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Editor, I'm writing in regard to December's cover of your magazine, which featured a woman wearing a white bathing suit

leaning on a palm tree frond and the un-delightfully tacky headline, " ishing !ou the armth of the "eason#" I'm trying to come up with a generous interpretation of this lapse in $udgment# as the cover photo a $oke% &n unfortunate misunderstanding of irony% 'r perhaps a misguided attempt at playfulness about the frigid weather in (ivingston% )here certainly appears to be a discrepancy between December's cover and the statement on the *ioneer's website that, since +,--, it has provided the community with "cutting edge $ournalism, interviews, history, opinion and human interest stories" every month# &t best, the choice to put a swimsuit model on the cover of a local, weekly magazine was a fool's much-regretted error# &t worst, the fool doesn't see anything wrong with his decision# &t worst, he can't see why the cover made many women in the community uncomfortable, if not pissed off# .I'm pissed off, but would feel better if someone kicked the editor in the balls#/ 0ow discouraging to be consistently confronted with this image on magazine stands during the holidays1 0ow discouraging to be a young, intelligent woman of this town and to be reminded daily that although it's 23+4, a certain type of limp-dick, old boy se5ism among people who claim to be well-educated -- among writers, artists and magazine editors -- is still acceptable in (ivingston1 6ay women shun you# !ours, 7atalie "torey

Dear 7atalie "torey, 8egularly, over the last ten years or so, we have featured a warm, tropical scene on our cover in December, 9anuary, or :ebruary, and this has been a popular theme# )he December cover happened to feature a woman in a swimsuit, in a tropical setting# &nd, yes, the idea was, and has been, to offer an attractive alternative to the harsh local winters, and a warm message around the holidays, which is how most people have perceive these covers# )he response has overwhelmingly positive, including this December, because most people do not see the world through the eyes of their particular brand of gender politics, or

gender politics at all, but are able to perceive beauty and warmth when it is presented to them# In other words, they are not immersed in a rigid philosophy of how they believe they must view life# !ou seem not to be in that category# e can't please everybody# It is not possible# I would like to say, though, that we will take your comments into consideration, if possible, after trying to separate out the e5treme personal insults of a se5ist nature and the vulgarity that you yourself include in those comments, which seem to say more about you .and perhaps a need for counseling/, than the sub$ect at hand, which is, after all, simply a warm pleasing scene .to most people/, a tropical beach with an attractive person offered during a harsh winter# "incerely, David (ewis Editor