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(920) 323-3475 danf2010@comcast.net (920) 684-5590 huntel@comcast.net (920) 629-0924 erica-strauss@ameritech.net (920) 973-7391 jim_sustman@yahoo.com


Get ready for a summer full of LUUF members and friends engaging presentations. Stay connected this summer and grow in Fellowship with members and friends. Service topics TBA. Services are typically less formal, smaller, and quieter than the services during the regular church year. They often involve interactions among congregants both during and after the service. Summer Fellowship services have become an important aspect of our shared ministry. These are important touch stones during the summer months, when travel and vacation separate us as a community and members bring their experiences back to LUUF, to share with our Fellowship. July 14 ~Jim Hollahan August 1 ~ Jennifer Hollahan August 18 ~ Barbara Ferguson

Still room for 2-3 more for Circle Suppers on July 13th At Kari Alice Lynn's Home
6807 East Hillcrest Road Two Rivers 6:00pm Bring a side dish to pass, or call Kari Alice at: 794-6163

1033 22nd Street Two Rivers Call Jennifer Hollahan at: 301-502-8074

Still room for 2-4 more for Circle Suppers on July 27th At Luigi's Italian Restaurant Two Rivers

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At the June meeting of the newly elected LUUF Board , we welcomed new board members Sandy Bast, secretary, and Jim Everett, member at large, and expressed our appreciation to outgoing members Dan Fischer and Tammy Hoeltke for their service to the board. Dan joined other LUUF leaders and past presidents in making a unique and lasting contribution to our Fellowship. Erica Strauss assembled the first group in her back yard; Gail Slaughter facilitated the activities of the group on Washington Street in Two Rivers and coordinated the move and early activities at our N. 8 th Street location; Linda Hunter built upon Gails work and delegated responsibilities to transform our lay-lead to a lay-run Fellowship; Ron Kossik promoted our search for a new home and facilitated the move to our current location; and Dan culminated that move and has coordinated our very successful summer service program. Thanks to all of these leaders who helped us get to where we are now. And a special thanks to Ginny Finnel for coordinating all of the legal work involved in the establishment of the Fellowship and the transactions involved in our renting and purchasing of the facilities. As with any successful organization, the work of our leaders couldnt have been have done without the support of so many others. Again this year our members and friends have stepped up to help the Fellowship get off to a good start to the 2013-2014 year. The following generous souls have agreed to chair or coordinate the activities of our committees and Fellowship responsibilities for the upcoming year. A large number of people signed up to help each of the chairs and coordinators they will be listed in the weekly service guide.

Committee Chairs Service Planning Linda Hunter Religious Education Evie Sustman Membership Dan Fischer Outreach and Social Justice Jim Sustman Environment Bev Rawling Adult Activities Jean Biegun Facilities Ron Kossik Nominating Linda Hunter

Responsibility Coordinators Service Leader Service Planning Committee Greeters Jim Rabata Cleaning the Fellowship Mary Jane Lukes Choir Linda Hunter Developing and Maintaining the Meditation Garden Kari Alice Lynn Preparation of Pre-Service Coffee Patty Marquardt Facility Maintenance Ron Kossik Interior Decorating Jim Sustman Newsletter Kim Everett Service Bulletins Ginny Finnel Childrens Library Jennie Naidl Adult Library anyone interested?

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Treasurer Joel Marquardt reported that he anticipates that our income and expenses for the upcoming year will be similar to what both were for 2012-2013 and thanked everyone for their support of the financial well being of the Fellowship. Ron Kossik, chair of the facilities committee attended the June board meeting to participate in our discussion of some of the facilities issues which were brought up at the Annual Meeting in May. Specifically, the board agreed to (1) repair the uneven sidewalk panels, (2) contract for a semi-annual maintenance of the lift, (3) install an additional Exit light in the north stairwell. (4) have the rain gutters cleaned, (5) repair the front door of the building, (6) pursue with Dan Wergin the painting of the outside of our facility, and (7) to work on reducing the noise in the kitchen during our coffee hours. The board also decided to take advantage of an offer from Cathy Edwards to work with the Fellowship on a strategic planning process to guide us as we move forward. The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 23 at 7pm. Subsequently beginning in August, the board will meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7pm. The meetings are open to all so please join us if you have an idea or issue you would like to share. Thanks to all for making 2012-2013 such a successful year. We all look forward to another interesting, rewarding, and fun-filled year in 2013-2014. Kathie

