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A Z of Manipulation of Indian Legal System http://www.scribd.com/doc/187575206/A-Z-of-Manipulation-of- ndia-!"#al-$%st"m&&' http://www.scribd.com/doc/17(85)5)1/*hi"f-+ustic"-of- ndia-A-*riminal&&'

Chief Justice of India ( CJI ) a Criminal ? !IL Appeal to "onora#le Supreme court of India $or %rit of Mandamus & ,o'

-onourabl"&."#istrar&' $upr"m"&*ourt&of& ndia&' /"w&0"lhi.& & $ub1"ct&:&&2 !&app"al&for&3. ,&45&MA/0AM6$&&7&&0isciplinar%&&action&'&c& riminal&&proc""din#s&&a#ainst&&*hi"f&&+ustic"&&of&& ndia & ,h"&chi"f&1ustic"&of&india&&is&not&r"pl%in#&to&m%&r"p"at"d&show-caus"&notic"s&'dama#"& pa%m"nt&notic"s&nor&ta8in#&appropriat"&l"#al&actions&'&in&tim"&.&-ow"9"r&th"&public&s"r9ants& ta8"&th"ir&thousands&of&rup""s&salar%&7&p"r8s&w"ll&in&tim"&without&fail&on&1st&&of&"9"r%&month.&As&a& r"sult&of&continu"d&n"#li#"nc"&of&constitutional&duti"s&sinc"&%"ars&w"&public&ar"&suff"rin#&in1ustic"s&'& crim"s&which&could&ha9"&b""n&pr"9"nt"d&ar"&ta8in#&plac".&,h"r"b%&*+ &is&aidin#&th"&criminals&in& committin#&crim"s&7&co9"r&up&of&crim"s&'&in&th"&cours"&b"comin#&a&criminal&hims"lf.&3"&salut"&our& fr""dom&fi#ht"rs&'&militar%&p"rsonn"l&7&mart%rs&for&all&th"sacrific"s&mad"&b%&th"m.&!"t&us& build&a&stron#&'&$"cular&'&0"mocratic& ndia&b%&#"ttin#&rid&off&f"w&corrupt&"l"m"nts&'&anti& nationals&'&traitors&amon#&public&s"r9ants&'amon#&1udiciar%&7&amon#&polic"&who&ar"&#r"at"r&thr"at&to& ndia:&s"curit%&7&int"#rit%&than&2a8istani&t"rrorists&&or&&chin"s"&&militar%. & & nformation&input&forms&part&of&proc"ss&of&on":s&";pr"ssion.&4n":s&";pr"ssion&in&an%&forms&<&writt"n&'& oral&'&"tc&b"com"s&information&input&to&th"&opposit"&p"rson&'&in&turn&h"&";pr"ss"s&his&r"pl%.& nformation&
7&=;pr"ssion&ar"&ins"parabl"&parts&7&form&lif"lin"&of&a&d"mocrac%.&,hat&is&th"&r"ason&&'& .i#ht&&to&=;pr"ssion&is&th"&basic&fundam"ntal&ri#ht&as&w"ll&as&human&ri#ht&of&"9"r%& ndian&citi>"n.&3h"n&a& p"rson:s&ri#ht&to&";pr"ssion&is&9iolat"d&'&his&oth"r&ri#hts&to&"?ualit%&'&1ustic"&'&"tc&also&ar"&9iolat"d.& $uppr"ssion&of& nformation&amounts&to&curbin#&of&=;pr"ssion.& n&a&d"mocrac%&'&p"opl"&ha9"&a&ri#ht& to&8now&how&th"&public&s"r9ants&ar"&&functionin#&.&-ow"9"r&till&dat"&publics"r9ants&ar"&hidin#&b"hind& th"&9"il&of&4fficials&$"cr"ts&Act&@which&is&of&british&9inta#"&cr"at"d&b%&british&to&&suppr"ss&nati9"& ndians&A.&B%&this&co9"r-up&public&s"r9ants&ar"&hidin#&th"ir&own&corruption&'&crim"s&'&mismana#"m"nt&'& failur"s&'&"tc.&"9"n&., &Act&is&not&b"in#&follow"d&intoto&b%&public&s"r9ants.&-ow"9"r&th"&r"c"nt&d"lhi& hi#h&court&rulin#&affirmin#&that&*+ &is&und"r&., &pur9i"w&7&bound&to&answ"r&., &r"?u"st&'&is&not"& worth%.&4ur&pr"9ious&., &r"?u"st&to&*+ &'&union&hom"&s"cr"tar%&of&C4 '&2r"sid"nt&of& ndia&'&0C&7& C2&

