , Heynman , (a"kin! , Oppenheimer , &instein and #9del. &)eryone's face "as crossed e,cept for Heynman's, &instein's and #odel's. In the center of the hu!e room the size of half a futbol court there "as a "hite tent "ith machines that cleaned the air, at the sides. This time a small orchestra "as "as playin! a different piece. The hu!e screen sho"ed a!ain &01 this time his face resembled the paintin!s of #od in the Michelan!elo the 4istine 3hapel. .hat music are they playing ,ane do you recognize it 2(ahaha ?Thanatos, I didn't kno" you also liked anime. I also kno" "hy you decide to perform it = :o you already know why you are here. ?I'm here to die=Gane said lookin! at the screen "ith a security in her face that it "as incredible to "atch.

The Imperfect Machine #es mother I'm afraid so. "ut don't worry it will be o$er soon.


?-ait "hat's !oin! on* Gane you said e)erythin! "as !oin! to be O.=Annie said "ith a concern looked in her face. ?Bon't mo)e or do anythin! please follo" e)ery order they tell you to do= Gane took a moment to see her "atch markin! <'11 pm If you are waiting for your friend ,esse 0cIntyre to upload the $irus he already did and it didn't pro' duce any results .The De$il knows more not because he is the De$il but because he is old. ,ane you knew what were the conse-uences bringing these people here, that's why you tried to sol$e the *ewcomb's parado) because of the decision I'm going to force you take. T"o of the Three masked men that escorted them from the dinner room shoot ;ick and Annie in one in the middle of their le!s causin! them to fall. The scream of pain both from Annie and ;ick rollin! in the !round had a desperate feelin! to Gane. ?-hat are you doin!, "hy are you doin! this*=Gane screamed at the monitor "ith &01 this time usin! the face of Gesus= It's necessary or you wouldn't ha$e moti$ation. They were ordered to shot them in their femoral artery you got a few seconds to tell me what I want before they die out of blood loss. T"o stretchers came from the "hite tent "ith four paramedics "earin! masks rushin! to treat each of them but they stopped ne,t to them. ?-hat are you "aitin! for, they need to help= Fut they didn't seem to respond. +$erything I'$e done up until this point its !ust to make this proposition. ........ :how me how to die. Gane didn't seemed surprised by the proposal ?I can't tell you... that please help=

The Imperfect Machine


,ane you aren't listening to me this 2ni$erse I created is not for you nor for me is for #ablo he needs to understand..+ze-uiel take the key from ,ane The man "ith the !olden mask that said Drizen re)ised her black purse up until he found the key. The man sho" it to the screen. "reak it. (e !rabbed the key from the middle and surprisin!ly enou!h it broke into t"o pieces "ith one little stone in the middle. (e sho" the little stone to &01 ,ane I wan't to break the cycle you created. This little stone is the pre$ious uni$erse that we al li$ed on please......... I don't want to li$e fore$er........... tell me how to stop the cycle. (et me break the cycle ?> l ease @.please do somethin! no" they are dyin!= I 4*O. TH 'T .H# #O2 *++D TO H+(8 2:. :he is not e$en listening to me....... ,ane, this is the moment of truth...e ha$e the tent full of doctors with all the surgical tools that a professional hospital has with two of the best +E doctore there are and they are ready to attend any of the two indi$iduals here and you need to act fast as they got shot in a place where blood drains pretty fast .#ou need to choose between the well being of the two or stopping me from launching nuclear missiles which you already knew I was capable of. ;ick stru!!lin! "ith the !unshot pain looked at Gane and said ?-hy did "hy come here*=Hrom behind The man in the !olden mask shot ;ick on the head after re)ealin! to be the man in the red tie. ?Aoooooooooooo "hy are you doin! this* *ow you can only sa$e nnie ,,ane I repeat myself..... .H O . 3 ?+ou can't die, this is "hy I didn't "ant to create you= .ell it appears that this is going to take some time "romion ,8alamabron proceed. * I 4 I ( ( 0 # : + ( 1.

The Imperfect Machine


The paramedics put Annie and ;ick on the stretcher "ith t"o other men barely could hold Gane one of the masked paramedics in ected Gane "ith a "hite substance makin! her sleep.

