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Question:- what is E-commerce Answer :E-Commerce can be defined as business activities conducted using electronic data transmission via the Internet and WWW. 2. Question:- Classification of E-commerce Answer:B2B Business to Business B2C Business to Consumer C2B Consumer to Business C2C Consumer to Consumer 3. Question:- Define the various classifications Answer:C2C Consumer to Consumer orkut, shadi.com,click jobs.com etc. C2B Consumer to BusinessIntermediatory .. shopping malls, online-tickets B2C Business to Consumer . Buyer Centric ..Maruti, Hyundai Motors Ltd, Dell B2B Business to Business .. Supplier Centric .. SAIL , NTPC , BHEL 4. Question:- Benefits of E- Commerce Answer: Reduced Manual Processing Reduced Overheads Expanded Markets Available 24 hours Wide Geographical Reach Faster Processing Faster inter Organization Communication Quick Placement of Orders Reduces Cost of Physical Storefront 5. Question:- what is E-Business Answers:E-Business is not just about is a super-set of e_Commerce 6. Question:- what is mathematical equation of e-business Answer:EB = EC + BI + CM+ SCM + ERP Where EC=E-Commerce BI=Business Intelligence CRM=Customer Relationship Management

SCM=Supply Chain Management ERP=Enterprise Resource PLanning 7. Question:-what is e-procurement. Answer:e-Procurement is based on the use of Internet Technology. 8. Question :- what is the definition of e-procurement Answer:- E-Procurement is using the Internet to operate the transactional aspects Of requisitioning, authorizing, ordering, receipting and payment processes for the required services or products. 9. Questions:- what are the approaches to e-procurements Answers:We can have two models for e-procurements, 1. Application Service Provider Model , where Service provider does the day to day operations on a Per tender basis, Contract for a No of tenders in a fixed period, Volume of transaction basis. 2. Buyer hosts, runs and operates the system 10. Questions:- What is a Auction Answers:Auction as we new it till recent times Was the one of the methods of selling goods and Services. Subsequent to introduction of e-procurement AUCTION are now classified as FORWARD AUCTION & REVERSE AUCTION 11. Questions:- how do you define the Auctions Answers:FORWARD Auction for selling of Goods Reverse Auction is one of the methods of buying Goods and Services. 12. Questions:- What is a Reserve Auction. Answer:A process technique which allows prospective buyers to list any item(s) they wish to buy, and the sellers bid to provide the best price , Suppliers Competing, can be from anywhere in the worldjust need to have Internet access.. Reverse in natureBecause prospective sellers bid the price DOWN as they compete for the work and the Prices Spiral Down, the process is More Consumer Oriented and is Most effective after Technical evaluation.