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The Indian constitution, adopted in 1950, declares Hindi shall be written in the Devanagari script and will be the

official language of the Federal Govern ent of India!"#$ However, %nglish continues to be used as an official language along with Hindi! Hindi is also enu erated as one of the twent&'two languages of the %ighth (chedule of the )onstitution of India, which entitles it to representation on the *fficial +anguage )o ission!",$ The )onstitution of India has effectivel& instituted the usage of Hindi and %nglish as the two languages of co unication for the -nion Govern ent! .ost govern ent docu entation is prepared in three languages/ %nglish, Hindi, and the pri ar& official language of the local state, if it is not Hindi or %nglish! 0rticle 151 of the Indian constitution stipulates that Hindi language shall be enriched b& drawing for its vocabular& pri aril& fro (ans2rit and secondaril& fro other languages!"9$ The trend is different in Hindi cine a where ore and ore %nglish, 3ersian, Tur2ish and 0rabic vocabular& is preferred! 0rticle 144 stipulates that official language co ission shall be constituted ever& ten &ears to reco end steps for progressive use of Hindi language and i posing restrictions on the use of the %nglish language! In practice, the official language co issions are constantl& endeavouring to pro ote Hindi but not i posing restrictions on %nglish in official use! It was envisioned that Hindi would beco e the sole wor2ing language of the -nion Govern ent b& 1955 6per directives in 0rticle 144 678 and 0rticle 1518,"10$ with state govern ents being free to function in the language of their own choice! However, widespread resistance to the i position of Hindi on non'native spea2ers, especiall& in (outh India 6such as the those in Ta il 9adu8, .aharashtra, and in :est ;engal, led to the passage of the *fficial +anguages 0ct of 1951, which provided for the continued use of %nglish indefinitel& for all official purposes! However, the constitutional directive for the -nion Govern ent to encourage the spread of Hindi was retained and has strongl& influenced its policies"citation needed$ 0t the state level, Hindi is the official language of the following states/ ;ihar, <har2hand, -ttara2hand, .adh&a 3radesh, =a>asthan, -ttar 3radesh, )hhattisgarh, Hi achal 3radesh, Har&ana and Delhi! %ach a& also designate a ?co'official language?@ in -ttar 3radesh for instance, depending on the political for ation in power, this language is generall& -rdu! (i ilarl&, Hindi is accorded the status of co'official language in several additional states