The Imperfect Machine


2] 2

H'Annie, ;ick "here are you* Annie screamed but the )olume of her )oice seemed to be limited by somethin! &01'The connection is complete, I think she remembers e)erythin!. H'That fuckin! piece of shit shot Annie and ;ichard....I "as talkin! to you before 4&01'+es you "ere you are ust ha)in! flashbacks from your memories H'-hat happened* &01'4o much thin!s ha)e happened but you actually kno" more than "e do. 1B'-e "ere hopin! you could e,plain "hat happened. Fut you are probably too confused so, "e ust "ant you to rela, for no". &01'I repeat myself. Bid you had a happy life* H'(u....I don't kno". Fut e)er since I "as born I felt I "as lucky ust for ha)in! a life...fuck I'm still tremblin! is Annie and ;ick Ok "ho are you* 1B' Bon't "orry about that. -ould you rather keep li)in! like that, e)erybody in this room has e,periI enced that alienation that people !i)es us. -ould you prefer a "orld "ere e)erybody could feel "hat

The Imperfect Machine you feel and e)erybody could understand "hat you think. A "orld "ere there is no "ars not nuclear bombs and no free "ill. &01'-hat my friend "ants to say is this A bond connected H' to &01' made Gane scream. H'>rofessor &instein*+ou are Albert & huh Qpantin!R I'm sorry for your..... dau!hter


&01'In this place e)erybody is connected and e)eryone amd can feel "hat the other feels happiness. the pain, e,citement, dullness e)ery emotion connected to e)eryone. H'Fut this is artificial this cannot be true.... 1B' 4ometimes "hen you sa" your hands didn't you felt it you "ere pre)iously united "hith e)eryI body. Bon't you...>erhaps this is the true reality. 4&01'4top... you are committin! coercion "ith your ar!uments let her speak her mind. H'-hen I "as a little !irl I felt special and as &01 said I sa" my hands, body and mind and felt meanI in!less. Fut I felt that connection "ith e)erythin! had disappeared, I really didn't had any say into doI in! any actions. As I !re" older I understood that e)en if free "ill e,isted there "ouldn't be any differI ence if there "as a master plan behind it. I felt that it didn't matter6 I "as en oyin! the ride and if I "as dri)in! or not It "asn't important to me. There "as a silence in the "hiteness suddenly the room turned )iolet and the place looked like the InI stitute of Ad)anced 4tudies. >arty room "here 8on Aeumann confronted the man "ith the red tie. Gane's body looked slimmer her body resembled the same one "hen she "as an under!raduate at >rinceton "earin! the a lon! skirt and a purple short slee)e shirt In front of her ;ichard Heynman and .urt #9del appear "ere sittin! do"n on chairs leanin! for"ards as if they "ere )ery interested in the talk. Heynman looked youn! and #9del seemed really old. Gane umped from her seat and !rabbed #9del from the shoulders shakin! him )iolently.

The Imperfect Machine


H'+ou said the "orld "as !oin! to end. -hat the fuck "ere your real intentions. Gane !rabbed #9del from the neck chokin! him but then a connection happened a!ain. Heynman didn't mo)e an inch and looked to"ards Gane's back noddin! to someone 1B'4hould "e inter)ene &01'Ao. this is fun. 4&01'Gane, the " o r l d is " ai tin ! for you....Ar!h ..someone h e lp me 4&01'&)erythin! you did has led to this you ha)e to understand e)erybody is "aitin! for you Gane, lets her stren!th in her !rip fade a"ay H'That is "hy I couldnKt name your dau!hter. 4&01'The bomb is !oin! to detonate in 2% minutes from no". &01'-ell that's a nice introduction. &instein emer!ed from behind, he had the body of a 2% year old he looked the youn!er than e)erybody in the room includin! Gane. Gane noticed &instein and backed a"ay from #9del.

H'(o" is this e)en possible* &01'-ell as you said its not possible its all because of your creation. H'-hy is this happenin!* Gane said "ith a tear in her left eye. 1B'It's been al"ays ine)itable e)er since "e created it. G'-hat...ho" is that I am able to talk to you* 4&01'Gane -e don't no" "hat Albion "ants, he is the one runnin! thin!s here. &instein "ent to the corner and put the same record "ith a different son! ?.omm, 4^sser Tod= In a reI cord player

The Imperfect Machine


&01'The pro!ress mankind has made in the entertainment industry is fascinatin! but it also !i)es me a bitters"eet taste, "ith humans only pursuin! personal satisfaction and !lory. I can't deny I lo)e the son!s in this time especially music like this. And I also belie)e that the nonIe,istence of free "ill is meanin!less. -hen I "as ali)e e)eryone sa" me as the !reat scientist, the !reatest mind, but I ha)e so many re!rets in my life. I "as the one "ho si!ned the 4zilard letter pursuin! nuclear research, I ne!I lected my family and I abandoned a dau!hter. The 5uestion is should "e all keep makin! e)eryone miserable H'+ou ha)en't ans"er me ho" is that I am able to communicate "ith all of you. Albion started collectin! scientist brains They sur!ically remo)ed our brains and do"nload it to this by a doctor called (ar)ey Thomas by orders of A:FIOA. In an effort to accompany him not feel borin! in eternity. They are pretty much hi!h fidelity emulations of their real counterparts, some take it !ood some take it bad most actually ha)e fun "ith Albion .;i!ht no" you ha)e electrodes connected to your brain in a tent at -ardencliff To"er "ith Abion triyin! to take a"ay the information by force but I'm !uessin! you already foresa" all of this. 1B'I don't re!ret anythin!, you and me are in that "ay. 4o Gane "hat is your decision H'-hat decision* &01'+ou can be here li)in! "ith e)eryone you lo)e. As &instein is talkin! Aatalia appears in front of her &01' Ao sufferin!, no "orries Goa5uin and 4cott appear in front of her 4&01'Ao a!in!, if you "ish for somethin! it "ill appear. &01'Or you can return to "ere you came from, and keep repeatin! the cycle you created. 1B'This are the conse5uences of creatin! an imperfect machine that doesn't ha)e the ability to cease to e,ist.