of&C4D&and&oth"rs&w"r"&not&honor"d.&,h"&information&is&sou#ht&w"r"&answ"rs&to&th"&followin#& ?u"stions&m"ntion"d&in&th"&b"lowm"ntion"d&w"bsit"s&.&th"&?u"stions&conc"rn"d&th"&past&'&pr"s"nt& continuin#&in1ustic"s&m"t"d&out&to&millions&of& ndian&citi>"ns&'&du"&to&wron#&/&ill"#al&wor8&practic"s&of& ndian&1ud#"s&'&polic"&7&public&s"r9ants&.&,h"&information&w"&sou#ht&would&";pos"&th"&traitors&'&antinationals&'&criminals&in&public&s"r9ic"&.,h"&information&w"&ar"&s""8in#&ar"&no&d"f"ns"&s"cr"ts&'&no& national&s"cr"ts&.,h"&truthful&information&";pos"s&th"&anti-nationals&'&traitors&in&th"&public&s"r9ic"&7& str"n#th"ns&our&national&s"curit%&'&national&unit%&7&int"#rit%. &

-"r"b%&'&i&do&r"?u"st&th"&honourabl"&supr"m"&court&of&india&'&for&a&$upr"m"&*ourt&monitor"d&*B & =n?uir%&into&this&whol"&issu"&as&8arnata8a&polic"&ar"h"lpl"ss&'&th"%&donEt&ha9"&l"#al&pow"rs& to&pros"cut"&hi#h&7&mi#ht%&'constitutional&functionari"s.&,h"%&ha9"&not&"9"n&"n?uir"d&th"&#uilt%& FF 2s&&"9"n&onc"how"9"r&6nd"r&pr"ssur"&from&hi#h"r-ups&th"%&r"p"at"dl%&call"d&m"&th"& complainant&to&polic"&station&too8&stat"m"nts&from&m"&all&for&closin#&th"&fil"s.&-"r"b%&'& &do& r"?u"st&th"&honorabl"&supr"m"&court&of& ndia&to&consid"r&this&as&a&2 !&for&:&Gwrit&of&MandamusH&and&to& issu"&instructions&to&th"&conc"rn"d&public&s"r9ants&in&th"&followin#&cas"s&to&p"rform&th"ir&duti"s&7&to& answ"r&th"&?u"stions.&As&th"&trial&court&+ud#"s&cross&9"rif%&th"&ant"c"d"nts&'&histor%&of&th"& parti"s&in&a&cas"&to&asc"rtain&part%:s&hon"st%&'&int"#rit%&'&as&th"&in9"sti#atin#& polic"&offic"rs&cross&ch"c8&th"&ant"c"d"nts&'&histor%&of&a&complainant&/&accuss"d&/witn"ss"s& to&asc"rtain&th"ir&hon"st%&'&int"#rit%&of&th"&accuss"d&/&complainant&'in&th"&sam"&wa%&th"&parti"s&in&a& cas"&'&as&complainant&/&accuss"d&/&witn"ss"s&ha9"&a&ri#ht&to&asc"rtain&th"&int"#rit%&'hon"st%&of&th"& trial&court&1ud#"&7&&in9"sti#atin#&polic"&offic"rs&to&"nsur"&th"%&ar"&not&bias"d&and&pro9id"&a&fair&'l"9"l& #round.&+A &- /0.&FA/0=&MA,A.AM.& & 0at":06.10.201(&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Iour:s&&sinc"r"l%&' 2lac"&:&M%sor"&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&/a#ara1a.M..