The day-to-day life of our fellowship is the glue that holds our spiritual community together. Unitarian Universalism approaches the more "secular" aspects of fellowship life with the same religious intent as it's worship. Our religious education classes, adult activities groups, community volunteerism and building facilities committees are essential aspects of our spiritual work. We believe it is our deeds, not our creeds, which are most important. Volunteer opportunities abound! Please consider signing up for coffee service, greeter, shoveling, or any other activity or job that helps to keep our fellowship moving forward and running smoothly. Volunteer sign up sheets are in the coat room .

"We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.
Mother Teresa Every day we have people helping the Fellowship in ways that allow our community to thrive. Whether you are a board member, on a committee, you make coffee, do dishes, vacuum, shovel snow, rack leaves, plan a garden, help coordinate a service or you do one of the other countless tasks, the time and talents you share is incredibly important for our Fellowship community. Please know you are immensely appreciated.

Living is the art of loving. Loving is the art of caring. Caring is the art of sharing. Sharing is the art of living. If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. Booker T. Washington

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LUUF Garden plan continues full speed ahead!

Summer is a good time to order bulbs for fall planting. Kari Alice has once again provided her expertise in suggesting fall planting bulbs, which are long lasting and deer resistant, to provide us with many years of garden beauty. If you would like to purchase and plant bulbs in LUUF gardens, for all to appreciate, we'd love to have them. Total number of bulb to plant in the gardens for this up coming fall, is five (5) bulbs of each type listed below, which equals 150 bulbs. Next year will offer another opportunity for expanding our gardens, with additional varieties, such as Long lived Tulips, Camassia, Fritillaria, etc. Below is what is needed this year, please select the bulbs you'd like to donate and let Kari Alice know which bulbs you'll be donating and planting, she will provide you with information on where to plant your bulb. To purchase the bulbs we need this year, a favorite bulb supplier for Kari Alice is: http://www.johnscheepers.com/

Large Cupped Narcissi (25 bulbs) - April Delibes Fortissimo Ice Follies Professor Einstein Sound Miniature Trumpet Daffodils (5 bulbs) - April Little Gem Small Cupped Narcissi (25 bulbs) - April & May Barrett Browning Edna Earl - Lives 50 years Cheerfulness White Lion Yellow Cheerfulness Poeticus Narcissi (10 bulbs) April / May Actaea Angel Eyes Jonquilla Narcissi (5 bulbs) - May Suzy Hyacinthus Orientalis

Cyclamineus Narcissi (20 bulbs) - April February Gold Jack Snipe Peeping Tom Teta A Teta Triandrus Narcissi (15 bulbs) - April Hawera Ice Wings Thalia Split-cup Narcissi (5 bulbs)- April Sorbet Species Crocus (20 bulbs) ( Late March /April C. Chrysanthus Blue Pearl C. Chrysanthus Cream Beauty Naples-yellow, (Finished before mowing, 4 inches, C. Tommasinianus
Deer Proof !

Large Flowering Crocus (5 bulbs) - April C. Vernus Twilght Galanthus (5 bulbs) - March / April G. Elwesll

