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TIME OF THE ANCIENTS V1 ~~~~~ARMADA OF THE GREAT KAVIAN DYNASTY~~~~~ ______________________________________________ During the time of the Ancients, the

only race in power in the galaxy was the Kavian Dynasty. Referred to as the "old ones" by many current civilizations, the Kavians have left all but few relics laying across the galaxy. In their time of dying, 3 large ships, surnamed "arks", were deployed across the galaxy in search for a new haven from the Makoor. Months after deployment, the first ark was intercepted and destroyed by Makoor battlefleets. The other two were never found again. Equipped with cryostasis pods and power to sustain them for upwards of a million years, the two remaining arks were on their own after being seperated from the main battlefleet and stranded in the depths of space. No jumping, no propulsion, but only drifting. These were the final days of the Kavians. _______________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~FLEET STATUS~~~~~~~~ SMALL - MEDIUM - LARGE Heavy bias towards advanced projectile tech, the Kavians were nothing less of master shipwrights. At it's fullest strength, the Kavian armada reached a maximum point of upwards of 37,200 ships. The exact number is unknown, as little logs were ever recovered in ruins of Kavian tech. In the pursuit of the domination of the galaxy, seemingly nothing could stop them. Until that unforgettable day. ______________________________________________ FRIGATES AND DESTROYERS While not obviously labeled as these by the original Kavians, ship types of these sorts considerably resembled today's Human and Cel'Tai adaptation of space-faring vessels. Comparitive to our military strength in larger vessels, the Kavian navy largely consisted of these small, but fast and agile vessels. In rare occasions have large numbers ever appeared in ancient conflicts, but the true purpose of so many of these 60-120 meter long vessels was never determined.

Cheap, but reliable, frigates and destroyers ranged from 60-120 meters in length with large amounts of broadside weaponry. Bow or aft weaponry was little to none, with rare occasions of ships largely dedicated to bow force. Many of these ships were sought out to be drones, rigged fully for back engine propulsion. These were thought to be either extremely high speed scouting vessels, or potentially suicide boats.

AVERAGE SPEED UNKNOWN _____________________ AVERAGE SIZE 60-120M _____________________ LAST KNOWN USAGE ANCIENT ERA, UNKNOWN DATE _____________________ CORE SIZE 73 TONS _____________________ WEAPON BIAS BROADSIDE _____________________ FIRST PRODUCED ANCIENT ERA, UNKNOWN DATE

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