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By Philip Johnson January 30, 2012

One of the most touching examples of sacrifice in all of scripture is that of Hannah who gave her son to the or!" #or many years she ha! no chil!ren an! live! in a househol! with another woman who not only ha! chil!ren, $ut also tormente! her $ecause of her $arrenness" Hannah wept an! crie! to the or! an! vowe! that if the or! woul! give her a son, she woul! %give him unto the or! all the !ays of his life& '1 (am" 1)11*" +he or! answere! her prayer an! she gave $irth to (amuel, which means %as,e! of -o!"& Hannah.s hus$an!, /l,anah, faithfully too, his family to (hiloh every year to offer the yearly sacrifice" +his was !uring a time in the history of 0srael when the spiritual con!ition of the nation was in !isarray, $ut this family shines out as hol!ing faithfully to the 1or! of -o! that they ,new" 2re you an! 0 following the 1or! of -o! faithfully in our families even when it.s not popular aroun! us3 2re we ta,ing our family to a place where the Bi$le is proclaime! in truth3 Hannah ha! a plan" (he !i! not want to go to (hiloh until her son was weane! an! then she woul! leave him there to %appear $efore the O45, an! there a$i!e for ever& '1 (am" 1)22*" (he may have wante! every precious secon! to train her son until that !ay when she ,new that she woul! give him up forever" Her hus$an! agree! with this plan, $ut he seeme! to ,now the enormity of her sacrifice an! the purposes that the or! ha! for (amuel as he sai!, %Only the or! esta$lish His wor!& '1 (am" 1)23*" /l,anah !esire! the or!.s will to $e !one in (amuel.s life an! this may have $een a caution to his wife to not go $ac, on her wor! that she gave when she promise! to give him to the or!" 0t is $elieve! that (amuel may have $een four or five years ol! when Hannah weane! him an! $rought him with an offering to the house of the or! in (hiloh" (he fulfille! her promise an! lent him to the or! on that !ay for the rest of his life" (he saw him once a year after that an! $rought him a new coat each time when she came to offer sacrifices with her growing family that the or! $lesse! her with" Hannah experience! what each 6hristian parent nee!s to reali7e at some point on our parenting 8ourney" 1e !o not own our chil!ren" +hey are the or!.s" He has given them to us for a time, an! given us the responsi$ility to raise them, train them, love them, an! share -o!.s 1or! with them" Hannah physically gave up her son" 1e nee! to surren!er our chil!ren to the or! in our hearts" 1hen we !o that, we are ac,nowle!ging that He is in control of their lives an! what He !oes is for the $est" He may allow sic,ness, acci!ents, or other challenges to plague our chil!ren, $ut he is weaving those !ifficulties into His master plan for their life an! ours" 2nother aspect of giving our chil!ren to the or! is raising them in a way that shows we have ma!e that sacrifice" 1hen we are consciously thin,ing each !ay that our chil!ren are the or!.s an! not our own, it changes the !ecisions that we ma,e" 1e want to !iscipline our chil!ren with the consistency, grace, an! ten!erness that the or! woul! use" 1e want to spen! time with them !eveloping a meaningful, spiritual, lasting relationship as the or!

!i! with His !isciples" 1e want to treat our chil!ren as if they are the or!.s chil!ren, not our own, so what ,in! of a parent woul! He $e3 0f you haven.t !one so alrea!y, give each one of your chil!ren to the or!" 0t !oesn.t matter if they are very young, teenagers, or mi!!le9age!, you can still give them to the or! in your heart" 1hen you surren!er them to the or!, then you will have an overwhelming peace an! will say with Hannah, %:y heart re8oiceth in the or!& '1 (am" 2)1*"