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IMPORTANT LUUF PROJECTS CONTINUE -- PLEASE HELP! ALL I WANT FOR THE NEW YEAR (and beyond.........) is LUUF mementos and keepsakes by Ginney Finnel
During one of his recent visits to our fellowship, Arthur Thexton suggested we add to our October "Remember the Saints" service a ceremonial reading aloud of the names of the departed members and friends of our fellowship. This year we paid homage to Vince Holschbach, Katherine Helgeland and George Edwards, who left us far too soon. We also remembered past members and friends, including Shirley Goeters, Bob Potrykus, Olga Radulaski, Winnifred Spring, and others. In a further effort to preserve the personal history of our fellowship, Zoe Alexander and I have a plan to create and assemble a photo album / scrap book of LUUF memorabilia. We want to preserve our connection to the people no longer with us as well as to meaningful events and happenings related to the life of our fellowship and its history and mission here in Manitowoc. So, please, help us by sharing copies of anything you may have in your possession that will further this cause. Things like: Photos of departed members and friends; Photos of special events (new member recognitions, moving day(s), concerts, picnics and parties; Photos taken at our former homes - Washington House in Two Rivers and our building on 8th Street in Manitowoc; Newspaper articles about the fellowship or fellowship events, obituaries, etc. Please contact Ginny Finnel by phone 755-2689 or email at amanuensis_vlf@ayoo.com if you have questions or anything to contribute now or at anytime in the future. Or, simply leave your items in an envelope with my name on it on the information table at the back of the fellowship. I will be happy to photocopy and return any original items you wish to retain. Thank you! "A person with no sense of the past is a person who is a stranger to his or her own roots...We are inheritors of the history that has made us what we are..." -Anthony O'Hear. "The poetry of history lies in the quasi-miraculous fact that once...on this familiar spot of ground, walked other men and women, as actual as we are today...". - G.M. Trevelyan "Of all the intellectual pursuits, history is the most supremely useful. Simon Jenkins. That is why people crave it and need ever more of it." -


A call out to LUUF Artists, Poets, Sculptors & Fine Craftsman. Last May we started a call out to our LUUF artists and we're still encouraging our talented members and friends, to provide art for our fellowship. Bonita's paintings have adorned the walls at LUUF for 3 years, and with the many talented artists in our congregation, it's time to for a change and for your talents to shine and adorn our Fellowship, as we enter our fourth year in this historic building. We're calling out to all our talented artists, poets, sculptors and potters to share their artistic talents, so we can all enjoy the variety of these beautiful works of art. We will also need outdoor art for our gardens.

***************************************************************************************************** Don't Forget!

"Soup Sunday" LUUF Cook Book. We've already had a few submissions, but it takes a village of hungry people to create a cook book worthy of UU's. Zoe Alexander and Kim Everett have agreed to take this project on, so please submit your favorite "Soup Sunday" recipe to Zoe at jzalex@sbcglobal.net. The goal is to self publish "Soup Sunday" and sell it to members, friends and interested parties for a small donation.

Please contact Kim Everett to arrange for art rotation and display -- 755-8430, or email at: kimeverett60@gmail.co

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Don't forget meditation on Sunday evenings at LUUF at 6:30 Relax, reflect and realign For a calming start to you week.

Our monthly Board Game Night continues Second Wednesday of the month, at 6:30 July 10 August 14 Have a favorite game, or party snack? Bring it along! Join in the fun!

The goal of meditation is to bring inner peace within oneself and the world in a positive and spiritual way. The world may not always be a peaceful place and within every soul there is some form of tension and stress. It is therefore essential to create positive and peaceful thoughts to bring peace to our mind. Meditation is one of the best methods to bring about transformation and nurture the natural qualities within. "Peace is not always the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it"

UW Manitowoc Email: uwmanitowocgsa@gmail.com Caio Menzer (920)320-1141


Meets first Thurs of each month at 7:00. St. James Church 434 N. 8th St. Phone: (920)374-3524 Email: pflagmanty@gmail.com

We believe that schools can be truly safe only when every student is assured of access to an education without fear of harassment of violence.

In the Spring of 2007, Fair Wisconsin held a number of Town Hall sessions around the state to talk about the Marriage Amendment loss the year before and what the next steps were in the struggle for equality. In Green Bay, we decided it was time to restart a northeast Wisconsin Pride event. 2013 will mark Pride Alives sixth year. Over the past five years, we have made incredible connections with businesses, organizations and individuals. The amount of support we have received has been inspiring and more than a bit overwhelming actually. One of our theories when we started this project was that people really do support diversity and equality, and sometimes you just need to give them an opportunity to show this.