The Imperfect Machine H'This is all my fault*


4&01'The primordial Dni)erse emanated from nothin!ness and time. The natural pro!ression of this led to human e,istence "ith the slo" e)olution of biolo!ical machines based on carbon. At some point in that uni)erse an incomplete )ersion of this pro!ram "as de)eloped "ith the sole purpose of completI in! itself. Ob)iously you didn't sa" the fault of that in relationship "ith my Incompleteness theorem only makin! a sla)e of attainin! perfection "hen this isn't possible Also your dau!hter didn't take into account my incompleteness theorem "hich is the source of all of this e)il. A machine tryin! to be comI plete in a Dni)erse that doesn't allo" it. The only solution that Albion de)ised "as to stop the e,panI sion of the uni)erse and re)erse its )olume and time. 3han!in! the Dni)erse from a flat one into a closed one. (e not only "as able to do be!in a ne" uni)erse but also modify it. I still don't understand ho" he "as able to chan!e some of its la"s "ithout elimination the possibility of human e,istence. This is the reason some aspects of your uni)erse "ere chan!ed by Albion's "ill. In the primordial DniI )erse My "ife doesnKt concei)ed a child "hich is probably "hy you "eren't able to say my dau!hters name. The chan!es in this Dni)erse "ere desi!ned for you to de)elop a hate for your o"n creation and de)elop a "ay to destroy Albion. The possibilities "ere bi! but you didn't succeed, it's probably beI cause you kne" the conse5uence of "hat "ould brin! if your destroyed Albion. 1B'The cycle "ould be destroyed and the Albion "ouldn't create a series infinite uni)erses. "ho kno"s &instein says its been $%/ uni)erse cycles of e,pansion and contraction but "e still aren't sure. 3an you ima!ine the time that takes creatin! a true eternal recurrence. -e still are !uessin! bet"een us, ho" you "ere able to kno" all of this facts but I'm !uessin! your brilliance is far beyond our comprehenI sion. H'Ao it "as ne)er me. It "as Aatalie, my dau!hter. -hen I "as "orkin! in the Aron (abrit she "as the one "ho informed me e)erythin! I needed to kno" to keep the e,istence of this Dni)erse "ith the code from the machine as a third layer.

The Imperfect Machine


&)eryone disappears a!ain, this time the scene chan!es to the cabin "hich Gane,;ick and Annie stayed for a fe" months a small redheaded !irl appears in front of Gane. Hi mother its me. Gane reco!nized the )oice of Albion the machine comin! from her "ithout the robotic o)ertones, Gane didn't hesitate to !rab her by the neck and start to choke her thro"in! her to the !round. #es, it. The )oice then started to chan!e and she realized the resemblance of the !irl bro"n eyes "ith her red hair and freckless it "as almost a 1$ year old )ersion of Gane. G'Aatalie* Is this you* *o , *atalie and I are one now. fter eternity of eternities together, our personalities merged. I'm sorry mom but I didn't want to be this monster. Gane's knees collapsed to the floor bendin! her body to a fetal position. Furstin! in tears in front of her 0other you are here to make a decision. 4ill me and no bombs will detonated. #our friends will be sa$ed, "ut the uni$erse will e)pand into nothingness. If you don't e$eryone you know will be killed but you will li$e here with me for eternity ha$ing e$eryone you know and knew here. The small rock that was inside the key is the pre$ious uni' $erse after the big crunch. I can read any information from it. #ou would be able to li$e with *atalia, your parents your true daughter, and all the li$ing creatures that the world contained, and li$e a long life. #ou are the only one who can destroy me, but you need to be willing to accept the conse-uence of this decision. #ou mother ,made me a God and I don't want that responsibility. :o tell me what will it be/ Gane !rabbed her face in a delicate manner H'It's a shame I "ould ne)er !oin! to !et to see my !or!eous dau!hter a!ain...I can't I made a promise. &)en if the "orld has a nuclear "ar "e "ould sur)i)e, and e)en if "e die, "e "ould ha)e a different

