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Dear Sir,

I, Kandikanti Samba Siva Rao wish to offer my candidature for suitable post in your esteemed organization.

I am young, dynamic and willing to take up the challenges of the ob. If given an opportunity, I shall prove my strength. I am confidant with my academic background and my work e!perience. I will be able to discharge my duties to your complete satisfaction.

"ope my academic #ualifications, e!perience and right attitude suits to your re#uirement and waiting for your favorable communication.

I am here with forwarding my resume for your kind consideration and perusal. $lease consider my resume for suitable position in your organization.

%hanking &ou, &ours truly, Kandi kanti SambaSivRao


Kandikanti SambaSivRao

EContact: + 91 9603837890

Pro !""ional S#mmar$:

Having 1+ year experience in Accounting and Finance. Experience in %all$ ERP 9&0 Accounting Package. Having detailed knowledge about accounting principles, book keeping procedures, Financial State ents. Have good co unication skills, interpersonal relations, !ardworking and result oriented as an individual and in a tea .

'ork S#mmar$:
"orking as Assistant Pro#essor in E&(&)& C*++E,E *- E.,/%EC0&.1R1S1R1*PE% #ro $une%&'1& oct%&'1' to

"orked as an assistant accountant in 2S(C E+EC%R3C1+ S4S%E)S5 #ro $une%&'1&.

()* P+)F,-E.
Preparation o# *ank reconciliation state ents Preparation o# outstanding state ents i.e. Account receivable and Account payable. /eri#ication o# invoice, vouc!ers, ledgers sales and purc!ases.

Ed#cation 6#ali ication:

7&Sc rom .a8ar9#na :niv!r"it$; ,#nt#r& )71 <-inanc!= Fro >.%:; K1K3.1?1&

%!c@nical and ComA#t!r Skill"

* ic! %ool" : 0s% )##ice &''12&''3 4"ord, Excel, Power point5 2 6ype writing. *A!ratin8 S$"t!m: "indows &''3 2 7P. 1cco#ntin8 Packa8!: 6ally E+P8, 9ood :nowledge in Finance 2 Accounts.

Pro9!ct ?!tail"
Project title
Ro!! Ind str$ Com%an$ & ration # # # #

Insider trading reg !ations"

$ro ect trainee stock market "yderabad Securities and 'nterprises (td. )".S.'* +,days %o study the impact of regulations on insider trading on common and employees who are -illing to invest in stock market. %o study the impact of regulations on security markets.

&es'ri%tion #

P!r"onal Pro il!:

;ationality 2 +eligion. -anguages known . Per anent address . ,ndian 2 Hindu Englis!, 6elugu, Hindi S<o +ad!akris!na urt!y, Ho. ;o. 1&%=&, >!ilakaluripet, 9untur 4?ist5, And!ra Prades!. 4St5, Pin%=&&@1@.

, !ereby declare t!at t!e above written particulars are true to t!e best o# knowledge and belie#. , also con#ident o# y ability to work in a tea .

Place. ?ate.

Signature 4K1.?3K1.%3 S1)71S3(R1*5