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Manalili, Niko T. September 10, 2009

BSN004 Prof. Wilson S. Chua

Understanding Japanese and ASEAN Values

The Philippines as an archipelago was invaded with different races, from Spaniards,
Americans, Japanese, Nigerians, and Chinese and among others. Currently, we have Korean
invasion. From Koreanovelas, Korean Restaurant, Korean Fashion, Koreans and now their music
like “Nobody” by Wondergirls who’s hitting the top chart at WRR 101.9. From the western
culture, now we are influenced by these people. We are amused with achievement of the new star
of Korea, Sandara Park who is now famous in her country because of her group 2NE1. True
enough; Filipinos are easily influenced by other culture. A thought that had me question its
impact to our fellows. Is it negative? Or is it just a mere sharing of values and traditions to other

The Philippines is a one stop shop for different races. In FEU, we can see many
international students roaming around and most of them are Chinese and Koreans. In
comparison, I thought they offer better education. I asked my friend Alpert (A Filipino-American
Citizen) why did he studied here in the Philippines? And he said, “Well the Philippines have
universities that offer quality education at a lesser price.” He believed that his co-Filipinos are
nice and good. He added that he planned to go to Gen. Santos City, at her mother’s homeland to
practice nursing. During those times I have wondered why he answered that way because if I will
be him, I’ll go back to USA to work and earned dollars for my future. Now, I realized that my
values and concern for my nation is not that strong. The greed for money ruined my mentality
and heart for our nation. Many are in loved with our country and why should I? Even me, myself
has no national prestige and concern. It is a thought that should be changed; a behavior that
should be corrected. My home is an open space, but it remains a commitment and responsibility.
I need to serve first my priority, and that is our people. Therefore, I myself must learn to
appreciate our culture, our music, our art and our soul. We must not let our culture be perished by
the colonizers, and let our values remains within ourselves, our family and our nation.

Going back to Korean invasion, I believed that we our selves must not be invaded. Yes,
we can appreciate their culture, but we must never lose our own identity. We must remember that
our culture has been an instrument for us, not to engage with them or to look like them, but they
remind us of how they value their soul. Now, I must keep in mind, riches can be abolished but
never my dignity because I have values as long as I keep it.