%hen a Judge "imself Commits Crime & %hen a !'LIC( "imself ro#s & Murders )*
& ,h"&public&s"r9ants&7&th"&#o9"rnm"nt&must&b"&rol"&mod"ls&in&law&abidin#&acts&'&for&oth"rs&to&"mulat"&7& follow.&if&a&stud"nt&ma8"s&a&mista8"&it&is&";cusabl"&7&can&b"&corr"ct"d&b%&th"&t"ach"r.&if&th"&t"ach"r& hims"lf&ma8"s&a&mista8"&'&all&&his&stud"nts&will&do&th"&sam"&mista8".&if&a&thi"f&st"als&'&h"&can&b"&cau#ht&&'& l"#all%&punish"d&7&r"form"d&.&if&a&polic"&hims"lf&commits&crim"&'&man%&thi"9"s&#o&scot-fr""&und"r&his& patrona#".&&"9"n&if&a&polic"&'&public&s"r9ant&commits&a&crim"&'&h"&can&b"&l"#all%&pros"cut"d&7&1ustic"&can& b"&sou#ht&b%&th"&a##ri"9"d. & &1ust&thin8&'&if&a&1ud#"&hims"lf&that&too&ap";&court&of&th"&land&its"lf&commits&crim"&-&9iolations&of&., &Act&'& constitutional&ri#hts&7&human&ri#hts&of&public&&and&obstructs&th"&public&from&p"rformin#&th"ir&constitutional& fundam"ntal&duti"s&'&what&happ"ns&J & it&#i9"s&a&boost"r&dos"&to&th"&rich&7&mi#ht%&'&thos"&in&pow"r&'&criminals&in&public&s"r9ic"&to&commit&mor"& crim"s.&that&is&";actl%&what&is&happ"nin#&in&india.&th"&"ducat"d&public&must&rais"&to&th"&occasion&7& p"ac"full%&'&d"mocraticall%&&must&oppos"&this&criminali>ation&of&1udiciar%&'&public&s"r9ic".&th"n&alon"&'&w"& can&build&a&.AM&.A+IA&45&MA-A,MA&CA/0- E$&0.=AM. & &ha9"&&shown&&in&th"&followin#&&attachm"nt&how&&1ustic"&is&bou#ht&'&purchas"d&'&manipulat"d&&in&& /0 A&& with&&actual&&cas"s.&&+ust&&s""&th"&r"c"nt&&";ampl"s&&of&&supr"m"&&court&&1ud#"s&&in9ol9"d&&in&&s";ual&& assault&&cas"&&7&&.44$,&&."sort&&M%sor"&&$";&scandal&in9ol9in#&&1ud#"s&'&if&&an%&ordinar%&&f"llow&&had& committ"d&th"&sam"&crim"s&&h"&would&ha9"&b""n&&haul"d&o9"r&th"&coal&fir".&+ust&ta8"&anoth"r&&r"c"nt& ";ampl"&of&&2rison"r&Mo9i"&actor&san1a%&dutt&'&,A0A&&pro9isions&w"r"&dilut"d&b%&th"&1ud#"&to&fa9our&him& and&now&h"&is&#"ttin#&parol"&&w""8&aft"r&w""8&&whil"&&th"&ordinar%&con9icts&n"9"r&&&#"t&a&sin#l"&parol"& throu#ht&th"ir&s"nt"nc".&&3hat&&Brilliant&&+ud#"s&'&what&&brilliant&polic"&&sir1i. &

Editorial : PIL Appeal To Honorable Supreme court of India For Writ of Mandamus - No AIL for !riminal ud"es # !riminal Police $

We salute our freedom fi"%ters & militar' personnel # mart'rs for all t%e sacrifices made b' t%em( Let us build a stron" & Secular & )emocratic India b' "ettin" rid off fe* corrupt elements & anti nationals & traitors amon" public ser+ants & amon" ,udiciar' # amon" police *%o are "reater t%reat to India-s unit' # inte"rit' t%an Pa.istani terrorists or c%inese militar'(

