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1. Alpha and omega: Alpha and omega of Islam is that God is one, and Hazarat Muhammad(P.B.U.

H) is His last prophet. 2. All and sundry: All and sundry went to saw art exhibition in science hall. 3. At ones beck and call: Tradition enjoins to Muslims beck and call to Allah Almighty only. 4. Bag and Baggage: I left Lahore forever bag and baggage. 5. Bread and butter: Inflation and unemployment caused difficulty in earning bread and butter to poor people. 6. Cheek by jowl: they are deep friend. They are cheek by jowl these days. 7. Fire and water: in friendship sincerity and selfishness akin to fire and water. 8. Fire and sword: The US hunted fire and sword with other countries for her own interests. 9. Flesh and blood: to err is in man flesh and blood. 10. From hand to mouth: the drastic rise in inflation and taxes result in living for mediocre from hand to mouth. 11. Heart and soul: she loves her son from heart and soul. 12. Head over heels: he is honest and pious from head over heels. 13. Kith and kin: I invite my friend with kith and kin at my birthday party. 14. Loaves and fishes: Many of us sell our soul for loaves and fishes benefits. 15. Neck or nothing: Government has to initial steps for peace dialogue with neck or nothing. 16. Part and parcel: The Part and parcel of Islam is to believe on its five pillars. 17. Pillar to post: I went pillar to post in search of justice. 18. Sum and substance: 19. At sixes and sevens: All books and stationery were at sixes and sevens on the table. 20. Time and tide: time and tide never come again. 21. Tooth and nail: He justified his argument with tooth and nail. 22. The rank and file: the rand and file stood against the king. 23. Rack and ruin: Government is going to rack and ruin due to poor law and order. 24. Black and blue: she was black and blue by the police. 25. Black and white: present your arguments statements in black and white. 26. Cut and dried: there are no cut and dried rules for writing essay. 27. Fair and square: we must be fair and square in our all dealings. 28. Few and far between: petrol stations are few and far between on this motorway. 29. Far and wide: his fame as became a doctor was far and wide. 30. In fits and starts: I may fail in examination because I am studying books in fits and starts only. 31. Hale and hearty: she was hale and hearty in her nineties. 32. High and dry: the loss in business makes him high and dry completely. 33. High and low: I search my new pen from high and low. 34. Hue and cry: Masses started hue and cry in the city against high taxes. 35. With main and might: 36. In letter and spirit: 37. Long and short: 38. Null and void: 39. Root and branch:

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Odds and ends: Spick and span: Through thick and thin: Through and through: To all intents and purposes: Wear and tears: At home in: Around or round the corner: By dint of: At a stretch: By virtue of: Be a by word: In defiance of: In honour of: In keeping with: In lieu of: In the nick of time: In the teeth of: On account of: On the eve of: On touch with: On the verge of: Owing to: With reference to: On the whole: In spite of: In quest of: In the light of: In consequence of: In addition: In accordance with: For the sake of: For God sake: Ways and means: Ups and downs: Safe and sound: By leaps and bounds: By hook and by crook: Hard and fast: