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Dear Sir/ Madam, Boris Textile Produ in! Co" #td" is a leadin! $ussian manu%a turer and ex&orter o% so 's and hosiery" The ran!e o% our &rodu t line, !ood (uality, and om&etiti)e &ri es ha)e made us one o% the %astest !ro*in! om&anies o% its 'ind in $ussia" #o ated in Mos o*, *e &rodu e a *ide )ariety o% so 's and hosiery items in a otton+ *oolen+nylon blend %or men, *omen, and hildren" These so 's are o% !ood (uality and are &o&ular *ith ustomers" ,ur total &rodu tion a)era!es -. million &airs &er year, /.0 %or ex&ort and 1.0 %or the domesti mar'et" 2e at Boris Textile Co" *ill *or' *ith you to &rodu e the ty&es o% so 's or hosiery &rodu ts that *ill sell *ell in your stores" 2e !uarantee both our (uality and on time deli)ery o% shi&ments and our &ri es are )ery om&etiti)e" 3or more in%ormation &lease !o to our *eb site at ***"boristextile" om"ru " Yours sin erely, / %aith%ully Name Si!nature