Information input forms part of process of one-s e/pression( 0ne-s e/pression in an' forms 1 *ritten & oral & etc becomes information input to t%e opposite person & in turn %e e/presses %is repl'( Information # E/pression are inseparable parts # form lifeline of a democrac'( T%at is t%e reason & 2i"%t to E/pression is t%e basic fundamental ri"%t as *ell as %uman ri"%t of e+er' Indian citi3en( W%en a person-s ri"%t to e/pression is +iolated & %is ot%er ri"%ts to e4ualit' & ,ustice & etc also are +iolated( Suppression of Information amounts to curbin" of E/pression(

In a democrac' & people %a+e a ri"%t to .no* %o* t%e public ser+ants are functionin"( Ho*e+er till date public ser+ants are %idin" be%ind t%e +eil of 0fficials Secrets Act 5*%ic% is of britis% +inta"e created b' britis% to suppress nati+e indians6( 7' t%is co+er-up public ser+ants are %idin" t%eir o*n corruption & crimes & mismana"ement & failures & etc( e+en 2TI Act is not bein" follo*ed intoto b' public ser+ants( Ho*e+er t%e recent del%i %i"% court rulin" affirmin" t%at ! I is under 2TI pur+ie* # bound to ans*er 2TI re4uest & is note*ort%'(

0ur pre+ious 2TI re4uest to ! I & union %ome secretar' of 80I& President of India & )8 # I8P of 809 and ot%ers *ere not %onored( T%e information I sou"%t *ere ans*ers to t%e follo*in" 4uestions mentioned in t%e belo* mentioned *ebsites ( t%e 4uestions concerned t%e past & present continuin" in,ustices meted out to millions of Indian citi3ens & due to *ron" : ille"al *or. practices of Indian ,ud"es & police # public ser+ants ( T%e information *e sou"%t *ould e/pose t%e traitors & anti-nationals & criminals in public ser+ice( T%e information *e are see.in" are no defense secrets & no national secrets( T%e trut%ful information e/poses t%e anti-nationals & traitors in t%e public ser+ice # stren"t%ens our national securit' & national unit' # inte"rit'(

Hereb' & i do re4uest t%e %onourable supreme court of india & for a Supreme !ourt monitored !7I En4uir' into t%is *%ole issue as .arnata.a police are %elpless & t%e' don;t %a+e le"al po*ers to prosecute %i"% # mi"%t' & constitutional functionaries( T%e' %a+e not e+en en4uired t%e "uilt' <<IPs e+en once %o*e+er =nder pressure from %i"%er-ups t%e' repeatedl' called me t%e complainant to police station too. statements from me all for closin" t%e files(

Hereb' & I do re4uest t%e %onorable supreme court of India to consider t%is as a PIL for : >*rit of Mandamus? and to issue instructions to t%e concerned public ser+ants in t%e follo*in" cases to perform t%eir duties # to ans*er t%e 4uestions(

As t%e trial court ud"es cross +erif' t%e antecedents & %istor' of t%e parties in a case to ascertain part'-s %onest' & inte"rit' & as t%e in+esti"atin" police officers cross c%ec. t%e antecedents & %istor' of a complainant : accussed : *itnesses to ascertain t%eir %onest' & inte"rit' of t%e accussed : complainant & in t%e same *a' t%e parties in a case & as complainant : accussed : *itnesses %a+e a ri"%t to ascertain t%e inte"rit' & %onest' of t%e trial court ,ud"e # in+esti"atin" police officers to ensure t%e' are not biased and pro+ide a fair & le+el "round( AI HIN)( <AN)E MATA2AM(

@our-s sincerel' & Na"ara,(M(2( & .=A0&56!!&0=,A !=0&A., *!=&A,&: +60C=$&&*o9"r&up&&!and&&$cAM$ https://sit"s.#oo#l".com/sit"/sos"9oic"for1ustic"/1ud#"s-co9"r-up-land-scams&'

https://docs.#oo#l".com/9i"w"rJ aK97pidKsit"s7srcidKZCFmILFsdC.9b35pbn;lI2;hcml9bmMmZC5saL.8Z(#6/m 0M>IwZ, wM1h1I1 #2Mw&&&&' https://sit"s.#oo#l".com/sit"/"clarionofdalit/no-1ail-for-criminal-1ud#"s-polic"-1&&&&&&&&&&