We continue to brainstorm new and exciting ideas, events and things that will keep Pride Alive fun and engaging and continue to keep the LGBT community moving forward. Pride Alive is presented each year by NEWPride, a program of Rainbow Over Wisconsin. Since 1996, ROW has served as your gay United Way, giving over $120,000 to over two dozen local organizations. With ROWs support, NEWPride is organized by a team of local community leaders and volunteers. Along with several task leaders, we do our best to make each year bigger and better and we encourage you to get involved! Its only with new blood and new ideas each year that we can continue to improve your Pride Alive!

Greenbay UU's will have a table at Pride Alive, please consider attending this event, to show our support for the LGBT community.

Page - 7 2013 Fellowship Committees and Responsibilities

Committees Service Planning Linda Hunter (chair), Becky Abler, Ginny Finnel, Jim Sustman, Mary Jo Urban, Jessica Van Slooten Religious Education Evie Sustman (chair), Max Alexander, Sandy Bast, Dan Fischer, Carol Wergin Membership Dan Fischer (chair), Jim Everett, Kim Everett Outreach and Social Justice Jim Sustman (chair), Nancy Horvath, Jennifer Hollahan, Patty Marquardt, John Thompson Environment Bev Rawling (chair), Jean Biegun, Kari Alice Lynn, Judy Rollin, Carol Wergin Adult Activities Jean Biegun (chair), Beth Barfield, Cathy Edwards, Judy Rollin Facilities Ron Kossik (chair), Tom Clark, Kathie Fishbeck, Jim Rabata, Dick Urban, Dan Wergin Nominating Linda Hunter (chair), Ginny Finnel, Marion Marquardt, Jim Sustman Responsibilities Service Leader Service Planning Committee (coordinator), Tom Clark, Ginny Finnel, Dan Fischer, Kathie Fishbeck, Jim Sustman, John Thompson, Mary Jo Urban Greeter Jim Rabata (coordinator), Barry Bast, Jean Biegun, Jim Rabata, Jim Sustman, Mary Jo Urban, Jessica Van Slooten Clean the Fellowship Mary Jane Lukes (coordinator), Kathie Fishbeck, Cecilia Held, Jennifer Hollahan, Judy Rollin, Dick Urban, Mary Jo Urban, Carol Wergin Choir Linda Hunter (coordinator), Sandy Bast, Tom Clark, Cathy Edwards, Kathie Fishbeck, Joel Marquardt, Carolyn Rabata, Jim Sustman Help Develop and Maintain the Meditation Garden Kari Alice Lynn (coordinator), Cecilia Held, Kim Everett, Carolyn Rabata, Bev Rawling, Carol Wergin Present Sermon Service Planning Committee (coordinator), Gail Slaughter (flower and water ceremonies) Prepare Pre-Service Coffee Patty Marquardt (coordinator), Mary Dean, Kathie Fishbeck, Patty Marquardt, Carolyn Rabata, Bev Rawling, Judy Rollin Facility Maintenance Ron Kossik (coordinator), Tom Clark, Jim Everett, Dan Fischer, Kathie Fishbeck, Jim Rabata, Dick Urban, Carol Wergin Help with Interior Decorating Jim Sustman (coordinator), Bonnita Budysz, Kari Alice Lynn, Carol Wergin Newsletter Kim Everett, Ron Kossik Service Bulletins Ginny Finnel Adult Library Childrens Library Jennie Naidl

Page - 8 Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 620 Park Street Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220

Lake Shore Unitarian Universalist Mission

As a welcoming and accepting, diverse and inquiring spiritual fellowship, We unite to create a community which stimulates a free exchange and Exploration of ideas, foster spiritual and intellectual growth, and serves as a base for active outreach to benefit the world around us.

As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm and promote these principles :

The inherent worth and dignity of every person Justice, equality and compassion in human relationships Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations A free and responsible search for truth and meaning The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part PEACE TO ALL