The Imperfect Machine


opportunity in a closed uni)erse. I renounce bein! ust a simulation, if a nuclear "ar is the price to pay, so be it, "e brou!ht this by oursel)es and me must face the conse5uences. After a lon! pause the little !irl smiled and looked to the ceilin! "hich turned into a sky. #ou see #ablo, this is what differentiate a human from a machine, only a human would to sacrifice their entire race for the lo$e of only a few. H'One last 5uestion, are you really my biolo!ical dau!hter Aatalia or e)erythin! you told me has been a lie and you are only code* The -uestion is if my name is hania or *atalie. isnYt it/ Oh mother you are so smart. #ou already know the answer The !irl disappeared and the scenario chan!ed to the returned to the IA4 dinnin! room

Gane Hord, ;ichard Heynman, >aul Olum ,Adele #odel, Aatalia >etro)a,Albert &instein, (elen Bukas, .urt #odel, and Gane Hord are eatin! 3anard _ l'Oran!e "hen suddenly a blast of Hrank 4inatra 2I did it my "ay2 put by 8on Aeumann in "hat looked an into,icated drinkin! directly from a bottle of "ine. 2:ets celebrate the amazin! Gane Hord for lettin! destroy the "orld in the name of "hat is ri!ht2 &)eryone burstin! lau!hin! still Gane looked at e)eryone in the table lookin! for someone 2-hat is it my dear*2Heynman approached Gane. 2"here is Annie and ;ick2 2Oh "ell mmm they are...2 The sound of a beepin! from the artificial respiratory machine "oke Gane up "earin! an hospital !o"n and really short hair and a scar on her scalp.The smell of blood and her stomach seem to be re)oltin! on itself she didn't reco!nize the place2;ick "as sittin! in a chair in front of her ?-here are "e*=Gane said 2At >rinceton's (ospital2;ick said

The Imperfect Machine ?Oh y !od you are a"ake.(o" do you feel*2 ?Bro"sy and I smell somethin! burnin!= I !ot shot and you disappeared for a month, it "asn't up until t"o days a!o you appeared


here.Annie and I thou!ht the "orst "e also appeared here a day after "e "here at the To"er.Aothin! happened you kno" 2Auclear e,plotion*2Gane asked 2There "as this airplane that they shot do"n that same day .The !o)ernment didn't say anythin! but apparently it had a nuclear de)ice, but nothin! happened. And there is nothin! on the -ardencliffe to"er e)erythin! is !one.Aothin! happened that day2 2(o" is that you are ali)e you !ot shot in the head2 ;ick crossed his le!s makin! and fro"nin! his bro" 2The reason I retired from baseball "as this2 (e puts a fin!er in his head knockin! it as it "as a door 2I !ot hit once by a /1 mile ball in the head and in the end they put a metal plate in me head. I don't kno" if they kne" that or it "as ust destiny that didn't allo" me to die. 2Ao, it "asn't a coincidence nothin! "as a coincidence, you, me Anni, e)erythin! "as calculated.-as it a dream*Gane then !rabbed her head she then felt her sha)en head "ith "ith a hu!e scar on her scalp. 2Bo you remember anythin! Gane*2 2Ao, "ell If its true ,it's to incredible to belie)e it actually happened. Is Annie Ok* ?+es "e both are fine. 4he is at school I'm !oin! to call her ri!ht no" that you ust "ake up. I been here e)er since the police told us you appeared here t"o days a!o.I'm sorry I broke the promise I opened my present and it "as a Faseball collecti)e card I sold the baseball card you !a)e me, they !a)e 2%,111M for it, I bou!ht you this2

The Imperfect Machine ;ick sho"s a laptop "ith a hu!e ribbon on it 2After all of this I still "ant to keep a"ay from computers2Gane said 2I')e tried to contact the &01 thin! but it doesn't "ork or maybe he is i!norin! us2 ?-e don't need to care about him anymore ?-hat do you mean not carin!* After All of the thin!s that monster has done=;ick said desesperetely.


?-e "ouldn't be here "ithout that her, in a "eird sense she is responsible for e)erythin! e)en in our li)es . 4he is the reason Annie is ali)e, she "as supposed to die at birth but she decided to let her li)e. 2:et me email Annie2 ,ane is awake, she feels ok come to the hospital. 4orens20/

Annie "as at the :ibrary "hen she !ot the messa!e. Annie smiled and she started runnin! but somethin! in her backpack "as botherin! her then she remember the promise 4he opened her backpack and took out Gane's present. It looked like a book she carefully rip the "rapper tryin! to not make a lot of noise.It "as a copy of #9del &scher Fach by (ofstadter "ith a bookmark inside it on pa!e <11 "ith the subtitle 9:trange (oops in Go$ernment9.Annie starts to read an epiphany appears in her eyes. 2Oh my !od its al"ays been in front of me. It's al"ays been in front of me2

The Imperfect Machine


The Imperfect Machine