There is a higher court than the court of justice and that is the court of conscience It super cedes all other courts. Mahatma Gandhi

!A+ ,! Justice Sathasi-am J,S1IC( '$ I0.IA &

.AMA/(S !A+M(01&&/&&$I0AL S"'% CA,S( 0'1IC( 1' C"I($

I don2t 3no4 4hether secretariat staff of CJI office 5 .A6!/ 7 .!/ officials are for4arding my appeals for 8ustice & e mails to you or not* 1hey 4ill #e held accounta#le for their lapses if any* 1his notice is against the repeated failure of constitutional duties 5 indirect collusion 4ith criminals #y pre-ious C"I($ J,S1IC(s '$ I0.IA* 0otice is ser-ed against them & to the office of CJI & 0'1 personally against you* At the indi-idual le-el I do 4hole heartedly respect honoura#le 8ustice Sathasi-a* !lease refer my appeal for 8ustice through .A6!/ 9 .L/LA7(7:;<=7;;:>:


In india democracy is a farce & freedom a mirage* the most #asic freedom 6I/"1 1' I0$'6MA1I'0 5 (A!6(SSI'0 & is not honoured #y the go-ernment&as the information opens up the crimes of B*B*I*!s 5 leads to their ill gotten 4ealth* 1he pu#lic ser-ants are least #othered a#out the li-es of people or 8ustice to them* these type of fat cats & parasites are a drain on the pu#lic eCcheDuer * these people 4ant &4ish me to see dead & 4ish to see ",MA0 6I/"1S %A1C" closed * so that& a -oice against in8ustices is silenced fore-er & the crimes of B*B*I*!s closed & #uried fore-er*

1o my numerous appeals & "6%2s appeals to you &you ha-e not yet replied* It clearly sho4s that you are least #othered a#out the li-es of people or 8ustice to them *it pro-es that you are hell #ent to protect the criminals at any cost* you are 8ust pressurising the police to enDuire me &to ta3e my statement& to repeatedly call me to police station all 4ith a -ie4 to silence me*all of you en8oy Elegal immunity pri-ilegesF &4hy don2t you ha-e gi-en po4ers to the police 7 in-estigating officer to summon all of you for enDuiry ?or else 4hy don2t all of you are not appearing #efore the police -oluntarily for enDuiry ?at the least 4hy don2t all of you are not sending your statement a#out the case to the police either through legal counsel or through post? you are aiding criminals &#y denying me 8o# oppurtunities in 6*G*I C,66(0C+ 0'1( !6(SS mysore & city ci-il court &#angalore & distict court & mysore &etc 5 #y illegally closing my ne4spaper* there is a gross& total mismatch #et4een your actions and your oath of office* this amounts to pu#lic cheating 5 moral turpitude on your part*

<*you are ma3ing contempt of the -ery august office you hold* :*you are ma3ing contempt of the constitution of india* =*you are ma3ing contempt of citiHens of india* I*you are sponsoring 5 aiding terorrism 5 organiHed crime* J*you are -iolating the fundamental 5 human rights of the citiHens of india and of neigh#ouring countries* ?*you are -iolating 5 ma3ing contempt of the ,*0 ",MA0 6I/"1S C"A61(6 to 4hich india is a signatory* @*you are o#structing me from performing my fundamental duties as a citiHen of india* K* As a result of your gross negligence of constitutional duties you ha-e caused me damages 7 losses to the tune of 6,!((S 1%' C6'6( '0L+*

you are here#y called upon to !ay damages to me and S"'% CA,S( 4ithin =; days & 4hy you cann2t #e legally prosecuted for the a#o-e mentioned crimes * & If i am repeatedly called to police station or else 4here for the sa3e of in-estigations & the losses i do incurr as a result li3e loss of 4ages & transportation & 8o# & etc must #e #orne #y the go-ernment* pre-oiusly the police 7 IG personnel repeatedly called me the complainant (sufferer of in8ustices) to police station for Duestioning & #ut ne-er called the guilty culprits e-en once to police station for Duestioning & as the culprits are high 5 mighty * this type of one sided Duestioning must not #e done #y police or in-estigating agencies * if anything unto4ard happens to me or to my family mem#ers li3e loss of 8o# & meeting 4ith hit 5 run accidents & loss of li-es & etc & the 8urisdictional police together 4ith a#o-e mentioned accussed pu#lic ser-ants 4ill #e

responsi#le for it* (-en if criminal neCus le-els fa3e charges & police file fa3e cases against me or my dependents to silence me & this complaint is 5 4ill #e effecti-e*

if anything unto4ard happens to me or my dependents & the go-ernment of india is lia#le to pay 6s* 1%' crore as compensation to sur-i-ors of my family* if my 4hole family is eliminated #y the criminal neCus &then that compensation money must #e donated to Indian Army %elfare $und* after4ards & the money must #e reco-ered #y /'I as land arrears from the salary & pension & property & etc of guilty 8udges & police officials & pu#lic ser-ants 5 Constitutional fuctionaries* 1han3ing you* Jai "ind & Bande Mataram* & .ate L <=*;K*:;<=)))))))))))))))))**your2s sincerely& !lace L Mysore & India))))))))))))))))*0agara8a M 6

..D !"#$#%&O'

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2&D #adhaar 'o ( 8-9@ 8@@D @E-D !ell ( D/ D@E/F+9@/@ & 0'#)#$#J#.*.$. here<y do declare that information gi;en a<o;e are true to the <est of my knowledge & <elief. &f i am repeatedly called to police station or else where for the sake of in;estigations 0 the losses i do incurr as a result like loss of wages 0 transportation 0 >o< 0 etc must <e <orne <y the go;ernment. pre;oiusly the police , &6 personnel repeatedly called me the complainant ?sufferer of in>usticesA to police station for Guestioning 0 <ut ne;er called the guilty culprits e;en once to police station for Guestioning 0 as the culprits are high & mighty . this type of one sided Guestioning must not <e done <y police or in;estigating agencies . if anything untoward happens to me or to my family mem<ers like loss of >o< 0 meeting with hit & run accidents 0 loss of li;es 0 death due to improper medical care 0 etc 0 the >urisdictional police 0 re;enue officials 0 District *agistrate & !hief Justice of &ndia together with a<o;e mentioned accused pu<lic ser;ants will <e responsi<le for it. ;en if criminal neBus le;els fake charges 0 police file fake cases against me or my dependents to silence me 0 this complaint is & will <e effecti;e. &f & or my family mem<ers or my dependents are denied our fundamental rights 0 human rights 0 denied proper medical care for oursel;es 0 &f anything untoward like hit & run cases 0 murder attempts 0 unnatural deaths 0 etc happens to me or to my dependents or to my family mem<ers - &n such case !hief Justice of &ndia together with the >urisdictional re;enue & police officials will <e responsi<le for it 0 in such case the go;ernment of india is lia<le to pay $s. %4O crore as compensation to sur;i;ors of my family. if my whole family is eliminated <y the criminal neBus 0then that compensation money must <e donated to &ndian #rmy 4elfare Fund. #fterwards 0 the money must <e reco;ered <y )O& as land arrears from the salary 0 pension 0 property 0 etc of guilty police officials 0 guilty Judges 0 guilty pu<lic ser;ants & guilty !onstitutional fuctionaries.

date ( 98.9/.+9/E....7ourHs sincerely0 place ( &ndia............'agara>a.*.$.

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Read full details in the attachment https://docs.google.com/vie er! a"v#pid"sites#srcid"$%&m'(&sd%Rv)*+p)n,-)3.ldm9p'2&m)3/0d(.1a*. lf%d423c3435-2%54.651$6+l26g 7 https://docs.#oo#l".com/9i"w"rJ aK97pidKsit"s7srcidKZCFmILFsdC.9b35pbn;>b(/ldmMpI2Fmb(+?dL/0 a3/lfCd)41c(M16>4C6)/060Z05l40#&&'


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